Okayy. So since I've been sucking pretty bad at continuing with other games, I'm just going to put these "out there", since I found that many tributes are rather less..detailed. And un-detailed tributes, tbh, are very hard to describe where the owner/user is saying "No! I don't like how you made them! Do this, and that, blahh blahh". So this time, I'ma get straight into details. Don't worry bbys, I still love all of you c:


1. No spamming. No advertising. Want somebody to come to your games? Please don't spam it here.. it's rather irritating.

2. Make those tributes detailed! In these games, I will either accept or decline. So, not following the template or making it confusing is an example of what will be declined. I do accept links, not profiles.

3. If you're reading this, comment "Summahisamazingg."

4. Don't complain if you die, this means for the wiki itself. If your tribute dies here, please don't run up on chat to complain to me there. It's annoying and immature.

5. Post advice often. If you're not an active user on the wiki or know you won't be able to keep up in general, please do not post. It takes up spots other users that have detailed tributes and will stay with the games would have taken.

6. No fake tributes, including "Barbie", "Ken", or any other fictional character from a TV Show or books in general. Please no "siblings or relatives" to Katniss Everdeen or any other victors/tributes from the original series. So just to make sure you guys were reading all of this..Comment "Llamas."

7. Please, no reservations. It's too much now. Lots of people reserve and leave it for daysss on end, even after I gave them the amount of time they had to submit it. So I'm gonna tone down the kindness and just post your tributes ;-;

8. These rules are getting pretty long so last but not least have tons of fun! I promise in these games I will finish all the reapings if you follow those easy Rules ^^ :3 Haha, and to make sure you read all the way, do not comment anything in rule 6. Have fun and Good luck <3

Tribute Template (Everything Required)







Top Three Weapons and How Skilled:

Strengths: (decide between Agility, Stealth, Speed, Strength, Climbing, Swimming, Accuracy, Combat.)

Weaknesses: (decide between Agility, Stealth, Speed, Strength, Climbing, Swimming, Accuracy, Combat.)




Tribute Chart

Name District Gender Age Weapons Alliance User
Bronze Lucrian  1 M 17 Spear, Kukri Careers YourFavoriteSalmon
Viola Galdy 1 F 17 Throwing Axes, Knives or Slingshot. Careers Kaeghan
Ajax "Hercules" Emerson  2 M 17 Sword, Spear. Weaker tributes. WiressFan21
Alana Thatch 2 F 16 Throwing Knives, Dagger, Axe. Careers TheMagicalMockingJay
Electro Matrimine 3 M 17 Brass Knuckles Alone Toast
Electra Lei 3 F 16 Throwing Knives, Wire, Snares. Alone TheMagicalMockingJay
Allan Pisces 4 M 14 Fishing Hook Careers Toast
Christina Mallera 4 F 16 Trident, Knives, Net. Careers Liza
Felix 5 M 14 Axe, Bow. Anybody Jay
Beemo Xra 5 F 14 Spears and Traps. Anybody Bekah
Buck Rockwell  6 M 16 Spear, Sword, Rock. Careers YourFavoriteSalmon
Thalia Wulf  6 F 15 Throwing Axe, dagger, sickle. Anti-Careers YourFavoriteSalmon
Yorick Omen 7 M 17 Cleaver, Pickaxe Nobody  PumPumPumpkin :3
Bee Clio 7 F 14 Axe, Throwing Knives, Spear. Alone, maybe weaker tributes. Pippycat
Twix Juniper 8 M 14 Throwing shruikens, twin sai swords. Five other tributes; a group. PumPumPumpkin :3
Spidey Willow 8 F 18 Poison Careers Lucy
Nick Maclachlan 9 M 14 Spear, Bow. Anti-Careers AwesomeAidan
Amor Rune 9 F 13 Sickle, Throwing Axe. Nobody WiressFan21
Star Sunkin 10 M 14 Blowgun, Bow. His sister, maybe Careers. Bekah
Luna Sunkin 10 F 15 Spear, Throwing Knives Her brother, any others. Bekah
Crimson Typhoon 11 M 14 Bow & Arrow, Combat, Sword. Anybody AwesomeAidan
Nikhita Akshaya 11 F 15 Bow, Spear. Anti-Careers Toast
Nitro Neutren 12 M 16 Pickaxe Anybody Kaeghan
Lyra Pluto  12 F 15 Bow & Arrows, Throwing Knives. District Partner, Weaker tributes. WiressFan21



Bronze Lucrian(1), Viola Galdy(1), Alana Thatch(2), Allan Pisces(4), Christina Mallera(4), Buck Rockwell(6), Spidey Willow(8).


