• Bkeith17

    The 1st Hunger Games

    July 12, 2012 by Bkeith17

    Fill out Name, Gender, Age, Distritct, Appearance, Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, Weapons.

    District 1 male: Arran Harthorn. 16. Handsome, blonde hair, green eyes, muscular, skinny, 6'3. He's a heartbreaker, and very likable. Strength, seduction, likability. Leg injury slows him down. Sword. (Career.)

    District 1 female: Selena Urna. 17. Skinny, long blonde hair, blue eyes, very pale, 5'9. Mean, cruel, ruthless. Swimming, climbing, hiding, can lie well. Knows nothing on plants, very needy. Bow/arrow, blowgun. (Career)

    District 2 male: Adam Keller. 18. Skinny, blonde hair, brown eyes, nice smile, strong, 5'6. Nice, friendly, flawed, obsessed with body and sports. Fast, good with sword, smart. Being called fat is his weakness. Sword, spears.…

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