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Geeks/Nerds 1 (Shyer types)

Liza - Age 15
Jen - Age 13
Summer - Age 14

Geeks/Nerds 2 (Outgoing types)

Colin - Age 17
Nathaniel - Age 16
Erlend - Age 16
Annie - Age 16
Dana - Age 13


Oli - Age 15
Justin - Age 16
Blake - Age 14


Marina - 
Rebekah - Age 13


Wesley - Age 18

Student Council

Kate - 13

Emilia - 14
Cas - Age... idk :3


Eli - Age 14
Bee - Age 14
Connor - Age 14

Teacher's Pets

Sam - Age 15
Name Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5
Liza Calculus Drama AP Chem History Chorus
Jen Calculus Drama AP Chem Art Biology
Summer Calculus Drama History AP Chem Biology
Colin Calculus Drama AP Chem English Art
Nathaniel History Calculus Drama French Biology
Erlend English Art AP Chem History Chorus
Annie English Drama History French Art
Dana Biology Drama Art History Chorus
Oli English History AP Chem Art French
Justin English History Art Spanish Biology
Blake English Art History Calculus Biology
Marina Calculus Art Drama History Biology
Rebekah History Biology Art Calculus English
Wesley History Biology AP Chem Art French
Kate Calculus Biology Art History English
Emilia English Biology Drama History Art
Eli Calculus History Drama Art English
Bee Calculus History Art Spanish English
Connor History Biology AP Chem Calculus Art
Sam History Art Drama Calculus Biology
Joan Calculus Drama Art History English

Okay, made by Summer, here's the schedueles for everybody. Everyone's sixth period is gym. No, it doesn't mean just that amount of people listed are in that class, just the main characters (Aka, all 21 of you <3) The rest of the students in the classes are normal high school students that none of us know. If I made a mistake, let me know on my Actual Account's Talk of any errors. Thank you <3

Let The Party Start - Liza's POV

I sit on the bus. My sister, Summer sits next to me while my other sister, Jen, sits right in front of me. Jen is turned around in her seat and is staring at me with intense eyes as I stab the scissors throw the piece of paper several times.

"Honestly Liza, calm down, it's just a piece of paper. If you want, the guy is sitting in the back," Summer says calmly but her eyes flicker from my face to the scissors ever so often.

"It's his fault," I mutter as the scissors finally leave several giant holes in the mangled paper. I tear it out of the notebook and hand Summer the notebook, the scissor sticking out of it, handle up. She stares at it for a moment as I push out of the seat, throwing the paper into the garbage can before grabbing the scissors out of the notebook and storming to the back of the bus.

My black "Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey... Stuff" forms well to me as I storm to the back. Rebekah, one of the nicer of the preps, grabs my arm and tries to hold me back. "Dammit, Summer!" she shouts. Summer grabs ahold of me and pulls me back to the seat, earning several confused looks from people who have no clue what on Earth is going on.

"Okay, when I said he was back there, that did not give you permission to try to stab the crap out of him with Mjollnir." She shakes her head at me before grabbing something out of her bag. "Here, you didn't eat today. Hand me Mjollnir and I'll give you a granola bar that mom packed this morning."

"Only those who are trustworthy can hold Mjollnir!" I argue. She grabs Mjollnir and yanks the scissors out of my hand. She replaces him with a granola bar, which I eat even though I don't want to.

Eli, who calls himself the leader of the outcasts, looks at me weirdly. He then turns around and starts talking to Bee and Connor, fellow outcasts of his. I shake my head before grabbing Mjollnir back from Summer. Jen looks at me, wanting to say something but having no idea what to say.

I look back at my notebook, written with several other things that we wrote to each other. I clench my fist and look around for Justin. I spot him and wave my hand. He walks over and looks at me. "Hey, do you have a lighter?" I ask.

"No, sorry." He shrugs and goes back to talk to his jock friend, Oli. I sigh as the bus comes to a stop at the high school. I grab my bag and make it my job to the first person off the bus, the long, dark skirt I was wearing twirling with every step I take.

This is going to be one interesting year.

Math Problems - Jen's POV

The walkway to the bus is crammed, people shoving each other, pushing until they could actually had room outside. I sit, kicking my combat boots at the ground, reading the latest Doctor Who novel. As the line dwindles down, I grab my backpack and quickly head out, before the bus driver yells me out. Liza is far ahead of me, I see as I walk out. Summer is following behind. I sprint over, as the first bell rings. 

"Damn, damn, damn.." I say, scrambling to find my schedule. When I finally find it crumpled it in the bottom of my backpack, I press the paper to try to make out what my first period is, squinting, I see in tiny writing, math.  I groan. 

I enjoyed math, yes, but it's not enjoyable when you have people two or three years older than you in your class. Sometimes I hated to be in my class. 

As I arrive at the door the second bell rings. The halls are practically dead with only a few kids wandering around. I turn on my heel, and walk in the direction of the office, trying to not act as pissed as I feel. 

The woman who works there hands me a tardy slip to fill out. I pull the pen out of the side of my backpack and quickly write the date, time and first period. I walk out the door, slamming the door behind me. The woman seems like she's about to choke me half to death, slamming that door in the middle of her talking to some concerned parent. 

Math, Room 301. 3rd floor. I climb the stairs, groaning. When I reach the 3rd floor, Room 301 is right in front of me. I sprint to the door, pulling the handle and walking in. As I walk in, the teacher, who still has the marker in his hand, is stone cold looking at me, along with the rest of the class. Liza saved me a seat in the back, on the very end. 

He holds out his hand, waiting for me to place the slip in his hands. I slam it into his palm and walk to the back of the room. His lesson resumes for a mere ten minutes before he concludes it. 

"This person must be a jerk," I whisper to Liza. "Who gives a fudging lesson on the first day of school?" 

Eli, sitting in front of me, bursts into the conversation.

"I know right?" He exclaims, before smiling and resuming to listening to the teacher. I roll my eyes.

I pull out a notebook while he writes down equations, most of which I wasn't here to learn.

As I finish writing the first question, he calls me out, pulling his jacket. "You should put the answer on the board." I stare at my paper, and look back up at him. 

"Excuse me?" I say as I'm getting out of my seat.

He hands me the marker, as he stares at me, thinking that somehow, I can manifest an answer.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't here for most of the lesson..." I murmer. Snickers from some the jocks and preps arise. 

"So you're blaming me for your inability to arrive on time and inability to learn?"

I purse my lips as I keep my eyes on the equation and not him. 

"I am speaking to you, Miss.." I can tell he's looking for the tardy slip. "Jennifer."

I roll my eyes as I say. "It's Jen. And how am I supposed to respond I am clearly not capable."

Pressing the marker to the tray, I circle the answer. "There's the answer you damn jerk." 

Embarassment for Three, Anyone? - Summer's POV

The bell rings and I throw a fistpump in the air. "Finally, I'm out of this living hell." I mumble, and someone behind me laughs.

Turning my head, I notice Bee, a small grin on her face. "Tell me about it."

"That teacher couldn't be more monotone." I say, shoving my binder into my backpack. So weird, right? It's a tie-dye bag that I made in third grade. Ew.

"What class do you have next?" She asks, and I take a small glance at my scheduele before putting it in the pocket of my skinny jeans.

"Drama. How about you?" I reply, beginning to walk out of the door. "Art. But when I was walking to this class, I'm pretty sure the classes were next to eachother. Classes 98 and 101, I believe."

"Cool, I gue-OW!" I yelp as one of the jocks, Oli, body-checks me. He smirks. Way to go for not wearing a cardigan over my black tank top. Me and Bee continue to walk, and after noticing that many of the high school groups slow down in the halls by their friends, like Rebekah and Marina, we walk a bit faster. I wave to them, but I guess they don't notice, so I sling the other strap of my backpack over my left shoulder, starting to pick up the pace before I'm late. I run back down the stairs and take a left when I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn my head to find Eli.

"Eli. Of course...What do you want?"

"Did you hear? Jen has detention for cussing out a teacher. It was awesome! Oh! And Liza stabbed Colin with a pen!" He squeals, and I roll my eyes, shoving him into a locker.

"I have the same class as you, idiot. I saw it."

I hear him yell in pain, but I don't really care. I'm pretty sure mom's going to kill Jen and Liza, and I'm almost completely sure that she will question us about anything and all the words Jen said to the teacher. I can't believe that they did that and earned the same detention in the same class, though. Hooray for lectures..

A voice interrupts my thoughts.


Make that two in unison.

Two hands grasp onto my arms, and I realize I accidentally left behind Liza and Jen.

"You could've waited," Liza says, rolling her eyes as I look over to Jen. She's silent, and her eyes are glued to the floor.

"Guys... you'll be fine. Detention isn't bad. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?" I say, a small and weak attempt to comfort her. "Eli told me, I me-"

"Who knows. He probably already told the school." She mumbles, pushing past me ubruptly. Liza shrugs, smoothing out her skirt and I let out a long, troubled sigh. "We all have drama, right?" I ask her, and she nods. "Good. Gives me more time to try and re-assure the girl." I say under my breath, pushing open the door. The bell rings after I'm a step inside the class, and I breathe out with relief. A voice startles me.

"Welcome to drama class! I'm your teacher, Ms. Quarine. Let's go over some ground rules." Great. I totally didn't expect rules.

"Number One Rule, Dress Code. Which you, Summer, are violating. Tank tops and skinny ripped jeans aren't allowed." She says, her eyes scanning my outfit in disapproval.

"Oh, Sorry, I didn't know..My parents are at work, though. I can't call." My jeans aren't even ripped. There's just a small freaking hole in the right knee.

"Oh, that's a shame. Guess you'll have to have detention." She says, writing on a slip of paper and handing it to me.

I ignore the surrounding giggles and chuckles as I close my eyes, and slump deep down in my chair.

Embarrassment for three, anyone?

An AP Class With a Hottie? What? - Liza's POV

I sit in acting, listening to Ms. Quarine talk about her life and how it's so important. She drones on and on about how she was a brilliant actress of her days and always got the lead role.

Yeah, right... And she's also a virgin, too.

Honestly, when she tells us the list of school supplies we need, I've stopped listening. She hands everyone a list, eyeing my attire as she goes by. She does this for everyone, making sure their in dresscode. She opens her mouth to speak again when the bell rings. I sigh in relief and she gives me a dirty look. I grab my one-strap bag and hurry out of class. I look at my schedule.

Summer joins me. "Whatcha got next period?" she asks, resting her arm on my shoulder as we walk.

"AP Chemistry, room 408... Lovely, heading all the way to the top floor for Chemistry." I sigh and pat Summer on the shoulder. "See you later!" I start to run through the halls, only slowing when I saw a teacher nearby. I get to the flight of stairs and hear a warning bell. I curse and start to run up the stairs, completely out of breath by the time I get to the top floor. I push through the double doors and walk to the Chemistry classroom.

I walk in and see Colin sitting there with his hand bandaged up. The only available seat is either right next to him or next to Oli. Oli gives me a flirtatious look and I want to melt but another girl, I think her name was Marina, sits down next to him. I groan inwardly and sits down next to Colin, who gives me a dirty look before sighing.

"You could apologize," he mutters as he pulls out his journal.

"You haven't done so yet. Sadly, I think it was justified." I grab the journal I stabbed the crap out of from my bag, not realizing until I see Colin peering through it.

"You know, this was our journal. You didn't have to kill it with Mjollnir." He puts it down on the table as I grab an actual notebook from my bag, grabbing a pen. Sadly, after stabbing Colin, they took away Mjollnir Jr.

"You still haven't said it right. And any way, if you didn't try to make a move on me when Mr. Davies made us partners, your hand wouldn't be bandaged up. It's your fault." The teacher walks in and introduces herself as Mrs. Cartavelle.

"Today, we'll be introducing ourselves so we all know who we are."

I moan and so does about half the class. She sighs before motioning for Oli to stand up. All eyes train on him as he stands up, putting on his world-famous smirk.

"Hi," he says and about all the girls in the class swoon. "I'm Oli, star reciever for our football team. I, ah..." His eyes fall on me and I start to burn up. "I've got my eyes on someone pretty."

Several hateful glares turn my way and I quickly turn around. I hear Colin mutter something along the lines of, "He isn't the only thing hot around here..."

I shake my head and a few people later, I am left standing, several eyes turned to me. "Hi... I'm Liza. I... I am, I guess you would call it a sci-fi geek because I'm into all that stuff." I shrug nonchalantly and sit down, eyes still following me.

This class is going to take a year...

Awkward In Art Class? Jen's POV

After Chemistry, Liza swoons, over Oli. I roll my eyes and try to smile, but after a couple of minutes of just his eyes I think I had enough. I wave goodbye as I head to Art, one of the subjects I actually enjoy. By this time, half the school knows. Looks from some preps, Marina and Rebekah, laughs from guys. It's not like he didn't deserve it. I groan.

As I arrive to Art, I realize that I am stuck with a bunch of preps and jocks. Great. I push foward to grab a chair, when the teacher announces assigned seating. Are we in kindergarten?

"Jennifer," He announces, pressing his pen to the seat next to none other than Liza's crush-Oli. 

"It's Jen." I say, dragging myself to the chair.

He resumes placing students at our table. I think he wants to annoy me - none other than the one who told half the school sits directly in front of me. I try to ignore that he is looking at me. I turn my back to him, trying to see who's in this class. Bekah and Marina both  are sitting together, smiling and talking about something. I press my palms together and sigh, praying that this class will be over soon. 

The art teacher starts to exclaim that we will be drawing Impressionist pieces. He then places a pile of paper in the front, then paint or oil pastels. As soon as he announces we can start, I grab the brand new oil pastels and a piece of paper. 

I start sketching the drawing out when Oli asks, "You were the one that cursed out that math teacher, right?"

"Yes," I respond not looking up. He nods. 

"And you're one of Liza's friend's right?"


"Do you know when her next class is? I really want to see her." 

I groan. "I don't know."

"No need to be pissed with me."

Eli snickers. 

"Shut up, are you five?" I say, looking up. He's looking at me again. 

I look at his drawing and smile. It looks like a four year old scribbled on a piece of paper with crayon.

"What is that?" I say, laughing. 

"My drawing."

I try not to say something else and resume drawing, rubbing the oil pastel with my hand. When the bell rings, I pull my hand away to realize my hand is completly purple from the pastel. 

"Dammit." I run over to sink, washing my hands, but the oil pastel won't come off. When I realize that I'm going to be late again if I don't start hurrying up, I push my way to my next class. The hallway is practically dead now. Only a few lazy teachers coming out of a meeting with some coffee. I run up the stairs to room 213, Biology. My purple covered fingers open the door as the bell rings. I breathe a sigh of relief as I sit down next to Summer in the back row.

Highschool is a pain... Nuff said - Summer's POV

Jen takes a seat next to me, and I hold back from giggling at her fingers. "What color is your hand?" I ask, pulling her hand towards me to get a closer look. They're bright violet. She yanks it back, rolling her eyes. "I don't want to talk about it."

I take out my composition notebook, a zig-zag pattern of rainbow shades glowing on the surface. With my blue sharpie, I write "Summer - Biology Class" on the cover as neatly as I can. I wait until it dries before I finally start paying attention to what the teacher says. I didn't even listen in on their name, but it's not like it'll be of any importance.

"Summer, dress code." He says, his eyes darting from the paper with names to my face. I roll my eyes once more.

"I've already gotten detention for that, sir."

"Good. Don't wear it again."

"Jerk," I mumble, inaudibly.

He goes down the list of the supplies needed for this class. 3 Red Notebooks, a Composition book, A stack of wide-ruled paper... you get the drill. A bunch of junk that half way through the year we wouldn't even have to buy. As if I haven't gotten a list of 50 other necessities required for my other core classes.

I yawn, finding myself doodling on the corner of the first page in my notebook. It's a bad habit of mine that I could never get to break. After what seems like ages of babbling, we finally get to work.

I take a few helpful notes, being wary of what could possibly be on our first exam and what I just need to keep in mind. It's hard, though, because I'm all the way in the back of the class with no way to look over some of the jocks' heads. It was the only seat I could find and now I'm cursed.


I look up from writing, only to meet the eyes of Justin. "What?" I reply, using the open oppurtunity to scribble down some information from the board that I was not capable of reading with his back turned.

"So, you guys are both doomed for detention? Along with Liza?" He asks, and I roll my eyes. "Oli told me. Totally hilarious," He says, smirking. I write down a few more things before the smartboard progresses to another set of notes.

"Well, yeah. I mean, it's the first day of school. I didn't know the dresscode was so strict." I snap back, covering what can be seen of my tank over the desk.

"Nor the teachers being lame as f," Jen adds, and I nod, setting my pencil down.

"Oh, and Oli told me to ask about Liza-" "Of course, she's drooling over him too, so let that stalker of a boy know that, alright?" I interrupt him, and Jen punches me lightly in the arm. Whoops, Liza wouldn't mind that bit, right? I mean, it's clearly noticeable that she has some thoughts about Oli, despite Colin...

After I said that, I realize small bits of whispering conversations arising from nearby classmates. Not like it wasn't already in the previous periods.

Justin just scoffs and turns back around, facing the direction of the teacher.

We review a bunch of organisms from things we should know from middle school and crap, and I just barely keep awake through all of it. I doze off for a good 5 minutes, awoken from one of the dumb school guys clicking of their pens and such. Before I know it, class is stopped for lunch. I groan, the thought of the disgusting and horrid food they'll probably serve here. I should've brought a lunch myself. Now I'll probably hurl...

But who knows?

Lunch With The Jocks - Liza's POV

I grab my books, hurrying to my locker on the second floor. Isn't it lovely though, that out of all my classes, only one of them was actually on the second floor? Yeah, and that isn't until last period that my class is up here.


I put in the code but it doesn't open. I narrow my eyes before putting in the code again. I pull out my phone and check the code that's been in there for as long as I can remember and put the code in again, once again coming up empty-handed.

"Ugh, why isn't this working?" I question out-loud, knowing I'd have to go to lunch soon.

"Maybe because you're using the wrong locker?" Oli says from behind me. I look at my phone. Lock #217. I was at locker #218.

"Oh..." I say, scooting over to the correct locker and putting in the right combination. It opens and I put my books into my locker as well as the locker stuff my mom bought for me. Of course she bought identical things from Jen and Summer, why wouldn't she?

I close my locker and start to head downstairs towards the cafeteria. I'm about to enter the stair areas when Oli grabs my hand. I look back at him. "Can I help you?"

"You want to see with me and Justin at lunch?" he asks sweetly.

"I... I would love to... but I... I promised Jen and Summer and I..." I take a deep breath. "I guess they won't mind... it's only for today." Oli gives one of his world-famous smiles that makes just about everyone melt and practically drags me down the stairs. We enter the lunch room and Summer waves me over, and I motion to Oli as he drags me towards his table. I give her and Jen an apologetic look as I pass by.

I sit down at Oli's table and Justin smirks at me before talking to the bleach-blonde girl sitting next to him who just giggles to everything he says.

"So, Liza, how are you?" Oli asks. My eyes wonder back to my sisters as they chat amongst themselves, casting glances in my direction. I shift uneasily under their small glares before looking at Oli.

"Fine," I reply, tapping my fingers on the table along to the beat of "Wake Up Call" by Maroon 5. "You?"

"Excellent." He looks down at the table before putting on his famous smirk. "Do you want to go out Friday? I know this early... but I do want to get to know you better."

"I'm sorry... Friday? I can't... I promised Jen we'd have a Doctor Who TV marathon..." I rub my arm and awkwardly just sit there for the rest of lunch.

I Thought We Hurt Him Enough Times Today - Jen's POV

I gag as the smell of the locker room fills my lungs. Sweat and air freshener, what the girl's locker room smells like. If ours is this bad, I don't want to imagine what the guy's locker room smells like. I try to ignore it as I shove my skater skirt, 10th Doctor graphic tee and floral combat boots into my gym locker. I pull the uniform that we bought during oreantation. 

I pull at my shirt, thinking the impossible thought that maybe, this tee will actually fit. It doesn't. I groan as I tie the shoelaces on my new Nikes.

"Is it just me," Summer asks, "Or do they make the uniforms twice the size as it's supposed to be?"

"I think so." I groan, tugging at my tee for one last time. 

As Summer and I are heading out the door, I ask Liza, "Are you okay?"

She nods.

I don't persist. We walk out to the gym. With so few people it's suorising how much noise the gym is filled with. Eli with his outcast "group" sit in the front row. Connor, Bee and Sam look like they want to be somewhere else. He's telling lame jokes but is looking over at me again.

"Stop. Looking. At. Me." I mutter under my breath. 

Summer nudges me and smirks. 

I roll my eyes. 

We pick the middle row, saving a seat for Liza. 

When she finally comes out, she recognizes exactly where we are and jogs up the stairs. She smiles as she sits beside Summer.

Before we can start any conversation, the coach stands in front of us yelling, "Good afternoon students."

Nobody responds, the whole gym is silent. 

"I said good afternoon, students."

Everyone, in monotone, responds with "Good afternoon coach." I think we all rolled our eyes also. 

"Today, instead of starting with warm ups, we will start with a sport today, since the warm ups will take to much time away from our game of volleyball."

Summer practically bursts. "Volleyball?" She smiles. 

"Yeah, you're getting first serve. I suck at sering." I respond.

"But first I must divide you into teams."

People groan until they realize is too lazy to make actually teams. He just makes one side of the bleachers one team, and the other side of the bleachers the other team. Oli and Justin are both on our team, along with Eli's gang. On the other team, Bekah, Colin, Marina and a few other students I forgot the names of are on the other side. 

"Teams pick your server." The coach yells.

"Gosh, does he thinks if he's louder I would care more?" I say. "Anyway first server should be Summer. She's the volleyball player." Basically everybody agrees on this notion. Summer smiles as we decide. We agree a full three minutes earlier than the other team, but somehow they get the first serve. 

Someone put their hand under the net though after the first serve, so then we go. Summer serves, causing a group of people to crowd around where they think it would go. Bee eventually hits it in the air to avoid it hitting on the ground. Liza and I stay up front. Colin looks at Liza with a smirk on his face. It's obvious she's getting pissed. He wants revenge on what she did this morning.

When the volleyball finally is towards the front I hit, causing it to reach Liza. Liza smiles as she spikes the ball, hitting Colin in the nose. I try not to laugh as a ring of purple forms around the bridge of his nose. 

Miraculously, in the coach's eyes, it all seemed like an accident. Liza told she wouldn't do it again. 

As she heads back to the locker room, Oli stops her. He smiles as he says, "At least are you avaliable Saturday or Sunday?" 

The Day's Over..Well, Sorta - Summer's POV

Liza's legs begin to wobble dramatically and I roll my eyes, pushing past him. I can barely make out some of the stuttering that comes out of her mouth as I scurry to the bath section and jump into one of the open showers, not wasting any time and staying alert of any other girls that enter the shower section. I rinse off quickly with the only temperature here, cold water, and wet my hair quickly before shutting it off and changing back into my "inappropriate" clothes. I slip on my black vans with black laces.

The bell rings and I hear lots of hollering and yelling from outside in the gym halls. I sigh with relief. The day's done.

Well, not exactly for me, Jen and Liza.

"Summer! Come on!" I hear Jen yell from outside, and I quickly spray on my victoria secret perfume before sprinting out.

"What took so long? We have detention, remember?" Liza says, and I brush out my curls, still panting.

"I was taking a shower so I wouldn't have to take one when I get home," I say, shaking out some extra water from my hair that is now spiral-ish due to wetting it; which completely took over my straight strands. "Whatever, let's just go. I don't want another one from the stupid faculty monitoring the halls." She replies, and we all begin walking to detention - next to the main office.

Once we get there, Jen swings open the door handle, and I look around at the empty, wide halls. I hear faint voices and suddenly see Colin, covering his face with a nurse escorting him at his side. She says something with a gentle voice and he just shakes his head. Looking over to Liza, she just glares, but I can see the sorrow hiding behind her hazel eyes.

"Come in!" A stern voice yells, and I clench my eyes tightly. We all enter, to be met by a young, teacher who looks like she has a...well, you know that type of attitude I'm talking about. But it's not just us in detention.

There's a few other kids who I don't know, and all three of the jocks. "How did the stalker get here before us?" Jen asks, and I shrug without thinking. Oli's eyes light up at the sight of Liza, and she just freezes. I take a seat next to Erlend, and Jen drags Liza from her daze, sitting down next to her on the other end of the room. Blake switches seats and ends up beside us.

"Summer, troublemaker." Erlend says, and I roll my eyes. "It's the first day of school. I didn't know I had signed up for military academy." I mutter, and he laughs light-heartedly.

"You're one to talk. What are you here for?" I ask him, and he smiles.

"Chewing gum in class." He says, crossing his arms and writing down some math equations onto a crumbled up piece of paper. 

I turn my head towards Blake.


"Being a 'jackass', apparently." He snickers, and I just sigh, watching the clock.

"EVERYBODY BE QUIET! THIS IS DETENTION, NOT A SOCIAL HOUSE!" The lady at the desk yells, and everything becomes silent instantly.

"Thank you," She says, standing up with a clipboard in her hand. A pink sheet is stuck under it, and she pulls the top off of a blue pen and fixes her rectangular glasses before proceeding.

"I'm Mrs. Cheryl, I'm not a teacher, I simply just sit on my butt and have to watch teenagers misbehave in front of me for hours. Ya know, this is why I don't want children. You all should've taken smarter actions and maybe ya wouldn't be here."

It's so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

"But for the sake of my job, I will go down the names of you all. And you reply with present; not president, not here, not absent, and I'm being serious. I don't take bull around here. Ya got it? Good." She says, and I can tell she's from New Jersey from her slight accent.

Everybody does as they're told once their name is called. She goes over some stuff, like no note passing, sleeping, cell phones, etc. But, of course, theirs a thump at the back of my head and something goes down my shirt.

A crumbled up piece of paper.

I read it, and realize that since Liza really wants her pen that she stabbed Colin with, we'll construct a plan to get Mjollnir Jr. back.

I sigh, roll my eyes and mouth to Liza -

Oh, the things I do for you.

Rescuing Private Mjollnir Jr. - Liza's POV

I smile at Summer and wait for the teacher, Mrs. Cheryl, to be focusing on something else before passing the note to her. She gives me about the same look as Summer, making me smile.

I raise my hand for a good two minutes before Mrs. Cheryl even notices me. "Yes, yes? What do you want?"

"I need to go to the bathroom," I said innocently.

"You should have gone before you got here then. Hold it in." Mrs. Cheryl is about to go work on something else when I interrupt her.

"Really badly. Come on, please?" I ask, putting on the adorable puppy-dog face that has gotten me through the last 15 years of life. Mra. Cheryl rolls her eyes and hands me the bathroom key.

"You have five minutes. If you aren't back by then, you'll be suspended from school." A few, "ooh's" answer here and she glares at them. I smile sweetly and get out of the classroom.

However, instead of going to the bathroom, I skip into the office, pulling the hair pin out of my hair and start to pick at the lock. The door quickly unlocks and I slip into the office.

I look around before heading behind the desk and start to dig around for my pen. I come across a locked file cabinet and use my hair pin to unlock it, digging around until I find my pin. I suddenly hear the opposite door open, the one that leads to the detention room.

"Mrs. Cheryl!" I hear Summer call and almost sigh in relief. "I've lost my homework, I think Blake took it."

"What?! I did not!" Blake argues. The door closes and I peer over the desk to find her gone. I quickly escape the office and enter back into the detention room, hiding my pen in my pocket. I hand the bathroom key to Mrs. Cheryl and head back to my seat where I start to doodle on a piece of paper.

Jen passes me a piece of paper.

Are you happy now?

I smile and pull out Mjollnir Jr from my pocket and write a quick reply to Jen.

Oh you bet I am.

Confessions and Boredom - Jen's POV

I'm bored, want to get out of this place? I am pretty sure everyone is though. Everybody either looks like they are going to stab the pencil they are doodling with into their skull or about to drift off to sleep. I drop the paper on the ground, nudging the paper closer to Summer. She gets the idea and looks to the side, quickly picking up the piece of paper and handing it to me. The teacher doesn't give us a second glance.

After a couple minutes, Summer passes a note to Liza, who quickly reads it and passes it to Blake. This time though, she writes neatly: Can you cover for us again?

You can hear him groan. Again?

Please? Liza draws a sad face on the paper.

He sighs. Fine.

He looks for a way to create a distraction. She's browsing on her laptop. As he is sitting in the front at the very end where the power outlet is, he quickly yanks the cord out of the wall. 

"Dammit." She scrambles, pulling the laptop up to see what broke. "Who in this class is good with computers?" 

Blake smirks and walks up to her and starts blabbing on about some useless technology information. I grab my backpack and quickly sneak out of the front door. She doesn't even notice.

Summer and Liza quickly follow. We all start jogging to the front door. As soon as we slam the door behind us, you can see her exit the room. We smirk as Blake, Oli and a couple others head the opposite direction. Then we break out in to a run. 

