Hey everybody!

So, it's Summer here, and after discussing with Jen and Liza we've decided to make a senior edition of back to school.

That means everybody is like, the same age, with a driver's license, a buttload more of partying, and...well, I guess you'll just have to find out c;

Anyways, our other "Back-To-School Chat User Fanfic" is still going on, but most likely will not last forever, so don't ignore that half.

Until it is over is when we'll move over to this blog, and begin writing an entire new school year...meaning almost all of the ships will die down, and some might spring up during the year once more, others might just, welp, stay dead. It's all up to you! We dunno.

Sign-ups are fairly similar but will be a bit more specific, so we can know how to portray you better in the story, even though we know most of you if you come on chat all the time. If you don't, however, then just go with the flow and describe yourself the best you possibly can.




Age(Obvious, but I guess this can range from 16-18, so pick whatever):



Closer Friends:


Alright. So.

By cliques, I mean whether you want to be with the mean girls/guys, popular, nerdy, shy, outgoing, or jock-ish (the rather stereotypical groups). Don't get confused with that.

By Closer Friends, it just mean who you'll rather sit with at lunch or be seen or noticed talking alot to. This won't alter your clique, though, so don't worry.

Crushes - Mkay, don't get too excited. Even if you do put a crush in this section, not every one of these relationships will pop up all over again, or as fast. Be warned that it may take until the whole story is over before you're a couple, and some may be lucky and get started off with a date. Just consider whether you want to have a date by the beginning and none at the end, or develop one very slowly but overtime it gradually gets better and better, and in the end, know how it goes. And since this is senior edition, crazy stuff will happen for sure, so don't be upset if you end up kissing a jock (*cough* like Liza). Oh, and you can have multiple ones too ;3

This story, instead of being like the other, and starting at the beginning, will start at second semester. So instead of re-doing Homecoming, we'll be ending it with Prom.



Outgoing Clique (Da Sweet Sixteens tbh, everybody joining this is 16 :3)

Eden - Age 16

Emilia - Age 16

Connor - Age 16

Mean Girls/Guys Clique

Marina - Age 16

Popular Clique

Liza - Age 17

Summer - Age 16

Blake - Age 16

Shy Clique

Jen - Age 16

Rebekah - Age 16

The Jocks

Eli - Age 17

Tristian - Age 16

Jakey - Age 16

The Nerdy Clique

Haley - Age 16

The First Day of Second Semester - Summer's POV

"Tobias," I say, my feet dangling over the chasm. It was dangerous but we were dauntless. "Summer." He says, grabbing my hand. I feel myself smiling and he smiles back, inching his face towards mine. Leaning towards eachother, our lips are about to touch until he says something. "Wake up." I jerk back awkwardly. "What?" "Time for school." he replies, but his was more girly. He shoves me repeatedly until my eyes fly open, meeting the face of Liza.

"What were you dreaming of? You were smiling like crazy."

"Nothing." I jolt up, pushing my hair back out of my face.

She rolls her eyes. "Whatever, we're late. Hurry up and get dressed, we can't even eat breakfast."

"What about Jen?" I ask, getting up. She just shakes her head. "I'm going to wake her up now. Just hurry, we're five minutes passed the bell and it's second semester, meaning we'll most likely get a tardy slip." She says quickly, rushing out of my room. I look over at my alarm. It's plugged out. I forgot.

"Dang it," I murmur, plugging it back in. I jog over to my closet. I pull out a light blue flannel and white bandeau and quickly change into them, pulling on a pair of ripped skinny jeans. I put on a pair of white boots, with a little bit of heel, just so I can try to pull off Liza's height. Shoving on a bracelet I got from Disney World, vacation from when I was in Freshman year, I quickly plop up my hair that I had straightened last night into a messy bun and rush downstairs. We had just moved into a two-story house, which looks alot fancier than our old one.


"Just a minute!" I yell to Liza's cue of 'Hurry up'. I snatch an apple and some juice before sprinting out of the door, sliding into the passenger's seat of her blue convertible. "Lucky I'm here to get you two, otherwise I would have left you behind. How many times have you failed your driving test anyways? 6?" She asks, and I bite into my apple. "7," I correct her, munching. She shakes her head and I laugh before she pulls out of the driveway just when Jen decides to show up. 

"LIZA! WAIT!" She screams, diving into the backseat. "I told you to hurry up. And you know I don't live with you guys and mother anymore." Liza says, pulling into reverse. "Where are you staying anyways?" Jen questions, and she just shrugs. "With a close...older, friend."

I sigh, pulling out my homework from last night. "You still didn't finish that?"

I don't respond. Instead, I quickly figure out all of the problems for Pre-Calculus before shoving the paper back into my binder and putting on my sunglasses. "How late are we?" I ask Jen, who is currently on her phone.

"Um, 15 minutes."

The car comes to a stop and I look up, seeing a stoplight. "Great," I mumble, shifting. "We're only around five minutes away. We'll make it." Jen says, looking out of the window. "Yeah, I know, but I can't stand Mr. Gold." I mutter under my breath, chewing on a stick of gum. "I thought I had it bad in Freshman year, but certainly not."

Liza swerves, pulling into the parking lot and I slide my arms through the straps of my backpack. It has pink and blue anchors all over it. Jen comes out as well, and Liza presses the button to lock the car and we quickly run inside, before we bump into the principal.

"Liza, Summer and Jennifer..." She smiles fakely, and I put my sunglasses on the top of my head. "It's Jen," My sister says, clearing her throat. "Right." She grins, and I realize her makeup is a little off. I tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear uncomfortably.

"Very well. Get to class. All of you." She says, before walking off, her stilettos clicking against the tile loudly. She didn't seem too pleased.

I begin to walk up the stairs, to our classroom. We had switched schools from the one from Freshman year because it was too overwhelming. Surprisingly, when we did, some of the people we knew did also.

I see a boy with a buzzcut walk through the hallway, dragging his bag behind with him. "Hey Eli," Jen smiles shyly, and he just waves. Walking down from where we came from, her eyes follow him, but I ignore it. "See you guys later," I say, pushing open the door to my class and stumbling through. Everything gets silent as I look at my teacher who raises his eyebrows.

"Write me a tardy." He says, handing the slip of paper to me. I write down my full name neatly before giving it back, and he looks at me oddly.

"Don't be tardy again, will you?"

"Sure." I lie, before looking around to find my seat taken. "Oh, right. Haley took your seat. You sit behind Tristian now."

I groan, rolling my eyes and dropping my bag to the floor. I sit behind him and he instantly turns around. Of course, being wary of all the jocks, I should know he'd attempt something.

"You look nice." He's playing innocent.

"Yep." I say bluntly, taking out my textbook.

"Whatever look you're pulling off, it looks sexy. Oh, and can I borrow a pencil?"

I decide on whether or not I should. "I don't have anymore..."

"You're lying, I just saw you take out a pencil from millions of others in your pencil case."


"Ugh, fine, whatever." I hand him one, and he smirks.

"Thanks, sweetie." He says, and I roll my eyes. "If you don't have a seat at lunch, you can always sit with me and-"

"Your three hundred other ex-girlfriends? I'd rather pass, you know." I smile sarcastically, and he lets out a deep breath.

"Fierce. I like it."

"You like every single girl."

"Not all of them the same...Some can be special."

"Right. Special."

"The opportunity's still open if you want to accept it." He says, and I smile.

"I'll think about it."

As if I would ever.

I wonder what my sisters are up to.

Musical Symphony of Dweebs - Liza's POV

I tap my fingers on the top of the piano as Mr. Hiller yells at everyone else. Having the solo part for this song, it's never my fault. I'm just pissed that I got shoved back into Chorus.

"Marina, spit out the gum, now! Our concert is in one week, why are you all acting like a bunch of bumbling bees? We need this to be perfect!" He takes a deep breath and looks back at the pianoist, who has been shaking her head. "Ms. Vietta, start from the beginning." He looks at me. "Liza, from the top."

I shake my head, eyeing Marina with a raised eyebrow before straightening up. My hands skim over the short dress before I starting the beginning of "Just Like a Tree", which he got the idea from another Chorus group in no-name Florida.

"Just like a tree... that's planted by the water... I shall not, be moved. Though the winds... are blowing all around me, I shall not be moved." Ms. Vietta eyes me as I move to walk around the piano. "These winds will never last... this storm is sure to pass. This trial is just a test... so..." The rest of the choir jumps in, singing until the end of the song. Mr. Hiller sighs, leaning against the piano.

"Everyone take five. Liza, Ms. Vietta, with me, please." He then turns towards the rest of the class. "At the first sound of noise, I will come back and you all will be in trouble." He then turns and walks out of the room, towards the practice room. Ms. Vietta gets off the piano bench and walks with me to the practice room located just off to the side and sets me down in one of the sight-reading chairs, Ms. Vietta on the piano bench. He leans against the wall. "What do you suggest we do? The concert is in a week and no one is ready."

"I'm ready," I reply, pushing my hair out of my face. "And all it will take is the day before concert. Everyone will pay attention and realize what they are doing and will be ready. This happens every concert and you know it. You just need to relax." I put a hand on his shoulder. "Relaxing is good." I then turn and head out of the practice room, knowing my use was pretty much done. I sit down in the Soprano section and turn to look at Marina. "Gum, really?"

She shrugs, grabbing another piece out of her bag and sticking it into her mouth. "Sorry, it's my stress reliever, and I need that with him being a maniac." I shake my head and laugh before looking at the alto and tenor section to see Rebekah and Blake talking, their textbooks sitting on their lap as they go over their math homework.

"Blake, this should be the answer, you got it wrong."

"No I didn't, you messed up right there."

"No, I clearly didn't. You messed up right about..." she takes her pencil and draws a light scribble over his paper, "everywhere."

"Rebekah!" Blake exclaims as he snatches up his paper, looking upset. "Why would you do this to me? Why?"

She suddenly looks like she just killed his puppy and looks to her right, talking to Eden. Blake then looks upset himself and works on his homework by himself until Mr. Hiller returns. He sighs and motions for everyone to stand.

"Alright, we are done with Just Like A Tree. Lets move on to One Candle. Blake, Marina, as soloist, please come to the front. Liza, as the second soloist, stay where you are and come out once it's your turn to sing." I nod and step aside so Marina can come to the front, Blake shuffling.

Marina takes a deep breath and starts the song. I can only think of what Jen is doing at this moment...

Excuses? - Jen's POV

"Stop giving me excuses Jennifer." I'm too lazy to correct him. I cross my arms and look up at him. I sigh. "How many times do I have to say that I am telling the truth?" I ask, sighing. "I don't have it." I stuff the crumpled papers back into my teal backpack. He pulls my arm, which I think is agains the rules. I look through his thick rimmed glasses, his mouth twisted to a scowl. I want to say something smart- 

"Why don't you have your homework?" He whispers, but it's just as menancing as if it was a yell. I breathe, closing my eyes, trying to imagine I'm somewhere else. 

"I'm talking to you.." He's losing his patience and fast. I lean towards him, glaring. "You know what?" I grab my notebook. "I spent all my free time finishing your project and I forget it this once." I can feel my blood pressure rising. 

I decide it isn't worth it and lose thepower in my voice. "And I'll turn it in next class..." I fall back into my seat turning red. I don't like people noticing me. I resume drawing, I sigh looking up. I need to be more outspoken-I rarely ever talk to most people anymore. I pull a lock of hair behind my ear as I tap my pencil on the desk, trying to find a way to make the drawing look better.

I sketch a floral crown, sighing. The blooms aren't even. the hands look like crap-oh well. I draw cross earrings as I move on to the guy in the drawing-

"Who is that?" Someone leans in, watching me. I don't even look up as I shut my notebook. "Nothing." I sigh, putting it in my backpack. "Just sketching." I mumble nervously. I feel myself turn red. I hate when people watch me draw or write. It might be just me but-

The teacher stands in the front of the classroom smiling. "Good job students on your work. I commend you. However, we must over how I take the no excuse policy..."

I sigh as his eyes lock on mine. I bite my lip, hard, trying to refrain from getting mad. I don't feel like yelling at anyone today. 

"The no excuse policy is one we must take seriously class. We must begin to take the responsibility of the work ourselves." His dramatic hand gestures don't make me believe him anymore. I want nothing more than to yell in his face, but what I don't want is to be placed in the Principal's office explaining myself even more.

I keep silent through the lecture, eventually ignoring him all together and begining to doodle again. Their hands are now holding - I alter the girl's shirt to a sweater and sigh as he finishes. I quickly shut the notebook and take out my science book. I eye the board to see twenty five questions. I groan, flipping to the page and starting. 

I finish the questions with ease, I can just scan the textbook and find the answers. I turn it in early and sigh.

Sketching one more time, coloring the background in a navy blue. I slam the notebook shut as I zip up my bag. Science is my least favorite class. 

I kick my shoe to the tile, wishing that I had my homework. My teacher walks by every few minutes "You are sure you finished it?" 

What am I five? Of course I did, why the heck should you care anyway-you said it was due next class. 

I tug at my sweater, maroon like the one in the drawing as I daydream. I look out the window as I begin to think about this morning.

Snap back to reality in an instant. 

I don't want to think about that right now. So I rip out a clean sheet of paper from the back of my notebook and start drawing the TARDIS. 

Drawing the 11th Doctor with a fez and Clara by his side I can't help but smile. It looks perfect everything fit together with stars hanging high in the galaxies above them. I start to drift away again when the bell rings. I sigh, grabbing my bag and swinging it across my shoulder. 

I can daydream just as easily in the next class. 

I'm Sleeping, Don't Push Me to My Limits - Summer's POV

I sigh, dropping into my seat in AP Calculus AB. Yawning, I rub my eyes, trying to keep them open. I set my head down on my desk for a few minutes, which eventually turns into half of the class period.

"Summer! Summer, wake up." My female teacher snaps at me, and I bounce up, pushing some strands of hair out of my eyes. "What was the answer to the problem I was talking about?"

"The limit does not exist." I guess, shrugging, as if it were obvious.

I mean, it was. It was right on the board behind her.

She nods, lowering her glasses and looking at me with stern eyes. "Don't snooze off again. Or at least keep your head high so I know you're not possibly sleeping." She turns around on her heel, pointing her pen at a bullet point on the smartboard before babbling on about something else. Rolling my eyes, Jen tries to keep from giggling, but the beet red expression on her face doesn't do much good.

"Jen, you look like a balloon. Go ahead, laugh or whatever, but keep in mind that if you do I will go into your room and make sure you don't get any sleep with ice cold water, because I couldn't get sleep last night either." I shoot daggers at her and she slumps into her seat, crossing her arms. She squints at me with a look of disapproval.

I just shrug carelessly.

"So, everybody grab a packet and work on them with a partner." My teacher says, eyeing everyone before typing away on her computer. I'm one of the last ones to walk up there, grabbing a packet until something nudges me.

"Partners?" Jakey asks, and I sigh, nodding. "Sure. Be aware that I might snooze off, though."

He just nods and I take a free seat by his desk, sinking into the chair and realizing that I fell asleep again.

"You must be really tired," He says, and I laugh quietly. "You have no idea."

"Hm...Well, I'll do this for you if y-"

"Cut the crap, I'm not giving you anything in return." I mutter, and he groans in frustration.

"Fine, earn an F." He pushes the paper towards me.

"Haha, very funny. No." I push it back, checking out my fingernails.

"Well, I'm not your tutor." He refuses once more, putting the paper back into my hands.

"You could very much be," I suggest, a smile pulling at the edge of my lips. He doesn't buy it. My shoulders drop and I curl up in my seat.

"You really think school is some slumber party?" He asks, and I take his pencil out of his hands before scribbling down answers on my paper. "No." I shrug, looking over where two voices are arguing. Rebekah and Blake. "The answer is obviously negative four," Blake says, but she shakes her head, yanking his paper back and erasing his answer. "It's 1." Bekah argues, writing it down on top of the black line. "Fine, whatever." He settles with it, although he doesn't look very satisfied with her choice. Jen and Eli seem to work just find, it's just the fact that Eli is shooting crumbled up pieces of notebook paper into the trashbin and Jen is mainly doing all the work, as she is extremely good in math. On the other hand, Emilia and Haley don't seem to be on the right page, since they paired up together but aren't saying a word, and rather going seperate ways. 

Wonder what that's all about.

I look back over to Justin. "I just choose resting over that," I point to everybody else, and he rolls his eyes. "At least that is working." He says and raises an eyebrow, while I shoot a glare at him.

"I am working...well, technically you are, but still. Sleeping helps repair your um - hair." I make up a random excuse and he gives me a weird stare. "Fine," I roll my eyes, jotting down the rest of the solutions for all the problems and flip my packet over. "Done. See? I was working."

"I made you." He remarks.

"Did not," I snap back, holding the papers close to my chest. "Anyway, give me the rest of what you got down. I only finished a little more than half of this assignment." He says, taking his pencil back.

I scoff, re-doing my bun my hair was currently in. "You have to work harder than that. You could have done that for me in minutes," I nod my head at the papers on the desk and Jakey crosses his arms. "You could have paid me in minutes, too."

"Pay you for annoying the crap out of me after I tried getting the smallest bit of rest? Right." I mutter under my breath, looking over at the teacher's desk. "You'd maybe earn yourself a dime. And that's maybe."

I hand the packet to the teacher before walking back to my seat, his eyes following me with his jaw dropped, and gladly setting my head down for ten minutes only to get waken up again to the school bell.

Lunch Outside of School - Liza's POV

I go out to my blue convertible. A lot of people were just chilling around in the parking lot with nothing better to do on this fine afternoon. Allbeit, I had like, 30 minutes to ge outside of school. But hey, with my next period class being online, I had that block period open, so why not just enjoy myself?

I get into my car and start to drive to the gate to leave when the guy at the gate, Ernie, looks at me. "Ah, miss, you aren't supposed to leave campus."

I poke my head out my window, looking at him. "The school said that if I have an online course, I can go and come back before the bell. Plus, it's lunch time. I even have a parking lot pass, meaning I can come and go. Come on, Ernie."

Ernie rolls his eyes and opens the gate. "I expect you back within limits. Otherwise, I'll be writing you up." He crosses his arms and I sink into my chair, rolling up my window and driving out of the school. I decide I'd show up at the regular cafe, but first...

I pull into a driveway. It's mine but it's not. I've been here plenty of times but of course I don't own the house. No, of course not.

I knock on the door and the older lady smiles warmly. "Hello Liza. Nick just go back from school. I'll go get him." She turns and shouts for Nick to show up. He runs down the stairs and smiles at me. His younger sister, Erin, smiles at me, waving. "Hi Liz!" she says with a bright smile.

"Hey Erin." I smile at her before looking at Nick. "You and I have a lunch plans."

He takes the keys out of my hand, smiling. "You aren't driving, love."

I frown. "It's my car, I'm pretty sure I can drive it, Nick."

He just shakes his head and grabs my hand, pulling me out of his living room and to my blue convertible, sitting idly in his driveway. He get's into the driver's seat and I get into the passenger's seat. As we start to move, I look over at him. "Why the hell can't I drive my own car?"

"Stop complaining. Being the guy in this relationship, I figured I should be driving you around, not the other way. I mean, if you're going to tell me I can't drive, then I'll just leave."

"But that's what you're doing to me, Nick," I argue. "It's my car. I've been paying for it with my own money and you're telling me I can't drive it because of your pride."

"Don't argue with me," he says in a some-what cold voice.

"Don't tell me what to do. I'm not yours to own." His grip on the steering wheel tightens and I shift uncomfortably.

"Liza, stop being a stupid idiot and just sit there, why don't you?"

"Excuse you?" I ask, sitting up straighter in my seat. "A stupid idiot? Stop being a complete and utter jackass!" His hand then slams against the right side of my face, making me slam against the chair. My hands touch my now burning cheek as I look up at him with tears in my eyes. "Pull over and get out of my car, Nick..."

He does pull over, looking back over at me. "I'm sorry... please..."

"Just get out..." He opens his door and looks back at me. "I'm sorry, really, I am. If you leave me now, I just... I don't know what I would do wihout you. Liza, please. You are the glue keeping me together and I'll kill myself without you."

I bite my bottom lip and he looks at me, both expectantly and filled with sorrow...

"I... I'll see you after school and..." I enhale, trying to calm my racing pulse.

Nick sighs. "Fine. Whatever." He slams the car door shut and starts walking back in the direction of his house. I quickly roll down the window and look in the side-view mirrors to see my face red from where I was hit. I rummage through my bag, grabbing the foundation. I quickly put it over my cheek to cover any sign of being hit as I roll the window back up and scoot over to the driver's seat. I quickly then start driving, heading towards the cafe...

Did I really promise to see him later?

Music In Art - Jen's POV

It becomes quite obvious after the first couple minutes of art that our teacher is a completely weird. He tugs on his various scarves, one bound to his wrists. They are all plaid, matching what looks like pajama pants...his coat is covered in miscellanious spots and when he walks by, it flips in the air in a dramatic twist, leaving a distinct smell of cigerrate smoke and cologne. 

His tie is crooked, like his awkward smile he gives to students, not the cute kind of awkward that the guy across from me is right now, but the weird one, jummbled up around the edges, with teeth stained a yellow tint. I place my hands on the desk, tapping my dark red finger nail in a continuous ryhthm.

It's hard, after years of not being in this class, I'm back in it, with the same person sitting with me... I run my fingers through my hair. We broke up years ago, why haven't I stopped thinking about it? 

The art teacher is now across my shoulder, pressing my shoulder with his bony hand. My eyes water from the strong scent. I breathe heavily, as he looks down at me, pressing his chin on the palm rested on my shoulder. "Art," He yells, "can be anything. Find something to inspire you. It could be the lyrics of your favorite song, or.." He claps his hands as he points at me. "The smile of a can be love connecting two people together or hate, but it should be inspirational to you." He tugs at his collared polo. "Everyone is inspired in one way or another and that's your assignment. Paint a person, place or thing that inspires you the most. Remember these must be presented." He smiles again, which makes me weirded out...slightly.

"To work." He sits down in his chair and picks up his phone, calling someone that is obviously mad at him, because he walks out the door for a couple of minutes. You can hear the yelling from in here. 

"It's interesting to be back here." Eli says, smiling, scribbling purple on the paper. 

"Yeah." I laugh nervously. "Sure is different..." 

"I know." He grabs my hand for just a millisecond, before pulling it back away again. A rush of heat falls as I start drawing a song lyric in a cluster of hearts colored in an ombre effect from red, orange, yellow. Green, blue to purple.  

"What does that say?" He asks, his voice is lower now, yet quieter.  

"It's a song lyric from Amnesia..that Five Seconds of Summer's stupid really.." I start to crumple the edge, before he grasps it, pulling it to him. He reads "If what we had was real how could you be fine?" and then, "because I'm not fine at all." He looks at me with a sort of twisted up sadness like that he wants me to say something.

All I can muster is the next song a complete and utter dork, because that's what I am, always will be, not able to say much anymore. "I remember the day you told me you were leaving...and the makeup running down-" I alter the line. "my face..and the dreams you left behind you didn't need them, like every single wish we ever made. I wish I could wake up with amnesia and forget the stupid little things..." I look down at my feet. 

I look up just a second to see his eyes look sadly at me as he whispers.

"Jen..."  The bell rings, I thank the Lord. The drawing I want to burn it, because that's the song I use to express my feelings...that was years ago.  I make sure that I won't say anymore.  Because whenever I do, the wrong words slip out. ...I'm really not fine at all. 

Skipping Class in a Car that isn't mine, Police Cars, do I say more? - Summer's POV

I pull at Rebekah's arm, a small grin on my face.

"Let's skip."

She sighs, rolling her eyes. "You're just making me tag along because you've failed your driver's test how many times again? Oh right, 7. Well, you're out of luck, I'm going to study with Blake."

"You're no fun," I say, but get an idea.

"Here, maybe I can take the keys of your car and drive around a bit while you're in study hall?"

"No way! You might crash it! You don't even have a license!" She retorts loudly, and everybody in the class shushes us, working on their reading work. I groan.

"The only reason is because the past instructors have been idiotic and didn't want me to stop at Starbucks." I reply, stuffing my pink binder into my backpack. "I promise I'll bring it back without any damage. Trust me." She takes a few seconds to think before nodding. "Fine. Bring me back a smoothie when you're coming back." I smile warmly, trying to think of a reasonable way to get out of class. Bekah gives me the keys and Blake butts in, a smirk on his face.

"Skipping, are we?"

"Shut up. Nobody said your name," I shove his face back and he pouts.

"Ms. Waldron?" I ask clearly, and she looks at me. "Yes, Summer..."

"I need to use the bathroom really bad. I still have my bathroom pass."

She nods firmly, taking the blue slip and I quickly grasp my phone in my pocket to re-assure myself. I stash the keys into my front pocket before pushing the door open and sprinting down the hallway. After I thrust the double doors open, I smile looking at the large parking lot, until something hits me.

What car does she own?

I sigh, pressing the alarm button and then hearing a loud beeping come from a car. A familiar car makes it's way down the driveway and I notice Liza with an upset look on her face. She rolls down the window, slowing by me.

"What's wrong?" I ask, concerned.

"Nothing, I accidently hit my head on something and it gave me a headache. Anyway, what are you doing out of class?" She snaps, and I shake my head.

"Mom needs me."

"Since when?"

"Since now. Ms. Waldon needs you in her class, by the way. You're her best writer and today is presentation. Good luck."

She doesn't seem to buy my cover-up, but I doubt she'll ask the teacher anyway. She nods, pulling into another empty space and I slide into the driver's seat of Bekah's car.

Hope she won't mind if I give her pink Challenger a few scratches and what not.

I put some gum into my mouth before pulling out, managing not to bump into anything or anyone, and drive up to the gate. Crap. I begin to grab some random tissues from the pocket of my bag, fakely weeping into them, smudging my makeup all over my face. I hear a knock at the window and continue to sob into them, rolling down the window. I really hope this act works.

"Er...You aren't supposed to leave within the last two hours of school. Or at all, period."

Another sob.

"Are you okay, ma'am?"

Dramatic bawling.

"M-My boyfriend...he....h-he cheated on me a-and I don't know why! I mean, Becky is s-so much prettier than me but that d-doesn't give him permission to freaking g-go for the g-girl on ch-cheer team...And then there's Sa-Samantha-"

"Nevermind. Go ahead," He says, annoyed, and I continue to cry until I'm officially on the street. I throw the tissues full of lipstick and lipgloss out of the window and press the gas pedal a little bit more than I expected, but it's fine.

I'm just twenty over the speed limit on the highway. Well, that's until alarms fill my ears.

Crap, no. Crap, I cannot get a ticket. Oh God, no, I won't get a ticket today. This isn't even my car.

"Ma'am, please pull over your vehicle." A loud voice says and I sigh.

More like Bekah's vehicle.

I pull over anyway, trying to keep calm, but my fingers begin to panic. I scurry through the secret compartment, only to find her ID and Registration. Perfect. I just have to make up an excuse about why my face doesn't look like hers. I roll down my window once again, keeping a poker face. "Ma'am, do you know why you were pulled over?" The man is short and young.

Like, extremely young.

"No, actually, because I am just that type of idiot who didn't know why she was pulled over at all, 'cause she obviously was not speeding and a policeman just happened to tell her to park in the grass for no reason. In other words, yes, I know why I was pulled over, you jerk. And if you want to know why, I have to go see my mother. She's in the hospital."

"Hm. Well, ID and Registration."

I hand him both, somewhat angry, and he looks at me oddly. "I put on alot of makeup today. Like, extremely alot. It's for my high school play and-"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

I shut my mouth abruptly as he scribbles down information on a piece of paper. Needless to say, I am screwed.

A large pick-up truck painted in electric blue and orange literally zooms past me. Horns are practically blaring out of the windows, piercing my ears. I put my hands up to cover them as the policeman next to me averts his attention towards them and begins to yell. "Hey! Get back here ya lunatics!" He screams, throwing the ID and Registration into the passengers seat. Ticket in hand, he runs to his small little police car and speeds off right behind them. I smile, taking a left into an exit and pulling into The Smoothie Store Drive-Thru, ready to order two pineapple-kiwi smoothies.

The One Day... - Liza's POV

As the day went on, I started to forget more and more about the days earlier events. That is, of course, until everyone's favorite class period, gym class.

"Alright princesses. Today we'll be swimming. Any objections, you'll be failing this class immediately. Am I understood?" He looks around as no one answers. "AM I UNDERSTOOD?!"

"Yes sir," people quickly say before he dismisses everyone. I shake my head. "A freaking dictator, that's what he is." I shake my head again and quickly change into the school mandated outfit for that special time where he forces everyone to swim for the entire next week. Always so fascinating.

As I walk over to the pool, my head suddenly pops back to the make-up. I look over at the couch... Maybe he'll understand for just one day...

I walk over to him, making him raise an eyebrow. "Don't tell me any bull about wanting to sit out today. Unless you are on crutches, have some sort of brace on your arm and/or leg, or have some severe illness, you are participating. At most, you'll all just be doing whatever you want."

"But sir... Please, it's just a one-time thing. I've never sat out without good reason and I never will. It's just this once."

"I've heard enough. Now go over to the pool with your fellow classmates, warm up, and start a game of whatever you all play in the pool." He turns his back to me and I sigh, walking over to the pool. Maybe if I kept my head above water...?

So we got into the pool and I got into that sort of pattern, swimming away as fast as I could with my head above water and avoiding splashes at all costs. It was working. That is, until Tristian decided to "accidentally" body slam me.

"Holy crap, I'm so sorry and-" he pauses, moving my face to look at him. "Did I hit you that hard? Your cheek is all bruised..." He touches the side of my face, making me flinched. "But wait... it wouldn't be that bruised within three seconds, would it? Liza-"

"It's nothing. I accidentally got hurt today when some kids were throwing around a football this morning."

He looks down at his arm. "And you covered it with foundation?"

"Yup. Didn't want to get fussed over by my sisters." I quickly swim away from him, covering my cheek which started to burn again after getting slammed by Cas.I closed my eyes, leaning against the side of the pool. "Dear god, this is going to be the death of me..."

The couch blows his whistle. "Alright, dry off, dress up, do as you please! You have 20 minutes before the bell rings and you'll be free." I quickly clamber out of the pool and hurry to the locker room, drying off with a towel I snatched before changing and grabbing the foundation sitting at the top of my bag. I quickly apply some to my bruised cheek before working on drying my hair.

Rebekah walks in, looking upset. She sits down and starts to dry off before looking at me. "You got dressed fast."

"And you look upset. Do tell," I reply as I move the hairdryer to the highest settings so it will dry my hair faster as I frantically hope it does smudge away at the make-up.

"It's Blake. You remember how he and I dated towards the beginning of Freshman Year back at the old school?"

"Of course. You two were so in love. If only Oli moved with us..."

"Yeah, off topic, Liza," Rebekah replies before continuing on with her story. "So any way, after we broke up after the move, which was after the Frozen musical, nothing's ever been the same. We constantly argue and disagree and nothing gets done until we work on our separate projects. It's annoying."

"I'm sorry," I reply as I turn off the hairdryer, somewhat frustrated that my hair is still partially damp, I push it over one ear to make sure it won't tamper with the make-up. "Anything I can do that does not involve running him over?"

"You could run over Summer. She scratched my car up last class period."

"Of course she did. Alright, if it will lighten your pain," I say with a small smirk. Rebekah smiles before leaving to change into regular clothes. I grab my bag, swinging it over one shoulder and heading out of the locker room. There I am confronted by Tristian.

"Listen, Liza, if I can help with anything, like say knocking out the guy who threw the ball at you, tell me."

"I'm fine, honestly," I reply before shoving past him, grabbing my book and reading for the remainder of class.

What Happened Again? - Jen's POV 

The doors to Liza's car slam as I approach the school. Yesterday night blew by, all I did was stress over homework. I wait for Summer, who's reapplying lip gloss. I lean over the door, smiling. "Who you getting ready for?" 

She laughs, pulling my arm as she kicks open the door. Liza grabs her keys and shoves them in her jean pocket. We all walk together, this is one of those rare classes when we're all together, which is fun. The only disadvantage is that the history teacher is outdated by at least two decades. His huge spectecales and hair lined in grey, the dorky vest that doesn't look good on anyone. The only good thing that is good about the attire is the bowtie. Bowties are cool. 

I trail off into a whole different thought when the white noise comes back to voices. "Jen, why are you so quiet today?" Liza nudges me as I look down at my book. "Oh it's nothing." I laugh softly. she shrugs, resuming whatever conversation she was talking about as I pull at my backpack strap, which is fraying on one end. I groan, making a mental note to cut off the loose string when I get inside. 

When we walk on I see people crowded all around, which isn't a surprise, the first bell already rang. I admit I left my textbook in my locker as they sigh. "Again?" Summer just sighs. "See you upstairs then." As they both climb up stairs you can hear them both laugh, probably the conversation I didn't hear. I sigh, twisting my lock and pulling it. Grabbing my book and shoving on top of some crumpled papers, I zip up my bag and head to the fourth floor. 

There is so many people, I groan, being one of the smallest ones here. I shove through the crowds until I finally get to the hallway my class is in. As the late bell rings, I burst into a jog, sighing. I don't even pay attention as someone runs into me. The impact hurts, but not as much as when I feel something dripping out of my nose. The taste of copper burns my throat as I scramble through my backpack, trying to find a tissue. 

I find  half of a napkin and place it to my nose. I look up, to see grey eyes look at me. "Woah, are you okay?" He asks, about to put his arm across my shoulder, but then jerking away. "Wait." He runs, grabbing some paper towels from the boys bathroom. 

