Welcome to the 376th Hunger Games!

I really wanted to start a games of my own now, because lately there seemed to have been a lack of them, and I just thought it'd be a nice way to refresh my writing and allow others to submit their tributes so I can try and portray characters that I can develop their relationships with others gradually, in a way an author would. So, I really hope these games will run smoother and become more easier to work with, unlike my last ones, and just be fun for me and everybody else who participates. So, without further a due, I present to you the 376th Annual Hunger Games!


1. Okay, this rule is very important as it is to why my previous Hunger Games have fallen flat. Please, only submit tributes if you know you're going to be active. Don't return after not being on the wiki for a year, submit a tribute, and leave again. I will only accept tributes who I know their owners will be active and actually cheer for them.

2. Post decent advice for your tributes. Once again, this is a Hunger Games, and owners should only give advice for their tribute and not base it off of somebody else's. If the other person advises their tribute to kill yours, so be it. Once again, they may fail, they might not. If you do reply to it with advice to kill them back or avoid it, then yes, your tribute will be killed.

3. No spam or advertising. You can do this wherever you please, but please, don't do it on my blog.

4. Tributes. Now, I will not accept tributes where their personality, appearance, backstory, etc. is only a sentence that isn't even descriptive. I would like tributes with effort put into them. You can only have two, as listed in the reservation rule.

5. Reservations. I will allow people to reserve tributes for 48 hours. If the time is up, I won't give you extra time, nor re-reserve it for you. If your reserve time is done, you can still post a tribute, it just won't have a saved slot and somebody else may reserve/submit one before you. You can only reserve two spots.

6. Polite, Helpful Criticism is always allowed, if in any way it improves writing.

7. If I do mess up on grammar, please point that out. I will be doing grammar checks, but if I miss something, please let me know.

8. Follow the template given, or add more to it. No less.

9. I accept links, not profiles.

10. Have fun! Nothing is better than enjoying what you're reading, haha.

Required Template (Feel Free to Add More to it!)






Appearance (Lunaii, for Tribute Gallery):





Token (Optional):



This Year's Tributes!

Name Gender District Age Weapon(s)
Emil Grace Male Capitol 16 Trident, Sword
Aurora Grace Female Capitol 12 Trident, Throwing Knives
Solar Energy Male District Zero 15 Light-weight Spear
Aelia Freedome Female District Zero 17 Combat, Spear
Sebastian Glaze Male District One 17 Ax, Throwing Ax, Battle Ax
Analisa Latimer Female District One 18 Katana, Shuriken, Nunchucks
Guy Shotgun Male District Two 17 Sword
Alexis Mason Female District Two 15 Throwing Knives, Crossbow, Ax
Tommy Harns Male District Three 14 Throwing Knives, Explosives, Blowgun
Janine Taylor Female District Three 14 Slingshot, Blowgun, Knives
Brenden Ryder Male District Four 18 Tridents, Nets, Dagger
Chloe Marx Female District Four 15 Trident, Animals, Fire
Kai Hedlund Male District Five 16 Scythe, Sickle, Barb-wire
Artemis Harsha Female District Five 13 Javelin/Spear, Needles
Argent Noire Male District Six 16 Dagger, Traps
Amythestia Thall Female District Six 15 Spiked Mace, Throwing Knives
Vesper Brooks Male District Seven 14 Sickle, Throwing Knives
Icelia Wintersmith Female District Seven 16 Double-Sided Ax, Knife
Favian Thread Male District Eight 15 Twin Swords, Curved Sword, Spear
Intarsia Silket Female District Eight 17 Bow & Arrow, Dagger
Mason Drake Male District Nine 15 Sickle
Dehna Garrows Female District Nine 15 Kukri, Throwing Knives.
Jamieson Erie Male District Ten 14 Sword, Blowgun
Alexandrite Bohamia Female District Ten 14 Bow & Arrow, Sword, Knife
Marcus Daystorm Male District Eleven 18 Knife, Dagger
Guinvere Bordeaux Female District Eleven 15 Bow & Arrow, Sword
Peter Vaughan Male District Twelve 15 Bow, Spear, Hand-to-Hand Combat
Ivy Walen Female District Twelve 17 Throwing Knives
Grayson James Male District Thirteen 12 Wire Traps, Land Mines
Amelia Song Female District Thirteen 18 Knife, Technology, Crossbow

Tribute Gallery

This is coming soon!

