Hey guys<3

So I am really boredd.

And I decided to make a User Games.

Sooo, read the rules and template and everything and you're good to go!



1. Dont whine if you diee. If we're friends don't get mad, doesn't mean I don't like you anymoree, it's just there can only be 1 victor<3 I might be super nice and make more victors, but I might.

2. Follow the template. I know I know most of you guys but just fill it out anyways ;-; It saves me time and stuff, and please dont make me go to your profile ;-;

3. Reservations last a day, taken immediately when I notice you aren't going to post it. I might extend if you turn out to be busy or tell me in PM, other than that no. And don't try to reserve a spot again, just post.

4. No spam, don't comment if it's not related to what is happening, etc.

5. Love you guys, have funn!










Name Age District Gender Weapon User
Joan 14 1 M Hatchet and Knives. District3
Annie 15 1 F Bow & Arrow, Knives. Iluvgale
Justin 16 2 M Sickle TheFireJay
Emma 14 2 F Sword XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX
Aspen  18 3 M Boomerang, Poison Darts, Ninja Stars. Aspen7783
Julia 13 3 F Double Swords EmpressOreo
Sam 15 4 M Trident Mr.Hufflepuff
Liza 15 4 F Bow & Arrow Rainfacestar
Eli 13 5 M Axe YourFavoriteSalmon
Toast 14 5 F Garrote, Throwing Knives. Toast With The Most
Erlend 15 6 M Cleaver, bowknife. PumPumPumpkin :3
Tara 16 6 F Axe, Bow & Arrow. ~glitterday~
Wesley 17 7 M Axe Wesolini
Aspen  15 7 F Bow & Arrow, Sword. *Kyoni~Kara*
Kekai 13 8 M Knife, Scythe. Hybrid Shadow
Claudia 15 8 F Knives Am I Dreaming?
Blake 14 9 M Iklwa, Zulu Axe. Tehblakdeath
Andy 15 9 F Throwing Knives Andy1854
Kaeghan 13 10 M Clearing Axe Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
Rebekah 13 10 F Mallet Blue-Ribbonz
Panda 13 11 M Blowgun w/ Bamboo Darts Survivorpanda
Wikia Contributor N/A 11 F Machete? N/A
Colin 16 12 M Throwing Knives Beetee19
Jinx 15 12 F Whip, Ninja Stars. EverAfterHighFreak


So Im just gonna put the alliances into numbers<3 If you arent in an alliance its probably because you haven't accepted it or agreed to it, or just dont have one..

Alliance 1:

Joan(1), Justin(2), Sam(4) Liza(4 AKA Leader), Erlend(6), Blake(9), Colin(12).

Alliance 2:

Emma(2), Julia(3), Kekai(8) and Claudia(8).

Alliance 3:

Jinx(12), Panda(11), Toast(5) Kaeghan(10) and Rebekah(10).

Alliance 4:

Aspen(7) and Andy(9).


Annie(1), Aspen(3), Eli(5), Tara(6), and Wes(7).

Training ~ Day 1

Liza - District 4 - Alliance 1

Picking up the silver, smooth bow, I begin to load it with an arrow before I feel eyes burning into my back. Turning around, I see Colin(12). Waving, he flashes me a smile, and I return it back. "What's up, my favorite leader?" he asks, arm around my shoulder, and I nod in agreement. "The others?" I ask, scanning the room for the rest of the alliance. "Training. Erlend's by the obstacle course and Joan is going insane stabbing a whole bunch of dummies," he says, rolling his eyes. I let out a small giggle. "Sounds like him," I say, pulling back the string and preparing to release it. My aim focused for the target, the arrow flies, piercing it straight through the middle. "Nice shot!" I hear Justin(2) say, battling Blake(9) in a sword fight. "You two be careful, I don't want any of you getting injured and the games haven't even started," I joke, and we all laugh. I guess having a little bit fun is the only thing I could do before the games. We kid around, chuckles here and there, but after a couple of minutes, I snap back to reality. "I'm gonna go experiment with some other weapons," I inform them, turning on my heel and heading for the knives station.

