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Now, this story is based on Divergent, but that's not it. There's a rumor of how people are getting reaped, going into games, somewhere beyond the fence. They call it Panem.

Erudite, now planning to get control over Chicago and even out the system, contacts Panem to merge for support of executing divergents and rebels. But not the districts.

The Capitol.





Starting Faction:

Transfer Faction:

Please do not decide whether you are divergent or not. That is up to me.

Chapter One; The Aptitude Test - Summer's POV

The bus sways and I hold onto my seat for support. An elder woman gets on, looking at me.

"Are you going for the aptitude test?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Good luck." A smile comes onto her face as I notice her crow feet by her eyes. I simply just nod, fiddling with a spare string hanging from my black and white dress. It was just polka dots, with a white collar at the top, which I had made sure was folded correctly. Today was the Aptitude Test, where every sixteen-year-old would take this test to figure out which faction you really belong in. I'd have to rely on that...what if it isn't Candor...I'll have to leave...

"You look troubled." The woman says again, concerned.

"Indeed I am," I reply, looking at the window. She smiles warmly. "You have nothing to be afraid of. Whatever choice you make, I'm sure your parents will be fine with. You're free to do your choice. I know it's hard...but really, y-"

"Yeah, it is hard. I don't want to leave them."

"You don't have to."

"The test defines me," I answer. "I don't have to but leaving Candor for another faction is basically like betrayal to my family. Staying in Candor immediately becomes betrayal to myself. But I don't want betrayal to anyone. I'm not selfish, but I want be able to see what lies beyond my faction."

"The choice is yours." She just stands there, her cane to support her. I'm almost frightened that if we take any sharp turns she'll fall down.

"Yeah." I state, as the bus comes to a halt. I slowly get up, allowing the elderly to go first before stepping off, and then find myself in the middle of the streets. Variety of color surrounds me, red, yellow, blue, black, everybody dressed neatly in each. Combinations in between. Exhaling softly, I find the Candor line and make my way to it, noticing that Dauntless is already here. I've always admired Dauntless...but Abnegation as well.

"Summer, right?" Somebody says behind me, and I turn around. It's a boy with sandy blonde hair and really nice green eyes, as a smirk lies upon his face. "Er...yeah."

"What's wrong with it?" I ask.

"A season as a name, really?"

"I don't even know you."

"Oh, but you do."

"That is bull-"

" should keep your manners, don't you think? I'm just being honest."

I open my mouth to make a comeback but close it, turning back around. That's the thing about Candor guys. They're sadistic, but mostly honest. Whatever they tell you is what they're thinking about, what they actually see you as. And there's nothing you can do about it.

Everybody thinks I belong in a different faction, because in Candor I'm 'too silent'. It's true, really, I have no friends, but I know better to keep my thoughts in my head and don't let them slip off of my tongue. That's the weakness of Candor. They never realize the harm being inflicted, and they're rather full of it, because after every offense made, they say 'I'm just being honest'.

But sometimes you wish they weren't.

Before I know it, it's time for Candor to go. I look over to the same boy from earlier, and he just gazes at me. I face the door and open it, being met by a young-faced, blonde woman with grey orbs.

"Summer, right?"

Why does everybody keep saying that?

"Yes. Summer Evans."

"Good, sit down. I'm Vanessa, I'll be your test administrator...What's with this whole always tell the truth thing?" She asks, and I slide myself into the cold, uncomfortable chair.

"I'd like to know the same thing." I respond, and she chuckles light-heartedly. Handing me a vial of blue liquid, I tilt my head back and drink it, knowing whatever it is, is most likely for the test. I feel my breathing slow by default, and I can still taste the bitterness at the back of my throat. "Good luck," is the last muffled words I hear before plunging into darkness and awakening by standing on the driveway of a house on fire. Constant screams come out of the windows. "Help! Help!" is all that swarms inside of my head and I duck inside without thought, coughing from the smoke, searching around but seeing nothing but flames licking the walls. The voice continues and I realize it's from upstairs.