Our mom is already there. We pull the door handles when we head to the car. "You got out early from detention?" 

We nod in unison. 

She sighs. "What did you get in detention anyway? The woman at the office didn't tell me any details."

I kick my combat boots into the carpeted ground. 

"Any of you want to speak up?" Her voice raises.


"God damn, when I ask a question you better answer me."

"I cursed out a teacher," I mutter. 

She's fuming. 

"I stabbed Colin with a pen." Liza almost laughs under her breath.

"Dress code." Summer shrugs.

"What the hell were you thinking?!" 

We all look at the ground. The car is silent for the rest of the way home.

You can't control me. I am Divergent. Unless it's for popcorn. - Summer's POV

My cheeks are a bit warm as mom slams the car door shut furiously. I jump, but Jen and Liza seem to get out with no expression, so I follow behind, closing the door softly. She stamps her way to the door, and opens it, closing it loudly behind her.

"Yeah, we're basically screwed." Jen mutters, and we all nod in agreement.

"I'm just happy with Mjollnir Jr." Liza says, smiling warmly, hugging it to her bosom. I roll my eyes.

"Well, that means I can take Mjollnir," I tease her, taking it from her backpack, but only for her to yank it back.

"Whatever. Guys. Mom's probably not gonna take us out anywhere unlike how she does do we do?" Jen says, and I raise an eyebrow.

"Movie-watching or something?" I suggest, and Liza bobs her head. "Sounds good to me."

We all go inside, being careful not to irritate mom way more than we most likely already have done. "Just wait until your father gets home," She says, and my heart jumps.


Oh, yeah, we're most likely dead.

Liza and Jen head to their individual rooms, and I sigh as I fall into my bed, hugging the comforter. Sleep would be amazing now, not to mention the lack I have been getting for the past week. I would slip into a slumber, but I don't wanna have Dad's endless wrath lecture session wake me up. I yawn, walking over to my small walk-in closet before pulling over one of my favorite black hoodies, with a print of bold, shiny letters spelling out "I am DIVERGENT. You can't control me." on the back. I smile, it's one size bigger, but I honestly don't care. I tug a matching black beanie over the roots of my hair, letting the chesnut-brown ombre the only visible color peeking through ontop of my jacket.

"Guys, come on! Let's watch Divergent!" I hear Jen yell, quiet enough for only me and Liza to most likely hear, and I skip over to her room.

It's decorated way much neater than mine. Mine is just a boring pattern of sky-blue and white, even brighter than snow. It's okay, I guess, but it matches my favorite season; Winter.

I plop down onto a red bean bag chair, Liza sitting on a white one and Jen sitting between us both, on a dark blue one. Jen slides the CD into the DVD-ROM of her computer, the cover of Tris and Tobias standing together. Tobias is soo hot.

The screen is black at first before a slide shows up on the screen with the beginning of the movie and I grin.

Liza curls up on her chair, snuggling her nose into a book. "Oh yay it's starting!" Jen cheers softly, and Liza replies with a "Shh."

"Come on. Loosen up and just watch the movie...Even though I watched it 6 times already." I add, biting my lip in embarrassment.

Despite what I said, she continues to peruse into the novel as me and Jen become more and more attentive about the movie.

"This would have been better with popcorn." She says, and I stretch out my toes onto the rug. "Yeah, technically. But Mom would kill us if we tried to steal some. No joke. She's already going to skin us alive," I say, speaking indistinctly.

"Then, if we're already dead, at least lets end our hunger." Jen replies, a smirk settling on her devious countenance. "But, I'm too lazy, so it would be such a pleasure if you could get it for me." She says almost sweetly, batting her eyelashes and emphasizing the 'such'. My eyes switch to Liza, who puts on an act as if she's too much into the reading that she had no clue of what the conversation is about. "Liza?"

She ignores me.

"Liza, please? You're the oldest and most responsible."


I groan, dragging myself silently to the door, praying that Mom won't catch me and do some horrid damage. "If I get caught you're so gonna get it." I mumble unpleasantly before exiting into the kitchen.

I manage to get 3 bowls of popcorn and settle back down just in time before Tris decides her faction at the choosing ceremony. I sigh, handing the other two porcelain dishes to Jen and Liza and munching on small bits quietly to get a better listen on what's going on.

So, we basically watch Divergent for the rest of the night, and luckily Dad came home without a huge fuss. We got around 3 repititions of rounds of popcorn. He did interrupt, though, for which we had to stop the film mid-way to hearken to for about an hour, Mom also becoming involved. We're grounded for four months.

And I tried to get some sleep in, for a chance.

The Only Exception, Baby - Liza's POV

Dad drived us to the bus stop. I keep glancing at my phone, waiting for a text or something, some sign that someone wants to talk.

We pull into the ditch right next to the bus stop. Several kids glance our way, some snickering, some eyeing the car to get a good look at us so they can spread gossip. Being the oldest and probably the most at fault, stabbing and spiking a kid in a harmful way, I was stuck in the front.

As the bus pulls up next to the stop sign, Summer and Jen get out of the car. I'm about to get out of the car when my dad stops me.

"Elizabeth, is there something you want to tell me? You stabbed your ex in the hand..." he starts but trails off, unsure how to approach an unstable teenage girl. Lovely, daddy.

"I'm fine," I reply as I get out of the car, slamming the door shut. I run onto the bus. Summer and Jen sit together and I look for an available seat. Either I sit next to Eli or Colin. Dear lord, is life filled with these decisions?

I shoot Jen and Summer a glare as I walk to the back of the bus. I sit down next to Colin and before he can say something, I raise my hand. "If you talk to me, I will use Mjollnir, and not the pen."

He opens his mouth as if to say something, before closing his mouth. I hold my phone close when I get a text.

Hey, this is Oli. Sorry, stole your phone number from Justin who got it from Eli who got it off of Jen.

My phone rings again as we start to move.

So, you like the D...? So do I, but you are the only exception, baby ;)

I cover my mouth, laughing softly, catching Colin's eye. I quickly type a reply.

Well then, I must be pretty special ;)

It takes a moment but he replies.

You have no idea ;)

I shake my head as the bus pulls up at the school. I walk off the bus, smiling brightly.

My Social Life Is History - Jen's POV

I actually rush out of the bus this time around. I tightly grip the sides of my backpack, sprinting towards the school. I actually reach Liza at the door. She is blushing pink, smiling so brigthly it's almost scary.

I want to ask her what kind of drug she was taking, but I just ignore it. She's elated about something and keeps checking her phone. "Who's texting you?" I ask, pressing the door open. 

She sighs. 

"It's Oli isn't it?" 

Liza blushes. I smile, rolling my eyes. "Wow, who could've guessed."

When I realize that my first period is History, I rush. History is one of my favorite subjects. Summer and Liza though, aren't in my class. I tell them goodbye and run up the stairs. Second floor...218..

As I pull open the door, I glance around the room. The only seat is next to the new girl - I believe her name is Dana - on the far right side of the room. I try to be at least some what friendly, trying to engage in conversation.  I guess I'm screwing up, she's ignoring me. She pulls the Fault In Our Stars out of her backpack and starts reading it intently.  I think I see in her folder that she's doodling Augustus. I want to say something, but the teacher starts the class, listing out an immense amount of school supplies, which mostly includes College Ruled notebook paper. Six. Freaking. Packs. 

"How much work are we going to do in this class?!" I whisper towards the new girl.

She looks at me and laughs. "Too much. I think they want our social life to dissapear. This school is hell, I'm telling you."

The teacher looks at her and she automatically begins writing again. 

The rest of the class includes a power point of the regions of the U.S - something I learned ages ago. I almost doze off while reading the pages in the textbook. I yawn as he calls me out. "What region..." I don't pay attention - I was just about to go to sleep and you woke me up. 

"Northeast." I guess. 

He nods and doesn't call me out again. I end up getting homework. I take my pencil and irratibly write "Questions 1-14, paragraph form". A whole seven sentences per question. My social life is offically gone. 

I groan as the bell rings. I grab my already torn schedule out of the side of my backpack. I then pull out a book, walking across the halls, trying to see if the Doctor saves Clara from the weeping angels-I fall on my back. 

"Dammit." I rub my head. "Ow." 

"You need to watch where the hell you're going." Someone offers me a hand. I get up, trying not to turn my head, it would only cause more of a headache.

Eli looks at me and smiles. 

"Thanks." I stutter, trying to grab the book off the floor before somebody steps on it. I end up stepping foward and picking up. It bent the front cover. I groan. That was a limited edition.

"No problem." He looks at me for a couple moments before looking away. He darts to the first floor.

I end up rolling my eyes. What just happened? I pull the schedule out, which is an excellent bookmark and try to find out my next class. and then sprinting to the next class.

Pressing the book in my hand, I want to read just one more page before my next class.

I try to straighten my book cover, but it's futile. My book is forever stuck with a fold in the front corner. I sigh.  

In the middle of the hallway, I stop and put it in the front pocket of my backpack. 

Spanish Flying Everywhere. Literally. - Summer's POV

I see Jen zipping up her bookbag and I pat her head lightly. "Come on, we're gonna be late for Spanish!" I say, clapping my hands and looking down at my brown, laced books. I frown at the sight of a small rip of my black, knee-high floral-designed stockings, losing a bit of my excitement.

"You love Spanish class, eh?"

I nod, and she rolls her eyes.

"Whatever. Come on. Like you said, don't wanna be late." She mocks me, and I send a small glare her way.

I follow her down the steps, saying "sorry" and "excuse me" as I squeeze past students. The warning bell goes off and I begin to really pick up my feet before I notice Liza, dragging herself back up. She must have gotten confused. She has French, so me or Jen won't be able to see her until lunch - that is, if she has the courage to actually not decide to yield at a small glimpse of Oli.

"Summer, Jen! Hola mamitas," My Spanish teacher says, flashing a white smile at me. I beam back at him and he pats my shoulder as I enter the class before I position myself in one of the chairs, that connects to the desk. Jen sits behind me, and I look to my right to see another girl, I think her name's Dana. Nathaniel is in the next seat down her row.

"Hey, I'm Dana." She says, and I brush my fingers through my hair, that's slightly tangled. "I'm Summer. Love your backpack," I say, before twirling one of my blue papermate mechanical pencils in my hand. "Thanks," She has just enough time to say that, before the final bell rings and Mr. Orlando clasps the door shut.

"Hola, everyone. I'm your new Spanish teacher, Mr. Orlando. Or Senor, Orlando, if you wish." He says, his accent peeping through. "This class is basic. You'll probably just need a binder and some paper. We just take notes and do quick quizzes, and that's about it. Simple." He says, and I can hear tiny bravos coming from the rear of the class.

"Summer, do you mind doing me a favor and passing out the paper?" He asks, setting down a stack of college-ruled paper on my desk. I dip my head, setting a thin sheet on all the desks. "Gracias, Verano."

He starts off with few sentences of spanish, verbal ones. It isn't for a grade, but it's something we were 'supposed to learn' in middle school. Everybody does well, so he lets us write down some vocabulary from his slideshow on Windows Movie Maker, that lasted for what seemes like eternity.

He hands out homework, which I manage to get about half done in class with fast, somewhat neat handwriting. "You're pretty good at this. We should sit together at lunch," Dana reccomends, and I concurred with thought. "Sure. Me and Jen will have a person to talk to if Liza decides to sink to her knees for a special person she has her eyes on."

The bell rings and everybody dashes for the halls. I walk over to my teacher, handing him the already finished homework. He returns my empty hand with three jolly ranchers; Blue Raspberry, Cherry, and Green Apple.

This is officially my favorite class.

I laugh, dropping them into my backpack before exiting out with Jen and Dana at my side, directly for the lunchroom. 

Once we thrust through the entrance, Dana and Jen insist on getting to the Jock's table before they claim it. I sigh, knowing that they'll arrive and try to flirt their way in, especially with Liza being here.

Seems like the lunch-ladies are serving tacos, burritos and spaghetti today, after I see Connor walking to his table with Eli by his side, his plate filled with pasta and Eli's with a plump burrito.

Walking over, out the corner of my eye, I feel somebody staring at me. My eyes flicker to them, and I realize that it's Colin. I wave, and he slightly waves with his undamaged hand. I was going to accompany Jen and Dana, but right now my stomach is flipping and tells me that if I won't apologize for Liza, nobody most likely will. I sigh, urging myself over to where he sits beside Annie, and take a deep breath in.


"Summer. Of course, the friend ex who thought it'd be funny to puncture my arm."

I close my eyes, trying to think of a way to put this.

"Colin," I say, sitting myself down on the bench. "Liza has no clue what she's doing."

"Well, sure seemed like she did because she certainly did not miss," He says sarcastically, shooting daggers at me. I sigh. "What I mean is that, well, she didn't mean it. Sometimes she just, does things in replace for when she's um, uncomfortable. Except when she's around Oli, she doesn't get so stirred up at his seductive, bothersome attempt to make a move on her." I mutter in disgust, watching as Oli lugs her to the table that's currently occupied with my other sister and Dana, as well as Erlend.

"What did you say?" He questions, and my eyes alter their line of vision to the tiled floor. "Nothing. She just, has a slight over-romantic relationship with Oli. Erm...I'm gonna go." I say, beginning to haul myself over to the other table, a ball that feels like cotton stopping me from revealing anything else to Liza's ex.

I pause myself, however, when I see Rebekah rise from her seat and yell "FOOD FIGHT!", which causes myself to duck over to a nearby table once Colin gets hit with a taco to the face.

I had made him angry, but I have to say it's plain tortorous to see a sizzling hot lunch land splat on the bridge of his nose, where a dark purple ring remains.

Well, it used to. It's covered with meat and sour cream now.

The Hour Of Flying... Tacos - Liza's POV

I sit in the cafeteria as Oli tries to make conversation but I keep my face glued to my phone screen as the latest news flashes in a bright red, huge font.

Death of Legend, Robin Williams, found dead in apartment at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time

"What?!" I cry out, covering my mouth suddenly, dropping my phone with a thud on the table. Jen looks confused and grabs my phone before looking at my sympathetically. "He wasn't that old, he can't die! He is my childhood actor, my favorite childhood actor! He can't be dead!"

Silence falls at the table as I stare at my phone as Jen passes it back to me. She mutters how sorry she is and I just shake my head, hiding my face in my hands.

That's when I hear it.

"FOOD FIGHT!" I turn around to see Rebekah throw a taco at Summer, who ducks behind a table. The taco goes sailing over her head and hits Colin square in the nose. Hey, almost like that volleyball.

I stare at the food I got from the line, almost happy to throw it instead of eat it. I wouldn't be able to, even if I wasn't depressed over Robin Williams' death. I grab my spoon and flick some corn into Wesley's hair. He turns around, the eldest student in the room because he was just too cool for school, and glares at me. I laugh before grabbing the taco and throwing it halfway across the cafeteria, hitting Marina, the taco splattering into her hair.

Marina turns around, looking for her attacker and I quickly turn around, my eyes falling on the phone. That one was for you, Robin Williams.

Oli touches my face and turns me towards him, a smile on his face. "You're going to love me." He then piled a piece of cake he got from the lunch line, because he has money to throw around, right in my face. I scream as the forsting smears across my face and the remainder of the cake plops onto the floor.

I wipe off the frosting from my face and smear it across his face before grabbing another spoonful of corn and flinging it across the room, hitting Bee in the back of the head.

I fling another spoonful and catch it in the hair of someone I wasn't meaning to hit. The lady turns around and I meet the glare of our Principal, Ms. Wallace. I cover my mouth in shock. "I... I'm so sorry..." I start to stutter when she gets hit in the back of the head by a spoonful of taco meat and sourcream. She quickly forgets about me and storms over to Eli.

"Well then..." I murmur. Once the Principal stops scolding Eli, she walks to the stage whre she makes announcements from and grabs the microphone.

"Attention, attention!" she shouts and everything falls silent. "You all have five minutes to reveal who started this or you all will get detention for the next three weeks." Once no one answers, her hateful glare follows everyone. "Anyone want to come clean? Anyone at all?"

I look at Rebekah who looks stone-faced, terrified. I start to feel bad for her and stand up. "I'm the one who started the food fight."

"What, Liza... She's lying, I started it!" Summer shouts from where she was hiding.

"Oh hell... the things I do for you all," Jen mutters under her breath. "No, don't listen to them, Ms. Wallace. I'm the one who threw the first piece of food."

I look back at Rebekah who looks at me in shock before smiling for a second. I turn to see Ms. Wallace approaching Colin. Oh hell... he'll probably say it was Rebekah, or worse... me.

"Mr. Tee, who was the first person to throw food?" she asks him.

Colin looks around the room, his eyes pausing for a moment on me, before continuing on. But I know that look and I know he's going to lie to protect everyone.

"I started it by throwing food at Liza, and then everything broke out. I got hit by a taco in the mess. I'm the one who started it." His gaze finds me and that look that says, "You-owe-me" is blatantly obvious.

"Follow me, Mr. Tee. As for the rest of you, get to class." She looks around. "Now." Everyone scurries for their bag before running off. I shift uncomfortably, grabbing the bag and a few napkins from the table, cleaning my face of frosting as we hurry out of the cafeteria. A quick goodbye to Oli and I find myself hurrying to get to AP World History, my History class for this year.

Small class, no siblings, no hotties, and no one that hates me. Fairly simple to say that I'll be so much happier.

 Music Class Boredom - Jen's POV

Before my next class, I go into the bathroom. I am disgusted when I realize chese and lettuce are in my hair. In disgust, I start pulling the remains out of my hair. They are put into the garbage immediately."Remind me to never do that again."

I grab my bag from the hallway, pulling my schedule out of the already unzipped front pocket. I try to avoid the ruined Doctor Who novel. 

Placing my hands to my sides, I walk to my next class - only a few feet from where I'm standing. 

When I arrive at the door, I open it slightly and slip through the door. We're sitting again in the rows, assigned seating. I dig my sneaker to the ground and groan. 

Somehow, I end surrounded by guys. Wes, who's leaning in his chair looks bored, but is completly calm. I guess he's taken this class a couple times, so he has a reason to be bored. 

Behind me, Erlend, who also seems slightly bored, clicks his pen. I groan. It's rapid and annoying. I try to ignore it. 

To my other side, Connor sits, already having all his supplies on his desk. I, on the other hand, don't even have a pencil on my desk. I grab one from the side of my backpack. As the teacher finally seats the last person, Summer, at the very last desk, she's obviously annoyed. One of the tallest guys in the school is in front of her and she can't see. 

"Welcome to Music. I am Ms. Taylor, your teacher." She grasps her hands together and smiles brightly. Being one of the youngest teachers in the school, she's probably the most enthusiastic and one of the prettiest. Obviously, since half the guys were practically drooling over her. I press my palms together and sigh.

"Today since it's your first day with me, I won't give you too much work. So here's a worksheet and everyone will be working in groups." I groan, realizing that the group I'm stuck with, is filled with guys. 

She passes out a guide for the staff, first bass clef and then treble, then asks us to get to work. "This is so easy." Wes sighs. He starts getting to work on the notes, but I think he's done this one too many times for it actually pose a challenge. 

I practically hand her back the staff guides and finish the first page in five minutes. 

"How did you do that?" Erlend, who has barely finished the first half of the page, leans across and scribbles the notes on the paper. "Do your own work." He shrugs and finishes the first page in as much time as I finish both the worksheets. 

I pull my Doctor Who novel out of my backpack and flip to the page I was on this morning. The teacher doesn't seem to mind. I smile. In the last ten minutes though, we have to compare answers with each other. Everyone places their papers in the middle as we review each line. 

We practically get the same answers, so we place the worksheets in our backpacks and are ready to get out. Only one more class of the day and we're free from the hell called school. 

Once the bell rings, I head to English, the class that both Summer, Liza and I have. 

Somebody taps me on the shoulder, I spin on my heel and am face to face with Eli. He's rubbing his arm. "Um...I just wanted to say I'm sorry about this morning..." He smiles weakly and then sprints to his next class. 

"The hell?" I think. Summer is now at my side, along with Liza. 

"That class was torture," Summer groans. "I couldn't see anything!"

Liza responds, "I enjoy history, but I barely knew anyone there." 

I nod as we head up the stairs. I want to say something but can't think of the words to say. I keep my mouth shut. The rest of the walk to English is silent. 

Saved not by the bell, but sports and clubs - Summer's POV

I drop myself into one of the seats, one all the way in the front, thankfully. I'm not going to find myself at the back and earn myself an A. Especially in one of the easiest classes.

"Summer, I believe you sit in the back." A hoarse, rough voice frightens me. I jump.

"Sorry, um..." I respite from rolling on, due to the fact that I didn't catch this old man's name.

"Mr. Gillburg." He says, raising both of his bushy eyebrows.

I hold my torso, my stomach feeling like it's going to explode. I wasted my lunch for the food fight, which I still have a few strings of cheese hidden in my hair. I clench it tighter, my intestines feeling like they'll rip eachother apart.

"Mr. Gillburg, right...Last class period my teacher said I can't sit in the back due to my height. If you haven't really noticed..." I begin confidently, sliding my backpack onto the back of my chair before continuing. "I'm obviously the shortest one here. I apologize, sir, but that's something I'm afraid I cannot modify."

He scoffs, setting down his pen on top of his laptop. "Well then. Nice excuse."

I smile, happy with myself.

"Alright, everybody, flip to page 239 in your textbooks assigned to you on your desk." The bell rings just in time as Sam walks in. "Sam! Pleasure to see you here. I dearly am sorry, Summer has concluded that she wanted to switch seats with your assigned one. You sit second to last in the back of the class," He states, and Sam nods, brushing my shoulder as he passes by. "Screw you." He mutters, and I flash him a teasing smile.

Mr. Gillburg has a few minutes to go over the boring paragraphs in the book until a middle-aged lady, probably in her 30s, walks in with a dress hugging her slim body. Her legs looks like a model's, and her hair is freshly did up in a high, honey-blonde bun. She wears a decent amount of makeup, but she didn't really place her fake eyelashes well onto her natural ones. Most of the guys in the class adjust their focus onto her, and the girls gossip in distaste. "Sorry to intervene, Mr. Gillburg," She winks at him, and his face turns red.

"No, anything for you, Miss." He says, his eyelashes fluttering, looking like they're about to take flight.

"Hey everybody!" She bows. "Since this is the last class for today, I'm going to be handing all of you guys sheets of information for clubs or sports. Each of you can apply for a maximum of three, but I would highly advise that you should pick two. None of these usually fall on the same day, but they'll happen every other day, 1 time a week each." She proposes, walking around and placing thin, yellow sheets of paper onto every desk, most of the boy students not taking their eyes off of her. "For sports there is Football, Track, Volleyball, Cheerleading and Basketball. The other clubs are Musical Theatre, for those of you into Drama class, Chorus, Technology/Robotics, Band, and Film-making/Editing. I would usually pick one sport and one club, since you can add in some fitness and some fun." The naughty kids in the class snicker at the last phrase.

"That's all. The meet-up for who will make the team for all the sports will be held today. Club meetings will be held this Thursday. Good luck everybody!" She winks once more, squeezing our English teacher's arm before strutting out. 

The teacher allows us some time to discuss with the other people in the class.

"She seems a little arrogant, to me." Liza says, taking out Mjollnir Jr. "What are you going to pick, Jen?"

"I don't know. How about you, Summer? What are you going to circle?" Jen asks me, and I look back at my paper.

I sign my name sprucely before looking at the two words I'm going to select, smiling warmly.

"It's pretty obvious. I'm going for Musical Theatre and Volleyball. Can't you tell?" I comment, circling them in blue pen.

"I think I'll go with Musical Theatre too, and something else. Maybe not a sport, though. I'm unsure," Liza says, leaning on the palm of her hand with her elbow propped upright. An expression of confusion rests on her face.

Everybody turns the papers into the teacher before going back to work. Once the bell rings, the whole class rushes out, leaving behind me and my two sisters. I stand up, smoothing out my grey tank top and cardigan pulled over it, tugging my two straps of my backpack over my shoulders. "Volleyball tryouts?" Liza asks, and I grin. "Yup. Can't miss this one. Volleyball is practically, about half of my life..." I trail off, thinking about how literally I'm obsessed with it. I snap out of my own thoughts, and put up my two skinny thumbs.

"Wish me luck. See you guys later!" I say, dismissing myself from the class, and regretting to wear what basically gives the illusion of booty shorts today. Sure, it helps with volleyball and such, but it's also most likely going to increase the amount of wolf-whistles and teasing I will probably recieve from perverted guys, due to the volleyball section being right next to the football field.

I sigh, heading towards the main office to let mom know that I'm not in detention again, and rather staying late for volleyball try-outs. Mom understands, telling me to watch Liza, and I lie, saying that I would. Sam walks in, his eyes widen before coming up behind me. I slam down the phone, flipping around to find him right behind me.

"Volleyball girls in volleyball shorts..?" He asks, and I look at him, questionably. "That's pretty hot," He says, watching me as I leave, before drooling over one of the other highschool guys that enter the office. I roll my eyes, walking down the halls all the way to the end, pushing open the back doors of the school and heading for where the volleyball meet-up is held.

I took A Football... To The Head - Liza's POV

Instead of getting on the bus like a responsible older sister, I sit down in the bleachers outside, watching both the Volleyball try-outs happening to the right and the football try-outs happening right in front of me. I smile as Summer eyes me in the bleacher and wave to her. A shocked expression crosses her face. What? I was only supposed to watch Jen.... Oh wait... meh.

My phone starts to buzz and I look at the screen. Mom... oh crap.

I answer the phone. "Yeah mom?" I ask as I watch Oli push Justin around, only to get shoved back with the same amount of force.

"Where are you? I told Summer to make sure you got to the bus and-" she rambles but I cut her off.

"Wait, you put Summer in charge of me? I'm the oldest of your kids. Jen made it home safe, she had Mjollnir Jr.  to protect herself. She also told me it was alright for her to go home by herself as long as I watched Summer." I shake my head. Mothers, just don't know what to do with 'em anymore.

"You and that pen of yours! Honestly, if I didn't have things to do right now, I'd drive straight up to that school and pick you up. Summer is just fine by herself. Honestly, Liza." I can tell mom is shaking her head at me right now. Funny how that works out, ma. "You better not be there to stab your ex again or spike him with a volleyball."

"Oh relax," I mutter, shaking my head. "I can only see the football field and the volleyball court. I can't even see the baseball field," I lied. In reality, the baseball field was clearly the most visible, but I needed mom to believe that. "I'm fine, honestly."

"Alright..." she says, sounding unsure. "If something happens, and Summer tells me of this happening, you'll be in trouble. Major trouble." She then hangs up and I shake my head, putting my phone in my pocket.

"Hey pretty!" someone shouts from the football field. I look to see Oli face-palming as one of his fellow players tries to get my attention. Oli shoves the guy before shouting an apology up to me.

I laugh and look at the volleyball court. The girls are stretching and I see Summer giving several looks towards me, as if keeping an eye on me. I roll my eyes and tell her to shoo with hand movements. She shakes her head and focuses on stretching.

I look back at the football field to see the guys throwing the pig-skin football around. Oli catches it, jumping into the air and landing on his feet, perfectly. He throws it back towards Justin who catches it.

After about an hour of the try-outs, I start to get bored and pull out my phone, starting a game of Temple Run 2. That's when a football goes flying straight towards me and hits my head, throwing my head back to hit the metal bleacher.

A hand touches my shoulder and I can barely hear as Summer says, "Dammit Oli, since when was your aim so off?"

"I'm a reciever, not a quarterback!" he says defensively.

"Well, Mr. Reciever, go get a thing of ice from the cooler down on the field, as well as a water bottle." Her hand stays on my shoulder. "Hey Lizzie... how many fingers am I holding up?"

My eyes focus on her hand. "Uh.... three."

"Okay, then you're fine. Can you sit up?"

I put my hands underneathe me and push to a sitting position. Oli then comes running towards us with the small bag of ice and a water bottle.

Summer shakes her head and puts the ice to the back of my head. "Damn, mom's going to kill me."

"That's what you think," I mutter as I take a drink from the water bottle. Oli tries to apologize but I ignore him, holding the ice to the back of my head, clearly upset with him.

"I"m sorry..." he says before returning to training. Summer sits with me for the rest of training.

"You are so lucky that the coach knows I can play volleyball and well," she mutters before smiling at me as training comes to an end.

The Trouble with Boys - Jen's POV

"Rose Tyler I...."

Yelling starts. I pause Netflix and roll my eyes. Mom is pissed. "Summer, you couldn't watch Liza?" 

"I was playing volleyball. How am I supposed to watch Liza who was on a whole seperate field." 

I can tell she's focusing her attention on Liza now. "You were on a whole seperate field than Summer?!" 

Liza is silenced. She was?

Mom's trying to compose youself because she isn't yelling at Liza yet. She sighs. "Just go to your room. Your father and I will discuss this tonight." 

Footsteps echo across the tile. My door opens and both Summer and Liza come in. Liza is holding ice to her head and tries not to move her head. Summer is guiding her to a beanbag. 