I've never been that good with axes, but I decide to give it a shot, just in case. "Need help with those?" the guy from 10 asks, noticing I wasn't familiar with these. I've been inspecting them for quite the while. "Yeah," I reply, and he grins. Taking it out of my hand, I see him flawlessly throw it spot-on the bullseye. "I would have shown you more, but my alliance is calling. I'm pretty sure you get the idea," he says, before walking over to 4 other tributes that seem to have been waiting on him. Trying to mimic his actions with the axe, I end up throwing it way to far, and it nearly hits the guy from 7. Wes. "Oops," I mutter, "Sorry about that." I say, and he just examines me. "It's fine," he assures me, letting out a sigh, as if he was exhausted. Slipping the axe back into my hand, I put it back in it's place, watching some other tributes. Many are missing the targets, the tributes from the Career districts excelling their aim. Sitting down for a rest, I exhale, when Sam(4) appears behind me. "Tired already?" he asks, and I bury my face into my palms. "Not really, I'm just not sure what to do." I answer, and he takes a minute to think, stretching a long pause between us. "I can teach you how to use a Trident," he suggests, and I nod. "Sounds difficult," I say, my eyes meeting his. "It really isn't, I promise. C'mon." he motions for me to get up, and using my palms, I push myself up. We walk together towards the station, an unsure expression planted on my face.

Rebekah - District 10 - Alliance 3

"Rebekah!" Jinx yells, and I flip around. "Jinx, I told you, I'm practicing using a mallet." I softly reply and she makes an "o" shape with her mouth. "Ohhhhhh, okay, I get it." she says, a wide grin on her face. My eyes darting across, I find them to settle on Toast(5). "Hey Toast," I say quietly. "What's up? You know, you should really try throwing knives, they're loads of fun!" she exclaims and I just look towards the ground. "Maybe in a little bit," I say, forcing a weak smile. "M'kay!" she calls, and I go check out what my other buddies are doing.

"So, you were actually helping out Liza?" I ask my district partner, and he nods happily. I never had anything against her, I just found it a little odd. "Why?" he asks, his eyebrows narrowed. "No reason," I mumble, and I could tell he was a bit worried. "Anywho," I say, changing the awkward subject. "Maybe Panda will explain how to use a Blowgun.." he says under his breath and I sigh. "Sure," and we head over to him. He's getting pretty close to the target, I just haven't seen him hit the middle yet. He'll get there eventually. "Interested?" he asks, and I just stand there in shock. "In what?" Kaeghan(10) asks, a smirk on his face. "You're bad at acting," he snickers, "Don't worry, blowguns get easier as you use them." he confirms, and I bob my head. "I guess it's pretty hard to believe that we'll have to kill all these people," Jinx(12) whispers, revealing her arrival, and to think about it, she's right. Especially with the arena, making it seem all fun. "Being tempted not to bite a poisonous candy-cane.." I hear Toast(5) murmur, rubbing her belly in a circular motion. "We're just gonna have to wait for the best," I presume, as Kaeghan(10) passes me the blowgun. Pressing my lips against the tip, I delicately blow on it, to no purpose. "You're gonna have to blow alot harder if you want the dart to fly," Panda(11) says, correcting my mistake. Right. Blowing with ten times more of the amount of force, the dart gracefully hits around the outer edges. "It's fine, Panda. Blowguns aren't really her thing anyway," Kaeghan(10) reccomends, taking it from my hands and passing it back to him. "Hey.." I squint at him, and he taps my nose. "You're funny, Bekah," he adds, then proceeds to work with an Axe. I open my mouth to retort, but close it back when Toast(5) reappears. "Kaeghan..I guess that's something you can expect from him," she says, a slight smile on her face, while she starts to pull at her suit.

Aspen - District 7 - Alliance 4

"Throwing Knives are alot of work," Andy(9) says, and I smile. "Are they? Talk about using a Bow." I exaggerate, and we both laugh. "I really hope we can make it out of the Arena..together," I say. "Yeah, tell me about it." she replies, and I decide to use the bow some more. I see the girl from 4 and her alliance seeming extremely happy, cheering her on for perfecting the Bow. Notching an arrow, I lift it up and close my eyes before letting go. "You actually did it!" I hear Andy(9) applaud, and I open my eyes, not expecting that she was talking about me. My jaw drops. I actually hit the target exactly. "If you keep it up, we'll sure beat everybody in the arena!" she encourages, and my smile spreads from ear-to-ear. Maybe she is right. I actually could defend ourselves if I actually keep up the accuracy.

