Wow, okay. This is gonna be emotion-filled and pretty long, so read this when you have time. Also, don’t get upset if you weren’t mentioned in any paragraph if I don’t know you or haven’t talked for more than one time in a period of two years, thanks.

November 18th, 2012.

Literally, I wish I could tell you what was going through my mind on this date, but I can’t, honestly, since I hardly remember. I was just that girl who was obsessed with The Hunger Games and wanted somewhere that wasn’t really roleplaying, but still be able to have a tribute to participate in. I searched lots and lots of websites, literally I swear I searched hundreds, until I found this site called “The Hunger Games Wiki”.

Before I joined I had no clue of what a wiki was, nor did I even know what Wikia was, since it just seemed like a really cool site with information from the book and that’s it.

So, that does make The Hunger Games wiki my first wiki to ever join, before I discovered all the rest of them.

I don’t recall what I really did back then, but I do remember when I made my first group of friends, which was Jackie, Julia, Claudia, Emma and Kekai . Literally, they were the first were the first five that I ever hung out with and knew really well, even if they hardly come on anymore. Sure, there probably was lots of other people I talked to, but these are the ones who I’d mainly talk with and torture them with pictures of very delicious pies and cakes with (don’t even go there with the asking, bc remember, this was two-years-back old me).

A few months later, I met Erlend, and his tributes were literally on point and he’s just a really good friend of mine, plus the games he hosted were amazing.

Alright, so it’s already early 2013 at this point. Before I get further with amazing peeps, let me get onto the name change.

I was named “THGClatoLover”, once again, I had literally just turned thirteen, so I still had the mind of a twelve-year-old, most likely.

After meeting Jackie and realizing that a name could have spaces between it, since I didn’t really meet anyone else who had spaces in their username, I tried coming up with a name that was better than a really lame ship username.

I did consider the username “Loud Whispers”, but I really wanted the username to be unique in it’s own way and not something that people could think of off of the top of their head.

After about a day of trying to look for really descriptive words, I came up with the name “Blissfully Mine”, as I felt like the meaning behind it could mean anything, really, as it all depended on how the person seeing the username took it.

A few months after that, I met Justin. He was just really nice and funny, and one of the people who stuck around the wiki to this day. He’s also one of my Once Upon a Time buddies.

I guess I did meet Kiki around this time, who visits occasionally, but she was still also extremely sweet and a really good friend.

J u n e .

Alright, so we’re talking June. Jackie and Julia eventually left around June/July, and it was a huge gap for me since I left for about a four or five month period, but eventually returned.

Around this time I met a user named Blake. He was just really cool and laid-back, but also quite funny as well.

There was another huge gap around this time, where I left from August-Late November. Returning once more, I met a user named Tyler, which I seriously believed was Canadian until mid-2014. Anywho, besides that, he was just really epic and fun to talk to, and that’s around the time where I was offered a spot in making a really huge games type of thing, which I accepted immediately to. There were co-writers which I knew, but the games turned out to be a fail around late December.

J a n u a r y - 2 k 1 4

Wow, okay, so this has probably got to be one of my favorite times on here, since this is where I met one of the most amazing people.

Liza, which I now call “Lizah”, probably PMed me or I PMed her or something, but somehow we started talking and long story short, she’s probably one of my bestest friends on the wiki, since she practically helped me with every problem I had and we just had a lot in common. She’s like a sister, kay?

Then I also met Toast. She’s barely been on now but still, I feel like she was a really good friend when she was active, so she should get a mention. Toast was really welcoming and friendly and sweet, plus I really liked her Toast avatar, so we basically became friends and talked for a really long time.

I also did meet Jay, who's really nice and stuff.

Since I don’t have the best memory, I do assume that I met a girl named Bekah by now, and she was just extremely awesome and also helped me through a lot of things, too. She’s also one of the ones who stuck around and is still here by now, so I really think that’s amazing and we’re still friends to this day.

Another person I met was Eli. Even though we weren’t really on good terms at first at all, really - seriously, we defined eachother as enemies - he’s still really cool and still gaming-obsessed, but it’s whatevs.

Wow, okay, let me see here, I do think I met Kaeghan around this time also. His tributes are also really amazing, and I also met Zach , who’s just really sweet and nice to basically everyone. He’s definitely one of my greatest friends on here.

So, I took another break from around April to Late June, before I returned again. Now onto many more things that has happened in the past six months.

So, Liza, Jen and I were hanging out on another wiki, I believe, as THG Chat wasn’t working and stuffers. We were basically just chilling there until one of us came up with the idea of doing a collab profile and writing a fanfiction on there. All of us agreed, and eventually, The Back-To-School User Chat Story blossomed, hehe.

I barely knew Jen before that started, and after that, we basically became twins afterwards. Literally, it’s so freaking scary that we have so much in common, but she was also really nice and still is today.

And I guess throughout this all, I met everyone else, including but not limited to Emilia, Marina, Viktor, Bee, and Cas. Yep, that’s pretty much everyone else who I can remember right now that I’ve actually talked quite often with.

Anyways, every user linked above has made my experience on here unimaginable. I shared plenty of amazing moments, funny ones, sad ones, dramatic ones, and yeah. Idc if this sounds lame or cheesy or whatever, but I love all 23 of you. Thanks for making me feel all appreciated or something like that.

And thanks for giving me exactly twenty three reasons to stay here and not delete my account or something for two years. And I’m pretty sure I do have some memorable accomplishments, as 1000+ edits and such, but I do think that the whole friends thing and my story is way important. Anyways, once again, happy two years and another thanks to you all for tolerating someone like me. <3

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