I need people to add tributes. I only want 7 tributes per person unless I need more. Please and thank you. (:

Fill out Name, Gender, Age, Distritct, Appearance, Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, Weapons.

The Roles;

District 1 male: Arran Harthorn. 16. Handsome, blonde hair, green eyes, muscular, skinny, 6'3. He's a heartbreaker, and very likable. Strength, seduction, likability. Leg injury slows him down. Sword. (Career.)

District 1 female: Selena Urna. 17. Skinny, long blonde hair, blue eyes, very pale, 5'9. Mean, cruel, ruthless. Swimming, climbing, hiding, can lie well. Knows nothing on plants, very needy. Bow/arrow, blowgun. (Career)

District 2 male: Adam Keller. 18. Skinny, blonde hair, brown eyes, nice smile, strong, 5'6. Nice, friendly, flawed, obsessed with body and sports. Fast, good with sword, smart. Being called fat is his weakness. Sword, spears. (Career)

District 2 female: Caralynn "Cara" Tolesco. 15. Short, average, dark brown hair, green eyes, tan, 4'11. Sarcatic, cocky, impatient. Climbing, swimming, plants, hiding. Can't lie, loud, tempermental. Mace, slingshot, throwing knives. (Career)

District 3 male: Neil Turral. 13. Small, red hair, grey eyes, large ears, 3'11. Smart, quiet, obsessed with electronics. Very smart, memorizes stuff, navigation expert. He isn't strong. Small knives, brains, hiding.

District 3 female: Enigma Fay Female 18 Personality: quiet, mysterious, sneaky, alluring, magnetic almost. Very intelligent and sly. Graceful and elegant. Appearance: silky dark brown curls with lighter streaks, flawless milky skin, perfect white, alluring smile that makes boys go crazy, very curvy and fit, petite, muscular, extraordinarily beautiful Weapons: bow and arrow, spear, blow gun, knives (both kinds) Skills: magnetic to boys and sponsors, impossible accuracy, very strong, small enough to slip through the tiniest spaces with ease, extremely flexible, very quiet when moving, can kill someone with ease, extremely fast, intelligent, swimming, clmbing Weaknesses: allergic to cats, asthmatic

District 4 male: Tide Watercrest. 17. Blonde hair with a few strands in the front blue, muscular, blue eyes, good smile, 6'3. Nice, egoistic, charismatic, athletic. Strength, speed, swimming, swords. His mom, and being called names. Trident, throwing knives, sword. (Career)

District 4 female: Gianna "Gi" Puttole. 13. Skinny, short sandy-brown hair, sea-foam green eyes, tan, 5'3. Nice, caring, gentle. Swimming, plants, traps, smart, fast. Scared of spiders/heights. Trident/net. (Career)

District 5 male: Shock Mullen. 13. Short brown hair, big glasses, dark grey eyes, 4'7. Timid, shy, antisocial, smart, barely any friends. Smart, speed, hiding. Easily scared, not tough. Blowgun, throwing knives, brains.

District 5 female: Leslie Frutese. 18. 6'1, orange hair, peachy skin, dark brown eyes. Shy, quiet, sneaky. Climbing, stealing, hiding. escaping, lying. Can't swim. Bow/arrow. (Allies with anyone)

District 6 male: Vroom Rouge. 15. Dyed red hair, black eyes, sunglasses, average, 5'11. Jerk, in your face, annoying, tempermental. Charisma, public speaking, swords. Not good with heights/water. Spear, sword.

District 6 female: Mistalia "Misty" Caliden Female 17 Personality/Backstory: Sweet, charming, friendly, funny,sly, sneaky, smart, clever, but not afraid to kill her allies to Win. Loyal for a while, but will turn fast. Appearance: Tanned, long silky golden brown curls. Petite. Muscular. Thin. Beautiful ocean blue eyes. Gorgeous. Weapon: Throwing knives, bow and arrow,spear, trident, nets Strengths: Misty know everything water related(swimming, fishing, plants), and she has deadly accuracy. She is lightning fast, and very flexible and strong. She is very smart, and can fit into tiny crevices and get out with ease. She can do many acrobatics. When she is motivated whether by anger, revenge, or more, she is virtually unstoppable, and is a killing machine. She spends a lot of time in the woods hunting and gathering different plants, even though she can afford to buy food at the market. She knows a lot about surviving, and can tie impossible knots, make fires with damp material, and find food and water sources. Weaknesses: If she gets too attached to someone, she startes caring for them and loving them, and would never be able to hurt them. She always freaks out when she is in a small, dark space. Also, she gets really annoyed when people are whiny and full of self pity. (careers)

District 7 male: Name: Preston Emery Male 17 Personality: incredibly smart, funny, geeky, clever, knows like everything, kind, caring Weapons: anything techy, spear, bow and arrow Appearance: Combed black hair, gorgeous black eyes, pale skin, dresses casually, doesn't look the least bit like a nerd, tall, muscular Strengths: strong, climbing, can set up land mines and stuff, very attractive, very fast, knows plants, impossible memory, Smart beyond belief, accurate Weakness: can't swim, naïve (Allies with Hailey from 11, Maria from 12, Mason from 8, Raleigh from 7, and Andrew from 12.)