"Hmm, let's think of familiar people, and familiar threats." she says, and to realize it, we do actually have to point them out. "The first alliance," I start. "They seem pretty tough. I mean, there's only one girl, and 6 more guys. Actually - 6 more very strong and ruthless - guys. They would snap our necks in a heartbeat.." I say, me and Andy(9) watching the group closely. "I guess you could say they're the Career group," she says, and I approve. They're the group with the most tributes from the career district, anyways. "Okay, what about the second alliance. They don't seem as strong, although I don't want to jump to conclusions," I explain, Andy(9) staying silent. "And then the third alliance, they seem friendly. I don't think if we disturbed them they would actually mind," Andy(9) predicts, and I agree. They don't seem to be all that strong, and hopefully if they're the ones we come across, they'll let us pass. "And the rest, well, it's 2 against one," I say, with a twinkle in my eye. We chuckle it off, although I really do hope this alliance will last longer than I think it will.

Claudia - District 8 - Alliance 2

Finishing the dummy off with a knife through the heart, I hear a grunt from Julia(3) when she slices another dummy's head clean off. "That's the 15th one today," she declares. She's actually really good with swords, surprisingly because usually the only tributes skilled with that are from the Careers. Me, well, I guess I'm okay. I've been trying my hardest to master techniques and stir up a strategy for individual training. My partner, Kekai, returns from the obstacle course, leaning up against the wall before stabbing a dummy through the head. "Dummies, dummies, dummies. Everywhere!" Emma(2) says, a huge smile on her face. "Guess that's the only thing to do before they close up training?" she asks, and my head drops. "I don't even know.." I trail off, settling to when Julia(3) and Emma(2) begin to fight off with swords. Clinking against the metal, I plug my ears and Kekai(8) runs his fingers through his hair. "Ugh. I've been training this whole entire day..." he breathes out, and it's true. Everybody is so hot and sweaty, I nearly feel like I'm going to pass out any second.

Beads running down my forehead, I flick my wrist and the knife lands near the target, inside the orange. "So what's the plan for the arena?" Julia(3) asks, and I don't say anything. "Go for the cornicopia or sprint off towards Candy Forest, or whatever it's called," Emma(2) says, with a curious look. "Think about how much better off we are without supplies and with them. I think the Corn's the way to go," Julia(3) assumes, and it's true. We don't know how much better we could be empty handed, or even if we'll get sponsors. Even though Emma(2) might get some, we'd still have to kill, and we can't with no weapons. "Then it's settled." Kekai(8) says. "Well, maybe there's some in between the pedestals and the Corn," I say. "Maybe along the outskirts of the cornicopia we'll find some. We can't trust the cornicopia itself, who knows how many other tributes have the same plan." I state, confidently. "I guess we'll have to see for ourselves.." Julia(3) says, and I dip my head. I really don't wanna know or even imagine the arenas dangers and hazards now.

Training Scores

M'kay, so, since I wanted to mix things up, I'm going to let you guys write your own individual training session. To get a high score, you'd have to have an extreme amount of detail and it is easy to read, but also good enough for me to give you a 10+. Here's an example of what I would like and would not like:

"Summer, after hearing the automated voice call her up, enters the room. "Summer, District 6." she states, bowing towards the judges. Getting to work, she lightly picks up the bow, inserting the arrow into it's place, and squeezes her eyes shut. Nervousness and adrenaline runs through her veins, and she can feel her warm blood rushing through her arms. Her fingers shaking, she snaps back to focus, straightening her back. 'You have 10 minutes left, Summer,' she hears a judge growl, indirectly telling her to speed up. Quickly tightening her grip around the bow and string, she sandwiches the arrow in her fingers and the string, before hearing the buzz of the arrow ripping through the still air."

This, although needs to be longer, would earn a 9, 10 or possibly higher. The reason is because it is filled with detail and isn't perfect - 'You have 10 minutes left, Summer,' she hears a judge growl, indirectly telling her to speed up". You need to at least have some nervousness in your entry. Anyways, you could basically see why this would get such a high score.

"Summer picks up the bow and aims at the target. Quickly releasing the arrow it hits the target perfectly. Confidently, Smirk on her face, she looks at the judges, all of their jaws dropped. She astonished them. 'Wow, she will definitely gain sponsors and win' a judge whispers, and she cackles. She perfected the training and earns a score way higher than a 9 or 10. She starts to dance on the floor and she jams to Katy Perry."

Now this, if you post anything like this, your tribute will get a low score. First off, you can't have not one prick of fear or nervousness for training in front of an audience unless you're like superman. Second, no details. Barely any. Third, "earns a score way higher than a 9 or 10" mkay that's like deciding for me your score, and just no. And unless I agree, do not put dancing in your training -.-

They're due by New Years c: Maybe later, and if not submitted by the selected date, your score will be up to me<3 Good luck!