Sprinting up the steps, I find a fire extinguisher and punch through the glass, grabbing it. Blood seeps at the surface of my hands as I'm cut from the shards falling to the floor, but I quickly pull the handle, setting out the ring of flames around me. I quickly look over to a bedroom where a small girl is, and she has a picture frame with my mother inside of it. "This woman set the house on you know her?"

Her voice is beginning to fade and my breathing gets slower as I lose my perepheral vision, but I manage to say one last thing as the flames become bigger, nearly creating a wall between the girl and me.


The black blotches combine and I wake up to Vanessa again. She looks unsure of something.

"So, er...what's my results?"

She shakes her head, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion, her eyes darting from my face to the computer screen.

"Y...You got Candor, don't worry about it." She answers quickly, motioning for me to get up rapidly. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." She says, and grabs my arm, swinging me over to the other side of the room. "I'm from Candor, I can tell from a liar when I see one, what the he-"

"You got Candor...And Erudite..." She pauses. "And...Dauntless..."

"Wait, what?"

"And Abnegation."

"That's impossible."

"It was selfless to go inside of the burning house to save somebody. Dodging the flames and managing to make it to the second floor without struggle but a will of determination was Dauntless. But...that's not all..."

I shake my head. "No...that's not even...existent..."

"You created the fire extinguisher in your brain. It wasn't on the wall unto you looked at it, causing it to appear. That was an Erudite move, as you could have just not put out the fire at all."

I continue shaking my head. "This isn't happening."

"Telling the girl that your mother was the one who set the house on fire was a Candor trait."

My knees buckle and I'm about to sink to the floor before she catches me. "Divergent. Don't tell anybody about it. You have to get out before the instructor sees-"

"Wait, please explain...I'm confused..."

"You're the first in history to have that many. It's dangerous. You could be killed if you don't keep it to yourself."


"Go. Don't tell anyone." She then shoves me out and slams the door, and I'm met with a pure, blank wall.

Chapter One; The Aptitude Test - Jen's POV (Going In Order)

My mother places a hand on my back, escorting me forward. My half yellow, half orange dress drags behind me, needless to say I have stepped on it - nearly losing my balance - a few times. Plenty of other people from my faction gather near, all of them most likely heading for the Aptitude Test. I wasn't fearful, but I wasn't excited either. The first time taking the test will be my last, and it brings out who I am...who my brain tells me I should be. Doesn't mean I have to be them, it's just highly suggested. But I feel like that test is full of selfishness, as I have no doubt in my mind that it was created by Erudite, with their whole "Intelligence is key" motto.

Finally making it up to my line, I watch my mom disappear from the crowd in less than ten seconds. It's always like this, whether or not you're going for the test. This day is the busiest, and all you hear is crying and weeps from parents about how their child is growing up and may leave them. I don't blame them, but do they really have nowhere else to sob?

Being so caught up in my thoughts, I almost slam into somebody else.

I guess I wasn't looking.

Exhaling, I push through everyone, and get in line. I notice the other factions, such as Abnegation, who are all plain and not that much eye-catching. They just wear strictly grey everything, shoes included.

I'm surprised how they live with that; I'd be stressed.

Dauntless sticks out from the rest, not just their clothing, but their upbeat personality. I've always thought they were a lot of fun, as they mainly were just living in freedom. You can hear their conversations from practically a mile away, their laughter being the best.

Candor just stay stick-still, stiff and not communicating. Their clothing, like Abnegation, isn't making much of an impression. All you see is black and white painted on each of them. I notice a blonde boy talking to a girl with long brown hair and faint freckles, like me, but ignore it once they begin to argue. I doubt it'd be in any interest, plus I'm not the one to eavesdrop.

Erudite seem to have conversations that come to agreement. I can hear math equations with each of them, but they all seem to be having quite a fun time. Their clothing is rather neater and a lot more professional than the rest of the factions, needless to say that more than half of the teenagers have glasses plastered onto their faces. It's nothing that bothers me, but I just don't understand why they still wear them if they don't even need them...