Thalia Wulf(6), Nick Maclachlan(9), Nikhita Akshaya(11).

10 Alliance:

Star Sunkin(10), Luna Sunkin(10).


Electro Matrimime(3), Felix(6), Beemo Xra(5), Yorick Omen(7), Bee Clio(7), Twix Juniper(8), Amor Rune(9), Crimson Typhoon(11).

3 and 12 Alliance:

Electra Lei(3), Nitro Neutren(12), Lyra Pluto(12), 

Italics means the tribute is requesting alliance with that group.

Bold is the type of Alliance, example; Careers.


The president stared at the black rose that lied in front of her, her eyes faint but cold. She snickered evilly, and didn't seem to be startled when the door swung open. "Dalia," he began. "You're still going to continue those games? Both of us know how much of a waste of time it'll be." her brother opposed. "How dare you come in like that?" she answered back, furrowing her eyebrows. He rolled his eyes. "Shut up, Darius. Obviously. What else am I going to do? The year's time has come and it's finally my chance, don't you dare demean me," she hissed. Her hands clamped into fists as she glared at him, shooting daggers. "All will remain but one. And I rule Panem, unlike you, such a disgrace to the family. I'd rather have you killed than for some idiot of a sibling ruin my plans that I have thought about for so many years." Darius nodded reluctantly. "Fine. What else is there to do? Didn't you say you were going to do something?" he mumbled, tracing his fingers over the manilla files that were sandwiched in his coarse hands. She looked out of the open window as she chuckled, tapping her black nails against the desk. "I'm going to make these Hunger Games something that none of Panem will forget, of course. This year's tributes will sure be in for a real treat." she told Darius triumphantly. "Forget about the old games. This year, the tributes will be begging themselves to stay sane. A series of challenges, I guess you could say, yes? It's all about torment and torture, their shrieks will surely entertain the Capitol audience," she smiled, her white teeth abstracting from the dark, purple lipstick that stuck to her lips. Her poor sense of fashion had disgusted her brother, who grimaced.

"What if it's not a good idea. What if they rebel?" Darius asked, almost not even audible. "You worry too much, you're making me sick. Stop with the 'What if's' and actually think with the dumb brain of yours. They won't be able to rebel; they couldn't. With the power in my hands, they'd never dare to. It wouldn't happen, and it's a perfect idea. Now get out of my office if you're going to keep disagreeing with me!" she slammed her fist against the table, Darius jumping at the sound. "Heck, you are arrogant and ignorant! Have you ever thought of peace for once in your twisted life?" he yelled back, irritated. Her eyes flickered with venom as she furiously wrapped her fingers around his delicate neck. "For your information, no I don't. My job is not to find peace; it is to find power. All these years, you clung to me for attention, didn't you?" she spat at him reluctantly, anger bubbling under her skin. "Here's even more attention, since you have mine now." she threatened, his blood curling under his skin. She took the sharp knife, hidden under her black gown, and plunged it into his neck.

The knife pierced his skin, making a large gash, ending his life instantly. Blood splattered everywhere as she wiped the crimson liquid off of her forehead. Taking some of his blood on her scrawny fingers, she started to paint words onto the white wall in her room, later wiping the remaining blood on her fingers off on his suit, and taking one last glance of her now deceased brother. She smirked before walking out of the room, the words on the wall beginning to run.

"Play with fire, you get burned."


Bronze Lucrian - District 1

"BRONZE!" I hear my mom screech, and I groan. "Coming," I reply with a yawn, rolling my eyes as I take some fancy clothes from my closet and head over to the bathroom to wash up. Before that, though, I realize the dogtag hanging ontop of one of our old family pictures. I smile, walking over to it, pulling it off while I stare closely at the picture. It was a picture of me and my dad, I was only about 5 or 6 at the time. I had the same tag around my neck, grinning from ear-to-ear. Setting it back down, I turn around and head over.