The Gamemakers were not happy along with the rest of the crew, because of the MAJOR DISASTER STRUCK IN THAT POOR ROOM, but they managed to keep their composure and hand out fairly nicer scores than the ones they were going to give you... c; Im not that knowledgeable of odds so sorry if they're all messed up.

Name Score Odds
Joan(1) 9 7-1
Annie(1) 9 7-1
Justin(2) 9 7-1
Emma(2) 9 7-1
Aspen(3) 9 7-1
Julia(3) 9 7-1
Sam(4) 9 7-1
Liza(4) 9 7-1
Eli(5) 9 7-1
Toast(5) 9 7-1
Erlend(6) 9 7-1
Tara(6) 9 7-1
Wes(7) 9 7-1
Aspen(7) 9 7-1
Kekai(8) 9 7-1
Claudia(8) 9 7-1
Blake(9) 9 7-1
Andy(9) 9 7-1
Kaeghan(10) 9 7-1
Rebekah(10) 9 7-1
Panda(11) 9 7-1
Unknown(11) 0 10000-1
Colin(12) 9 7-1
Jinx(12) 9 7-1

OOOOOOH! A TWIST! lol, nah I just really didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings<3 So this means you all have a chance at both surviving and dying c; Mkay, post advice soon, BB is starting<3

Day 1 - Le Bloodbath!

Joan - District 1

Thump, thump, thump. My heart feels like it's going to beat right out of my chest. Getting elevated up the tube, I squint my eyes for a second.





I'm surrounded by pink, a whole bunch of lollipops and gummy bears and what not. I look out and around, I see a forest of Cotton Candy, a field of candy-canes..this seriously looks like a dream some girly-girl would have. Ginger-bread gates surround us..




And that's when the attack of the peppermints come.

Toast - District 5

I feel a hard object fall on my head. Ow, that hurt. And then after that, like, it starts smacking me left and right. "It's raining.." I say, and Erlend(6) finishes it. "Peppermints..what is this..?" he says, trying to put his hands up to stop them from nearly knocking him out. "Ow," Liza(4) whispers to herself, and then it comes from everybody. "This, is, how, they, make, this, dumb, arena," Wes(7) says, stopping everytime when he gets hit by one. This really sucks.

Wow, make the arena look amazing and then hit us with peppermints, love that idea!

M'kay, enough thinking, I have to search for my weapon. I see the garrote laying towards the back of the Cornicopia. Ugh, that's gonna be hard to get through..



I can totally do this. Dodge fighting tributes and peppermints and rush towards the forest with my alliance..


I cover myself with my jacket.. wait, how'd I get a jacket?

And I'm decorated in sweets..all over my vest. On the back it's labeled "5".

Seems decent.


Julia - District 3

I nod at Claudia, and then nod at the Corn. "Get some weapons," I mouth to her, and she gives me a thumbs-up. I guess we'll decide where to go, probably towards that plain of gingerbreads..


If they would stop throwing these dumb peppermints at us.


Mmm, I see a hill of oreo pie..


Don't get distracted Julia.


But it looks so good..


Alright, I have to get inside the Cornicopia before anyone else does, and then sprint for that huge, extremely... huge... delicious... mountain of pie. Along with the others. 3..2..1..GONG!

Sam - District 4 - Alliance 1

I run for that sparkling trident inside the cornicopia made of jellybeans. Taking it from the stand, I also take a handful of jelly-beans from a glittery bowl, hoping they aren't poisonous. If this arena didn't have to be so girly...

I see the guy from 7, and aim my trident at him. Flying through the air, it lands in his back and he falls to the ground. BOOM! I was also going to go for Tara(6), but I let her sprint off instead. Heading back to retrieve it, My eyes dart to where Liza(4) lets her arrow zip far into the girl from 11's skull, drilling through her sun-kissed red hair, ending her life immediately. BOOM! Our whole entire alliance takes over the cornicopia. I notice Toast(5) and run after her, and luckily for me, she falls to the ground. I was about to drive my trident into her stomach when a shiny item comes at my arm. Yelling in pain, I fly back, and she quickly recovers her garrote and backpack before fleeing towards her alliance. I lightly tug at the knife in my shoulder and briskly yank it out, ignoring the blood dripping down. I squeeze my eyes tightly and don't pay attention to the pain.