"God, what happened?" I ask as Liza sits down.

"Oli hit me with a football." She tries to turn her head but it causes her to wince.

"That must suck." 

"You think?" 

"Oh and here's Mjollnir Jr." I hand him back. 

"You better took good care of him." She mumbles.

I roll my eyes. "Since you two are probably staying in here tonight, what do you want to do?" 

Liza groans as she moves the ice pack slightly. "Not standing."

"Or we could watch a movie." 

"But we just watched one yesterday," I groan. 

"Then what do you want to do?" Summer asks. 

"How about," I grab a pack of Sour Patch Kids off my desk, "we talk." 

"Talking?" Liza sighs. "Boring."

"Even about boys? Involving your precious boyfriend Oli?" 

You can tell she likes this idea. She raises her head a little as she sighs. "I wouldn't mind that." She smiles. 

"Of course you wouldn't," Summer adds, laughing. 

"Oh my gosh - he's like - the definition of perfection." Liza starts. "I mean have you seen his smile? It's like a heart attack." 

"I think we have all seen him smile. He always smiles when you two are together." I add.

"Summer, you must like someone, don't you?" I ask, smiling. 

"Me? No...."

"You hesitated." 

"I did not." 

"You did." I smirk. "You like someone."

"No I don't!" She smiles. 

"Sure." Liza rolls her eyes. "Confess Summer." 


"Fine. Do you have at least anything interesting to say?"

She thinks for a moment. "I dared Justin to go shirtless to school," she beams. 

"Is he actually going to do it?" Liza asks. 

Summer shrugs. Silence arises. 

"You haven't talked about anyone Jen," Summer says after a couple moments. 

"I don't like anyone," I shrug. 

"Does anyone like you?" 

I think for a moment about how Eli has been looking at me all the time in class and smiling. As soon as the heat rushes to my cheeks, I push the thought out of my mind.

"Earth to Jen..." 

"No. Nobody likes me." I grab a handful of Sour Patch Kids from the bag and resume my Doctor Who episode.

I don't want to talk about it.

A shirtless jock goes with a Bet - Summer's POV

Last night, I resisted the urge to continue on persisting for Jen to uncover the information she hides in her mind. I have a feeling her hair of hers is full of secrets.

I decide to wear some jeans with designs on the back pockets and a button-up, long sleeved red plaid shirt. I don't overly button it, but I don't show cleavage, either. Especially with dad keeping a keen eye on me, due to me being 'irresponsible' of my occupation of being Liza's aid.

I sigh, not knowing what to do with my hair. It's damp from the shower this morning, and luckily dried somewhat wavy. I decide to do a waterfall braid, letting my curls sprial down to the sixth button of my shirt.

"Summer, Jen, Liza! Time for school!" My father yells, adding a bit of volume to it since Liza currently can't hear very well in her right ear.

I slip on my backpack and get into the car, the ride being silent again, until we get to the bus station in front of our subdivision.

Liza escapes and dad stops us before Jen and me follow behind. I realize she hasn't picked up her phone to text Oli, even though it's been vibrating all night last night, keeping me from getting any sleep. Well, that's before I sent him a threat message that may or may not have included a load of swearing.

"Jen, Summer, I need you two to watch Liza. Seriously. Mom trusted you yesterday and you failed, now look where that got you," He says, his concetration on me. I refrain from rolling my eyes.

"Okay dad. I'm sorry. I really just wanted to make the team, but I'm not even sure if I did." I mumble, and he scratches his eyebrow. "It's okay. Make sure she doesn't pass out at school today. Keep her away from that Oli guy, or whatever." He adds, and me and Jen both nod our heads in agreement. "Love you, dad." Jen throws in, before we scram out of the car, hurrying up the bus. I step up the stairs and decide to sit next to Liza, leaving Jen to sit next to Dana in the back.

I watch as Marina and Bekah enter, Rebekah's hair in a neat fishtail braid. She wears some cute designer boots which I really wish I could have for myself. Annie and Erlend enter behind them, talking about something that seems to make them content, due to the grinning on the surface of their face.

"Feeling better?" I ask, and she holds her head. "Really? Everybody's been asking me that ever since this morning. Can you please say something else besides that?" She asks, and I place my bookbag in front of my feet. "Sure. Is your head throbbing? Would you like some ice? Can you hear me good from your right ear? Aw, I'm sorry, am I too concerned?"

She groans.

"At least you and Colin won't mess up eachother's lives now." I mutter, and she looks out the window, not paying any attention to me. Seeing that she has a good grip on Mjollnir Jr., I stay quiet until the bus stops, and all three of the jocks, including Wes and Kate, come in. I notice Justin is shirtless, and smile, as he walks up to me.

"Hand it up?"


"The twenty bucks. I wanna buy some music, maybe a new album."

"Well, I really didn't think you'd do the dare from try-outs yesterday, so..." I keep my eyes off of his abs.

"You didn't bring it. Ugh. Thanks alot, Summer," He says, and I smirk as he walks off. Jen comes over and plops herself down, wedging me in between her and Liza. I groan.

"Wait, it was a bet? You bet him twenty dollars to come to school without a shirt on the football field yesterday? I thought it was a dare," Jen says, and I open up my bookbag, pulling out the blue jolly rancher my spanish teacher gave me.

"It was, but he wanted something for it. So I sorta lied." I answer, popping it into my mouth, trying not to let my flushed cheeks show.

"You're totally red," Jen teases and I roll my eyes. "You like him. Summer's got a cruuuushh. Summer likes-"

I shove one of my other jolly ranchers, green apple, into her mouth to make her shut up. I push mine to the side of my cheek, breaking it in half.

"I don't like Justin. Never in a million years I would," I smirk, and she squints at me.

"I think you're over-exaggerating, Summer. You know you're looking forward to biology class with him in front of you."

"I'm totally not," I say, crossing my arms, sending a small glare her way. I watch as a blonde girl, the same one from yesterday's lunch, clings to him and he sighs, pulling her into a small hug. I feel my cheeks get a bit warm.

"There it is again!" She jumps up, and I motion her to hush. She calms down, but not completely.

"Hey, regardless, shirtless guys are hot, but that doesn't mean I'm crushing. So just calm the hell down, okay?"

The bus comes to a halt and I rush off, not waiting to recieve any more teasing of Jen.

My blushing isn't that noticeable...right?

The Return Of Math - Liza's POV

I walk into math class, our teacher giving me a dirty look as I pass by. Honestly, so what if I'm a year younger than most the kids in this class and so what if I have my siblings here, too? Honestly, I just stabbed a kid in the hand, you don't have to treat it like murder.

I sit down in the back as the kids slowly file in. My phone starts to vibrate in my back pocket, unnoticed by everyone. I tap on my desk as it continues to go off. I finally pull it out of my pocket and check the thousand messages.

Liza, really, I'm sorry.

Liza, did you get that message?

Hey, I'm sorry, please don't ignore me.

Are you asleep? If not, please answer me </3

Liza, I know you have your phone one, you just texted Rebekah. Please...

The messages continued on like that and I sigh, putting my phone into my back pack as the bell rings for class. I look at Jen who arrived on time today and roll my eyes before looking back at the teacher.

"Today, we'll be learning about the Quadratic Formula. You see, this formula..." he starts to drone on. I may be amazing at math but damn... I really hate this class.

I try to pay attention, writing the occasional note here and there as I try to pay attention. It gets to the point where I start randomly doodling a TARDIS with the tenth doctor sticking our, his 3D glasses the highlight of his profile.

"Liza," calls the teacher and I look up. "You seem to be very interested in the notes, but yet haven't looked up for the last five minutes. Would you like to give the answer to number ten?"

I look at the board, quickly solving the problem in my head. "X is negative one, plus or minus, because it can be either, the square-root of seventeen over two."

He stares at me for a moment. "Yes, alright. Do look up everyone once in awhile to show that you are still paying attention, though. One might assume you're drawing the fellow on your shirt."

I look down at my gray, "Keep Calm and Allons-y" shirt with an animated depiction of David Tennant's face with the 3D glasses.

"Nope, never would do that," I say, laughing as he goes back to the lesson. I laugh inwardly at myself. That'll show him to mess with me, haha! I say with another inward laugh. I then start to draw another tardis with the eleventh doctor because you just can't forget eleven... right?

Eh, that doesn't matter.

I finish the sketch of eleven and look up to see we still have twenty minutes in class. Crap... what do I do now? Mjollnir Jr pretends to write the notes on the board as our teacher scolds Wesley for incorrectly answering a question that he assumed to be the easiest thing ever.

I shake my head to myself before starting to draw the fourth doctor, making sure to look up at the teacher to avoid confrontation like earlier. I might just not be so lucky.

As the class ticks down to it's last second, I start to become antsy. Finally, the bell rings and I stand up, hurrying out of the class. "Freedom," I mutter to myself as I hurry through the halls to my next class.

Teasing In Biology - Jen's POV

After math and art, biology class awaits. I sit next to Summer as she tries to take a notebook out. My hand is now a navy blue, I wipe my hand on my jeans. Almost as soon as I sit down, he begins. A powerpoint is soon displayed on the board. I look over at Summer, who doesn't even move. Justin, still shirtless, sits in front of her, a good half foot taller than her and she doesn't even move an inch to see. I have to nudge her to look away. 

"Summer, you know the lesson is on the board, right?"

"Yeah..yeah.." She shakes her head. "Of course." 

She begins writing, catching up on the notes she's lost.

It only takes a couple minutes for her eyes to fall back on who's in front of her. I finally let her just copy my notes.

"You owe me." I whisper. 

"Fine." She turns to me briefly and smiles. Then Justin turns around.

"Hey, I really don't mind this you know. I mean I can tell your looking at me."

She turns red. "No...that would be.."

He looks at her for a moment before answering, "Trust me, I don't care," he flashes a smile at her. "Want to sit together at lunch?"

She stutter, turning eve more red, "Sure..."

"Summer he likes you back." I smirk as he turns around again. I nudge her.

"Shut up."

"Please. You should know me by now, I don't shut up that's how I got detention, remember?"

She groans. "You're going to get it."

I smile. "I can practically see you drooling over there." I shift my notebook back to my desk. 


"Make me."

Summer places her hand in her pocket and turns on her phone. She places the headphones in her ears. 

'Dammit Summer, that's cheating."

I pull her phone off and turn it off.

"But that was my favorite song..." She sighs.

"So, like isn't your favorite guy in front of you?"

She groans. "You are going to give me hell about this." 

"And you don't give that to me all the time?" 

Summer is about to get pissed, but then the lunch bell rings. I grab my backpack and smile as I say, "Good luck with your date with Justin." 

She wants to say something smart or foul back, I know it. Before she has the words to say I walk out into the hallway, making my way to the lunch room. 

Then the dread comes. She's going to get revenge. 

Truth or Dare - Summer's POV

I feel my legs shake the tiniest bit as I get out of my chair. Ugh. Dodging the feels isn't working so well for me right now.

Jen already skipped over to lunch, and a perfect idea comes to my mind as my cheeks are currently cooling down. I see Eli run across the hall yelling, "Jen, wait up!" I scoff, proud of myself to see him give me such a perfect plan.

Walking out the door, I see she stopped and turned around to talk to him. Justin had already left, leaving me with no distraction.

"Oooh, Eli, wanna know something?" I giggle, in the most girly-ish voice I could pronounce.

"Sure..what Summer?" He asks, and I elbow Jen as I walk up to her. "Jen has a big, fat crush on y-" I feel a shove and realize I'm pushed into the emptied out class next to me - French, with my hip banging itself on the teacher's desk. They look at me. I utter a shy aplology before going back into the hallway, rubbing my small injury.

"She's speaking nonsense. D-Dont listen to her...Eli..." She says, slightly tripping up on her speech. I smile.

Following behind them, I enter the lunchroom, right behind them. It's sorta hard to see behind Eli, though. I feel someone bump into my side, and yelp in pain. It's Oli.

"Oh great. You hurt my sister and now you wanna injure me too?" I question him, and he facepalms. "Whenever you see her, can you tell her that I'm really really sorry and I wanna take her out for ice-cream on S-Sunday?"

"Sure." I mumble, wrapping my arms around myself. "Thanks Summer," He says, walking with his lunch towards Justin. Justin smiles and waves, and I hold myself back from tripping over myself. I barely wave back, and Jen pushes me forward, Eli beside her. "Do you mind if I sit here today?" He asks me, and I grin.

"Sure, no problem. In fact, make yourself cozy by Jen," I add, sitting down next to Justin, Oli at the other end of the table. Liza sits by herself at a different table with Erlend, Annie and Wes. She doesn't say much and picks at her food.

I try not to pay too much attention as Justin sits next to me. My knees buckle under the table and I feel like I'm gonna melt.

"Running down to the riptide, taken away to the dark side.." I start to sing a bit of the lyrics from one of my favorite songs. Justin looks at me, and I look back at him.


"Nothing...I just...was wondering what you were singing to."

"O-Oh. Um, it's really stupid. One of a few of the songs I favor..Um, Riptide. What's your favorite song?" I ask, clasping both of my hands.

"If so..Atlas Genius," He says, and I smile. I was gonna say something but I begin to focus on rather not him but Eli and Jen. Eli's face turns beet red and I find myself some revenge time.

"Eli, do you have a crush? I mean, it's obvious you do." I say, and he peers at me. "I might...but the same goes for you, Summer." Surrounding laughs come from the table and I twirl a strand of my hair, biting my lip.

"Well, I'm a bit more confident about it. You're the man here, though, aren't you?"

The giggles turn to 'Oohs'. Jen sends daggers at me in disapproval, probably because I insulted her 'boyfriend'.

"Alright, alright. Settle down. Let's play truth or dare. We all gotta admit, the lunch is disgusting and nothing is gonna pass time better than that." Oli smiles, and everybody goes with the idea.

"Okay, who first?" Jen asks, and everyone's eyes go to me. I attempt to cover my face with the sleeves of my shirt, but Justin pulls them back down. "Fine." I mutter, looking at Eli as my face brightens up.

"Truth or Dare, Eli?" I ask, and he wimps out.

"Truth." I smirk.

"Have you ever got feelings for Jen?" I ask, making both his and Jen's face turn bright pink. "Er..dare." He switches and I brush my hand through my hair.

"I dare you to answer that question."

"N-No. I won't. " He bickers, making Jen turn around so nobody would see how bright her face is, and refuses to say more. I cross my arms. "Chicken."

"Shut up, Summer." Jen interrupts, and I lean my head on Justin, feeling less nervous, for once. I yawn.

"Tired already?" He asks, and I look up at him.

"Yeah, thanks to your friend Oli, who decided to blow up Liza's phone last night I couldn't get some rest." I say, and he smirks. Eli looks at Jen. "Truth or Dare? I won't torture you."

She smiles warmly and picks truth. He asks whether she has ever gone into a boys bathroom, and she shakes her head. She looks at me, her red cheeks fading.

"Justin...Truth or Dare?" And what I feared he would say was...


"I dare you to kiss Summer on the cheek," She says, smiling proudly. I bury my face into the palms of my hands, my face on fire, before I feel a small peck at the apple of my cheek.

I don't dare to take them down, even after lunch is over.

Sweat, Rust, And... Vomit? - Liza's POV

I get into the gymnasium locker room and quickly change into the regulated uniform. I grab the red high-top all-star converse shoes, lacing them up and tying them. I sit on the little stone benches right beneath the lockers and wait for Summer and Jen to finish getting ready.

I grab a hair-tie out of my bag, putting my hair up in a ponytail, finding them to be taking too long. After another few minutes and with them not ready, I stand up and head out of the locker room.

As soon as my foot hits the gymnasium floor, Oli is running towards me. "Liza!" he shouts before stopping in front of me. "Listen, I really am sorry, I didn't mean to hit you with a football."

I huff, realizing I have no other option but to talk to him. "You can say sorry, it doesn't change the fact that you did hit me, okay? Fine, I'll say 'apology accepted' but it won't change anything."

"You'll even turn down going to get ice cream?" he asks as I push past him, walking towards the seats. I pause before turning around. "Sunday afternoon, just you and me."

"Fine," I say and he smiles brightly in accomplishment. He then hugs me tightly before dragging me to the seats, sitting down with an arm wrapped around my waist. Summer and Jen walk out and look at me. Summer shakes her head, smiling, and Jen keeps and emotionless face. They walk over and Summer sits down next to Justin. Jen sits down a few seats from Summer and I eye her.

"Jen, you okay? Eli's only sitting down there, I'm sure he would love some company," I say with a small smile. She gives me a death glare and scoots over another seat, as if it would keep me from messing with her.

Before I can do anything, the couch comes out of the locker room. "Alright princesses! We're going out to run the mile, and you will run because walking will lower your grade. If you do not come in within 14 minutes of running, you will get an 'F' and your grade this semester will fail!"

Several kids stare at the couch in shock. "Now, move it!" Everyone scrambles to get out of there. I see Jen as she tries to convince the coach that she has a bad case of 'Eli-ritis'. He then threatens to give her an automatic "F" and she is suddenly running for the door.

We arrive at the track as several kids look around. Justin and Oli smile, ready for the run, while others like Rebekah and Marina get concerned about their hair.

The coach blows the whistle and we are all off. The first lap was simple, but afterwards, hell broke loose and invaded Earth for all it's worth. Ooh, that rhymed...

On the second lap, Eli ran into the chain-link fence that runs right next to the track and stabbed his hand with a rusty piece of metal. He was, luckily, removed and sent to the nurse with his finger starting to become purple.

On the third lap, Annie ran over to the side of the lap and started to throw up. Just like Eli, she was removed from the track with a bad case of over-working herself and cramps.

And finally, on the last lap, Nathaniel tripped and scraped his knee, causing for a long open-would to go from his knee to mid-calf. He was screaming in pain and writhing on the ground in pain. The coach, once everyone was done, was shaking his head.

"What a group of princesses." The coach then lead us back into the gymnasium where everyone either sat around and watched the athletes play basketball or watched as Summer played a one-woman's game of volleyball. It made for an interesting class period.

Wanting to Disappear - Jen's POV

"I need to get my volleyball uniform." Summer says as we pull into the parking lot of Dick's Sporting Goods. I sigh, slamming the back door shut. "I need a new swimsuit." 

Liza smirks as she has nothing she has to buy. Mom tells us she'll pick us up in an hour, since she has grocery shopping to do. Together, all of us have a hundred dollars to spend. 

We walk through the automatic glass doors, as all around us, there are groups of students everywhere. Summer gets a cart and heads to the woman's section. She grabs some shorts and a tee, then turns to the Lingere aisle. She picks out a couple of sports bras and throws them in the cart. 

As she turns around the corner, somebody runs into her. "Oh my god, are you.." The person stands up. 

Her eyes widen. "Okay Justin?" He is still shirtless even after school.

I try to refrain from teasing her in front of him.

"Yeah." His hand holds the back of his neck. He's looking down, but turning pink.

Summer then looks down and starts to turn red. " what are you here for?" She's trying to act calm but I know she just want that cart to disappear. 

"Football uniform." He smiles, looking down. "..I can see what you're hear for.." She turns pink. 

"Those aren't mine...those are uh..Jen's.."

"Dammit Summer, why do I always have to be it," I mutter under my breath. 

"Cuz I'm so nice." She bats her eyelashes. I groan. "Well I need to get my swimsuit."

After looking at an abundance of swimsuits, I find a purple and teal bikini. Heading to the dressing room, I ask Summer "Can you tell me if it looks okay once I try it on?" She nods, still red.  

"Thanks." I smile as I grab my number and walk in. Once I try it on, I close the door and head out. "Summer do you think.." Summer, stands there, but a few feet away Eli stands. "Damn, damn, damn..." I mutter.

"Yeah, it looks really nice on you Jen." 

"Thanks." As soon as I start to walk away Eli looks up. "Crap," I whisper. I look down and turn away. My cheeks are starting to feel warm. "Hey Jen," He adds. 

"Go away," I think, "From here this section, I don't care." 

Once I change back into my skinny jeans and tee shirt, I walk out. "Nice now let me try on this uniform." She walks into the dressing room as Eli approaches. "Fudge, go away." I am turning red, I am sure of it. 

"That looked nice on you." 

"I don't want to talk about it." I say, my back turned to him. 

"Okay. Can you turn around though?" 

I slowly turn on my heel. "What?" 

"I'm telling you the truth, you know that right?" He smiles, his cheeks turning slightly pink.

As I am about to turn more red, I hear Summer heading out of the dressing room. "How about this?" I turn around and see Summer, wearing her volleyball that is a little too..tight.

"Wow Summer..uh...that's really tight." I laugh. At the same time Justin walks out in his football uniform. "Crap." Summer mutters. His eyes are widening. 

"Well at least that's better than what's in that cart," I giggle. 

"Shut up." Summer hurries back into the dressing room. As I turn my back to talk to Eli, I realize he's gone. I throw my bikini in the cart as Liza returns in her normal clothes. "I need to get a size bigger." Summer laughs. We grab a size bigger and throw it in the cart. 

"Now where's Liza?" 

We head to the shoes, but on the way, the football section we see Liza, with none other than Oli. She must have just run into him, since she has a pair of shoes in her hands. 

"Hey Oli.." She smiles. 


"What's up?"

"I'm looking for my football uniform." 

"I see," She is practically melting. 

"What did you come in for," Oh nothing,' She shrugs. "My sisters needed stuff."

Liza puts her arm across the rack, as someone on the other side spins it, she trips into Oli.

"Damn, do you want to mess up that pretty face of yours?" 

She blushes. 

Then we approach her. "You wouldn't believe who we just saw..." Summer and I start.


"Justin and Eli."

"Ooh..details, she says, throwing the shoes in the cart.

As we head to the check out line, all of them are there.

Our conversations are stalled until we get back into the car. 

Pillow Fight thats full of Lies - Summer's POV

I hug the bag that has my volleyball outfit inside close to my stomach. I give myself a few minutes to let my face cool down.

"Quite a sight, huh Summer? Huh? Huh?" Jen teases, elbowing me playfully. I keep my eyes stuck to the floor of the car seat.

"Yeah. Quite a sight for Eli, too," I argue, making her shut up. Damn, why'd I have to get a size too tight that literally looked like underwear on me? I mean, not like volleyball shorts were already like that, but really? And even though I can put on a nice act, that didn't happen inside Dick's Sporting Goods...

Surprisingly we still have about 4 hours until curfew, and I have no idea what's going on inside Liza's head. She mumbled something about Oli, though.

Jen continues to mess with me on the ride home, whispering things about a new ship name in my ear. Nope. Not gonna happen.

I'm the first to get out of the car and into my room, locking the door. I sigh, taking a while to process what's happening.

No...I couldn't possibly be crushing?

Pfft. I'm not easy. Jen might be.

But...Justin did look pretty alright in a football uniform.

And without a shirt.

I push the thought aside, picking out what I'm gonna wear tomorrow. I settle for plain white tee that has the names of everybody signing it from last year in different shades of sharpie marker. I also want to wear some black skinny jeans, designs with sequins on the back pockets, with a pair of white, high top converse. Putting the outfit on a hanger on the right side of my closet, I turn on the TV and watch Spongebob before Jen bursts through my door.

"Heeeyyyy Summerrr!" She says, dropping herself beside me at the edge of my bed. I look at her, annoyed.

"Hey Jen. Can you please no-"

"Torture you about what happened between you and you-know-who at the store today? Aha, no can do."

I take my favorite beanie that I wore Monday, and put it on my head, turning the sound up on the television. She raises her voice.


I hit her in the face with a pillow. She grabs one.

It's obvious what's gonna happen.

We're about to knock the crap out of eachother before Liza walks in, smiling.

"Wait, how the hell did you guys get in here?" I ask, and Liza points to one of the bobby pins securing her messy bun. I roll my eyes.

"JUSTIN-X-SUMMER!" Liza starts, and I get a firm grip on my pillow. I smack her on the side with it, avoiding her head because...well, you know.

They chant at me, starting to attack me with pillows. I get up, hitting Jen in the back with mine. "ELI-X-JEN," I begin, and Liza joins with me. Our focus is now on Jen, who tries to deny but can't really since we're both continuously throwing pillows against her face. Jen hits Liza's leg, getting up on the bed and jumping up and down before screaming -


Which earns her a blow to the face.

We all laugh it off, though, hitting eachother back and forth, for a good 45 minutes, until we get tired and watch some more Spongebob.

Cause it's amazing.

The Theatre Musical is... Frozen? - Liza's POV

After a very boring Thrusday day of boring teachers and rude people. Also maybe chatting with Oli... maybe.

I sling my exploding-tardis bag over my shoulder and head over to the theatre where the Musical Theatre group was meeting for today.

I sit down on the edge of the stage, watching as the seats filled out one-by-one with people. Summer walks into the theatre and waves to me before sitting down near the front. I smile brightly. A sophmore being the assistant of the Musical Theatre teacher, meaning you would get to do a lot.... could life be better?

The drama teacher, Mrs. Quarine, walks in along with the Chorus teacher, Mr. Hiller. Mrs. Quarine nods to me and directs her attention to everyone, motioning for Mr. Hiller to take a seat next to me. He pauses before slumping down on the stage, a few feet away from me.

"Welcome to Musical Theatre. Today, we'll be learning about the musical we will be putting on in the fall. However, first, I'd like you to line up in front of Ms. Liza and state your name, email address, and if you would be working as an actor/actress or as stage crew." She waves her hand and several people come running at me. I take out a notebook and quickly jot down everyone's information. Once everyone was settled, Mrs. Quarine stands up.

"Alright, now, Mr. Hiller will be passing out a booklet with several musicals we can do for this fall. You will pick one of them, and only one, and hand the paper to Liza where she will tally it." Mr. Hiller starts to hand out the little booklets and everyone was quick to turn in the pamphlet.

I quickly tallied it. "Wow..." I murmur. "Of course they would pick Frozen." I hand the tallies to Mrs. Quarine and she face-palms.

"You all picked Frozen... why am I not shocked?" She shakes her head before putting on a smile. "We will be holding try-outs for the movie on the seventh of next month so we can work on the musical. Good luck, I'll be back in five minutes. You all can... practice."

She leaves, along with Mr. Hiller, and everyone jumps up and down before shouting the lyrics to Let It Go. I shake my head and grab the microphone off the stage, tapping it a few times. "Guys, I would suggest we either do improv or we start practicing some songs."

"Do the last one! I want to hear you sing!" Summer shouts, giggling. I laugh a little before thinking over what song I want to sing. I finally decide that since I tend to look more like Elsa, I should just do what everyone else was previously shout-singing.

"The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint, to be seen..." I start and a few cheers answer me. "A kingdom of isolation... and it looks like I'm the queen."

I continue to sing, getting applause every once in awhile. "My power flurries through the air into the ground! My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around!" Near the back of the theatre, I hear Erlend as he tries to sing along, only to get slapped, making me try to hide my laughter. "And one thought crystalizes like an icey blast! I'm never going back... the past is in the past! Let it go, let it go! And I'll rise like the break of dawn! Let it go, let it go! That perfect girl is gone! And here I stand... in the light of day!" I pause, holding the note a bit longer than I should have. "Let the storm rage on!" I smile. "The storm never bothered me any way."

A few people cheer and clap and I curtsy, putting the mic back on the stand. We quickly grow into a pattern of people going up and singing while the crew just sits around. I smile, these kids were good. Really good. It almost shocked me.

Mrs. Quarine returns with the scripts with music in them. She passes them out to those who choose to be an actor/actress for this school year, giving me the last copy. She then checks her watch. "Well, it's the 4 pm! Time to get home! See you all next Thursday!"

We all then flood out of the theatre, some of them happy, but I, for one, am excited.

Getting Ready - Jen's POV

I check my phone one more time before I get ready just to make sure. After a boring day of school, just a couple of begining of the year diagnostic exams, Eli invited me to the back to school party that Wes is hosting. Justin also invited Summer, along with Oli invited Liza. It was a pool party, so I could wear my new bikini. What a coiencedence. 

I sigh as I change into my bikini. Summer wears her black one with a teal bow and Liza wears a floral one. Mine is blue, covered in plaid and with a bow in the front. I wear my lace kimono as a coverup, run a brush through my hair and slip on my sandals. 

"I am so excited," Summer exclaims while brushing her hair. "Like seriously, this is going to be the best party ever."

"I know." 

As Liza and Summer finish getting ready, I pick up my phone. Eli is already there. We're taking to long. 

"Can we hurry up?" I ask still looking at my phone. 

"Sure," Summer smiles. "Just more shipping for me." She nudges me. I groan. 

"Sumtin is the ultimate ship and you know that."

She doesn't respond.

When we all finish getting ready, we tell our mom we'll be back home before curfew hopefully. 

"Have fun at your friend Dana's house." She smiles. 

We shut the door behind us and start walking to Wes' house. Practically all of us are bursing out of our skin. We talk about what it's going to be like until we reach the door.

When we approach the door, I can hear the music blasting in the background. Liza has to bang on the door to get Wes' attention. 