Combing my blonde hair thoroughly, I jump at my mother's voice, demanding me to get downstairs. I return it to it's place on the counter and rush down, my jaw dropping at the amount of food they gave me. "I didn't know it'd be a feast," I mutter under my breath, my mouth watering. My dad passes the orange juice and I pour it into the glass before gulping it happily. "Somebody's hungry," My father comments. "Duh. Today's the big day." I reply, shrugging and he looks up from his newspaper. "Bronze y-" "I'll be safe mom, trust me. I promise I'll make it home. I've been training ever since," I reply, cutting her off and she and my dad exchange looks. Stuffing a small slice from one of the 5 pancakes in my mouth, I pour some more syrup over the rest and chew it eagerly. "Be careful, boy," I hear my dad say, and I nod. I chew slowly some bacon and eggs, afterwards the rest of my leftover pancakes. After eating, my dad checks his watch. "Reapings, now," He tells me, and I get up, walking out of the door. 

I feel a warm pair of hands cover my eyes and I laugh. "Hey Trinity," I say, pulling them off of my face and looking back to her. "Hey handsome," she whispers, smiling. "So..Are you going to volunteer?" Trinity asks, looking up at me. "Well, I've been thinking about it," I reply, and she laughs once more as I pull her close. We get our fingers pricked and set off to the side before we go our seperate ways. "Best of luck." She says softly, hugging me. "Don't think I'm gonna need it, babe," I say, heading over to the 17-year-old males section. 

Then the snobby escort appears, wearing some ridiculous outfit. She has a red dress, with some sort of wacky yellow and blue polka-dotted pattern in the back. "Well, hello, fairy godmother." I mutter and I recieve a few laughs from some other guys around me. Hearing the retort, she shoots a glare at me and I smirk in reply. "Welcome, Welcome to The Games!" The woman announces and everybody cheers. "Anyways, let's begin with the games!" she cheers, clapping as the audience roars in delight. "Let's start with the ladies first," she adds, twiddling her scrawny fingers in the raffle bowl before slipping out a thin, white sheet of paper which will decide the fate of a new female tribute. I'd love to see this. Probably an easy kill. "Viola Galdy!" she calls, motioning for the girl to come up. The girl has black, curly locks and nice grey eyes. I look over to my right while I see Trinity shooting daggers at me. Quickly averting my eyes back to the mentor, I glance as the girl keeps a straight face, observing the cameras; her eyes fixed on them. She looks strong, but I'm pretty confident I can, with a flick of my wrists, snap her neck in only half a second. I don't even realize that the mentor is talking until I hear a male name. "I VOLUNTEER!" I yell with pride, along with some others. She quickly takes a look at all of us, and I just push through the crowd swiftly, taking the microphone out of the mentor's hands and giving a smile. "My name is Bronze Lucrian, and I will be this year's victor!" I say, a determined tone in my voice, and I hear a whole bunch of howling as a grin grows and comes upon my face.

"You wish," I hear a somebody hiss at me, and my head snaps to the girl beside me. Viola. "Don't think you're all that. I'd kill you with no problem." She says, shrugging. No. She didn't just say that. "I don't think you know who you're messing with, drama queen. So stick to the pink lipgloss, alright?" I reply sharply, and Viola(1) rolls her eyes.

I can't wait to see how the train ride goes..

Alana Thatch - District 2

I hear a dull knock on my door, which awakes me from my perfect dream. Sighing, I unlock it to find my father, furious, standing before me. "Do you know what day it is?" He asks, sternly, and I roll my eyes. "Reapings day, dad. And no, I don't want to volunteer, for the 100th time." I push past him but he blocks my way. "You are going to volunteer, Alana." He mutters with disapproval, his hot breath brushing against my skin and I furrow my eyebrows. "Dad! I don't care if you're the mayor of this district, I'm still not going to volunteer!" I snap back, and his face turns as red as beet. "I bet if mom were here you wouldn't have even mentioned this." I say under my breath with apathy, turning and slamming my door shut as I get dressed.

I decide to pick a blue blouse, the sleeves stopping at my shoulder. I pick a pair of denim jeans, which stop at my shins, since I was never into any girly appeal. Heading over to the bathroom, I splash some cold water on my face to freshen up a bit. I then brush out my short hair, which the ends seemed to not have been cut in ages, and take my locket out of my pocket. I open up the small, teensy tiny handle and take a look at my mother. She was so beautiful..if only she was alive. Now I'm stuck with my parsiminious father, who treats me like crap. I ignore the thoughts, though, quickly snapping it shut as tears threaten to spill from my eyes. I swiftly open up the door and head outside where I will begin to make breakfast.