"What..." My voice is nasal, cracking slightly. "The hell Eli..." I grab the paper towels and put it to my nose. 

"Damn, listen I so didn't mean that." 

"Yeah, you come to school just planning to hurt me." I laugh. I look over, sending a wincing headache. "You damaged another one of my books?!" I laugh, which doesn't even sound right, it's sort of garbled. "I still don't forgive you for damaging my limited edition in Freshman year." 

He looks sideways, trying to remember. "I don't remember that but oh well." 

It seems he wants to help me up, but he takes a couple steps back, staggering, he asseses the damage. "Can you get up?" 

I look at him, even though it hurts like hell.

"Really? I can barely turn my head I have such a bad headache."

He stands there for a moment, arms crossed before sighing in defeat. He puts his arm around my shoulder, helping me up. I stumble a little as he puts his arm around my shoulder. My mind freezes for a moment. I can feel myself turn red, thank god that he can't see it. He looks over at the stairs before guiding me the opposite direction. 

"The elevator." He sighs, pressing the down button. 

I stand there, his grip tightens a little as the doors open. "You know we need a pass right?" I ask, walking in. He presses the 1st floor before looking down. 

"I think they can make an exception." He sighs. 

The door swings open as I walk out-well guided-to the office. He sighs as the new woman at the office with platinum blonde hair's eyes widen. "What happened?" 

" into me." I say, sighing. 

She gives him a distastful scowl before directing him to the nurse's office. 

His grip loosens as I sit down. He shifts awkwardly, pulling a seat beside me. 

The nurse walks in, inspecting me. She tells me there will definitely be a bruise, but I could've done much worse. I sigh, asking her for any pain killer. 

"Unfortunately," She clicks her tounge, "We will have to call a parent to drop off medicine." 

I sigh, shifting slightly. "Fine, call my mom."

She nods, exiting the room. 

About thirty minutes later, Ibuprofen is dropped off. I breathe a sigh of relief as I swallow the pill. 

"If you need anything else, call me okay?" My mom pulls her coat before leaving. 

Eli and I both get elevator passes and an excuse note. He guides me back, my headache still killing me. "I'm sorry about the novel," he says, placing it in my hands. I laugh softly as he walks me to my history class. His grip only loosens when he drops my backpack to my feet. "When the bell rings, wait here. I can walk you to our next class okay?" 

Whatever friendliness that was there disappates as he leaves the room, and for once, I don't fall asleep in history class. 

Chocolate Cake and Fake Apologies - Summer's POV

After the bell rings for Chemistry, following History, I stuff my whole backpack into my locker so I won't have to carry it to lunch, the weight practically smushing my Biology textbook. I shut my locker before walking to the Cafeteria, cursing under my breath about how I forgot my lunch. I pray that what they serve today isn't harmful to my tastebuds and push open the double doors, looking around for my sisters. While doing so, I forget to walk straight and practically slam into somebody, chunks of what I think is chocolate cake smudged all over my long-sleeve shirt. I sigh, and it takes me a few seconds to remember that I'm on the ground.

"Oh, Summer..Er...Sorry..." A voice says, and my head starts throbbing the slightest bit. I push myself up with the palms of my hands, looking down at my top. Nothing but brown frosting and cake colored all over what used to be red, but luckily the back of the shirt is safe.

"No, it's okay I guess." I look down, heat rushing to my cheeks as I try to maintain my anger. Jakey starts laughing hysterically.

"What?" I ask.

"N-Nothing it's look like a cupcake now,"

"S-Shut up!" I stammer, now noticing that the surrounding, large amount of students around me, including Marina and Emilia, are snickering and giggling at me. I roll my eyes, trying to brush off crumbs that are stuck to the chocolate paste that's smeared all over me, but to no avail.

"How much cake did you want to eat?" I ask furiously, my hands clenching into fists and I begin squeezing them, trying to calm myself down.

"It was just a slice of today's special...I just didn't think it'd break apart all over you..." Jakey says, and I scoff.

"That was one hell of a slice of chocolate cake." I remark, turning on my heel to now head for the bathroom. I storm through the doors, down a hallway. I hear him following me and I groan.

"What do you want?"

"To say sorry for back there..." He replies, looking at the ground and scratching the back of his neck. I cross my arms.

"Well, thank you for embarassing me in front of more than half of the school." I retort, pulling at my shirt. "Now I'm covered in...yuck..."

"You don't like cake?" He asks, raising his eyebrows in surprise.

"Nope. Hate it," I reply, and he sticks both of his hands in his pocket. "That makes sense," He says, looking around but nowhere near meeting my eyes.

"Well, apology not accepted because I smell like pure sugar." I say, still standing in front of the entrance to the girls' bathroom.

"Then how can I make it up to you?" He asks. I shrug.

"Probably can't. Maybe by not laughing at me and drawing attention to 'a cupcake'." I answer sharply, and he looks over at the lockers. "Fine, here, maybe we can go out to the county fair this weekend?" He scratches his neck once more and I shake my head.

"Not in a million years. If you want to be charming, do me a favor and stay away from me," I snap, anger bubbling under my skin. I turn around, about to enter the bathroom when he says something again.

"Please, Summer. I really want to apologize for it. I'm pretty sure your shirt is ruined now, and it probably costed a lot..."

I take time to think about it, running my fingers through my hair. Maybe he really does want to take me out?

I sigh.

He's a jock; a player. It's obviously going to be a waste of my time.

"I'll just buy a new one."

And with that, I pull up the handle of the sink labeled "Cold", and watch the water run out of the faucet, taking off my top to leave only my undershirt and begin to scrub the chocolate harshly off of my shirt.

Suspision and Nearing Depression - Liza's POV

"Nick!" I cry out as his hand slams across my face, making me bounce off his bed. I quickly get to my feet, holding my arms out defensively. He slumps against his dresser before turning around, kicking it.

"I'll be back," he replies as he walks out of his room, leaving it opened. I slump against the foot of his bed, crying into my hands.

"Liza...?" says Erin, who just turned 15 today, peeks around the doorframe. "Did... Nick break up with you?"

"It's fine," I reply, rubbing at my eyes with my sweater sleeve, grabbing the concealer out of my bag, turning my back to the girl. To go along with the blackening bruise from yesterday is a nice red swelt. How on Earth am I going to pull that off?

"He... he didn't hit you, did he?" When I don't answer, she's right behind me. "If he's hurting you-"

"It's none of your business, Erin. Get out," Nick says from the doorway, leaning against the door. Erin gives a quick glance in my direction before running out of the room. Nick closes the door behind her and sits down on the floor next to me.

"Hey, Liza... I'm sorry. I know, this is the second time it's happened but please... I... I love you." His hand touches my shoulder and I feel my head swirling with a sense of anxiety with his proximity but also to want him there... and then a need for him to also be in Cambodia.

"Everything's fine," I lie as I put the concealer up in my bag, holding back any feelings. The only thing that seems to catch my eye is that tree branch outside... how simple it would be...

"Turn to face me, Liza." The simple command turns my heart to ice as I slowly shift myself to face him. He smiles softly, cupping my face.

"There, wasn't so hard, was it, love?" he asks softly before kissing me. He quickly stands up, pulling me with him to a standing position and I put on the best smile I could muster in a time like this.

"You're so pretty when you smile..." He walks over to his dresser and pulls out the gameboard for checkers. "A little one-on-one game of checkers to make you feel better?"

I give a semi-heartful laugh but he seems to take it. "Yeah, sure." My face quickly falls but he is off in his own world already as he sets up the gameboard. I sit down on the bed and he sits across from me. "You move first..."

Nick looks up at me. "No, I do insist you go first."

"No, really. You go first," I say as I keep an emotional check on at all times to not start crying and making him angry.

"No. Go first, Liza." Once more, another simple command grips at my heart, clenching it between it's grasp. I have to keep from breathing in large amounts as I move one of my pieces at random.

And so, the game commensed. I almost allowed myself to forget the earlier events...


Of course, when I won was a hole new story.

"Son of a-" My alarm on my phone goes off. I grab my phone sitting on the dresser as I look back at Nick who sits silently on the bed. "I'm sorry, I have to get back to school."

"Whatever, it's fine." He shrugs it off but it looks as if it is killing him. "Go and flirt with all the guys in school."

"I'm not skipping school..." He looks at me with those big, doe-like eyes. "Nick..." My heart starts to clench and I feel the ball and chain around my ankles, holding me here in his bedroom. "Nick, I have to..."

He walks over and kisses me softly on the lips. For a moment but it was all it took. "Come on, Liza. It's one day."

"I... I need to check it out with the school and-" I start but he interrupts it by kicking the corner of his bed in frustration. I jump back but don't get far, the imaginary chain and ball keeping me somewhat glued in the same vacinity. "O-Okay... I'll stay..."

He grabs my hand and pulls me towards him. "Thank you... you won't regret it...." He turns to leave for a few seconds and I quickly text Summer.

Tell the school that I had to leave for the rest of school because of an injury.

She is fast to reply.

What the hell happened?

Nothing... I just... need the rest of the day off...

I then turn my phone off, setting it on the dresser as I sit back down on the bed and Nick comes back in with a couple of movies to watch. All I can think of is that tree branch outside... how simple it would be...

This Is Why - Jen's POV

"Over here," His arms are strong, definite...quite familiar. I try to control myself, not letting the wrong words slip out. My books are layered in one arm, two backpacks on his shoulders. It's days like this where I wish I had makeup. The closest I've been to years...and I look like complete and utter crap. I staggered into the bathroom earlier to see a deep purple ring across the bridge of my nose. To make matters worse, one of my eyes is darkened underneath. A black eye and a bruised nose. I look awful, yet I can see a spark in his eyes at points, but it's diminished as quickly as it's shown.  

"Thanks again." I mutter again, sighing.  

"Yeah..." He looks down as he presses the elevator's up button. His grip loosens, causing me to stagger for balance. 

I don't even think-and I should-whenever I let words slip out they end up wrong...maybe that's why our relationship became distant.

"Don't." He looks sideways, into my eyes, for a second I feel like there is anger I see, but it ends up a smile.

"I only say that to you." His grip tightens once more. 

I bite my cheek, trying to refrain from speaking. Please shut up..I say to myself.

The elevator fills with silence as I shift slightly, looking at him. 

"" He groans.

"Lost your train of thought?" I laugh, which sounds even worse than before. God.

"Nah.." His laugh touches on nervousness. 

"What?" I ask, pulling his arm away. I trip trying to look at him.  Damn..damn...damn... My head screams as he grabs my hand.

I blush bright red, I can't control it this time. I can feel heat rush though my cheeks as I breathe shakily.  

"You're blushing..." His eyes widen. "'m not." I turn around, I only feel warmer. Stop. I tell myself, but I can't. 

"You are." His arm guides me to meet his eyes. He's probably half a foot taller than me now...

 "I missed that..." He groans as he looks away. Is he thinking the same thoughts as I am..I don't even know anymore.

 I breathe shakily as I just stand there, battered and bruised as he looks over and leans in and for a second, I can feel I was in Freshman year again.

The doors swing open.  We don't notice until a teacher coughs. We pull away, as my Language Arts teacher walks in.  She's young, smiling as she holds the door open as we walk out. Some kids eyes widen, whispering about it as they walk away.

 "I'm sorry." He sighs. "That was kind of..." His voice trails off.

"I shouldn't have..damn..." He mutters under his breath. I look at him, which worsens my headache but I don't really care anymore.

 "It wasn't really..." My words stutter-damn I am a wreck today aren't I..

 "Stop trying to make me feel better...I already know you don't like me that way."

 I feel like I am punched in the chest. I look down, trying to put my thoughts together. "You think so..." I look into his eyes. "Then why do you think I didn't break apart the kiss or...or..when I blushed what was that for..." I breathe shakily as he shifts slightly. 

 "That assumption..." I make out. "Is wrong."

I close my eyes, praying that nobody heard. 


 "It's Jen." I mutter. 

 His eyes widen as he runs his fingers through his hair.

"Now this...hurting you was enough. Not that you look bad's just that I don't want to hurt you makes me feel guilty as hell."

 I look at him in a twisted sort of way when I sigh.

"We need to go to class." 

We both are an awkward mess when we walk into the classroom. I sit down, slamming my books on the ground. The lecture starts.

I sigh, being in the back of the room, I could practically sleep and he wouldn't care. 

 But instead, like a crazy freaking lunatic, contrary to what my mind is telling me to do, to shut up and take notes, I grab his hand, like I always did back in Freshman... 

I think my mind stops when he squeezes back.

I close my eyes and look the other direction. 

 This is why I didn't want to do this..

 It makes me such a wreck.

You Tell Me - Summer's POV

Jen's beet red when I come out of class, heading down my gym hallway that reeks of men's cologne. Gagging as I walk into the locker room, I quickly change into my uniform and slick my hair back into a high ponytail, sliding on my all-star high top converse before exiting. Jen looks at the ground, not saying a word. "Jen, you okay?" I ask quietly, looking at the clock.

"Yeah, sure, whatever. Just...stuff."

"You sure?"

"Positive. I think I'm gonna go sit out today. See you at dismissal," She says, before walking over to a spot on the bleachers. I follow behind, taking a seat behind Emilia, the first row in front of me, and Marina, the second one down. She's doing a waterfall braid in her hair, the two gossiping about drama going around school.

I look around, seeing Jakey and some other girl walking together, his arm around her waist.

I'm not jealous.

After catching a glimpse of me, he turns around and gives her a kiss on her cheek.

Still not jealous at all. He could have the girl on the cheerleading team for all I know and I won't give a damn.

I contain myself, every second waiting on this seat seeming like an hour. I tap my foot impatiently as Jen walks up to the coach, discussing something and he gives her a look of sympathy before nodding. I bite my lip, checking my phone for the time, also checking for any more messages from Liza. None.

Only an hour left of school. Walking down the steps of the bleachers, I trip and luckily catch myself, nearly landing on my face. Hugging myself, I squeeze through the rest of the students getting off of the bleachers and notice Jen hanging out by the shade. I sigh, the sun practically melting me alive, and try to find an activity to do. I would normally go for volleyball but every person on the team saw me get embarassed today. I'll probably go back tomorrow.

I look over by the fence, noticing him and that dumb blonde girl. She giggles softly, twirling a piece of hair around her finger, a shy, fake grin on her face. She realizes me watching and I look up at the sky, but it's too late anyway. She already saw me.

She closes the space between them, running her fingers through his hair. I hear smacking noises and roll my eyes.

Will. Not. Get. Jealous.

I duck under a low tree, trying to get a better view of them and to listen better on their conversation.

"Totally....Sure...I'll go to the fair with you...Why wouldn't...She's so dumb..."

Excerpts of what they're talking about is what I can barely hear and I stop when I hear the word fair. He's taking her out to the damn fair.

Ultimate Jackass.

I roll my eyes, noticing that I'm behind some vines acting like a desperate loner, and I'm about to step out when I slip on something wet and fall back, hitting the ground. Or, at least, I thought it was the ground.

A huge splashing noise emerges and I find myself in the water. I'm guessing it's just my luck I'm in the deep end and I struggle to get up to the surface, me not being able to swim anywhere near how Jen is able to. Seconds, that feel like minutes pass and I try to get to the surface, but to no use. Panic runs through me as I realize my phone is in my pocket and now broken from water damage.

Another splashing noise, although muffled, comes and I'm lifted from the area I was back up to the surface. I'm met with a set of familiar eyes.

"What happened?"


"Were you stalking me?"

"You wish I was," I bicker, struggling to get up but he pulls me from any ability to grasp the edge of the pool.

"Maybe I should watch you attempt to wriggle out of my arms."

"Maybe I should punch your face."

"Maybe you should be thankful I saved you."

"In utter self-confidence, that was the only reason you wanted to come and get me. I might not be the best swimmer in my family but a girl can know how." I snap, still trying to exit from the center of the pool. He laughs.

"I don't even get a thank you?"

"Hell no. Go say thanks to your girlfriend over there for making out with her earlier."

"You saw that?" He asks, a look of surprise on his face. I roll my eyes.

"Yeah, I actually did. And weren't you so sad when I told you I couldn't go to the fair with you? Yet you sure as hell were excited to ask Ella to go."

"You didn't even hear the story. And why were you even eavesdropping anyways? Stay out of my business, Summer."

"Do me a favor and stay out of mine. You can't tell me what to do."

"Sure I can."


"You're going to be my girlfriend for all of next week. And if you can't do it, I'll hook up with the school editing team and allow them to put the humiliating story of how you couldn't save yourself in the pool and that I had to go rescue you. If you think getting dessert dumped all over you was embarrassing, just wait." He smirks before dropping me and getting out of the water.

Oh hell no.

I get out of the pool, my hair and clothes soaking wet, and storm over for the entrance of the indoor gymnasium. I shake some water that drips continuously out of my phone, and the power button isn't even working. Nothing but a black screen is there. Jen looks up at me, raising her eyebrows. "Summer, you okay?"

"I don't know." I reply, walking over in anger to the entrance and pushing the door open forcefully, surrounding classmates looking at me in confusion.

And I have to deal with being the girlfriend of one of my worst enemies for the past three years, or dealing with humiliation of a fake story of not being able to swim.

Which one will I choose?

You tell me.

Weekend Party Begins... - Liza's POV

(Author's Note: Sorry, decided to skip ahead to the weekend. Apologies to any other writer who may have had other ideas for the school week)

I set up for the party, putting out dips and chips and all things that are usually at a party. Slowly but surely, people came into the house for the party. Nick, of course, was the first. Annie comes right behind him and quickly starts complaining about her five AP classes.

"Annie, honestly. If you have your classes, just like, stay home and study. This party is going to be crazy."

"No, I'm staying!" Annie shouts as she then looks around. "So em... how is... how is... Rick? Rick's his name, right?" Annie asks, looking over at Nick.

I facepalm and shake my head at her. "Nick. But you were close this time."

"Right.... right... Of course..." she scratches the back of her head before walking over to the couch and grabbing a book from my shelf, flipping through it idly.

More people came around and I look around for Summer. "I wonder where she could be..." I ponder softly.

Tristian enters and quickly gets inveloped into a crowd. Nick wraps his arms around my shoulders and I shift uncomfortably, but apparently play it off well because he doesn't do anything. Tristian eyes me from across the room and I know that he's coming to some conclusion. I just fear when it will happen.

As everyone starts to wonder what to do, I quickly walk over to my closet and look around at all the items before I think of a game I learned at Acting. I slam the door shut and turn off the music, raising my voice. "Alright darlings, gather around in a circle around me. Clear any furniture so we can start the game."

As the circle forms, I quickly go over the rules in my head once before telling everyone. "Alright, this game is called, 'Honey, I love you.' The objective is for someone being me to walk over to say... Nathaniel and say, 'Honey, I love you, won't you give me a smile?' Nathaniel will then have to say, 'Honey, I love you, but I just can't smile'. However, if he smiles once while saying that, he will be the main person of interest. However, if he manages to not smile, I will then have to walk over to someone else until someone smiles."

Everyone nods, processing the rules in their head. I look around before finding the perfect victim. Connor. I walk over, the biggest smile on my face. "Honey, I love you. Won't you give me a smile?"

HIs face contorts for a moment before he says. "Honey, I love you, but I just can't smile." The corner of his mouh twitches into a smile and he realizes this as he groans and stands up. I mush the group into a tighter circle so I can be the judge. I walk around, watching everyone.

Eli decided to mess with Jen and made her start laughing right on the spot. She then mutters every curse word possible as she stands up and continues the game. She goes after Nick who keeps a straight face. She groans and moves on to Rebekah, he smiles.

As the game carries on, it's just down to Nick who hasn't smiled. Everyone has practically targeted him until I decide to interviene. My heart pounds, remembering what he's done to me in the past...

"Tristian, sit down, I've got this, love." He gives me a sort of small glare before turning and sitting down. I walk over to Nick, raising his chin as I crouch down to be level with him. I put on the biggest smile I could ever do in his presence at the current time. "Honey, I love you, won't you give me a smile?" I ask sweetly.

His eyes meet mine and I see the person I fell for. I feel he may be coming back... A smile twitches onto his face but it quickly falls. "Honey, I love you but I just can't smile."

"You smiled before you said it," I reply. His eyes soften for a moment... maybe there is a chance... He kisses me in that moment but when the kiss breaks, his eyes harden and I want to cry out and scream. I turn and call the game to an end before going back to my room.

I sit down on my bed and Nick walks in, closing the door. "You played me, Liza."

"I played you? You know how the game goes, Nick. You can't just blame-"

"Don't argue with me," he says, his voice hard. I shrink into my bed but try to keep a composure.

"Maybe you shouldn't be hiting on me," I mutter but he hears me because the next thing I know, he slaps me across he face, harder than ever before.

"Don't ever accuse me of bullshit... ever." He then starts to pace, trying to calm down so he looks fine around my friends. I hold my face closely...

"Get out of my room." He does so, leaving fast. I stumble for the knife I hid in my room, trying hard not to cry as I place the knife to my wrist. It would just be easier, after all...

I Swear... -Jen's POV

Liza takes forever to come out, I think because she changed into a sweater, that is a little too big, the sleeves hit her knuckles and she quickly balls her fists together. I think I see a red streak on one of her fingers, but when I turn back I see it gone. I might talk to her about it later, but not with this many people...

"Gather around.." Her voice is shaky this time and maybe quieter... "I won't be participating in this one." A couple people groan. "But I'll watch. This game is called Kissing Cards." She holds about 7 deck of cards. She hands one to each two people. "Guys get all the black cards and girls get all the red cards in the deck." Liza mutters meakly.

I end up sorting cards with Blake, who seems pissed that Rebekah isn't who he's sorting them with. I don't get the logic that goes in guys' minds. More time to talk to a girl I guess? I mean she is sitting right next to him...

He takes the black cards, while I take all the red cards. He sighs, turning to Bekah and starts talking about something. She seemingly ignores him, sorting cards way too seriously. She looks up once while he looks away, a spark in her eyes, I know she wants to talk...but as soon as she turns back she's shuffling them. 

As soon as everyone finishes, Liza looks around and smiles softly, but it's not directed to anyone, just at the cream colored carpet. 

"Okay, so the rules are that you go around the circle. The girls sitting next to the guy have to show their cards. If the girl's card matches the guys, the girl kisses the person the card matches. No exceptions. She looks over at a couple of guys, glaring. 

"Okay, Blake, you go first." 

I roll my eyes, pulling out the top card. An ace of spades. His and Bekah's card, however, reads King of Diamonds. 

Rebekah sort of looks around with awkward tension. They kiss for barely a moment, something new for them. They both look at each other, sigh together and look towards the next person. 

"Eli, go." 

The girl next to him...I think her name is Eden if I remember, quickly pulls out her card, smiling. I grab one, which of course, why wouldn't...I sigh. Eden however, flares, giving me a distasteful scowl. 

I lean in and somehow I manage to close my eyes in the middle of it, I manage to relax for a split second because I was sure now that he wouldn't mind. He manages to pull away, smiling. I blush, pulling a tiny strand of hair behind my ear.

He pulls my closer, I sit there awkwardly for a moment, before laying my head on his broad shoulders. I breathe heavily, hoping he doesn't see how red I am. The game continues, with other people looking around in nervousness. Luckily, mine doesn't match again. 

After the game, I head to the my room to change, I really want to change into something nicer than well, my graphic tee and skinny jeans.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Eden yells. 

"What?" My eyes widen. 

"What gives you the right to kiss him like that? You broke up, what, back in Freshman?! And suddenly you are a couple again?"

"No...." I say softly, digging my nails into my dresser. 

"Then what are you some secret sort of thing? It sure didn't seem secret tonight."

She pulls me to the closet door, slamming her palms against my shoulders. 

Pain rushes through my head once again, my nose causing it to sear. 

"Ow..please, I hurt my nose okay and can't you see this black eye. It really hurts like hell so now if you could please stop..."

"Poor Jennifer...all he ever cared  about you was your weakness." She curls her fingertips into my shirt. She smirks as she starts taunting. "Pity me..I bruised my nose. Pity me I have a black eye. He doesn't give a damn about you, just your sob story. It's pathetic really." Her eyes are enraged. 

I breathe heavily looking at her quickly. "I'm sorry okay? I'm sorry you didn't get what you deserved..."

Her nails grip tighter. "I'm sorry for you getting what you don't deserve." She pulls me forward only to slam me against the door again. My vision blurs. "We dated for 9 months and somehow he couldn't move on from you. That's why he broke up with me. You. You were the reason we broke up and now suddenly you think that he'll just come up and crawl back to you like he did before. How naive you are..." She clicks her tounge. 

"I am not naive..." I muster. "He told me he liked me still..."

Footsteps approach as she knocks me towards the wall. I stumble, feeling a small amount of blood coming out of my mouth. "Hell..." I breathe. "I just am a screwed to look the worst I can."

I shut my eyes, the vision too fuzzy for me to concentrate all I hear is distant or is it near screams from Eden. Eli is slightly calmer but not that much. "What gives you the right to hurt her like that?" 

Eden lowers her voice, almost in defeat. "She's the reason why we broke up and I mean...I miss you Eli." I open my eyes into slits, looking at her pull him close and kissing him. I think he might be enjoying it but his eyes are wide open, looking at me, pulling away quickly. "I don't like you that way Eden...that's why we broke up. We're still friends though right?"

"What. No.

"I thought we agreed..." 

She groans, flipping her hair quickly before leaving my room. "Sure you damn.." She mutters.

He slams the door. 

"Jen...." He pulls me close as tears stream down. "I'm so sorry..." he looks over at me, wiping away tears. "Please don' t cry. I don't want to see you like that..." My body shakes as he holds me. "It's okay, it'll be okay." I cough, the copper taste stinging my mouth. 

"That's what people say that I'll be fine. I can't be sometimes though. I'm so freaking messed up right now, I look like hell." I sniffle, tears falling on his shirt.

" look fine. Please just don't cry like this. Because I don't want to see you crying. You are adorable okay?: 

I nod, pulling away softly, with stinging eyes. I lay my head on his shoulder. 

"Will you go back out there with me? Please Jen..." I look up and nod softly. I stand up, only to my hideous reflection in the mirror. My eye is now purple-blue, my bottom lips is stained blood red, my nose a black color.

He stands beside me, at least a half foot taller than me now. Jesus, I remember when I was about his height. 

"Whatever thoughts you are thinking about yourself now, don't. Please, Jen, I think you look as beautiful as you always do and anyone who doesn't see that is effing blind." 

I turn towards him, which really freaking hurts, but somehow I deal with it. I grab his hand, squeezing, as I pull my gaze towards him. I don't know how and I don't know why but I don't feel as awful, as a mess...

As I walk out with him, I eye Eden. He kisses my cheek quickly, which burns. My right eye can barely open now. "Let's play something else he announces, helping me sit down. Tears slip every now and then but at least now I am positive I am fine, he slips right beside me.  

Pretty Pissed -Tristian's POV

Honestly, I am pretty pissed at Liza right now. The way he kissed her, and the way she didn't pull back. I mean... does she want to go back into that relationship? No, I won't let her. I just, she is such a good person, and I only want what is going to be good for her. 

"Okay guys, I think I know a game we can play...." I stand up from the floor, shaking some object from the bottom of my pants. 

"Hm?" Jen looks confused, maybe because I don't really talk that much around this group.

"Yeah! It's a really fun one. I played it.... last year." Now I have everyone attention. 

"Where?" Nick, ew, starts to ask.

"...My house." Lying is not really in my forte. Liza smiles,

"Sounds good to me. What's it called?"

Oh crap... Come on, think. I need a name... I mean, all I am going to do is put a piece of tape around Nick's mouth and shove him in the closet upstairs. Then pass it off as some weird hide-and-seek game. But would they really fall for that?

"Um... er... You know what, nevermind." I sit back down and put my face in my hands, trying to hide my embarrassment.

"O-okay... That was strange." Eden coos from across the room. I don't even know her... Where did she come from? Come to think of it, I hardly know any of the people here, aside from Liza and a few of her friends. And then Nick of course. I still need to keep them apart. Make sure he doesn't try anything with Liza again, because God knows he is going to try.

I get up and walking into the kitchen, pretending to look for something to drink, but in the end just sitting at table. I have no idea why I am bugging out so much, all I know is that I am not having much fun anymore.

Someone comes into the kitchen, and I don't even look up to see who it is. A chair pulls back from across the table, and thats when I finally look up. And now I really feel sick.

Nick takes the spot across from me, and the look on his face seems just a little upset.

"What was that all about...?" he asks almost instantly.

"Huh?" His anger sort of catches me off guard.

"The whole game thing out there, you kept looking at me funny. And then now you don't want to play it.."

"It just wouldn't work." I cup my hands together under the table. This is really starting to piss my off, I haven't the slightest idea why he is acting like this. acting more annoying than usually I should say.

"Is it because you like Liza?" he suddenly blurts out.

I stand straight up out of my chair, and look him straight in the eye. Luckily, I am a few inches taller than him. He still looks annoyed, but less angry.

"I do like Liza. She is like a little sister to me. And we all know what you have been doing to her," I start, my voice only raising with anger,

"And I swear, you better stay away from her if you know whats good for you."

He seems to have regained his anger, because he stand up, making his chair bounce against the back of the wall. I am ready, if he want to fight. I am so ready.

But he just laughs,

"Yeah, okay. I will." And with that, he walks straight out of the room.

I think my jaw dropped a little, and I follow him back into the room. Everyone is looks bored, and when Nick sees me walk into the room, he sits down right next to Liza. So basically, I literally squeeze in right between them, knocking Nick's legs over to the other side of the couch. I give him a big smile.

"Comfortable?" he asks me, his voice dripping with malice.


I Don't - Summer's POV

Gathering all my courage, I sigh, pulling out the rubric, before knocking about two or three times on the door. I squeeze my eyes shut as I hug my binder closer to my bosom.

A woman comes to the door and gives me a warm smile through the window, before it swings open, slightly startling me.

"Summer, right?"

"Y-Yes ma'am."

"No need to be nervous. Jakey's in his room, he'll be out in a minute."

"Sure thing," I say under my breath, stepping inside and smell the fragrance of candles. I stand there awkwardly before Jakey comes out.

"Ready to start the project?" He steps out, walking down the hallway, which I'm at the end of. Taking the rubric out of my hands, he examines it and I exhale deeply.

"Ready as I ever," I lie, following him back to his room, and he flops down onto his bed. I take a seat in his desk chair, and he smiles.


"Nothing. Don't you think it's a coincedence we became partners, though?" He rises, stepping towards me and I curl up deeper into the chair.

"N-No..." I say softly, stuttering.

My weakness.

He tilts my chin up to look at him, his eyes scanning over my face and stopping at my lips. My face is growing hot and I'm about to pull his hand off before he smirks and goes back over to his bed. "Well, I was hoping you'd do the work while I watch the food channel," He suggests and I scoff.

"Very funny, but no." I reach for the remote by his TV and he grabs it first, dangling it above my head. "You want this?" He taunts, a devious smile on his face. He leans his face closer to me.

"Go get it." He whispers.

"I'm not your dog," I mutter, inches from his face before kicking him in the shin.

Oh, how I am so glad I wore my combat boots today.

He yelps in pain and the remote falls from his hands, right into mine. I clench tightly to it, grabbing a pencil from my pencil pouch and looking at him. He puts on a pouty face.

"You want it?" I ask, mocking the way he said it. He rolls his eyes, groaning.

"Yes," He says, throwing himself back against the bed.

"Then help me. Afterwards, you can watch food channel." I set it aside and throw a pencil over at him, which he fails to catch. I then begin writing down the summary on the white cardstock paper, using colored pencils to make it look neater. Glancing over at him now and then, I notice that he's actually reading. I feel a smile grow on my face before I snap back to reality, writing some more ideas based off of my notes. My hands throb with an aching pain after around twenty minutes and I sigh, giving them a rest.

"Tired already?" He asks, and I can just feel his eyes digging into the back of my neck.

"No, not really," I answer. "Just...sore."

"It hasn't even been half an hour," He chuckles and I roll my eyes. "It almost is," I reply, pulling my beanie further over my head. 

"Well, I've been drawing the logos," Jakey says, and I look over to see his eyes glued on some white printer paper and a few markers. "This crap is stupid..."

"It's second semester. Everything is stupid," I respond, still partially focusing on what's in front of me.

"I know what isn't," His voice is lower and he walks over, sitting on the edge of the seat I'm in, throwing his arm over my shoulder. A mischevious glint is in his eyes and he leans further towards my face.

"You look pretty, you know." His voice is still deeper, although slowly getting quieter.

My weakness is washing over me.

"Lies aren't charming, boy," I reply, looking him dead in the eyes.

"Lucky for me, I tell the truth." I shift but he instead cups my face and he leans his closer. I'm growing hot. 

"Sometimes...I miss freshman year. I could kiss you whenever I wanted..." He whispers, trailing small, light kisses on my forehead, cheeks, but then stops when he's about to kiss my lips. I close my eyes, pressing a hand against his chest before the words spill from my mouth, my throat not being able to hold them down.

"I don't." I remark, and his hands drop solemnly as I feel his breath slowly fading away from my face. Opening my eyes, he's still staring at me, although with a hurt expression.

With that, I hear a buzzing sound and the desk vibrates. I look over at Jakey's phone.

"Newsflash, that's my phone." He says, reaching for it but I slam my palm on top of it before he can lay a single finger on it. I look at the screen. Jen.

"Yeah, it may be your phone, but it's my sister." I say back, picking it up and looking at it.