The door swings open and Wes lets us in. I gape at the sight. 

Everyone is partying like no tomorrow. "Oh my gosh Maps." We all smile. I think practically everyone loves that song. 

Eli recognizes me and runs to my side.

Summer coughs "Jeli is so the best ship." 

I glare at her until Justin reaches her side. 

"You look nice," He eyes her.

She turns pink.

"Dare to tell me Sumtin isn't real one more time." I laugh as Eli and I head to the pool. 

As I dip my toes into the water to see how warm it is, Eli shoves me in. 

I gasp. "Don't you dare."

"I think I'll already did." He smirks.

He jumps into the pool beside me. 

I pull my kimono off and throw it to the side. 

I already know this is going to be the best night and it's only just started.

Suck and Blow - Summer's POV

I sit on the couch, deciding what I want to do. Jen is already hanging out with Eli by the pool and Liza and Oli are dancing to music. For me, I don't know what I want to do. There is a cool racing game on the screen, though, that I might play after Erlend and Joan finish their match.

Once it's done, I grab a controller, and Justin walks up. "Wanna play?"

"Sure. Don't cry when I beat you, though, Summer." He teases, and I punch him playfully in the arm.

"You wish I would."

The game starts and I'm already speeding off. Justin keeps trying to slow me down with lame instructions.

"You're going to fast. Your turns aren't gonna be smooth and I'll beat you." He says, and he makes his car push mine into a rail. The side mirror of my Sky-blue Camaro snaps off.

"You jerk! You distracted me," I say, and he smiles, now in the lead. I continue to speed up my car, even though what he said was right, causing me to crash into trees and what not a couple of times.

On the screen, I see he's almost at the end of the finish line before he makes his car stop. I furrow my eyebrows. Leaning over, he wraps his arms around me, taking my hands off of the control and replacing them with his, and steers my car right past his Porsche, making me win the game. I grin.

"Maybe you are a gentleman," I add, and he just beams back, saying "Maybe". Erlend winks at me, making a heart with his hands and I roll my eyes.

The music stops playing and I tuck a piece of hair behind my ear, looking over at Wes. His arms are in the air over his head, causing everybody to become quiet.

"Well, since it seems like everybody is her-" He is cut off by Sam stumbling through the door. "Sorry, I'm late..Er...Wes..." He mumbles, all eyes directed towards him.

"Anyways, we should play a game." He dangles a card in his hands and I try to find out what we're gonna play. "Are we playing solitaire?" I ask, breaking the silence and turning this into a guessing game.

"Yeah! Or, um, Spades?" Dana guesses, and Wesley facepalms.

"Or Blackjack?" Oli suggests, Liza smiling like there isn't a tomorrow next to him. They're holding hands...

"Are you guys serious...Those are boring. We're playing suck and blow, idiots." He mutters, everyone shutting up. I turn around like I didn't say anything.

"So lets gather around the pool table. Make a circle, boy-girl,"  He says, and everyone does so. I'm the third to get there, Justin on my right and Oli on my left. Liza glares at me for choosing to be next to him, and I just stick my tongue out at her.

"Basically you suck the card and blow it to the next person and they repeat. If you drop it you can either choose to be eliminated or, kiss the person if you want to stay. That only happens once, though." Wes says, and everyone goes on with it. I make a small signal to Jen and she sends a death glare at me. I smile, thinking of a way to make her drop the card. I take out the rubber band in my hair I used to secure my hairstyle and put it in between my fingers, into a shooting position. I position it under the table, aiming for her left shin.

This brings back memories of last year.

Erlend starts, passing it to Kate and Kate passes it to Blake. Blake sucks it in and blows it to Emilia, who tries to pass it to Joan but fails to do so, causing her and Joan to be eliminated. Small giggles arise, including me. The game continues and I prepare to send the rubber band at Jen's leg, once Eli takes the card from Annie. He turns to pass it to Jen, and I send it flying, hearing a small smack once it hits her leg. She grunts through her teeth, failing to get the Ace card. "Kiss him, Jen. You wanna get eliminated this early?" I ask her, and she looks at me. "I hate you."

She turns to Eli and kisses him.

Let's just say I was disappointed it wasn't on the lips.

I smile, and it eventually gets to Justin. He passes it to me, and I pass it on to Oli, having to somewhat stand on my tippy-toes to pass it over. He drops it when Liza was about to catch it, and I roll my eyes. "Whoops. Oh well," He says fakely, and leans towards Liza - but she steps back.

"Thats a shame. I guess we're eliminated." She bats her eyelashes and Oli gives her a look of disapproval. "Need some ice for that burn?" I question him, and he doesn't say anything back.

The game keeps going until everyone's out. Bee and Connor end up winning.

And I'm certain Jen can't wait to earn her revenge at every party's common game.

Spin the Bottle.

A "Friendly" Game of Spin The Bottle - Liza's POV

Wesley left the party for a few minutes, claiming he had to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, I didn't believe him when he came back with an empty bottle of Samuel Addams' Laager.

He leads everyone over to the living room where he has a round table set up. "Tell me again, Wesley, where are your parents?"

"Screw parents," he says with a smirk. "The game is always more fun without parental supervision." He sets the bottle down in the middle and everyone sits down. Colin and Oli sit right next to each other and I sit across from them. Summer and Jen join me, sitting next to me as the table slowly fills in, Justin across from Summer, Eli some-what across from Jen.

"Alright suckers," Wesley says, catching everyone's attention. "We'll be playing Spin-The-Bottle. Now... The rules. It has to be lip-to-lip, you have to kiss the person you land on or spin again if it lands inbetween two people, and then, my favorite rule, you have to have some relation to the person. For example, Liza darling, spins the bottle and it lands on Dana. Unfortunately, she doesn't know Dana, so she'd have to spin again until it land on someone else, even if it means it lands on Summer."

A few giggles arise from the group. "Alright, since I named her, Liza, you're up first." Wesley sits down, three spots away from me. I take the bottle and spin it. All eyes glue on the bottle as it spins around and around before it starts to slow drastically. Come on...

It starts to slow to a stop, not quite past Colin yet. Come on, come on... It inches to point at Oli before coming to a stop. I smile and I think I hear Wesley mutter something along the lines of, "Beginner's luck". Summer shoves me out of my spot, and I move around the table to Oli, who is just shaking his head, a smirk on his face. I sit down next to him and he pulls me onto his lap.

"You so made us lose," he mutters under his breath.

"I know," I say with a smile before kissing him. I separate the kiss and smile at him before walking back over to my seat next to Summer and Jen. Wesley rolls his eyes. "Oli, spin the damn bottle already." Oli breaks out of whatever was keeping him stationary and spins the bottle, it landing on Cas.

"Two hotties in a row, Oli, that's just not fair," Wesley says under his breath. "This is my party... maybe I should have spun first... Oh well, too late." Oli and Cas start to kiss and I start to feel a little jealous before remembering it was just a game.

The game progresses and comes to a halt with Jen muttering every curse word she knows as Eli spins and lands on her. He comes over and kisses the girl, on the lips this time, making her turn a deep scarlet red.

The game starts to come to an end, everyone has pretty much had some reaction with another, either by kissing them or laughing with them as too socially awkward people kissed. That's when finally the last ship is complete.

Justin, after just having to kiss Rebekah, spins the bottle. It starts to swirl in a fast-moving pace before slowing down. It moves past me and makes a full rotation, coming to a stop on...


Jen chuckles off to the side. "Revenge, dear sister, revenge," Jen says with a smile, making me laugh softly to myself. Justin comes over and kisses Summer for a bit longer than necessary. Once the two finally stop kissing, leaving Summer crimson-red and Justin with a smile permanently glued to his face for the rest of the night, Wesley calls the game to an end, allowing us all to roam about for awhile.

I sit down on the couch before anyone can even think of moving there. Oli sits down next to me and drapes his arm over my shoulders. "I hope you realize you are the only exception."

"How many times are you going to say that?" I ask him.

"As many as it takes." He says with a smile, leaning in to kiss me. I move my head to the side and he only kisses my cheek, making him upset. "Just make life difficult for me."

"That's what every day of my life is like," I say with a shrug, watching Summer and Jen from the living room couch.

Not Your Average Musical Chairs - Jen's POV

"So gather around, next game is an old favorite. Musical chairs." Wes smirks. 

Groans arise in the crowd. I don't care, as long as I don't have to kiss Eli again tonight. My cheeks still burn. 

"Except I'm going to count whoever's toes are off the ground, is safe. That means that lap sitting is allowed." He grins at the thought.

"Oh goodness." Some people say. Others laugh. 

"I..don't know anymore.." I sigh. 

Wes turns on a playlist, filled with songs such as Fancy and Chandelier. 

The music comes to an abrupt stop and I rush to the chair nearest me. Somehow, I make it through the first round with nobody sitting on my lap. I breathe a sigh of relief. 

A chair is taken out of the circle and another song fills the room. 

I walk, but some people dance to the music. As the song stops some people groan. I manage to get on the chair without anyone sitting on my lap again. Only Dana is sitting is sitting on someone's lap - Colin. I almost burst out laughing. 

The music stops barely a second into the next song, "What the-" 

Summer stands there confused for a minute and sits on Justin's lap, glaring at me. I giggle as I say, "match made in heaven. " I am shocked when Justin kisses her on the cheek when she's sitting there. She turns bright red. 

"Sumtin." I giggle.

"Shut up."

The next round comes and the music seems to drone on. 

Everyone is suprised when the music actually ends. 

It catches me off guard and I just awkwardly stand there, rubbing my elbow. 

Summer's eyebrows raise. 

I groan, sitting down on Eli's lap. 

Liza is sitting on Oli's lap, turning red. 

Summer giggles.

"Oh my gosh, when are you ever going to learn to shut the hell up Summer?" I roll my eyes. She gapes, not thinking of anything to say. I smile. 

When it's just me, Summer, Eli and Justin left, I purposely don't sit down. Justin and Summer win. I don't feel like getting bothered the rest of the night. 

I grab my kimono back from the patio. Then I sit back on the couch and watch everyone else.

I was starting to get cold. Eli tries to usher me back to the pool. Telling the offer down, he walks away, to the pool finding some of his other friends. Summer sits besides me and starts teasing me.

We go back and forth until Justin calls her over. She almost automatically leaves, turning pink. 

I, then, sit alone for a while, watching all the others party. 

This couldn't be any more awkward. 

Winks - Summer's POV

I notice Wesley lining up 10 chairs in a circle, and I raise my eyebrows. "I wonder what he's using that for," Justin says, his breath brushing against my shoulder. I shrug.

"Probably a new game," I say, smiling. "Hopefully it's as interesting as the others." Justin winks, and I blush.

My eyes avert to Jen, who's sitting by herself on the couch. My dancing to "Love Somebody" by Maroon 5 slowly comes to a halt and I walk over to her.

"What are you doing? Come on, it's a party, Jen. Let go for a bit," I say, heaving her arm. She doesn't bother to budge. "No. Summer, I don't want to talk about it," She snaps.

I let go of her wrist and am about to go back to Justin, Liza and Oli before Wesley claps, getting everybody's attention.

"All the girls, sit in a chair." He commands, and I sit in one close to the middle. Rebekah sits across from me, crossing her legs in a proper manner before looking back up at Wes. Jen sits beside her, and Liza settles down beside my chair. I try looking at Jen, but she ignores me.

Wes nods after each girl attending the party is sitting in one, although there's one that's empty. "Boys, take your pick. Stand behind one of them."

I am a little bit surprised once Justin doesn't stand behind me, but I forget about it since it's a party. Oli stands behind Liza, obviously, and Eli behind Jen. Blake stands behind me, and Connor stands over by Rebekah. She giggles softly. Everyone else pairs about, without a word, but I can hear a few 'oohs' and 'aahs' coming from those surprised or those shipping a pair. Justin becomes the one without a chair.

I spell "Jeli" in thin air once Jen looks my way and somehow Eli sees it also. She flips me off, but Eli grins discreetly.

"Although I must say I'm stunned by who chose eachother, let's begin. The game is simple. Since Justin is without a girl in his chair, he must wink at one to bring her to his without the boy standing behind her grabbing her back. In example, if Dana were to try and leave Colin and he grabs her, she has to retreat to her spot. If she does, succeed, however, Justin now has her in the chair and Colin must figure out a way to steal another girl into his own."

Liza smirks, and Blake scoffs. I look at Justin, trying to send him a signal not to pick me. It'll be obvious to Blake.

I think he realizes it because he nods unnoticeably with his head.

"Start." Wes says, and Justin sighs. I can tell Rebekah is looking at him and he winks at her. She runs across from her own to his chair, and Connor mutters a curse.

His eyes alter around the circle at every girl and they eventually fall on Liza. He winks and she attempts an escape, but Oli catches her and shoves her back down. "You can't get away from me, babe," He says softly, and she rolls her eyes, somewhat upset.

Eli catches Jen three times before she can finally go to Colin's chair. She crosses her arms, finally free from him.

Connor's eyes go to me, another wink, and I break free from the chair I was in, landing in Connor's chair. Blake stares me down.

It alternates, going around with every girl going into every chair.

Well, except for me. I still haven't gotten to Justin yet.

Not that he hasn't winked at me, but just that Eli has a firm grip and slammed me back down, possibly hurting my back.

I sigh, tapping my foot impatiently.

Justin makes a second attempt, biting his lip and winking at me seductively again.

I daze off into another world, melting, before I realize I have to switch.

I jump up and get to his, sitting down and Eli rolling his eyes.

"Well, thats game." Wesley declares, and everyone gets up and leaves. Justin squeezes my shoulders.

"Nice," He says, and I grin. "We should go to the pool. We haven't been there yet. My hair shouldn't stay this perfect after the party is over, you know."

He flashes a smile.

Walking over to the pool, through the kitchen, I notice Jen is drinking some punch, Eli blabbing about some wicked thing he saw Thursday. I catch him give her a kiss on the forehead, and her jaw drops. I manage to snap a photo of that on my iPhone, and a selfie of me, because I felt like it, with Justin photo-bombing in the back.

Needless to mention thousands of others including Erlend, Blake, Bekah, and basically everybody at the party.

I continue walking to the pool, and feel a shot of something extremely cold on my back. I scream.

Flipping around, Justin stands there with a water gun. "Oh, it's on," I mutter, stealing one that Joan had in his hand. He looks up, saying "Thanks for getting my permission."

I put my phone in the grass.

I don't pay any mind to what he says before shooting Justin in the face. It takes him a while to wipe it off, so I shoot him again at his side. He laughs, shooting my stomach.

I hold it, trying not to say anything. The water is ice-cold, Wes must have put it in the freezer and filled the large guns up with a ton of it.

Another spray goes into my hair and I shiver, shooting at his feet. I get him back, shooting water into his hair as well. It's now completely lost of it's hair gel. He shudders. "Fine."

He throws the gun aside, and walks over to me. I keep mine in my hand.

Guiding me towards the pool. I spray some for extra fun into his face, once more, before throwing it back over to wear Joan and Erlend are playing pool volleyball.

"What are you doing?" I ask, and he doesn't reply. Instead, he grabs my hand, and we both jump in, the cold water splashing against me.

The End of Something Beautiful - Liza's POV

I sit with Oli on the couch, laughing as he cracks some stupid joke as my phone continues to go off every few seconds, the lyrics to, "Misery" by Maroon 5 would blare, causing a few people to silence if they heard it.

Once it goes off for about the umpteenth time tonight, I finally excuse myself and head outside, where the loud music is muffled behind the walls of the house.

"Hello?" I ask, covering one ear so I could hear the person on the other end of the line.

"Elizabeth Jane, where the HELL are you, Summer and Jennifer?" I hear my mother's voice question on the other end of the line.

Oh crap... "We're at Dana's house, honestly mom. Everything is alright, there is nothing going on at all, Summer is just playing her music really loudly."

"Oh really? Dana's mother seems to disagree with that statement, claiming Dana said she was coming over to our house." Oh crap, we are going to die... "So, I want some answers now or else you are all grounded for... FOR UNTIL COLLEGE!"

Jen storms out of the house and takes one look at my face to know that I am on the phone with mom. Her eyes widden and she runs back into the house, going to retrieve Dana and Summer.

"Honestly mom," I say, starting to laugh, "Dana is with us, we decided to go over to Bee's house, we thought Dana told her mom that because Dana called us after we left. We decided we wouldn't have to tell you because we were going to be coming home around the same time."

"Oh really? Do I need to head over to Bee's house now? Or how about I just hang up and call her mother right now." Mom's threat starts to make me nervous but I put on my best act.

"Her mom works late or did you forget that? Her dad's watching us and he doesn't know your number or vice versa. Mom, we're fine, we'll be home soon, okay?" There is a long pause of silence as Summer, Bee, Dana and Jen run out of the house. I smile, Jen knew my plan without even hearing it... smart child.

"Let me talk to Bee then, I want to know you are at her house." I hand my phone to Bee who starts to talk to our mom. I smile and hug Summer and Jen. As long as we're back in... what time was it again? I grab Summer's phone and check the time. Oh crap... it's an hour past curfew.... no wonder she's pissed.

Bee hands me back the phone and mom's voice seems so much more relaxed than before. "Alright Liza, Bee says you are all on your way back home, says her dad ran out to get something, left you all there alone. You can start walking and maybe you'll make it home before midnight."

"Alright mom, I'll see you then!" I say and hang up, sighing to Summer and Jen. "Bad news, party is over, mom wants us to start walking home."

They both groan and we quickly head into the house, saying goodbyes to everyone before hurrying off to our own homes.

We drop Dana off at her house, saying a quick hello to her mother who looks pretty livid. We then start to run down the street to our house, hoping to make it in time. My eyes continuously check the time. 11:34, we can make it...

We slam through the front door and mom is sitting in her recliner. She points upstairs and we quickly run up the stairs. I laugh a little, heading towards the end of the hallway where my bedroom door was. I wave a quick goodbye to Summer and Jen and enter my dark blue bedroom. I change into a tank-top and shorts before crawling into bed, grabbing my tablet, and watching Sherlock.

Mom won't mind if I stay up for a few more hours.... right?

We Can't Be Grounded That Long-Right? -  Jen's POV

"Haha, I even got a picture of it." Summer giggles.

"No, no, did not."

She pulls out her phone and shows me the picture. 

"Oh my gosh Summer." 

"You're so blushing."

"Dammit Summer, I'm not." I grab the phone out of her hand and try to delete the picture. Summer grabs it back. 

"I need those memories Jen."

"Shut up Summer."

"Make me. Jen and Eli..." She starts singing. 

"Summer, are you five?" 


"You seem like the youngest child." I roll my eyes.

"I don't care." She resumes singing. 

I sigh, falling into my beanbag. 

"You should." 

Liza walks in, already dressed. 

"I just woke up..why are you dressed.." I start.

"School supply shopping."


I groan, as I shove Summer out of my room, still singing. I happened to reach for her phone and delete the picture before she shows the whole school. I sigh. I am a mess. 

I change into my skinny jeans, Dean Winchester tee and sandals. After combing my hair and walking out, I see Summer in a skirt and some flats. 

"Who you getting dressed up for?" I ask, nudging her. 


"Sure.." I smirk. "Justin perhaps?" 

"Shush." She mutters under her breath.

"Welcome to my world." 

We rush out the door and pile into the car. Each of us need a massive amount of supplies. I thought I bought enough a couple weeks ago.

"I hate school supply shopping." I groan. Liza and Summer agree. 

When we arrive at Target, I am relieved. A whole twenty minutes of Summer teasing me is not my idea of fun. 

Walking out of the car, Summer keeps persisting. "God dammit shut the hell up Summer."

"Language." Mom says, glaring at me. 

I try to refrain from rolling my eyes. 

Now we're not even trusted to go shopping by ourselves. She insisted that she went with us, since she also has grocery shopping to do. 

"This sucks." Liza says, kicking her foot to the ground. 

"Yep." Summer looks down.

"How long do you think we're grounded for?"

"Until you leave for college." Mom interupts.

As I walk through the automatic doors, Summer, Liza and I run over to the school supply section, with mom going to the grocery, just a few aisles over.

Before we move an inch Mom states, "We meet at checkout lane thirteen in forty-five minutes, any later and you're going to be grounded even more-understand?" 

We mumble in agreement. 

She walks away, pissed. 

"So, school supply shopping.." Liza says.

Singing inside of...Target? - Summer's POV

I'm still dissappointed that Jen managed to get the photo erased from my phone. That was the only one that was HD quality, but I had taken another one. It was too blurry to make out any people. Crap.

I decide I wouldn't ship them anymore. I'll stay mature. I brush my fingers through my straightened hair. Plugging in my earphones connected to my phone, I turn on "Thank You" by MKTO. I sing along softly to it, picking up a pack of different colored highlighters.

"Don't tell us how, tell us how to live our lives," I murmur with the song, dropping it into the shopping cart I had taken by myself. Liza comes up. "Ten million strong, we're breaking all the rules - Thank you for nothing, 'cause there's nothing left to lose."

"Hey Liza," I say, and she smiles. "You look pretty," She compliments me, and I straighten out small wrinkles in blue and white chevron skirt, and my white, ruffly vest, a black bandeau hiding underneath. "Thanks," I reply, tossing in a packet or two of papermate mechanical pencils in my cart. She grabs a pack of pencil-top erasers and puts it into her basket gripped in her left hand.

I feel a vibration in my back pocket and pull out my phone. A message is on the screen.

Heyyy Summer It shows. I reply, confused.

Who's this?

Justin..Liza gave Oli your number and Oli gave it to me.

I roll my eyes, looking at Liza. She obviously understands, giggling under her breath.

Oh, okay.

Whatcha doing?(:

School shopping, so ew.

Haha, true. Well I'll text you later?


Liza steals my phone out of my hands, putting a whole bunch of hearts after the message is sent. I smack her hand, retrieving my phone quickly. She pouts.

"I didn't send them though!" She puts on a sad face.

"Oh well. Send them to Oli on your own phone." I snap back, shoving mine into my back pocket once more. I spent the whole night texting Dana and Emilia, getting both of their numbers from the party. Luckily I didn't get caught.

I take 5 binders and stick them in the cart, along with the same amount of different colored folders. I get 3 stacks of paper, 2 of them colleged ruled and the other one wide-ruled.

I figure that's enough, and I pay for a 6 dollar mascara with my own money I found in a washed pair of shorts, without mom finding me at the check-out line.

I pass by the guitar section and see a ukelele propped on a stool, besides the violins and acoustic guitars sitting on the stands. My previous song changes to "Riptide". I sit down on the stool, taking the ukelele in my hands. I hope my music teacher taught me well.

"I was scared of dentists and the dark..." I begin, singing along with the music in my ears. I forget about my surroundings, paying attention to the ukelele and the song more than anything else in this store.

"I was scared of pretty boys and starting conversations - oh all my friends are turning green," I continue to sing, taking a small breath and looking around to see a small child, no more than 9 years old sitting in front of me. I smile.

"You're the magician's assistant in their dreams." Another girl, possibly his sister, sits criss-crossed beside him. Her knee is barely touching his, and they both beam back at me.

"Oh, and they come unstuck. Baby, running down to the riptide, taken away to the dark side I wanna be your left hand girl," I switch up a few words from the song, sorting them into my own. Another teenager, around my age, comes up, and leans his back on a shelf. He must go to a different school. I feel my cheeks become warm, not being used to so much attention and would rather think people would realize my singing as horrible and not utterly close to good.

"I love you, when you're singing that song and, I gotta lump in my throat, 'cause, you're gonna sing the words wrong." Another guy my age comes up, giving me a thumbs up. "There's this movie that I think you'll like," I begin after playing the ukelele for a bit. I lighten up my voice a little, not feeling as nervous as before. I notice a crowd coming around.

"This guy decides to quit his job and head to New York City - this cowboy, he's running from himself...And she's been living on the highest shelf."

I still have my headphones plugged in.

"Ah, ooh, Oh... woah, and it comes unstuck. Baby, running down to the riptide, taken away to the dark side, I wanna be your left-hand girl. I love you, when you're singing that song - and - I gotta lump in my throat, 'cause you're gonna sing the words...wrong."

I finish the song with a smile and hear alot of applause. I see Liza and Jen, smiling back in approval, Jen recording it on her phone. I actually earn myself a few bucks. Mom stands behind them, beaming as well. I mouth a small 'your welcome' to Jen and Liza.

Hopefully that takes off a few years of our ground punishment.

And I'm still pretty darn impressed to see that I made seventeen bucks inside of Target.

The Hour of the Sherlockian's - Liza's POV

Once we got all of the stuff we needed from Target, I sit down in my room, my laptop sitting on the edge of my bed as I go through all of my electronics, searching for my headphones. I finally grab them and hold them in the air victoriously before laying down on the bed. Suddenly, a genius plan hatches in my head.

I grab the HDMI cord my mom gave me so I could hook up all my electronics, mainly being my Wii, Play Station and X-Box, to the television. I plug my laptop into one end and plug the other into the back of my television, pulling up netflix.

I click on the most recent episode that I need to watch, Season 3, episode 2. I grab the remote from my bedside table and turn up the volume as I start the hour and a half long episode.

I burst into complete laughter as Sherlock starts his speech for John and Mary's wedding as he completely insults everyone in the room. "Oh Mr. Holmes, why must you be so attractive and brilliant?" I murmur as my phone starts to buzz. I check it to see Jen's name flashing.

I quickly check her message, which reads:

Whatever you're watching, it has a very hot British actor's voice and I can hear it down the hall. Why didn't you invite me?

I laugh before turning down the volume a bit and thinking of a witty reply that only Sherlock would say.

Well, she claims that it is because this is a "very" important show, however, I can tell by the way her eyes flipped across the room as a nervous habit that she merely didn't care or bother to ask you. I can also tell you and her don't text much due to the fact that the last message was from one week ago, but yet she texts a lot due to the fact that her phone goes off every five seconds. I would consider your standings with your sister, Jennifer. And how did I know our name was Jennifer? Your name on this phone is Jen and it is unlikely that it was your name, or that your parents would use a name that was of another language, narrowing it down to Jennifer, Janette and Jannie. Jannie didn't seem to fit by your text messages and Janette doesn't seem to be your families ideal name, so thus, Jennifer.

I hear a squeal from down the hall and she comes flying into my room. "YOU'RE WATCHING SHERLOCK AND YOU DIDN'T INVITE ME?! YOU ARE A HORRIBLE SISTER!" She suddenly pauses, looking at the message. "But you did do a good Sherlock impressionation." She grabs one of my fluffy pillows and crashes on the bed next to me as Sherlock starts to talk about his case, "The Bloodied Guard". I pull out my phone and pull up the John Watson blog, reading along as Sherlock describes the event in a very sophisticated and elegant matter. Oh, if only he continued The Science of Deduction blog...

As the episode goes on, I start to get more and more texts from Jen, who is sitting right next to me. I look at all the messages and sigh, them all having to do with me getting popcorn. I give her shoulder a shove before replying.

Get your own popcorn, Jen.

But you're the oldest, Liza. I promise to pause the episode!

"Yeah right," I mutter as I click pause on my laptop. I quickly head downstairs and pop up two things of popcorn, putting them into two bowls, before returning upstairs, handing Jen her own thing of popcorn as I settle down and start the episode again.

"He is so dreamy," I murmur once the episode ends. I honestly loved how he deducted that Mary was pregnant and said they would be great parents because they had practice on him. Can he not be so dreamy? He drives me insane sometimes.

I start to read the blog called "The Sign of Three" and start to giggle as I realize that Sherlock hacked John's blog and was posting again. "Oh this is amazing. Ever heard of a Sex Vacation, Jen?" I ask her, giggling before showing her the blog. Jen starts to shake her head at me as I pull my phone back, going through the blog and reading all the comments. "I love reading into a high-functioning sociopath's mind, it's always so interesting."

"A high-functioning sociopath? Is that what he calls himself now?" Jen asks me, and I laugh.

"A consulting detective, madman, high-function sociopath, they are all so... the same." I shake my head and start to go through the comments of the blog. "Oh dear, John is reading his blog on his Sex Vacation, this isn't good."

"Oh give it a rest." Jen pushes me before running out of my room, probably to watch Supernatural. I would join her but there is a dreamy consulting detective on my mind.

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me - Jen's POV

"Date?" Mom scoffs after church Sunday morning. "Liza have you forgot already that I have grounded you?" 

I glance at my phone in the hallway. I am shocked to find that Eli has texted me. You want to see a movie later today? ;) 

Looking at my mom and back at my phone, I quickly text him back. I don't know, I'm grounded. ): 

As my phone vibrates, Summer walks to my side. "Mom's going to kill us. Justin wants to go out today too." She sighs, looking at my phone. "And so did Eli, huh?" She smirks. I roll my eyes. 

Mom catches us in the hallway and says, "Anything you girls want to add?" I look at my phone and slowly start to put it in the back pocket of my jeans. "Why did you just put your phone away, Jen? You want to hide something." 

Dammit. I think. "No.." 