Tribute Alliances


Sebastian Glaze(1), Analisa Latimer(1), Guy Shotgun(2), Alexis Mason(2), Brenden Ryder(4), Chloe Marx(4), Icelia Wintersmith(7), Mason Drake(9).


Aelia Freedome(0), Jamieson Erie(10), Alexandrite Bohamia(10), Ivy Walen(12).

Capitol, 3, 5, 8, and 11 Alliance:

Emil Grace(C), Aurora Grace(C), Tommy Harns(3), Janine Taylor(3), Artemis Harsha(5), Argent Noire (6), Favian Thread(8), Guinvere Bordeaux(11).

8 and 9 Alliance:

Inatrsia Silket(8), Dehna Garrows(9).


Solar Energy(0), Kai Hedlund(5), Amethystia Thall(6), Vesper Brooks(7), Marcus Daystorm(11), Peter Vaughan(12), Grayson James(13), Amelia Song(13).

Tribute Reapings

Emil Grace - Capitol Male

"Bligh, Bligh, wake up." Cliona sad softly, a warm pair of hands shoving at my shoulders. Jerking awake, I look around in panic, looking around for something. But it's nothing.

"Another bad dream?" She asks, brushing a strand of hair from my face and tucking it behind my ear. I nod carefully, biting my lip before she pulls me into an embrace. I pat her blonde hair, and while doing so, Ianthe walks in, her bottom lip quivering.

"Emil, what if I'm reaped?" She asks, hiccupping. Faint lines of where tears left there trails remained on her cheeks. Running into my arms, I rub her back in slow circles. We couldn't dare to ever call eachother by our real names again, not since what happened, not with Peacekeepers possibly overhearing us from outside. Birds chirp loudly from my room window and I let out a long sigh, trying to re-assure her and pulling away, buttoning up the buttons from a dress shirt that I had laid out from last night.

"You won't be. I promise." I whisper, escorting her out as Cliona nods at me. "I'll be making breakfast."

She then closes the door, leaving me alone in the room. Running a hand through my hair, I look at the empty, golden picture frame sitting on my oakwood dresser and lightly graze my hands over it. It's dusty; I haven't touched it in years. I barely touch anything in this room.

My necklace hangs off of the top left corner, lone and dusty as well. I take it into my hands, wrapping it around one of them until the pendant faces up, glimmering in the sunlight. For once, I feel a smile grow on my face, before stuffing it into my back pocket, the memories returning of how we left them. My parents. How I'm still dangerous...It is dangerous to be out here. I push them away, heading downstairs to where Cliona, or Amity, is. She smiles at the sight of me, until it turns into a frown.

"What's wrong?" I ask concerned, but she just lightly shakes her head, scraping off burnt bits of egg from the pan. "Nothing...It's just...what if I-I mean, Aurora, is right? What if either of us do get reaped? You know we aren't twenty," She says under her breath and I close my eyes, taking in a deep breath.

"Yes, but I doubt it. Why after three years would you get reaped?" I ask, examining her face. Nothing but a layer of foundation is put on it, and right now she does look her actual age.

"Because it's the games, Emil. It's a raffle, and luck as we know it, certainly doesn't follow us." She slams a fork down on the porcelain plate before shoving it towards me. She then turns her back, her apron still on as she wipes down the dishes. I place it down on the table, picking at the strip of bacon at the edge of the plate. For the past few weeks we haven't gotten very good pay, and quite often would skip breakfast as we couldn't buy enough food for it. Despite that, we always try to stay bubbly, to play it just fine. But being fine doesn't exist, at least not for us.

Ianthe just swirls her spoon around in her oatmeal, propping her elbow up and placing her chin in her hand, a bored expression trying to cover up the worried one that hides behind her eyes. She taps her finger on the table impatiently, glancing over at Cliona every five seconds. I place my dishes back into the sink and Aurora washes it off before looking at the both of us.

