• D1-Boy
  • D1-Girl
  • D2-Boy
  • D2-Girl
  • D3-Boy
  • D3-Girl
  • D4-Girl
  • D5-Boy
  • D5-Girl
  • D6-Boy
  • D6-Girl
  • D7-Boy
  • D7-Girl
  • D8-BOY
  • D8-Girl
  • D9-Boy
  • D9-Girl
  • D10-Boy
  • D10-Girl
  • D11-Boy
  • D11-Girl
  • D12-Boy
  • D12-Girl


These games take place in the near future.These games are a Quarter Quell, so to show the rebels that the capitol still has complete control, we are taking the tributes-one boy and one girl-out of thier districts by surprise.


You all know the rules im assuming so i just want to say that you may only enter 1-2 tributes. I would like to have...







it would be better if you could give me all of this so i can write more.


The tributes would be taken out of their districts by surprise, by the capitol.

District Boy Tribute Place Girl Tribute Place
1 Spider Tablo 13 Mary Tablo 17
2 Venom Strike VICTOR Sunny Blares 22
3 Kratos 7 Isabella Trance 6
4 Benjamin Logan 14 Evelyn Dreamcatcher 16
5 Harris Jon 21 Kathrina Loula 8
6 Jack Gardes 10 Lillian Gardes 12
7 Ryan Hilford 18 Missy 19
8 Michel Vermas 5 Scarlet 2
9 Jackson Hale 24 Tristen Take 4
10 Kevin Potter 15 Violet 11
11 Ryak 20 Shania Deary 9
12 Jay Wayland 23 Irene Seam 3


Ok so the arena is going to be an abandoned island. Since the Island is abandoned there will be abandoned houses and old food and some water supplies, but they wont be everywhere. The tributes will start off all around the edge of the island. They will have to swim to shore. When the gong sounds if they don't get off in 10 seconds the platform will explode. The tributes will be wearing bright red jumpsuits. The jumpsuits will have flotation devices but if the flotation device pops it will spew a purple substance that is poisonous if it comes in contact with your skin. The Cornicopia will have a variety of weapons, there will also be backpacks. The backpacks could contain anything from venemous snakes to a week supply of water.

The Capturing

District 1-Spider Tablo's POV: "Hey Mary I got you something" I said holding out the cellphone I got her. "How cheap Mary wanted a touch screen!" she said as she chewed her gum. As always she was talking in third person, so concieted. " Oh, I thought this one was good." I said to her. "Well will do." she said as she started examinig the phone. As we walked home, I was thinking who the lucky saps were gonna be that are going to the games this year. I really didnt care if it was me or not but i really dont want Mary to go. Suddenly i spotted a capitol hovercraft, an I thought to myself "its time". I thought the hovercraft was gonna go over our heads, but instead it followed us. As i stopped to examine it Mary bumped into me, and i directed her glance upwards. We both stared at it for a while then finaly the net started coming down toward her, so i pushed her out of the way as the net trapped me in. She started to run away but before she could get far the net grabbed her too.

District 2-Venom Strike's POV: "Hey Venom!" Lust-my girlfriend-came shouting. "I found something that I think is a weapon." "Can i see it?" I ask eagerly, hoping it is. Lust handed me the object. It was round with many spikes, it looked like a mace but it also looked like a nunchuck in a way. I think it was a little bit of both. I knew how to use both of these objects so obviously i mastered it in minutes. All of a sudden i see a big black blob in the sky out of the corner of my eye. I turn to look up to examine it better but as i started to look up a spear, inches away is about to impale mt girlfriend and expected child. So before the spear could enter her body I dodge it with the new weapon i had just gotten. My girlfriends face was blank with fright. As I try to sooth her, her face turns from a blank expression to a frightened, terror filled expression. Her glance was looking upwards so i turned in the general direction. I looked and saaw the hovercraft or "blob" I had completely forgotten about. Their net had already entrapped my body before i could realize what her expression meant. I tried so hard to get out of it but my attemts were futile. So instead i looked down and my girlfriend and her swollen belly. Tears streamed down my face realizing I would never see my child or lust ever again.