"Hand me your phone Jen." She glares at me. 

I try to refrain rolling my eyes as I slowly walk to her. I hand her my phone. She turns on my phone to see my previous texts - to Eli. Mom is shocked. "Since when have you had a boyfriend?"


She glares. "And he wants to go on a date? I'm going to say you can't." She hands me back my phone. 

"Summer, since all of your sisters have a boyfriend - do you have anything to say to me?"

"Uh...someone might or might not have asked me out tonight..."

"All of you?"

I walk to my room slowly, with Liza and Summer following. Mom is getting pissed. 

After two episodes of Supernatural, Mom comes into my room. "Do you really want to go to that movie?" I nod, pausing Netflix. "Fine." She smiles. As I'm about to be happy until she says, "But you'll have to go with your sisters. Like a triple date." I groan, "Fine." She smirks. "Good all three of you agree." I hate how she's so sly. She knew that we would all agree, even if we would prefer to go alone.

Mom leaves with the door open. I'm about to curse when Summer comes in, shutting the door behind her. "You better dress nice for Eli." She winks.I roll my eyes, but then I notice she is dressed up too. I smirk.

She leaves for a minute so I can get dressed. I wear a lace dress, flats and a sweater - the movie theater is always cold. Summer walks back in and smiles. "You look nice Jen."


We head to the car after twenty minutes, blasting Maroon 5. We all sing to the songs, which almost pisses off our mom, but not quite.

When we arrive our mom says "You better stay together." Before we even has the chance to respond, she speeds off.

To Summer's surprise, Justin comes first. His dad drops him off and they start talking immediatley. Oli flirts with Liza as soon as he sees her, practically. I stand there awkwardly, waiting for Eli to come. 

As I'm about to buy a single ticket, Eli comes running up to me. "Sorry I'm late. My mom didn't want me to come."

"Yeah, mine to." I laugh.

We buy our tickets for The Giver and head inside. Eli buys some popcorn for him and I buy some Sour Patch Kids - my favorite candy. 

The theater is packed when we enter it. Eli and I sit in the middle row, with Liza and Oli sitting on the side of the row. Summer and Justin sit directly behind us. 

As the movie starts, the lights dim. Eli pulls my hand and holds it. I hope he doesn't see how red I am, I am certainly blushing. I look away as the movie starts. 

The Best Triple Movie Date... Ever - Summer's POV

I laugh to myself as I see Jen somewhat shaking in her seat, her hand inside of Eli's. Liza's leaning on Oli's shoulder, playing around with eachother. I sigh, not knowing what to do. I'm barely paying attention to the movie because I'm so nervous.

"So..." Justin mumbles, and I toss some of my sour skittles into my mouth. "Can I have some?"

"Sure," I reply, passing him the bag. It's completely awkward. I take some popcorn from the tub.

I continuously tap my feet, not knowing what to talk about without being hushed by the people beside and behind us.

I feel something on my right arm but don't move. Instead, I proceed to keep eating my candy.

I see a movement out of the corner of my eye and notice Eli kissing Jen. Sparks are obviously flying. I grin, throwing popcorn into Jen's hair. She flinches, and I giggle.

I'm still not paying attention to the movie at all. More focused on what's going on in front of me.

I throw a skittle at Eli's head and he jerks back. Jen's eyes widen.

Popcorn hits me in the face, and I laugh, earning a few scolds from adults around me but I honestly don't care. Liza throws some popcorn at me as well. She hits me by my temple with candy, and Oli basically makes my knees sting after throwing some really hard candy at them. I get revenge. We eventually turn this into a food war, praying that nobody consults the owners of the theatre.

I'm too busy chucking skittles and popcorn at my sisters and their dates until I notice Justin has his arm wrapped around me. That must have been what I felt earlier.

For a good 30 minutes we keep throwing food at eachother, and I end up having to ruffle out my hair due to pieces of kernels stuck in the roots and my ends. For the rest of the movie Liza and Oli stay quiet, waiting for suspense and Jen and Eli are pretty romantic. As for me, I just leaned into Justin and we had a tickle war for the last ten minutes.

Sadly, he won. And I got out of the movie theatre with a sour, stinging tongue.

After it's done, we all walk out. My eyes become blinded after I realize that it's still daytime. I yawn, stretching out after being curled up mainly the whole time. Liza waves bye to Oli, him kissing her, and I see a pout on her face. I resist teasing her about wanting him to go home with her. Eli kisses Jen bye on the cheek, and I just give Justin a hug before he leaves. Mom comes in five minutes, picking us all up.

"How was it?" She asks us, and I look at the floor, my cheeks getting a bit warm. Jen is crimson red, same goes for Liza.

"Awesome," I fake, acting like nothing happened. I decide to cover up about any smooching.

"It was interesting. I was surprised about how fun and cool the movie was." I say.

"That's nice," Mom smiles, and I pick at my white vans. I hear Liza mutter a small thanks, and I just wink at her.

"Anything to cover for my sister with her babe that's on the football team."

She sends daggers at me.

I couldn't refrain from saying that.

"Same goes for you," She replies.

I shut up.

The Return of the Dreaded School - Liza's POV

I find myself sitting at the bus stop, my headphones in and hunched over my cell phone as the final episode for Season 3 of Sherlock plays. I scream as Sherlock proposes to Janine, saying he belonged to Molly, earning several confused looks.

The bus pulls up and I pause the video, getting onto the metal death trap. I sit at the very back of the bus, leaning against the window. I start the episode back up.

In all that time it took to get to school, Sherlock almost died, John found out about Mary, and Mycroft was being surprisingly happy about Christmas.

I get off the bus, not bothering to stop the episode as I sit around, waiting for my episode to end in the time left before 1st period.

It's almost done, Sherlock's been sent on exile, sadly, and the end music starts to play when suddenly... Moriarty.

"MORIARTY NO!" I scream, almost throwing my phone. I didn't, of course, because I needed to see how it ends. Mycroft brings Sherlock back from exile, after an exciting four minutes to fight the pending evil when the screen turns black with Sherlock's plane landing on the runway.

I pull out my earbuds and put my phone back in my bag. "Omg, I have to wait until 2016 to get the next season and I'm going to die," I cry as Jen suddenly stands behind me.

"Keep in mind, Liza, that I just started Sherlock from the beginning and I'll have to wait as long as you do... minus a few days. We both have to suffer through this."

I pout. "But I want Sherlock on," I say when suddenly a pair of arms wrap around me.

"That's no reason to pout, Liza," Oli says in my ear and Jen rolls her eyes walking away. "See you in Mr. Hellfers class!" she shouts over her shoulder as the first bell rings through the school, meaning we had seven minutes to get to class.

"I would love to stay and chat but I have a math class to catch." I turn around and kiss his cheek before turning to leave but his hand catches my arm, pulling me back.

"Listen, I know yesterday we arranged to hang out later but... my family dog just passed away." He frowns before looking at me. I look at him sympathetically. "I really hate to bail..."

"It's fine, you need the time to adjust. I promise it's alright." I kiss his cheek and then run to class as the warning bell sounds. I quickly run up the stairs and fly into my seat right when the final bell rings, leaving me out of breathe.

Jen smiles at me and writes a note on a piece of paper showing it to me.

So, what happened with you and Oli?

I roll my eyes and quickly reply with:

Nothing, focus in class. Algebra II is very important, Jennifer.

She rolls her eyes back at me and smile confidently as I our teacher starts to lesson, completely obliterating my confidence and leaving it with boredom. I tap my pencil on the desk before doodling, making sure to write down the occassional note.

I sigh as he continues to drone on... this was going to be one of the longest class periods ever.

Painting and Awkwardness... Jen's POV

Art Class. The only class I am sane in. The rest of the classes piss me off or bore me to death. Eli waves shyly. He's turning pink-and surely am I. The person that usually sits beside him is apparently absent, so I slide into the seat next to him. 

"Hey," He says. 

I smile, as the teacher hands out our art pieces, one by one. I almost feel bad when I grab mine, I finally finished the sky, with swirling stars and a luminous moon, while his is a bunch of jumbled colors. I try to push my paper away before he eyes it. It's not just him, but I hate when anyone watches me draw, I think it's a habit, but I'm not sure. 

As he looks over to my side, he glances at my drawing. "Nice." He mumbles.


I persist on drawing, as he accidently brushes paint on my hand. "Oh crap, I'm so sorry," He says, running to get paper towels.

I look at my hand, striped in a dark green. I try to hide that I'm going to walk around with green fingers all day. 

"I'm so so sorry." 

I try to scrub the paint off, but it only spreads across the tips of my fingernails. I sigh. "You want me to get you anything?" 

"No." I shake my head. 

He awkwardly sits down and ignores me for the rest of the period. Even when I try to start anything, he never responds. I sigh as I slump into my chair when the bell rings. 

As I get out into the hallway, I place my arm behind me as I say, "Eli, I swear I'm fine. It was just a mistake." He looks at me straight in the eye and doesn't say a word. 

"I'm okay, I promise."

He looks at me for a moment, trying to ponder on what to do, as we stand there in the middle of an empty hall, as the late bell rings. I bite my lip as I point to the stairs "I think I should-" 

Eli kisses me, as I look at him. I feel I'm turning red-and I have no idea why. My heart jumps as I try to think- I need to be getting to be heading to my next class but I think I-he pulls away abruptly.


He's already is half way across the hall. 

As he runs off I stand there for a moment and then realize I have to head upstairs. I sprint there and then quickly knock on the locked door. 

I head inside as Summer waves. I wave back. I slide into my chair, pressing my fingertips to the chair. I smirk as I ask Summer "So, how's Justin looking to you today, a ten? Oh wait he looks like that everyday to you doesn't he?" I smile. 

"You did not just say that."

"I think I did and Justin heard me." Justin turns his head when he hears his name. "Hey, Summer. You look nice." She turns red as my cheeks are cooling. Pray to God she won't ask about it. 

Summer and Justin head down for lunch together, laughing, holding hands. She turns red when he kisses her on the cheek. They're so cute, all romantic and stuff.  I try to ignore her all over him. You can practically seeing sparks between them.

I press on as I head into the cafeteria, dreading that the questioning will begin. 

No PDA Police - Summer's POV

(Woo, I apologize for not being on for a week. Wifi crashed and honestly it just got fixed today... Anyways, enough 'bout me, on with the story, deres :3)

I start to nibble on my leftover Italian sub that I ate for dinner last night. It's not your usual one, It had slices of pepperoni, salami, turkey ham and turkey salami along with the maximum amount of jalapeno peppers we had left in our fridge.

Jen sits next to Eli again, and I sat by Justin, Annie on my other side. Liza shot me a look so I didn't do anymore PDA. I also got onto Jen, for she was sitting in her boyfriend's lap. Oli and Liza were just talking to eachother, and she smiled more often than I have ever seen her beam before, trying to cheer him up.

I throw my hair into a messy bun, looking down at my black and white patterned hoodie with a starbucks in the middle and kicking my grey cowboy boots at the table leg.

I shove one of my sour cream and onion pringles in my mouth, thinking about how dead I'll be for not doing my homework last night.

I couldn't help it, though. I was caught up in a group chat with Emilia, Kate, Annie and Oli...and we all know how those can get.

Annie was being sympathetic towards Oli after he told us his pet had passed away last night. I feel sorry for him, I haven't seen him show off one of his melting world-wide smiles today.

I see Blake walk over to Rebekah with some roses in his hands. The whole pavillion gets a bit more quiet, but those who don't really care, like Erlend, Kate and Marina, continue to talk with others.

"Rebekah...I know I'm one of the jocks and probably just some stereotypical guy to you, but I - don't think - I know that you're amazing, funny and you're gorgeous and I've had a crush on you for a long time. Will you go out with me?"

Rebekah is speechless and just nods and embraces him passionately. Lots of 'awws' go around. He picks her up and twirls her around, her red strapless dress flowing in the air.

Jen and Eli start kissing too. I gag in disgust, getting up. Justin pulls me back to the bench and I groan.

"Sorry if my proposal wasn't that romantic," He apologizes, and I tuck in the stray strands of my hair back into it's side braid. "Did I even propose?"


"Well then, Summer, my hilarious, sweet, epic, dunno, anyways, will you go out with me?" He asks. I roll my eyes.

"We already were, weren't we?" I smile before leaning in and touching my lips to his.

Don't Trust Physical Education Instructors... Ever - Liza's POV

"Guys, to be honest, can we not show PDA? I've pushed this enough times and it's disgusting. You can't just run around in public kissing people, save it for behind closed doors. No one wants to see you french kiss your partner," I say as practically everyone starts to make-out.

Summer smirks at me. "You're just jealous baby sister."

"I'm older than you!" I shout, standing up. I grab my tray, throwing it in the trash can before slinging my one-strap 221B Baker Street bag over my shoulder right when the bell rings. I grab my Chemistry book, running to my locker on the second floor, quickly pulling at the lock before once again realizing it was the wrong locker.

Deja Vu, anyone?

I open the correct locker and throw my book inside, grabbing the gray plastic Wal-Mart bag that I threw my gym clothes in for school, hurrying to the gymnasium downstairs. Once I enter the locker room, the bell chimes and I sigh in relief, heading over to my locker.

I look down at my red converse shoes, wondering if I should wear those or the sneakers. Both were intended at one point or another for physical activity, but my converse shoes cost me $50...

I groan and sit down, unlacing the high-top shoes and throwing them into my locker before grabbing my uniform and heading to one of the stalls where those insecure people could change. I, for one, was one of them.

I quickly changed into the outfit. For one, everyone complained about theirs being, "too tight". I'd take, "too tight," over "baggy", but that's just me. I put on my sneakers and head out of the stall, throwing my "Keep Calm and Allons-y" shirt into my locker and locking everything up. I look around at the bustling locker room. The issue between me and other girls, I don't take an hour to get ready for gym when all I'm going to do is ruin whatever I just did to fix that.

I head out to the gymnasium where several of the guys are throwing the basketball's through the hoops. I shake my head and sit down on the bleachers and watch as everyone bleeds into the bleachers. Oli sits down next to me, a solemn look on his face.

"I'm sorry Oli... you can take the day off, you know the coach won't mind," I reply softly.

Just as if on cue, the coach walks over. "Oli, you alright? You look you're about to burst into tears." Her eyes fall on me. "Did this one give you a rough time?"

"It's fine... just... my dog died... Is it alright if I get out of P.E. for the day today?"

She raises an eyebrow at him. "Oh, sure, you can take a day off. Maybe then you can have unprotected sex on the bathroom."

Oli raises an eyebrow and I almost jump out of my skin. Oh no... he's about to be sarcastic...

"Oh really? Sounds like fun."

"Oli!" I practically shout, punching his arm. "Damn, I don't care how upset you are, you can't just... ugh." I hear the coach walk away and I look at Oli. "What the hell was that?"

"So I can't be happy?"

"That's not what I'm saying. But you just can't be a pervert. I don't care if you are some jock, you are human, please act like it!" Silence is what answers me and I sigh, moving away from him by a few seats, closer to Annie as she texts on her phone.

"Hey Annie..."

"Hey Lianna."

"Liza," I correct her. She just shrugs.

"Whatever, babe. I'm texting people, I can't be bothered with names." I sigh and turn around as class starts.    

Trying to Stay Out Of Trouble - Jen's POV

I slide my backpack over my shoulders as Summer ties her shoelaces in the locker room. "Can you cover for me?" She looks up and sighs.

"What now?" She groans, grabbing her backpack from the locker.

"Um.." I look at the floor. 

"What do you want me to do?" She looks at me. 

"Tell mom I have tutoring in Spanish or something-"

"She should know you ace that class."

"Just cover for me okay?"

She smirks. "I will, if you tell me what you're doing that you want me to cover for." A glint in her eyes. 


"You what?" She raises her eyebrows. 

"Eli asked me out and..." I bite my lip. 

She clasps her hands together. "That's perfect. You and Eli..." She giggles. 

I roll my eyes. "You better cover for me."

I walk out of the locker room and head outside. Rain pours. I sigh. 

"Hey," Someone taps my shoulder. "Don't worry I have an umbrella." Eli's eyes meet mine. 

I smile, turning slightly pink. "Thanks."

We head down the steps. As we walk past, Bekah and Blake are smiling, a ton of girls gathering around admiring the cute couple. 

"Hey, where are we going again?" I look down.


"Don't what?" I look over at him, smiling. 

"We're going to an ice cream place. I know so corny right." He pulls his muscle tee. 

"Not at all."

The rain ceases when we head inside. A ton of students are here, with Dana being one of them. She raises her eyebrows when she sees me but just shakes her head and resumes to paying for her chocolate  covered chocolate ice cream. She smiles as she heads to a table. 

As I head to the counter, I press my nails to the glass and order mint chocolate chip ice cream-my personal favorite. Some people look over, most ordering chocolate. I am about to pay for mine when Eli hands the cashier the money and picks a table. 

I sit down across from him at the booth. He looks at me for a couple moments before saying, "You look pretty today." 

My cheeks burn, I feel my heart pounding, trying to ignore the fact that he just told me I-

My phone buzzes. I gulp. "I'm really sorry." I mumble as I grab my phone.

New Message:

'Mom is heading to the school now to pick u up from tutoring.'

Eli must start to realize my panic because he asks "Are you okay?"

I pull my tank top. "My mom thinks I'm at tutoring and..."

His eyes widen. "Jen you shouldn't have-" I start to get up, tears welling in my eyes. 

He places his hand on my shoulder as I turn around. 

"What? I need to go now or..."

He looks at me and sighs. "Just tell her I did it okay? She can call my mom, anything just.." 

I look at him, trying to ignore the tears in my eyes. I shouldn't have-why did I...

"It'll be okay." He touches his lips to mine, quickly, swiftly, before pulling away. I feel tears running down my cheek. 

"I'll go with you. I can make up an excuse or something.."

He grabs his umbrella and my hand as we walk outside, to the now sunny day. 

A Ball Full of Feelings - Summer's POV

I sigh, pressing my fingers against the window pane in my room. I twirl a wild piece of thread from my teal curtains around my right index finger, being bored out of my mind. Jen had went to go out with Eli again. I had to lie to mom, and I'm pretty sure she'll get mad at us all over again. Hopefully either her or her 'honey-bunches' come up with something believeable.

I sigh again, and Liza comes up to me, sitting on my bed. "Will you stop sighing? You've did that like 50 times after school was over." She says, and I let go of the string around my finger. "Sorry. Can't help it," I shrug.

"Here, mom left for Jen, right? You can go somewhere and I'll stay here. Try to shake all this boredness outta ya," She says, and a smile grows on my face.

"Okay...Thanks, Liza. I hope you're right."

I take a deep breath in, switching out my boots for my white vans. I ignore the sound against the garage floor. Grabbing my neon pink and green pennyboard, I start to ride around my neighborhood and a few blocks, and then it hits me.

I left my math binder at school. Just had to be my least favorite subject, huh?

Heading for the direction, after a good 10 minutes, I continuously check my iPhone. Liza had told me she'd let me know if mom was on her way, and so far, I didn't recieve any notice.

Putting it back into my pocket, I ride faster, and eventually make it to the school after about 20 more minutes. Mom must be lecturing Jen and Eli. I feel bad for them, but push the thought into a different corner of my mind.

Arriving at the back of the school, I notice the football field as the first thing in sight, the cheerleading team beside it. Justin and Oli are practicing football. Justin throws the football across the field, Oli catching it perfectly. They seem to be wrapping it up and heading towards the gym to change. I grin, but remember what I'm here for. Picking up my skateboard, I walk over towards the entrance, for my gym locker.

Once I get there, I put it my code and open it up, my light pink binder splat in the middle. I pick it up and head back from where I came from, pushing through the doors. I stop when I see a blonde cheerleader in front of Justin, taking off his shirt. He smiles.

My jaw drops.

My eyes start stinging but I don't pay any mind. My face is getting hot. She rubs his chest in circles.

"Are you serious?" I hiss. Both of them snap their heads towards my direction. I roll my eyes.

"Summer..Erm, I swear, it's not what you-"

"I don't wanna hear it. Don't tell me she just 'accidentally' slipped off your top and you're just 'accidentally' smiling. I trusted you and thought you were a really nice guy, but I'm guessing it was somebody else I had imagined. Since it's definitely not the guy who's in front of me now."

The girl crosses her arms and stares at me. I shrug.

"Oh, and by the way, whoever you are, It's okay. He's single now."

"Summer, please, you didn't even hear what happened," Justin pleads, I start walking, blocking his voice out.

"I already saw it with my own eyes. I don't think I need to hear it again from somebody I thought I could trust." I mutter, stepping on my skateboard and speeding off.

I look back at him once more and his eyes are watery. Pity pinches my stomach.

Maybe it was a whole misunderstanding. But I don't care.

I don't wanna talk anymore.

Sympathy and Daggers - Liza's POV

I sit on my bed, the tardis bed spread falling gently over the edges as my television is on right in front of me, but I don't watch it, deeply engrossed into the book I was reading for English II Honors.

"Honestly, Anne, Hello would be good for you... Now you're going into hiding...? Will you see Hello again?" I ask aloud. Suddenly, my attention is drawn when the front door slams shut, so either Summer's home or Mom's severely pissed. Maybe both.

I put my book down on the bed, turning my television off. I head to the hallway and peer over the rails to see Summer storming in. "What the hell happened?"

"Justin is a cheating, lying, jack-" she starts but I hold up a hand.

"Alright baby sis. To my room." My phone starts to go off, the Doctor Who theme song blaring. "The one time my phone isn't on vibrate," I mutter as I pull my phone out of my pocket and answer it. "Hello?"

"Hey Liza, just calling to say I'll be home soon. Also, the funniest thing. I thought I saw Summer with her skate-board. Isn't that grand?" I cast a look at Summer.

"Huh, Summer's got a twin? How come I wasn't informed?" Summer suddenly turns bright red, making me smile. I can tell Mom has probably just face-palmed, making this well worth-while.

"Yeah, whatever. I'll be home in five. Love you!"

I roll my eyes. Every time a parent says, "Love you", you have to reply. "Love you, too," I murmur and hang up. I'll probably get some lecture about that later but whatever. "Alright, my room, now."

Summer walks into my room and sits on the bed, looking extremely pissed. I grab my drawing pad and a pencil, making a sketch of Justin's face before adding more detail.

"What are you doing?" she asks, trying to look at the drawing pad but I block it from her view. She groans and grabs my fluffy Sherlock pillow, looking ready to punch it.

"Put it down, you'll see in a minute." She casts a glance at me before putting down the pillow. I use my foot and kick it away from her reach before tearing out the picture of Justin. I grab one of my cork-boards I have in my closet because dad uses it as "extra storage" and nail it up on the wall, pinning the picture to the board. I grab Mjollnir from my bag and hand it to Summer. "You can stab his face now without having legal charges pressed against you."

She eyes Mjollnir, knowing this to be something big if I allowed her to use my baby. She cautiously takes it in her hands before an angry look crosses her eyes and she walks over to the cork-board, stabbing it repeatedly where the picture hangs.

After a couple minutes, she sets down Mjollnir and grabs one of my blue pillows, crying into it. I pat her back and take down the cork-board, hearing a car door slam from the drive-way. "News flash, sis, mom is home."

She suddenly sits up and rubs at her eyes, trying to make it look like she wasn't crying. I pout and walk over, sitting next to her. "Hey... it's okay. You know what? There are plenty of hot guys around. Like... Like Cas, Cas is super hot. He's like, the third hottest guy in school. Come on..."

Summer shakes her head, starting to laugh a little. "Sometimes, you're such a prep..."

"Yes, but most of the times, I'm the biggest geek you'll ever meet." I pat her back and head out of my room, looking over the railing as Jen heads up the stairs. "We're in my room! Oh, hey mom!"

"Hi Liza! So Summer is up there with you?" mom shouts from the kitchen where she is probably starting dinner.

"Yeah, we're going to watch Doctor Who. When should dinner be done at?" I shout back down.

"Um... Around 6?" she calls back.

"Awesome, 2 hours of Doctor Who," I say smugly. "Alright, thanks mom!" I then look at Jen. "To my room, we have a sister to cheer up." Jen looks confused for a moment before complying, heading into my room and sitting down on my bed as I hook my laptop up to the television, opening Netflix and starting Doctor Who. I smile and jump onto the bed, between Summer and Jen, grabbing my pillow shaped like a TARDIS.

"This is going to be epic," I reply, smiling.

So...What Happened Again? - Jen's POV

I sit down, trying to watch Rose, almost gagging when Liza says she's the best companion - gross. I grab a blanket from my room and get ice cream for Summer. "I think you might need this." She mumbles about not having a spoon, so I have to rush down the stairs to get her one, I sigh, leaving my comfortable spot on the bed to get her a spoon. I think Doctor Who is more important but-I decide to get her one, to be a good sister. 

I sneak to the drawer, grabbing a spoon, trying to be quiet since she's talking on the phone. 

"You don't mind?" Mom mutters. 

I ignore the rest of the phone call then jogging upstairs. 

I return, coming with another spoon. Summer yanks it out of my hand as Netflix reloads. I sit down, pulling my eleven doctors blanket across my shoulders. Her eyes are still red, but she looks over at me as she asks. "So-what happened?"

I try to ignore the question, but Liza looks at me as she's expecting an answer. I sigh in defeat.

"Fine." I pause Doomsday before stating, "Eli walked me to the car and he explained that tutoring let out early so we walked to the ice cream place and-"

"Wait, Mom actually believed that?" Liza and Summer asks at the same time.

"Yeah...." I bite my lip, looking at Summer. Silence arises as we all sit there. Liza the bubbly nerd, eagerly waiting to resume the episode. Summer, the broken heart, I swear when I see Justin I'm going to-

"Wow." Summer says softly, then resuming eating her Cookie Dough ice cream. 

We resume watching the episode and finish it just as Mom finished making dinner. I walk  down the stairs to find some hamburgers, salad and french fries. I eat a french fry as I walk by, grabbing a plate. 

I sit down at the end of the table, the afternoon fading into night. We all eat in silence, with Summer sniffling every couple minutes. I feel bad for her..she doesn't deserve that...Justin is such a-

"So..Jen.." Mom's eyes fall on me. "That boy seemed nice today. What was his name again-"

"Eli." Summer interupts. She smirks, looking at me. I try to ignore it. 

"Right, yes. He's very nice you know sweetie and..." She trails off. 

"And what Mom..." I'm scared where this is going. 

"And I would think that we could have him over one night if you want too. I mean, his mother seemed okay when I called her this afternoon." 

She called Eli's mom...I am muttering every curse word known to man under my breath. I hate this. I hate you. I hate his mom...

Summer giggles softly, I roll my eyes. 

"So what do you think Jen?" Her clear blue eyes are looking at me, trying to get an answer out of me. I try to think of an answer, but the words don't come to me. 

I bite the inside of my cheek, trying to get my thoughts together, "Um....I think..." 

I didn't say I had forgiven you...yet - Summer's POV

Mom decided not to ask Jen anymore further questions and told her to think about overnight. This morning was bit chillier than I thought it would be. I wrap myself in my comforter, trying to ignore the beeping of the alarm. I hit snooze once already. I should probably get up.

I force myself up, rubbing my eyelids. They still look slightly bloodshot. I take some visine in one of the random decoracted storage boxes on my dresser and put a few drops in my eyes, so people won't keep asking about what happened.

I decide to wear a black tank top with a knitted sweater over it with a pair of white jeggings. I sigh, pulling on a pair of my black flats with bows on them. To match, I place a teal one of my own into my straightened hair.

I cover up a few blemishes and wear a smaller amount of makeup than I normally apply before heading off.

After a silent drive to the bus stop, I rush up the stairs, and take no time to find a seat towards the middle of the bus. I sit on the inside of the seat and Liza takes a seat on my left. I cross my legs and lean my head back on the uncomfortable seat.

"Hey, there's Oli. I'll be right back. Don't break're stronger than this. Don't get upset over some dumb guy," She says, and I nod.

I still can't believe that he did that...

I look towards the window, trees passing by, the sun peeking through every few seconds that blinds my eyes. I look down.

Weight settles on the edge of the seat and I assume it would be Liza - but it's not.

"What do you want, Justin?"

"A chance," He replies, brushing his fingers through his hair. I roll my eyes. Please come soon, Liza...

"Of course Justin. To go cheat on me with another cheerleader? Sure, gladly I will."

He scoffs. I hug my torso, breathing softly.

"Summer, I'd never cheat on you. Not even this early." He says, and a glint of sadness shows in his eyes.

"How do I know that? You're just one of those lame jocks." I mumble. "I'm alot more than that, Summer." He grabs my chin and towards my head towards him.

Crap, I'm getting weak again.

I realize I still like him.

"I like you alot, Summer. The girl had no clue what she was doing and I was smiling because I was about to tell her I had a girlfriend. It was a dare from one of her friends. I just got off of practice... I was trying to be kind. You should know that.

I nod slowly, his eyes still staring deep into my own. I flicker from his pupils to the ground, and back up.

