Welcome to the Lunaii Games! The Lunaii Games are kind of a combonation of a lunaii competition and a game show. 24 users compete, but only 1 can win the ultimate prize. This... is the Lunaii Games


Everyone will be put on 2 teams. Every week, I will make another blog post that says the character you have to make a lunaii of. They will be judged on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Whoever has the best lunaii wins immunity for their team. The other team must vote someone out. Whoever has the most votes is eliminated. When only 12 users are left, the teams will merge leaving everyone for themselves.


Team Katniss Team Peeta
Skybender101 Moviepopcorn123
Rueflower Necterine411
BookwormGirl Jabberjay78
Anon.... Brony12
Wolverine1717 Purplexmuffin
Dagostino Foxface911
Hungergamesrocks Clove1001
MnkyGrlsj Anna-athena
Goldenfern TomGurl22
Prezziesnow9704:)! TotalDramaRox97
Mikalmt QuinnQuinn
Rose Hathaway Leshawna333

When you enter, please tell me what team you would like to be on.

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