This is my first games, so I'm going to do a version of Katniss's first games. It's going to be through the eyes of the other tributes. I don't know if this will be any good, and if you want to give me some tips I'm open.


District Female Male
1 Glimmer Rambin Marvel Quaid
2 Clove Fuhrman Cato Ludwig
3 Kalia Prescott Ian Nelson
4 Tara Macken Ethan Jamieson
5 Jacqueline Emerson Chris Mark
6 Kara Petersen Ashton Moio
7 Leigha Hancock Sam Ly
8 Mackenzie Lintz Samuel Tan
9 Annie Thurman Imanol Yepez-Frias
10 Dakota Hood Jeremy Marinas
11 Rue Stenberg Thresh Okeniyi
12 Katniss Everdeen Peeta Mellark
  • Glimmer Rambin, District 1
  • Marvel Quaid, District 1
  • Clove Fuhrman, District 2
  • Cato Ludwig, District 2
  • Kalia Prescott, District 3
  • Ian Nelson, District 3
  • Tara Macken, District 4
  • Ethan Jamieson, District 4
  • Jacqueline Emerson, District 5
  • Chris Mark, District 5
  • Kara Petersen, District 6
  • Ashton Moio, District 6
  • Leigha Hancock, District 7
  • Sam Ly, District 7
  • Mackenzie Lintz, District 8
  • Samuel Tan, District 8
  • Annie Thurman, District 9
  • Imanol Yepez- Fries, District 9
  • Dakota Hood, District 10
  • Jeremy Marinas, District 10
  • Rue Stenberg, District 11
  • Thresh Okeniyi, District 11
  • Katniss Everdeen, District 12
  • Peeta Mellark, District 12

Day 1

Imanol Yepez-Fries, District 9

I’m waiting on my plate for the minute to be up. I know I can’t win the weapons from the Cornucopia, so I’m planning to get some smaller items around me. The hear gong go off, and I race to a bottle of water. I grab it and run toward an orange backpack. The District 12 girl gets there too and we fight over it. Suddenly, I spit out blood. A knife hits me from behind, and I fall down dead.

Clove Fuhrman, District 2

I get my knife out of the back of the boy, and throw it at the girl running away. She protects herself with the backpack, and I scowl. I’m tempted to go after her, but run back to the battle in hope of more kills. I throw another knife at boy from 7, Sam I think, and he falls down. He’s still alive until the strong District 11 guy slashes him with a sickle. I turn and run toward Cato.

Tara Macken, District 4

I meet up with Glimmer and we run toward a tribute. Our strategy is to double team the tributes to amplify our success. When we get closer I see it’s the girl from 6, Kara. I use my axe to cut her legs off, and Glimmer stabs her in the face with her knife. We run back to guard the Cornucopia.

Samuel Tan, District 8

I know the Careers will come after me as I got a 10 in training. I grab the nearest weapon, a sword, and run. I’m not fast enough as the boy from District 1 tackles me from behind. He takes out his knife and slashes my neck. He then stabs me in the face and all is black.

Marvel Quaid, District 1

I get off of the District 8 boy, and run to Ian. He and I run up to Leigha, the girl from 7, and Ian plows into her. She falls down and I stab her in the heart with my spear.

Dakota Hood, District 10

I have a spear in my hand and I’m running toward the wheat field in the distance. Another girl is running out of the field for some reason and I see her. She too has a spear, and I recognize her as Annie Thurman from District 9. I throw my spear at her, and she does the same. It’s too late to react and the spear enters my body. I see Annie across from me with my spear in her body. I almost laugh at the irony, but am too late.

Cato Ludwig, District 2

I grab a machete from the center of the Cornucopia and laugh maniacally. This is what I’ve been training for! I run toward the District 6 boy, and trip him. I slash his throat with my machete and turn around to see Ethan getting some more supplies. I’m about to meet up with him, but he gets a backpack and runs toward the woods. I’m furious with him trying to break from the Career pack I chase after him and stab him through his body. I look up to see that he was just running to kill another tribute. Oh well.

Chris Mark, District 5

I use my sickle to slice the neck of the District 3 girl and turn to run toward the woods. I hide behind a tree, and am about to catch my breath when I am stabbed through the chest by a machete.

Tara Macken, District 4

The bloodbath is over, and the Careers all meet at the center Cornucopia. I notice that Ethan is missing. “Where is Ethan?” I ask Cato answers, “He was killed by another tribute,” I notice he smiles a little The Careers this year are made up of the classic Districts of 1, 2, and me from 4. Ian and Peeta are also additions; we have Ian to help set bombs around our food, and Peeta to help us find the 12 girl. We hear the cannons start to go off. I count eleven. We spend the rest of the day setting up camp, and organizing our weapons. When we see the Capitol symbol in the sky we grab our night vision glasses and run toward the woods. Ian stays behind to dig up the bombs. I grab my trident, and follow the trail of Careers.

Day 2

Mackenzie Lintz, District 8

I stop walking for the night, and sit down to massage my aching legs. I’m thinking that the Careers have stopped hunting for the night, and I’m too far away anyway. I pull out the drawstring bag that I got from the Cornucopia, and dump out the contents. I have a pair of socks and a box of matches. I shiver from the cold, and light a match to some leaves beside me. It catches fire and I try to warm my hands. It’s been a few hours, and it’s almost dawn. I hear a stick snap, and turn around to see the Careers behind me. The blond boy slashes my stomach with his sword. I’m still alive, but barely.

Peeta Mellark, District 12

The Careers and I walk past the girl from 8, and they start to argue over if she was dead or not. I volunteer to go back and check. She’s crying, and barely even breathing. I mercifully slit her throat, and I’m not sure if I see a thankful look on her face or not before the cannon goes off. I go back to the Careers and we start to walk back to the Cornucopia.

Jacqueline Emerson, District 5

I’m in a very tall tree on the other side of the lake. I can see the Careers’ camp from here. The District 3 boy is still digging up the bombs and planting them around the food. I carefully mark each one’s location in my mind. I hope it’s finished soon, so I can get food. My stomach rumbles at the thought. I climb down my tree and start to search for food. I can’t find anything except for a squirrel’s lone acorn. I groan, and try to crack it open.

Jeremy Marinas, District 10

I’m still running through the wheat field, or hobbling as I should say. My crutch has slowed me down considerably. I stop to rest and to drink out of my small water canteen. I didn’t sleep all night, so I guess a nap won’t hurt…

Rue Stenberg, District 11

I’ve been hopping around in trees for the day. I don’t have any water, and need some quick. I grab some more berries from my pack. My stomach is craving meat, but I can’t give in. I reach the bottom of my bag, and I climb down the tree to refill.

Thresh Okeniyi, District 11

I’m trekking through a field of wheat. My plan is to stay in one part of the arena, and not to leave it. That way, I can’t be tricked into traps. I chew down some more wheat as I walk. I haven’t seen any other tributes here yet, but if I do I’ll be ready with my scythe.

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