"Nosy girl," He mutters, returning to his old self, and I roll my eyes, smiling, before I realize what the text says. I get up from the chair and his eyes follow me, although mine still on the screen. "What's wrong?" He asks, and I shake my head, although knowing something isn't right.

Hey. Jakey, let my sister have your phone.

I begin typing.

It's Summer, I already had it. What's up?

Pressing send, I begin to get a little anxious and set it back down on the desk. "Don't worry about it, she probably just got into trouble with mom." I say, proceeding back to writing the rest of the project. My fingers are red and blotchy and I've already wrote ten paragraphs, my pencil practically racing across the paper. The faster this is done the faster I get out of here.

"Ready for Monday?" He asks.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Another buzz.

"The bet is still ongoing, you know." He says, and I bite my lip, knowing I'll have to act like we're dating. Crap. I pick up the phone in my hands, staring at the message on the screen in utter shock.

I'm not sure if Liza's okay. She's been acting up.

Scratching my eyebrow, I quickly reply.

I'll be there in ten.

Maximum Anger - Nick's POV (written by Liza... :) )

My anger at Tristian just bubbles over to the point where when Liza leaves to go get some fresh air, I slam Tristian against a wall, pushing him deep into it with my arm. A small crowd gathers around us, staring in shock.

"Get lost," i say under my breath as Tristian shoves against me. I glare at Tristian once more before turning around and sitting down on the couch. The crowd quickly leaves.

As the party goes on, I see Liza on the back porch, sitting in a chair by her tree in the backyard. A rope dangles on the branch several feet over her head. I quickly stand up before relaxing, nonchalantly heading outside. She hears the door close, apparently, and doesn't turn around.

"Tristian, go back inside."

"If you were looking for your lover, he isn't here," I reply.

She leans against the base of the tree, her hand resting on the noose tied into the rope.

"If you are here to talk me out of this, you're too late. If you want a show, you can play this off as some encounter and let someone else find out."

"You aren't going to kill yourself, Liza. Get down," I say, taking a step towards her. She turns around, both of her hands holding onto the noose, pulling it closer to her head.

"Try to stop me this time. Go back inside."

"I said get down. You will listen to me, Liza." I take another step closer but now she has the noose around her neck. I chuckle softly, putting my hands into the air for a moment before becoming serious. "If you get down now, the consequences wouldn't be that bad. Because if you do go through with this, I'll save you before it happens and you'll regret every second of your undying life."

"That's what you think, asshole." She drops her hands and kicks the chair out from under herself. Her body speeds to the ground before lurching to a stop.

"Liza!" someone shouts from behind me. Tristian runs past, shoving me out of the way. He clambers up the tree to the branch, pulling out a swiss army knife to cut down the rope. "Get help you asshole!"

But instead, I just stare at her. I turn around and walk out the gate she has, leaving her backyard. Cas starts screaming every curseword in the entire world after me.

As soon as I get to the front of the house, I hear Jen screaming. Just at that moment, Summer arrives with Jakey, running seemingly unnoticingly past me to the backyard. I shove my hands into my jean pockets as I walk over to my car, unlocking the door and driving off.

Arriving home, I find the cops to already be there, I quickly grab a water bottle, splashing some water onto my cheeks and slapping myself a couple times to make it look like I've been crying. Instead, I've primarily been pissed.

I walk to the front door, rubbing at my eyes.

"Are you Nic-" they start but I push past them, rubbing at my eyes and even adding an occasional sniffle to pull of the part.

"Oh Nick!" my mother says as she runs over, hugging tightly. Erin is sitting at the table, giving me death glares but it looks like she's been crying.

The officers decide to show themselves in. "We need to talk to Nick and..." The female cop looks over at her male partner. "I don't know how to say this... we need to bring him in to ask some questions about Liza."

"She killed herself in front of my own eyes... I just want to be left alone..." I rub at my eyes before turning around, heading for the stares.

The male cop grabs my hand. "Unfortunately, we have our orders. We were sent here by a boy name Tristian. Said you were the only person to see the girl kill herself, and that you were her boyfriend." He looks over at my mother. "There's no easy way to say this... The boy on the phone said that he's been hurting the victim which is why she commited suicide. We need to bring him in on legal charges for indirect murder."

Mom starts crying harder. "No, it's nonsense! Nicky would never! Never, never, never-" she starts but Erin stands up, rubbing at her eyes.

"I saw him do it. Not... not directly. I heard him hurt Liza and came to investigate. Her face was all red on one side and the other was bruised. She quickly put on make-up to cover it." Erin grips at the table to keep herself up, ready to collapse back into tears. Mom starts to burst into tears even more and decides slamming herself into the coat closet would be the best option.

The two cops take me outside and the only thing I can think of is that if I get off, I'm coming for Tristian...

When walking out to the car, I see Liza standing there, watching. A lady walks over, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Liza!" I shout. "This is all your fault!" The girl looks confused as her mother puts her arm around her, guiding her into the house as the cops shove me into the car.

Alone and Broken - Jen's POV

Swarms of police come, investigating, asking me all these questions that I don't feel like answering. "What happened?" "Why do you think that..." The voices crowd my mind as I manage to make out a few answers. Before I fall apart, I ask them if I could just be alone for a little while. They nod, walking over to the scene where at least a dozen officers already are. 

After Eli took me and Summer home, my mother was talking some crap to him and Summer about what happened. As the police wasn't enough for them...

My bare feet cause the wooden floor to creak as I enter my room, shutting the door behind me softly. I get down on my knees and reach under my bed, trying to find one thing in particular. Once I locate it, I pull the box out, sighing shakily. The paint is chipped, I painted it ages ago, the fushia color burning my eyelids. The flower stickers that once were attatched firmly, were now peeling at the corners. Dust settles all across the top, settling in the cracks in the wood. It still smells  like crayons and pencil shavings as I crawl up onto my bed, placing it in my lap.

The top of the box flaps open easily, as I see the enormous piles of cards I have gotten from my sisters or my family. I slip my fingers down to the very last one and set them beside me. The first cards are from my 16th birthday, with Liza's neat handwriting and Summer doodling all across the paper, but when the pile dwindles, the writing diteriotates, the perfect curves in Liza's signature turned to an unrecognizable mess. I smile softly, reading her words, when I see one, the necklace still in a little plastic slip, with only Liza's writing. 

I breathe heavily, reading her writing. "Thanks for being there for me." She has doodles that are way too out of proportion, her writing is in crayon, but the necklace I haven't seen in years. It is tiny, probably almost a bracelet, but I still take it out of it's packaging. 

I close my eyes, a single tear running down my cheek, as I sigh, putting everything back. It's not fair...

More tears. She didn't deserve any of this. And how am I such a good sister if I just ignored her..I should have talked to her..I should have..Sobbing.

I bury my face into the pillow, not caring about the heat, or if anyone could here me because all I feal right now is some pain that I can't deal with eyes now burn, so I squint them shut. The blankets are pressed up against me. My breaths are shaky now.

Someone walks in quietly, sitting beside me. "Jen, it's okay," Summer says, trying to pull herself together like she normally does, trying to be the older one, but I can tell she knows that she wants to be alone too. 

"Just go away." I say through tears, choking out words that are barely audible.

"Jen.." She says, moving the cards over. "Please, you want to talk about it?" There is concern in her voice. I pull her away,wrapping the blankets tighter around me. "I know how hard it is Jen but.."

I can see her feet still dangling, her neck slung....

I look over to her, sighing. "Hard? This is hell Summer." I press my face into the pillow as Summer sits there, I look up once to see tears falling, but she soon leaves, slamming the door to her room. Distant sobs. I climb over my bed to shut the door back. 

I sit there for a while, eventually picking up my novel. reading silently. The pain lessens for a little while, until someone else comes in. I don't even look up from my book.

"Go the hell away, I do not want to talk to anyone." 

"Hey, I know that this isn't the best day but you wouldn't talk to Summer, so she thought you would talk to me."

I look up, putting my bent Doctor Who novel down. "I don't need to talk." I start, looking at him. He sits beside me.

"I know that your sister just..." He's trying to think of a way to say it so it doesn't sound effed up, but that is virtually impossible. 

"Commited suicide. Yeah." I bite the inside of my cheek. Don't cry....please don't cry again. 

"I'm not good with this whole comforting thing," he says after a while. I nod, sighing. 

"Don't think you could comfort me now anyway. My life went straight to hell and I can't do a damn thing about it."  And I break again. 

I bury my face into my pillow and just cry as Eli probably looks at me like I am just as freaking screwed up as my life is. 

" wasn't your fault.." 

"I didn't comfort her. I didn't do a damn thing because I just ignored it. And now my sister is dead." I breathe heavily.

He looks over at me. "Look Jen I'm sorry that your sister died.." 

I close my eyes. "It's not fair..." I look down at my feet, sighing.

"I know..." He puts his arm around me as I cry, my face is sticky and I look like freaking hell and my sister is dead...

"My life sucks.." I say, leaning my head onto his shoulder. 

"You should get some rest," He says after a while. "How about you, where will you go?" I ask, looking up. 

"It's one in the morning, your mom said I could stay here for the night."

I nod, showing him where our inflatable mattress was. He sighs, dragging it into the room. 

Drifting off to sleep somehow, I see flashbacks again and again, the bloody knife they found in Liza's room, her hanging on a noose. Then I hear the distant screams in my mind, her yelling echoing in the darkness. "Thanks for nothing Jen.." 

I make up screaming, with sweats all over my body. "Jen," Eli's eyes are swollen. has he been awake the whole night?

"I heard you talking and then you started crying...." He looks over at me with sad grey eyes. "Is everything okay?" 

It's 4 in the morning and I swallow my guilt. "Not really." 

I cry, pulling him closer to me. He and Summer is the only thing I have left now and I don't want him to leave me. 

"I can't take this..." I say digging my face into his shirt. He strokes my hair and looks away, trying to be the strong person in this situation.

"It's okay..." He says, voice cracking at the last word. A single tear falls onto my cheek as he sighs."I'm here.." 

And that's when I know we're both broken. 

It's All Okay- Tristian's POV

A few hours ago...

It's just me and Liza, sitting in her room. She has been staring out her window for awhile now. The only sound was the ticking of the clock, and the sound of my heartbeat. I can't see her face, but I know the tears are running down her face with fury.

Part of me want to go across the room and help her. But the other part glues me to the chair, tells me to just leave me to leave her alone. She is a strong person, but I know she can get brought down just as quick as she can rise back up.

Right as I open my lips, she begins to speak,

"I'm so tired... so, so tired Tristian." her voice is a cracked whisper. My heart sinks faster than her fleeting sanity.

"Liza, it's okay, really." I tell her softly, standing up. With this, she turns around, and I see the red streaks along her cheeks, and the moisture coating her eyes. She seems so... broken.

"No... no... no..." She cups her hands around her ears, rocking back and forth.

Finally, I go to her, and wrap my arm around her. She is still rocking, but becomes less tense. I try to soothe her by rubbing her head, but she is still whispering to herself, and rocking ever so slightly. It's okay... it's okay.

"You... know, all the pain I have felt in my life... why is it worth it?" she looks right in my eyes, and I can see the dark pits in her irises.

"Liza, it's okay." I grip her more firmly this time, but those eyes are burned into the back of my mind. I can see them when I blink my eyes. Literally the imperturbable void of broken life.

"No... no... no..." And with that she continues her steady rocking, and the random cupping of her ears. It seems like she is trying to get voices out of her head.

I have no idea what to do. Part of me, with a burning passion, wants to help her, protect her, make sure she has the best life she can. But the other part of me succumbs to her sorrow, and feels a need to end it. To end her pain. And then the question arises,

With a quirky laugh, "I have... a razor in my bathroom. It's on the side of the tub. It... it could help me." she laughs a little.

"Liza.." I start, but then she just puts her fingers to my lips. And then I see the eyes again, only this time accompanied by a smile that says she has given up. Once and for all. No more fighting it.

"Please, I am done... I've... I've had enough time." she tells me. And that was it. I got up, leaving her rocking, and went into her bathroom. Like she said, the razor was laying on the edge of the bath-tub. When I pick it up, I hear some commotion in the bedroom, and I run back into it.

Liza is sitting at her desk, writing something. I don't know what, but she is writing it really fast. It seems like she is writing two different things.

"I got it." I tell her, getting choked up a little. She stops writing instantly, and turns around with the warmest all around Liza smile she can give.

"Thank you... lay it on the bed. I have something I have to write first." she tells me, a more sturdy tone accompanied this time with her voice. I realize I am making the right choice here. She is ready, and what am I to do against someone that is ready to end her pain? All I want is for her to be happy, and I will do anything to make sure that is possible.

"Okay... one for my friends, and..." she gets up and sits on the bed next to me,

"One just for you. Read it when you get home." she tells me, and hands me a neatly folded piece of paper. My eyes are burning, and I give her one long hug. I can feel a wet dripping on my cheek, as she starts to shake all over again.

"We had a good run... The best." she whispers in my ear, and kisses my cheek. Her hands are shaky as I feel her brush my leg, looking for the razor.

We never once stopped hugging. I looked at the corner of her room, never once looking down. I could... I could hear it. I could smell the metallic taste.

I could hear her sighing, and laughing with instant relief. I never once blinked away from that corner.

It must have been at least two minutes... at least, until she loosened, and gently fell on the bed. That was when I fell apart. I couldn't even stand looking at her, so I left the room.

Pacing the hallway, my mind cluttered with thoughts, I didn't know what to do. I needed... I needed to call someone. Yeah, I needed to call someone. I took my phone from my back pocket, and dialed 911, and began my breakdown.

But... that isn't how the call went.

It went fast, but the one thing I remember blurting out was,

"HELP HE IS KILLING HER! NICK IS... OH GOD HELP!" in a anxious tone. I know she left a suicide note, but hey, at least it would get him in hot water.

Now, I had to leave her where they could find her. I remember the tree outside her house, the one she would always look at, loving and cherishing.

All it took was some rope from the basement, and a little tying, and there she was. Hanging in the breeze. I tried not to look at her much, so I said one last goodbye, and left the yard quickly.

Once I got to my house, I didn't bother going inside. Instead, I wandered into the backyard, and laid down on the soft grass. The moon illuminated the yard, as I pulled Liza's note out, and began reading,


You are my rock, my soul, my funny little companion. Life was hard... but you made it easier. I know when you read this, I will be gone. But I will never be truly gone. Just open your mind, and there I am. Laughing, crying, being apart of each other lives. I know you will continue your life, but please, don't think about me too much. You know... I would do the same. I love you... forever.

I do Liza.

I do.

The Exchange Student - Summer's POV

Monday finally rolled around, which felt like weeks, and I was at Lunch, trying my best to keep myself together.

Walking to where Jen and Eli are sitting, I feel a hand touch my shoulder.

"Summer...I'm really sorry..." Jakey says and I nod.

"Thanks for reminding me."

"At least he said it," Tristian says, looking at me.

"I would've rathered him not."

He drops his hand and I continue walking, Eli hugging Jen, trying to comfort her. I'd be a third wheel. I'd prefer to be alone anyway.

Instead, I find an empty table and sit there, Annie passing by. "You aren't going to eat?"

I shake my head, exhaling.

"It's not that I just...don't feel hungry..."

She nods, walking over to a different table and I put my head down, memories flooding my head. Freshman year...when she got hit with a she won Homecoming Queen...and how I found the same crown shattered to pieces deep inside of her backpack.

Before I know it, I have salted cheeks.

I feel somebody's presence come upon me and look up, not caring whether I look like crap. It's an unfamiliar girl.

"Hi, are you ah...well?" She says, a French accent peaking through. I nod, brushing my hair out of my face.


"I do you apologize for your loss..." I can tell she's struggling to have the right English, but she's not quite there yet.

"Thanks...What's your name?" I manage to croak out, clasping my hands together.

She smiles warmly, her auburn hair in a neat side braid.

Very pretty.

"I am Sapphire. It is a...ah...pleasure to meet you."

She seems like she's thinking about something before opening her mouth again.

"What is"

"I'm Summer," I hold out a hand and she shakes it lightly. "That's a very...pretty name, Summer."

"Thank you. Do you have any family that live here?"

"No, I am, Exchange student. My cousin Amber, she's also coming to this school...she's like my...tra...labor?"

"Translator..." I smile and she smiles back. "I am horrible at English."

I laugh light-heartedly. "It's okay. I'm sure Amber is teaching you and you'll be a pro in no time."

She giggles softly, pulling out her phone.

"Can I have your...ah, number? You're very nice and I have no you can tell..."

"Sure," Taking her phone in my hands, I type it in before handing it back. "There was this guy in the halls...Jake? He was very nice...very charming..."

I run a hand through my hair, remembering what happened that day we were studying together.

"Yeah...He was my boyfriend in Freshman year..."

"Oh, I apologize! What happened..?"

"Nothing..." I shake my head. "Nothing, sort of just...faded..."

She nods. "I understand." I glance at her and she realizes it before beaming. She holds out her hand again.

"Thank you, Summer. You' are very kind." I shake it again and she gets up, leaving.

High School Confusion - Amber's POV (Written by Liza)

I sit down at lunch, getting several strange looks from people. Is it because I'm from England? If it is, how rude...

I catch a glimpse of Sapphire as she is talking to a girl at some table. "Sapphire!" I call out to her. She quickly catches eye of me and waves. She sits down and smiles. "I just made a, em... a fiend?"

"Did you mean a friend?" I ask her.

"Oui! Oui!" Sapphire says, smiling. I laugh softly. "Her name is... Summer?"

"I'd love to go and meet this Summer. What table is she sitting at?" I ask, leaning forward.

Sapphire turns around and points to a table with only one girl sitting at it, her back towards us. I give Sapphire a smile before walking over to Summer, sitting down at her table.

"Hello, I'm Amber. My cousin, Sapphire, said she's meet you," I say and Summer looks up. She cries out, covering her mouth. I raise an eyebrow, realizing this wasn't the first time this has happened today.

"That isn't funny, Amber. Take off that wig now." She leans closer. "And those eye contacts. Who do you think you are, impersonating my..." Her voice drops. "Sister..." She suddenly gets angry again. "Take it off now!"

"I'm not wearing a wig!" I exclaim. I tug at my hair, fairly painfully, at that, to prove my point. Summer starts to cry and I quickly stand up. "If this is how you treat all new people than I'll pack my bags and leave." I turn around and head back to where Sapphire is sitting, with some random guy.

"Ah, Amber!" she shouts, waving me over. "Meet Jack... Jackie? Is that how you say it?"

"Jakey..." he says, trailing off the end of his sentence just like everyone else today. He stands up slowly. "Liza? Is that... you?"

"Not you, too... I swear, the amount of people who have thought I was this Liza girl... and some girl just shouted that I was impersonating her dead sister. What the hell is with this school? My name is Amber. I transferred here with my cousin, Sapphire. I don't know any Liza."

"LIZA!" I hear someone shout and suddenly, I am being hugged by some older male. "Liza you were dead, you were dead and, and..." He pauses. "You were dead... You are dead. I..." The male straightens up. "I... I'm sorry... I thought you were an old friend..." He pauses, messing with a folded up piece of paper. "I... I'm Tristian. it's nice to meet you..."

"Another one!" I exclaim. "Who the hell is this Liza person any way? Some stuck up American, I suppose."

Tristian straightens. "Don't talk about her like that. If you'd know anything, you'd know she was well known around the school, one of the best. And badmouthing her after what happened Saturday will get your ass kicked, Brit." His hands tighten around the piece of paper that's been folded many times over. I look back up at him.

"Do you know who I am? I am related to the current Queen of England, you daff-"

"And do you know who I am? I'm a friend of Liza's. And I..." He stops before pointing at me. "And you'll watch what you say. Understood?"

I snort before turning and grabbing my bag, heading towards the bathrooms before turning around. "She's dead, whoever this Liza girl is. Recently. If you weren't grieving at the current time, you'd find yourself in a whole lot of trouble. Sapphire, are you coming?"

Sapphire grabs her bag, saying a quick goodbye to Jakey as we head out of the cafeteria.

"Sometimes, just sometimes, these American people get on my nerves."

"Not all of them are... terrible," Sapphire replies, shrugging nonchalantly.

"Whatever. Come on. I need to get to my locker and grab some books before moving on with my  life."

Who Do You Think You Are - Jen's POV

"Come on!" I kick my locker with my bare feet, soaking wet. "You can't do this now." It earns me a few stares from girls already dressed. My hair is dripping onto my back and I don't even have a towel with me. As girls start filing out, I sigh in defeat, leaning against the lockers and reaching for my backpack. I pull my hair back, trying to adjust my swimsuit. The only thing I own to cover me up is a soft cardigan, which I honestly do not want to ruin with chlorine. Muttering, I pull the locker room door open, to see that I am the very last one left. The announcements start as I close the door. I close my eyes before stepping out onto the gym floor in bare feet, trying to ignore what seems like bitter silence as the announcements blare.

As I open them, I bite my lip, looking to the nearest seat. I find one saved for me, beside Eli. Please, anything else...but I really don't feel like searching for a seat either. I slide beside him, dripping wet, grabbing a brush out of my backpack and making my hair look halfway decent. His eyes widen, looking at me, as I look over. 

"This was the only thing that I could wear. My gym locker wouldn't open," I mumble, tightening my hands into fists. I look away, biting my lip harder. The bell rings, but I don't hear him get up. 

"There's nothing wrong with that..." He says softly, looking over at me. 

I turn back to him, closing my eyes. "I don't really want to wear this, it's making me feel damn uncomfortable so if you could please leave me be for now." I sigh, I'm not in the mood today. 

"I know your sister died and everything but that doesn't give you permission to be a b-"

My blood pressure rises as I look over at him, almost everyone out of the gymnasium now. "I'm not being like that Eli. I've had a damn awful week so if you could please..." I get up, ready to leave.  

He stands, pulling me closer. "Jen, I swear I was just kidding." He kisses me. As soon as I feel weakness fall into my chest, I pull away, which causes his eyes to flicker open. 

" never do that..." He says, his face twisted to a frown. 

"You never talked to me like that so we're even." I say, looking up into his eyes. I storm out of the gym, not caring if he's left behind. I've had enough today. 

I walk through the hallway, bare feet slamming the tile, when I notice someone who looks shockingly familiar...

Liza? I ask myself, shaking the thought away. I resume being pissed because I swear to god I-

"You know you can't walk around pissed the rest of your life." It sounds British. I turn around, seeing Liza-no it couldn't be her...

"Who are you?" I ask, with too much agressiveness. 

"Amber. Jesus Christ, how many times do I have to introduce myself today.." She mutters. 

I nod, trying to place my thoughts together. "Nice to meet you. I'm Jen." I look over at her, god she looks exactly like her, down to the color of her eyes. 

She nods, looking around. "So what the hell are you so mad about?" She pulls at her cardigan, looking down at her boots. 

"" Boyfriend? I don't now how to describe him. 

"Eli-we're dating-and um...he just said some things that I didn't find very um.." My thoughts are all jumbled together. "Nice and...he tried to fix it but I just haven't had a good week.." 

"Yeah, heard this Liza person died." She mutters.

"She was my sister." I manage before glaring at her.

"Oh...sorry about that." 

I sigh, pulling at my backpack strap. Silence arises as I sigh shakily.

"I should..go.." I mutter, pointing at the door. She nods, pulling out a book from her backpack. 

I open the glass doors to see Summer who looks at me softly. "What usually come out with Eli." 

"Stuff I really don't want to talk about." I mutter, pulling at my swimsuit. Damn I screwed up this time didn't I? But so did he..I groan, my thoughts have been screwed up since Saturday.

I pull out my phone from my backpack, turning it on. 

A couple missed messages from Mom, like I care. I respond quickly, not expecting to get a response in the next ten minutes. 

Then I see Eli's texts as I sit down, even though my mind tells me anything but to read them..

I read them one by one..sighing. 

-I'm really sorry, okay? 

-I know it was uncalled for..

-Can you please call me tonight...

I turn my phone off, not responding. 

It still won't lessen at all any pain that I felt. 

I make a mental note to call him.

Liza is gone...but what if I lose him too. Then what will I have?

I sigh shakily, trying to be okay.

God, can this week get any worse?

Could Have Done Worse- Tristian's POV

Early basketball practice hurts even worse than I already feel. I forgot how much it sucked to sweat. But, I'm decently tall, so... basketball. I mean, I guess I am okay at it, could probably be better if I actually practiced. Every throw I make, I can feel Liza's note against my leg. When the coach blows his whistle, I file out into the showers.

Taking a towel, I dry some of my hair, and get another one to wrap around my waist. I think I am the first out, so I don't have to worry about any towels whipping my ass. I check my phone for any messages, and I do see one. It's from a number I don't know.

Meet outside k :)

Who in the hell? I start to text back, but I hear some yelling on the other side of the room, and know the guys are starting to finish. I get dressed as fast as possible, my hair still a wet mess, and glide out of the locker room. My next class is math, but I skip it to go outside and see what this person wants.

Did... did they see something about Liza?

I can't tell you how long that thought has been in my head. What if someone saw me outside with her... What if it was Nick? I shudder at the thought, but continue to make my way out the backdoor no one uses. My phone buzzes,

Were r u????

Who... is this? I press my hands into the door, and then exit outside, and the sun immediately causes irritation to my eyes. Looking around, I don't see anyone, so I go to where the tables are under the trees.

And sure enough, someone is sitting there make a daisy chain. Her auburn hair is shining radiantly through the peeks of sunlight.

I instantly begin to turn around. But she spots me too quick.

"H-ey!" she calls out rather loudly. Sapphire puts down the chain she was making and skips over to me. I bite my lip and turn around.

"What the hell is this about?" I hold my phone up to her face. She looks confused.

"Wha?" she whispers.

"You insulted my dead friend, and acted completely rude... and-and now you wanna talk to me-" before I even finish, she pushes me against the brick wall. My eyes open completely wide as she leans in, and gently kisses the bottom of my lip.

"American boys... I like them." she breathes out, and this time the kiss is harder. I have no idea what is happening, or no idea why I don't make her stop. Her hair is brushing against my neck softly.

"Wha-" she stops any questions, with harder, fiercer kissing. And finally, I just shut up.

I just shut up.

The One to Ruin - Sapphire's POV (Written by Summer; Credit to Liza <3)

After pulling away, Tristian looks at me with wide eyes.


"I need you to do something for" I propose. I swear, I cannot believe people are buying this French act.

"What's in it for me?" He asks, and I look around before dumping the contents of what's in my bag. Bundles of money fall to the ground.

"That." I answer, smiling.


"No time for questions. Tell me, will you do it?"

"Er...I'd have to think about-" I kiss him again and he nods.


Smiling, I stuff the money back into my bag and he sighs, walking beside me.

"So...what do I have to do?"

"I'll be there to witness it...but I need you to get rid of somebody."


"We both know who," I whisper. "I need revenge on them."

"What did they do?" He asks, and I remember back to Matthew and how I had to kill him. He didn't love me.

"It's a long story and I have to catch up with Amber. I'll text you who they are. It has to be done tomorrow night."


I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. "Why are you so casual about this?" He just shakes his head.

"May or may not have done it before."

Running a hand through his hair, I grin. "Then this'll be a piece of cake. We're both experienced."

I see Amber in her car, driving up to me. "What are you doing? You know we still have to go to the store."

"I am apologize!" I shout, running over to her. "I was talking to...Turtle..."

"Tristian." Amber rolls her eyes. "Whatever, come on." I get into the passenger's seat, setting my bag in front of my feet. She then looks at me, raising an eyebrow. "Why do you look so happy?" "Nothing." I reply, shrugging. "Tomorrow is just going to for me."

I look at the four contacts on my phone.

Jen, Summer, Amber, and Tristian. I smile.

I'm Back But... Not? - Liza's POV

I get into school for Tuesday morning. I tried to get my car but mom moved it from my house and apparently it is Summer's for the time being. What is this maddness? Is this because I... well, almost died?

"Hey Blake!" I shout, running over. He doesn't turn around as I tap on his shoulder. "Blake! Blake? Come on, Blake. I need to know what I missed yesterday in Chorus and AP Calc."

He just keeps his back to me. "Blake, answer me!" I shout. Instead, I just throw my hands up in the air. "Fine."

I spot Marina walking with a new girl with Auburn hair. Is that the new foreign exchange student? Hey, I was supposed to be her help!

"Marina!" I shout, running over. "Come on, I'm out for one day and you steal my foreign exchange student?" I shout but get no answer. "Marina, I know you can hear me! Everyone can hear me!"

But no one is even glancing in my direction.

A kid shoves me from behind and I look up to see Tristian. "Tristian!" I shout and for a moment, he turns around, looking into oblivion. His eyes fall on me for a second before he turns around. "Tristian, wait, can you hear me? Tristian? Tristian!" I run over and grab at his hand, pulling him back. He lurches with the sudden grasp and several people stop and look before continuing on. "Dammit, what's going on?"

"Amber, whatever the hell you're doing-" he starts by yanking his hand away and he turns as pale as a ghost. "Why did you disappear."

I shift uncomfortably. "I'm still here," I reply, starting to get pissed again. "And who is this Amber person?" I grab at his arm again and only then do I notice the cuts along my arm and how sore my neck is. "Ow..." I flinch as Tristian moves his hand to touch my arm.

"Holy crap," Tristian says, staring at me. "Liza... You... You were dead... Is this really you?" He let's go of my arm. "Grab my arm again, you've disappeared." I do so and he hugs me. "Holy crap, this must look so awkward to everyone else in the halls." I do notice the amount of people watching.

"What's going on? Why can't anyone hear me?" I ask him when I see Summer and Jen.

"Summer!" I shout, but Tristian keeps a hold on me. "Let go!"

"Liza, stop. I can only hear and see you because we are touching. If... If we weren't... I... I think you're a ghost."

"Don't be ridiculous. I'm not a ghost. If I were a ghost, I wouldn't be able to touch things. I... I..." I suddenly burst into tears. Tristian furrows his brows and grabs his books that he dropped. "Come on, there is time before class. Maybe... Maybe we can figure this out. Just you and me. And during lunch, maybe even after school."

"Tristian!" shouts a girl, the same auburn hair from before. Sapphire.

She lowers her voice as she stands next to Tristian, making me lean in.

"Don't forget, tomorrow night." She then smiles and kisses him, making me let go of his arm as I back away in pure shock. I collapse against a wall, holding my head in my hands as I start to think this through. What was tonight? Why didn't Sapphire have an accent?

Why was she all over Tristian?

"Liza?" Tristian asks, looking around. He then sighs. "If... If you're listening... I... I'm sorry. I'll see you later."

"You promised to help me! Are you putting Sapphire before me now? We... We are best friends! I... I..." I can't bear to finish the sentence. It's too painful, for one, then he can't hear me, and he's also run off.

I lean against the wall and start sobbing into my hands until I catch sight of Summer. I walk over and grab her arm. "Summer!"

She looks at me. "Amber, what... Where is your accent?"

"Summer, it's me," I say.

"Nice try." She tries to pull her arm away but I keep a firm grip.

"Summer, it's Liza. We got detention on our first day of freshmen year. We played sisters in Frozen. You're my baby sister and please believe me."

"How... How are you alive?" she asks.

"I... I am but... I'm not." I let go of her arm and disappear from her view. I then grab it again. "I... I'm a ghost..."

"Liza..." She says softly and hugs me. She starts to cry and so do I.

"I... I'm so sorry, Summer. I never wanted to... it was my only escape from him... Please... Tristian ran off and... and..."

She then slaps me on the face.

"Holy crap, ow. I'm a ghost and that hurt. Ow, ow, ow..."

"Don't... don't ever do that again to me..." she says softly.

"As a ghost, I don't have much option..." I hold my face for a moment before hugging her. "I'm sorry... I need your help... and Jen's... and Tristian's... anybody's help. This... this needs fixed."

"What do I have to do?"

Dates And Roses - Jen's POV

Come on...get your thoughts together. You can't just sit here...looking at his number just call him, Jesus. My mind scolds, racing. Damn, just call him!

I sigh, finally clicking call, biting the inside of my cheek so hard I taste blood. The dial tone rings...

"This is Eli, leave a message." The phone beeps abruptly as I stutter. Damn, why did you call him? 

"Uh-um...hell...It's Jen and I just like-" The phone beeps again as I hang up. I groan, covering my eyes with my elbow, dropping my phone on the bedspread. I grab my throw pillow, hugging it tightly to my chest. screwed up.

I sit up as there is an abrupt knock on the door. 

"I'll get it," Mother yells from downstairs. I sigh, falling back on my bedspread, arms outstretched. 

I hear the door creak open and a few seconds later, footsteps up the stairs.

" what's his here." A gentle knock on my door before she opens it. I nod, looking at myself for a moment. Why is he here of all places in the world right now, why did it have to be here, at this moment, at this time, right after the screwed up voicemail and my stupid awkwardness. 

But somehow I get that urge to make sure my hair looks nice, quickly tying my bandana sloppily. I can practically hear the impatience echoing in the house from both my mother and Eli...

Jogging down the stairs, I open the door a little wider, sighing. 

"Hey sorry," I smile awkwardly.

He nods, smiling softly. "Um..I was wondering if you-" His speech pauses. 

I pull down my sweatshirt, looking up. "Yes?"

His eyes widen before he resumes. "Yeah..uh..I was wondering if you maybe want to go out to dinner? I mean if your mom won't let you or anything that's fine just I found this really nice place and-"

"I can ask. Wait a second." I smile softly, walking to the kitchen. 

She grabs strawberries from the fridge and sets them down before noticing me. "Yes, Jen?" 