District 6-Lillian Gardes POV: "Man, the flowers look pretty today." I tell Jack-my twin brother-as we take our daily stroll in the woods. His head nods at me, not wanting to speak. He always gets like this when he feels something bad is going to happen. "Whats wrong?" I ask, hoping for his reply. "Nothing, its just that ive been having this crazy feeling that something bad is going to happen to me or even worse, you!" he admits to me. "Well im sure its no....." I start to say, but im inturupted by this huge black cloud thats starting to form in the sky. I realize then that this is no ordinary "cloud". Its much worse than that, this is the capitol hovercraft.

District 11-Shania Deary's POV:"Hey sis wait up!"I yelled out to Shepepe "I cant walk that fast!" I start running towards her now, I really hate training with her. I dont see why I have to im not even a career or anything. Suddenly, out of nowhere, this huge hovercraft appears in the sky. "It cant be the capitol's?" I think to myself. I start running faster now, fearing my life. All of a sudden i bump into Ryak, and thats when the net comes down to take us to our doom.

Chariot Rides

District 3-Isabella Trance's POV:Im so tired. Even though i like my outfit i really dont want to go out there. My outfit is a long black dress with gold blinking lights. Im wearing gold gloves and gold high heels. Kratos on the other hand is wearing the opposite. His tux is Gold and he is blinking black lights. I now our stylists tried making it look like electronics but i really dont think it came out that way.

District 4-Evelyn Dreamcatcher's POV:I look so hideous!!!!! Im wearing this ugly fish costume. Im not kidding im in an actual fish suit. Its a good thing that im not the only one though. Benjamin is wearing the same exact thing. I swear that if we are the only one who look this bad im going to kill whoever out shines me!!

District 5-Kathrina Loula's POV: My outfit is awsome! I am wearing this black dress but it has lightning bolts everywhere. one of them is my strap and the others are just completely spread out. My high heels are really pretty. They are black but the heel is shaped like a bolt. Harris's outfit is really plain to tell the truth. Its just a plain tux with a couple lightning bolt on them but i think thats what they intended. Since my dad is mayor of district 5 i have to make it look like im happy to be here. So im going out there and im gonna look like im happy but really im not.

Training Scores

District 1 Spider Tablo 9 Mary Tablo 7
District 2 Venom Strike 10 Sunny Blares 9
District 3 Kratos 8 Isabella Trance 7
District 4 Benjamin Logan 10 Evelyn Dreamcatcher 8
District 5 Harris Jon 7 Kathrina Loula 9
District 6 Jack Gardes 6 Lillian Gardes 5
District 7 Ryan Hilford 7 Missy 4
District 8 Michel Vermas 8 Scarlet 8
District 9 Jackson Hale 6 Tristen Take 6
District 10 Kevin Potter 5 Violet 4
District 11 Ryak 9 Shania Deary 6
Disrtict 12 Jay Wayland 8 Irene Seam


The Games

Claudius Templesmith- Welcome to the 5th annual Quarter Quell! Ladies and Gentlemen let the 125th annual Hunger Games begin ohh and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Day 1-

Tristen Take's POV: ohh my god! I was lifted up from the room i was getting ready in and i find this. My only weakness in these stupid games is that i cant swim and i find that we are on an island. Well whatever maybe Jackson can swim and he will come and get me. So im not getting off this plate until he does. 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..GONG!! ok its starting, but where is Jackson? I spot him standing on his plate on the other side hesitating to get off. Great he cant swim either. Im gonna go for it. So i jumped in to the water and stuck my head out just in time to see Jackson Hale, my long lost cousin, get blown to bits.

Irene Seam's POV: ugh! I have to get my hands on a spear, which shouldnt be that hard because they are practically everywhere. All of a sudden i hear an explosion. Wait not just one more like four. When i look around i see that it was because some people didnt get off their metal plates in time. I see that the people who died are the boy from 9, the boy from 12, the girl from 2 and the boy from 5.Oh well that means less people to deal with. ok im up to the cornicopia. I found a dozen spears and i was about to grab a bag when i see Ryak coming at me with a handful of knives. What he didnt know was that i could kill him before he even got to me with those small, hopeless knives. So i got one of my spears and threw it right into his heart.