"Okay. I'm sorry too. I should've listened," I apologize, biting my lip.

"Hey, we're meant for eachother, right?" He asks, and I smile, teasing him.


He leans in to kiss me, but I block it, turning my head.

"Maybe later."

The bus comes to a halt and I exit, leaving him behind.

A Story of... A Story of... Liza :D - Liza's POV

"We are so not a lovey-dovey couple, honestly Oli. You have your facts messed up." I shake my head at him, heading upstairs to grab my books for class.

"Yeah, you are too big of a loner for that, darling."

"Oh shut up." I shove him, and he playfully acts hurt. I shake my head and slam my locker shut, earning several dirty looks from teachers.

"Liza, do not slam that locker door," my Calc teacher says sternly. I shake my head and walk into his classroom, waving to Oli. Honestly, it beats me on how the hell my sisters, who are both freshmen, got into this class, but hey. I'm a sophmore and made it, so why not?

I pull out the three-subject notebook that our teacher "just so dearly needed us to have". I slam it on the table along with the 3-inch text book assigned on the first day.

"Elizabeth, you are beckoning for a detention. Slam that book down once more and you will get detention, no if's, and's or but's." I glare at him hatefully. First for closing my locker "too loudly" and now for putting a textbook on a desk. Honestly, he's going to be the death of me.

As the class starts to fill in, a doodle on a piece of notebook paper. Mr. Hellfire, as Jen calls him, walks over and looks at my doodles, unknowning to me.

"That notebook is for taking notes, Elizabeth." I turn around and he leans over, tearing the page out of my notebook. "This is not art class, treat this class as so." He crumbles it up and tosses it into the trash can, missing by a few inches.

"Then don't pretend to be an NBA star," I mutter under my breath. I don't think he hears me because he walks back to his desk, keeping an eye on me.

Once the bell rings, he stands up, walking over to the chalk board, the craft of satan himself. "'Good morning class, today we'll be learning about..." He already drones on. I sigh and doodle on my paper, not caring about what he says this time. Give me detention for a freaking doodle, I'd like to see him try.

The bell rings, making me look up, wide-eye. I lost track of time. I stand up, grabbing my book and hurrying to my locker right across the hall. I open it, putting my book inside and closing it softly as to not piss off Hellfire more as I walk downstairs and to the autitorium where Ms. Quarine stands. She gives little acknowledgement to me and starts teaching us the great world of drama. Yay...

When will it be Thursday?

The Start of A New Ship and Maybe Mine? - Jen's POV

"What the heck do you think you are doing?" Dana whispers as I start to write on the palm of her hand. "Zapping you." She mutters something under her breath as I finish the last letter of his name. I write five minutes after our lunch time across her knuckles in sky blue ink, as Summer turns around in her chair with a lime green Sharpie, ready to write a name across my palm. I can already tell who it is, I press my hand on my shoulder, trying to ignore the fact that she wrote E-L-I on my palm. If I dare to look for a second, I know that she will make me ask him out - and even if we are technically dating, we haven't made it clearly official and I don't feel like starting that. Summer will tease me for the rest of my life if that happened. 

Justin places his palm on my desk, "My turn." I grab my purple Sharpie and write the time across his knuckles, then a name on his palm. I giggle softly as he pulls his hand away. He seems proud that he knows what it is. Practically everyone has Zaps written across their hands and our teacher hasn't looked up. Shows you how oblivious our teachers really are. The lunch bell rings and everyone rushes out the door, ready to see who they were Zapped with. 

I press my palm in my jean pocket as I walk in the hallway. Giggles from girls about who they think they are Zapped with, guys crossing their fingers they get someone hot, while I just try to ignore the fact on who's written on my hand. I walk silently, my lunchbox clutched in one hand as I enter the Cafeteria, slipping into  a seat. Dana sits across from me, unpacking her salad and chips immediatley. Summer sits to my right, with Justin smiling. To my left-Eli slips into the seat next to mine. I look up and smile.


"Hi." He begins to ramble about something, when Justin interupts. "I think I'm going to look at my hand early." Summer turns pink as she looks over and realizes the name is Dana, not her. Justin sighs, getting up out of his seat and approaching Dana. 

"Hey, um...I don't know you but I got Zapped and will you go out with me?" Dana smirks, eyeing him. "Don't you already have a date?" Summer giggles as he sits back down. "I told you." She smiles brightly.

Dana anxiously looking at the clock, uncurls her finger two minutes before time. Her eyes widen as C-O-L-I-N registers into her mind. She sighs, getting out of her seat, leaning over Colin pulling her hair behind her ear. "Um..I Don't know about this but..will you go out with me?" His eyes widen as he smiles. "Sure." Heat rushes to her cheeks as she grabs her stuff quickly and slips into the seat next to him. "Dalin." I whisper. Eli laughs.

"Guessing you got one too?" He says, looking at me. 


He uncurls my fingers and sees that his name is written on my hand. He looks at it for a couple moments before looking back at me again. 

"I saw it early so.." I shrug.

Summer must realize this because she's practically leaning across me. 'What Jen." Her hands are under her chin. Others notice, as all eyes reach across to me. 

"Eli. W-will you go out with me?" I trip on my speech, hating all the pressure on me. I feel like I'm about to burn I'm turning so red.

He looks at me for a split second before saying, "Sure Jen." He smiles brightly, as I smile softly.

Just as our eyes meet again, the lunch bell rings. Dana and Colin walk out, hand in hand. 

I think I started not only my ship today's but Dana's also. 

Can I just Vanish? - Summer's POV

I sigh, getting up from my desk and grabbing my history books. Now it's time for Biology...

Pushing past people in the halls, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around.

"So you still don't want to get back together?" Justin mutters, and I shake my head, smiling.

"Nope." I say, still continuing to walk through the crowded halls. Justin struggles to stay beside me.

"Why not?" He groans, and I think of a harsh quote.

"Maybe being single will be our always," I reply, switching up the phrase in The Fault of Our Stars. Two crimson rectangles form on his cheeks and I lightly pat his head before skipping away to Biology class.

I sit down in my assigned seat, Jen following behind. I pull out my completed homework and place it on my desk. It was project that took about 3 days to do, about Cell Division and Molecular Genetics, all stuff I did last year. These teachers really aren't much of a challenge, and practically turn a blind eye on every single thing that happens in class.

Blake and Marina sit by eachother, towards the front of the class. Sam sits to my right.

"Hey Summer," He grins.

"Hi Sam...did you do the homework? I swear it was horrible..." I mumble, reviewing small bits from the ten pages of my own.

"Nah. I'm not up for that stuff." He says, and I laugh.

"Hey, aren't we all?"

The teacher starts making us do presentations and I pray that everybody takes their time so I don't have to do mine this class period. "And, lastly, I believe that the proteins E2F and CRL4 contribute to the cells that endocycle such as the heart muscles cells, specific blood cells, and megakaryocytes." "Nice job, Blake." The teacher checks off his name on his black clipboard that I see him always carry around in the hallways. "Nathaniel, you're next." He announces, and the student drags himself up there unwillingly. I have a feeling he didn't get very in-depth with it.

He starts to blab about pointless things in the assignment, and I sense that it wasn't satisfying enough because the teacher kept shaking his head and closing his eyes.


I start getting bored with people starting and ending their presentations, so I click my fancy blue pen, a nice gold swirling around the outer design. I cause it to close so no ink can come out of it. Jen raises an eyebrow, a perplexed look settling on her face. I just shrug.

I trail it up the person's neck in front of me, swirling it all around in his hair. I jerk back when he scratches the back of his head.

"Summer, stop it." Justin whispers, and I giggle.

"It wasn't me, it was...Jen." I reply softly, hiding the pen under the desk.

"Right, horrible liar." He says, returning his focus to Marina's presentation. She seems to actually do a good job on it with her choice of words and all. I didn't know anybody could be so scientific with it.

I have the craving to repeat what I did before.

I poke his head lightly with the pen a couple of times, until Jen pinches my leg extremely hard. I wince, and accidently shake the pen a little too much due to the pain in my shin. Blue ink oozes everywhere. My desk, his hair, and of course, all over my hands and my face.

"Summer, what the hell was that?" Justin asks, a hint of angriness in his voice.

"Um, nothing. Jen had just pinched me and I uh...I accidentally...I'm really sorry, I-"

I didn't get to finish what I was saying when he feels for his hair. It's covered in ink. He pulls his hand back to his face. 

My social life is completely over.

He scoffs, turning around. "Well, I guess you don't look too bad in blue. It suits you well." He smirks.

"I'm not sure how to take that statement," I smile. The ink is in my hair as well.

I feel for the back of his head and pull my hand back to see it covered in navy. It doesn't make a difference. "Maybe messing up will be your always, Summer." I gasp in shock and he chuckles, until an adult storms up to our desks. Crap.

"Well then. Mind to tell me what happened here?" The teacher asks, and then turns towards Jen and Sam. "Along with the both of you."

Sam refuses to answer, and Jen says something quietly.

"Summer and Justin are just playing around in school, specifically your class, because they looove eachother. Isn't it obvious?" She giggles under her breath. I cover my face in my hands. Both of them, my hands and face, are half covered by a dark azure hue.

"Well then, you two, go to the Principal's office. Lucky for you, you might get to call your parents for a new pair of clothes. Either way, they will find out, so don't expect to get off so easily, you'll probably get detention for it. And will you lovebirds keep yourself on track in class next time?" He asks, crossing his arms.

"We aren't in love." I remark, but Justin says otherwise.

"We are, sir."

"Justin!" I kick his leg from behind and he snickers.

"There's no escape. This school's like a jail cell, really." He says. "If you fail to fight Sumtin, maybe you should come back and join it." 

"Regardless, Principal's Office. Hustle." The teacher says, and turns on his heel and makes his way back to his desk. Everybody's eyes are on us. My cheeks flush, and of course, especially with this happening, they're gonna think something is up between us. I hear a few whispers and I roll my eyes.

"It's gonna take alot more than that, jock." I murmur, standing up, and heading for the hallway. I slam the classroom door shut with an abrupt sound.

Can I Just... Stab Someone? - Liza's POV

I find myself, once more, in the locker room. Admittingly, today, I just wasn't in the mood to spike someone in the face or even better, throw a football at that same person. Or maybe both.

Okay, so this might be a little confusing. Let's slow this down and tell you why I'm pissed.

I was walkiing to my History class, you know, the one I don't have with anybody, but Oli was with me, walking me to class. His phone went off and he said he had to bolt, which, of course, was curious to his girlfriend, I know, shocking. I decided to follow him and believe me, I was not at all impressed. I found him and Cas making out in the damn hallway. That and I also had to get a late pass.

The prick.

I change into my uniform, lacing up the gray leather high-top converse shoes I have with little metal studs along the side. I stand up and storm out of the locker room, not even bothering to wait for Summer and Jen, or even Dana. Personally, I'm pissed, believe it or not.

Oli, who has no clue that I even saw him and Cas, tries to sit next to me but instead, I stand up and storm to the other side of the gymasium. A hurt look crosses Oli's face and I snort, serves him right.

Summer walks out of the gymnasium, looking thoroughly pissed herself, but it's just an act, frankly. She sits down next to me as I start to stab at the journal from the beginning of school year, the one I completely demolished on the bus. Summer quickly drops her act and grabs Mjollnir Jr. out of my hands. "What the hell happened."

I pull my phone that I was hiding in my notebook out and pull up the picture of Cas and Oli, somewhat throwing the phone at Summer. I stand up, yanking Mjollnir Jr. from her, before storming to the top of the bleachers, continuing to stab the poor journal.

"Liza, what the hell are you doing up there?" the coach shouts as I stab the journal another time before looking up. "Why don't you get your ass down with the rest of the class, sweetheart?"

"Maybe you can go and-" I mutter before stopping myself. I storm down the bleachers, taking my seat up next to Summer, with Jen and Dana on her other side.

I stare down at my journal, it looked brutally murdered, but whatever. "Today you princesses will be playing a round of soccer. Any objections?" he shouts, getting no answer. "Good, then team captains are..." His eyes look around, eyeing the class that was spread out. "Oli and Eli. Now pick!"

Oli and Eli stand at the middle of the floor. Eli looks around. "Jen and... Blake."

Oli's eyes find me, full of hurt and confusion but I look away. I get a sharp elbow into my side and turn my attention to Summer. "At least tell him."

"No," I mutter coldly.

"Liza and Cas." Of course he would pick Cas. The little inconsiderate-

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Elizabeth?" the coach shouts. "Oli picked you, now get your ass on the gym floor."

I slam my notebook down on the bleacher and storm off the bleachers, standing several feet away from Oli as I find some other thing to distract me. Oli notices this, though, and pulls me closer to him. I yank my arm out of his grasp, looking even more pissed.

"Listen Liza, if this is because I had to bolt earlier, I'm sorry, my friend wanted to see me and I can't just ignroe him," Oli pleads with me.

"Oh sure, and I've had sex before, you f-" I start but Eli interrupts by calling on Summer and Justin.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Oli says under his breath, trying to grab my arm again but I side-step him.

"I'm talking about freaking Cas, you prick. Now pick two people and leave me alone." Oli's face completely falls, realizing what on Earth was going on. He sighs and looks at the bleachers. "Dana and Colin."

After everyone was sorted into teams. I was left as offense, one of my best positions on the field. I eye Summer, who stands on defense, looking kind of confused. I shake my head and focus on Oli and Eli as they try to get ownership of the ball. It's simple to say Oli got the ball and kicked it to me. I stop it before going down-field with the ball, pass Summer who tries to stop me by throwing herself over me and kick it into the ball.

"Goal!" couch shouts. I help Summer up and pat her on the back. "You'll get the hang of this. Next time, try using your shoulder and shoving me though." She rolls her eyes and I go back to my side of the field, starting this time in the middle.

"Get the ball, Liza," I hear Oli say behind me.

"Get a life, Oli," I reply back and purposely let Jen steal the ball. Last second, though, I take it back and kick it at the back of Oli's head. It misses and goes sailing, only to be stopped by Justin, who catches the ball.

The game ends with a score of 7-4. Simple to say that my team kicked ass. I start to head towards the locker room when Oli stops me.

"Come on, Liza. Can we please just talk about this?" he asks me, kindly.

"Oh sure, we can talk about this. You know what? Yes, let's talk about this." I shove at his arm. "You claim you have to bolt and then go make out with Cas. You've been cheating on me, for how long, I have a freaking clue." He starts to say something but I hold up a hand. "It started around the time you claimed your dog died to get out of going out with me so you could be around Cas. You never had a dog, you are the worlds biggest jackass."

I leave him dumbfounded, finding this as my time to escape. I shove at him, making him stumble and storm into the locker room, changing back into my regular clothes, before storminig to the bus, not caring that the bell didn't ring, nor will it, for about another minute.

It's Homecoming Literally - Jen's POV

Normally, everyone ignores the announcements. Why should you listen to something only teachers care to here? But today was different. The principal comes on, most people resume with their conversations, but as soon as the word Homecoming is said, the whole gym is silent. The principal clears her throat as she begins. "Today students, we are starting the votes for Homecoming. As I know what you are thinking, the categories include Cutest Couple and Homecoming King and Queen." Girls giggle, hoping that either the person they're dating or the couple they admire gets voted the most. I hear rumours everywhere. 

The whole gym falls into silence as she continues on. "The theme this year will be Masquerade, so please dress appropriately. The voting stations are placed around the school, please place your votes by the end of the week. I hope to see all of you there." The message ends. Cheers arise, every person shouting over the other, discussing who they are voting for, who they want to win, what they are going to wear. I sit awkwardly, waiting for the bell to ring. 

It takes quite a while for the gym to clear out. People slowly walk, trying to get as much gossip with their friends as they can manage. I talk to Summer, as we discuss what dresses we want to wear. 

I grab my phone out of my backpack quickly and text Mom,

Is it too late to ask if Eli can over tonight?

I am shocked when she responds almost immediatley.

Not at all Jen. I'll text his mom real quick.

We meet Liza outside, who is still incrediblely pissed. "They announced Homecoming right after you left," I start.

Summer continues saying, "The theme this year is Masquerade and you have to vote by the end of the week." 

Liza raises her eyebrows. "Really? You really think I want to go to Homecoming if that ass is there?" 

"You don't need him." I smile as I look at Summer.

She smirks. 'Yeah." 

Our car pulls up. I press my hands on my backpack straps and slipping into the back seat. Mom looks behind her to ask us how our day was. I practically ignore that question to bring up Homecoming. She smiles. "That's great I remember when.."

I drown out those stories. 

We pull up in our driveway as I head inside. Liza, Summer and I meet in my room and talk mostly about what to wear. We browse our laptop for hours before a knock startles us. 

"I think I should get that." I walk out of my room, down the stairs and turn the door handle. 


"Hi-um...come in." 

He steps in, Liza and Summer heading down the stairs. "Sorry we were looking at dresses." We all laugh. He looks blankly as we head to the kitchen. 

I grab some salad and a pizza slice and sit down at the table. Summer teases me as soon as I sit down. I sigh. 

Finishing dinner early, I head to my room. I sit on my beanbag by my bed and sit there, looking at the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. "Hey." 

Eli walks in, sitting in the beanbag beside mine. 

I look over and smile. We sit there in silence for a while, waiting for the other to say something.

Looking down, I try to figure out what to say.


"Why do you keep saying that?" I smile.

"I don't like you to that's all." 

Silence arises again as I turn on Netflix and start a Doctor Who episode. 

"This is really confusing.." He says after a minute or so.

I explain it to him quickly as he nods. 

When we finish an episode I am about to turn it off when he turns on Day of The Doctor. 

"I might be getting into this..." 

I smile as we finish the episode. 

He leaves too soon.


Hey there! It's Summer with an announcement, about homecoming. If you haven't been following up with the comments or been lacking the story, get off your lazy butt and read it because alot is going down. <3

Anyways, if you have, then you're amazing. So, basically, below is the template for homecoming, including the votes and outfit template. Once again, you can't vote for yourself or your own couple. Have fun!




Cutest Couple:



Optional Accessories:

Two Sisters might just... Remain Two Sisters - Summer's POV

Mom dropped us back at school at 5:30 for Musical Theatre Auditions, that are supposed to be held at 6 sharp. And, being mom, had to leave us there 30 minutes early, most likely the first ones. Oh well. Probably will add extra points for the part.

Pushing through the double doors, I drop myself into a chair. Liza sits down beside me, slinging her backpack to the floor. I lean mine against my legs.

"So, Frozen. Of course I would expect something like that..." I mumble, looking at a sheet given to me by one of the instructors going around. Me and my sister sit along with two other kids in our class, one of them being Emilia and the other being Annie. She texts on her phone, chewing bubble gum. Mr. Hillies comes over, handing Liza the same four pages, stapled together. Today is when auditions are held for characters.

"So, I already know who you're going to audition for." I say to Liza, and she rolls her eyes.

"Hey, Elsa's my favorite character. Can't you see the resemblance?" She asks, pointing to her face.

"Nah. You don't really look like a cartoon, Liza." I reply, popping a raspberry icebreaker into my mouth. I look over the lines, not knowing who to audition for. Probably one of the extras.

"Maybe you should try out for Anna." Liza says, and I furrow my eyebrows.

"Stop lying." I say, chewing on the mint.

"Really, you might fit the part. If anything about your hair, you can always wear a wig." She suggests, and I ponder about it for a few minutes. I mean, we are sisters...

The rest of the people come in about 10 minutes after we do. Auditions start at 5:45 instead, since more than half of the class arrives early. The other portion...Well, probably won't be in such good terms. Mr. Hillies begins on telling us that we'll need to have understudy if we call in sick or can't make it. He also tells us some other "very important" information that if we're sick or cannot make it we'll have to notify them at least 12 hours before practice otherwise there will be parent notification.

I really wouldn't want mom to find out about that.

They also tell us if we aren't there 3 times or more then we automatically lose the part and it's given to the understudy.

Finally, after 5 more minutes of babbling on, he allows us to pick the characters we want to audition for. I decide to accept Liza's idea of choosing Anna, and of course, as expected, she selects Elsa. I highlight the lines in green highlighter before preparing to do my part. We have 5 minutes to make the most out of the character as possible. And that's what I'm gonna do.

After a few of the people go up to audition for the part, in pairs, Like Blake and Emilia, Kate and Nathaniel, and Annie and Bekah, it's finally my time. I have to say they all did pretty well, but being me after seeing a few small noticeable errors in their acting, I attempt to come up with something more believeable.

"Summer, and Eliza, come up please." Ms Quarine says, and I nod, grabbing my script. Liza trails behind silently. "You're auditioning for Anna and Elsa, correct?" She asks, and I smile brightly. "Yes. Coincedence, right?" I reply, still smiling. "I'm sure you'll both do great." She says, and I clear my throat before looking at Liza. She seems to be checking over her script.

"Begin when you're ready."

I act nervous, placing my right hand on my right shoulder and I clasp my left hand on my elbow. I look around, biting my lip. The script starts.

"Hi," Liza says quietly, a small smile playing on her lips.

"Hi-Hi me?" I ask, pointing to myself. She nods and I begin the next line. The lines are already memorized in my head.

"Oh! Um, Hi," I say, glancing towards her. "You look beautiful," She says, turning her head slightly towards me. I face her slightly. "Thank you," I say, my voice cracking towards the end. "You look beautifuller! I mean not fuller," I say abruptly, using hand gestures as a confused expression goes on my face. "Y'know, You don't look fuller, but um, mor-more beautiful." She laughs. "Thank you," Liza makes her voice sound much older. Impressive. I press my lips into a shy grin.

I put my hands back together and look off to the side. "So...This is what a party looks like," She begins again, and I look out in front of me, as if looking to a crowd. My eyes flicker to her face without me turning my head and an awkward expression crosses the surface of my face.

"I-It's warmer than I thought," I say, my eyebrows rising up slightly. "What is that amazing smell?" She asks, emphasis in her voice. We both act as if we're sniffing something in the air, turning our heads to eachother. "Chocolate," We say in unison, our voices sounding intent about the scent, before chuckling light-heartedly for a few seconds. We both bow slightly at the end of the script, and I beam warmly.

"Amazing job girls. We'll definitely consider both of you for the desired parts." Ms. Quarine says, pleased, before continuing with other people who are going to audition. I give Liza a high-five, the smile of mine still plastered on my face.

"Now onto the other half, the singing part. Let's prepare, everybody."

The Telling of the Frozen Cast - Liza's POV

After the acting stuff ended, Ms. Quarine narrowed down who she wanted for each part, getting rid of about 1/3 of the original group who completely bombed the acting part of auditions. I'm guessing she thought something along the lines of, "If you can act but not sing, we can work something out. However, if you can sing but not act, I don't want to even see you." So... yeah.

"Alright," Mr. Hiller says as he takes the stage. "This is my part of the audition. You better sing and sing well, otherwise you can walk home tonight, upset." A few kids snicker, myself apart of them. I wouldn't personally be upset, afterall, I've been put in charge of everyone here, practically.

"Now, go back and wait in the lobby, and when you are called out to perform, you will be told a specific song from your booklet and you will sing it. Either you will become an extra who just stands around, reacting, or you will be a main character, which include Anna, Elsa, Prince Haan, Olaf and Kristoof."

"It's Kristoff, Mr. Hiller," I correct him. He just shakes his head. "Go to the lobby, everyone. Now." His eyes travel the room. "Except for Summer and Liza, who so kindly agreed to go first."

Summer starts to argue but I cover her mouth with my hand. "Glady, Mr. Hiller," I say with a smile as everyone leaves. He gets off the stage, sitting behind a table he set up between the stage and the front row so he can write and evaluate everyone fairly.

To make him wait ever so longer, I put my hair in the braid that Elsa constantly has, just to make him angry. He taps his foot impatiently and Summer elbows me in the rib. I cringe but finish the braid, getting onto stage with her.

Mr. Hiller flips through his copy of the musical lazily before coming to the Reprise version of For The First Time In Forever. It was blatantly obvious so I flipped to the page before he could even tell us. Summer eyes me but shakes her head.

"Alright, you'll be singing For The First Time In Forever, but the reprise. Good luck to you both." He taps his pen on the table once before putting it over the paper. "Begin." I can see the nervous anxiety of Summer as she takes a few steps away from me. She puts on her best poker-face before relaxing and starting the song. I take a few steps away from her, myself, putting on a face of fear and sadness.

"Please don't shut me out again, please don't slam the door. You don't have to keep your distance anymore." I turn my back to her, facing the audience full-on now, keeping my hands close to myself, closing my eyes tightly. "'Cuz for the first time in forever, I finally understand! For the first time in forever, we can fix this hand in hand! We can head down this mountain-side together, you don't have to live in fear... 'Cause for the first time in forever, I will be right here."

I finally turn to the side so I can see her, making sure the audience can still see me. "Anna... please go back home, your life awaits. Go enjoy the sun and open up the gates."

"Yeah but-" Summer starts but I stop her.

"I know! You mean well, but leave me... Yes I'm alone but I'm alone and free! Just stay away and you'll be safe from me!" I turn back towards the audience, taking a few steps, only to have Summer put her hand on my shoulder, pulling my attention.

"Actually we're not," she sang in a good Anna voice.

"What do you mean you're not?"

"I get the feeling you don't know!"

"What do I not know?" I straighten my back, pulling my shoulder from her grip and holding myself closely.

"Arendelle's in deep, deep, deep, deep... snow." Her voice shies up, but on purpose.

"What?" I say, turning on her, walking around her.

Mr. Hiller clears his throat. "That was well, but Liza, there is a high note I'd like to test you on, so if you'd both flip the page and start where Anna starts singing 'Cause for the first time in forever' again."

We both nod, flipping the page.

"'Cause for the first time in forever!"

I start singing above her, loosing track of what she's singing in the process. "Ohhh, I'm such a fool I can't be free!"

"You don't have to be afraid!"

"No escape from the storm in side of me!" (sorry, cutting out Summer's parts but em.... yeah) "I can't control the curse! Anna please, you'll only make it worse! There's so much fear!" I turn my back on Summer. "You're not safe here!" I run my fingers through my hair, both as my nervous habit and Elsa's. "Noooo.... Ahhhhhh..... I can't!" I twirl on this part, eyes closed tightly, my arms held at arm's-length. Summer dramatically falls.

Mr. Hiller claps his hands and I curtsy to him. "Well done girls. If you'd go get the next two people, thank you."

So as it goes, auditions carried on forever. It took even longer as Mr. Hiller and Ms. Quarine went over who would get what part in "private". Finally, they called us back to the auditorium, where we sat close to stage as they stood on stage.

"Alright, as all this goes, we have picked the main person and their understudy. For Anna and Elsa we have..." Her eyes find me and I brighten up. "Summer for Anna and Liza for Elsa." Summer squeals and hugs me and I pat her arm. Everyone claps for us. "Their understudies are Rebekah for Summer and Bee for Liza." I clap this time for them, a smile on my face.

"Alright, the moment for Prince Haans and Kristoff, we have... Erlend for Prince Haans and Nathaniel for Kristoff." Everyone starts to clap and I elbow Summer playfully. "Sumtin may be dead but I ship Nathaner," I say with a bright smile. "The Haans understudy will be Connor and the Kristoff understudy will be Sam."

Mr. Hiller clears his throat. "For the last main character, we have Olaf who will be played by... Cas. His understudy will be Colin."

"Haha, I own both those two, cuz I created them." I snicker silently to myself as I get an elbow into my side again.

"Liza," Summer says but starts to laugh a bit herself.

"Now, shockingly, a jock signed up and made it. Blake will be playing Anna and Elsa's dad while the mother will be Annie. The rest of you all are extras. Wait... we don't need that many extras..." Mr. Hiller clicks his tongue. "We'll decide that at the first rehearsal, which will begin tomorrow. You get Homecoming off from practice, you lucky brats."

"Mr. Hiller, you cannot call them brats," Ms. Quarine says before shaking her head. "You all are dismissed, next Thursday morning, we'll be having a Musical Theatre meeting in my room before school starts. Dismissed."

Everyone hurries to the lobby, grabbing their bags and hurrying out of the theatre, excitement bubbling over. Mom picks us up at the front of the school.

"So, how were auditions?" mom asks, looking at us through the rear-view mirror.

"Good, I got the part as Elsa while Summer got the part as Anna," I reply, smiling brightly.

"You did? I'm so happy for the both of you. I hope you do well!" She then focuses on the road, driving us home.

 Basketball and Text Messages - Jen's POV

"Come on, you have to come to the practice with me." Eli leans against the silver lockers, pleading with his eyes. It becomes a long time before I give in.

"Fine." I look up, smiling. I have nothing to do the next couple hours with Summer trying out for for volleyball and Liza trying out for cheerleading. 

As I start to zip my backpack, Eli grabs my hand and starts running. We both laugh, bursting through the gym, with all eyes directed towards us. It becomes quitw obvious we were late, with about two dozen guys  in the court. I stand there, awkwardly rub my arm, praying that the coach doesn't notice us. Then again, how could he not?