Aspen - District 7 - Alliance 4

At the speed of light, I try and see if I can find a sword. It lies bam in the center of the cornicopia, and with the first alliance being occupied searching for their other allies, I decide to dash for it. Even though I might not make it out of here alive, I think it's best if I just try to take a chance. I quickly grab ahold of it and sprint out, only to get smacked in the face and fall down. Justin(2) stands above me, sickle in his hand, but before he can slice my head off, I stick my sword into his gut. He gasps and falls, trying to catch air. I scoot away from him and Andy(9) drags me towards her and we run towards the cotton-candy forest. I finally hear his cannon, and my heart skips a beat. BOOM!

Annie - District 1 - Alone

I grab a hatchet, and dart out of the mess of bodies. 3 people died so far. Some girl comes towards me, I think she's from 12, and she throws a ninja star for my face. I duck and it flies over my head. "JINX! WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!" somebody shouts, and she - thankfully - sprints off. Taking the thing, I hide it in my pocket and run off for the ginger-bread plain. It might be useful..

Kekai - District 8 - Alliance 2

Julia grabs her weapon, and I grab mine, laying behind the plates instead of near the Cornicopia. "Guys, let's go!" Claudia yells, over all the chaos, pointing towards the field of candy-canes. I guess that's our best bet. All of us running over to her, I trip over, a sharp pain extending throughout my leg. Looking up, Kaeghan(10) thrusts his axe into my shin. I cry in agony before he just freezes. He falls to the right and I let out a sigh of relief, one of Julia's swords in his back. BOOM! She sticks out her hand, and I grab it. "Thanks," I say, as she pulls me up. "C'mon, it's war out here. We need to go." she commands. Running towards a tall mountain in the distance, I realize that it's gonna be a long way before we get there.

There were 4 deaths total in the bloodbath.

Day 1 - Surprises await, don't trust your own bait.

Blake - District 9 - Alliance 1

"So, where do we go..?" I ask, furrowing my eyebrows. "Umm..we're lost?" Erlend(6) says, scratching the back of his head. "No we aren't, we're just umm..yeah, basically lost." Liza(4) states, shrugging. "Erm.. so.. what do we do?" Colin(12) says, resting against a tree, picking off a chocolate piece. Sticking it into his mouth, I would've warned him, but I ignore the thought. I don't think everything is poisonous, or else everybody would starve to death. Taking his same steps, I pick off a couple too, stuffing them into my mouth. It melts on my tongue, and I let out a sigh of relief. "Guys, that could've been poisonous!" Joan(1) shouts, smacking the leftovers out of my hand. "HEY! I'M HUNGRY, AND WE'VE BEEN TRAVELLING FOR WHAT? AN HOUR SINCE THE BLOODBATH STARTED, AND STILL NO FOOD!" I yell back, accidently letting my axe fly, nearly hitting his face. "Sorry.." I mutter, walking around him, retrieving my axe from the tree. My face goes red in embarrasment. "The last thing we need is fighting and one of you killing the other," Liza argues, giving us both a cold stare. "We already lost Justin, and to lose another would make us weaker". It's true, the alliance is already decreasing, and we don't need any more of us to die. Tomorrow morning. This is too complicated.

I'm leaving.

Andy - District 9 - Alliance 4

"Hmm," I think out loud, munching on a gingerbread cookie I found in the bag I grabbed. "Where should we go?" Aspen(7) says, her voice muffled by the cookie in her mouth. "Maybe keep going this way? Through the Candy-cane field." she suggests, looking at me. I nod, pulling out a slice of perfectly wrapped cake from my bag. I pluck off a piece of the chocolate, sweet thing and put it in my mouth. "Look over there!" she exclaims, pointing west. "A village! Maybe we can stay there, and it might even have some food!" she says happily, hopping up and down. "Okay, let's check it out!" I reply, and we both run through over to the newly found village.

We arrive at one of the small shops, only to come across the jammed door. "Umm..can I borrow one of your knives? Maybe I can pick the lock." she says, and I pass her one. "I'm gonna look for a way through the back," I say, going around to see what i could find. The back is all stone bricks, no other exit. "Ugh," I grunt, dropping my shoulders. Turning around, I hear a yelp of pain. Flipping around, I see the guy from 5 with Aspen(7) in his grasp. "Aspen!" I yell, grabbing her bow and loading an arrow into it. I've never used one, but I guess I'm doing it right. Aiming it at his face, I fail to but instead it falls in place at his collarbone. He instantly lets go and falls. "Forget the shop, let's go!" I say, taking my bags and running off with Aspen.