Shania Deary's POV: Wow! My alliance was over before it even started! Those two stupid boys had to go and get themselves killed, well whatever maybe i can ally with someone else...maybe. I was walking in the forest. Im pretty sure im as far as i can get from another tribute but then again this island isnt that big. Just as that thought was going through my mind I heard a russtling in a near by bush. The girl from 5 popped out and was in her fight position, when i thought I need an ally. "Hey whats your name?" I asked her nicely so she knew i didnt want to fight. She answered me in the same tone,"Kathrina Loula." Oh so thats her name, she didnt get a bad score at all, I think this will be good. "Ok, my name is Shania Deary. I was thinking, since my other two allys went and got themselves killed, why dont we ally?" I asked her in my most persuasive actor voice. "Hmm.............ok but only cause your so much younger than me, and also cause my district partner also got killed." She told me in a nice sweet voice. I think im gonna like Kathrina."Hey can i call you Kat?" I asked playfully "Sure" she told me smiling.

Violet's POV: I lost Kevin. Im with Jack and Lillian though, maybe all together we can find him. We were running for a while, we are pretty far from the Cornicopia though so no careers following us tonight. "Why dont we stop and make camp?" I ask them, since its getting dark."OK" they reply at the same time. Creepy, I think to myself. Just then the cannons go off. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Only five dead? Wow these games are going to take a while. We were all going thru the two packs we got at the Cornicopia, when we heard footsteps. "Careers" Lillian whispers. I highly doubt it the careers would be settled in or around the Cornicopia right about now. We are all in our fighting positions, when we see Ryan Hilford and Missy coming up the little path. When they come close enough we attacked. Jack and Lillian both had knives in thier hands so between the both of them they easily took out the girl. BOOM! Shes dead. Now between all three of us we have to take out Ryan. Jack and Lillian wounded him but I gave the final blow with my awsome spear skills. BOOM! He's dead.

Kevin Potter's POV:Where am i? This island is so tiny but i cant find anything. I lost Violet, and who knows what happened to my alliance. Oh well I think ill just set up camp here in a tree or something. I was about to go up the tree when i see the Careers coming. Crap! i think to myself. Oh well i guess now is a good time to die. There were 5 of them, so i got out the sword i managed to get from the Cornicopia. Maybe i can kill the girls, yea ill try and kill them. So when they got close enough i stabbed the girl from district 1. BOOM! I think her name was Mary. Oh well. Now before the boys come ill try and kill the girl from 4, she really didnt want to die because she didnt go down without a fight. But eventually i got her. BOOM! Ok ill try but i probably wont kill them. I tried but i couldnt fight them for much longer. Oh well, i give up. Spider stabbed me with his spear, most likely for revenge for killing his sister. BOOM!


Day 2-

Venom Strike's POV: I woke up due to two cannons. BOOM! BOOM! When i woke up i was surrounded by dead bodies, and the bodies were surronded by huge pools of blood. I looked around and examined thier faces. One was Benjamin Logan, and the other was Spider Tablo. Maybe someone came and killed them in thier sleep. But wait shouldnt i be dead too! Nobody would have spared my life, because im a career. Hmm, the only logical explaination could be that i killed them,but how? Then i got it. I was sleep killing. That has never happened before. Maybe i had stabbed them earlier on but they just now died. Oh my gosh, not only did I kill them but i let them suffer. I was thinking of killing myself cause i felt so bad, but them i thought of Lust, and my brother Poison, and of course that unborn baby. I had to go home to them, so i repeated in my mind They had to die! They had to die! They had to die! When i looked at my self i found that i was covered in scratches, and i was bleeding too. Well at least they didnt go down without a fight.