I manage to stir up some bacon and eggs for myself. I make some pancakes, turkey and some eggs and bacon for my dad. Setting two plates down, one for me and him, I sit down in front of him reluctantly. "Alana, I'm sorry for being too stubborn earlier." He says softly, and I give no reply. "But please, you do know if you win these games you could live in would make your future way brighter than, to be honest with you, what we have now. You'd live in the Victor's Village, for God's sake! You don't want any of that?" He questions, and I shrug. Chewing down some more bacon, he crosses his arms. I take the time to think over. I guess it would be nice. I wouldn't have to deal with my dad or anything at all..I'd finally be free without any problems, or working in the district, especially with this uptight man I call my 'dad'. Plus, I'll get to experience the thrill..thrill of blood. "Ala-" "Fine! I'll go! I'll volunteer." I cut him off, and he raises his eyebrows in amazement, before smiling. Why is he smiling? Does he not know I could die out there? "Good. Anyways, it's time to go." He says, wiping his mouth with a napkin as he glances at his watch. I nod, getting up from the table and walking outside.

"Ahh! Welcome, District 2!" The escort announces, grinning from ear to ear. She is hideous, I have to shield my eyes. She's wearing a neon top - yellow, blue and orange. As for the bottoms, she's wearing flared grey leggings, which stop about 3 inches above her ankles. And her wig is electric red, along with makeup, where as she smeared purple lipstick all over. I honestly don't know where she got her hands on makeup, but she has a horrible stylist. "Welcome to the games! This year, we've been informed of a new twist! I can't wait to find out, how about you!?" she squeals, and the crowd replies with a whole bunch of chaotic screams. "Wonderful! Let's get on to finding out our first female tribute." She announces, and I prepare..I have to volunteer. I have to get my head in the game. I don't want to..but dad does. I have to do it for him, and to get away from the district. She begins to pick out a slip, but I stop her before she can even read the name. "I VOLUNTEER!" I screech. The crowd gasps as I keep a nice face. No smiling; just bravery. Clenching my hands into fists, she combs her scrawny fingers through that mass of a wig while I make my way on stage. "What's your name, hun?" She hands over the microphone, and I speak explicitly. "My name is Alana Thatch." I speak, and everyone claps. "Well! Now for the boys!" The escort pulls out a name. "Ajax Emerson!" She announces, and a boy, around my age, comes up. I guess he sorta lookis like your typical career, maybe even a little scary. I don't pay attention until I see what seems to be an older couple, like grandparents, fall to the ground in shock. They must be related to him. No emotion shows on his face, however, but his eyes like stone and he watches them. "This year's tributes - Alana Thatch and Ajax Emerson!" The escort says, and somehow, ever since that incident, everything quiets down. Awkward.

I turn to Ajax(2), and he just.. looks at me. "Good luck, I guess." I murmur, and he gives a small nod, but his eyes seem to be elsewhere, as if he was thinking of something.

Electro Matrimime - District 3

No. They couldn't have. Everybody..even Greyson and my family. I miss them so much, words can't even explain. I'm seriously done with this crappy and leery Capitol. 

Pulling out some clothes from my dresser, I fiddle around with a stray thread hanging from my fragile bedsheets. I pull the plaid shirt over my head, wincing painfully as I accidentally brush the fabric on my hair, and look outside of the small, glass window. Nothing but the trees, which surround this place, swaying side to side without a care from the small gust of wind that still remained from last night. Besides that, I see about two squirrels, following eachother around. I show no happiness or emotion, just resentment. I remember my better days like that; being so, and so free. Changing into the rest of my clothes, I unlock the door, and I slide out. I go to the bathroom to freshen up, washing my face with cold water and looking at myself, grimacing. I remember how I used to be. Now, they have turned me into some monster of a boy, the complete opposite of how in my earlier days I used to look. Letting the images escape my mind, however, I shut off the light and go for the kitchen.

On my plate, I put some bread, random meat and water. I make the bread and meat into a sandwich, eating it gracefully but trying not to let the thoughts come in, which have been haunting me for days on end. I sip a small amount of the water, and return to biting into my food. It wasn't much, but I really didn't care. Being near the edge of the district has caused me not to interact with anyone; not being able to get too close as I did before, along with not having the wealthiest either. I don't care, though. I go over to the bathroom once more and attempt to try and at least brush out the ends of my tangled, matted hair. I quickly pick up the brush, and pull down gently on my ends. An ear-piercing scream escapes my throat and I fall back, tears already falling out of my eyes. Biting my bottom lip to hold back the pain, I place down the brush and get out of the bathroom, preparing to attend the reapings.