Finally settling, I let out a sigh. "That was close.." I whisper, and she nods. We settled in some type of meadow, with flowers made of bubblegum. I fall against the grass and look at the sky. "So, should we head back for the village now?" I ask, and she shakes her head. "Let's wait until night closes in. Nobody will be there. It's bright now so people like us will surely see it and go for it. Nightime, they'll all be camping, so let's wait until sunset, if that's fine with you." she says, looking at me, and I nod in reply.


Jinx - District 12 - Alliance 3

"Well, we haven't been getting anywhere." Toast(5) says, sticking her bottom lip out in a pouty face. "Ooh, look! An oreo pie!" my sister, points out, and my mouth waters. "Is that a gigantic canyon of pie..?" Panda(11) says, his jaw dropping. "Let's go! Maybe theres a whole bunch of oreos on top!" Rebekah(10) blurts out, giggling and sprinting to it. I facepalm, and Panda(11) lays a hand on my shoulder. "Seriously, let's head over to it. Maybe there's a valley filled with goodies!" he exclaims, following behind my sister. Toast laughs and follows behind them, leaving me no choice. I race them over there, all of us having fun and trying to prevent eachother from getting there first.

When we get there, we notice something that looks like a car. "Look! A CAR!" I say, my eyes dazzled by the beauty. It's decorated in pink sparkles and candy, and looking at the inside, I notice the keys. "Well, we're gonna have to break in," Panda(11) says, fiddling around with his blowgun and looking a bit skeptical about the whole plan. "I can smash it! Hold up and back up guys, Oh! And plug your ears too!" my sister giggles, raising her mallet before everything breaks loose.

After a whole bunch of smashing and shattering, I hear "OKAY! WE'RE GOOD!". Turning around, there are shards everywhere on the cookie-like ground. "Jinx, you drive!" she says, and I know why. I'm the oldest. Getting into the seat, I try and relax, but really can't. I've never really driven before. Inserting the keys into the starter, I jump when the car starts, and I hear chuckling in the back. "Scaredy Jinx." my sisters says through giggles, and I roll my eyes. Pulling back the lollipop shift stick, I press the gas pedal harder than I expected, causing me to immediately slam the brakes. "Umm..sorry." I apologize, everyone wide-eyed at how I nearly sent them flying through the window. Pressing it softly, I begin to drive up slowly on the canyon, anxious for what awaits.

Julia - District 3 - Alliance 2

After a couple hours, we begin to get closer towards the mountain. "So, when we get there, do we camp? It's getting later, nearing sunset." Kekai(8) asks. "Sure, I guess." I reply, beginning to near the mountain.

"So, um, how do we climb up this huge thing?" Emma(2) questions, and I pause. " foot?" I say, beginning to walk up the mountain. "It isn't that high, so we're fine. Oxygen levels seem good enough." I assure them, after watching the worried look on Claudia's face. They quickly follow after, and we all begin to walk up to the short, surprising mountain.

Night sets in, and we finally make it up the mountain. Giant sprinkles are scattered on it, and we reach the peak. "Well, let's set up camp here." I say, beginning to take out the tent from my bag and allowing Emma(2) to assist me. Claudia(8) flashes her lighter, and setting it on one of the giant sprinkles. Bringing others and placing them on top of it, we light up the sprinkles that are in replacement of actual logs. I place a piece of dried bacon from my bag near the fire, using discretion not to burn myself. Munching on the warm delight, I quickly cuddle up in my tent, allowing the darkness to swallow me from the situation.

Tara - District 6 - Alone

I hide in the purple wheat field, eating a candy-cane. It's nightime, and it's getting dark. If only I could find a city or somewhere to be soon..

Then, the anthem comes on. It's odd, only 4 deaths and nothing else. Tomorrow must be the day of danger. The girl from 11, guy from 7, guy from 2 and the male from 10 all appear on the screen. The anthem turns out to be some type of hippy girl song, talking about filled with candy and in a pink wonderland and blah blah blah. Ew. I hate this song.

Deciding to finally get some rest, I place my head against the dirt. Disgusting, I know, but I'm lost in this field. It would've been better if I found a tractor or another landform. I don't really know why I even headed East, the North probably had more goodies. Although it would've been colder, I do have my jacket, but being lost, I'm not even sure if I'll last longer in these. I really hope so.