Kratos's POV: Wow, its barely day 2, and 12 people left. I think i should go kill someone. I havent killed anyone at all. Well maybe i should just go to the Cornicopia, maybe i can pick off some careers. If there are any. When i got to the Cornicopia I didnt find any careers but i did find some people. I think they were the twins from 6 and the girl from 10. Oh well ill take it. They werent paying attention to me so i easily grabbed the girl twin from behind and slit her throat. BOOM! Now they were paying attention to me, so i started fighting them and i wounded them both badly, but i finally picked off the girl from district 10 with a stab through the throat. BOOM! Now im just left with the boy. This shouldnt be that hard. So I fought him for a while, until i took out my mace and bludgeoned him multiple times till i finally heard the cannon. BOOM!

Kathrina Loula's POV: I allied with Shania Deary. How could i have done that, I told myself no alliances, yet here i am heading towards the Cornicopia with her. Oh well, the only reason I accepted is because she looked so helpless. I mean shes 12, so i felt sorrry for her. Whatever whats done is done. The problem is that im not gonna kill her because she has been so sweet to me. When we got to the Cornicopia we saw a little tent and some supplies around it. "I thought the Careers were dead, so whos stuff is this?" Shania asked me. "I dont know, maybe the person who killed them is still here." So me and her went closer, our weapons in hand, of course. When we got to the tent we saw Kratos asleep. So we went up to him and were gonna kill him in his sleep, but all of a sudden he wakes up and sees us. We started backing away. I didnt want to leave unless he was dead, so when he got closer i took a swing at him and missed. Then he starts toward us and i tell Shania to run because i wasnt going to let her die. So she ran but not fast enough because Kratos went after her knowing i wasnt going to leave. He caught her and stabbed her in the stomach with his sword. BOOM! Then he came after me and i was so in shock about her death i didnt defend my self. BOOM!

END OF DAY 2!!!!!!!!!

Day 3-

Isabella Trance: I was walking in the woods when a thought occured to me i cant just sleep the whole time im here and expect to win so i decided to go to the other side of the arena and kill the first person i saw. When i got there i finally saw my first person the whole time ive been here. So i decided to kill them no matter who it was, or at least try. Unfortunatly it was my district partner Kratos. Well whatever i dont care, i promised myself i was gonna kill whoever it was so i got ready. At the cornicopia i managed to get a knife, so i let myself be known. 'Hey Kratos over here!!!!" I yelled in his general direction. When he spoted me he said " go away Isabella i dont want to kill my district partner." Well i do, i thought. So i started to attack, and since he didnt want to fight i easily wounded him badly. Finally he got fed up and started to fight, but it was too late, because i had already done enough damage, he was gonna die. Eventually he returned the damage and we were in the same situation. So we gave up and started to die in peace BOOM! He died first. I was starting to slip away when i heard a voice say "How shameful they killed each other and they were from the same district!" Before i could be eaten by the darkness, a wave of shame over took me. BOOM!

Tristen Take's POV: These games are gonna end soon so i have to be on my gaurd. I was setting up camp for the day when i saw Michel Vermas. He was just walking past the tree i was in when i pounced on him. Of course he wasnt expecting this so he screamed. I really didnt want to kill anyone so i wanted to make his death fast. I was trying to think of how, but i only had a knife, so i remembered! The stuff in the jump suits is poison, the exact jumpsuit he was wearing. So i ripped his jumpsuit and jumped off of him. He was so confused that he didnt even try to attack so, i watched the purple substance spill on to his skin. When it came in contact with him imediatly he had some type of seizure. BOOM! "There only 4 left" i say out loud, which i knew was a mistake.

Irene Seam's POV: I just saw the most disgusting sight ever. Two tributes from the same district just killed themselves. Know i hear a girl talking, time to kill. When i get there i see her cleaning her knife which has some type of purple goo. Anyway I just need to kill her to get this much closer to going home. I have my spear with me and i know i wont be able to throw that far so i get closer. She spotted me so its not gonna be as easy as i thought. "I knew what i said was gonna attract someone." She said. I didnt respond because i didnt want to talk to the person i was about to kill. I got closer and i was about to attack when I saw her puting her weapon down.'I never liked the Hunger Games, so this is my form of rebellion." she said very strictly. "Please kill me right here and now so i can die a graceful death." "OK" was the last words she would ever here because i speared her in the heart, and left. BOOM!

