Welcome, Welcome to the Sequel!

You may recognize this blog from my previous one, "Summer's New New User Games". Here, users will be free to choose what they want to do, but it all comes with a price...

Sign-Up Template (All Users, whether Alive or Deceased, must fill)




Role: (Main Character, Revived, New Character)


Main Character roles only apply to those who survived from the previous Games. Revived can mean you made yourself come back to life, and New Characters apply to those who are new to the rp blog, or even those who are alive but want siblings or friends. You must sign-up and get permission from me before you roleplay.

Everybody is now outside of the arena, met by a large field and a storm is approaching...


Summer - Age 15 - Female - Revived - Combat/Crossbow

Jen - Age 13 - Female - Main Character - Throwing Knives/Ax

Blake - Age 14 - Male - Main Character - Battleaxe, Crossbow, Throwing Knives

Connor - Age 15 - Male - New Character - Spear, Bowie Knife

Marina - Age 16 - Female - Revived - Anything

Liza - Age 15 - Female - Main Character - Bow & Arrow

Emilia - Age 15 - Female - Revived - Poisoned Blowgun, Throwing Knives

Nathaniel - Age 16 - Male - Main Character - Spear, Sword

Connor - Age 14 - Male - Revived - Sickle, Scythe

Rebekah - Age 13 - Female - Revived by mannequins cuz yolo - Kitchen Knife, Meemay

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