I let out a small sigh, before the stars seem to dance and my eyes flutter shut.

Summary of Day 1:

-Wes, Kaeghan, Justin, and 11 Female have died.

-Alliance 1 all have backpacks. Their current location is the cotton-candy forest. They plan to find water, although Blake plans to leave them by daybreak.

-Alliance 2 don't all have backpacks. Only Julia, Kekai and Emma have backpacks. Their current location is at a cake-like mountain, and they are unsure of what to do on Day 2.

-Alliance 3 don't all have backpacks. Only Rebekah, Jinx, and Toast have backpacks. Their current location is at an oreo canyon. They recently discovered a car, a new use of transportation.

-Alliance 4 both have backpacks. Their current location is a bubble-gum meadow. They plan to return to the village, most likely not tonight.

-Everyone who is alone is equipped with a backpack, although it may not have more than 3 items.

Day 2 - Pure Blood.

Liza - District 4

Running my fingers through my hair, I yawn. I hear a loud thud and something shiny flashes, nearly hitting my head. Another one comes flying towards my neck, but luckily I dodge it. The guy from 5. Loading my bow, without even realizing it, I send an arrow flying to his head. It zips into his skull and his cannon goes off instantly. BOOM! "Knew we shouldn't have just camped out along the outskirts of the forest.." I mutter, retrieving the bloody arrow from his body. "Huh? Wait, what happened?" Blake mumbles, waking up from his sleep. Kicking the body over to him, he screams and starts flapping his arms everywhere. "BLAKE! It's just a body, I already killed Eli, anyways.." I say, still half asleep. "Killed? YOU killed THAT GUY?" he asks, and I nod. "Mhmm," I reply. "Anyways, we should go look for at least some water." I say, and everyone agrees. Picking up our things, we set off once again, into this deep forest of pink.

Toast - District 5 - Alliance 3

A cannon sounds in the distance while we're cruising in the car. "I WANNA TRY A PIECE OF THE CAR HANDLE!" Rebekah calls, ripping off a piece of laffy taffy and sticking it in her mouth. We're all chuckling until we go flying forward. "Jinx..?" she murmurs, hugging herself. "JINX!" she screams louder, and then I realize it - she's unconcious. "What could it be?" I ask, and Rebekah covers her face with her hands. "I-I don't know.." she says. "Alright then, I'll be the driver," I volunteer confidently, and Panda gets out, picking up Jinx and placing her in my spot. "Let's go," I say nervously, beginning to press the pedal lightly, slowly driving down the road. "WAIT! WE LEFT PANDA!" Rebekah yells loudly, and I stop. Getting out the car once again, we run on the canyon, looking for him. And then it happens - a knife is sticking out of his chest, and he helplessly falls to the ground. BOOM! "PANDA! NO!" I shriek, running to him, watching a guy run off into the distance. Only one thought flashes through my mind -

We will kill him.

Annie - District 1 - Alone

Walking around reluctantly, I get bored and turn on my heel. I was starving, my meal already consumed last night. My eyes felt swollen and heavy as I dragged myself to go on. If I continued I wouldn't last long in the games. My shoulders and feet ache badly, and I was getting sunburned. 

I decided to go back to the Cornicopia, and stop right in my tracks. Chocolate bunnies hop around, lively and alert. I decide to go up to one. "Hi little buddy," I purr, about to pet it before the most unexpected thing happens. The bunny now has razor-sharp teeth digging into my face. I scream, trying to wriggle out it's grip, before all it's friends join with him. Pain shoots through my entire body before I get swallowed by the darkness, living long enough to hear the echo of my cannon. BOOM!

Aspen - District 3 - Alone

I was going to hunt, although with a knife, I would be pretty dumb to. I decided to munch on a bake potato I had recieved and take a small stroll along the outskirts of the arena to find any wimpy tributes to spy on. In the end, I come up with zero. Nothing. I let out a long sigh, continuing to make my journey around this lip-gloss looking place. I grimace once spoiled milk rain droplets start to fall ontop of me, and I squirm, the smell  covering me completely.

After a couple hours it luckily died down. I needed water, to drink and bathe in.

