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  • I was born on December 8
  • My occupation is being a student who loves dogs
  • I am the nap queen
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    I really tried to stay away from making this blog, but I felt like I had it coming sooner or later, and unfortunately, in this case, it was rather sooner.

    Hey everyone.

    If you couldn't tell by anything I've previously written, well, this is indeed a typical...leaving blog.

    There has been many times where I've said I'd leave and a few months later I'd return because I had nothing better to do and leaving everyone here felt like a mistake, but this time, I don't think I'll be coming back to stay.

    I'll visit a few times if I get the time, honestly, but for now...well...this is my leaving blog for you all.

    Let's start off by saying I have been debating on whether or not I should just slowly go away and disappear and leave everyone curious as to whe…

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  • Blissfully Mine

    Weeeeeee. Another games that I probably won't finish but ya know what? I'm going to try and make an effort this time.

    There will not be any reapings as I feel like they take a hella lot of time, nor will there be Train Rides since the Capitol district is included. There will also not be any Chariot Rides, although there will be Interviews, Group Training and Private Training before the Games are started.

    Let's get on with this. No prologues, no introduction, but just a regular games with a few twists that won't be revealed until later on. :3

    1. Stay active. Cannot stress how important this is, since literally every games I have hosted have been filled with people who aren't even active on the wiki and they barely even keep up with this. So ye…

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  • Blissfully Mine

    Two Years

    November 20, 2014 by Blissfully Mine

    Wow, okay. This is gonna be emotion-filled and pretty long, so read this when you have time. Also, don’t get upset if you weren’t mentioned in any paragraph if I don’t know you or haven’t talked for more than one time in a period of two years, thanks.

    November 18th, 2012.

    Literally, I wish I could tell you what was going through my mind on this date, but I can’t, honestly, since I hardly remember. I was just that girl who was obsessed with The Hunger Games and wanted somewhere that wasn’t really roleplaying, but still be able to have a tribute to participate in. I searched lots and lots of websites, literally I swear I searched hundreds, until I found this site called “The Hunger Games Wiki”.

    Before I joined I had no clue of what a wiki was, n…

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  • Blissfully Mine

    Okay, apologies everybody, but I don't think I'm going to go on with my rp sequel. It was fun while it lasted, but I'm just brain-dead of what will happen after the battle, since I was trying to avoid tying the Capitol into it but that was practically impossible. Instead, I will be making this user story.

    Before I continue, no, it is not a role-play. I will be writing in different people's point of views, most will probably be mine, but everybody will have a chance of at least one or two POVs by the end, depending on how many people sign up. That number may vary if I get a lot, so please don't get upset if you aren't lucky enough to have more POVs than others. I'm not using since that would be unfair, so I'm going to base it off …

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  • Blissfully Mine

    Welcome, Welcome to the Sequel!

    You may recognize this blog from my previous one, "Summer's New New User Games". Here, users will be free to choose what they want to do, but it all comes with a price...




    Role: (Main Character, Revived, New Character)


    Main Character roles only apply to those who survived from the previous Games. Revived can mean you made yourself come back to life, and New Characters apply to those who are new to the rp blog, or even those who are alive but want siblings or friends. You must sign-up and get permission from me before you roleplay.

    Everybody is now outside of the arena, met by a large field and a storm is approaching...

    Summer - Age 15 - Female - Revived - Combat/Crossbow

    Jen - Age 13 - Femal…

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