"I was wondering if I could go out to dinner with Eli tonight."

"Sure." That's it? No, get back home or I will ground you for eternity? Nothing? 

I nod, racing back to the door. "She said it was fine." His smile brightens as I smile back. "Can I get dressed first because this..." I point to my Disney pajama pants, is not going to look okay." 

He laughs, walking in and sitting on the couch. I climb the stairs, going back into my room. 

After disregarding a few dresses I find one floral one, maroon lace at the top and a floral design at the bottom, tied together with a black belt. I pull my heeled boots on, making me not look as tiny as I already am. I walk down the stairs, smiling. "Sorry, that must have taken forever."

His eyes widen as I sigh. "Shall we go out then?" 

He nods, getting up. We both walk out the door as Summer asks Mom about going to the park or something after dinner...

As I walk outside, I feel a strong chill as I shiver, groaning. "Are you okay?" He asks, eyes showing concern. 

I nod, biting my lip, as I get in his car. It's warm inside, and as he starts the car, Celtic music plays. "What the hell..." I mutter, laughing. 

"I kind of enjoy it." He shrugs. 

"Do you mind if um-I change it?" 

"I don't care." 

I turn on the Alternative Radio station, flipping back and forth with the Classic Rock station when they play crappy songs. 

"How can you stand this stuff?" He asks, as Kansas' Carry On My Wayward Son comes on. 

"It's cool, I enjoy it." 

He pulls up in a parking lot, as my eyes try to find where exactly we are going. 

He turns the car off, getting out of the car. I swing open my door, a cool breeze rushing into the car. I get out, shutting the door behind me. 

Leading me to the sidewalk, he puts his arm around my shoulder, which he practically has to kneel down to do, I am so small. 


My eyes widen. "Jesus Christ you know how expensive this place is?"

"I earned some extra cash, I thought we could go do something." He shrugs. Don't notice me blushing...please.

An older man opens the door for us, the aroma of decadent food filling the room. I look around at golden pillars that the split the room. The floral bouquets are fresh roses and tulips. 

My eyes widen as I look at him, "Wow..." is all I can barely muster. 

"I know." He whistles. 

The waitress looks at me and then back at him. "Reservation?" Her accent sounds a little bit Russian...


She mutters something, scribbling something down in the notebook. "Ah..I see. Welcome Eli and-" Her eyes land on me. 


She nods smiling. "Yes...yes. Follow me," 

Another cold spot. I shiver again, which causes Eli to put his hand on my shoulder. "Are you sure you're okay?" I nod, biting my lip. 

The woman leads us to this alcove, the light slightly dimmer. Candles sparkle, the light illuminating the room. "Here." She ushers us to a table, smiling. "Enjoy."

As another waitress comes, she hands me a menu, asking what I would like to drink. "Water please." I mutter, looking up. 

"And you?" 

"Pepsi?" He shrugs. 

"Sure, that will be coming out shortly. She disappears as Eli sighs. 

"I think I've never been more annoyed in my life." 

My eyes widen. What did I do?

"Eden just..." He sighs, closing his eyes. "She wants to get back together with me and..." 

I bite my lip. 

"And I can't. Because I just see one girl on my mind and-" He eyes me, sighing. "It's so stupid really." 

I look at him. "It is not." I laugh. "It's sweet." Please, please don't notice how red I am.  I scan my menu, lifting it up.

The waitress comes back with our drinks a couple moments later. "Do you know what you would like to order?" 

I nod. "I would like the salmon with Ceaser Salad." 

"I would like salmon with um-" He scans the menu again. 

"Salad. Like plain. With croutons and-" The waitress is gone by he starts the last phrase. 

I laugh. "Wow." 

The lights flicker for a moment. I look around, when I feel a slight squeeze on my shoulder. I turn around to see what looks like Liza-but it couldn't be? 

"Amber.." I groan. 

She loosens her grip and disappates. "It's Liza and I know I interupted you guys at the worst possible time but-" 

My eyes widen. Ghost?

I whisper. "But what?" 

Eli looks over at me. "Are you positive you are okay because there is no one..." Liza fades, and I guess she walks over to him. 

His eyes widen as he grabs the butter knife, aiming it at her. 

She once again comes back into view. "Damn," She points to her bleeding arm. I grab a napkin, trying to wipe the blood off, grasping her arm. 

"It's okay." She looks up at me. "I'm okay Jen, just please I need your help. "

"What for?" 

"I'll tell you later, but you must promise me." 

I gulp, then nod. "Okay." 

She fades, the lights now steady.

"What the hell..." Eli starts.

I shrug as my salad is laid in front of me. I sip my water before picking up my salad fork. 

"That was..." I sigh. "Something." 


Soon after we both finish our meals, we head out, the spring rain falling down like crazy. 

As we walk outside, he sighs, looking into my eyes. He pulls me close as the rain pours and the lightning cracks, kissing me. I close my eyes, not caring about the rain. Some look over smiling, then whispering something.

He pulls away. I grasp my hand as I laugh, looking at how soaked he is. He notices me and laughs in return. 

"We are a total mess." I smile, gasping his hand. I start a sprint, him surprised. "God, could you at least warn me next time..." 

I head to the parking lot, laughing. 

We head into the car, him turning on the car, pulling out. The rain gets harder as we head onto the road. He flashes a smile as I lean over, trying to control the wheel.

The car swerves, as someone hits us. I scream as the glass shatters, only seeing Eli looking over at me. "Jen.." He barely mutters. The world turns to black as I hear sirens in the background. 

The Witness - Summer's POV (Warning: Very Long and Shocking Chapter)

I recieved a text from Bekah as I take a walk through the woods.

I think your sister and Eli are in the hospital. Tragic accident.

My heart pumps faster as I instantly turn around, seeing somebody with familiar auburn hair. Sapphire.

"Summer, hi!!"

"Hey, look, I don't have time to talk-"

"No, it's only a second, please, Summer..."

I exhale deeply and nod. She reveals my cousin, Ella, from behind her back.


"Summer, you have to run! Call the cops! The girl's insane," She yelps, as Sapphire yanks her hair harshly.

"W-Why?" I question, and then Sapphire reveals a gun, putting it to her head.

"Call the cops or not, she's dying. Do as you please."

My fingers shaking tremulously as I struggle press the emergency button on the screen of my phone.

"Matthew...long-distance relationship Matthew told me he loved me."

"No..." I remember the boy I had a long-distance relationship with when I was about 13.

"He cheated on us. I had to kill him."

"Sapphire, I don't know what the hell is wrong with you, but get the gun away from my damn relative."

I manage to call 911, the operator answering.

911, what is your emergency?

"Matthew was my boyfriend, we were supposed to get married!" She yells at me in pure anger.

"At age freaking 13?!" I shout back, trying to contain myself. The gun is still by Ella.

"YES!" She screams, and I try to answer the operator calmly, but I just can't. 

"P-Please help...the exchange student from my school...she's...she's trying to kill my cousin and-"

Where are you?

"I-I don't know! I was going for a walk in the woods-"

"Summer, put down the damn phone!" Sapphire screams, her accent leaving. She digs the tip of the gun deeper into Ella's head.


A gunshot rings out.

Ella drops from Sapphire's grip as her head slams into the sidewalk. I drop the phone in shock as thoughts swarm inside of my head, and at the sight of blood I begin to get woozy.

I saw a person die.

"S-Sapphire...N-No...Ella..." I croak out, sinking to my knees and cupping her face in my hands.

"Ella...wake up..."


"ELLA, PLEASE, YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP! DON'T DIE! DO NOT LEAVE ME!" I scream, tears flooding out of my eyes as I rock myself back and forth, her head on my chest, praying that she'd at least take a breath. I feel for a pulse but everything is still. She begins to turn cold as her eyes develop into glass.


"I lost somebody I loved. Now you do too."

I hear sirens as the police pull up, aiming guns at Sapphire and me.

"Put your hands in the air, and drop the weapon!"

I instantly stand up but feel like I'm going to fall back down again. I saw a person lose their life.

Sapphire puts down the gun. They instantly rush up and put her in handcuffs.

"Sapphire Williams, you'll be taken in for questioning."

I look at Ella, cupping my hand over my mouth as I scream repeatedly, her face that was once so beautiful now...ruined in crimson.


Waking back up, I'd expect myself to be in the hospital or something, but I'm rather in the police station. A lady with dark red hair and brown eyes with dark freckles looks over at me.

"What's your name?" She looks at a clipboard before asking. They're making sure I didn't go physco or whatever.


"Good. What year is it?"


"Perfect." She says. "Do you remember what happened?"

I feel my hands shake again and find the scene replaying in my head.

"My cousin, Ella, she...she was killed."

She nods, sadness hiding behind her eyes. "Sorry, kid." She pats my back, before looking at me. "The specialist will be in here in a second." I just nod silently, trying to forget everything that happened. Why did I have to see that...why couldn't I have just...not went outside...

I twirl the thread hanging from my hoodie loosely as a tall man with a bushy mustache comes in.

"Summer, correct?"

"Yes. Can I...go..."

"I'm afraid not...I have terrible news."

"What is it?"

"Due to you being at the scene...and experiencing everything that happened...we're afraid you'll have to be put into the witness protection program."

My heart skips a beat as I begin shaking my head violently.

"No, no no no, y..." I scoff. "Y-you don't understand, sir I-"

"It's the only option." He interrupts me and I keep shaking my head. "No, please, please let me stay with my family, I can't-"

"You have to. Usually people are already put into the procedure with one. We're terribly sorry, but it's what has to be done. It's unacceptable to keep you here."

"No!" I get up as a police officer holds me back before I could even touch him. "No, no! You cannot, I repeat, cannot do this to me! I have a life! I can't throw it away!"

"You'll be going under the name Sophia Dawn from now on."


"Age will remain the same, except that you'll be an early college student."

"PLEASE!" I scream, my throat hoarse and painful and sounding nothing like me.

"You'll be shipped off to a high-class college dorm in Providence, Rhode Island, and your appearance will have to be altered. Due to the events taking place, your family will not be allowed to leave with you. They saw no deaths take place from the start of when the victim was alive to the finish, although you did, therefore it'd be unnecessary for them to tag along."

Utter cries escape from my throat as I keep shaking my head over and over, my eyes welling with tears again. I'll lose my friends...

"I am terribly sorry for this."


I pack up my things as the police officers follow, and I sigh. Mom was at the hospital with Jen and nobody was home, making it even easier. They'd just tell them that I had ran away from the drama going on, that I had a mental breakdown. A hairstylist had dyed my hair dark black and they gave me green contacts. I have to admit, I look quite stunning, but I didn't care about anything. Grabbing my suitcase, I stuff some extra things into it before they comment about my phone as I take it into my hands.

"Not allowed."

"It's broken."

"It's still trackable. We'll provide you a new one." He says sternly, raising an eyebrow. I don't respond, but instead look at my box in the corner of my room, filled with old photos. I open my mouth to ask him but he's faster.

"Nothing about your past is permitted."

"Okay." I murmur, grabbing a hat and some sunglasses and placing them on my head. "Your flight leaves in an hour. We should head to the airport." He says, and I just exhale, following them out and back into the police car. In about fifteen minutes we arrive, and I pass through security check and everything. Looking at my ticket, I realize it's already under my fake name.


I guess my nickname will be Sophie.

I walk to the waiting room as my airplane number is called upon the rest of everybody. The police officer looks at me, nodding at where I'm supposed to go, and whispers one last thing.

"Good luck."

I fake a smile before turning on my heel, following everybody through the tube, and taking a seat onto the plane. I sigh, putting in some headphones the Flight Assistant had given to me and playing "Heart of Stone" by Iko.

And I look outside of the window, met by the stars and night sky as they go on with the lame flight instructions. I let out a shaky breath as an older woman sits beside me, trying to make a conversation but I'm not in the mood. I stay quiet.

And I realize that I really wish that I had amnesia and forget the memories that'll haunt me as the person I'm not.

I've Been Lied To? -Amber's POV

The knock came late in the evening. Sapphire disappeared with Tristian, which pissed me off. For one, she knew how I felt about Tristian and still went out with him. But I know something's wrong. She... she's just been different.

My hand touches the bag sitting on my bed as I almost open it, but get interrupted by the door. I walk out of my room and head to the front door, where a cop spies me over my mum's shoulder.

"Ah, you must be Amber. Can I speak to you?"

"What's the meaning of this?" I ask the cop as he tries to get past my mother.

"It's about your cousin, Sapphire." Mum quickly perks but I move her out of the way and head outside, sitting down on the porch swing as the officer leans against the railing.

"Do explain what is going on. Now."

"Earlier this evening, Sapphire Williams was arrested in the murder of Ella Cottner. She says you are the only person she will talk to."

"My cousin? A murderer? You have got to be kidding me! Why would she kill Summer's cousin? Honestly, you have about lost it." I shake my head but the cop looks grim.

"We have pictures. I'm not supposed to show you but we do ned to bring you in. As part of the protection program, you are of use, Me-"

"Don't say my real name," I say under my breathe. "I'll come. But that means you give me any information I need."

"Alright, in the car there." He grabs my hand and pulls me into the cop car. As we drive to the station, my brain nags at me.

"When can I talk to my mum again? My real mum."

"I assure you that once you can be moved back to England, you'll be fine. You'll see William and Charles..." He sighs. "If the person who killed your mother wasn't after you, we wouldn't have moved you from France, Amber. You've had so many different names but you've been followed. We are trying our best to give you a moment alone to se your mother's grave by we just don't have any available time."

I sigh and mess with my thumbs. "Why did Sapphire get moved? Is she really... Sapphire? Do you think that she's the one...? I mean, she seems like Sapphire but she's not. The Sapphire I know wouldn't hurt a fly..."

"Amber..." He sighs softly. "We won't know anything. This Sapphire might not be who we think, but maybe she is and she's just been hiding it. I want to give you answers but I can't. On a side note, how is your little 'ghost-busting service' going? Found anything?"

"Actually, yes." I grab my phone out of my bag. "Tuesday at school. It followed Summer for awhile," I reply. "But then it moved onto Tristian from lunch and afterwards. If... If I can get this ghost... maybe... maybe it will help me. But if it refuses, I'll-"

"You'll 'bust it'. I get it, Amber. I do. I'm your friend, but you know I do't believe in that paranormal crap."

I roll my eyes and punch his arm. "Quiet. I'll get it, especially if it continues messing with those that it was."

"What am I going to do with you Amber?" he asks, parking at the front of the police station.

"No clue, Henry." I reply, getting out of the car. He hands me the file with all the information they've gathered as if currently.

"Good luck, Amber," Henry says as he looks around. "I'll tak you home later. I'll be on the other side of the glass, watching everything."

"Right," I reply, standing outside the door. I take a deep breath and walk into the door when I feel a cold spot on my arm.

"Keep walking. I want to see the person that got my sister sent away." I turn to see myself staring back at me. "Who... Who are you?"

"Liza," she replies and I suddenly remember her. The dead girl. My identical twin from another mother... another country. "And Sapphire got my sister sent to Rhode Island. I'd love to meet her."

"You're the ghost on my scanners and-" I start but she interrupts me.

"And you are going to do anything about that. Now, move."

I turn around and walk into the door, sitting in front of Sapphire. Liza keeps her hand on my shoulder and I meet Sapphire's eyes.

"So, shall you start explaining or shall I have to use force?" I ask, leaning forward, setting the file on the table.

"You tell me, Megan," she replies, not with a French accent. "What shall we do?"

This Is What Happened - Jen's POV

Glass shatters as my eyes flicker open. I feel something on my mouth, an oxygen mask, my breaths clouding. A soft alarm blares, causing about six people to come in. 

"Oh god, she's awake?" 

"Does she know what happened to..." 

Some whisper, others frantically pressing buttons, people surround me. 

"It's okay, sweetie." One grabs my hand, looking at me. She smiles.

I try to get up, only about to get up halfway before all air rushing out of me. I gasp, falling back onto the bed. My chest fills with pain as I struggle to breathe. Someone increases my oxygen, sighing. 

"What...I...I was in the car.." I start, panic creeping in. 

The nurse looks at me. I can see the pity in her eyes...

"Hun, I am sorry to tell you this but you were in a substancial car crash and you have some significant injuries." 

The alarm blares again, as she turns it off. "It's's okay." 

She strokes my arm, looking at me. 

"What injuries?" I start, biting my lip. 

"Broke both legs, fractured ribs-" She stops, noticing the tears in my eyes. If I am this is Eli? 

I lower my voice to a whisper. "And Eli?" I am scared to know the answer, to know what happened to him. 

"Sweetie, he-he had a concussion-his arm is broken, broken nose-" 

"Stop." I close my eyes, trying to imagine him like that. Because I couldn't. I'm the one who should have the injuries, not him.

"Can I see him?" 

She sighs, looking at me through those thick rimmed glasses. 

"I don't know. You would have to get permission.." 

"Twenty minutes is all I'm asking." 

She nods, disappearing from the room. 

I hear inaudible whispering before the doctor comes, with spiked hair and a mustache. 

Looking up, I see him, who sighs in defeat. "I suppose you could," he mutters. "But there must be precautions." He nods at the nurse, who has placed an oxygen tank on a cart, with another oxygen mask in her hand. He lowers the bed before quickly grabbing me by my torso and placing me in the chair. I'm now basically immobilized. 

The nurse nods before putting one hand on the cart and the other on the handle of my wheelchair. I wheel myself, with her aid, to the elevator. 

Wheeling in earned me tons of turned heads and blank stares. The nurse just sighs. 

When the doors swing open to the 5th floor, I wheel out faster than the nurse keeps with. My oxygen mask tugs as air rushes out of my lungs. The nurse jogs to me, urging a slower pace. 

Slowly, I head to the entrance, in which she scans her I.D. 

The doors fly open as I look around at the plain white walls. 

"Room 576." She mutters. 

The room is dim, with only patches of light. I realize he's alone and feel tears well up in my eyes seeing him. He-he...

The nurse is silent as she pulls my oxygen tank near the bed. I pull the brakes on my wheelchair as I look at him. The nurse is gone now, muttering something to someone in a couple rooms over.

"God you're a mess." I laugh through the tears. I grasp his hand, squeezing it tightly. 

His grey eyes are lifeless when he looks up. A confused expression is fixed on his face. 

"Who...who are you?" His eyes widen, trying to recognize me, but he sighs in defeat. 

"I-I'm Jen. I was in the crash too and-" I stop biting my lip. Tell me this is joke...

His hand loosens. "Oh. I'm really sorry just," He grasps his head. "Just-I don't know exactly who you are." 

As Eli's eyes turn away, I feel more pain then I raised up, more pain then the collision, more pain then I should feel. 

Closing my eyes, I breathe heavily. "Eli-" I can't scream at him, I can't just talk things out, I just turn to sobs, putting my face into the rugged bed sheets, trying to be okay.

Eyes red, I look up and notice his eyes. "I must've been important to you.." He looks into the distance. Important...he doesn't even recognize me. 

"You-you..." I try to put my thoughts together. "You were the one I was dating. And god, you kissed me in the middle of the pouring rain and it felt like a million stars aligned." All the words I would never say spill out. "You were the one who was mine, you took me out for dinner that night..." 

I close my eyes, trying to push the thought away. I squeeze his hand, knowing that even how hard I try those silver eyes will never recognize me, they don't know how much I know him...

I could kill to hear his laugh one more time. 

The rain scene replays in my mind as I blink away tears. Come on, please just remember me, remember anything. Just look at me with those eyes and tell me that I will be okay, look at me just like you know me, so I could kiss your cheek and tell you it'll be okay. 

"Eli, just..." I sigh, loss of words. "Just know that I am here okay?" 

He bites his lip, nodding awkwardly. "Jen...that's a nice name." He looks at me softly and for a second, I think he understands, but he just moans, grasping his head. "Ow." 

"I'm sorry." I sigh. 

He nods, then falling into deep thought. "Jen...god, I keep getting flashbacks..." He winces, before relaxing quickly, his breaths slow as he looks at me carefully. 

"Were you...the one that I keep seeing in that car crash...I keep seeing this girl and the feeling I should protect her, but I had no idea who she is....was that person you?" 

I am startled, looking up at him. "All I remember is that you whispered my name before I blacked out." 

"God, you blacked out?" 

"Yeah." I bite the inside of my cheek. 

"So it was you." He says after a while, looking at me, with better understanding now. I can almost see the glint back in his eyes...

"I guess so." I shrug. 

Once more, he gasps wih agony, pulling his head back. "Jen.." He's alarmed, looking at me. 

"What?" I feel panic reach my chest. 

"I saw you...I saw you...your head was cut open," He places his thumb on my forehead as I wince. Did I get-stitches? I wince at the thought. 

"You were blacked out, I thought you were dead." He pulls me closer, which causes me to remove my oxygen mask. He looks at me struggle to breathe as he tightens his grip.

"Don't you ever do that to me again. I lean by him as he looks into my eyes. Recognition fills his eyes. 

"You're okay." 

I breathe heavily as I feel as if I'm being deflated. 

"I-I thought you wouldn't be okay..." 

He leans in to kiss me as I try to grab the oxygen mask, struggling to breathe. I gasp, trying to reach air. 

"Nurse!" He yells, pulling me closer. Tears are welling in my eyes. "It'll be okay, I promise. He kisses me softly before I feel my body give up in his arms. 

An electric pulse pulls my body upwards from the ground, as Eli looks over. "I told them to try one extra time." 

He closes his eyes, holding me tightly, making sure my oxygen mask is still secure. "I told you to never do that again. They had your death time written down and everything..." 

He kisses may forehead, tightening his grip around me. 

Stroking my hair, I feel silent tears falling. "I'm sorry. I'm putting you through hell aren't I?" 

He shakes his head. "I just don't want to lose you." He breathes heavily. "Never, ever die in my arms again." He smiles sadly, looking at me. 

"Trust me, I won't." We sit there, nurses and doctors above us. "You don't forget me again either." I smile back, with sadness. 

"I will try not to." He holds me a while, and as I am put back in my wheelchair, he insists of wheeling me back to the room. 

He winces before we head to the elevator, stopping. A slight scream is made out. 

I pull my hand to his. "It'll be okay, Eli." I look up. "It's going to be alright." 

Pushing my chair back to the room, he lifts me up and back into my bed. 

As the doctor comes in, he kisses my forehead softly. "I'll see you later okay." He gasps leaving the ward. I can hear his screams from my room, I breathe softly and close my eyes once more, pulling the blankets close to me. 

If There's Certain Types of Betrayal, Mine is Theft - Sophia's POV

"Sophia, right?" It takes me a while to realize that's me. The girl has really long, curly blonde hair and brown eyes.

"Yeah, Sophia Dawn."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Kali, I'll be your roommate." She puts out her hand and I shake it weakly. I continue walking as cold air conditioning brushes against my bare skin, as I'm wearing a black crop top and black jeans with knee-high pitch-black boots.

Trying to be edgy is tough.

"So, this your first year in college?" She asks, as I pull my luggage behind me. Gosh, I'm in college now...this is insane...

"Yep." I reply, as she pushes the button to an elevator and I step inside.

"How old are you?"


"Oh, you're an early one, then." She smiles and I just nod, looking at my feet.

"I love your eyes," She comments, and I remember they're green. I tuck a strand of my new black hair behind my ear.

"Thank you." The elevator stops at the second floor and I look over before stepping forward. I feel like I'm going to be, I didn't see anybody die. This is just a dream. Just a dream.

"Our dorm is right down this hall, dorm 303." She says, and I exhale deeply, following closely behind. I hear laughter coming from down the hallway. She twists the padlock combination.


"Got it." I answer, and she nods, beaming again. "Fast learner. We'll be close in no time."

I walk inside, looking at my half of the room. It's empty and nothing but a bed lies inside. It's dressed neatly, but looks like it's been alone for ages, as I notice no indents or anything. And it's already second semester.

"It looks bad, I know, but you'll only stay here for nights, if you're like me and love to go clubbing." She giggles, walking to the kitchen. I chuckle light-heartedly, forgetting what happened but only for a few minutes.

"Speaking of which, my boyfriend's having a party tonight...wanna come with me?" She questions, but I try to deny it politely.

"No, it's fine, I'm not much of a party ani-"

"Come on, it's your first day. Spice it up a little." She nudges me with her elbow and I remember I have to act like somebody I'm not.

Confident and wild.

"Okay, fine." I give in, smiling as she lets her hair down from it's ponytail. "Perfect. I have plenty of really cute dresses, I'm sure you'll pick one to your liking."


"So, what are you going for? Short...Long...Eye-Catching..."

I ponder for a while.

"Maybe short, but with a little sass?"


I nod, unpacking my things slowly. She grins.

"I'm sure you'll meet a really hot guy, I mean, it's college...unlike high school, they're done with puberty."

"Sounds way better." I say, and she laughs, pulling out an extremely short red dress and pairing it with silver hoop earrings. I smile deviously.

I stumble for support as Kali continously makes out with her boyfriend. Rolling my eyes, I go for another round of punch. My legs ache from dancing.

I pour myself my tenth cup, drinking it within seconds. A person walks up to me, their face hidden by a mask. I notice one thing in particular - their eyes.

"Uh, hi..."

"You're Liza's sister."

"Wait, wh-"

Before I know it, something is covering my eyes and I'm pushed towards somewhere I'm not familiar with. I sense it is a closet, because I hear a light switch, but then the person unties the blindfold. I realize I'm in the basement of the house.


"How the hell do you even know m-"

"It's easy to track down a person who was rumored to run away. Everybody knows you were shipped off."

"Damn you, Nick."

"Not sure if you want to do that," He says, undoing his belt and I cringe. "Provide me an answer, and which each one right, the closer you get out of here."

"And if not?"

"If not, you get whipped."

I exhale, as he leans his face closer to me.

"Who was killed?"


A sharp, stinging pain rips through my theigh. I wince.

"Obviously. I'm talking about why you were sent here."

"How did you even get here?" I question, and he slams the belt across my cheek. Warmth and pain wash over it.

"I said, who was killed?"

"I don't know. You tell me, you indirect murdere-"

Another pain strikes the same spot I was previously hit at. I don't even have time to see the belt fly up towards my face.

"I can kill you right now."

"But you can't."

"Why not?"

"Because the answers have to be from me. I witnessed the death, and you can't hear how it happened from anyone else." I say, a smile pulling at the edges of my mouth.

"You are so difficult, Summer-"

"You just noticed that?" Instead of my face turning to the side by default after being whipped, I can see his fist rise and crash down onto my cheek, but I stop him.

"Please, Nick. I'll do anything...just don't hurt me...or my sisters..."


"I mean, um, sister."

"No, you said sisters."

"It's hard to keep your mind straight that your sibling is dead, you know." I try desperately to try and make it sound as casual as I can, but to no use.

"Liza's alive, isn't she? But Tristian killed her..."

"N-No..." I say, shaking my head. He pulls his fist back up again and I know this'll knock me out.

"Please." I whisper, closing my eyes as a tear rolls down my cheeks. "Don't."

"Do you believe me?"

"It's crap, Nick. Tristian wouldn't do that."

"Tristian murdered her, you mutt! Can't you accept that I didn't lay a finger on her that day!?" Anger fills his eyes. Pure anger and he places the blade of a knife to my neck, tilting my chin up to look at him and only him.

Death stares me in the face.

"Nick, p-please...don't I told y-you what you w-wanted to hear."

He thinks for what feels like ages before dropping his hand. "You're right. You're absolutely right. Tristian killed Liza," I lie, just trying to do anything for him to believe my act and not hit me. Not kill me.

"I believe you. I'll help you get him to confess...just don't get rid of me yet. I truly want nothing more than to help you. But I have to stay alive for that." I whisper, trying to keep myself from shaking.

He nods, looking at me.

"I like you a lot, Nick. You're a really nice guy...I'm so jealous of Liza for getting to have a guy like you..."

Lies. All pure, crystal-clear lies. It's the best cover-up I can make off the top of my head.

"They're horrible. We have to get back at them." I smile, trying to ignore the pain on my face. 

"Thanks for believing me...but don't go back to your dorm. I have somewhere else you can stay." He says, sliding a hand up my theigh as I flinch. Disgusting.

He then starts crashing his lips on top of mine, over and over. One phrase repeats again and again in my head.

This is wrong.

This is so wrong.

Escaping to Rhode Island - Liza's POV

After the interrigation of Sapphire, whom, by the way, I want to stab repeatedly for killing Ella, I heard the worst thing I could ever hear.

"Sir! Sir! It's about Nick! The murderer! He's escaped!" My blood chilled with those words as I stiffened, holding myself closely. If he was why I was sent here, then why haven't I disappeared to him yet?

"Where did he go?" asks the head officer.

"Rhode Island. He-" But I suddenly disappear and find myself in some random basement as Nick furiously makes out with some girl with black hair and green eyes...

I shift how I want to make myself appear, a girl with brown, curly hair and light blue eyes, slightly tanned skin and a beautiful voice to tie it together.

"Monsieur! Monsieur!" I shout, grabbing his arm and pulling him away. "Monsieur, s'il vous plait! Ma soeur... elle est sick! S'il vous plait, monsieur, s'il vous plait!"

But the slap is what sends the disguise spiraling out of the world, down to it's core. I fall to the floor, coughing as tears fill my eyes. He souldn't be able to hurt me, why is he doing this?

"Liza! Oh my gosh, Liza, I can partially see you!" shouts the girl with the black hair. But she isn't any ordinary girl. It's Summer.

"The hell, Summer? Did you have to make out with my ex?" I mutter crossly.

"I-" she starts but Nick yanks me up by the arm.

"Oh, love, how I'v missed you. You died right in front of me," he says softly, holding me closely. "But we know it was Tristian who killed you. You remember Tristian? Your lover?"

"He meant nothing more than a friend to me. I loved you and you treated me like shit," I say, spitting into his eye. He just rubs at his eye.

"Your little disguise there almost fooled me, Liza. But in Rhode Island, unlike little Florida, they don't have many French-speaking people. And even if so, those Francophone wouldn't have been so 'compelled' to speak French to someone that may or may not have known how to speak French. Only you knew that, love." His hand wraps around my waist as I cringe from the movement. "And even if Tristian was only a friend, you said meant, as in past tense. His something more now."

He leans closer and whispers softly into my ear. "How badly do you want your boyfriend? Would you love to know that he has been with Sapphire Williams? And her cousin, Amber?" Nick laughs in my ear. "I was truthful to you, I never once dated another person. Except for, of course, when you just walked in. We're still together. Your death-"

"My death was the end of that boat, dear," I shoot back but he just shrugs me off.

"Your death was merely a stepping stone of the relationship. Now that you're back, even as a ghost, you are mine. And you were sent back, possibly to see my death so then you could go to the final resting place and be in peace... But tough luck, princess. You are tied to me. I can use you like a puppet, make you my own." His lips are now inches from my face. "So when I say you do something, you will do it. That tie will keep us together for the rest of my undying life and you are now my slave."

His lips touch mine, first softly, then with a more feverent need. I imagine Summer's side and try to force my image there but I can't, not with the only person I was sent back to destroy right in front of me, so vulnerable...

Nick sends a knife through my stomach. I cry out as he walks away. Back to Summer.

"That knife is holy. It should keep you still until you are needed again. I just felt compelled to have it here. Guess I was just smart."

"You... you are going to... fail... I'm not yours and Summer isn't either..." I grab at the knife, and cry out but keep a grip on it. "I'm surprised this didn't burn you on contact..."

He just gives me a fake smirk before untying Summer's hands and feet. He makes a grab to pull her to her feet when she kicks him in the balls.

"That's for making my sister commit suicide." She kicks at his head. "That's for kissing me." She deliver a final kick to his gut. "And that's for causing the car crash that may kill Jen."

"How... how did you figure out the car crash?" I ask as she comes over, yanking a the knife and dropping it on the ground.

"I didn't. I just felt like blaming it on him." She tries to pull me away but I cringe. "I can't... leave... I can't go back home without him coming with us."

"So we're stuck? Ugh. Damn you and your grudges."

"I didn't choose to come back either. I was perfectly content being dead and..." I grab at my stomach, groaning.

"Crap... we can't leave until everyone else has left or until Nick wakes up... We are screwed..."

"No... you... you are... screwed..." I then pass out, lying on the floor.

You Promised - Jen's POV

"Jesus..." Bekah places a stack of cards on my table, sighing. "You sure you're okay?" Her eyes widen with concern. 

I roll my eyes. "Yes. As good as I'll ever be," I look down at my legs, which are now laying on two pillows. I shift sightly, causing my chest burn. Wincing, I nod. My oxygen mask grasps on to skin, condenstation dripping on my cheek. I sigh, rubbing it away with my hand. 

"We're all hoping you'll get better." She sits on my bed spread, sighing. "I mean...god, two broken legs?" 

"And fractured ribs." I wince, trying to get up. 

She bites her lip and nods. " you ready to go downstairs?" I nod, turning slightly. 

Doctors come in to help with the oxygen tank, the wheelchair, lifting me into it. I slump back on the cloth back, breathing heavily.  Bekah offers to wheel me down, but I turn her down in a shaky breath, putting my fingertips on the wheel. She holds the oxygen tank, which I protest, it's extremely heavy. 

She shakes her head, as we exit the ward. Pressing the elevator buttons, we head to the bottom floor, to meet both Blake and Eli. 

My body shakes, reaching for air. A few people look over as I reach toward the tank and glaring at Bekah. 

I adjust the tube that connects to the tank, pulling my mask toward my face, air reaching my lungs. 

"I should've brought a nurse to help me." I mumble. 