The coach walks up to us, flaming red. Eli's tight grip on my hand loosens and his arm quickly pulls away. 

"Who do you think you are Eli?" he practically spits in Eli's face. I inch away, trying to head toward the bleachers when his eyes fall on me

"If you believe that she is more important than practice, why should you tryout? This could become a problem when you're late for practice or a game." 

Eli remains expressionless. "It won't happen again sir."

The coach shoves him in the court as they start-resume tryouts. 

It's between distant smiles and small conversations in between breaks that keep me occupied. I feel out of touch with this whole thing. If it was a swim meet it would be one thing-but basketball-not so much. 

Tryouts end abruptly, causing a whole bunch of guys to either rush out, or to rush to their girlfriends. I jog down the steps and onto the court. I smile softly, leaning on the heels of my combat boots. He seems to see right through me, as if he was looking through a window. 

"Eli you were great out there." I smile. 

He sighs, looking down. I know something is wrong. 

"What's wrong?' I reach for his hand and grasp it. 

"I..." He scratches the nape of his neck, "I don't think I'm going to make it." 

"He would be wrong Eli. Don't listen to his yelling Eli. You were really good out there." 

He smiles weakly. 

Tryouts were also finished for Summer and Liza, coming into the gym as we are about to leave to see them. 

"Hey Jen. Eli." Summer can't get over  herself, giggling softly. 

"When are you ever going to let this go?"

She shrugs. Then smiles. "I think I got on the team." 

"That's great Summer." I smile back. 

We all leave the gym together, walking down the steps and into our awaiting cars. 

As I sit down, my phone starts ringing. "Damn." I unbuckle my seatbelt and grab my phone. 

"Language." Mom sighs. 

I roll my eyes when I see a text. 

Sorry about earlier just...

Just what? I ask Eli.

He never responds. 

A Pretty Fascinating Game of Volleyball - Summer's POV

It's Wednesday, almost a week since I auditioned for the part of Anna. Practice for Musical Theatre is tomorrow. Homecoming is the next day, and we get half a day of school, the other to prepare and do everything else, just like Prom. Prom...around 200 and more days left before I even get there...

I sigh, tapping my small, Alaska snow-white Doc Martens boots lightly on the carpet of the vehicle. Mom is taking us home. Jen smiles at her phone, and I roll my eyes. I close my mouth before I say something that mom won't let slide. I push the rebellious thought away, forcing it not to creep back.

Liza, are you sure that it was Cas and Oli? Tbh, you could be wrong. I tap send on the surface of my iPhone, since she's over there bubbling up in flames.

I'm quite surprised our mother didn't notice her yet. Or the stabbed-up notebook.

My phone buzzes and I expect it to be a text back from Liza with foul language in every other phrase, but it's not. It's Jen.

So how are you and Justin?

I sigh. 

I nearly got detention because of you. We haven't talked since. Thanks alot, Jen. I don't think mom knows yet, but when she does, she will chew my a-

Another text. I pause, going back to read what Liza said.

Yes, I am sure that the son of a...anyways, had the nerve to be a player. And with effin Cas? I am so done. Justin is stupid for still being friends with that piece of-

My phone vibrates once more, and I stop, going back to the message under Jen's name.

Thanks for ignoring me.

I hit send of what I had previously typed. I decide to read the rest of Liza's rant when I get home.

I'm the first out of the car, going straight to my room. I lock the door, and change out of my school clothes, throwing them in the hamper. I set my boots aside in my closet, and slick my hair into a high ponytail, so the ends tickle the nape of my neck. Pulling on a bright red tank top and dark blue fabric, tight, short-shorts, I decide to go do some stretches and practice my serves and spikes at the nearby park, around a block away from my house. I pick up my volleyball from the garage and stick one foot into the doorway, looking at mom.

"Hey, I'm gonna go practice for volleyball. Our first game is next week against Walter Princeton High."

"Sure thing. Be back by dinner. And I mean it, or else I will literally cause the school to suspend you from it. You already got in trouble once with that guy of yours, I recieved the call earlier. No more being with him, understand?" She says, sternly, raising an eyebrow. I gulp, bowing.

"I understand." I reply, before shutting the door and sprinting down the sidewalk. A small pain zips up my ankle every time my right foot hits the ground, but I ignore it. Probably a stretched vessel.

After 5 minutes, I see Annie, jogging as well. "Hey Annie," I say, panting, slowing my running down to a light jog. "Hey Summer. Weren't you at volleyball practice the other day?"

"Yeah. How's cheer?"

"It's okay. Our coach is having us do thousands of stretches and what not. Annoying as hell," She groans, and I laugh. "I'm going to the park, see you around." I reply, before turning in the opposite direction. I walk the rest of the few feet that lead to the entrance. There's a huge track and large field, a volleyball net sectioned off by the end. I make my way over, setting down my water bottle and grabbing the ball in my hands. "Just a week and two days of practice to go, Summer." I whisper to myself, jumping up and slamming the ball, with my front of my fingers. I wince, grabbing them with my other hand. Exactly what our instructor told us not to do - I have to use the heel of my dominant hand.

I attempt another overhand throw, again, but a little different. A float serve.

I position my left hand on top of the ball, my right supporting under it. It's lodged between my hands.

I step forward with my right foot, with a three step approach, releasing my left hand and launching it into the air. I leap for the ball, pushing off with one foot, and hit the ball with a strong amount of force. It travels slowly, but succeeds on making the ball go to the other side of the net. I smile as it hits the ground, no opponent to throw it back. I take a deep breath of relief, going around and retrieving it.

I practice the throw several times until Blake and Rebekah come over. I see Liza coming over in the distance as well.

"If ya don't mind, I'm trying to practice."

"We're here to help."

I smirk, Rebekah still at his side.

"A football player against a volleyball one? Not a very good match, if I do say so myself. I know how to play, thanks."

"No, really, you don't."

"Seriously?" I say, becoming irritated. "Did Justin send you over here or some crap like that?"

"N-No, he didn't. I see some of your flaws and want to help."

"You were stalking me? Fine. If you really want to help, then you'll beat me at a game." I say, crossing my arms.

"Challenge accepted."

Liza comes over, eyeing me. "You sure your up against a jock? Be careful you don't get knocked out cold. I'm going on his team."

"How did mom even let you-ugh. Whatever." I reply, taking a sip of water from my bottle.

"Sorry my boyfriend's's that word? Oh, yeah. Overconfident." She beams. I smile.

"It's fine. But, yes. You're vocabulary is correct."

I recieve a small glare from Blake.

"Anyways, hurry up. Let's start." Liza calls, and I roll my bottle down to settle beside my phone.

Returning to the field, I allow Blake to get first serve. His hand slips, and the ball strikes the edge of the bottom of his hand, and it falls straight in his side of the net on the ground.

"Are you sure the flaws you saw were mine?" I ask, and he doesn't respond. He gives me the ball and I dip my head, taking it in my hands.

I use a float serve, pushing off of my foot and hitting the ball with my hand. It flies over to their side and Liza hits it back, the ball instantly hitting the ground.

"Hey sis, aren't you supposed to be amazing at this?" Liza taunts.

I roll my eyes and Blake gives her a high-five.

"Becky-Anna, you should have been over here. You seem miserable with a sucker like her."

I don't let the comment get to my head, and rather put my anger into my hands.

He serves the ball, flying almost over my head, but I don't allow it. Not on my watch.

I strike it, and it tears through the air, and he tosses it back. I lift myself off the ground and spike the ball and it lands behind Liza, after a failed attempt of her saving it. I smile.

"Woot, go Summer!" Bekah says and I smile.

"Save the ball if I can't recieve it, alright?"

She nods.

The game goes back and forth, both of us at a tie. There's only two more shots one of the team needs to make in order for victory.

Liza serves now, doing a basic serve. Bekah saves the ball, throwing it back over past the net. Blake gets hit in the eye, and he falls back, black beginning to swell under his eye.

"Blake, are you okay?" Bekah asks, running a hand through his hair. "I'm fine if you're here." I gag.

"Can you not?" Liza and I say both in unison. They should know that our relationships aren't like theirs.

"Sorry." He mumbles. "I'm still playing. I will beat your sorry behind, Summer."

"In your dreams."

We restart, and he spikes the ball, it spiralling to the ground. I go for a dig, and it springs back up, over to their side. "Nice," Bekah whispers, and I grin.

Liza makes a backcourt spike, and I block the attack, altering the ball's line of movement. It swerves back and hits the ground again. Bekah serves, carefully, and Liza bounces it back. I make an off-speed hit, causing Blake to get confused, and the ball lands perfectly next to his feet. Me and Bekah cheer, and he rolls his eyes, muttering something unpleasant.

"You sure I'm a sucker? I think you mean a sucker for volleyball, since really, you're the only one with a sorry behind."

Rebekah nods in agreement with my statement, elbowing her boyfriend playfully. It turns into a tickle fight, and I roll my eyes. It was a pretty good game of 2 vs 2 volleyball, though. I go to check my phone.

It's 5:55, and my heart skips a beat.

"Gotta run, bye Reblekah!" I wave, picking up my things. "Liza, come on, it's 5 minutes 'till dinner. We're dead!" I yell, taking off. The pain increases in my foot and I just keep running, since I dunno about you, but I honestly don't want to be grounded for Homecoming.

Overreact Much? (Drama Warning... js) - Liza's POV

As Summer and I burst through the door, we ran like it was nobody's business, and collapse. I look at my phone and it's 6:03. Maybe mom won't kill us...

"Liza and Summer! Where the hell were you? Dinner had to sit on the table for three WHOLE MINUTES before you decided to show yourselves! You two are the reason why your father is starving while sitting at the table and why Jen is about to die of hunger!" she shouts as I try to catch my breath. I use the little in-table right next to me to pull myself up.

"Three... minutes... and you're starving?" I ask as Summer gets to her feet. She elbows me as mom turns bright red with anger.


"Liza, if you wish to not go to Homecoming. you could have just asked! If you continue this behavior, all THREE of you won't be going!" mom shouts.

"All three? But it's Liza! That's not fair!" Summer shouts.

"It is when all you three do is go out early and come home late," mom says as a counter attack.

"This isn't fair!" Summer shouts before storming into her room to go change. Mom turns her rage to me. "As for you, do one more thing to piss myself off, and you won't see the light of day."

"I never have before anyway," I reply as I go up the stairs. I quickly change into my "Keep Calm and Don't Blink" shirt, putting on my Union Jack tights and a pair of shorts over them. I head back downstairs and sit opposite of my mother as Summer comes back downstairs, taking the only available seat... next to mom.

For dinner, we have macaroni and cheese and a steak. I poke the meat a couple times before eating the macaroni. Mom sees this and rolls her eyes.

"Liza, eat the steak," she says, still looking pissed for being three minutes late. Freaking cry me a river.

"No, as you so carelessly forgot, I've gone vegeterian. However, if you require the meat be eaten, someone else will gladly eat it for you," I reply in a snappy voice, eating a green bean from my plate.

"Elizabeth, I don't care what fad you are trying to pull here. You will eat the steak," she says, slamming her fork down onto the table.

"And I said no. If you won't respect my life choices, then I won't respect yours." Jen starts to choke with laughter from right next to me, getting her the "evil eye" from mom.

Mom looks back at me, her hateful gaze harder. "If you won't listen to me, you can get out of the house."

"Gladly," I fire back, pushing away from the table and storming upstairs to my room. I slam my door shut and lock it, grabbing Mjollnir from my dresser and throwing it at the cork board sitting on my wall.

"Liza, get back downstairs!" I hear mom shout. I yank Mjollnir from the board and shout at the top of my lungs, "I DECLINE YOUR REQUEST AND I'M GETTING READY TO LEAVE, LIKE YOU WANT ME TO!"

"If you leave this damned house, you'll never be allowed back!"

"Fine by me!" I walk back to the other side of the room and throw Mjollnir into the cork board once more. I grab one of the many bags lying around my room, because mom won't stop buying them, and fill it with clothes, books, pens, paper and my all important laptop and phone.

I hear a knock on the door. "Go away, I'm packing," I mutter coldly, but whoever it is, they hear me.

"Liza, please let me..." Summer says. "You have nowhere to go, all your friend's parents know your parents... the only person with parents that don't know ours is... Oh you wouldn't. You hate him."

"Unfortunately, that's all there is." I sling my bag of stuff over my shoulder and grab my school bag. I open the door and Summer stares at me. "Text me."

I see mom at the bottom of the stairs. "You are not leaving this house, Elizabeth."

"If you don't let me go through the door, I will crawl out my window, even if it is on the second story."

Mom sighs and looks at me. "Can we just talk-"

"We can't just talk. You told me to get out because you won't approve of the fact I won't eat freaking meat. You are overreacting but I'll gladly overreact with you if it means I get the hell out of here." I storm down the stairs, shoving her out of my way. I open the front door and slam it shut, pulling my phone out of my bag.

"Liza? Hell, didn't know you'd still talk to me," says the voice on the other end of the line.

"I need a place to stay for the night. Got an opening?"

"What? What happened? Liza?"

"Do you or don't you. Otherwise I'm heading to Summer's boyfriends house."

"Yeah... I guess." He pauses. "Why me?"

"Because, you're the only person who has parents that don't know my own."

He laughs. "I was your boyfriend for a week, are we shocked?"

"Shut up, I'm heading over."

"See you then, Liza."

"Same to you, Oli."

This Is When It All Comes Crashing Down - Jen's POV

Liza comes to school the next day, still pissed. When I mention that we were hoping she come back home last night, she acts all pissed, making an effort to be extremely so and goes back to writing. 

"Okay.." I put my hands up. "Jeez Liza when are you going to stop getting pissed off at everyone?" 

Her precious pen is practically punching a hole in the paper the way she is writing. "God.." My eyes widen. "Ignore me then." 

I copy the math problems, as I start to manipulate the numbers in my head. "35 minus..." I mutter under my breath.

My teacher eyes my paper as he walks down the row. "Are you copying someone Jennifer?" 

"No. I am just thinking of the answers."

"Show your work."

"I don't need to." I look at him straight in the eye. "I am quite capable." I write down the last answer. "Check them." 

He snatches the paper and walks back to his desk, obviously pissed. Bet I got all them right.

After a couple of minutes or so, he hands me back the paper. "You better show your work next time." He whispers. A+ is written across the page. I smirk in accomplishment. 

The bell is about to ring, so I slip everything into my bag, as some struggle to finish. The bell rings and I dart out, ready for my next class. 

The bell rings again and again, so done with today...I run my fingers through my hair as I change back into my regular clothes, shoving the gym ones into the locker. 

I quickly change back into my skinny jeans and muscle tee. I press my backpack to my shoulders as I walk out. 

Everyone is sitting on the bleachers, so I quickly slip by Eli. 

"Hey." I smile. 

The announcements start, as I look at him. "So you excited about homecoming?" 

I smile softly, knowing it's tomorrow. 

"About that..." He mutters as the bell rings. "I can't make it..." I don't hear the rest. Everything starts to crumble. 

"Yeah." I say after a while, gaining composure. "See how it is. Have things better to do." 

I walk out of the gym, not looking back at him. I feel tears welling in my eyes as I push through the school doors, the rush of cool air doesn't make me feel any better.

Others look around, as I try not to show emotion, but that only brings back more. It's futile. As soon as I get in the car, I cry. 

"What's wrong?" Mom looks alarmed.

Summer shrugs.

"Eli he-" More crying. "He said he couldn't make it." The tears are still there as I feel anger. "Probably is going to show up with another girl. Better things to do."  

I feel tears again as I try to ignore them. I put on my earbuds and drown out the world. 

Everything at once is crashing down as Rather Be starts playing. 

I Almost Do - Summer's POV 

We get home and Jen runs to her room, not saying a word. I flinch when she slams the door shut and I hear silent sobs coming from the door. I sigh, knowing now isn't the best time to comfort her.

Texts from Justin continue to buzz all over my phone. I promised myself I wouldn't talk to him. Especially with mom, after she told me to stay away.

"Summer, I want to talk with you." Mom says sternly, and I set my backpack down by my dresser in my room. She comes in and sits on the bed. I sit next to her, curious about what I did.

"We need to talk about Justin. Why were you talking to him before you got into the car?"

My heart starts to pump a bit faster.

"I-I. I...was telling him about Biology homework...he needed help with it. That's all." I lie. My mother can see beyond it.

"I told you to stay away from him, Summer. When I tell you to do something, you better do it. Why the hell are you even talking to him? I told you to stop seeing him, yet Jen can't even say that you broke up with him because the relationship is complicated. Have you been lying to me?" Fury rages in her eyes and her voice gets louder. I'm speechless. Lying will only do worse.

"M-Mom. I swear, I-"

"I don't want to hear a damn thing you have to say. I'm changing your classes."

"What? You can't do this to me, at least not now, mom!"

"I don't care. You aren't seeing him. If you can't break up with the guy yourself, I will do it for you."

"It's my life, what the hell! You shouldn't be involved in any of my damn relationships!"

"Summer, I swear, you better watch your mou-"

"At this moment, I don't even give a damn. You need to stay out of my social life, mom. You can't tell me what to do and what I shouldn't. You can't tear apart my relationships like this!"

"I can't? Watch me. And I'm calling off the dress from the store. You aren't going to homecoming with this unacceptable attitude." She says, before exiting the room and nearly breaking the door, shutting it so hard. I hear her dialing the school number into the phone and hear it ringing. Tears well up in my eyes as I know she won't allow me to see Justin again, not even go to the event.

I hope you have a good time at homecoming. I would comfort you but it's hard when deep inside I need some time to myself.

I send the message to Jen's phone, hoping that she gets it.

I tear a pillow from the bed and cry into it, not knowing what to do. I can't believe this. My mother is practically taking a hammer and smashing my social life to pieces. I can't even see Justin - not even be friends with him. People won't even get to see me at Homecoming.

I cry harder before getting up and pulling a hoodie over my head. I brush my hair down, my eyes bloodshot. My stomach stings with emotion, fear, anger, sadness, pain of not being able to do anything about it. I Almost Do by Taylor Swift comes on my phone's playlist.

I pull my hair into a tight side ponytail and put on some patterned leggings, checkered black and white. I shove on my black boots onto my feet and storm out of my room. I block out any yelling of my mother from the kitchen and walk out of the front door. It's storming outside and a gale of wind brushes against my cheeks, bringing the burning raindrops with it. The song is still playing in my ears and tears continue to run down my cheeks, leaving streaks behind, although concealed by the rain washing over my face as well. I pull the hoodie over my head, not knowing where I'm going.

This isn't fair. None of it is.

Fog builds up by the houses in the distance. I don't care about anything. I want to get as far away as I can. This can't happen - it won't happen.

But it has to.

A figure tall and broad emerges from the fog. I ignore it. I don't know how long it's been, but I continue to repeat the song in my playlist. It matches everything I'm going through.

I look up into the same familiar, yet peculiar set of eyes staring into mine. "Summer."

"I'm sorry," I say, the tears getting even worse. They flow out of my eyes as a pair of hands go to cup my face, but I push them back. I push him back before backing away, leaving about 5 feet between us.

"Why? Why are you crying?" He says. I prevent myself from choking on a sob.

"I can't see you anymore. I'm not allowed to. I am sorry." I reply, a bit louder to talk over the storm. Thunder echos.

"Why not? What did I do?"

"That's the thing - I don't know. I don't know what either of us did. But this just isn't going to continue."

"But what about homecomin-"

"Find somebody else. Just not...Not me. Do that, it's the least you could do."

" were supposed to be my date."

"Not anymore."

There's a silence as crackling from lightning is heard from a few blocks away. There's a huge gust of wind, and I nearly stumble on my feet. I swallow down the urge to run into his arms and hug him.

The lyrics from the song begin to play, and I've memorized them after listening to it continuously for the past 20 minutes.

"And I just want to tell you...It'll take everything in me, not to call you." I whisper, my voice so crushed to even talk at regular volume.

His eyes skim over mine, and I can't even describe how painful it is.

"And I wish I could run to you, and I hope you know that, everytime I don't, I almost do." My voice breaks at the end and I rip my gaze away from his.

I don't wait for him to say anything back. Instead, I turn around, wishing to return home in another 25 minutes. Not to get lectured, not to hate myself, but to just sob. Sob myself to sleep. The family is so torn apart, Jen, the one who's heart is now broken. Liza, who's hanging with Oli, yet not in good terms with mom. And me...I don't even know how to put it in words. Blood rushes through my ears and I try not to fall, to shatter like how you would let the wooden blocks drop in Jenga.

I rather whisper one more thing, hoping he could hear it.

"I almost do, Justin."

Going To Hell In A Basket - Liza's POV

Oli sits on the couch, his mom cooking some weird Dutch dish I've never heard about in the kitchen. I sit next to Oli and start to draw, from memory, the house. The cushions of the couch shift as Oli is suddenly mere inches from me, making me drop the drawing pad. "Oli-" I start but he grabs my hand, silencing me.

"Liza, we need to talk." He looks around. "Hey mom! Liza and I are going to go study for the Chemistry test up in my room!" he shouts.

"Alright, dinner will be done in about half an hour!" she shouts back. Oli's grip on my hand tightens as he pulls me from the couch and up the stairs. He opens his bedroom door, putting a hand over my eyes and guiding me through the doorway, closing the door with his foot. He uncovers my eyes and I look around his room.

He has several trophies from football and other sports on one wall, with a few band posters here-and-there. Overall, his room is well kept, but I highly doubt it was before last night.

"Okay, what do you have to talk about?" I ask Oli, sitting on the edge of his bed. He's about to talk when my phone starts to play "In Summer" from Frozen. I roll my eyes and pull out my phone, answering it. "Yes Summer?"

"Liz..." She starts to sniffle. "Please... I... It's raining... come to the park... I... I need... help." I suddenly stand up.

"Be there in a few mins." I hang up and look apologetically at Oli. "I need to help Summer. Now. I'm so sorry...." Before he can react, I run out of his room to my room across the hall, Oli's sister's room... until she went to college. I grab my jacket from my bag and my red converse shoes, lacing them up. I take one glance at the closet, housing my homecoming dress. Luckily, it came before I ran off.

As I exit my room, Oli is standing in the hallway. "Liza, let me come with you."

"Listen, there's no need for your mom to be pissed at you, too. I'll go and be back as soon as possible."

"Liza, no, please. I want to come." I don't know what it was, but I let him come with me as I run through the streets, trying to find the old park where Summer, Jen and I would come to as children to play. I stop running, though, when I see her slumped over on the park bench, jacket and jeans soaked, hair in tangled clumps. I walk towards her, my feet splashing in the water. When right in front of her, I kneel down on the ground.

"Summer... Summer, what's wrong?" I ask her.

"I... Mom... She... she made me dump Justin... she threatened to not let me go to homecoming if I didn't... LIza..." She starts to cry and I wrap my arms around her.

"Hey... it... it's going to be alright." But it's not. Nothing is never alright. "You'll... you'll be alright. Hey, I'll walk you back home if it makes you feel better."

By now, the water is seeping through my jacket, hitting my tank-top and going through that, hitting my back with chilling water. I want to flinch but don't.

Summer nods to me and I stand up, pulling her with me. I put an arm around her shoulders as I lead her back to the main road. While we walk, we talk about homecoming and how that will turn out, which brightens her a bit... until we arrive right in front of the house.

"I hate to leave," I say softly to Summer, "but you know I have to.Text me." I give her a quick hug before turning around and walking away, my hands in my pockets, holding my phone and trying to keep it front getting wet like my soaked jacket. Oli walks beside me.

"What did you want to talk about, Oli?" I ask, looking up at him as we walk down the sidewalk towards his house.

"About us." I start to argue when he stops me. "Listen, I know you don't want to but I want to say I'm sorry. I never should have... I just couldn't say no and I hurt you and I regret it."

"If you couldn't say no, what makes me think you 'can't say no' if we start a relationship again?" I ask him, picking up my pace to get further ahead but he matches his pace to my own.

"Liza." He puts his hand out in front of me to stop me. "Please, I'm not perfect, nobody is. You of all people should know this. I know I've been a prick but I want to ask of your forgiveness and another chance."

"You're asking for a lot," I reply as the rain starts to pour down harder and harder.

"And I know you'll give it if you care."

"You assume I care." I roll my eyes and start to walk again, only to be stopped.

"You wouldn't of choosen my house of all places to stay if you didn't." I'm about to start talking when he holds up a hand. "Okay, okay. I just... I just care for you, a lot. And if you do care, please.... just please say you'll be mine." I don't answer and he steps closer to me. "Please, Liza. Say something."

"Something," I reply and he laughs, shaking his head, putting his arms around me.

"When I said you were the only exception, I meant it." One of his hands cups my face, inadvertently knocking down my hood to soak my hair even more so. My eyes follow his hand before flickering back to look into his own. He leans closer and kisses me softly. I close my eyes and lean into the kiss, but his lips leave mine all too soon. I keep my eyes closed for a minute before opening them. "Don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

He kisses me again, and that is when I know one thing for sure.

We are going to hell in a pretty, dolled-up basket. But I, for one, am going down happy.

Aren't You Supposed To Be Somewhere Else? - Jen's POV

Gross, I look in the mirror again just to make sure. Yes, I look awful. 

I sigh, looking at the ghost in front of me. My eyes are red, my cheeks are blotchy, my hair in tangles. 

I run a brush through my hair, changing into a forest green hoodie and a pair of galaxy Vans. 

Placing my books in my backpack, I swing it over my shoulder quickly as I ignore the commands to eat breakfast. I'm not hungry. 

I step outside into the cooler air, trying to feel somewhat better than yesterday. Mom comes out soon enough, urging me to get in the car. Summer looks in slightly better condition than I am, but that's because you can see the concealer to cover up the bags under her eyes, eye drops to conceal any tear that fell. 

Today is Homecoming, as I try to imagine going alone. I couldn't bear it, but then again, I couldn't bear not to come either. 

Stepping in that hallway was torture. No one took a second glance, yet I feel everyone was noticing me, the tears welling in my eyes. 

"Jen.." Some whisper, but it's all just white noise. I don't care anymore, I shouldn't care...

But I do. 

I bite the inside of my cheek so hard, trying to prevent myself from showing any kind of sadness. 

"Jen..." I hear the familiar voice behind me. 

I try to ignore him, trying to pretend that I'm alone. 

"Jen.." He turns me around and looks at me. "I'm sorry..." He looks into my eyes, a small amount of sadness in them. 

I pull at my hoodie, grabbing my phone out of my backpack, ready to put earbuds on when he leans over and kisses me on the cheek. For a moment I felt weakness, standing in the middle of that hallway. But I was weak before...even more so now.

"Aren't you supposed to be with someone else?" I ask, looking at him. 

"Jennifer..." He grabs my hand. "Please just..." 

"I don't want to talk right now. It's bad enough I'll have to go to Homecoming alone." 

He looks at me as I see him look down. "I'm just sorry okay?" He looks at me one last time, with my broken features as I feel loneliness sink in. 

It's deception, when loneliness creeps in, when they try to twist your mind to think you are better alone, that you're better off without him. 

Nothing makes me feel worse when he looks at me as if I'm the echo of the person I was before - as if he didn't know me anymore - I was someone gone from the world and nothing could change it now. The loneliness is pressing against me harder and harder.  I am better now...

More broken....

I should've let the weakness take over. 

Concealed Tears - Summer's POV

Jen was practically bursting into tears this morning, and I wished nothing more but to comfort her. But the look in her eyes were too distant that even if they did meet with mine, I'll know her ears will be elsewhere, to be deaf of my words.

I'm watching Once Upon a Time before there's a knock at the door, a guy dressed in a pizza delivery outfit. He holds a pizza in his hand, but I don't remember hearing mom order any pizza. I get up, peeking from my room door, and see my mother shaking her head, denying that she ordered any. They're eyes flicker to mine before nodding politely, turning their back and walking away.


I try my best to re-apply the mascara that left streaks down my face earlier. I still don't know if I can go to homecoming or not. I'd rather not ask. I can imagine Jen, in her room, trying her best to mask out any of the tears, the redness and swollen eyes with makeup. I'll go talk to her after I figure something out.

I open up my window silently, looking outside of it. I have the strangest, most suspicous feeling that the pizza delivery man was not just any ordinary one. I see him turn the corner of the street before taking a slice and biting into it. I manage to get out of my window quietly, closing it back, but leaving a small slit so I don't completely lock myself out. I sniffle, still, as thoughts of today continue to flood my brain. The guidance counselor, of all the people in my school, said it was best to change my classes for social reasons. So, I have a different, less advanced class of Biology now, just because my mother is that angry. It couldn't be any immature than this.

Crossing the street, I tap their shoulder, and they turn around. Another line of song lyrics flash across my mind.

Right before your eyes, I'm breaking and fast, No reasons why, Just you and me.


"I'm surprised you noticed. Way to go for staying away, for breaking up with me." A hint of anger is a little more powerful than the sadness I can hear in his voice.

"Why, Justin, are you mad at me or something? It wasn't a choice of mine."

