This is the 76th Hunger Games! The Capitol overcame the Rebellian and is having a another Hunger Games! Every user can sumbit for 2 districts. Tributes that enter must enter this information:

  • District
  • Gender
  • Name
  • Age
  • Skills
  • Weaknesses
  • History
  • Lunaiis (on my talk page)


District Male Female User
1 Ryak Shania Deary QuinnQuinn
2 Cypress Gaze Tinsel Leaves Clove1001
3 Joe Grenwism Anna Grenwism Rockman117
4 Logan Blue Misty Blue Nate777
5 Ash Green Drew Summertime Anon....
6 Jack Gardes Lillian Gardes Iluvgale
7 River Rhodes Sutton Yates Wolverine1717
8 Hades Bringer Amanda Hills Mopping
9 Jackson Hale Tristan Take Rueflower
10 Ethan Gray Wendy Zirbel Foxface911
11 Sam Blah Blue Ghost Rueflower
12 Jay Wayland Irene Seam Necterine411
  • District 1, Ryak
  • District 1, Shaina Deary
  • District 2, Cypress Gaze
  • District 2, Tinsel Leaves
  • District 3, Joe Grenwism
  • District 3, Anna Grenwism
  • District 4, Logan Blue
  • Distrcit 4, Misty Blue
  • District 5, Ash Green
  • District 5, Drew Summertime
  • District 6, Jack Gardes
  • District 6, Lillian Gardes
  • District 7, River Rhodes
  • District 7, Sutton Yates
  • District 8, Hades Bringer
  • District 8, Amanda Hills
  • District 9, Jackson Hale
  • District 9, Tristan Take
  • District 10, Ethan Gray
  • District 10, Wendy Zirbel
  • District 11, Sam Blah
  • District 11, Blue Ghost
  • Jay Wayland.png District 12, Jay Wayland
  • District 12, Irene Seam


The arena is a huge city. It has apartment buildings, fountains, and food vender stations. The apartments are fitted with a large plasma screen (that shows the dead tribute list along with the sky), a glass table, a recliner, a couch, a kitchen (that contains a microwave, pantry, and fridge, all fully stocked), and a bedroom.

When the games start the arena is perfect. When it's down to 12 tributes, the kitchen food spoils and the bed is destroyed. When it's down to 6 tributes, the apartments burn down and the whole city is polluted (eliminating the drinking water and food supply). When only 3 tributes remain, dog mutts are sent out on the city.

The Games

24 tributes are all circled around the giant golden Cornucopia waiting for the gong. The Careers this year are made up of Cypress Gaze, Tinsel Leaves, Logan Blue, Misty Blue, Ash Green, and Drew Summertime. Joe and Anna Grenwism, from 3, are also allied together. Hades Bringer, Jackson Hale, and Tristan Take are another alliance. River Rhodes, Sutton Yates, and Sam Blah are yet another alliance. The last alliance is Shaina Deary, Wendy Zirbel, and Jay Wayland. Everyone else is a loner. The gong goes off… BOOM!

Day 1

Drew Summertime, District 5 (Cornucopia)

I run toward the Cornucopia heading straight toward my favorite weapon, all of them. The first weapon I encounter is a shining, golden sword. I slash through the stomach of the boy from 1, Ryak, because he refused to join the Careers. Apparently he didn’t need any help winning. Who’s winning now?

Jack Gardes, District 6 (Cornucopia)

I grab an empty water bottle, and turn to Lillian. She’s running from another tribute. I think his name is Cypress. I chase after them, but don’t get the chance to save her because a spear enters my body.

Logan Blue, District 4 (Cornucopia)

I didn’t want to kill the boy, but it’s essential to Misty’s survival. I see Drew run through Amanda with a gold spear. She also has a golden sword by her side. All the weapons here are made of some sort of precious metal. Maybe it makes them stronger.

Misty Blue, District 4 (City)

I’m hiding behind a fountain watching Logan get supplies. I want to fight for them too, but Logan doesn’t want me to. I see an empty bottle a few feet from me. I slowly come out behind the fountain, and run toward the bottle. I grab the bottle, but another tribute runs right in front of me. He looks at me menacingly before swinging his sword right at me.

Ethan Gray, District 10 (Cornucopia)

I’m about to kill the girl from 4, but I miss and hit the pavement. She screams, and her District partner runs toward me. I scream and run into the city, but he chases me. I jump into an unattended food vending station. I grab a hot dog and throw it at the boy. It hits him in the face, and he falls onto the ground. I almost kill him, but, in a moment of weakness, I run away again.

Logan Blue, District 4 (City)

I look over at the Careers, but they’re too busy getting supplies to notice my hot dog incident. My face burns in shame as I run after the boy from 10. I use my spear to throw it after him. It hits him right in the back. He falls down dead.

Tinsel Leaves, District 2 (Apartment)

The Careers have all settled in an apartment building, and are organizing all our weapons. Then the cannons go off. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! So 4 down, 19 to go. The Careers are all leaving to go hunt tributes. I follow, dreading the killing that comes next.

Day 2

Joe Grenwism, District 3 (City)

“I don’t see why we had to sleep in the street with fancy apartments right beside us!” whined Anna. “Because if we did, we would have been discovered and be dead!” I yelled back. She turned her back to me and sulked. It didn’t matter. I was watching my trap. The fountain beside us is rigged with an explosive maneuver. When I press a button, anyone near it will be blown sky high! I duck behind a dumpster when I hear the footsteps coming my way.