The silver doors open as I wheel out, looking around. I turn left, following signs before reaching the cafeteria. 

Blake eyes widen, following her with his eyes. I nudge Bekah, laughing. She looks at the ground, tucking her hair behind her ear, I can see her cheeks turn slightly pink. 

"God, I am so hungry." Eli says, grabbing a cup with his functioning arm. Blake holds a tray behind him. I grab a salad, which is at the bottom of the fridge. 

"That's all you want?" Bekah asks. I shake my head, heading toward the desserts, her following frantically behind. I throw a brownie on Blake's tray. Opening the bottled water, I take a sip. Bekah pauses, setting the oxygen tank beside me. I pull the brakes and wait for them to get what they want. 

As they come forward I undo the brakes, Eli putting his hand on the cart. I move forward slightly, as Blake pays for the food at the register. The tables are practically empty, so they choose a booth. I look at my feet and groan. Blake and Bekah sit on one end while Eli is on the other booth. I just sit on the edge of the table uncomfortably. 

"So..." Blake pulls his arm around Bekah, then quickly pulling away at the decision. I don't think Bekah notices, she just looks straight ahead. 

"So..." I grab my fork, starting to eat. 

Eli looks over and winces. "God...they've been getting worse..." He holds his head, placing his elbows on the table. 

I breathe heavily. "I'm sorry." 

He nods, resuming to eat. 

I turn to Blake."So how is school? 

"Kind of silent, now that you are her and Summer ran away-"

My mind falls blank. "Summer, ran away?" My voice cracks. 

"They said the pain was too great for her.." Bekah, sadness filling her eyes. 

I close my eyes, shaking. What...a few friends, Eli...who else? No one. Eli looks at me. "I'm sorry..." He starts. 

"It's okay." I mutter, a slight anger in my voice. 

Silence fills the air, when I am about to say something, I look over at Eli, who is red. "I think I need to go back to my room-"

Concern fills my chest. "I'll go with you." 

Blake and Bekah exchange looks before nodding. "We'll meet you up there when we're done eating." Bekah smiles kindly.

He nods, holding the cart as we head back to the elevator. His face is pink and blotchy. 

"Hey, it'll be okay." I say as the metallic sound of the doors opening. 

He nods nervously, biting his lip.

We head to the hallway, in which we gain access to. His breaths become heavier. I squeeze his hand tightly. 

"We'll just get to your room and get a doctor, okay?"

That's when he stops. His hand twitches, causing my hand to loosen. "Eli, are you okay?" Panic reaches my chest. "Eli.." 

He falls, breathing heavily, tears reaching his eyes. 

"Oh my god..." I pull my body forward, grabbing my legs, come on...

I slide down the chair, then landing on the ground. My chest starts to fill with pain, like someone lit it on fire. 

His hands cover his ears. "Stop..please..." His breaths are rigid. His teeth clench together. 

"It'll be okay.." I hold him in my arms as tightly as I can manage, which is pale in comparison to him. 

His body shakes, as I yell. "Doctor, oh god, somebody just help him!" 

I feel tears fall onto my shirt as I pull him closer, even though he couldn't be more distant. 

"Don't..." He screams. 

He shakes, now silent. "It's's okay.." I keep repeating, tears falling silently. 

His body stops, as I see his lips turn blue, " damn you.." I shakily pull off my oxygen mask, grasping it to his mouth.  

"God...god..god..breathe.." I wheeze, my chest filling with panic. I don't feel the air rushing out of my lungs, just as soon as his breaths stabilize, I pull it back to my mouth, breathing heavily, closing my eyes. It felt like I was drowning..

His eyes are closed, but he's breathing...

I hold him, crying. "Somebody help him.." I yell louder. 

He's surrounded by people, who lift him up into a cot. "ICU..." I hear one proclaim., don't take him there, that's where I deserve to be...

"Do you need help?" Someone asks. 

I turn my head to see a young doctor, maybe twenty years old, trying to extend his hand.

"No, no." I shake my head. "I can't stand up," I say, pointing to my legs wrapped in gauze and slipped into a cast. Breathing heavily, he lifts me up. "Here, sorry. Do you need any other help?" 

I look at the doctors already to the hallway at the other end of the hall.

"M-my frind he's going to the ICU and...if I could just get access to where he is make sure he's okay.." 

He sighs, looking at his I.D. "I really shouldn't but..." He looks at me. "This one time, okay?" 

I wheel quickly down the hallway, him following closely behind, making my way to the elevator. 

The man scans his I.D before the doors open, to reveal an interior much nicer than the ones the guests do. 

"ICU..ICU..." I mutter, looking at all the buttons. 

"2nd floor." 

I nod, hitting the button with my thumb.

It moves quickly, the doors open before I know it.

There are people everywhere, surrounding his bed. I wheel close to him. 

"How..." One asks, spitting in my face. 

The doctor steps behind her. "I gave her permission and if you want to question that, I will question your authority here." He glares down at her. 

"Eli..." I gasp, holding his hand. There is now an oxygen mask of his own covering his mouth, his lips a purple-red hue. His eyes are shut, the tears once there now dried.

I pull his hand to my cheek, trying to make myself pretend that I'm somewhere else. He's freezing. I drop his hand softly back on the bed as people scan him. 

"Get away." Some manage to say with disgust. 

"Damn you." I say through the tears. "Damn you, he could be dying and for all I know this could be the last time I see him in weeks!"

I manage to look back at him, trying to think of what to say.

Instead, I kiss him softly. "You promised." A tear falls on his cheek as they pull him quickly, slamming the doors closed, leaving a boundary between him and me. 

The doctor that helped me up here sighs. "Should we go back to your room then?"

I gulp, nodding.

I wheel my chair slowly, him in front of me. 

When he lifts me back into my bed, hooking me up to wires, he nods. "I'll check back soon, okay?'

I nod and as soon as he leaves bury my face into my pillow.

Not even Summer wants to stay-my sister is dead-at least somewhat...but I haven't seen her in at least 3 days. Eli is now split away from me. What do I have to do anymore? There is nothing, I repeat, nothing that feels more like hell than lonliness. 

God, I swear, why is my life so effed up..

I sigh, pulling the blankets over me. Tears slip down in silence as I softly pull the oxygen mask away from my mouth. drop it with shaking hands, falling into what seems like fire, burning the inside of me and out. 

I feel air slip out as the pain diminishes. This is why...

"You promised." I could hear Eli say as black spots speckle my vision.

I can see the doctor that helped me earlier, racing to my bedepread. I lose sightin one eye as I see white flashes.

He places the oxygen mask to my mouth, air filling my lungs. 

I should be grateful, but instead I yell. "Damn you. Can't you see I wanted to..."

Tears rush down. "Damn, all I wanted was an escape." 

But he know more than I did.

A promise is a promise. 

And god, I wish I hadn't promised Eli it.

God, I swear, why is my life so effed up...

I close my eyes, trying to think of a life without Liza or Summer or Eli...

And I couldn't.

What I could do without them beside me...

Basically nothing.

The last scene before the car crash plays back like a lone memory. Kissing me in the rain...

The way I everything was alright, just for a moment, a second. 

How could I ever feel like that again?

The answer is I couldn't.

Because every ounce of something good I had turned to pitch black.

What if he isn't alright? 

How I wish I could be in his place right now, to take that weight off his shoulders.

But even that can't happen.

Because this is life and it's effing hell. 

Abused and Badly Bruised - Sophia's POV

Liza just lays still and I try my best to stay calm.

"Dangit, Liza, really..." I murmur, trying to shake her awake but to no use. I look over and see Nick still passed out as well. I can't leave them here, but I can't carry Nick, nor two people.

Loud party music continues to boom from upstairs and I exhale as Kali stumbles down the steps.

"Sophie, there you are! Who is..."

I am so thankful she can't see Liza. I can only partially see her anyway.

"Um, a new friend. I saw him at a cafe earlier." I lie casually, shrugging. "Guess he had too much to drink."

"Much like everybody else here. Want to come back? The party's about to end soon. It's already past midnight."

I feel a hand on ym shoulder and turn my head upward. He woke up, his lip split badly and he's pretty bruised up.

How I love these silver pumps.

"We were just about to leave. Sophia here was just about to say goodbye, weren't you love?" He says, fakely smiling down on me. I can partially see Liza thrown over his shoulder, but I doubt Kali can.

"Y-Yeah...I think I'm going to get some rest..." I murmur, and she nods, smiling.

"Okay." She just stands there as Nick escorts me back up the stairs, walking in front of me. She grabs my arm before I can get out and squeezes it tightly.

"You don't seem comfortable."

"I'm fine, Kali, reall-"

"Call me. Seriously." She raises an eyebrow. "I'd love to help a friend."

I just nod silently, following Nick and pushing through the crowd. As soon as I get into his rental car, I shudder.

"You're pretty tough, Summer...or maybe I should stick with Sophie."

"Shut up," I mutter, clicking the seat belt into place. "What you did was clever, you know, but I hope you do know who you're dealing with." He says, and I almost fear that at the speed he's going we're going to crash.

"You're so full of crap, Nick."

He slams on the brake and I nearly hit my head on the seat. It doesn't take him a minute before I find myself on the street, my face on the ground and pain swirling inside of my head.

"You know that the only thing keeping Liza from going back is me. She follows me wherever I go, she doesn't give a damn about you. I can take her on a plane and fly back off to Florida and you just stay stuck here with your crappy friends and it won't bother her." He spits in my face and I squeeze my eyes shut.

"So how about you stay here as the little brat you are and stay out of my relationships? Dare to interfere again and I will hunt you down and kill you. Sad thing is that it won't affect Liza."

I just laugh, my cheek and feet continuing to throb in pain. "You're so full of horse crap. She loved you and you treated her like garbage."

I feel the back of his hand slam across my face. "She's mine, not yours."

"She is my sister, so technically I am a part of her as well!" I yell back, and he looks at me.

"I don't care whether you're her sister or you gave birth to her, she's my property."

"Are you saying that like she's just some item of yours? Because I'll have you know she is way much-"

"You can't say anything, darling. I am the only one keeping her down here."

He makes his way to the trunk as I prop myself up against a mailbox, my vision fuzzy. I see him return with duck tape, and ties my hands and feet together once more.

"I could add another slave like you to the collection, but I don't give two craps about you, so I'd prefer not to."

"I'd rather die," I say through gritted teeth, trying to stand but skinning my knees on the way down to the ground after being unbalanced.

"I see why Liza killed herself now. I couldn't bare to stand with a monster like you."

He sticks the tape on top of my mouth and smiles.

"And this is why I can't stand imbeciles like you." He says, and I try to use my hands and pull out my phone. Seeing what I'm doing, he grabs it and slams it down on the concrete in front of me.

"Idiotic move."

A shard lands right next to my hand and I begin trying to cut down the tape as he continues to blabber about how dumb I am and how I should die.

"You are a mess, and everything is much better with you here in Rhode Island."

I shake my head, forcing tears to come to the surface of my eyes to play out an act to distract him.

"All you do is beg for mercy. Please, I told you everything I know." He begins to mock me.

"Please, I'm forever alone, Nick."

Once the tape is cut, I tear the tape off of my mouth and don't wait to punch him in the face. He stumbles back and I quickly get up, trying to cut off the tape from my feet as he holds his jaw.

"Quite a punch, there, darling."

"Indeed." I mutter, still trying to get the tape off. He grabs my neck and pushes me up against the mail box and I struggle for air.

"And that's the mistake you made. Dear, I'm not a weakling like you. I could've very well killed you back there in that basement but I didn't because I had given you a chance."

That's all crap.

"And this chance, you took it and threw it in the trash." He says, and gasping noises is all that escapes from my throat.

"But this time, doll," He says, and slams the back of my head against the mailbox. I shriek in pain.

"You won't leave with Liza." He yanks me by my hair, throwing me back against the ground and my face connects with the concrete. I scream in agony, feeling warmth rush from my chin and my lip is busted.

Black blotches fill up my vision but all I can see are his eyes, leaning down to me and pulling me back up by my hair. I wince, nothing but pain pumping through my arms and legs.

"Don't ask to be abused."

He stops by then, beginning to push me towards the car and nearly slamming the door shut on my ankle.

And I can barely keep my eyes open as we drive through the city of Providence.

Saving Private Summer - Liza's POV

I watched as Nick punched the crap out of my sister. Believe me, I'm not pleased.

Once we started to drive around, I reach a hand forward, touching Nick's arm. I imagine the car crash from Florida as we went spiraling out of control and force that image into Nick's head. His head bangs back against the seat as he gets out. I force the image of the crashed car into his head.

I get into the front seat of the car and touch Summer's arm softly.

"SON OF A CRAP, MY CAR!" he shouts, which earns him several strange looks from people. "Don't just stand there, someone call 911 and get help!"

"That's what you think, you asshole!" I shout as I start the car and drive off. Nick suddenly realizes his mistake and starts shouting that someone stop the car. I make a mental illusion for everyone who sees the car of a 20-year-old woman with black hair and blue eyes so that they wouldn't freak about a car with not driver.

"Come on, Summer," I say softly, touching her arm. I watch as some of the bruises disappear along her arm and flinch back as they gather around my arms.

I bite my lip and touch her arm again, transferring the bruises to my arm. Summer starts to stir and looks at me. "Liza...?" she asks then suddenly sits up. "You give me those bruises back, now! You are hurting yourself!" she shouts as I try to keep myself awake.

"Shut... up..." I say as I keep my head up. "We have... two days until we are back in Florida... then.. then we can get Jen and Tristian and..." my head lols to the side as Summer lunges forward, grabbing the steering wheel from my hands.

"You are weak enough as it is, then. Move over."

I unbuckle and slide over, letting her take the wheel.

I lean against the window, letting the cool glass let me cool down. I look over at Summer to see her rubbing at her neck as if it were in pain.

"Are you alright?" I ask as she quickly pulls her hand away.

"Just fine. My neck was just stiff," she replies. I know something was up but don't question her as I look at the GPS Nick had in here as we drive through several streets until we got onto the closest high way.

"Dear god, it's dark as hell," I murmur. "Do you want to pull into a hotel? I know those officers gave you money..." I say, rubbing my arm and wincing.

"Yeah... yeah sure," she replies as we take the closest exit and get go to a cheap motel. After Summer pays for the room, I walk to the room, collapsing into a chair. Summer walks in and collapses onto the single bed.

As Summer goes to take a shower, I notice how she was starting to look a little pale. "Why did... why did the cops make you change?"

"Because they thought it was better," she replies as she walks into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. I look at the door, expecting one of three people to walk in.

Jen to come and save us.

Tristian to take me away.

Or Nick, here to kill us both.

I can only hope for the former two as my head starts to twirl. A knock comes from the door before it opens, my vision darkening. I change my apperance to a girl with dark hair and pale skin, blue eyes. The same as the car. As my vision starts to finally give up on me, an all to familiar voice nearly brings me out of my sleep.

"Liza, it's okay, I'm here. I'm going to get you back home... Nick... He... He's somewhere in this motel but it's alright... I can get both you and Summer out..."

"Tristian..." I say softly. "How... how are you-"

"Don't speak. I'm helping save you. Like I promised."

I smile softly as Summer comes into the room, wearing the same outfit from earlier.

"Summer! I was coming to bring you back to Florida. I know how to bring Liza back to life." Tristian looks at me with soft eyes. "Go to sleep, Liza. When we get to Florida, everything will be alright and you'll be your old self again."

My eyes flutter shut and I drift into a reclusive slumber.

Time Running Out - Eli's POV (written by Jen because why not :3) 

What the hell...

The machines ring, my headache raging. 

"How long did I sleep?" I ask roughly, looking at the nurses. 

"A day." Her smile shines, before turning back. 

Such an enthusastic asshole. 

"That's great." I say sarcastically. "Now where exactly am I and where is she?" 

"You are in ICU," She smiles again with ruby red lips. "And what do you exactly mean by "she", dear?" 

I roll my eyes. Jesus. "Jen? My girlfriend?" 

Her eyes widen, stopping whatever she was doing. "Was she in...a wheelchair by any chance?" 

I nod, scared what she'll answer. 

"She has tried to come in here, but ICU is restricted to only family." 

I sigh, pulling the bedspread off of me. "Why only family? God damn, even if I wasn't awake, I sure as hell would have been a little bit better when I woke up." 

Pulling her hair into a ponytail, she groans. 

"Well I am sorry that she can't come in." She turns her cheek, resuming what she was doing. 

"I'm going." I mutter, lifting myself up. 

"Sweetie, I don't think you can. You had a panic attack which was, with the help of the concussion you already had much worse than it should be. But, we just put some pain reducers in your system." 

I feel dizziness sink in before shutting my eyes. I pretend to sleep, closing my eyes. 

As soon as the woman leaves,  I get up, despite my sudden dizziness. I stumble a little when my feet touch the ground, the tile freezing.

I look around the room, to those cards Blake brought in and back to the door. I look around for something, the world spinning before reaching towards a clean stack of clothes my mom brought in from the other night. 

I press the clothes to my chest before slippping into the bathroom. 

Changed, I open the door just enough for me to slip out. Making sure my footsteps are silent, I slip away, closing the door behind me.

I find the elevators, pressing the button. God, what floor is she on? 

Searching through my mind, I press 3, only one floor above me. 

The man at the desk looks about fifty. "Who are you planning to visit?" He asks, looking at me through his large glasses.

"Jennifer." I smirk, thinking of what Jen would say. God damn, just call me Jen.

The man motions me to the direction she's in and I nod. 

I run through the halls, stumbling a couple times, before finally making it to her room. 

"Jen." I sigh with relief. 

Her eyes widen, before turning down the T.V. 

"Doctor Who." She looks up, before back at me. 

"Yeah, that show looks confusing." 

"It's not. It's amazing!" She protests, crossing her arms. 

I smile, sitting on her bedspread. Her legs are propped up, covered in bandages. 

"You're okay though..." She mutters, looking over at me. Her hair is sort of messed up, curly in some places, but she looks just as adorable as she did the day I took her out on the date... Her mask is now removed, showing her smile .

"I guess." I wince a little, looking at her. 

"God, you scared me." Her eyes turn watery before blinking away. Did I make her like that? 

"I'm okay now though." I mutter, pulling her closer. She leans her head on my shoulder. 

"I thought you..." Her voice trails off. 

"Thought what-" I start, running my fingers through her damp hair. 

"I thought I lost you." She blinks back tears before looking at me. 

"I'm happy you're here." Jen says after a while, her breaths are still rigid but she doesn't need that damn oxygen mask to cover her up. 

I see a small cut on her lip, but that's the only thing I see wrong. I move slightly as she gasps. 

"Damn...damn..." She clutches her side, taking deep breaths. 

"Oh my god, did I do something?!" I lean towards her, trying to help her up. 

Her hands push me away. "'s fine.." She says, her breaths slow. "Just..something that happens after heart beating fast...because of tension..or..." 

I look at Jen, turning bright red. 

I laugh softly as she looks into my eyes. 

Her phone rings. 

Picking it off the stand, her fingers grasp the pink case. 

Looking up, Jen sighs, shaking her head. 


"Blake...he's not doing well. Bekah has been texting me all night." 

I nod. "That sucks, what happened?" 

"I don't know, but Rebekah thinks that something happened and just he fell apart-" 

Trying to wrap my head around how much hell I've been through, but looking at Jen, whose sisters are both gone-I can't imagine her right now.

Deciding to just change the subject, I lift her head. 

"Try not to be sad..." I look at her, rubbing her eye with her sleeve. 

Nodding, she looks down . 

'Don't."  She looks up, smiling. 

We sit there for a couple moments, before she bites her lip, leaning in. 

Our lips meet for a second, her breaths are soft, my eyes closed. 

The door bursts open as Security comes in. 

"What the hell..." Jen starts, looking at me. 

"I might or might not snuck out of ICU to see you?" I wince. 

"Oh my god..." She starts, trying not to laugh. "How did that happn?' 

The Security Guard pulls my arm, looking at me. "What do you think you are doing?" 

Uh....visiting my girlfriend?" Her eye brows raise, then she looks away. I smirk. 

"Shut up, we're taking you back to your floor. You could've had another attack for all we know." 

I roll my eyes. Jesus. 

Jen flashes a smile before the guard glares at her. "You should be grateful I don't tell the doctors about you either."

"Sure, I should. Doesn't mean I have to.." She crosses her arms, turning up the T.V. 

The door slams, the Security Guard causing my head to pound. 

They basically throw me back into bed, hook me back up (which is maybe 2 things). Lectures like I'm five, mentioning that I shouldn't risk my health for some girl upstairs. 

"She's not just a girl." I mutter, pulling my sheets away. The doctor hands me more medicine, which tastes like-death-or at least what I would think death would taste like. 

I turn up the T.V to what she is watching upstairs. 

It's just a way I can feel closer to her.

The Girl with the Black Hair and Green Eyes Returns to School - Summer's POV

Long story short, we spent two days to drive over back to Florida. Tristian and I took shifts, meaning I only got about 12 hours of sleep total.

In all honesty, I'm exhausted.

"I need to see my sister Jennifer. She's 16." I say, and the woman at the front desk looks her up, the colors reflecting onto her face. The phone rings and she answers it but puts it down after around thirty seconds.

"Who are you?"

"Her sister. I left for a few days." I say bluntly, and she nods before resuming.

"Third floor, down the hall and to your left." She examines my face to see resemblance, but I doubt she can with the amount of makeup along with my hair and literally, extremely piercing green eyes. I don't even wait for her to open her mouth to speak again, as I'm already in the elevator. Checking my phone, I have about 25 minutes until school starts. Wonderful.

Following her directions, I finally see Jen curled up into a bed and watching Supernatural. It takes her a while to notice me.

"Um...I don't recognize you..." She says, a little weirded out. I smile a little.

"Summer, silly."

"Wh...What happened to you? I thought you ran away..." She murmurs, as I sit down on her bed. She plays with my braided black hair.

"I'll tell you about it later. How have you been? I was worried sick."

She glares at me. "Don't have me lonely again...I've been good."

"How about Eli?"

She smiles looking down at the ground.

"He's okay."

"Obviously...Jeli's inseperable." I mutter, and she punches me in the arm playfully. "Shut up."

"I'm just glad that I'm forever'll spare me some teasing." I say, smiling. "Have you seen anybody at all?"

"Bekah, and Blake...a few friends."

"Cool," I say, checking my phone again. "I have to go. School starts in twenty."

"You can't stay...but..."

"I'll be back after school. Promise."

She just nods, watching the rest of her episode as I go back outside of the hospital. Liza waits for me.

"Where were you? I thought you were coming in also."

"Had to deal with more Sapphire and Amber business."

I shrug, getting into the car. I can fully see her for the first time...

After arriving to school, people barely notice me. Or Liza. They just stare at me, some of them whispering to others whether I'm a new student.

Gosh, contacts, makeup and a new hair color sure makes a difference.

Bekah, finally, is the only one who realizes it's me. She didn't even say anything; she just gave me a hug. Although, she does look a little hurt.

"You came back..." She murmurs, and I nod, patting her back.

"Sort of. It's a long story."

She giggles, wrapping the other strap of her bookbag around her. "Tell me all about it at gym."

"Will do," I reply, walking towards AP Calculus AB. I sit in my usual spot, right when the bell rings. Mr. Gold looks at me.

"I'm Summer, just a change of appearance." I say, right when I knew he was going to comment something. He just clicks his pen and checks me off of the list. Emilia and Marina just chat away in the far corner of the room, and once they catch sight of me they just stare for a few seconds before presuming. I notice another boy walk in, and the teacher looks at him oddly, before looking at his computer screen.

"Are you the new student?"

He just nods. "I'm Vikt-"

"I know already. Take a seat wherever."

Such a jackass.

He ends up sitting to my right, and I groan, remembering that Mr. Gold's probably going to ask for me to offer up homework and an excuse.

"Summer, your work?"

Just like expected.

"Family death." I mutter abruptly, and he looks at me before going on with the lame instructions.

Not even an apology.

"Anyway, class, pull out your red folder, I'm going to be taking up your projects." 

The new guy leans over, mumbling something inaudibly.

"Is he always this way?"

I laugh, nodding. "Today is the best I've seen him."

"He's worst?" He asks, and I smile, tugging at my folder from my bag.

"You have no idea."

Clouded Thoughts - Liza's POV

As I sit with my arm looped through Tristian's as we sit in the library, working over a computer as he points out facts about ghosts and the paranormal, I can only think of the trip.

Two nights prior to today...

Tristian was just laying on his bed. Of course he got his own hotel room, and Nick was in some other room. It was around midnight and I walked over, wrapping my arms around his torso, resting my head on his shoulder.


He puts one arm around my shoulders, giving me a tight squeeze.

"How did you find us so fast?" I ask quietly as he messes with a piece of my hair.

"When you came back, there was a pull that I felt when you were around. You weren't just sent back here because of Nick, I believe. I think that you wanted... to say everything you left unsaid when you died. I'm sure Summer felt that pull..." He shrugs. "I just followed the pull until I found you. I also saw Nick lurking around the pool, as if looking for you both."

I shake my head and laugh softly. "Seems like Nick... you remember that talk we had at the beginning of second semester?"

"Which one?" he says, making me laugh.

"The one about the party. You were so excited to finally meet Nick... until swim class that same day..." I sigh.

He shrugs, making my head move a little. "Yeah... Are you sure that was the beginning of your problems in the relationship? I mean, I don't want to pry... I just..."

"Yeah... yeah, it was." I sigh again, in which Tris replies by giving my shoulders I tight squeeze.

"Sometimes... I feel important things are left unsaid..." He sighs and everything turns silent, him staring at the ceiling, me staring at the curtains infront of the window.

Finally, after a few minutes, I ask, "Why did you let me do it?"

He doesn't have to ask what "it" was, he already knew. "I don't know... I wanted you to be happy and you seemed thrilled at the idea to finally have an escape. I..." he takes a deep breath. "I just wanted you to have whatever you wanted, whatever made you happy."

"What if... what if the situation were different. What if it flipped? If you wanted to die and I didn't want you to, would you have gone through with it or not?"

He pauses, looking at the ceiling again and studying it. "I don't know. I just don't... I want to say I wouldn't go through with it... for you, but I just don't know..."

I just shake my head. "I just think that if things had gone differently... if I wasn't so stupid... we wouldn't be in this hell hole..."

Tristian shifts uncomfortably before relaxing. "Don't blame yourself, Liza. You are a good person and my best friend. I stand by any decision you make."

"Really?" I ask and he smiles.


I smile and give his torso a tight squeeze, which isn't really much.

But I'll take it over nothing.

Present time...

"Did you catch any of that?" Tristian asks, noticing that I was staring off into the distance at a blank wall.

"I am so sorry," I say, covering my mouth and laughing a little. "I just... blanked. So the last thing I remember you saying was that..." I look over his notes and realize that I've been gone for at least twenty minutes. "Holy damn... You just wanna start from the beginning?"

Tristian groans. "I don't get why I'm even explaining this anymore." He shakes his head and smiles. "You are so lucky that I love you."

"As a friend," I add, smiling.


I laugh and hug him tightly as he starts his notes back over from the beginning.

"So you see, you were brought back to see the end of Nick and to say what was the last thing on your mind to the person you want to. You left things unsaid. Here's the thing, in accomplishing both, you'll disappear. So one will have to happen and you'll be partially reanimated."

I nod and he continues. "So any way, if the second were to happen after the partial reanimation, then you would disappear, which is bad. However, clearly, you want both to happen, but for that, you must be fully reanimated for the second one to happen."

"So, how do I pull off the full reanimation?" I ask, leaning against him with my hand on his shoulder.

"That, I haven't really got time to explain. But believe me, when you don't drone out through my explanation of it next time, then I'll gladly explain it." He shrugs nonchalantly. "But any way, after the reanimation, you'll be able to do the second thing you came back to earth for if you so please. Otherwise, you can leave well enough alone."

"But wait, why can I be seen by some people like you and Summer and Nick? Without physical contact?"

"Because you've had enough interaction with them before you died. Of course, Jen would also be able to see you but she she's in a hospital bed as of currently." I punch Tristian's arm for bringing that up and he rubs his arm. "Sorry, but it's true. But any way, that's it, basically. The bell should be ringing..." The bell rings. "Now."

He stands up, grabbing his bag. "Alright, so are you going to come with me to my next class so we can work on this a bit more or do you want to take a break and walking around?"

I shrug. "I guess I'll just go with you. Walking around is tiring and boring." He laughs and grabs my arm, pulling me with him.

"Then you better have fun in Government and Economics."

"Oh... joy," I say unenthusiastically.

"You have no clue."

Tying Loose Ends- Tristian's POV

It is pretty much after school now, and I sitting at home at the dinner table staring at my phone. The glow is illuminating the walls. I am the centerpiece in most of the mess... It's insane. I don't know what to feel about people anymore, what to think about life. How did I get tied intot this. I should be worrying about playing basketball and grades, not about bodies and being on someone's kill list.

But tonight, I put all those thoughts aside. I have made no plans with anyone, told everyone I wasn't feeling good after school. This... this moment tonight, will end all of mine and Liza's problems forever. 

On my phone, the screen is bright. The messages to Nick still incased in the green bubbles are telling him to come to my house. But, of course, he asks why. So I told him.

Come to the house, and I will confess to killing Liza. 

After that, it took nothing more to get him rushing over here. He is completely self absorbed, whatever Liza saw in him I will never understand. Maybe it is just some weird girl thing. But, it doesn't matter. I stand up, with a quirky smile, and go to the coffee maker. I put in a filter, and start to brew some coffee, waiting for him to arrive.

I think it took about 10 minutes, but the headlights shone in my window. It was dark, as I cut off the lights, as he came knocking on the door. I rose from my seat, and answered it.

There he was, the monster. Only coming here not because he really cares about Liza, but because he cares about himself. He looks annoyed, but a hint of wild nervousness is in his eye. I try to make him sit, but he doesn't want to.

"What the hell do you want?" he tells me, poison in his tone. 

I sit back in my chair, looking at him, "I want you to sit down, so we can talk." 

"The hell I will-" 

"I will never confess to killing Liza, if you don't get the hell over yourself and sit your fat ass down." I tell him. With that, he sits down. 

"You should know," I begin, taking a sip of my coffee, "That I am not the kind of person to play games. There has been too much death lately, don't you agree?"

"Yeah, and you have been in the middle of each one." he tells me, his facing turning red.

"Cut the shit. I am here to talk about if you have seen Liza." I ask him.

"What do you mean? Liza is dead you idiot, you killed her." he yells.

"No, I mean after she died. Like... a ghost." I tell him, and watch his eyes go wide.

"H-how...." he begins.

"You didn't think Liza would tell me? She came to me first." 

"No, I have't seen her." he tells me, becoming grim again.

I laugh, but the laugh that escapes comes out manaical and strange. I am pretty shocked myself. 

Have I finally lost it? 

"The hell.... your insane." He stands up, but I stand up as well.

"Please, don't leave. There is so much we have to discuss." I tell him, a smile on my face only growing wider. 

"I'm out of here, and you better keep your word." He makes for the door, but when he tries to the twist the knob, the door jingles in protest. Good thing my parents had that automatic lock installed. Hopefully this will be over and cleaned up by tomorrow. 

He still has his back turned, as I pull the small revolver from the back of my pants. I "borrowed" it from my dad's room, nothing to serious to just put it back after this is over. 

"Hey you little-" he turns around saying something, but the pistol shot bangs into the cracked silence. Small strings of smoke expell from the barrel, as I lower the tip of it. Dead in the forehead. Only a little spatter on the front door, and small pools on the linoleum, nothing I can't clean.

Grabbing a pair of latex gloves from the cabinet, I walk over to where he is limp and leaned on the door. I doesn't stop me from giggling just a little. 

Yep, I am going with complete insanity. 

Then, I throw his body over my shoulder, rippling my arm muscles. He is pretty fat.

Carrying him into the backyard, I throw him down on the ground. I can't have the police ever identifying him too quickly. Just a quick removal of the hands and the head. 

Once I am back from the deed, I sit down on my couch. The front door is bleached and clean, and the body is elsewhere. Somewhere far away. They will never find it. Ever. Liza can now rest easy. 

Can you hear me Liza? You can rest now.

I pull out my phone, and prepare to text someone, when I get a message.

It's from Autumn. 

To Be Named - Jen's POV

The usual meal arrives, with the usual arrangement of medication around my tray. A glass of water and what seems like a new pill bottle. A slice of cake lies on the opposite end, which I feel like I never get anymore. I pick up my fork and instead of taking of the main course, I take a bite of chocolate cake. It seems like forever since I've had real food. 

The main course of chicken and rice looks dull in comparison. I push it away in disgust, deciding to get the pill over with. 

The cup is filled to the brim with ice water. I take a sip, placing the pill in my mouth. It's a baby pink hue. It's slightly larger than most of the pills they have given me to help me sleep. I have barely gotten any sleep in a week, barely twelve hours. It doesn't help that when I pick up, the bottle reads that there is a tendency for dizziness and depression, with dozens of others.

I lay down, covering my eyes. I don't want to, I hate pills, but the taste is already rising. I quickly gulp the pill down my throat, the taste burning the back of it. 

I wince, the medicine tasting like chalk. I cough, settling into the bed. It's around this time when I hear something, but the sounds are jumbled, put together in random places so I can't decipher the sound. 

"What the hell.." I mutter. 

The image blurs as I blink. The image clears, only to recieve a blurrier picture seconds later. 

"I think this another one of your damn pills that doesn't work!" I yell, as the room tilts slightly. I squint my eyes shut, trying to avoid the images. 