District 7 female: Raleigh Howard. 14. Skinny, 5'0, long red hair, green eyes, tan/pale. Sarcastic, funny, friendly. Climbing, swimming, hunting, stealing. Doesn't know plants, very loud. Throwing axes. (Allies with Hailey from 11, Maria from 12, Mason from 8, Preston from 7, and Andrew from 12.)

District 8 male: Name: Mason Cavitz Age: 15 Personality: funny, tough, confident, kind, loving, but sad when he remembers his past Weapons: sword, brute strength, trident, knives Appearance: dark brown short hair, stormy grey eyes, tall, muscular, scarred where he was whipped for poaching once, handsome Strength: strong, good with weapons, is used to hunting, can swim very well, endures pain better than most people, hunting Weakness: loves his girlfriend in the games and will do anything to save her, lots of back injuries. (Allies with Hailey from 11, Maria from 12, Raleigh from 7, Preston from 7, and Andrew from 12.)

District 8 female: Female Kendra Falino 16 Personality: Smart, clever, sly, sneaky, mysterious, seductive, funny, flirty, tough, brave, confident Appearance: lush silky red curls, beautiful sparkling green eyes, flawless porcelain skin, curvy and petite figure, 5'5, beautiful in every way, muscular, fit. Weapons: gun, blow gun, sword, bow and arrow Strength: high stamina, pain endurance, experience, climbing, swimming, hunting, plants, healing, stealthy, strong Weakness: Not very fast

District 9 male: Garrett Yiles 14 Black hair and blue eyes. Doesn't talk. No weapon. Climbing and running. Swimming and almost everything else.

District 9 female: Allianna "Allie" Whittle. 16. Long brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, tall, full lips, skinny, natural, very gorgeous, 5'6. Friendly, herself, creative, hopeless romantic, protecting, caring. Fast, cunning, good aim, reads people well. Not strong or decisive. Throwing knives, bow/arrow. (Allies: Fallon Marsop)

District 10 male: Tyler Perdun 15 Blonde hair and greyish eyes. Loud and rude. Spear and machete. Climbing and swimming. Plants

District 10 female: Name: Fallon Marsop. 14. 5'6 long black hair, yellow eyes, and tan. Arrogant and wporrries a lot about her twin sister. Blow gun, wooden pole, slingshot, and bow and arrow. Climbing and a fast runner. Noisy and always goes for the bloodbath. (Allies: Allie Whittle)

District 11 male: Male Dustin Henderson 18 Personality: flirty, clever, funny, sly, sneaky, michevious, smart, confident, logical Appearance: Messy blonde hair, gorgeous emerald green eyes, perfect white teeth, tanned, ripped, tall Weapons: hand to hand, sword, spear, knives, can use any weapons but prefers those Strengths: amazingly strong, extremely fast, can hit bullseyes from behind him 70 ft away, flexible, seductive, plants, hunting, survival skills (fires, knots, etc), fast swimmer, agile climber Weakness: afraid of massive spiders (like, 5x bigger than wolf spiders), arrogant, kinda loud (careers)

District 11 female: Hailey Davidson. 12. Skinny, 4'7, long hazelnut hair, tan. Kind, caring, helpful, gentle. Climbing, healing, swimming, plants, quiet, sneaky. Tiny, doesn't like to kill, not good at hand-to-hand combat. Throwing knives/axes, bow/arrow. (Allies with Raleigh from 7, Maria from 12, Mason from 8, Preston from 7, and Andrew from 12.)

District 12 male: Andrew Byron Male 18 Personality: Strong and silent type, not talkative, forgiving, sweet and nice to younger kids. Appearance: olive skin,dark brown messy hair, ashen skin, from the Seam, very tall, very muscular Weapon: sword, axe, knife Skills: very large, fast, knows plants well, hunting. Swimming, accurate, extremely strong, smart Weaknesses: kinda heavy, not a good climber, little children

District 12 female: Maria Dreyton. 15. Skinny, 5'2, black hair, pale, grey eyes. Caring, worrisome. Climbing, swimming, running. Will do anything to protect allies. Slingshot, bow/arrow. (Allies with Raleigh from 7 and Hailey from 11)

Sponsering: You get 2 gifts for every tribute you have.

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