I walk awkwardly through the bustling crowd of people before some girl bumps into me. We both fall to the floor, and I rub my temples. "What's your problem?" I upbraid her, ignoring the throbbing in my head. She scurries away and I roll my eyes. "Idiot," I mutter, getting up from the concrete, which scraped my knee in the process, and proceed to get my finger pricked.

The woman gives me a bored look before injecting the needle into my pointer finger. It gives a small sensation and I head over to my section, watching the escort carefully. She's dressed pretty, nice, silky blonde hair and her makeup actually looks decent, for once, unlike the other Capitol maniacs. "District 3, A pleasure to be here with you all!" She announces, and there's no reply. A few more people come before it seems as if the whole crowd is filled up with everyone. "Wonderful! Everyone's here! We shall now get started." She nods eagerly, her heels clacking softly against the tile on the stage as she goes over to the girls' bowl. My eyes scan her fingers and she takes a slip, almost instantly telling the name. "Electra Lei!" She says, proudly, motioning for the female to come up. The same girl I bumped into earlier takes the stand, tapping her foot and her eyes twitch with fear. Nerd. "Now for the boys! Let's hope they're powerful!" The escort says half-heartedly, strutting over to the opposite bowl. Yay. Another person from the district to die with no recognition. "Electro Matrimime!" My heart skips a beat at the voice. I feel like fainting, but I don't. I'm a survivor; I can't give up. I can survive again, right? "Electro! Please come up!" She says through her gritted teeth, and I slowly fit and walk through the audience. Nothing but the sound of doves chirping above breaks the silence, but nothing more. I can hear Electra tapping her feet, and I look downwards. Keep your eyes on the floor; show no sentiment of sadness or anger. "Well..This year's - hopefully - courageous and bravest tributes!" She applauds, but we recieve nothing from the still clutter of the people.

Christina Mallera - District 4

It's my mom and brother. They survived. My father's head pops up, and I let out a sigh of relief. The shark nearly killed us all, but we all escaped safely.'s water. A large rush of loud, disturbing water. My eyes widen at the sight, the massive, immense wave heading in my direction. Then the thought instantly comes to my mind - tsunami. "RUN!" I yell, tears pouring from my eyes. My feet take action, however, running and running across the sand, away from my family. "SOMEONE HELP!" I shout, but to recieve no answer. I turn around once more, taking a look at my family, who are frozen, while the wave is inching closer. The last thing I see is my brother, mother and father being engulfed by the water. Soon enough, no matter how hard my feet pound the ground, it captures me too, and I'm met with darkness.

I wake up, sweating. The nightmare.. I hear my heart pumping through my ears. I sigh, realization hitting me and I notice it was just a dream, nothing more. I brush my fingers through my hair, thinking of how foolish it was for that to really happen in the district, and turn to the window. My eyes see what lies behind the window, but I can't find anything of interest. I squint them to see a better look, but nothing except the bright sunlight and the sky - a mixture of grey and blue. Another day with this life of mine, having nobody but my grandmother, the last person I have left. "Christina, time to get up." She says from the outside of my door, and I nod. Today's reaping day, which I dread. I drag myself out of bed to put on some clothes. I'm not going to get fancy, so I put on a turqouise dress that looks modest enough for grandmother to accept. Heading over to the bathroom, I decide to freshen up. I wet my hair a bit, brushing out the tangles and putting it into a neat ponytail, and rinse off my face. I don't really care about how fresh or fine I look, just an appearance that's enough for people to see I don't live on the streets. I get out the bathroom and head to the kitchen. My grandmother fries a soft fish I had caught a few days ago. Red snapper. She also cooks me eggs and milk, and I eat them quietly. "Christina, dear, are you feeling okay?" She questions, and I nod. "Just tired," I reply, eating the rest of the small portion of food I recieved, and pushing the plate aside. "Here, have some tea," She offers, lifting up the teapot, but I quickly disagree. "Let me pour it." I reply, stiffly, taking it from my hand and pouring it into one of the chinaware teacups. I then let the liquid spill into another teacup, and pass it over to my grandmother. I feared she would get hurt, and I didn't really want her to, being so old and frail. "Thank you sweetheart." She says softly, and I leave no reply besides letting the warm tea soothe my throat.

