I haven't seen this made in a while, so I decided to host one of my own.

Hopefully I can get users to join, so why not give it a go?

Join if you want, I'd love to see how this'll turn out!


This arena is quite different. It'll take place in a large mall, with lots of clothing stores. There are five elevators, and only two out of them work correctly. They all appear to be working, but you can be doomed into one that stops halfway, and it's up to you what plan you construct to escape, as there isn't any emergency button. The other way down to all three floors is to take the stairs, but this could also lead to other user encounterment. The only way to getting food-based supplies and other equipment, like weapons, is the food court, which is on the highest floor. This is also the cornucopia, where the bloodbath and feast will be held. You can stay the night at stores and pull the roll-down gates to camp out for a while, or stay out and hunt down others. Dick's Sporting Goods will have another supply of weapons, like other Bow & Arrows and sleeping bags, which are also other good supplies. 

A deathmatch will take place at the end, when there are either 3 or 2 others who are left standing. They should come whenever it's announced, otherwise mannequin muttations will chase them down.

That won't be the only appearance of mannequin mutts. Episodes of them will appear sporadically.


1. Keep cursing limited. This applies to inside the games and talking outside of the rp (Like this, for example).

2. Fighting, once again, applying to inside the games and out, as long as it takes place on this blog. Yes, I know, godmodding isn't allowed but is it neccessary to get hyped up just because somebody makes a mistake? It shows immaturity and if it is really serious, will result in both users getting killed in the games.

3. No Godmodding. There's a few extra things I want to add to this. If you don't know:

Godmodding is either killing, injuring, or dodging any attack aimed at you without my permission. I have to reply to the "attack" comment first before any more action can take placewhether it's you defending yourself or dodging it. This is also escaping the mall without me saying the break-out was successful. 

4. Alliances. I wanted to add this here so not more than half of the tributes join an alliance, making it unfair. I will allow up to four people per alliance. If you read all of these rules, comment your favorite book, or series, just so I can make sure you're paying attention.








Name District Gender Age
Blake 1 Male 14
Liza 1 Female 15
Nathaniel 2 Male 16
Emilia 2 Female 15
Joey 3 Male 13
Jen 3 Female 13
Kaeghan 4 Male 14
Eden 4 Female 13
Random Tribute 5 Male N/A
Marina II 5 Female 14
Connor 6 Male 14
Toast 6 Female 14
Random Tribute 7 Male N/A
Marina 7 Female 16
Random Tribute 8 Male N/A
Haley 8 Female 15
Travis 9 Male 15
Rebekah 9 Female 13
Eli 10 Male 14
Random Tribute 10 Female N/A
Random Tribute 11 Male N/A
Laura 11 Female 17
Erlend 12 Male 16
Jessa 12 Female 18

Since I'm really excited for these to start, I filled in the rest of the empty spaces with Random Tributes, as they are unnamed. They will get killed in the bloodbath, along with maybe some others. So...Happy User Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Victim District Killed How? What Day? Killed By?
Random Tribute 11 Slashed by Battleax Day 1 Blake(1)
Random Tribute 10 Slammed against Cornucopia Day 1 Emilia(2)
Random Tribute 5 Spear through abdomen Day 1 Eli(10)
Random Tribute 8 Ax in Jaw Day 1 Travis(9)
Kaeghan 4 Ax in Spleen Day 1 Blake(1)
Joey 3 Dart in Neck Day 1 Emilia(2)
Haley 8 Stabbed Day 2 Eli(10)
Eden 4 Extinguisher to Head Day 2 Jessa(12)
Erlend 12 Illness Day 3 Illness
Random Tribute 7 Arrow in Forehead Day 3 Marina II(5)
Toast 6 Hunger/Dehydration Day 4

Hunger/ Dehydration

Travis 9 Spear in abdomen Day 4 Eli(10)
Jessa 12 Dehydration/Hunger Day 5
Marina II 5 Dehydration/Hunger Day 6 Dehydration
Connor 6 Illness Day 6 Illness
Joey ? ? ? ?
Marina 7 Self Day 6 Self

Location, Supplies, etc.

Name Location Alliance Supplies Weapons Fate
Blake(1) Stairs "Perf Alliance" Two full bottles of water, A knife, and dried fruit. Battle Ax Alive
Liza(1) Book Store Going Solo A pack of matches, bottle of water, Doctor Who Novel. Bow & Arrow Alive
Nathaniel(2) Shop Going Solo Painkillers, Healing Cream, An empty bottle of water and rope. Poison Alive
Emilia(2) Stairs "Perf Alliance" A watch, an empty water bottle, dried fruit, a broken cell phone. Blowgun & Darts Alive
Joey(3) None None None None DECEASED
Jen(3) Hallway Eli Chicken Leg? Throwing Knives Alive
Kaeghan(4) None None None None DECEASED
Eden(4) None None None None DECEASED
Random Tribute(5) None None None None DECEASED
Marina II(5) Toy Store Going Solo Empty Backpack Bow & Arrow Alive
Connor(6) Clothing Store "Perf Alliance" Bottle of water, dried fruit. Sickle Alive
Toast(6) None None None None DECEASED
Random Tribute(7) None None None None DECEASED
Marina(7) Clothing Store "Perf Alliance" Extra quiver of arrows, rope. Throwing Knives, Bow Alive
Random Tribute(8) None None None None DECEASED
Haley(8) None None None None DECEASED
Travis(9) Gamestop Going Solo Two apples, a dull blade with no handle. Ax Alive
Rebekah(9) Lowest Floor Going Solo None Kitchen Knife Alive
Eli(10) McDonalds Jen Half-full Bottle of Water, Whole Raw Chicken, Chestplate. Spear, Throwing Ax Alive
Random Tribute(10) None None None None DECEASED
Random Tribute(11) None None None None DECEASED
Laura(11) Gift Shop Going Solo Full Bottle of Water, Dried Fruit, key to a chest somewhere in the mall. Golden Sword Alive
Erlend(12) None None None None DECEASED
Jessa(12) Air Vent Going Solo Bag of two bottles of water, shoes. Fire Extinguisher, Knife Alive

Everybody who is located at the bloodbath has twenty-four hours to comment, or else their fate is deceased. Some tributes have an alliance but aren't in the same location. This is because "running off" isn't very specific, so I scattered them. It's up to you whether you want to be active and say you found them. This is a mall, so there are stores, and you have to specify it, even if it's "a small shop". That's still good enough. Running off isn't very specific. It could mean you ran through a window and fell off from the highest floor, for all I know. Please be more specific. Thank you! <3

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