Weeeeeee. Another games that I probably won't finish but ya know what? I'm going to try and make an effort this time.

There will not be any reapings as I feel like they take a hella lot of time, nor will there be Train Rides since the Capitol district is included. There will also not be any Chariot Rides, although there will be Interviews, Group Training and Private Training before the Games are started.

Let's get on with this. No prologues, no introduction, but just a regular games with a few twists that won't be revealed until later on. :3


1. Stay active. Cannot stress how important this is, since literally every games I have hosted have been filled with people who aren't even active on the wiki and they barely even keep up with this. So yes, please stay active with this if you want these games to be finished.

2. Don't send too much advice and know that plans will most likely fail or not go the way you expected it to. I can be quite evil when it comes to these things, js.

3. Follow the template and feel free to add onto it for better understanding of the tribute!

4. Don't get upset when your tribute dies. It's immature and really odd because you obviously know that there will be only one victor.

5. Not a rule, but there won't be any escapees or extra victors, btw.

6. Tribute limit is three tributes per person.

7. Reservations last 48 hours, or two days.

8. Tributes that are more detailed than others will have a better chance at winning. Before you get upset, I do know that some just aren't really into writing or just don't know how to improve it, and that's okay. I just want to see some effort.

9. Support your tributes! Sponsoring, giving advice or just cheering them on in general may help me know that you're active and hopeful, which will give your tributes a better chance at surviving.

10. No troll tributes, nor tributes that are seemingly overpowered, such as physco ones.

11. No Wikia Contributors.

12. If you read all of this, congratulations and thank you! Comment 'Bad Blood' somewhere in your comment so I know you're taking this seriously and not trying to be the first to get a spot. If you do so, your tribute shall be accepted without me having to comment a reminder. :3

13. Don't fight in the comments and don't do it in discreet. If you don't know what that means, this mainly means don't send your tribute advice regarding another mentor's plan. If they send their tribute to kill yours, don't reply with "*insert tribute name here* is planning on killing you. Fight back and kill them" or something like that. You never know whether or not their plan will fail, but if you do attempt to avoid it in a comment, it will cause your tribute to get killed irregardless.

14. First come, first serve! No reservations will be done in chat or on my talk page. They absolutely must be done in the comments, no exceptions.

Tribute Template

Italics w/ star = Optional





Appearance: (Lunaii AND Real Life to be accepted.)


Weapon(s): Maximum of three!


Strengths: Maximum of three, and must have something to deal with physical skill.

Weaknesses: Maximum of three, and must have something to deal with physical skill.

*Fears: (Be careful, as some fears may affect your tribute further into the games.)


*Extra: (Possible love interests/crushes, things the tribute likes or dislikes, allergies, etc.)



Name Gender District Age Weapon(s) Owner
Allen Jagged Male Cap 14 Mace, Machete Swimmerboy7701
Amity Grace Female Cap 15 Trident, Bow Sambaroses
Marth Obscura Male 1 17 Sword, Dagger Icanhasnofriends
Jewel Blare Female 1 17 Knife, Spear TheDarkAssasin1155
Thamos Keeper Male 2 18 Longsword CTOADURN
Caspin Shimmer Female 2 15 Hatchet, Dagger Pippycat
Yuri Harris Male 3 15 Sickle, Traps YourFavoriteSalmon
Desiree Anders Female 3 16 Intelligence, Daggers Rainfacestar
Severus Seaclan Male 4 18 Sword, Trident YourFavoriteSalmon
Juliet Aphrodite Female 4 16 Trident, Throwing Axes Sambaroses
Billie Green Male 5 14 Bow, Knife Owen1998
Bluebella Kidd Female 5 16 Knives, Traps CTOADURN
Sam Kelly Male 6 16 Intelligence, Bow Owen1998
Winter Glacius Female 6 15 Trident, Throwing Knives YourFavoriteSalmon
Hawthorne Willows Male 7 16 Axes, Throwing Knives Sambaroses
Taylor Thomas Female 7 16 Axe, Throwing Knives Chocolate mints08
Leon Silicus Male 8 16 Knife, Machete TheDarkAssasin1155
Helena Liles Female 8 14 Spear, Twin Swords Pippycat
Tom Webster Male 9 13 Traps Owen1998
Arianne Lands Female 9 16 Knife, Cleaver CTOADURN
Sammy Barn Male 10 16 Club TheDarkAssasin1155
Camiren Paisley Female 10 17 Dagger, Short Sword Summer bee 13
Thesil Jacobs Male 11 17 Throwing Knives, Tomahawk Swimmerboy7701
Aliyah Woods Female 11 14 Axe, Knives 1Echo2
Male 12
Reserved Female 12 PumPumPumpkin:3
Julian Veritas Male 13 15 Machete, Bow Pippycat
Female 13
Bruno Tarckle Male 14 18 Sword, Sickle Summer bee 13
Tammy Mason Female 14 17 Bow, Combat Misytmolla
Male 15
Clara Willows Female 15 15 Hatchet, Bow Summer bee 13


Will be filled once all tributes are submitted! :3

Tribute Gallery (Real Life)

Tribute Gallery (Lunaii)

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