Hey everybody! So, as all of my other games became unfinished or cancelled, I guess I am going to announce these games as my first ones? Since I took a lengthy break from making the whole set-up and everything for a games, I don't exactly remember how to put it together as my last ones were about 8 months ago, but wish me luck! Also, if I make any typos or do anything wrong, don't be afraid to tell me! It would mean alot <3 Thank you!


  • 3 Tributes Per User.
  • Reservations last 48 hours.
  • Make sure your tributes have flaws.
  • I will do links.
  • Follow the template, no more or less, please!
  • Tributes that are detailed will most likely have longer POVs and will be mentioned more.
  • Post advice for your tributes to survive longer.
  • Don't get mad if they die.
  • Post advice that is reasonable, not advice that is based off of another mentor's plans. (i.e.: "Jordan, Lyme is going after you. Kill her first!) This will most likely get your tribute killed, due to how advice is for the tributes and not the other mentors.
  • Reservations can be made in comments or on chat, or on my profile. Either way, doesn't matter ^-^

Tribute Template





Appearance (Real-life photo):







Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Interview Angle:

Charm (optional):



District Name Gender Age Weapon(s) User/Owner
1 Midas Dalcassian Male 18 Mace, Sword TheManOfGold

Amethyst Moraitis

Female 17 Claw-like Gloves LovelyLies
2 Aleks Lascius Male 17 Throwing Knives EvilhariboMadness
2 Orelia Vesilissa Female 18



3 Matthew James Male 18 Axe, Sword, Bladed Baton Jessacloud
3 Alexandrite Bohamia Female 14 Bow & Arrow, Sword, Knives. Marinalacrosse
4 Mitchel Salmon Male 17 Trident, Net, Sword YourFavoriteSalmon
4 Amber Seaside Female 16 Trident, Sword, Ax YourFavoriteSalmon
5 Pompey Wattson Male 18 Knife, Poison Hybrid Shadow
5 Marlisa Werner Female 16 Traps, Knives LovelyLies
6 Radiant Tayz Male 16 Throwing Knives, Curved Knives, Fists. Tehblakdeath
6 Ruby Burn Female 12 Dagger, Any type of Knife Pippycat
7 Harvey Free Male 14 Bow and Arrow Harvey The Hunter
7 Addison Waters Female 13 Throwing Star Blue-Ribbonz
8 Favian Thread Male 15 Twin or Curved Swords, Spear Pippycat
8 Bee Clio  Female 14 Axe, Throwing Knives, Spear Pippycat
9 Conor Detopia Male 15 Sickle, Dagger Marinalacrosse
9 Hazel Maize Female 14 Sickle, Bow and Arrow, knife YourFavoriteSalmon
10 Jamie Flip Male 15 Any sized knife or blade Blue-Ribbonz
10 Artemis Moonsilver Female 13 Bow & Arrow Marinalacrosse
11 Havin Famin Male 15 Sickle, Sword Yoonie
11 Aurora Avrett Female 18 Bow & Arrow, Dagger Cupcakes With Flames
12 Falk Avian Male 13 Bow & Arrow Yoonie
12 Cinder Marsh Female 18 Throwing Knives, Baton Yoonie

Tribute Gallery


Remember, some of these are temporary replacements to start the games!


Coming soon, still need many RL Photos!


Careers: Midas Dalcassian (1), Amethyst Moraitis (1) Orelia Vesilissa (2), Alex Lascius (2), Mitchel Salmon (4), Amber Seaside (4), Conor Detopia (9), Cindy Marsh (12).

Loners: Marlisa Werner (5), Radiant Tayz (6), Ruby Burn (6), Addison Waters (7), Jamie Flip (10), Havan Famin (11), Falk Avian (12).

Anti-Careers: Matthew James (3), Alexandrite Bohamia (3), Pompey Wattson (5), Harvey Free (7), Hazel Maize (9), Artemis Moonsilver (10), Aurora Avrett (11).

District 6 and 8 Small Alliance: Ruby Burn (6), Favian Thread (8), Bee Clio (8).

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