Colors blink, red and then orange. The dizziness stops, the lights lighten to white, when I see lights blinking back and forth. The picture is zoomed out, as I lift my head up. I pull my hands off of my head to reveal something red. I rub it on my jeans, tasting copper in my mouth. 

The more shocking part is the car I'm in, the windows shattered. I pull myself off the air bag, droplets of red streaking the white cotton. 

I cough, trying not to gag at the smell. 

In front of us, a guardrail is dent, the car slammed into it, I presume. 

To my side, I pull Eli's sleeve. 

"Eli, Eli..." I pull at his side, seeing a small gape in his side. "Oh my gosh Eli, wake up." I pull at his sleeve again. His head is against the steering wheel...

I pull him up as gently as I am able, placing his head against the car seat, only to fall back again. 

I panic, trying to find something, I grab a couple napkins, covering his side, which just seeps through the thin paper. 

I throw them out of the tattered window, searching for my phone. It's still in my purse, which flew to the back seat. I pull it, the torn seam makes me able just to reach my phone from the side. The stitches tug at my fingers but I do not care, the phone looks as fine as it did before, just a little dust on the side of the screen. As I'm about to wipe it off with my shirt, I pull away, knowing that it will only make it worse. A drop of blood falls onto the screen.

Biting my lip, I pull up my phone, dialing the simple number 9-1-1. My breaths become heavy, something feeling like it held a hundred weight to my chest. I inhale and exhale as calmly as I can, as the operator answers. 

"Hello this is 9-1-1. State your emergency." 

I close my eyes, trying to forget what I just saw...

How could I have forgotten this..

"I just was involved in a car crash.." 

"Was anybody else in the car with you?" 

"Eli-he was the driver-" 

"Can he speak to us right now?"

What a pathetic question. "No, he's..." I turn to him. "He's passed out..." I can't think about it too long. I can't lose it now...

Her tone of voice switches to alarmed. "Where are you?" 

More pain comes, taking the air out of my lungs. "95 and-" I search around. I feel myself getting light headed.

"95 and what?" 

I catch one gulp of breath, just enough so the black spots dimminish. 

"95 'and Anderson'." I wheeze, pulling myself closer to him. 

"Please." I mutter. "Please.." 

I close my eyes, hearing footsteps in the background.

They becoming louder as my eyes flicker open. 

The room is dark, but I can see some figure on my bedspread, stroking my palm. There is a small amount of heat as I see some nurses exit, muttering something about how I'm awake. 

"You were screaming..." He looks at me in the darkness. 

"No, no I wasn't." I shake my head, trying to get that gash out of my mind.

"It's okay, I get them too." He squeezes my hand. 

How could I have forgotten...

I look at the pills still laying on the table, throwing them across the room. The container shatters, causing dust of two dozen pills to scatter across the ground. 

"What was that for..." 

"Just.." I run my fingers through my hair. "Nothing.."

I pull away, slumping back into my sheets. 

I forgot..but how..

He leans towards me, pulling me up. My hand slips, my fingers touching his side. 

There is a raise, the stitches. It makes him wince.

"Shit..." He clutches his side. 

"It's better than mine," I whisper. I lift my bangs, revealing the scar cutting from the tip of my left eyebrow to the top of the middle of my forehead. 

His eyes widen, placing his thumb on it. I pull my head back. "Damn, that hurts.." 

"I'm sorry."

"No, it's okay." 

"I mean like, look I made you this way." 

My thoughts freeze briefly. 

"No, you did not..." I press my forehead to his, even though it hurts like hell.

"If anything, I was bound to do it one time or another. I already bruised my nose this year." 

He smiles. "Yeah, sure."

"Sure." I lean forward. "It's not a secret I'm a klutz." I mutter softly.

He kisses me softly before pulling away.

"It's not a secret that I made you like this..." He protests, rubbing his arm. 

"It's okay. Honestly."

A Mission To Find Blake - Summer's POV

"Wait wait wait, so, you were put into the program, forced to go to Rhode Island, and then ran away to come back?" Bekah asks me, and I nod.

"The way you put it is way much more dangerous and risky than I intended it to sound, but yes." I say, pulling at my creme-colored cardigan.

"Wow." She murmurs, her eyes wide. "Wait, cant you get arrested for that? Aren't you supposed to go under Sophia Dawn, or something?"

"The name's pretty and all, but yeah, basically. I doubt it'd be anything serious, though, I mean, I've seen a few deaths before." I mutter, finishing the rest of my chemistry homework.


"How's Blake?" I ask, and a mixture of fear and sadness comes upon her face.

"Er...not so well. He hasn't been at school since yesterday. I'm sorta scared...y'know. I tried calling him but he won't pick up."

"Did you try at all today?"

"No..." She says, looking at the ground.

"Worth a try." I offer, and she nods, pulling out her phone. "Speaking of which, what ever happened to your phone?"

I lie, as when I was telling her the story, I left out the abuse part.

"I lost it," I say casually, shrugging. "I can buy a new one."

She already has his number on speed dial (#onlytrue90skidswillrememberthat) and I can hear it ring quietly.

She frowns. It went to voicemail.

"Hey, call me when you get the chance. I really miss you. Hope you're doing okay...bye?" She says shyly, ending the call.

"It's no use." Her shoulders drop, and I put my binder into my bag. "It's okay, I mean, maybe he's just busy."

"Busy enough to not come to school for the past two days?"

"I dunno. Maybe." I say, trying to make her feel better, but it's obviously not working. "I think I'm going to go over to his house."

"Bekah, I-"

"Seriously. Something's going on. He wouldn't just leave me hanging out of the blue. He's been acting strange the past week anyway, so yeah, I'm going to check it out."

"I'm not holding you back." I mutter, swinging my backpack over my shoulders.

"Where are you going?" She asks, beginning to walk. I follow behind closely.

"With you. Duh. I'm not that bad of a friend, am I? Plus, I need a ride."

She rolls her eyes, smiling.


After we arrive, I shuffle my feet quietly against the sidewalk coated in water. It runs off of Blake's driveway, his car parked out front, the raindrops beating against it loudly. I exhale, my hair beginning to get soaked, before ducking under the roof above his front door. Bekah locks her car by pressing the button before knocking lightly on the door.

It takes a minute or so before an older woman comes out, confused when she sees us.

"Pardon me...who are you?"

I clear my throat. "Sorry. I'm Summer and this is Bekah. We're two of Blake's friends. We just wanted to see how he was doing."

She nods. "Blake's told me a lot about you, Bekah...Unfortunately, I haven't seen him for the past two days-"

"Me neither." Bekah interrupts, but apologizes afterwards. "Er...sorry. I've just been a little worried."

"If it's worrying you that much, then come inside. Maybe it'll get him out of his room." She opens the door wide enough for us to step inside before closing it. It smells like cupcakes.

"His bedroom is upstairs."

Following her directions, I find a pair of cherry oakwood stairs and begin to walk up them. I see a room with a plain, white door, and am about to twist the knob before holding my hand back.

I knock on the door.

"Blake, it's Bekah and me. Open, will you?" I ask, tapping my feet against the ground. Nothing.

"Maybe he's not home?"

"His car is out front. I don't see a reason why he isn't." I murmur. "Blake...really, it's not time for playing games."


I begin to try and twist the doorknob, but it doesn't budge. Bekah looks at me, confused.

"What's wrong?"

"Locked. Really Blake, you can stop with it now. We're worried sick and you need to cut the crap." I say a little louder, but once there's no response, I pull out a bobby pin from my hair.

"What are you doing?"

"Picking the lock. This isn't normal." I mutter, jamming it into the small hole of the door and it instantly springs open. I look around, his computer on the desk, turned off. His bookbag is propped up against the wall, and his bed is messy. Clothes are on the ground. Not surprised.

"Blake?" Bekah calls, opening the closet. "No sign of him anywhere."

I look at the mirror, which had a deep crack proceeding through it. I can see my reflection, and still can't get over my appearance.

"I know..." I reply, looking towards the window. It's open.

"Hey, look..." I murmur, and she walks over. "The window's open."

"Yeah." I say, pushing it open farther. "This is a two story house, Summer."

"Still...if he made it out, then so can we. Nothing but a little scratch." I reply, sticking half of my body out. I feel the rain brushing against my skin again, as I'm wearing crop top. Without hesitation, I jump down, a sharp pain shooting through my foot. Bekah mimics my movements.

"Where would he go?"

"The park..." I say under my breath.

Running Once More - Amber's POV

I sit around, the ghost detector sitting idly to my left when it goes off. I look around before grabbing a jacket and running down the stairs, not even offering a word to my "mum".

I start running, to no ends. This could be it. This could be my chance....

My cell starts to ring but I don't answer it, assuming it's "mum" to see where I've run off to in this hour. It starts ringing again and again before I finally turn it off.

I stop running right in front of Tristian's house. Why is this ghost here? I mean, sure, Liza was following him the first day but she's avoided him since then...

I walk over and turn the knob on the door, free to walk in. My steps are very deliberate, sure to make little noise. I just need this ghost so I can prove it to Henry, prove that even though this ghost is far from lethal, I can go home and take care of myself. Afterall, I-

"Tristian!" shouts the ghost, or Liza. "I won't say it, I won't say it at all! You killed him and now you want me gone?!"

"I just want you to rest in peace, Liza. Listen, be quiet, you'll wake up the entire neighborhood-" he starts but her screams interrupt him.

"Why do you want me gone?! I thought you cared! You are my best friend! I won't say it, I won't say what I've left unsaid!"

"Liza, stop being irrational. You just need to rest in peace. That's it." He steps closer to her and cups her check. "I know this is difficult... but I just want you to be happy."

"I am happy... I am happy being here with you and Summer and Jen... I just want to be me again." Tristian pulls her into a hug and I roll my eyes, reaching into my jacket pocket for a little orb just sitting there.

"Please, Liza. You'll be on the run for the rest of your life if you come back to life. The cops... the FBI, even, will hunt you down because you were brought back to life."

"I don't care... I'll run forever if I have to. I just need you there. And Summer, and Jen. Anybody. I'll make it if I have to. I can even change my appearance at this state so I look different. Tristian... please don't make me say it."

"Liza..." He unwinds his arms from around her, stepping away. "I didn't want to do this..." He sighs and looks her straight in the eye. "Liza, I command you to say it."

She gives a small cry, holding her neck. "What are you... doing?!" she questions.

"I have a pull over you and I can use that pull to control you." He turns away for a second, his eyes almost landing on me but skimming over me nonchalantly. "I'm sorry." He then looks back at her. "I command you to say it, Liza."

The ghost starts to cry as I roll the orb across the floor, straight towards her. "I-" But she disappears into the orb. He looks around and finally sees me.

"Bring her back! Bring her back right now! Amber, I swear upon all that is holy-" he starts but I interrupt him, walkng over and picking up the orb.

"You can't do anything." I then walk casually out the door, heading back to my house when I see the amount of cop cars. I hurry up to see the cops talking to "mum".

"Amber!" Henry shouts, running over. "Where have you been? Listen, we have reason to believe that the person out to kill you is here in Florida. You're being relocated again."

"What?! I've been here for barely two weeks and you're sending me away? Again?!" I shout but Henry wraps his arms around me in a hug.

He separates the hug and sighs, pulling out a paper. "I'll be accompanying you on this one. We'll be playing a newly married couple and-"

"I'm married this time?! What happened to me being a high school student?" I question him.

"The person out to kill you is keeping an eye out for high school students. I married couple would not hit his radar. Listen, you'll be staying at my place for about three days before we head off to Chattanooga, Tennessee. It'll be like we were just taking a honeymoon in Florida." He lowers his voice, leaning closer to me. "I'm sorry, I know you don't want to be relocated, let alone with me... I wish I could do something to make this easier on you..."

"Well you can't," I say, trying to hold back tears. "Except put me back in England again. My own brothers wouldn't even know me. I've been running since I was born and I've had no rest... I just want to go home..." I throw the orb at the ground, releasing the ghost girl. "I even caught an actual ghost... one that was willing to run forever just to prove that I can take care of myself.... But obviously I can't because I'm an infant again."

"I don't have a say over this, Amber. If it were up to me, you'd be sent back to England." He sighs. "I'm sorry..." He puts an arm around me. "Come on, we need to go..."

"Fine..." I say softly, not even willing to look in his direction as he pulls me towards his car that was sitting idly by my house. As I turn to look at my house, I see the ghost girl just standing there and I realize that though I saved her life from disappearing, she hasn't saved mine yet.

She disappears from my view but her voice lingers in my head. "I promise to save you. Three days is my deadline and I will save you." I couldn't help but smile a little as her voice disappeared, leaving me here in this stupid cop car. But if there is one thing she offered, it was this...


Escape - Jen's POV

It's at about this time that the white walls seem to cave in on me, making the small room seem even smaller, the walls pressing close to my sides. It's torture, a way to keep patients in here. The daisies Eli gave me turn brown at the edges, shrivling up to the middle of the flower. Dead petals scatter the desk, with the air conditioning vent slightly to the right of them. They move slightly from time to time, with a small rustling. 

The lights seem to dull, even the occasional note sent, seems pale, bland. The food tastes the same, eventually only eating maybe one full meal a day now. I pull a flower petal off with my fingertips as it flutters to the ground. I sigh, in annoyance, in disgust, for how boring it is in here. 

"Two more days, just for precautionary measures." I remember her saying, pulling my blankets down to cover up my useless feet.

My body turns slightly, enough to grab the phone off my desk. Sliding the lock screen, I fall back into the abundance of pillows I asked for, sighing. 

A couple texts from my class, about how they missed me and such. It's just reciting  by this point, but I quickly glance, knowing I would feel guilty if I didn't. Eli had already texted me thirty minutes ago. I guess that's what I get, watching Supernatural. 

Is Summer there yet?

I roll my eyes, groaning. No. I thought for once I could get out of this hospital bed... 

He responds quickly. How much longer, she's already two hours late. 

I bite my lip, thinking. We could always leave...

Like escaping? :P 

No. It is escaping. :3 

I put my phone down as the nurse comes in, putting another pill onto my desk. The glass of water is beside it. I quickly place it in my mouth, the taste not bad, considering how many pills I've taken in the last few days. 

My phone rings as she exits the room silently, shutting the door behind her. 

"How the hell do you think that we're going to escape?" 

"I don't know!" 

I hear him laugh, which is kind of adorable.

"And another thing, how are we going to leave without a car?!" 

Silence. "Uh....bus?" 

"Yeah, like I have money." 

"Wait a second..." 

I hear him place the phone down and a couple of items slamming across the desk he placed it on. 

"I think I..." He mumbles. The phone is picked up again as he smiles. "My mom went down for lunch. Won't be back in an hour or two, she takes forever." 

I hear keys click together. 

"You're taking a victim of a car crash, Downtown, at five in the afternoon?" 

"Pretty much yeah." I can practically see his smile from here. 

Fine. But you'll have to get me a wheelchair."

He sighs. "Okay." A short pause before he quickly adds in. "Do you have anything to change out of? We can't exactly leave with you in a hospital gown..."

I pull my jeans, which I had help putting on yesterday. It was unrecognizably difficult to do that damn task..

"No, I just have jeans." I mumble, running my fingers through my hair. "And my cami..." 

He groans. "We'll figure out something. I'll be down there in ten." 

The phone hangs up abruptly. I pull away, putting the phone back on the pile of darkened petals. 

Soon though, I can hear him coming through the door, sighing. The wheelchair has the cast slipped into the pocket on the back. 

"Damn you, you're going to drive with a broken arm?" 

"Come on, three blocks." 

I shrug, eyeing the plaid shirt in his hand. My eyes widen before looking up. 

"Just put it on. You can't wear a tank out there. It's effing freezing out least by what my mom told me." 

I sigh, grabbing the shirt from his hands and placing my arms through it. It's soft, but I don't button it, I just wear it as a jacket. The shirt is baggy enough on my as it is. 

"Here," He lifts me up, contrary to my protests. "Shit..." His arm throbs as he pulls away. 

I sigh, him placing his hands on the wheelchair, pushing me quickly down the hall. We got a baby in the ward last night and that's all the nurses and doctors deepest concerns at the moment. Nobody even takes a second glance. 

The elevator takes forever to arrive after hitting the button what seems like hours ago. 

The doors fly open as we head to the first floor. The elevator stops a couple times, a couple of troubled parents looking at us.

When it finally reaches the first floor, Eli takes a sharp turn left and up a ramp. The parking garage doors automatically open as fresh air fills my lungs. 

"Oh my god, it feels so nice." I sigh, closing my eyes. 

My phone rings as I groan. "Wait a second." I slide the lock screen as Summer picks up. 

"Hey, um...where are you, you're not in your room. I haven't told anyone yet, but, where the hell are you?" 

"Parking garage." 

"You are not..."

"Think we are.." 

"Who's driving?"



"Want to come?" 

"You are not making me third wheel, Jen." 

"Guess that's a no then.." I smile. "Guess you won't see me and Eli..."

"Fine. You know what, fine." 

I smirk in accomplishment. 

" suck..." She mutters. "Damn you, Jen." 

I laugh. "That's all fine and good, I mutter, pulling the wheelchair into the parking lot. "How the hell are we going to find your car Eli?" 

He presses the back of the car keys as an alarm blares.

"Okay then." 

The car practically shakes with how much noise it's making. Summer gets in, the siren blaring before Eli starting the car. The radio comes on to some Christian music station. I sit there as Eli lifts me to the passenger seat, helping me in. He folds the wheelchair and throws it in the back of the trunk. 

I slam the door, as I change the radio station. "Oh my god, Fall Out Boy is on 98.9." I mutter. Summer facepalms. 

"Now, Downtown then.." Eli smiles putting the car into reverse. 

"Where should we go?" He looks over at me, a glint in his eyes and then to Summer. Her eyes lift as she shrugs. 

"Well, we better find out where to go soon," he mutters, pulling out of the parking garage. 

"We could go to the movies or something.." I mutter, looking at Summer, waiting for a response. 

Lies and the Return - Summer's POV

I shrug before recieving a text message from Kali.

Hey, where have you been? I'm heading down to Florida, got some information from this guy named Nick that you were there. Hope to see you soon.


"I don't care, I have to go in about fifteen minutes, my apologies."

Jen's shoulders drop. "Again?"

"It's about Nick, and I don't think it's something I should ignore," I say, staring at my phone screen. "Whatever we do, I'm okay with it. Just know I won't be there long."

"Okay, movies it is," Eli mutters, driving off. It doesn't take but three minutes until we get there, a drive-in movie theatre practically right across the street from the hospital.

Nice way to celebrate getting out. Hashtag 1900s.

I see some couples in a picnic watching the movie. The Fault in Our Stars, about halfway over.

"Dang it...we missed it..." Jen murmurs, frowning.

I peek my head out from the back as a man in a striped uniform walks up to the window, which startles Jen. I roll my eyes.

"Here's your buttered popcorn."

"We didn't ask for any?" Eli says, confused.

"It's free."

Jen doesn't hesitate to grab it from the man, to which she begins munching on some. Something buzzes in my pocket. I check my phone again.

Whoever that Nick guy was said your name was Summer...? I thought it was Sophia?

I look out of the window and remember a Panera Bread about a block away. My eyes flicker from the movie to my phone as a bite my lip, thinking. I begin tapping my thumbs against the screen.

Where are you staying?

It doesn't take a minute until she replies.

Hilton Garden Inn by Downtown. Why?

I reply instantly.

Meet my inside of Panera on 23rd street in ten.

I watch as Hazel and Augustus kiss, which makes Jen fangirl, Eli still holding her hand. She squeals.

"Gosh, you're so obsessed with this stupid movie," Eli rolls his eyes, and I laugh under my breath.


Eventually, she calms down though, and I begin giggling. She glares at me.

"If it were Tobias you would've done the same."

I shut up.

After around seven minutes past, I hand Jen the house keys.

"Mom is possibly home, I'm sure. I have to go now."

"Can't we just pick you up?"

I look at the ground, pondering. "Just don't. I'll be home in time, Kali will bring me."

She furrows her eyebrows in confusion before nodding. "Alright. Be safe."

"Sure," I reply, opening the door and shutting it. I begin running over down the street, looking around warily, but still jogging over. I take a left turn, and run for about ten minutes, before taking a right turn, Panera right in front of me. 

Pushing the door open, I pant heavily before seeing Kali dressed like a prep.

"Oh my Gosh, Sophia!" She runs up to hug me, before looking at my eyes.

"Hey...why aren't they....why aren't they the usual green?"

"I'll tell you about it later," I say, sliding into the other side of the booth. She sits in front of me.

"I feel like we aren't being honest," She starts and I nod.

"Let me explain. First, Nick was right. My name is Summer, I'm not a college student, but I'm in my senior year of high school. My hair isn't naturally straight nor is it black, it's in spirals and it's brown. I was put into the witness program but ran away from it thanks to my sister, Liza, and her friend Cas-"

"Wait, you're on the run?"

I think for a little before shrugging. "No clue, anywa-"

"No, seriously, my father's in the FBI. That's dangerous, you know."

"Whateve-Wait, what?"

"I won't tell him, but dude, you're crazy..."

"You're even crazier. Nick abused Liza and eventually me too. You can't trust that guy."

She purses her lips as her phone rings.


"I...I might of invited him here..."

Her phone buzzes for a third time, and she looks down. "In fact, he's walking through the that him?" She shies up her voice, pointing to a tall guy walking over. I recognize his eyes anywhere. He smiles at me.

"Summer...we meet again."

I check for my phone to text Jen, but don't find it anywhere. I smile fakely.

"If you'd excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom..."

I walk casually over to the ladies' room, looking at the mirror. 

"Liza, come on..." I murmur, trying to think of a way to make her appear. "Come on..."

I feel a gust of wind brush over me before she appears in front of me.

"Liza, I need your help-"

"Amber does too...I promised her-"

"Nick is here."

"Wait, what? How?"

"Kali...she brought him here...I don't...He's here and he's back and he will jump at the chance of making sure I'm dead once he gets me alone."

All he needs is to get me alone.

Ready to Kill a Person... Or Ghost - Liza's POV

"Summer, wait, no!" I grab her arm as she attempts to go back out there. "Nick, he's... he's dead. If he's out there then that means he's a ghost. Listen..." I lower my voice as I start to pull he further away from the door. "As a ghost, he can kill anybody here. Just give me five minutes and I'll be back with help."

"Liza, please don't leave me here. If he's here then he wants me dead and all it will take is five seconds alone and-" she starts before crying.

"Please don't leave me here."

"I'm getting Amber. She has the technology to trap him." My eyes start to plead with her, but hers plead right back.

"Please Liza. He'll kill me. I don't want to die."

"And I can't save you without Amber," I argue.

"Then I'll text her to come here! Liza, please..."

"Fine..." I murmur as Summer grabs my arm, pulling me back out into the dinner. I manage to get away for a quick second to change my appearance and walk over to the table, wearing a short dress, cherry red lipstick and black, curly hair that falls perfectly around my face. Crystal blue eyes stare down a male who eyes me from across the room as I walk over to the table where Summer, Nick and Kali sit, a pad in my hand.

"What can I get you all?" I ask, eyeing Nick as if I gave two shits about him.

"You certainly don't like to dress like you should," Nick says, eyeing me for a moment before looking back at the menu. "I'll take the chicken and brocoli bread bowl."

I roll my eyes, pretending to chew on some gum before looking at Summer's friend. "What about you?"

"Umm... How about the roasted turkey and avocado BLT?" she asks me and I write it down.

"Tastes amazing," I say. "Are you from around here?" I lean forward. "You seem to be from out of town."

"Umm... yeah," she says with a shy smile. "I uh.... I'm from Rhode Island. Came to visit my friend Soph- Summer," she says, correcting herself. I raise an eyebrow for a moment before looking at Summer.

"And you?" I ask.

"The Classic with Chicken Salad," she replies, giving me a small glare before realizing that it was me. She sighs and leans against the table as I walk back towards the kitchen, handing the paper to one of the chefs before walking away, back to the table.

"Can I take your order?" asks another girl, which gets her a confused glance from Kali and Nick.

"Your friend already took our order," he replies, pointing to me. The waitress turns around and looks confused for a moment before shaking her head. "Oh, the new girl..." she walks over to me. "Thanks for stealing my table."

"You are so welcome," I reply, pretending to chew that imaginary gum again.

"Stop chewing gum or else I'll tell the boss," she replies before turning around and heading back towards the kitchen. I roll my eyes and continue walking over to the table, making it look like I intended to walk straight past when Nick pulls me straight onto his lap.

"Come on, why don't you... sit for awhile?" he asks, keeping me on his lap. This earns me a dirty look from Kali and a small look of shock from Summer.

"I have work and I'd like to keep this job," i reply, trying to get up but he keeps me there.

"You don't seem like the type to reject," he replies. His voice lowers as he leans his head way too close for comfort. "You will stay here, Liza, or else I will kill Tristian."

"Kill him and I swear-" I start but Nick kisses me, making me want to throw up.

"Not now, dear. Save it for after your sister is killed, for when my hands run over your body, those perfect curves-"

"Stay away from me. You no longer have a pull over me because you're dead," I say under my breathe as his lips kiss at the base of my neck, slowly working their way up. "Nick, let go of me. Now."

There was a pause. As if my threat actually stopped something in his heart. Turned it cold with fear. His hands unwind from around me as I push out of the seat. I walk back to the kitchen to see the food just sitting there when the doors open to Panera and Amber casually strolls in, heading right towards me. I grab the food on a tray, walking over to Nick's table as Amber heads towards the bathroom. I give them their food and head back there.

I turn back into myself the moment I step into the bathroom, looking at Amber as she stands there.

"Hurry up before Henry realizes I've run away again," she says, her voice soft, almost saddened.

"There is a ghost. He's read to kill everyone," I say and suddenly, this huge smile appears on her face.

"What do I do?" she asks, her smile huge.

"I just need you to capture Nick like you captured me." She smiles and sifts through her bag for the orb that she used to catch me. She then starts to leave when I stop her. "That's not all. It's going to take some time but we need for Nick to be alone. I... I am going to do that because he'll kill Summer."

"But can't he kill you? I mean, you are a ghost but a ghost can-"

"Can kill a ghost. I know." I sigh. "I'm trusting you with this, Amber. Please..."

"I will. I promise." I smile and hug her before putting the disguise back on and heading back over to the table. Kali eyes me as I walk out.

"Umm... weren't you wearing a different colored dress before?" Kali asks but I blow it off as if it was some stupid remark.

I grab Nick's arm, tugging on it. "That kiss was so amazing, I think it's time to head back for more," I say, putting on the act amazingly for Kali, but Summer could see right through it. So could Nick, apparently.

"I shouldn't," he says but stands up any way, following me to the bathroom. I disappear the moment he walks through the door, Amber hiding behind it as he walks around, trying to find me. Once he gets halfway through the bathroom, Amber rolls the orb towards him. I watch as it lightly taps his foot and he disappears. I laugh and hug Amber.

"Show that one to Henry. Maybe then he'll believe you can take care of yourself," I reply.

"Hey... Hey you're right!" she says with a smile. "I can do that!" She hugs me. "Thank you, Liza."

I laugh as she runs out the restaurant with the orb. But it's he voice that scares me.

"You thought you could get rid of me?" Nick asks from right behind me as I get pulled against a wall. The door bathroom door locks as the light start to flicker. "You naiive girl." The lights completely go out as he lips crash against my own, making me want to cry out but find my voice lost when I realize something.

He was powerful. More powerful than myself. He took away my voice...

I try to make myself disappear, to reappear somewhere else but I can't. I just find myself stuck here. With him.

As his toy.

Dead Wrong - Jen's POV 

Maybe I pulled away to soon, because when Eli's eyes open, I already have the phone out and dialing Summer back. I can hear some background noise, cups clanking together, people laughing...

Summer lets the background noise stay for a couple of moments before coming on the phone. 

"I swear to God Jen, if you're already injured enough, seriously, I'll just.."

"What's going on Summer?" I can hear the anxiousness in her voice, like she's too scared to be too loud. Too scared to even whisper, I can barely make out what she's saying. 

Someone yells, as I hear something fall. The phone beeps, the call disconnected. Damn you Summer. 

Eli looks over, concern filling his eyes. Trying to pull away, I sigh. "We have to go now." 

"What..." He looks confused and somewhat disappointed, pulling away his hand softly. "Why Jen?" His eyes direct towards me as he turns the car back on. 

"I don't know but..I have a feeling Summer is in trouble." I pull the seatbelt over my shoulder. "It's just across the road, but I can't walk so..." I frown, looking down. 

"Fine, but seriously don't. You're making me feel sad." He pulls away from the movie, which is now on what seems like endless credits. 

"You don't have to go inside if you don't want to," I say as we pull up to the parking lot. 

"No, it's okay." He limps as he pulls the wheelchair out of the trunk, unfolding it and rolling it over to me. I pull the car door open as he lifts me into my chair, my palms laying on the armrests. 

The breeze flips my bangs slightly as I pull them forward. I sigh, leaning across the chair as he pushes me inside. I can already see the shock that will be on Summer's face. 

Looking around, I begin to wheel myself around before I turn a corner, almost running into Summer. "God damn, ow..." She turns around, her eyes widening. 

"No, no, no, Jen go home..." 

"What why?" I wheel to the side of her as I look up. 

Nick, his hands poised around Liza's shoulder like she's some sort of prized puppet. Her eyes are red and puffy from tears, but not even a sob comes out of her mouth, just bitter silence from her. The tables all around us are empty, bowls and plates abandoned. 

"Look here..." His eyebrows raise, smirking. "Someone to call to save to day... How pathetic can you all be..." He laughs, flipping his hair back. "She's in a goddamn wheelchair." 

My fingers turns cold. "I'm fine." I say, my voice cracking slightly. "At least I'm not some pathetic dumbass like you." I wheel my wheelchair closer, which must seem awfully weak in this standpoint..

"Dumbass?" His laugh pierces. "Jen, how weak could you be? Your sister told me about how much of an embarassment you were. Always chasing this one guy, because he could keep you grounded." 

Tears rush into my eyes. "You motherfu-" I clear my throat, trying not to sob. "Don't you dare talk to him like that." 

"Well, your sister here, she might be a little more, ambitious. At least you think out your moves." He pulls something out of his pocket. In his palms, he twirls a knife, smirking softly. 

"I could use smarts like yours you know..." 

He walks up to me, still dragging Liza, her feet barely touch the ground. I feel her tear splatter on my sleeve as he looks at me. 

"You know...I could..." He twists his hand quickly. "You would at least be more loyal. We know you can't stand to see your family or friends die..." 

"I would never, help you, you goddamn coward." 

"Well then, who do you want me to kill first?" His knife slides out. 

I bite my tounge. "No..."

"So then, help it is. You were always the smartest one...guess it pays off now huh?" 

He slides down to me, putting my hands on my lap. "" He pulls away, looking at me in the eye. 

"I don't want to help" 

"Shut up," He pulls me away. 

"What do you want me to do?" He says. "No sitting on the edge of the fence here." 

"Jen..don't you dare..." Summer mumbles, pulling me closer. 

"You can either have both of your loved ones die, or you can just help me. I promise I won't hurt anyone." 

"You promised to love my sister and you didn't." I spit, pulling my hands at his knife, so close...

"Nice try," He looks at me. "It's such a shame that I can't make you change your mind.." He clicks his tounge. "Maybe I could you know..I silenced Liza." 

I make a menal list of every curse word I could call him right now.

"It's okay to panic. That's what most people do." He laughs, kicking his boot to the ground. "But it's okay, it's okay..." 

He holds my head, smiling that evil smile, that makes me want to kill him again. 

I feel a soft feeling as I pull away disgusted. "Nice try." I mutter. 

Summer pulls me back, kicking him. 

"Don't you dare you-" 

"I'm what?" He is already near her. 

Then he's by me again. "Can't let your baby sister go?" 

He holds my hand as I feel what I shouldn't feel, what I try to ignore. That I'm completely vulnerable. That damn asshole...

"It's okay. Just something I learned," He strokes my hand. 

"Only Eli does that." I mutter, slapping him with my free hand. 

"Eli, that's his name..." 

"Yes, I knew yours long before I met you-I think I called you an asshole." 

I bite my lip, scared beyond belief. 

"That's a good one you know. I should remember that." 

One more time, I feel his fingers rub against my palm. 

"Stop!" I yell, trying to move my arm. 

I feel defeat. Overwhelming defeat. 

"You get the realization now don't you?" 

He pulls me closer. "Is that why you're so scared of losing Eli again?" His thumb presses the middle of my hand. "Because he made you feel better?" 

More. Drowning in my own fear. Again and again...

"What will you do to him?" I ask, blinking away tears. 

"Nothing, at least for now." He snarls, pulling away. "Defeat, who would've known that would be the breaking point. I thought it would be some sort of-" 

I take the chance, grabbing the knife out of his pocket. 

Before I even pull it close to him, it clatters on the tile. "It's okay. I'll be fine Liza." He smirks. 

"It'll be fine." 

"The breaking point," He directs it at Summer this time. "The breaking point for her is vulnerability..who would have known.." He mutters, pulling Liza. 

"Let's see how far I can take it before she caves into helping me.." He starts, pulling at my wheelchair.

That goddamn asshole...

Invitations for The Ring of Fire - Summer's POV

Luckily, mom came over to pick me and Jen up last night, assuming something was wrong as our phones were turned off (after recieving those orders from Nick, otherwise he'd cut us). I gag at the thought of how innocent and sweet he sounded, my mother eyeing him before driving off with me in the backseat. Liza was lucky enough to tag along with us after mother had requested to have her daughter back, which Nick agreed to, to my surprise. I prayed he wouldn't come back for us today.