And of course, for my faction, there's Amity. I'm the quietest of all of them, really, as I'm really supposed to be talking to people. There's nobody, and I just sit and watch as everybody dressed in long red skirts and yellow tank tops laugh and tease eachother, just having a nice time. Well, that's before a girl walks up to me.

"Jennifer, right?"

"It's Jen." I correct her, adjusting a strap on my dress. Bekah. She was quite popular around here, but also one of the nicest as well.

"I'm Bekah," She holds out her hand, a wide smile on her face. I just shake it back.

"Not very excited?"

"It's not that...just not very enthusiastic for the test." I say, closing my eyes and trying to imagine I'm elsewhere.

"I'm sure you'll do fine. It's nothing bad, I'll be easy. I promise."

"Sure," I reply, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. The conversation automatically falls flat, and she just returns to her place in line with some other girls, one of them blonde, the other a redhead. I return to watching the rest of the factions again before my line progresses, us being one of the first to go.

It doesn't take long before I find myself on top of a building, where there's two tables - one with a gun, and another with a gun. I turn around and there's a table behind me, that one with a bag of candy.

What is this...

I take the gun on my left into my hands and realize a young girl in front of me. I have to shoot.

No...why didn't I choose the candy...

I turn around to look at it again, but it's gone. Every single table is empty now.

I close my eyes, aiming at her and trying to pull the trigger but I can't. Something's holding me back. But it's just a simulation...

"Just a sim."

I pull the trigger and her body goes spiralling backward, off the building. I rush towards the edge and see the outline of it on the ground, the rest I'm unable to view because of a thick fog. I close my eyes tightly, guilt pinching my stomach. Somebody shakes me awake and back into the room, and it's the administrator.

"What did I get?" I question almost immediately, and he smiles.

" got Dauntless...How did you know it was a simulation?"

Oh crap.

"Um...because I just knew it...I mean, it's not real..." I bite my lip nervously.

"How do you know that? Usually almost every single person is unaware of it. It's like a dream, you can't control it..."

"I dunno."

I respond.

"I just do."

Chapter One; The Reveal - Rebekah's POV

I felt uneasy when they told me I got Erudite.

It's not every day that you hear that you've got those brains.

Despite that, I went home around the same time my brother finished. We both walked home, and he tried to discreetly ask what I got, but I know why. We aren't allowed to tell anybody, really, we're told to keep it to ourselves. I just responded to him bluntly.

"What faction do you think you're fit for?"

"I don't know, Julien. Really, I honestly don't..."

"Well, I think I'd like to be in Erudite."

I shuffle my feet, dragging myself back through the fields, not caring whether I get dirt on my boots. I wash them every night, anyway.

"Are you embarassed?"

"No." I say, clasping my hands together. "Really, I'm not. It's quite surprising."

"Then why don't you tell?"

"Because we're not recommended to. And I don't want to find out the consequences." I lie, but really, I know that's not the reason I don't want to tell him. He practically told me he's going to be in Erudite as well, but at the same time, I didn't say anything for two reasons.

1.) I don't want to say anything that would basically be like telling my family I'm going to leave them by choice.

2.) I don't even know what faction I'm going to choose at the choosing ceremony. I'll probably just sleep on it.

But still.

The rest of the walk home is silent and he just nods, as if upset how I didn't tell him anything further. I don't mind it. He's always been nosy.

As soon as I get home, I instantly begin to wash off the vegetables we pulled today. Most of it is just carrots, cabbage and lettuce, and my mother was preparing salad before she realized I was home.

"Bekah," She says, almost shockingly and pulls me into a hug. I hug her too, patting her back gently before she pulls away and I notice tears forming in her eyes. She cups my's always the same every time I turn a different age.

You're all grown up.

"You're all grown up...but I mean it...whatever choice you make, I'll be okay with..."

I just nod and she hugs me again as my father comes into the room. Seeing me, my mother goes to hug Julian and repeat the same words and my dad basically hugs me as well.

"Let's go eat dinner. It's your favorite."