"Oh, I don't know, maybe because you decided to tell me the night before homecoming. You could have warned me, and maybe we could have stayed distant from eachother in public. But really, parent interferance? That's the lowest excuse I've ever heard." He hisses.

"Are you serious? Why did you even come to my house?"

"Well, quite honestly, yes, I am. And because I wanted to talk to you, but it's obviously not working." He snaps back. I can't believe him.

"After all the pain, sadness, every emotion that has ever existed has flown in and out of me, you re-pay me with some crappy explanation because my break-up with you was low? I don't know about you, but were you the one's who's parent decided to threaten you not to go to homecoming if you didn't break up with somebody? Do you think I fake tears?"

I feel smashed. I did all of this for nothing, for somebody who thinks I'm fake. Tears continuously rush out of my eyes, and I bite my tongue so hard I can taste blood gushing out of it, trying to not bawl in front of him. To not show that I'm even less of what he thinks I am.

"I thought my mother broke my heart, but really inside, I'm guessing it was you, Justin. So thank you." I say, putting on the fakest, most sarcastic smile I can put on my face, although tears still threatening to stream out of my eyes.

When right before his eyes. I'm breaking and fast, no reasons why. Just him and me.

He looks at me, the sadness now overpowering the anger. Pity and guilt must be gnashing at his thoughts. I don't care.

"This is the last time I'm asking you why, you break my heart in the blink of an eye." I say, turning on my heel, before walking back across the sidewalk and opening the window, going back into my room. I walk into Jen's room, without permission or knocking, tears cascading down my cheeks. She's putting on red lipstick and I look over to her, dropping myself onto her bed. She looks over at me, her eyes still a little red to where it's slightly reasonable. I can see a pair of pearl earrings in the trash out of the corner of my eye, remembering when she said Eli had wanted her to wear them. I act like I don't notice them, and she goes with it. A shaky breath escapes my mouth and tears come with it.

"Summer, no...not again." She says, sitting beside me.

I smile softly, although I know the tears are still on my cheeks. "You look...You look beautiful, Jen. Eli's really missing out." I say, trying to beam behind my tears. She hugs me and I return it, before backing away, clasping my hands together. 

"Tell me. Why do you look even more sad? Your concealer was doing just fine..." She says, and I nod, looking at her dark blue rug.

"The pizza delivery guy was obviously Justin in a suit. I think he wanted to talk to me, but, of course like always..." I sigh, pausing. "I was wrong. He...Something came over him and...I...He got mad at me. He said my apparent excuse for breaking up with him was low. An...And I can't even think about...the tears I've wasted...the tears I'm wasting now...for him." 

Another shaky breath.

She ponders for a moment before going to her closet. A bright turquoise dress stands out from the other golden, silver colored clothing and dresses, and she takes it into her hands. I unfold my hands and reach for it. "Wow. You're's really pretty."

"It's not mine."

"Oh, it's not? Then who's is it? Did Dana lend it to you or something?" I ask, and she giggles a little, although I can still see that sadness in her face.

"It's all yours. Mom lied, and I picked up the dress from the store before she'd really try something." She says, and I smile a little.

A shame that there's nobody to impress with it.

"Thanks. You're the best," I embrace her again, before setting it down on her comforter. "Dress up for tonight. Even if Justin isn't going to be able to see how gorgeous you'll look. At least you won't be alone, since, you know, we're both alone." She says, and I nod, still grinning.

"Are you sure? Mom will kill me if we sneak out."

"What are you talking about? We're already out. Oli and Liza are picking us up in an hour. So hurry up," She urges me towards her vanity, and picks up some foundation in a tan hue. She plucks a brush from her makeup bag, and brushes it across my face, covering up my dark circles and replacing it with a glow. She decides to do a smokey eye with a silver, glittery eyeshadow, and I swipe an intense hot pink lip stain across my lips. I finish everything off with mascara, and she paints my nails before she puts her index finger to her mouth. A set of silver heels emerge from the closet and I put them on, standing up. Definitely improved my height.

"When will they be here?" I question, and I sit back down to let her finish the clear top coat onto my aqua-marine nails.

"Whenever Liza gives us the cue." She says.

And really, I can't believe how dolled up I got for Homecoming.

Quick Story Before Homecoming, Babes - Liza's POV

Unfortunately, I called it off with Oli for one night, however, he thinks it forever, just for fun, because I already promised someone I'd go with him.

Jay you are so freaking lucky >.> -Liza

I send the text and he is quick to reply with his own witty, sarcastic reply.

Yes well, at least you can make Oli jealous with that amazing dress...

Shut it -Liza

I turn off my phone as I get into the car with Oli, fiddling my fingers together as I stare out the window awkwardly. I wore a long jacket over my dress to not ruin the surprise for everyone. I also have my shoes and my mask in my bag that I brought.

"You know, that wasn't right for you to do that, break up with me," Oli says, his grip tight on the steering wheel. I shift uncomfortably before we pull up to my house. I quickly get out, leaving the door open.

"Hey Summer and Jen! You have two seconds to get outside before Oli and I drive away!" I shout as loud as I possibly can.

The two quickly run downstairs and get into the car. Well, Jen does. Summer stops and stares at me. "Are you seriously wearing that for homecoming?"

I put a finger over my lips and wink. "Meet me in the bathroom right in front of the gymnasium, we have work to do."

Summer smiles and gets in, as do I. I buckle up and Oli starts the car again, arriving at the school within minutes.

Summer drags me to the bathroom and I pull out my shoes and mask, covering my mouth and giggling softly as I put it on and slip on the heels, making me a good five inches taller.

"You are like, 6 foot now, this isn't fair!" Summer says, pouting. I laugh and pat her shoulder.

"Yeah... well... I got talked into taking Jay to this thing so I had to call it off with Oli for tonight," I say as I focus on the mirror, putting on a pair of red, dangling earrings. "Whatever, at least I can make him super jealous, but now my date is like, several inches shorter than me. He was shorter than me without the heels... this is going to be awkward, but whatever."

Summer shakes her head. "What are we going to do with you?" She then smiles. "I love your hair, by the way. Did Oli's mom do that?"

"Mhmm... She doesn't know about the fact that Oli and I keep entering and exiting the relationship and thinks we are still together." I shrug nonchalantly and take off the trench coat, shoving it into my bag. Summer gapes at me.

"Mom did not agree for that dress... Oh my gosh, Liza!" she says, still gaping. I laugh and pull her out of the bathroom, going to the gymnasium where I toss my bag on the side wall where a few others have their things. Loud music plays as several kids dance around in a sort of crazed fashion. I gaze over several kids heads, trying to locate Jay when I find him, talking to Rebekah and Blake. I head over and smile, earning several gazes from everyone.

"Hi," I say softly, using Jay's shoulder as a table to lean on.

"You look... nice," Jay says.

"We are here as friends and because I agreed to," I tell him, shaking my head. "Everything is strictly business, darling."

Blake shakes his head and Rebekah giggles. "Hey, word is that you've made Homecoming Queen," Blake says. "They also said I made King. It's upsetting that Becky-Anne won't be my queen... and that my queen is now around my height." He gets an elbow to the chest and cringes before laughing at Rebekah. "Love you," he says, kissing her cheek. She smiles and they quickly leave into their own bubble.

I look around and catch Oli staring. I wave to him before talking with Jay near the punch bowl.

"No, do YOU remember that time when Colin-" I start but catch glance of him dancing with Dana nearby and quickly stop laughing, allowing Jay to say whatever.

"Yeah, well, do you remember that time when you dumped Oli and then were an emotional wreck and decided to go out with me instead?" Jay asks.

"It was homecoming only, Jay." I shake my head and.smirk. "You just aren't fabulous enough to have me... I kid, I kid."

I catch eye of Jen, talking with Dana and Colin, but looking severally hurt. I frown and Jay tries to pull me back into conversation about his Swiss Army Knife.

I look around and see Annie and Wesley talking and catch loosely at their conversation, Wes talking discretely about sex and Annie taking it as a blonde would, not catching the hints.

Wonder how that will end.

I look around for Oli again and find him talking with Justin, casting several glances in my direction, his eyes constantly flickering over me, making me smile. I adjust the red mask, sitting precautiously on the edge of my face. I move it further back, the dark make-up I put on making the red stand out oh so well, making myself happy.

"Wanna dance?" Jay asks, pulling my attention from Oli. He probably noticed that I was staring and did something about it.

"Hmm...?" I ask before shaking my head. "I uh... don't dance. I..." Jay pulls at my hand.

"Neither do I but we have to take risks, Liza." He then pulls me onto the dance floor and we are soon swept into the crowd.

The Cutest Couple Is... - Jen's POV

Colin drags Dana away to the dance floor, she waves as her arm is being pulled through groups of people. I smile softly, hanging over by one of the tables. I'm not in the mood to dance right now. I press my hands on the white cloth that is draped on the table behind me. My nails are now painted a silver. I run my hands through my hair. I breathe in jagged breaths as I capture my surroundings. Everything seems like a dream, the lights shining down, the music blasting through the speakers like no tomorrow. It could be a much I would like to wake up from this and I could go to an actual dance, with Eli pulling me away to dance as a slow song starts to play...

It was reality, I wasn't dreaming. The music was controlling my heartbeat, racing in incredible speed as everyone seems to have some enjoyment. I sigh, kicking my heels to the wooden boards that cover the floor. I twist my necklace, trying to imagine what it'll be like afterward. "Did you have a good time?" I could hear my response now, the solemn whisper of yes, even though in my heart, nothing would please me more than someone taking me away from this. I am not ready to dance, all my friends have someone to dance with, which makes me more lonely. I rub my arm softly, closing my eyes. I am so done with tonight. Homecoming. Everything. 

That's when the music stops. It couldn't be the end of the dance but the tiara and crown verify my thoughts. I sigh, wanting to get this over with. Like anyone would vote me for anything. I bite the inside of my cheek as the principal steps on the stage in a plain black dress and a mask to match. I watch as she taps the microphone now placed in front of her. 

"So students," she begins. "The votes have been tallied, so now we will announce Homecoming King, Queen and Cutest Couple." Cheers erupt but as soon as she implies that she's going to speak again the crowd silences. "Homecoming King goes to Blake." Nobody cheers louder than Rebekah, who looks at him and smiles. He winks at her and a couple people whisper "Aw..."

The crowd is silenced once more as she announces, "Homecoming Queen goes to Liza." Applause fills up the place, causing Liza to turn slightly pink. "Yeah um..." She smiles shyly. "Thanks.." She really doesn't want people to notice her with that tiara on but it gleams under the white light, it's almost impossible not to look at it. People's eyes follow her as she makes her way down the steps and disappears into the crowd. 

"Now the cutest couple goes to Jen and Eli." All eyes focus on me as I feel weak. My eyes dart across the room as I slowly make my way across the room. All eyes are focused on me, who has nobody to walk beside, no one to smile back at her when I walk up those freaking steps, no one to tell her that she'll be okay now...

"I would like to thank you all for the votes b-but," I trip on my speech, trying not to feel the humiliation running through me. "He couldn't make it today." A few people mutter sorry, others try to keep in laughs, I am about to walk off stage. Void the votes, there is no way we could ever be that. All of them were wrong. 

I step back onto the wooden floor when I hear someone burst through the doors. Probably someone despreate. But when I notice that he stumbles, trying to run toward me of all people. His grey eyes only look to mine. It couldn't be him, could it? His suit is in prestine condition, but when I notice the roses clutched in his arm, he's the only one that I seemed to care about anymore. He finally reaches me, acting suprised that the roses came into his hand and he looks at the ground and then up to me. 

"I think...these are for you." He places them in my arms, trying to be polite, hoping that I don't yell at him like I did in the hallway. His eyes seem hurt, but I look at him softly. 

"I thought you wouldn't make it." I breathe shakily. "Well I think I did." He smiles as I feel my cheeks getting warm. I look to my side, with Summer having a great time without Justin. I focus back on him and smile again. 

"Why do I keep smiling, like..." I look down and blush. 

"I don't know but I'm glad I could make it tonight. You look..." He eyes my dress and notices the single pearl I tried to hide, he requested it, but I couldn't get rid of it like the earrings. 

"I kept it." I twist my necklace around my index finger. "It reminded me of you. I mean, you requested it right?" I am becoming an awkward mess, I need to do something to keep myself from talking so much, but I think he actually cares about what I'm saying. 

"I like it," he practically beams. 

"Thanks," I feel my face burning, I must be bright red from blushing. "I'm glad you could make it tonight." I finally say as I grab his hand. 

"Me too," He whispers, grasping hold to my hand. He's even turning pink. I run my fingers through my hair as he looks at me, with the lights shining above us, the music now playing in a slower tempo. "Homecoming might have just gotten a tiny bit better." I smile as I kiss him softly. He is surprised, but every one now is watching us, the cutest couple...

And for one, I don't care about the world because this was the night where my dream had just been made into a reality. 

From a Nobody to Someone's Somebody - Summer's POV

The speaker comes on and I look up, taking a stand from my seat on one of the many, many rows of the long, gymnasium benches. "Dang...It...Willa, can you...agh, fine, I'll make the damn announcement, just shut up, thanks." The person speaking clears his throat before continuing, and most of the people stop dancing and give weird and confused looks. "Sincere apologies, ladies and gentleman. I'd like to welcome Liza and Blake, our winners of Homecoming King and Queen, as I forgot earlier, to the stage to do their homecoming dance. This is the slowest song we have, so make it count, I'm not going back on this damn thing again."

Blake raises his eyebrows before Liza skips up the stairs, happily. He follows closely behind before she wraps her hand, placing it on the back of his neck, and he uses both hands to grab her waist. Together they move in sync in a soft, yet elegant dance, although Blake stepping on Liza's feet many times and she prevents herself from getting mad at him, although I can see her cheeks get red every time he does so. They end the dance with a small bow before heading back down the steps, Liza clutching her crown to make sure it didn't go anywhere. Blake scurries off the stage, embarassed, and runs over to Rebekah, as she tries to comfort him. Smiling, she leans her head on his shoulder, and they begin to dance while the music returns.

Eli scoops Jen up into her arms before they're swept into the crowd. This is the happiest I've ever seen her, a grin pasted onto her lips and has stayed there for the past 10 minutes. I can't help but smile warmly, before going over to set my bag next to Liza's. Turning around, I find my way around couples before catching a glimpse of Justin, still talking with Oli, and like expected, the same blonde girl from that day at his side. He smiles at her and I roll my eyes, squeezing my way towards the punch. I grasp the large pitcher and begin pouring it into the red party cup before something bumps into me, causing the juice to go everywhere. I try to grab onto the tablecloth, successfully doing so, but the rest of the fruit punch gets all over me and my dress, and I continue to make my way to the ground.

"Summer, oh my God, I am so so sorry!" Dana says, adjusting her mask onto her face and helping my back up. The minute I stand I can feel the juice rushing down my ankle and I sigh, hearing a few snickers as a group of boys walk by. Great.

"No...It's okay. I mean, it wasn't...a dress to impress anybody anyways..." I say, trying to wipe off the red liquid from my hands and arms. Colin tries to help Dana get off the punch on my dress, but to no avail. It's already soaked. "I apologize, Summer." He says, looking wide-eyed at me. I nod, knowing they really didn't mean it. "N-No. It's fine, really. Go back to dancing. time try not to crash somebody else into the punch bowl. I'm going to go get staff," I say, but really I'm not going to get a janitor. Dana nods politely and hugs me, and I return it, before turning around and heading for the outside double doors. I walk down the steps, and sit down, and I could've watched the sunset, but I was a minute too late. A light purple aligns across the horizon, the rest transforming into a dark navy blue, and small white stars begin to come forth. A bitter taste comes at the back of my mouth and it starts raining again, completely ruining my hair and stretching out the pattern of red, although also fading the color of the juice. I don't bother to go inside or do anything. I can't even enjoy it, so I take off my shoes, that left the heels of my feet

Before my hair could get entirely drenched, something stops the rain from splashing all over me. I sigh, not even caring. "You can leave." I say over the drops of rain hitting the ground loudly. "My night's already bad as it is anyways. I'm a mess. I appreciate it, though." I continue, sighing for about the fifth time. A pair of pants and nice dress shoes appear from the corner of my eye, but I still don't look towards whoever it is. Probably another person having the time of your life. They hand me the umbrella, and I refuse at first, but at a second attempt, I grasp onto it.

"I know how it feels," The voice says. It's the voice I hear too commonly for me to forget.

"You came, you know, with somebody else. Why aren't you dancing with her?" I murmur, my eyes glued and focused on the ground. "Nobody would trade out somebody perfect and without a care... for a mess."

"I would." Justin says, and I sigh. "Right. After you torn me apart, you really would do so...after you brought a girl just so you wouldn't seem alone, yet I could have brought a guy with me. But I didn't, even if it would have looked better and more mature on my part. Yeah, Justin, you really would, since you seem to care about me way more than you care about her. Or yourself." The bitterness coats my tongue, and I know what it is. A warning. But I can't cry...I can't.

"I didn't know what I was thinking. I was angry and confused with you, and-"

"I could tell. You made it pretty clear for yourself." I say, closing my eyes, as I know if I leave them open my eyes won't be able to hold back any tears.

"I'm really sorry."

Something intertwines their fingers with mine and my eyes fly open again, looking at him.

"You're not sorry, Justin...if you were, why would you-" "If I weren't sorry, Summer, do you think I'd offer you an umbrella? Do you think I'd rather have myself get wet then leave you out here to get ill with a cold later? Do you think I'd make an effort to improve your homecoming night?" He says, looking me dead in the eye. I shake my head lightly, looking down at our hands.

"No, but you really hurt me." I admit, and he lets out a deep breath.

"I know I did. That's why I'm back here...give me a chance. I promise you'll love Homecoming afterwards."

"Yeah, Justin. In my now no longer straightened hair, that's let back into large, long spirals that are half damp? And redness on my throbbing toes, and my makeup all smudged and dress basically painted in pink?" I say, laughing. "Why would you want anything like me? I look like I came from the forest."

"Well, if you did, then I'll be your Huntsman. And you'll be my Snow White." He says, and I smile, knowing he's referring to Once Upon a Time.

"Alright. And if you fail...ah, who cares. You probably won't." I giggle, getting up and putting my shoes back on.

"I always win, girl...oh, wait, lemme get you something." He goes back inside and returns with a pair of adorable silver sandals.


"I thought something like this would happen, so I didn't want you to suffer." He says, tossing them to me. Putting them on, I now have my heels in my hands. "What about these?" I ask, and he raises an eyebrow. "Erm. Just put them next to your bag, I doubt somebody would steal them." He says, and I agree. Going back inside, I ignore the chuckles and giggles I get from other people, probably noticing my once turquoise dress coated in a rosy stain. I push the doors back open, placing my mask back onto my face, Justin dragging me by my hand into the middle of the dance floor. I let him do so before he spins me around, stopping in front of me. By coincidence, a slow song comes back on and he winks.

"May I have this dance, Summer?" He asks, and I smile.

"Of course." I say, and I realize that thirty minutes ago I was that girl standing alone in the corner, watching her ex and everybody around her enjoying themselves and having fun. And now, I'm proud and relieved to say I can be just like them.

The Ending of this Beginning, Bae ;) - Liza's POV

Honestly, my feet still hurt. I don't wear heels for a reason and I also don't dance for a reason. I sit on the bleachers that they pulled out and rub my aching feet. Jay had to leave early because he was past his curfew, because that makes sense.

As I put my heels back on, Oli sits next to me, looking upset. "Can you just please explain-"

"Oh shut up," I reply, wrapping my arms around him and kissing him. He leans into the kiss, wrapping his arms around my waist. His lips leave mine and I smile, catching my breath.

"You wore that dress to make me jealous," he says softly.

"And it worked," I reply. He smiles and leans in when an announcement comes over the intercom. "Attention students, Homecoming is over. You have one hour to leave." Several kids start to argue but he doesn't budge. I roll my eyes.

"Are you ready to leave, Oli? After all, we need to drop off my sisters and then go to your house."

"God have mercy on your soul, my queen," he says as he pulls me off the bleachers, pulling me through the gymnasium. We get to his car and wait for Summer and Jen to show up, which takes a lot longer than we assumed, so we ended up kissing a little until a knock came at the window. We quickly pull apart and unlock the doors as Summer and Jen slide into the car. Oli clears his throat and we slowly make our way out of the parking lot.

As we finally make it out, we zoom through the streets before we stop at the old house. I wave to them and Summer looks at me. "You know, you can come back. Mom won't be angry, she misses you," she says softly before closing the door.

I watch as they walk to the door, walking inside. I straighten up, almost tempted to go back to my old room. But then again, I'd be grounded for life. Yeah, mom won't be angry at all.

Oli eyes me. "Are you going with them or staying?" he asks, raising an eyebrow. "Because it will be alright if you leave, we'll still see each other."

I shake my head. "Nah, I'm staying at your place." He eyes me for a moment before putting the car back into motion. As we speed through the streets, I start to feel antsy as we get further and further away. Maybe I should have gone with them...

No, I shouldn't have.

We pull into Oli's driveway and he pulls me out of the car. I sling my bag over my shoulder as we walk up to his house, his arm draped around my shoulders. As we enter his house, his mom is nowhere around, probably asleep. He smiles and pulls me up the stairs. He kisses me, pushing me against his door. I sudden anxiety pulls at my psyche and I push him away. He stares at me, confusion.

"Is... is something wrong?" he asks, feeling saddened.

I shake my head. "I... I'm no ready... I'm sorry..." Before he can pull me into his arms, I go to my room, closing the door and locking it. I lean against the door for a few seconds, running my fingers through my hair. Dear god, I was a mess.

I quickly change into a tank-top and shorts, grabbings wipes and cleaning off my face of the make-up. I pull my hair out of the extravagent hairstyle, it falling it curls. "My hair isn't naturally curly... ugh." I shake my head and sit in front of the vanity that was brought out of Oli's garage. The mirror is cracked down the middle from misuse...

Once removing the jewlery I had on and setting the red mask down on the table, I walk over to the extravagent, queen canopy bed. I curl up under the sheets, turning off the lights as I go. I start to fall asleep, thinking of the sad expression on Oli's face.

A Play Frozen In Time - Third Person, Written by Liza

On stage, a group of the extras stand on stage, looking as if they were pulling ice from the floor, singing to the lyrics of Frozen Heart. As the leave and the lights dim for a quick change of scenery, the sounds of Vuelie, prerecorded by the entire cast, plays through the theatre. It ends and the curtains pull open as Liza, looking much younger than usual, lies on a bed. Summer, also looking much younger, comes over and wakes her up. The two then proceed to play with snow in Elsa's room until Anna is struck with a blast, making Liza cry out.

Blake and Annie, or the parents, run out, holding Summer. The troll king, Pappy, otherwise played by Justin, comes and removes Anna's memories, kissing her forehead before leaving, Blake carrying young Anna out of the room.

A girl giggles up front, none other than Jennifer as she and Eli talk, only to get hushed by the entire audience. The set goes black for a moment before returning, the walls having shifted a little, a wall sitting towards the right of stage with young Elsa sitting by the window. Anna suddenly appears, knocking on the door, pulling Elsa's attention.

"Elsa? Do you wanna build a snowman..." And so the young Anna proceeded to sing before Elsa replied with, "Go away, Anna." Elsa rubbed at her eyes. Anna looked down. "Okay bye..."

Blake and Annie then returned as Elsa freezes the window, a simple use of buttons as Liza presses a button and little shards then appear. Elsa jumps back and Blake gives her the gloves. "Conceal it..."

"Don't feel it," young Elsa said.

"Don't let it show," they both replied.

A slightly older Anna appears and Elsa's room goes dark, probably as they adjust Liza for the very next part where she will be seen, which of course, will be the ending.

"Do you wanna build a snowman? Or ride our bikes around the hall..." Young Anna continued with a beauty until that ended and it was time to say goodbye to Blake and Annie.

"See you in two weeks," she says with a smile, now looking like Summer, just with a red wig on. Liza steps out of her room, looking much older with a saddened look on her face.

"Do you have to go?" she asked, looking up at Blake. He smiled sympathetically and cupped her face. "It's only going to be two weeks. You'll be fine." He then walked off and Elsa looked at Anna. Annie then screams off stage and a person in black comes over to Anna first, telling her the news. Summer looks heart-broken as the man then goes to Elsa's room and tells her. Using another system of pullies, she steps on a certain part of the floor and ice shards appear out of one part of the wall as she then sits against the door.

Anna comes back on stage, dressed in black. She knocks soflty on the door. "Elsa? Please, I know you're in there... people are asking where you've been... They say have courage... and I'm trying to. I'm right out here for you, just let me in." She leans against the door, sliding to the ground. "We only have each other, it's just you and me. What are we gonna do?" She then sniffles and starts to "cry". "Do you wanna build a snowman?" Elsa then starts to cry herself as the stage dims, probably the set up the main hall. The main song for the coronation day plays quietly as everyone then appears and someone says, "3 years later..."

Anna is walking around in her coronation day outfit before seeing the people setting up for the Coronation and gets excited, starting to sing "For the First Time in Forever". As she is running about for one part, Elsa comes in, wearing her Coronation Day outfit. She looks at the audience with fearful eyes as she sings her part. The two then collide to finish off the song.

Anna suddenly bumps into Prince Haans and meets him for the first time, also giving us the first small glimpse of Kristoff and Sven...

Then comes to Coronation. Elsa stands sideways so the audience can see her. Anna, standing slightly off to the side, waves to Prince Haans who waves back as the priest talks in a different language as Elsa holds the sceptor and little bulb. As he finally finishes, she puts the two items down and puts on her gloves as the priest puts her crown on. Everyone then clears as the set goes dim for a mere second before changing to have people dancing. Everyone suddenly stops as the priest announces Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.

The two sisters talk before Anna gets upset and leaves, almost falling but to be saved by Prince Haans. The two then perform Love is an Open Door. They then talk to Elsa about the marriage, inwhich she gets upset. Anna then makes Elsa storm off, only to step on a specific part of the stage and make ice shards appear in a semi-circle around her.

"Elsa?" Anna asks as Elsa then runs off stage. It dims with Anna also running off stage after Elsa, leaving Prince Haans, portrayed by Erlend, and a lot of extras.

It then dims for a moment before the set changes to that of a snowy background as Elsa walks across stage, singing Let it Go before creating the beginnings of her castle, which appear on the background, probably set to do that.

It then switches to see Anna trudging through snow before she meets Kristoff, a kind stranger who accepts her request to bring her to the North Mountain. On the way, they encounter a pack of wolves, which leads to the destruction of Kristoff's sled and meet Olaf, played by Cas. They then leave and the background switches to Elsa's castle. Anna walks in with Olaf and talks about how amazing the castle was before Olaf leaves and Elsa comes in.

The two sisters then proceed to sing For the First Time In Forever, only the Reprise. It ends with Elsa hitting Anna in the heart with her ice powers and Kristoff coming, taking Anna away from her. Then the school's prop of Marshmellow comes out and tries to attack them, Elsa running off stage as the prop stands on stage, moving as if it were real. Anna, Kristoff and Olaf run off stage and the stage goes black.

The lights come back on as Kristoff, Sven, Olaf and Anna walk into a room of "rocks". The rocks then come to life and proceed to the song Fixer Upper. It ends with Anna collapsing into Kristoff's arms, which ends with Pappy saying that Anna will freeze if she does not get True Love's kiss. Kristoff takes her back to the castle and the set switches once more to Elsa, only she is under attack by Haan's and his men.

"Just stay away, please!" Elsa cries.

The men do not listen and Elsa proceeds to nearly kill them, but Haans stops them. Then, a chandelier drops from the ceiling, making Elsa black out and they drag her back to the castle. The set dims and the theatre lightens for intermission. Everyone rejoins again and it sets up for the last few scenes, going to the castle that is now frozen. Kristoff drops off Anna and walks away with Sven and Olaf, leaving Anna and Haans. Haans almost kisses her but admits to not caring for her and walks out of the room before killing all sources of warmth and locking the door. The stage dims once more and lightens up to show Elsa breaking out of her encagement and running onto the frozen tundra, Haans following to kill her. As always, the set dims and returns to see Olaf helping Anna out of the room by the window and they go to the tundra, where Kristoff and Sven are searching for Anna, a smoke machine playing onto the scene as Anna trips around, only to find Haans about to kill Elsa, who cries as she hears Anna is dead. Kristoff is about to reach Anna but Anna goes and saves her sister, freezing herself in the process.

"Anna!" Elsa cries as she jumps to her feet, hugging her frozen sister. She cries as Olaf and Kristoff walk over, looking crestfallen. Anna then unfreezes and hugs her sister. Kristoff then claps and hugs Anna as Elsa realizes how to unfreeze Arendelle. The set dims and shows it later. Anna kisses Kristoff and Elsa then skate with Anna. The curtains fall and everyone stands up, clapping. The curtains open again and everyone comes and bows before the musical ends. Everyone claps again before leaving.

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