I sit down in gym, recieving a text where my phone buzzes in my pocket. I take it out, looking at the screen. It's from an unknown number.

Hey, wanna go to the fair with me and a couple of friends?

I furrow my eyebrows in confusion and reply.

Who's this?


Oh, okay, sure. It'd take my mind off of a few things.

I sigh in relief, glad that I won't have to deal with the whole Nick and Ghost situation for at least a few hours. The only place where I can be safe without him is at school and with other people around...

Other non-vulnerable, non-important people - to him - around.

Viktor takes a seat next to me.

"You, stressed?" He asks, and I nod. "Sure. Something like that."

"What's wrong?"

I think for a bit, wondering if I should tell him. I shake my head. It'd only add to what's going on.

"It's...personal, I guess."

He nudges me with his elbow. "Are you sure about that?"

I exhale deeply, before nodding. "Yep."

He places his fingertips on his chin. "Sounds difficult."

"It is." I murmur, sitting out. It was Friday, and today was a pep rally. I haven't had one of those in forever. I didn't even bother to participate, just take about ten small cups of gatorade that they were handing out.

"Did Emilia tell you? About the fair?" He scratches the back of his neck and I nod.

"Oh, yeah, I'm going to that. Probably would help." I say, and he nods, smiling.

"Are you physcic? I was just about to tell you."

I shrug, looking out as everyone is in some new uniform they gave us on Monday, a white t-shirt with our school logo and short red shorts. "Maybe. Maybe not."

I laugh as Bekah pulls me along over to the Ring of Fire.


"ITS FUN, COME ON!" She yells back, tagging me behind her. I swallow as I'm not too sure.

"Come on, only three more people can go on," She murmurs, instantly beginning to run, dragging me along with her. I wave over to Viktor.

"You're not gonna go on?" I yell over the screams from other people, and he shrugs. "I'm not a fan of rollercoasters."

I wriggle off of Bekah's grip as she just continues to go for one of the spots, next to Marina. "Lies." I mutter, pulling at his arm. "I'm not going on it alone."

"Then you're out of luck," He says, turning his back towards me. I cross my arms.

"You're still here, aren't you?" He asks, and I nod.

"Dangit. Fine. Only once." He says, and I smile. "Sure. Only once."

I pull at his arm, and he looks at me. "Are you sure this is the way to treat a new kid?"

"Course it is." I say nonchalantly, dragging him over. I take a seat next to Emilia, sitting in the middle as he frowns.

"I don't want to sit on the side." He mumbles, crossing his arms and I bite my lip as the ride starts. It goes forward a bit, then backwards, and then even more forward...

He looks nervous. "Are you sure it's safe?"

"Ask Bekah," I murmur, looking to the side as it jerks halfway forward. Bekah screams in front of me.

"This is so fun!"

"Until we die," I mutter, holding onto the seat. Within a few seconds we're upside-down.

"Dangit, Dangit, Dangit, I don't like this." Viktor says, but seems pretty chill about it. I don't respond, but instead just stay silent, my stomach twisting in knots.

"Er...I shouldn't have eaten that many nachos..." I can hear Annie say from the front of the ride, as I hug my torso as it begins to get faster.

"How many times does this thing go upside-down, Bekah?" I ask, and she shrugs. "Probably about twenty time. Just don't vomit."

"No promises."

By the tenth time it goes upside-down in a row, I begin to feel dizzy. Viktor looks over at me.

"You okay?"

I close my eyes. "I don't know. Sure. Kinda. Sort of. Not really..."

"We only have ten times to go."

"If I don't faint..."

"I told you we shouldn't have gone on the ride."

"Whatever," I murmur, feeling chilly. "Crap, I don't have a jacket."

"Your fault," He shrugs, and I roll my eyes. Screams roar from the rear of the ride, and I squeeze my eyes shut. Eventually it gets slower and slower until it comes to a halt. I don't bother getting up.

"You're not gonna get off?" Viktor asks, probably already out of the seat. I open my eyes as everything looks extremely tilted.

"Er...of course I am..." I lie, getting up and instantly falling to my knees. "Just a little bit, uh, woozy."

He helps me up to my feet and rolls his eyes. "Wasn't a good idea in the first place."

Bekah tugs at my arm, smiling. "Wasn't it amazing?" She asks excitedly. I sigh.

"Not exactly."

"You're no fun," She drops my arm, going over to the Zero Gravity ride. I think about going with her but then think of the consequences.

"So, what next...That's, er, not a rollercoaster."

"I dunno." I mumble, taking a seat on the bench. "We could always go for some funnel cake? That being the only cake I'll eat..."

He nods. "Alright. Funnel Cake it is."

Final Bow - Liza's POV

I rub at my eyes. I don't know exactly where I am, somewhere in the forest of our park, is my guess. I don't know... I've stopped keeping track... I've been hiding from everyone, ignoring the pulls, which is tiring. I don't know exactly what I'm doing, why I'm running but I know this isn't right...

"I'm coming for you," Nick says in my head and I cover my ears, leaning against the tree for comfort as my bottom lip trembles. My stomach churns, like it shouldn't. As a ghost it shouldn't churn but that's all mine seems to do.

"Liza?" asks a voice as I look up. I see Blake, his hair ruffled with twigs in his hair. He shakes his head and the twigs fall out, which seems to be a relief as he sets his bag down on the ground and walks over, sitting down in front of me. "Hell, I thought you were dead. I mean, there's Amber but she's disappeared and..." he shrugs.

"Blake...? Why are you here... I... I mean... Rebekah, she's-" I start, trying to control the sobs that were making me shake so badly when he interrupts me.

"I know. I ran away, they send out search parties all the time." He shrugs again before looking at me. "So why are you out here? I mean, you are dead, but yet your hear so I'm guessing this is some ghost-shit crazy stuff, right?"

I give a small laugh before his voice comes back. "I'm coming to get you... I'm closer... Who's your friend?"

"I..." I start to cry again and Blake grabs my arm.

"Liza, stay focused. Hell, you make me want to go back into town to get help..." When I start to cry even louder, he stands up, pulling me to my feet. He makes a quick grab for his bag when I catch site of his arms. Cut up. Scarred, but bleeding. As if...

"Stay away!" I scream, pulling away from him, only to land in familiar arms.

"Liza!" Blake shouts before looking at my captor. "Dammit Nick, aren't you supposed to be on death row for the death of Liza?"

"Shut up, kid. You don't know who you are messing with." He yanks at my arm, completely ignoring Blake. I focus my thoughts directly on Blake.

Blake, get Tristian, get him now!

Woah, you are in my head... Holy crap, how are you doing that?


Blake looks at me for a moment before running. Nick notices his rushing feet and turns around. "Oh, he shouldn't of done that..." He looks back at me. "If I didn't have bigger fish to fry, then I would be running after your little lap dog." He leans closer to my ear. "How many boys do you have chasing after you? Tristian? Blake?"

"Tristian isn't my boyfriend and Blake is a friend, he has a girlfriend, you son of a-"

"Don't start using foul language." A cut across my arm from the knife, the holy knife, sends me collapsing on the ground. "It's funny how in my death, I can still hold this. I guess it's because you're weak." He kneels down, picking up my chin. "The things I can do to you. The things that I will... And I'm just breaking in this power..."

"Liza!" comes the shout and the familiar pull. I give a shaking laugh. "Screw you." The world then swirls as I find myself tumbling onto Tristian's living room floor. I can hear the shout from Nick in my head, cringing.

"Where the hell-" he starts but I start talking faster.

"I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you." I gasp before getting to my feet.

"What?" he asks.

"I love you more than anything in the world. You're my best friend and you've been there for me, you saw me kill myself and I realized that as I was dying that I loved you because you cared about what I wanted and it wasn't about you, you cared for me unlike anyone else," I say, speaking faster than I ever have, feeling Nick's presence closer. "And if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here and things would be left unsaid and I'd be wondering around hopelessly, as Nick's little puppet and punching bag and you saved me from everything and I love you."

The front door slams open and I turn around, seeing NIck there. "Come here. Now."

"You're too late, asshole." I feel everything dim around me as the world starts to swirl out of existence and I feel myself tumble once more, only this time into something that is the most welcoming feeling in all of existence.


Back Home - Jen's POV

"She never looked nice. She looked like art. And art wasn't supposed to look nice: it was supposed to make you feel something." My lips mouth the words into my worn out Collector's edition, the ends bent backwards, by my own doing, not Eli's. Little page marker stuck out in almost every page, whenever I liked a quote or a phrase, but every phrase seemed to mean something and it showed. Grubby fingerprints showed on the cover and the inside wasn't any better. The pages were yellowed around the edges, worn after constant turning. This book I almost never wanted to finish, it was a universe that I couldn't let go of, like a small world that you could to disappear to. Of course, it was set in the 1980s but...

My thoughts always seem to drift off in these sort of stories, because there should never have been an ending to the book because their lives couldn't end like that. I had to know how and why. What did that letter contain, what were those three words. I would probably never know what falls behind the very last page, all I had to do was wait, pulling the pages back again. 

"Jen.." The book flips out of my hand and onto the ground. I am about to get angry when my mom sits on the edge of my bed. I look up into my mother's eyes, who look older than the were what seems like a year ago-yet it was only a month. Bags reach under her eyes, her once teal eyes now a blue-gray hue. She looks defeated, yet she still maintains a small smile throughout the day. 

"Jen, school just called." Her smile brightens, but only slightly. "They said spring break will start tomorrow." 

My eyes widen. Yes, less school but how much work would I have to make up afterwards. I groan, the feeling in my legs now begining to arise in my legs, causing my rib cage problem to increase more. I nod, gritting my teeth. "That's nice." I say with a gasping breath. 

"At least you'll get to be with Summer." She smiles. I sigh, moving my braclet across my wrist. I look down, kowing that Eli said he couldn't come out until at least another day or say. I bite my lip, trying not to give away any disappointment. It's not that I don't like Summer...I just wish Eli and I could do something, after getting out of that stupid hospital.

"It's okay." She pulls a lock of hair behind my ear. "I know how much you wanted Eli to come over.

Am I that transparent? I twist uncomfortably, facing my mint green painted wall.

I pull my blankets over my ears, blocking out her words. I don't feel like hearing them now that she knows me like an open book. The disadvantages of having two broken legs:

1.) I couldn't swim anymore, that means I couldn't try out for swim team. 

2.) I couldn't walk myself down stairs, everything had to be brought to me.

3.) I couldn't run away from these conversations when I needed to.

Leaning against my bedpost, I pull awy, trying to lose my thoughts into something else and of course, everytime I tried to drift off, my mother would yell that my attention needed to be directed to herself. 

She eventually gets the hint that I don't feel like talking and just leaves. I can't pick the book off the floor, so I sit there, less than 3 feet away from it, with no way to reach it. I groan, closing my eyes.

The flashbacks come often now, they come when I read about certain things, or even when I close my eyes for a single choking moment, I am back there, crying into Eli's shirt. I pull away most often now, everytime they get worse. A collision rings in my ear this time, causing me to wince. It's instant,  but at least the visuals weren't there this time. I just fall onto a pillow, sighing. 

"I hate this..I hate this..I just want to do something..." 

I pull my phone out, texting my mom, who's downstairs, but I don't feel like yelling. 

"Are we doing anything this weekend?"

The door opens as I hear Summer explaining her school day in a soft manner, with my mother saying something in return. I just sit down, looking at my useless feet, and sigh.

It's just the many benefits of having two broken legs. I hope I get the casts off soon, but that would probably never happen. 

Summer bursts through my door, running to me and jumping on my bed. 'You're finally home." 

I breathe heavily, sighing. "Yeah."

"Oh my god, did I hurt you?" 

"No, just my lungs feel like they're on fire." I smirk. 

She rolls her eyes. 

"So what should we do now that you're back home?" 

The Spring Breakers - Summer's POV

Jen shrugs, her voice somewhat croaky. "I don't know, I mean," She clears her throat. "It's Spring Break."

"AKA," I begin, trying not to break a smile. "Party time."

She shakes her head. "Summer, come on, you know that is completely insa-"

"Yeah but-"

"Mom won't even-"

"Yes she wi-"

"I don't think-"

"Stop interrupting me, dangit," I mutter, and she closes her mouth after opening it, most likely to be another retort. She rolls her eyes, crossing her arms. "Okay, spill."

Smiling, I take a deep breath before starting. "Okay, so, I overheard mom talking about going on a cruise with dad, basically permission for us to host the most amazing party this school will ever see. But not just at our house."

She furrows her eyebrows in confusion. I grin smugly as I pull out the business card that was given to me earlier.

"Before I got home from school I heard one of those contest things on the radio. Hundreth caller gets to have a party hosted by the one and only-"

"DAVID TENNENT?!" My shoulders drop.

"No...Iggy Azalea..."

"Oh, that suck-WAIT YOU WHAT?!"

"Yep. I've got good luck, huh?"

"That's totally insane..." She says, her jaw dropped. I pull at my cardigan.

"It is. It's going to take place in her pretty huge house-mantion type of thing."

"Where is it? Mom'll kill us if it's somewhere like Rhode Island again."

I smile. "Ever been to Miami?"

"No way....You've gotta be joking, Summer, this is a really lame joke to do-"

"Not a joke, but heck yeah. We're going to Miami with three free plane tickets as soon as they get shipped out, which is practically 48 hours because of 2-Day Priority Mail." I squeal, trying to contain my excitement. She leans forward, tugging at the business card. "Come on, we're going to be extremely famous."

"Gosh..." She murmurs, looking at the flyer. "They gave this to you at the radio station?"

"On my way back home, yeah..." I mumble, before remembering. "Oh yeah! Guess who got their driver's license?"

"After seven times?"

"Eight, as of two months ago," I roll my eyes, correcting her and pulling out the license, putting it up to her face. "Summer, a certified driver, AKA Most improved," I say proudly, and she smiles.

"Definitely most improved with the amount of times mom had to pay for the wreckage you did to the test car."

"Shut up," I mutter, shoving the license and the flyer back and putting them into the pocket of my white lace shorts. She shifts.

"What's wrong?"

"Dangit, am I seriously crystal clear?" She groans, rolling her eyes and I tuck an imaginary strand of hair behind my ear uncomfortably.

"Look, this party thing is great and everything, but after everything that happened, I just...really want to spend time with Eli. It's like school and the hospital was our only source of communication and sight of eachother, but now? I don't know..."

I bite my lip, pondering before opening my mouth to say something.

"And I know that you'd probably be upset or whatever, but I really hope you understand, and-"


"No, I know what you're going to say, and I'm not in the mood-"

"No but-"

"Seriously, just go with someone else-"

"JEN!" I yell, pulling at my cardigan again. She looks at me with wide eyes. "There's three. Freaking. Plane tickets."


"That means your lover can go with us, gosh."

"He's not my lover, though-"

"Not the point. Will you, or will you not go? Otherwise I'm bringing Viktor or someone else."

She pouts, crossing her arms. "Yes, I'll go. I just thought you wouldn't want to go through the whole third wheel thing again."

I sigh, looking at the floor. "There's not an escape from it, really. I mean, look at Liza and Cas and Nick, all fighting for eachother. You and Eli...Bekah and Blake..." I pull at my cardigan for the third time. "It's basically grown as a part of me to watch other relationships develop that certainly aren't mine." I clear my throat, looking at the window. "Plus, this topic isn't the most casual to talk about." I mutter, standing up.

"Oh, um, sorry for bringing it up...maybe you'll find someone."

I don't even reply, but instead, walk out of the door, slightly irritated. I grab some leftover popcorn and bounce onto my bed, turning on Once Upon a Time.

A Normal Day of Normal... Girl Things - Amber's POV

I haven't talked to Liza since the incident three days ago, but I really appreciate her help. Thanks to her, I'm no longer on the move. If only I could thank her...

I grab my purse from the passenger seat of my Chevy Equinox before getting out, locking the doors. I quickly head into the mall, slinging my bag over my shoulders. I look around, smiling, before wondering where to go first.

My eyes land on the Books-A-Million before I walk over. Marina sits around, reading, while Viktor browses some comic books. I walk around, looking at all the books and other novelity items, ranging from Doctor Who to Frozen. I pick up a magazine, the date from a few years ago. My eyebrows bush together in confusion before I walk around the store, looking through it.

High School Puts on Production of Frozen.

Strange... The girl in the picture looks like me... Is it Liza? I've always wanted to know about the girl who was my twin...

I flip through the pages and find a section reading, "Behind Elsa's Actress: Elizabeth". I purse my lips together for a moment, pondering if I should read about her freshman year...

I start to read it when a hand touches my shoulder, making me jump. I turn around and see a store clerk standing there, her brown hair in a neat bun.

"Excuse me, is there anything I can help with?" Her eyes fall on the magazine in my hand. "Oh, that magazine is from three years ago... weird that it was on the shelf." She takes it out of my hands. "Here, I'll get rid of this for you."

"I... umm..." I pause. "Nevermind. Um, thanks."

"You're welcome. Do tell me if you would like some assitance." She then turns and walks back to the counter, tossing the magazine into the trash can. I bite my bottom lip before heading out into the actual mall, wondering around until I found the food court, which was on the opposite end of the mall. I slump into a chair, holding my head in my hands.

A tap on my shoulder makes me turn around. A male looking not much older than 18 smiles, his brown hair cropped to the left.

"Hi," he says, pulling up the seat next to me. "You looked a little troubled, wondered if I could help."

"I... um..." I start but pause. "What... what's your name?"

He pauses for a moment. "Nicholas. But you can call me Nick," he says with a small smile. "And I was wondering if you wanted help."

"You probably wouldn't know, any way..." I sigh, leaning my head into my arms. Nick puts a hand under my chin, lifting my head up.

"Well, if you tell my your name and what's bothering you, maybe I can help."

"Amber," I reply. "And you won't believe it... The girl who died a few weeks back, Liza... she's been visiting me... but now she's gone... and I need to know her, but every time I get close to knowing anything on her, something changes and I get nothing out of it."

"Well, I can help. She and I were... close." He pauses, eyeing me. "You remind me of her..."

"Um... yeah, been told that a few times... So what do you know about her?"

"Freshman year she won Homecoming Queen. She then went to play Elsa in the school musical, Frozen. Sophmore year, she played Audrey is Little Shop of Horror and worked as stage director for Figments. Junior year she joined Chorus and was a lead singer for at least every concert, as well as most of Senior year." He shrugs. "She was a good person. Got Prom Princess Junior year, was on the ballit for Prom Queen... Everyone knew her and everyone loved her."

"Oh..." I murmur softly. "What... what was she like, personality wise?"

"Smart, funny, cute... she was everything you could ever want in someone. Something that people abused... especially her boyfriend."

"Who was her boyfriend?" I ask, gaping.

"His name was..." He stops for a moment before smiling, a twisted smile that makes my blood run cold. I make a grab for my purse, trying to stumble away as Nick smiles. "Nick."

"That... that's a coincidence," I say, my voice shaking as I try to give a laugh. Nick smiles.

"So is your age. You are so funny, Diana."

"Stop it..."

"I'm not 18 like they assume. I'm so much older... caused the accident that killed the original Diana, your mother." I am trying to get away but his voice follows. "25 is your age, so well hidden, Diana the second." I start to pick up more speed, running into the Spencer's before heading towards the back, which is regretable on every level. I rummage through my purse, finding my panic button and hitting it a few times in quick succession of each other.

I start hearing him talk again but it stops when the store clerk comes over. "What are you doing on the floor?"

"I... I'm sorry." She offers me her hand, pulling me to my feet. "I fell."

"Right... Well, unless you're gonna buy something, I would leave before my boss gets mad."

"Right, okay..." I walk quickly towards the entrance before looking around, locating a Journey's. I'm about to head over there when someone grabs my hand.

"Amber!" Henry shouts. "Where is the danger?"

"He's over-" I start but look at the food court, finding it empty. "He was right there... he knew everything about me... my age, my heritage... my name..."

Henry sighs. "I knew keeping you here wasn't good... Come on, we are going to Tenessee." He starts to pull at my arm.

"No!" I shout, yanking free. "Stop it. I'm not a lap dog. I'm finishing up semester here and then returning home," I say, my voice cracking. "Do patrols, do whatever. Just don't move me again."

Henry looks ready to object but sighs. "Head home, everyone," he replies and I realize the amount of cops that were everywhere. I bite my bottom lip as Henry looks at me. "Well? Are we going home or do you need to pick some stuff up?"

"I'm just going to look around. You can head home."

"I'm not leaving."

"I'm going bra shopping."

Henry turns slightly pink. "I'll be in the bookstore."

"Have fun." I then turn on my heels, hurrying away towards the bra store but take a quick turn into Claire's to look at some earrings.

"Bras... dear lord, men are gullible." I shake my head and start to relax as I browse the small corner store. I pick out a couple cute pairs of earrings and a cute little small stuffed owl I saw last second and pay for them before leaving Claire's, heading towards wherever Henry was.

Maybe now I can relax with someone armed so close by...

How To Heal A Broken Leg and A Discouraged Heart - Jen's POV

It's hell to pay when you sit in the therapist's office, tapping your knee and ankle to only get a tiny shift. She just keeps reassuring it's okay. I just sigh and look away only to be pulled back into reality again.

"At least you are getting some sensation," She starts, pulling her hair back.

"Yeah.." I muster, looking down at my damn useless feet.

"It's okay hun', we'll try the hardest to make these work but I don't know if you'll be able to get them to work by-"

I sigh, pulling myself up. 

"Come one one more time, please." 

I pull my body up, before the therapist frantically grasping my arms, myknees buckle before I fall back on the ground again.

"Shit..." I mumble as she struggles lifting me up. She lifts me up only half way as I fall back into my wheelchair.

"Don't ever do that again." Her voice tone changes, her eyes glaring at me through thick frames.

I roll my eyes, starting to wheel down the hallway. 

Her heel hits my wheel, causing my chair to tilt.

I look up at her scowl, muttering every curse word I can think of before groaning.

"My damn appointment is over." 

As soon as Eli walks up, I pull a lock of hair behind my ear, looing up at her with a smirk. You could tell that she wanted to curse me out in the middle of the hallway.

"Oh my god..." Eli mutters, looking at first the nurse and then me. "What happened?" 

"How about you ask that to Dr. Taylor over here."

She opens her mouth to say something and then storms out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

"So I'm guessing therapy didn't go well?" Eli starts, laughing.

"Yeah.." I mutter.

"Well, at least we're going home after this." 

"About that," I start, pulling the business cards from my cardigan's pocket. "We might be heading out to Miami in a couple days?" 

His eyes widen, yanking the card out of my hand. "No way Jen..Iggy Azalea. Isn't like-that one of the most anticipated parties of the year?" 

I nod, smiling and biting my bottom lip.

"Oh my gosh Jen." He looks over, pulling me closer before smiling. "That's amazing."

"Yeah....but look who's going there in this thing." I mutter, pulling my brakes away, heading outside.

"It's okay Jen, I'm sure they'll work soon..." 

My frustration kills me as I blink away tears and unidentifiable anger.

How I wish they could work and to run away.

Look what sort of person who's going to party.

I ignore the words as he grabs the handle of my wheelchair with his working arm, sighing.

"Trust me, it'll be fine. I promise you it will be fun." He smiles softly. I nod, even though I couldn't disagree more. 

I don't hear any words as we walk to the car and drive home-only the sound of slamming doors.

How much pain it will be to go to Miami-how I lied to Summer...

She would kill me if she found out would she?

I put on a smile and convince myself I'm alright, pushing the feelings aside. 

"How was therapy?" Summer asks, running down the stairs.

"It was great," I nod, pushing my wheelchair slowly.

"Can't wait until this weekend." She beams.

"Me too." I smile and maybe for once I actually believe it. 

Misery Business - Summer's POV (Kind of long, to make up for missed time.)

"Misery Business" by Paramore is the song next on my playlist from my headphones.

I sigh, pouring myself a bowl of Honey Combs and wondering what to do today.

I shrug, shoving a spoonful of cereal in my mouth and walking over to the couch, turning on the TV to Teen Wolf. Wrapped in a blanket, I look over to my phone.


1:20 p.m.

The doorbell rings and I heave a sigh, setting the porcelain bowl on the coffee table and dragging myself to the front door. Pulling open the handle, a mailman dressed in blue looks at me.

"Can you sign here?" He asks after a while of examining my messy hair and pajamas, pointing to a line on a clipboard. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion, groggily rub at my eyes and press the pen to the paper, writing a sloppy signature.

"Thanks," He says, giving me a white card. I shake my head at it but close the door, shifting inside of my comforter which drags across the floor behind me. I flop onto the couch once more and rip open the envelope, not even looking at the sender address. My heart skips a beat when I remember the event.

Sure enough, three crisp, pink tickets lay propped against the envelope wall in a neat row. I pull them out, my eyes skimming over the words.

I think about screaming for once but then put the thought aside. My mother would kill me.

"You're invited," I whisper, my breath bouncing off of my lips as I repeat each word on the page with a sore throat.


You're invited to one of the most biggest, most all-out and ultimate party hosted by Iggy Azalea. Come join us in South Beach, Miami, FL, east of Collins Avenue.

Let's get wild."

I calm myself down, refraining from bursting into a fit of screams of joy.

Crap, I need an outfit.

A short outfit.

Tight outfit?

How am I supposed to make a good impression for the most popular celebrity around?

Pushing myself off of the couch, I finish my breakfast and shove the bowl into the sink before running upstairs and into my bedroom.

I literally pull out everything from my closet and dressers, spending about five minutes doing so. Afterwards, I'm left with a gigantic pile of all sorts of clothes.

I sit with my legs criss-crossed, pulling out flannels and T-shirts. My phone vibrates on my bed and I crawl over to it, slumping against my headboard.

Summer can you make me Chex?

I don't reply but continue sorting through clothes. My phone buzzes again.

Stop avoiding me, I can obviously hear you doing something in your room.

What do you want? I send a text back.


I groan, grabbing Eleanor and Park and walking over to her bedroom, throwing it at a lump concealed in her sheets. She scoffs under the covers.

"You shouldn't hit an injured person."

"I gave you back the book I borrowed, that you annoyed me about wanting to read for the past four nights?" I say blantly, rolling my eyes as if stating the obvious. I go down to the kitchen and swoop off the box from the pantry before filling it up and pouring milk into it before returning and sitting on the edge of her bed.

"Here's your cereal, you twat," I say playfully, but handing her the bowl. She scowls at me.

"Why did the doorbell ring earlier?" She asks, and I pull out the envelope.

"The party's Saturday night," I say, pausing while pulling out the three cards. She instantly grabs at them with an astonished glint in her eyes.

"But today's Friday..."

"Yeah, we sort of have to book a ticket and fly over tonight...? Plane tickets are in there too...only problem is convincing mom into letting us go..."


"Crappity-crappers." I murmur, my white comforter still hugging onto my shoulders. I'm surprised it didn't fall off yet, let alone end up on one of the stairs while I was coming up.

"She's definitely not gonna let me go, not like this," She says, sadness hiding behind her brown eyes. My hazel ones fall onto the floor and I'm starting to feel she doesn't want to go.

"Maybe she will."

"It'll suck, though."

"Is this about you?" I blurt out, my eyes flickering up to hers. She looks at me. "No."

"Jen, if you don't want to go-"

"I want to go, okay?" She snaps back.

"Then actually make an effort to go. When I want to do stuff I really want to do, I find a way. I don't let obstacles hold me back. If you sincerely want to go to this party, then go to the darn thing. Not because you're in a wheelchair or mom says so. This is about you. This isn't mom's ticket, it's yours." I say somewhat sternly, although refrain from grinning smugly from my assertiveness. She falls back into her pillow, her head sinking into it.

"It's just- ugh, I'm practically paralyzed and I just want my damn legs to walk again." She says, looking at the ceiling with a blank expression. I look at the ground. Guilt tugs at me.

"I know you do..." I murmur. "Hey, remember that time we went to Disney World when we were - what, ten? I was as sick as a dog, but I still wanted to go, even if mom persisted for me to stay home. Fun isn't something you can just put on pause, you know? Especially for something like this. This has a set day, it's either you go or a no-show. Plus, who doesn't want to meet a female rapper with amazing hair?"

"Nobody," She responds, half-smiling. I feel a grin tug up at the corners of my mouth.

"Then let's rock this thing."

It was Saturday night. Booming music echoed and we weren't even outside of the hotel yet. Jen said she'd come to the hotel later because she needed to meet up with Eli first - which was annoying the whole plane ride since they practically made out with intense PDA the whole time - but I agreed anyway.

I looked into the mirror, the indigo dress I had picked out practically hugging my body. It was strapless and the top part of it was neatly formed with purple satin, but still wasn't extremely revealing. A silver belt decorated in shimmering sequins wrapped around five inches above my waist, and the bottom part was flared with several, poofy and wavy layers of different types of shades of violets and blues, which swished with every step I took and hovered on my thigh, quite a distance above my knees. Paired with some navy blue pumps that surprisingly matched the outfit, I pulled a double-finger ring onto my middle and ring finger, where a small infinity symbol expanded over on my right hand. My hair, which I didn't cut in years and I had recently added caramel highlights to was curled into thick, fat defined ringlets that fell over my back and hung just a little above my waist. My makeup was done smokey-eyed like, and my lips were just an electric fuschia color. I smirked in satisfaction before hooking on some diamond studs into my ears and grabbing my handbag, walking out the door.

Arriving at what I assume is where the party is being held due to the security guards and extremely loud, blaring music, I pull out my pink ticket and strut up confidently. A security guard raises one of their eyebrows.

"What are you, thirteen?"

I could really kick him in a certain place.

"Sixteen." I reply bluntly, crossing my arms in front of my chest after handing him the invitation. He looks down at it before stepping aside.

"Guess I'm not really thirteen now, am I?" I mutter crossly while pushing past him and into a place that is literally so large I could host my wedding in here with the rest of the people on the face of the Earth.

Fancy by, of course, Iggy, was playing loudly with thousands of people laughing and talking. I slide past a couple who are all over eachother and almost gag in disgust, put proceed over to the drinks.

Wouldn't be surprised if none of them were non-alcoholic.

I look around and see tons of celebrities. One that stands out the most is the entire group of One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and basically each celebrity thats incredibly famous.

Picking up a cup full of red liquid, I take a sip before making a weird hacking noise and throwing it into the trash.

I just took a swig of a freaking jello shot. Wonderful.

My throat basically dying of thirst, I swallow dryly and stand in the corner, swaying back and forth to music.

I Want to Scream and Shout... Literally - Amber's POV

I sit around as the stage director for the play I was casted in last second due to Liza's death and disappearance around a month ago. I'm one of the main female roles, which isn't many, any way. I play Milady, who is the main badass, who is female, and was perfect for Liza, not myself. They died my hair red, like they were going to for Liza, but it just isn't the same. It doesn't feel right...

"Everyone needs to focus, opening night is tomorrow," stresses the director, who is also the drama teacher. "And if we can't put this production on, then it will have been for nothing." She looks over to the Stage Manager, Michelle, who crying softly, her show bible open as she works on changing some things. Probably because of me... because of me, no one can get over Liza...

"Alright, Amber, Blake, please just start from the beginning of scene 8."

I stand up, the blue 17th century dress they put me in moving with each movement, the heeled boots a quiet clacking noise against the stage.

I pull out a tea-stained paper in which "Carte Blanche" are written across the top. I scan it for a moment before hearing the first footstep.

"Who's there?" I question. I get no reply. "I said who's th-" I turn around, looking at Blake, who was playing Athos, the leader and one of the three musketeers. "The Comte de la Fere!"

"Your husband, once upon a time," Blake says snidely.

"But I thought you were-" I start but he interrupts me.

"Dead? Sorry to disappoint." He gives me a sad smile and I scream, lunging at him. He grabs my wrists, throwing me to the ground.

"My name is Athos now! Just as your's was Anne de Breuil." He glares at me from the stage. "I loved you once. I would have moved the world for you."


"I thought I killed you once... But either I was mistaken... or the Devil himself resurrected you."

I grab the dagger, concealed in my boot. I stand up, putting fake tears into my eyes. "I loved you, Fredrick... I still do..." I lunge at him by "Athos" is faster, throwing the knife out of my hand and slamming me to the ground again.

"Oh I hate you! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!" I scream. "I was young and I could have changed! But you! You hung me up and left me for dead!"

"Hand me the documents," Blake says softly.


"Athos" pulls out a small gun. "Hand me the documents or I'll blow your brains out. You know I will, just give me an excuse! GO ON, MAKE A MOVE!"

There is a seconds pause. Beat, two seconds. I grab the documents, folded carefully to fit down the inside of my dress. I throw them on the ground. "There..."

He makes a move to grab them. The moment he grabs all three, I lunge, screaming. Blake manages to get his back to the audience when a gunshot echoes out of the speakers. He screams and I stand up, racing over to the knife sitting on the floor and running off stage.

After scene 8 finished and we started going into scene 9, I run to the other side of the stage through the mirror room, connecting both sides. I stand by the staircase as I listen for my cue.

"Yes, Reverend Mother," I hear Eden say as I start walking up the stage. Emilia, who plays the Abbess for the play, turns around and smiles. "Oh, there you are. Come in, come in."

I walk down the stairs, back onto stage. "I'm sorry to intrude, Reverend Mother, but I have found myself in the wake of a storm and require shelter for the night."

"Oh, no problem, no problem!" she says, ushering me to a table located Up-Stage Right. I sit down on the chair located closest to the off-stage area as Emilia sits down. "So I hear you are from Paris? Where you there when there was an attempt of the King's life?"