We discussed things at dinner that, thankfully, had nothing to deal with the test. It was mainly about how the day went, or the discussion of other factions. My father would always do this, almost every single time rambling about Candor. I didn't find them to be that bad, even if they weren't on good terms with our faction. None of them were ever really mean to me...especially the silent ones...

But of course, that never stopped him, and my mother would always have to end dinner with "Let's eat the bread". Somehow, it stopped him from getting angry that night. I'd always wonder if it had something to do with his appetite, or if he just really got bored of hearing himself repeat the same thing.

Going back to my bedroom, I change into my pajamas and get into bed.

What faction will I choose tomorrow? There's too many...Abnegation seems okay, maybe a little overly-strict...Dauntless - no, I'd die...Erudite speaks to me, but I'm not completely sure if that's how I wanna go with it...Candor would cause my father to hate me for eternity, as much as he talks about how unfair and unpeaceful they are...and sticking to Amity just doesn't feel right. Like it's not really where I belong.

I just shrug it off and begin to feel myself slip into a slumber...

Chapter One; Choosing Ceremony - Emilia's POV

I sit in the crowd as my father discusses something with another man from a different family. My mother sits silent, just looking at the action unravelling upon us. As for me, I do the same.

I notice Tristian entering through the double doors, another Candor girl following behind him. She almost immediately vanishes upon the rest of the people trying to squeeze inside. Luckily I came here early.

I look at the bowls, already freshly prepared. The burning coals, the water, the soil, the glass and the rocks. Now all I have to do is drip some of my blood into one of them.

But which one?

I doubt I'm the only one worrying about this. But at the same time, it feels like I am the only one losing sleep over it. The Amity faction is the one hosting the ceremony this year.

It takes a few minutes before the Choosing Ceremony starts, everybody seated and ready. An Amity girl is called up first, her dress a boring dark red and dull yellow.

I think the host said her name was Rebekah.

She's practically expressionless, but I can see how she's fearful when she picks up the knife. Her hand shakes almost tremulously, and it takes her a while to decide which one. After a few moments, she hovers her hand over Abnegation, leaving it there for a little, but then automatically switches it to be above my faction, Erudite, which is when the blood drips and dissolves no more than a few seconds afterwards.


My faction just claps, one of the members getting up to escort her to a seat. A girl named Jen is called after, and nothing surprises me about her, either. They all dress basically the same...but it's like that for every faction. Still, something about Amity just sort of doesn't stand out to me.

A little bit of fear shows on her face, her eyes darting around as if she was nervous. She takes the knife and makes a smaller slit than the girl that went earlier, and without thought just allows it to fall on top of the hot coals. She had chosen Dauntless.


Their cheers are the loudest and almost were ear-piercing, some howling, some whistling, others just giving applause. A few of them get up, hugging her before allowing her to take a seat amongst the rest that are dressed in black. She doesn't seem to belong there with her sunset-colored clothes.

A few more people I don't pay attention to are called up, one of them being this guy named Nathaniel, who was dressed in Abnegation Grey. He had transferred to my faction, like more than half of the others who were called up.

And then it's my turn.

People allow a walkway for me to get out of the row I was sitting in, and I don't really feel nervous at all, until after I'm down the steps, just a few feet away from the table. My heart thumps in my ears but I urge myself forward even if I don't really want to. And now is when I realize that I don't want to be here. I look at the bowls, firstly, thinking about how each would impact my life. Abnegation sounds boring...Candor, I'd never fit there. Not with that much honesty. Erudite was just too over-board for me, and even if I love reading, I wouldn't stay. Amity, once again, just seemed to dull.'s worth a try, maybe I'd fit in there. They don't seem to be too pressured to work, being free and all.

"You are allowed to speed up the proccess, Emilia."

I forget that I'm supposed to choose, that I was supposed to think of this in advance. I quickly take the knife at his orders, cutting myself, which felt a little bit more painful then I thought it would be, but I can live with it. At first, I leave my hand on top of Erudite for a while, thinking about all the family and friends I could keep.

Adrenaline runs through me as I spend what feels like more hours trying to decide. The blood just won't drop. No. Not yet.

I feel a little uneasy and unbalanced on my feet as if I'm about to fall. Probably a sign to tell me to hurry.