"I'm gonna go get ready, I'll be back in ten minutes tops." She says, before her footsteps retreat and I look over at Ianthe, and she keeps watchful eye on me. I look down under the table, where my necklace lays in my hand, and curl my hand into a fist to hide any visible sight of it.

"Are you scared, Emil? Of the games, I mean?" She asks, and I look over out the window.

"Quite frankly, I don't know." I reply, sighing and picking up the newspaper. I read through it, making sure my real name or any other news out of the Capitol doesn't appear on any headlines. I've always been terrified for that to happen.

"I am." She responds, looking at the glossy floor. She runs a finger through her hair, which is done in a neat waterfall braid, and sticks a spoonful of porridge in her mouth. Swallowing it back down, she looks up at me.

"Are you sure I won't be reaped?"

"Absolutely," I lie, which I'm not sure if I'm being honest or not. These games already seal fate and if Ianthe goes in, there's no telling whether she'll come out. It's always the same for the Capitol district. None ever win.

"I hope you're right." She murmurs, and Cliona returns, wearing a beige coat and black skirt that falls down past her knees. She adjusts her bun, which she wears almost all of the time, just to make herself look older. "Time to go," She pulls at her coat, an expression on her face that I can't describe setting upon her. She quickly replaces it with a warm smile, swinging the door open and me and Ianthe exit, me dropping the necklace deep inside my pants pocket.

We get our fingers pricked, and Ianthe backs away and Cliona pushes her forward. "It's just a small pinch, it won't hurt at all. Don't be scared." She murmurs soothingly into her ear, before Ianthe walks up and placing it onto the sheet, her crimson blood sticking out from the rest down the row. "Aurora Grace, correct?" The woman asks, and Ianthe nods, swallowing harshly. "First time in the games...It can be quite frightening, but I promise you'll make it through." She smiles, as another girl around fourteen-years-old comes up to the same lady with a rather blank face. Ianthe then looks around until seeing the shortest and rather youngest group of females, heading on over. It's surprising how quick she caught on.

I go over to my spot, brushing my fingers through my hair nervously. I can't keep still. All I look over at are the peacekeepers...what their next move will be...if I see a gun, what will I do...I can't just freeze, it's-

"Amity Grace!" The Capitol Escort says, and a cry rings out as I realize it's Ianthe's. Cliona keeps a straight face, looking ahead before getting out of her group, and I find myself about to sink to my knees. A lump of dryness appears in my throat and I can barely breathe, the only string of hope keeping me conscious is a thin strand of strength that clings to me, I have another family member.

"I volunteer!" A voice shouts from the crowd, and I realize that it's Ianthe. No. Ianthe can't go in there by could she have so much pride to volunteer? She's 12 and Cliona's 15...she won't stand a chance...not without me there.

"Oh, what a surprise," The escort says sarcastically rolling her eyes before a look of shock comes onto her face. "Wow...What m-may your name be, young girl?"

Ianthe glares at her before scooping the microphone into her hands, a look of mischeviousness but also a little bit of pride in her. "Aurora Grace, ma'am. Pleasure to take place in such a games! This is spontaneous and nothing like I've ever seen before, despite all of the bright colors and most favorable fashion of which I'm proud to call my home - the Capitol." She smiles as a loud applause emerges from the crowd and I smirk. She is making quite a name for herself...but I know what I have to do. I have to protect her in these games, for Cliona. Cliona looks over at me, shaking her head as if reading my mind. As soon as our eyes meet I look away, ignoring her. It's for the best.


"I Volunteer as Tribute!" I yell from the crowd, gasps surrounding me. Ianthe looks at me, tears in her eyes but I tear my line of vision away from her and rather focus them on urging myself up the stairs. After dragging myself on stage, the escort looks at me, her rainbow-colored eyelashes falling out of place and I can see where the glue once was.

"I'm Emil Grace."

"Ah, Family relations, I see?" She smiles before looking out at the hundreds of citizens before us, and I realize I'm now who they look up to. Me and Ianthe...we're their only hope for a victor. For somebody to finally show that the Capitol can succeed. I'm a figure for everybody.

Now I just have to prove it.

Aelia Freedome - Zero Female

This is coming soon!

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