"Oh indeed. It was... very frightful," I say, putting on an act.

"Oh of course! I hear the assassin was a woman!" Emilia smiles and I put on the best smile that could be mustered by the lady she was talking about. "Of course, she's bound to slip up some time... I can only imagine what they'll do to the girl! I almost feel sorry for the poor thing."

"I wouldn't, if I were you. Perhaps she's just had a very difficult life."

"Well, that might by true, but, in face of the law, both are the same, I'm afraid." Emilia shakes her head. "She's made the Cardinal happy by trying to kill the king, though." She quickly covers her mouth. "Oops, I shouldn't have said that, should I of?"

"It's quite alright," I say, laughing as I lean forward. "The Cardinal has also made my life... very difficult."

Emilia looks around. "You know... there is another novice here in hiding, too. She's from Paris herself, her name is Constance Bonacieux. Would you like to meet her?"

"I would love to," I say with a wicked smile that Emilia doesn't even notice. She runs off and returns with Eden. "Here we are. Constance, la Countess de Winter."

"It's good to finally meet you at last," I say, standing up and walking over.

"At last?" Eden asks.

"When the Abbey said your name, I just knew it was you. Afterall, I've seen you at court."

"At court?" Emilia asks, gapping.

"She's lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne," I reply.

"No! You never told me that!" Emilia says, elbowing Eden softly.

"I-I didn' think it was important," Eden says, stumbling.

I look at Eden who pulls a tea-stained letter out of her dress. She hands it to me. "We're to be married. He's coming with his friend Athos and the others. Do you see?"

I scan the letter, written in Jakey's scribbles. "I... see..." I murmur softly.

Eden takes back the letter. She pauses. "Wait, listen, I hear horses!" She takes off for the off-stage but I grab her, pulling her back.

"Ah, no! Wait! Let me see. You did say the Cardinal was looking for you. If they caught even the slightest glimpse of you, you'd be in trouble."

"But I-"

"I'll only take a small peek." I head offstage for a second before running back on. "Oh no! It's the Cardinal himself!"

"Oh no!"

"Come with me! I have a carriage outback that will take us straight to a town not far from here. I now it well." I grab her arm. "Now wil you come on?!"

"I can't move! I'm too afraid to move!"

"But you must!" I shout, yanking.

"No! Go on without me! I... I'll be fine."

I think fast, or at least Milady does. "Alright... alright, just calm down." I walk over, kneeling next to her. "Now close your eyes." Eden looks at me, terrified. "Close them." She does so. "Good... Now continue to breathe, in and out, in and out. You're doing beautifully." I wak over to a goblet, twisting the ring open and spilling poison into the cup. I pick it up and walk it over to Eden. "Now, open your eyes." She does so. "And drink this."


"It will help calm your nerves," I reply.

"But I really don't want to-"

"Just drink it!" I pause. "You have to trust me. Soon this will all be a dream." Eden looks at the cup, taking it out of my hands with hesitation. She looks at the contents and hesitates again before drinking it. Then I hear Jakey from off-stage.

"Constance! Constance can you hear me?!" he shouts.

"That's d'Artagnan's voice." She moves towards the sound of his voice as I grab her, pulling her with me. "What are you doing?!"

"Oh, the christ of the devil." I pull her with me. "shut up, you stupid fool."

"What are you doing?" I cover her mouth as she shouts. "D'ARTAGNAN!"

I pull her off-stage and smile for a moment, but then remember that I was just the replacement for Liza. I was never going to be her... Where was she, any way? She's been gone for a week...

I wrestle with Haley as she tries to stab me with my own dagger. I pull my shoulder up to hide the fact that I won't actually get stabbed as she puts it against my neck, killing Milady.

Haley pauses. "And that's for trying to kill me." I keep myself still as Constance and d'Artagnan have their scene center stage before "Athos" says, "This isn't how it should have ended.... not for any of us."

They then care off Eden before carrying off myself. I stand up and smile, hugging everyone. "We are so ready for this show tomorrow." But there again is my frown. Ever growing as I try not to realize that no matter how hard I try, I'm still the understudy.

They only picked me because I looked like Liza, didn't need to take new pictures for the cast list or readjust dresses to my size. No, because all I ever am is an understudy, no matter how important my genes are...

I change into my jeans and tank, hanging the blue dress up as I let these thoughts swarm. I give a quick goodbye to our director, stage manager, and assistant stage manager before leaving. As I walk, I have my earbuds in, music blasting "Scream and Shout" in my ears.

That's why I'm startled so badly...

"Diana, I can help you not  be some understudy. Just think what you and I can do together," says a voice. I look around before turning up the volume. I then realize that it can't go higher than it was at that moment.

"Perhaps a little terror, a little razzledazzle... Maybe even... your death could change your look. But no one would know..."

"Shut up, shut up, shut up," I mutter but I can't hear myself over my music. I must sound like a raging lunatic. I start running and I can still hear. "You can't run!"

I start running faster before I see my house in the distance. Just a little shorter distance...

I run into the door of my front porch, opening it and slamming it shut. I catch my breath before putting on a smile. "Hi, mum," I say, still calling her mum even though she isn't. She knows it, too. "I uh, got out early."

She nods and heads back to the kitchen, probably cocking some random dish. I sigh in relief and head up to my room.

"All it takes is for you to give the word, and I'll kill you within a flash."

"Shut up and go away." He cackles and I close my eyes. "Go away... go away, go away!" He suddenly disappears, but my mum does appear.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, sorry," I reply, grabbing my textbook from my bag. "It was absolutely nothing."

This Is Getting Awkward... - Jen's POV

I feel like a doll, with my bodycon dress that would easily comes half way down my thigh. It's tight and much to my disgust, my curves show. I groan, grabbing the wheelchair in pure disgust. 

Eli has been in the other room while I (struggle) to change, pulling my earrings, sighing. 

When I happen to wheel out, his eyes widen as I sigh.

"Stop looking at me like that." I roll my eyes, wheeling out of the room and into the elevator. Eli happens to get in it as the doors are about to close. 

"Who do you think is there?" Eli asks, trying to start a conversation.

A little too annoyed than I intended, I muter "Summer said practically everyone you can think of." 

He nods, biting his lip. Looking away, I just look down, waiting for the doors to open.

With a satisfying click they do and I speed off, heading to the car. Eli runs to catch up, pulling his keys out of his pocket. Being parked in the front of the hotel, he unlocks it before I arrive at the door. 

Eli opens it for me, helping me in. I pull at my dress as I sit down and buckle in while he throws the wheelchair in the trunk. 

I fumble with the radio stations as he starts the car, as it automatically turns on a Death Metal station.

"This is crap." I mutter, turning on the Alternative station that I found.

He rolls his eyes as he pulls out, looking out at signs, promising he knows the way. He takes 4 wrong turns before finally arriving at a mansion, packed with limos and gorgeous convertibles. 

Pulling the wheelchair out of the car, I manage to move my legs lightly so it's easier for him to lift me up and put me in the chair. 

"Here. This looks...."

"Amazing." I finished, clasping my hands together. "I wonder who's here..." 

I try to race off, but his hands grip the handles tightly, causing me to tip slightly backwards. He rolls his eyes, wheeling me slowly to the front door. 

Fumbling through my purse as we wait in line, I find them, crumpled. I am not the most organized person...

As he starts his sentence, I shove the tickets into his hand and smile. 

His eyes look at me. "How old are you."

"16." I mutter, already speeding off. Eli smiles as the guard lets him in also.

"Oh my god look at all these people like..."

I turn around, gazing at the entire room illuminated in purple light. 

"Where's Summer though?" Eli asks over the music blasting. 

I search, then locate her at the right side of the room.

"Over here, I beam, looking at Eli.

Not noticing where I was going, I hit someone's leg and in complete embarassment my speech start to slip. "I'm really sorry I...I...just-"

That's when he turns around. My face turns completely red and I know it.

"Who is that?' Eli asks, but I just ignore him.

"Oh my god...I'm really sorry just..." 

His Australian accent responds, "It fine. What's your name?"

"I'm Jen." I smile, pulling a lock of hair behind my ear. "It would be stupid if I asked yours..."

"Yeah basically everyone knows who we are now." Ashton mutters. 

Wait, all of them are here?

"Yeah...I love your songs by the way. Especially Voodoo Doll and Good Girls..." 

I pause biting my lip. 

"Well, I'm glad to see a fan here, it seems like all of these people are celebrities." He laughs before gazing downward. "But if you don't mind me did you get in the wheelchair?" 

My eyes widen. "It was a car crash, I mean... it really sucks, I can't walk or anything..." My speech diminishes at the end as I feel tears welling in my eyes.

"I'm sorry, that must really suck....but to make up for it, would you like to meet the rest of the band?" 

Oh my god...I could  meet Calum....

"Yeah..yeah...that would be amazing thank you." 

He directs me to the side of the stage, where he nods at me. "This is Jen guys and she likes our music and like...she seems really awesome." I blush.

"Hey it's nice to meet you." Calum walks over, as I try not to melt just a tiny bit.

Then for a moment I realize that I left Eli...

I see  him radiating in anger as he walks away, trying to find some famous celebrity, he manages to find Ariana Grande in the midst and before long they are laughing and talking.

If he wants to play the jealousy game, let him be.

I'm just going to make the best of tonight and meet 5SOS.

With The Boys - Summer's POV

Walking down a bright hallway, I look at my surroundings.

Am I even supposed to be here?

One moment I'm looking for the bathroom, the next I'm ending up on an area that's probably off premises.

Frowning, I take a left turn and bump into a security guard. Crap.


"Who are you? What are you doing here?"

"Uh, I was just looking for the bathroom."

"Well, you're out of luck, bud. No bathroom here. Nobody is allowed here, so I'm afraid to say that you'll be escorted's against the rules."

Looking at the ground, I think of a distraction before unzipping my handbag, causing all of my change to roll out, and luckily, one of the dimes rolls behind him.

"Ugh, my dumb purse. Do you think you can get that for me, you kind sir?" I ask, batting my eyelashes.

Staring at me for a few seconds, he turns on his heels and while he's walking down, I instantly run down the hall to my left. Whoever the security guard is, I hear him yell at me, but I don't stop. I'm not getting escorted out of this party. Not yet.

My heels killing my feet and causing them to throb ever so sorely, I push open a door forcefully, taking one last look behind me before locking it.

Panting, I pull out my phone and dial Jen's number, the bitter smell giving me an asumption that I'm in the janitor's closet.


"Jen," I inhale deeply. "Jen where are you?"

"With 5 Seconds of Summer...why?"

"Where are you all hanging out?"

"In a room backstage." She pauses, and I bite my lip as I hear footsteps come from behind me. "Summer, are you okay?"

"Do you know which room you're in?" I ask quickly, zipping up a blue janitor outfit over my lavender dress and pulling on some baggy pants, covering my feet.

"Uh, 314B. It's kind of-"

Banging on the door interrupts our conversation and I begin to panic, clearing my throat.

"Yeah, whatever. I'm kind of in a hurry right now so I'll see you when I see you," I mutter under my breath, tying my hair and pulling a hat over my head, the brim hiding my hazel eyes.

"Wait, Summer-" The door opens and I inhale sharply, keeping my head on the ground. I don't even notice the name tag on my shirt.

"Fernando, what are you doing in here? The stage needs to be mopped." The same hoarse, rough voice from earlier says, and I squeeze my eyes shut, a large broom in my grip.

Nodding silently, I clear my throat, my head still low.

Pushing past him, I quickly walk down the hallway and once my eyes latch onto a set of stairs, I turn around, the guard no longer there. Unzipping the outfit and tossing the hat behind me, I prop the broom up against the wall and sprint up the stairs, pulling down the handle to a door that leads back to the dance floor.

Was I really just on the ground floor? Ugh.

Muttering "sorry" and "excuse me" to different people dancing on eachother, I use my hand to push away a large black curtain and look for the room 314B. Laughter emerges from a room in an opposite direction and I figure that's where they are.

My heels clicking against the black tile, I take in a deep breath before opening the door slightly, and everyone has eyes on me. I shoot Jen an explain-what's-going-on look and she rolls her eyes.

"Uh...are you supposed to be here?" Michael asks, and before another one can add to that, Jen re-assures them.

"This is Summer. She's my sister."

"Oh, that's the girl you were on the phone with?" Calum asks, and she nods, her cheeks red. Realizing that I'm still holding me breath, I exhale deeply, walking over to Jen. Luke and Ashton are sitting on some random leather couch.

"She's gorgeous."

I smile and Jen shoots daggers at me, some obvious signal for me not to flirt with him because according to her, he's hers. I give her an apologetic look, mumbling a soft "I can't help it," before sitting down on a black stool.

"So, two fans?"

"Yep." Jen and I say in unison, and I rub my elbow awkwardly.

"I'm guessing you both are in High School?"

"Yeah, in our Senior Year," I answer, running my fingers through my hair. Calum smiles.


"Not really...things have gone...rather crazy." Jen murmurs, and he places his hand on top of hers.

"Maybe you should forget about things, as long as you're with us?"

Her frown instantly springs up into a grin and I roll my eyes. She's head over heels.

It is quite exciting to meet, them, though, not to mention my celebrity crush on Luke Hemmings.

Michael spins around in a rolling chair, twirling around repeatedly before tossing a blue ball into the air and catching it with his right hand.

"We should play a truth or dare."

"Is that seriously all you suggest when you're around females?" Ashton asks through a laugh, and Michael smiles.

"Sometimes. I mean, it's all up to the girls. They should get to choose what they want to do."

Jen looks at me, an expression that's obviously pleading for me to agree.

I shift in the chair before nodding my head.

"Okay. Truth or Dare sounds alright."

"Alright, who goes first..." Michael says, scanning over each face before landing on Jen.

"Jen, truth or dare?" He asks softly.


That's a first.

"I dare youuu...." He emphasizes the "you" before altering his line of vision to Calum. "To kiss Calum."

Jen immediately turns pink and I have to hold a breath in to prevent from bursting into laughter.


I know that she secretly wants to explode in happiness, even though she holds a scowl on her face. Surrounding "ooh"s go around the room and I begin giggling.

"You guys agreed to play," He replies, raising an eyebrow before shrugging.

"Plus, you're the first girl who would do it with hesitation."

A small chuckle escapes my mouth and I stop after Jen looks in my direction.

"Don't worry, you don't have to do it if you don't want to," Calum suggests, sticking his hands into his pockets. She's quick to open her mouth.

"N-No it's fine. I don't wanna look like a wimp...I doesn't bother me to do the dare..."

Of course not.

They lean in, and he presses his lips to hers, and Ashton wolf whistles. Pulling away, both of their cheeks are a bright bubble-gum pink, and I laugh before she looks at me.

"Truth or Dare, Summer?"

She gives me an if-you-don't-pick-the-right-answer-I-will-cut-you look, and I bite my lip.


"I dare you to kiss Luke Hemmings for exactly three minutes."

"Very funny, Jen-"

"I'm serious." She says abruptly, before smirking in satisfaction.

What an amazing sister I have.

Walking over to the rolling chair Luke's sitting is, I take a seat on his lap in a somewhat nonchalant manner and take in a deep breath.

This may or may not turn into one of the best moments of my life.

Closing my eyes, my heart going at 696070 beats per minute with adrenaline rushing through me, he brushes his delicate, plump lips against mine and I can hear Jen giggle. Bringing my right hand up to rest against his neck, I kiss him back softly as his hand grips onto my waist and I swear Jen is so going to get hurt once we're away from the crew.

I cup his cheek with my free hand and the smooch gets a little more fervid for the last few seconds and a ton of wolf whistles revolve around us, causing me to smile through the kiss.

Pulling away but only two inches, I get the sudden urge to lean in for more but Jen yanks at my arm and I stand up.

"...That was five minutes, you guys." Ashton says, his eyes widened.

"Didn't even feel like two," I say, out of breath, right before my phone rings. "Hold on, I have to take this."

Finally back outside in the hall, I put the phone up to my ear.


"Hi, is this Julian Smith?"

I nearly drop the phone at a certain sight.I

"N-No. Wrong number." I say, ending the phone call. Jen rolls outside, tugging at my dress.

"Hey, what's-"

Her jaw drops when she sees the exact same thing.

Sasha Pieterse and Eli having a hell of a time making out.

Just Want To Be Alone - Jen's POV

Blinded with tears and unfounded fury, I pull Eli away from their insuperable kiss and with the sad look in her pale blue eyes, I sigh shakily, trying not to show any weakness whatsoever.

The lights dim as a slow dance comes on. Dragging him away, I know that they would dance with each other, kiss under the lights – like he did to me on homecoming. Scoffing at the thought, I find a corner with no people whatsoever and pull him to the side, promising myself that I won't shatter.

“What the hell was that?” I mutter, shooting a glare at his flushed face.

“You were the one flirting with that other celebrity. ” His voice trips.

“Calum. But I didn't make out with him like you did with her.” My voice strengthens.

“She was ten times better than a kiss you ever gave me.” He shouts, yet the last word is drawn out.

Mortified, I feel my heart skip a beat. How I wish I could cry...

“Shut up. Tell me how good a kiss it was. I can't believe I wasted practically all of my high school years on such an ass.”

“I can't believe I ever liked someone as weak as you.” His speech hushes completely before I turn to him.

“Weak?” I mutter in disgust.

“No, Jen...” He states, stumbling over to me.

“You...” I stutter, trying to place my thoughts together. “You just go back to her. If that's what you want. Thanks for the memories you ass.”

I turn my wheelchair around, as he glares down at me. Then I realize that stupid sympathetic face.

“Jen, I swear Jen it's not what you think.” The gears change when he realizes that it won't work for him to argue with me.

“Leave me alone.” I grit my teeth.

He spins the wheelchair to face him and he pauses his words.

“Wait a second...” He runs off. I groan, taking him leaving as a way to escape. I wheel away quickly, hoping to avoid him for the rest of the night. My eyes are blinded by strobe lights. Summer stands in the middle of the room, Luke holding her softly. They start a full on make out session before Eli runs into me.

“I told you to leave me alone.”

“Calm down Jen....” His voice slips.

“Stop it.”

“I brought you a freaking drink.”

I glance at him suspiciously. No, I don't want it.”

“Come on...she had one.”

“Don't you ever compare me to her again. Don't even talk to me Eli, I don't care anymore.”


“Stop acting like you care, because it's obvious you don't!” I yell. “Go make out with her all you want, I know how much better you like it than me.” My voice cracks. Not now...

Tears blankly fall as I turn away. “Go find someone else.” I say with every ounce of strength I have.

Finding a closet in a beige hallway, I wheel in and lock the door behind me. The smell of leather is suffocating, but I pull my face into my hands and start to sob.

“He's such an ass...” I take my phone out and delete every photo I ever took with him and throw it against the wall. I don't even care if it – I hear some glass crack and know I am screwed.

I just sit there, deleting his contact on a cracked screen and pretend not to hear the knocking on the door.

“Eli, just freaking leave me alone.”

Something clicks as I see Summer walk in with flushed cheeks. “I heard you were in here...”

“Who cares, all I want to be is left alone.”

“That's not going to help you. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you can't just ignore it because of some guy.” “You don't even understand Summer, you don't even know my pain.”

She stands in silence before I start crying again. “Come on Jen...”

“Leave me the hell alone.” I yell.

With saddened eyes, she shuts the door, but almost as soon as she does I hear footsteps approach her.

“Hey Summer, is Jen okay, I mean...” The voice is definitely Eli's. “No, maybe you should I don't know, leave her alone. Plus you already have another girlfriend anyway.”

The door opens and much to my disgust he walks in.

“Jen, okay, her and I are not a couple, okay?” “You still enjoyed that kiss.” I mumble. “More than mine.” I sniff, my shoulders collapsing. “That's not true.”

“You said it was.”

He leans in and kisses me for a moment, yet it seems like eternity. I pull away. “I can understand why. Since I am some weak, little, b to you aren't I? Just admit it now and we could finally get this freaking relationship over with.”

His eyes water as he looks down.

“What are you even doing?” I mutter under my breath before I notice his phone. He deletes every photo from tonight except mine.

“You looked fine tonight I don't know why I just...”

“Ruined it? I would really like to know why too.”

“Shut up, you just proved to me I was wrong.”

“You were wrong. Maybe that's why we're breaking up tonight.”

I can see his chest collapse and he winces in pain.

“Jen...please don't say...”

“We're breaking up.” My voice finally breaks again, causing sobs to break out. He holds me for a few moments before placing a kiss on my forehead.

I don't know if he's thinking the same thing as I am, but I gaze up at him. Please tell me we'll think differently tomorrow.

But I think both of us know that even if it does, that kiss will never feel the same.


It's only when I stop crying when Eli says something.

"Jen, please,"

My face is flushed as I bite my lip to prevent it from quivering. He still holds me, looking straight into space, I am glad however, if he did, I wouldn't want to see it. I've heard him whisper words or try to think he's strong before collapsing.

I lay my head on his shoulder as silent tears fall.

"I don't think you can disprove that her kiss was better than mine, you already said it," 

"It was a mistake...."

I bite my lip and cry into his tee shirt, wanting to wake up and know this isn't real.

What I could kill for him again...

Just a Normal School Day - Summer's POV

Jen’s sobbing is heard from where I’m standing and I sigh, trying to figure out what to do. Pacing the halls, the rest of the crew leaving to meet other fans that decided to arrive now, I bite my lip just as my phone vibrates in my pocket.

Pulling it up to my ear, I exhale deeply.


“Summer, Age 17.”

I pause, furrowing my eyebrows. Heavy breathing is all I hear on the other line before they speak again.

“I know you’re there. I’m looking right at you.”

“If this is some lame prank call, look, I don’t have time for your bullcrap-”

“You were just walking up and down a minute ago, darling, in that little violet dress of yours.”

I banish any fearful thoughts from my mind. This obviously is a joke.

“I don’t know what you really want, you seven year old, but take your joke to someone who actually cares.”

“You’ll care when I tell you that in exactly thirty seconds, the lights where you are will all go out, and that will be my opportunity.”

“What is wrong with you?” I persist, beginning to get irritated. Nothing but more heavy breathing.

This dude has got to be kidding me.

“Whatever. Good luck with whatever burning-out-lightbulb plan you have, you lunatic.” I mumble, clicking the end call button before going back to the direction where I thought Jen and Eli were. Opening up the door, I find the place empty, just as the room goes pitch black.

I throw my hands up in the air, scoffing.

“Really?” I yell, although my heartbeat becoming faster as fear pricks at me.

“Are you even serious?”

My imagination. This has to be my imagination.

“I don’t know who you are, but I have to get home, so if you would please turn the lights back on, that’d be great, thanks.”

My phone buzzes again, and I put the phone up to my ear, pawing for the door handle. I’m not going to be in a dumb horror movie scene.

“You listen hear and you listen good,” I hiss, anger bubbling under my skin. “I don’t know how insane you are or whatever, but I don’t have time to put up with this, like I said. You might be one of the dummies at my school or something but I’m not finding this funny anymore.”

“You shouldn’t, darling. It’s not supposed to be funny.”

“Well whatever else type of vibe it’s supposed to give off isn’t working, either,” I bark, feeling for a light switch and realizing that it’s already up.

This guy wasn’t kidding.

Bile rushes at the back of my throat as I peel off my shoes from my feet, scanning my eyes around the room but to find no source of light whatsoever.

“Now, the lights will come back on, and tell me if the chair to your left has been misplaced.”

He ends the call, and I just stand there in silence. Why did Jen have to leave with Eli…

Counting in my head, the lights flicker back on and my head snaps over to the left. The chair isn’t there. I fumble for my phone, trying to call the number before seeing the name “Blocked” on the screen.

“Two can play that game,” I say under my breath, swinging the door open and using the chance to run down the hallway, just as my phone rings. I decline it.

“SCREW YOU!” I shout out, heaving myself up a pair of stairs and right when I’m about to push open through double doors, a gun cocks and something cold presses against the nape of my neck. My breathing slows down, but not enough to disguise the shakiness behind it.

“Summer, aren’t you a stupid little, innocent thing.” Something yanks at my hair and an utter cry reflects off of my lips.

“Who are you…” I say, trying to strip a pair of cold hands off of their hold on my hair.

“You’re worst nightmare.” They say, twirling me around to face them and kicking me in the abdomen, causing me to hurl to the ground with a loud thud. Familiar auburn hair shines in the moonlight and I look up at their face, although a flashlight blinds me from getting the chance.

And in the midst of the person sending an army boot flying towards my face, I realize the only option is Sapphire, that either:

  1. Did her voice to sound completely different than the original.

  2. Had someone else taunt me over the phone, or

  3. This person is my worst nightmare.

C’s the correct answer.


Jolting up from my bed with severe breathing, I press the back of my hand to my forehead to find out that I’m hot. My mother bursts through the door.

“What’s wrong?” She demands, already having a thermometer in her grip. I shake my head at her preparedness and seeing a hairtie available on the desk, with shaky hands, tie my hair up into a high ponytail.

“It was...a really bad nightmare.” I say, pulling off the covers from my sticky legs. Gosh, was it really that bad?

Her shoulders drop in relief. “Thank goodness. I thought you were ill.”

“No,” I say, a weak smile tugging at the edges of my lips. She nods, pulling at her bracelet.

“Well, I’m going to make you guys some healthy breakfast smoothies, and you can go get ready for school. You woke up quite early, I’m surprised, frankly.”

Ugh. Those green smoothies taste disgusting.

“Sorry mom.”

“Wanna talk about it?” She asks, sitting at the edge of the bed, causing the side where I was laying to sink a little to the left. I shake my head lightly.

“It’s fine. I’ll be okay.”

She purses her lips before nodding. “Alright. Get dressed, Jen’s still asleep.”

After showering, I pull at a grey knitted sweater and a plaid blue skirt, putting them on. Scooping up some hair gel, I quickly scrunch my hair to enhance my curls before putting on some diamond studs and making my way to Jen’s bedroom, slamming down on her alarm clock. She groans.


“Because it’s school...duh.”

Another groan. “Jen, we have to go,” I whine, pulling at her covers. With incredible force she pulls them back, causing me to almost lose balance.

“JEN!” I yell again, successfully grabbing her comforter and throwing it in the direction of her closet.

“Go. Get. Dressed. Or. Fail. Your. Last. Year. Of. High. School.”

“But I was dreaming about the tenth doctor.”

I cross my arms, raising an eyebrow. She sighs, pointing to the wheelchair in the corner, a signal for me to assist her. I’m practically her aid.

Walking over to it, I roll it to the side of her bed and pull out some type of pink outfit for her to wear, which she frowns about.

“Why pink?”

“Because it’s Wednesday,” I reply, rolling my eyes, smiling.

“No it’s not, It’s Monday. Now get out, I’m getting better clothes.”

“Whatever,” I mutter, closing her room door behind me before proceeding to the kitchen, downing down the green gunk so mom will actually let me off the hook. Swinging my bookbag over my shoulder, Jen hurries along, grabbing her smoothie cup and wheeling behind me to the car.

“Why do you walk so fast?” She asks, and I wait on her to fold her wheelchair so I can throw it in the back.

“I need extra credit for Mr. Gold’s class,” I say, putting the car in reverse before speeding off.

That was a lie.


Jakey pokes fun at me for more than half of the period and I roll my eyes.


“Roar what?”

“Roar means I love you in dinosaur.”

“I will literally beat you to a pulp if you give me a cheesy joke again.”

“Roar.” He replies, and when the teacher isn’t looking, I lean to the side of my desk in less than a second, pulling at his arm.

“OW.” The teacher turns around.

I sink into my chair, writing down imaginary script onto my college-ruled paper, not meeting the teacher’s eyes.

“Jake, is their a problem?”

“Uh, yeah, actually, Summer is-”

I kick at his leg from behind and he winces. “Nope, nevermind. No problem. I apologize.”

He sends me a death glare and I smile ever so innocently, just as he leans over and pulls my hair.

“Oww…you’re a meanie.”

“You’re the bully.”

I pout, not even paying attention to the smartboard. He chuckles, going back to his original spot.

“Have you gotten a new phone yet?” “No.” I lie, but he looks over at my pikachu hoodie pocket and in one swift movement, yanks my phone out.

“Liar - and a bully. That equals punishment.”

“Give me my phone back,” I complain, and other students hush me but I don’t even pay attention to them.

“Hold on.” He says, typing something.

“I broke up with you, like, since forever. Now you’re trying to get me back?”

He shrugs. “Something like that.”

Throwing my phone over to land on my desk, I save it before it can crack, cupping it in my hands. I shoot daggers at him, and he smiles.

“I would have killed you if you let that happen.”

“No you wouldn’t,” He responds.

“Why not?”

“Becauseee, everyones loves me. Nobody can hate me enough to kill me.”

The bell rings, and I rise from my seat.

“Well, update your poll. I hate you.”

“You’re lying.”

“Not really, no.”





“Check your contacts on your phone, then.”

“I’ll do it later.” I mumble, going over to my locker. He follows behind me.

“No, you’ll do it now.”

“You can’t tell me what to do.”

“‘Course I can.”


“Because, everyone loves me.”

“Newsflash, I don’t.”

“Yes you do.”

Roar yourself.” I say, pushing past him.

“Ha. I made you say it.”

“Say what?”

“‘I love you’.”

“How so?”

“Because I told you the definition earlier, and you technically just said ‘I love you yourself’, to me. I told you nobody can resist me.” He says with a smug grin on his face.

I shove him into a locker without hesitation, walking into English class.

Treacherous - Jen's POV

"What's up with her?" Whispers echo in the hallway as I pull at my scarf, trying to ignore their every word. "Heard Eli broke up with her." 

I sniff, pulling at my backpack straps. Time to drown out everything except - as I pull out my earbuds, the hallway shushes. Almost as if they know what will happen next. I spin around into Eli, who's eyebrows are furrowed. 

"Jen, I uh - need to ask you something?" 

I turn across the corner, motioning him to come with, the crowds make me feel uneased.

"Yes, Eli?" I try not to act hurt or defensive when I say it, but somehow the words get trapped that way.

His eyes widen. "Why are you always avoiding me now? Why can't you even say hello to me anymore..." He stares at his mismatched Vans, hurt. 

My chest tightens. I fall back, putting my wheelchair against the lockers, placing the brakes on. After weeks, I can stand - but only for a few minutes before my chest caves in, my breaths shorten. 

"Have you ever realized that I don't want to say anything because that will hurt me more?" I wince, trying to escape, pulling my wheelchair away, hoping to leave him, so I won't have to feel hurt everytime he sends me a flash of a smile in class.

"Jen, we broke up almost two weeks ago..." 

"So yeah, you've moved on I get it." I mumble in disgust.

Silence occurs and I know that's exactly what happened. 

Before I can catch myself, words slip out in complete awkwardness "There's no way you actually met her -" I pull back my tounge knowing I'll get that answer I don't want, that I could've easily avoided. Dammit. 

"Jen don't think that automatically. I haven't." 

"I don't want to talk Eli don't you understand..."

"Jen just listen to me okay?" His voice is harsh, piercing into me like a knife. His eyes lowerr as he scans me in a way that I could mention as disgust. 

"Dammit Eli," My weak legs stumble as I try to stand. My feet slip before I fully am able to stand. He looks at me in a puzzled expression.

My fingers curl into a fist as my breaths sharpen. "Leave me alone dammit Eli." I hold my tears back. I don't even realize what I did until I look up at his purple cheek, his eye becoming swollen. 

"" I scramble back, my feet stumbling. 

"Jen..." His eyes are glossy. 

"I didn't mean it okay?" My thoughts are scrambled, running a thousand miles in a minute as I mention one thing. "You can fight me I don't even care. I deserve it anyway." I shrug, leaning against the lockers. 

My chest pain arises, but I stand there in pieces. 

His hands are shaking. "No Jen..." 

"Please," I mouth.

He sighs and with shaking hands he punches my jaw, maybe a little too roughly. Students crowd around now as I cough up some bits of blood. "Jen..." His eyes are watery. 

"It's okay, I'm fine..." 

That's when the students disperse and the principal walks up to us.

"Just what do you think you are doing?"

We both ended up with a three day suspension. My mother brings ice for my swollen jaw, Eli's eye is a deep purple. 

"I hate you." He scoffs. "God damn look what I did to you." 

"Look what I did to you..." I mumble. 

He shakes his head. 

"Just try harder next time, maybe that will give me what I deserve." 

I sniff as I come out of the front office with an angry mother. 

"Wait, I forgot to give her something," He yells.

"Whatever it is, she can get it when she gets out of suspension." 

He sighs, "Come on, please."

She murmers a "fine" and decides that she might as well take Summer out of school early also. She heads upstairs with her pass as Eli looks  around.

"What did you need to give me?" 

He smiles, "I don't mean to sound stupid but" - his lips plant a kiss on my forehead. "Please be okay?" He bites his lip. "I mean I don't want you to be hurt or anything..."

My mom comes hurrying down the stairs with Summer as he leans in. I turn away as I mutter an apology.

"See this is the problem with boys..." My mother starts. 

I look behind me to see his phone out, a deep navy blue as my phone buzzes in my pocket. He directs a smile towards me.

Summer giggles, much to Mom's disgust. 

"I'm reading that text once we get in the car." 

My mouth opens wide in shock and so does Summer's. 

"You mean the one Eli just sent her..." 

"Yes." She says matter of factly.

My phone is already is in her hands as we get into the car.

"New message," She begins. 

I bite my lip in anxiety as I wait for her to say what I haven't even read yet. 

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