We walk to the reapings, the busy streets crowded with people, and my grandmother follows behind. I make my way to get my finger pricked, and the woman does so. "Maybe you should smile. It's not like you're the only one to volunteer." She mutters, and I, before proceeding, stop in place. "Maybe you should mind your business, eh? Not everybody here is blood-thirsty, and I'm not like the other stuck-up Careers." I snap back, sternly, turning on my heel and walking to my section. This time, it's a male escort. He's dressed nicely, a nice suit, and actually looks different than those shocking-pink wigs he used to flatten on his head. "District 4! Let's begin the reapings!" He says, grinning, and the last bit of people finally care to come late. "Okay! Ladies first!" He smiles, heading over to the bowl. Whether it's me or not, I don't give a crap. My family died and I have almost nothing left.

"Christina Mallera!" He says, and I let out a sigh. I have to prove these games wrong. No matter how much it takes..I have to do it. For my family. For everything that still remains in ruins for me. I'm taken aback by how nobody comes to volunteer, since usually it's a competition of fake citizens who get to the past few. I take my place on the stage, staring out into the distance and cameras, observing each and every person in the crowd. I see my grandmother, where tears drip from her eyes. I give her a nod. 'Stay strong' I mouth to her. Alright, now's the time. Enough of being shy. I need to show my inner self and how I came here to reach victory and get away from my past. "Allan Pisces!" He says, and another boy comes up. I guess he could pass for any other young, weak boy from District 4. He takes place besides me and glares at me. "Wow, I'm so scared," I say under my breath sarcastically, rolling my eyes. "Anyways, this year's tributes! Christina Mallera and Allan Pisces!"

We're guided to the train, and I stare straight ahead. Here's for District 4, which ruined my entire life and shattered me. But let's leave that behind. It's game time.

Felix - District 5

I snicker as a loud screech escapes from Vincent's throat, the pieces of glass from what was once a vase shattering in front of him. "I..WILL KILL YOU!" He yells, pointing his bony finger at me and I run to his room. Grabbing some pants and a plaid shirt, I run back to the bathroom and pull it over my head. I slip the pants on, putting on some old black shoes and run my fingers through my tangled hair. I hear him slamming his body against the door, pounding his fists. I look around for an escape other than going through my brother, and find the window to be slightly cracked. Getting out, the cold air brushes against my face, sending a shiver down my spine. I escape in one piece, though, and take my half-eaten pork slice from last night and munch on it happily, referring back to the 'incident' earlier.

I get to the center of the district, having no idea about Vincent. I stumble through the passing people and wait in line for my finger to get pricked. A girl comes up, her hair slightly messy, but she's pretty. "I'm Beemo," She introduces herself, and I give a smile that I'm pretty sure wasn't attractive. I go along, though, since it would be ncie to have a friend. "Vincent." I answer, and she beams shyly. I take the chance, though, to hop in front of her, the needle pricking my finger. "Hey!" She calls, but I'm already running for my spot next to the rest of the boys my age, laughing loudly to which people return it with weird looks.

"Welcome there, District 5!" The escort announces. "Today will be the day where two very lucky tributes will be selected for the annual games!" She scratches her eyebrow before bringing the microphone back up to her mouth. "And, through one of the president's servants, these games will be dif-" She's cut off as a bullet drives through her skull, and her lifeless body falls off of the stage. I giggle. Gasps take over and so do shrieks, but Peacekeepers do the best they can to cover up the scene in the matter of seconds. Dang. "Pardon the interruption," A female says. "I, although a past escort for District 5, will take over. This one was um..just an accident, and we really..ah..let's continue!" She adds, before stalking her way over to the female's bowl. She calls out a name. "Beemo Xra!" Wait, wasn't she the girl who I met and skipped in line?  She said her name was Beemo, but..

Yup. The same girl with blue hair slowly drags her feet up to the stage, and the new 'escort' pats her on the head. "Don't be sad!" She says calmly, but I don't think she was sad. I'm pretty sure all of us were traumatized by the show. The same thing replays in my mind and I cackle horrifically. "Now for the boys!" I continue to laugh until I'm on my knees, and my name is called. "Felix..uh..yes, Felix!" She announces, and my laugh tones down until I have a surprised expression planted on my face. "Not so funny now, is it?" She asks, and I smirk. Getting up onto the stage, I wave to Beemo, and she crosses her arms, looking away. "Now you have it, this year's tributes!" and I begin to laugh all over again. I will teach these games something. I will make this a hard, annoying time for anybody I encounter.

And seems like Beemo is the first one on the list.

Thalia Wulf - District 6

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