• BlissfullyRainingForever

    Hey everybody!

    So, it's Summer here, and after discussing with Jen and Liza we've decided to make a senior edition of back to school.

    That means everybody is like, the same age, with a driver's license, a buttload more of partying, and...well, I guess you'll just have to find out c;

    Anyways, our other "Back-To-School Chat User Fanfic" is still going on, but most likely will not last forever, so don't ignore that half.

    Until it is over is when we'll move over to this blog, and begin writing an entire new school year...meaning almost all of the ships will die down, and some might spring up during the year once more, others might just, welp, stay dead. It's all up to you! We dunno.

    Sign-ups are fairly similar but will be a bit more specific, so we c…

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  • BlissfullyRainingForever

    Welcome all. In case you didn't know, this is Liza along with Jen and Summer. You can head to our profile to find links to who we really are and how big of dorks we are, or you can just chill and read and learn form our writing that we are major dorks... Whichever you prefer.

    Any way, very simply this is a back to school story. This dress code is whatever as long as you don't dress like you are going to have sex in the bathroom... Oh... there's a dress code...? Nah, I don't care, honestly.

    So, just leave a comment below to join and tell us what Social Group you'd like to be in and we'll gladly get you there. Also, if you feel like a new Social Group should be made so it better fits you, just tell us and we'll likely comply... likely.

    So.... t…

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