END OF DAY 3!!!!

Day 4-(last day!!)

Scarlet's POV: BOOM! Wow! Its down to the final 2 and i havent even seen anyone yet. How did i get this far? Anyway i cant avoid a fight now. I just know the gamemakers are gonna drive us together sooner or later. Maybe in the mean time ill just check my traps that i set up to catch my food(its the only way she's still alive.)When i get there i see i caught a rabbit but the rabbits on the ground and in its place is a dead girl. I recognized her as Irene Seam. I had set up that trap on purpose but I didnt think it would actually work. Now looking at the circumstance i realized how sad this made me. So i moved out cause i knew that they had to collect the body, and started weeping. I didnt stop until i realized what this meant. It meant i would eventually have to kill this last person that stood in my way of getting home. How am i gonna do it?

Venom Strike's POV: Now that there are just two of us left I decided to go to the Cornicopia, and wait for her there. I really hope she isnt weak, cause i would hate to kill a girl who cant even fight for herself. When i got there i saw that she was already there but she was like completly covered in blood. I dont know if it was her blood or not but i knew that i couldnt leave her there to die. I didnt want to win like this. So i went up to her, and asked "What happened to you?" she was a little jumpy at first, but then she finally replied, "I got attacked by bear mutts on my way here." I really didnt know what to say, i knew she was going to die soon if i didnt help her. I really dont want to win like this,bso i got out my knife and yelled out to wherever the camaras were. "I LOVE YOU LUST!!, I LOVE YOU POISON!!, MOST OF ALL I LOVE YOU UNBORN CHILD OF MINE!!" I was about to end my own knife when she stopped me. "What are you doing?" she asked. "I cant kill you, in the state that youre in, im better than that." she looked at me very suprised. "But i heard you say you have an unborn child, why would you kill yourself then?" Then she grabbed the knife from me. I didnt hesitate to give it to her, thinking that she wanted to kill me herself. "My name is Scarlet!" She told me than plunged the knife into her heart. BOOM!

The trumpets blared and announced me the winner!!!!!!! VENOM STRIKE IS THE WINNER OF THE 5TH QUARTER QUELL!!!!!!!!

The hovercraft came to take me away, when i said "Thank you Scarlet!" Hmm maybe ill name my child that Scarlet!!!


24th-Jackson Hale(got blown to bits when the metal plates blew up)

23rd-Jay Wayland(also blown up)

22nd-Sunny Blares(also blown up)

21st-Harris Jon(also blown up)

20th-Ryak(speared by Irene Seam)

19th-Missy(killed by Jack and Lillian)

18th-Ryan Hilford(Killed by Violet)

17th-Mary Tablo(killed by Kevin Potter)

16th-Evelyn Dreamcatcher(killed by Kevin Potter)

15th-Kevin Potter(killed by Spider Tablo)

14th-Benjamin Logan(killed by Venom Strike)

13th-Spider Tablo(killed by Venom Strike)

12th-Lillian Gardes(throat slit by Kratos)

11th-Violet(stabbed in the throat by Kratos)

10th-Jack Gardes(bludgeoned to death by Kratos)

9th-Shania Deary(stabbed by Kratos)

8th- Kathrina Loula(killed by Kratos)

7th-Kratos(killed by Isabella Trance)

6th-Isabella Trance(killed by Kratos)

5th-Michel Vermas(killed by Tristen Take)

4th-Tristen Take(killed by Irene Seam)

3rd-Irene Seam(killed by Scarlet)

2nd-Scarlet(killed herself)


If you want an alliance just tell me in the comments below....

1.D6:Jack and Lillian, D10: Kevin and Violet

2.D11:Shania Deary and Ryak and D12:Jay WayLand and D5:Kathrina Loula

3.THE CAREERS: D1: Spider and Mary D2:Venom Strike and Sunny D4:Benjaman and Evelyn

4.D9:Jackson and Tristen Take


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