Wendy Zirbel, District 10 (City)

Shaina, Jay, and I are all walking in the city when we come to a fountain. “Let’s stop and get some water,” I say. “We have enough,” says Jay. “But I’m thirrrrrstyyyyyyyy!” I whine. Jay quickly puts his one hand on my mouth, “Will you shut up!” he screams, “Someone will hear you!” I knew the battle was won. “Then let’s get some water,” I say. He and Shaina walk over to the fountain, clearly defeated. I’m just about to put in my water bottle when Shaina says, “Wait. Something’s different about this fountain,” I stick out my tongue and put in my bottle. Suddenly, Shaina jumps on top of Jay, knocking them both to the ground, and a large explosion goes off. I fall down to the ground, dead.

Lillian Grenwism, District 3 (City)

I fall back from the explosion. I can’t find Joe, but see a large mass near where he was earlier. Then, it hits me. He’s dead. He must have miscalculated the power of the bomb. I peak out from behind the dumpster, and see another body near it. I grab my supplies, and run away, tears pouring out of my eyes.

Drew Summertime, District 5 (Apartment)

We hear two cannon blasts, and I’m kind of mad that I didn’t get to kill them myself. I lead the Careers to another apartment. We storm into an alliance of three people huddled around the table eating. I scream and throw my spear at River, but he ducks and the spear goes flying into the flat screen. I see him try and run out, but Ash blocks his way and they start sword fighting. I see his girlfriend run into the kitchen and grab a cutting knife. She throws it right at Misty, but she ducks and shoots an arrow right back. I turn my attention to the boy hobbling around on crutches. I run toward him, but he pulls out a sword, and we fight. He cuts me in the arm, but I turn quickly and send my sword right through his skull.

River Rhodes, District 7 (Apartment)

The Careers attention turns toward Drew killing Sam. With the distraction as my cover, I grab Sutton’s arm and we run out. We turn and jump onto a trash can. The Careers run outside, but turn and run the opposite way. We jump down from the trash can, and run the other way, without time to even say a final goodbye to Sam.

Logan Blue, District 4 (Apartment)

I look over at Misty. She’s still sleeping. I quietly get up from the recliner. Its night now and the Careers are all sleeping except me, because I’m on watch. Drew and Cypress are in the bed, Misty’s on the couch, and Ash and Tinsel are on the floor. I grab my sword from the weapon pile, and sneak into the bedroom. I see Drew and Cypress asleep. I walk over to Drew first, and lift up my sword. Suddenly, huge arms grab me from behind. I gasp for air, and look at Drew, who is getting up from the bed. I look at Cypress, but it’s not him, just a pile of pillows. Cypress must be the one holding me. “Think we’re stupid enough to fall for your tricks?” asked Drew. I can’t answer because she’s already stabbed me right in the heart.

Misty Blue, District 4 (Apartment)

I’m awakened by cannon fire. I look up hoping to see Logan with a triumphant look on his face, but only see Drew, smiling evilly, throwing his body into the streets. I scream as tears run down my cheeks. Drew looks at me, “Because I like to chase people down, I’m going to give you a nightly head start,” she says. Knowing what she means, I run out into the streets, before giving one last kiss to my dead husband, Logan.

Day 3

Tristan Take, District 9 (Apartment)

Jackson, Hades, and I are all packing up our things, ready to leave the apartment. Suddenly, the Career pack bursts through the door, into the room. I scream and Jackson leaps up to protect me. Hades is running to the kitchen, looking for the secret exit we found earlier. He finds it and jumps through the hole onto the roof. Jackson takes my hand and we run for the hole. A Career named Ash jumps in front of us. Jackson stabs through him and we jump through the hole. We’re just about to catch our breath when a knife hits me in the back.

Shaina Deary, District 1 (Alley)

Jay and I are eating in an alley. After the fountain bomb, we found it too vulnerable to stay in an apartment. “Jay, I was wondering how you lost your arm,” I asked. “Well I was working in the mine, when an explosion went off,” he started, “I was running for the exit when a huge boulder fell on my arm, from my elbow down. My shift leader carried me to the healer. He said I was to die, but we didn’t give up. We went to the apothecary healer, Mrs. Everdeen, and she saved my life,” “Wow,” I say, “But I wouldn’t be here now if you hadn’t saved me from the bomb,” he said. “Well, I couldn’t let you die because…” I started. “Because what?” he asked, “I love you,” I say. Then were kissing, I love him so much I don’t even mind the smell of dumpster beside us.

Blue Ghost, District 11 (Food vendor cart)

I’m hiding in a food cart, and the dead tribute ghosts are haunting me. “Follow my commands or I’ll kill you!” shouted dead Ryak. I huddled in a ball and rocked back and forth. “You don’t believe me?” asked Ryak, “Watch this,” He floated over to a fountain where the girl from 12 was filling up her canteen. Ryak took out his ghost sword and stabbed her. It went right through her, and she fell over dead. I never knew that ghost weapons work on the living. Ryak came back over to me, “Will you follow me now?” he asked. “Y-y-yes,” I stuttered out.

Anna Grenwism, District 3 (Apartment roof)

I’m running from the Career pack on the roof. They’re coming in close, and there’s nowhere to go. I look over the side and determine the drop length. I’m not sure, but I jump off anyways. I land in some bushes, and I’m not injured. I’m about to celebrate when the Careers send a spear right onto my head.

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