Stupid gamemakers. I had been on my feet all day, I hope the enjoy the show of me suffering. I let out a small yelp of excitment. Finding a lake, I run towards it, instantly filling it and drinking it. I don't pay attention to a slight burning sensation that travels down my throat when I swallow, just gulp it and refill. I take a few more sips before stopping, and getting into the lake to release this stench from my body. The milk must've been around since the Games ever started. Finally rinsing off, I get out before a huge wave of excrutiating pain fills in my stomach. I clutch it before falling, coughing up blood. A small sponser package comes, with a note attached. "Seems like the odds were never in your favor." BOOM!

Julia - District 3 - Alliance 2

I awaken from screams from the alliance. Panicking, I ask what's wrong. "VOLCANO!" Claudia(8) shouts, her voice shaky, the smell of smoke tickling my lungs. Coughing, I quickly pack up my things. "Guys, calm down, we're fine," I assure them, planting a fake smile on my face, even though things were not okay. I didn't even know when the lava started oozing out.

"RUN!" Claudia(8) shrieks, beginning to run down the mountain. "HELP!" Kekai(8) lets out a yell for help, and I gasp at the sight. The chocolate magma rushes down and I run along with the others, turning around when I wished I haven't. The lava melts him alive, his screams echoing throughout the arena. "KEKAI!" Emma(2) yells, slapping a hand over her mouth. He falls face-first into the lava, burning his face off, as his cannon sounds. BOOM! I trip over my shoes. "JULIA! WE CAN'T LOSE YOU EITHER!" Claudia(8) says, her eyes at me. I try to get away, and Emma(2) grabs my hand. Dragging me with her, I'm struggling to get up, knowing my cannon will sound soon. "Good luck, you two." Claudia(8) murmurs quietly before she sacrifices for me, jumping into the fire-hot magma as well. BOOM!

Sam - District 4 - Alliance 1

We continue to travel after Liza's kill. We stumble upon some weird-looking bear mutts, stained with a pink and purple swirl hue. They look at us, frozen in place.

"Guys, let's go," Erlend(6) says, walking past one. Liza(4) screams as the bear swiftly turned and scratches his face. "A MUTT!" I say, taking my trident and aiming it for it's heart. Missing, another bear mutt goes after me but I make a smooth dodge, only causing it's anger to rise. "GET AWAY! NOW!" Liza demands, beginning to run off with Joan, Blake and Colin. "WAIT!" I yell, trying to fight off the barrier of muttations. One of the bear opens it's mouth and sinks it's teeth into Erlend(6)'s shoulder, before biting off his arm. He lets out a wail of agony as another charges for me, scratching a large gash in my neck. We both fall to the ground as the bears waddle away, and I'm left before my eyesight gets darker and darker. The last thing I hear is two cannons. BOOM! BOOM!

Rebekah - District 10 - Alliance 3

Hugging Jinx in my arms, I pray she doesn't leave me. "Jinx, please," I mutter repeatedly, watching Toast as she swerves the car. "Toast, I'm telling you, it was probably a mutt or something," I suggest but she shakes her head in fury. "NO!" she shouts back at me, and I curl up in the seat silently. "I give up.." she says, her shoulders shaking from the back and I know she's crying. She just gets out the car and stumbles off. "TOAST!" I scream, but no answer. She continues to run until she is finally out of my sight.

I get out the car, crumbling to the ground. I hear a cannon, and my eyes widen as I check on Jinx. BOOM! Running to her body, I look for a pulse and my heart stops when I don't feel one. "JINX, NO, PLEASE!" I scream into her hair, my older sister gone. I have no protection now. I am left to be all alone, in the middle of a canyon, the sun drilling into my back as I weep and tears spill from my eyes like a waterfall.

Aspen - District 7 - Alliance 4

Me and Andy skip happily along the meadows together. I toss the last qiarter of the gingerbread cookie into my mouth, munching happily. "I'm bored," I retort, putting on a pouty face. "Let's go kill some tributes," she says with a wink, and I nod as a mischevious grin appears on my face. While we run back for the village, I think about today's progress. There were more cannons today..

Looking for a tribute, we notice a girl tumbling through. "Shh, Shh," I whisper, and Andy nods. We have to catch her by surprise. I prepare my quiver of arrows and slide my finger smoothly across the string of the polished bow. I raise my bow, notching an arrow. I go straight for the kill, before she throws a knife our direction. I don't hear or notice anything, so I proceed and send my arrow into her chest. BOOM! I put it down and let out a yelp once I see a knife sticking out of Andy's throat. "Win." she whispers, before a tear falls down her face and a lonely boom shakes the arena.


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