I quickly switch places and squeeze my eyes shut, along with my hand, and I hear a small sizzle before the words come out of the hosts mouth. The word that I know will define me.


Chapter One; The Choosing Ceremony - Summer's POV

(Before you all freak, I will still be going in order. However, I wanted to be able to start the first chapter and end the first chapter as well, but this will only happen very rarely. Please don't freak out about this, as for Chapter 2, I will continue to go in order, starting with Marina's POV. Thanks.)

The girl from Erudite, Emilia, chooses Dauntless, like the one from Amity, Jen, it was.

I twirl a loose string around my index finger, my dress a strapless black one that stopped a little above my knees, with a pearl necklace and matching pearl earrings. My hair was done into a waterfall braid.

I barely notice when this guy named Tristian switched to Dauntless as well. About twenty more people I wasn't paying attention to choose my faction, until I hear my name, which practically makes my heart skip a beat.

"Summer Evans."

I'd beg for one more minute to plan it all out rather than just walk up and prepare to leave my family for ever with the word 'Divergent' flashing through my mind continuously.

But we all know that doesn't happen, does it?

I exhale deeply, my mother squeezing my hand before allowing me to get to the stairs. I place one foot onto the lower step, and I already feel uneasy. I try to convince myself that it's the heel of my shoe, and not me.

And I just can't imagine how wobbly I look to everybody else, their eyes glued to me, labeling me as a random Candor girl. But I just need to show them that I'm not some random girl who should be compared to anybody else. That requires being fearless.

Fearless leads to bravery...which leads to a form of being selfless...but I can't go with Abnegation. Okay, let me back track that.

I take another step and the ground feels like it's going to give in beneath me, as I feel hot at one second, then have chills the next. This feels like centuries.

Fearless leads to bravery...which means that being brave requires courage. Courage is also part of honesty...but then that's Candor.

I take another step. Only three more...Certainly don't feel less sick.

Courage...that has something to do with Dauntless, right? I'd die in Dauntless, though.

Only two more steps now...gosh, I'm taking forever, aren't I...

All that's left is Amity and Erudite. No, not Erudite.

Never. Erudite.

I'm finally walking towards the table as bile rushes at the back of my throat. I take the knife and quickly swipe it across my hand, trying to ignore the slight burning sensation. I look over at the Dauntless coals, thinking about it.

Nobody has stayed with their faction just yet. Maybe I'll be a first.

I turn my head to the stones, piled upon one another.

I'm too selfish for that.

My eyes flicker from the coals to the glass and I know I have to choose.

It doesn't take me a minute before I find my blood running along the smooth surface of the glass.

I am Candor.

Always Candor.

Chapter Two; Dauntless - Marina's POV

The girl with the curly hair from Candor decided to stay with her faction.


Dauntless is the first to exit, and I begin running with the others. Emilia, the same girl from Erudite, runs alongside me, but I barely even notice it. I'm too busy trying to catch up to the rest of the Dauntless-born.

All you hear are screams ripping through the air, shoes pounding against the ground. I find it hard, me in my blue flats, continuing to dodge out of the way of random adults who try not to get ran over.


I begin shouting with the rest of them, and after taking a few sharp turns, I notice a few suddenly clinging to orange ladders, climbing up them. Wow. Couldn't get any more exciting...

Literally. It's tiring.

I attempt to place one of my feet into a hole, and then begin to climb up. It's difficult, really, as I don't have any shoes that are fit for running, nor am I used to any climbing whatsoever. Tristian, one of the other guys in his blue suit, fails a few times trying to start.

I follow the rest of the 16-year-olds in black as they begin to run along this platform, which I know what it's for. The trains.

Emilia and Jen catch up as well, along with some other transfers. I see a train beginning to come, and a few of the other people yelling at me, telling me to run. I do what they say, following behind closely as I run behind them.

It takes Jen some time to realize that the train is coming, and she's one of the last to follow, nearly missing it.

One of the Dauntless-born press a button that I didn't really notice was there and swings themselves inside. I mimic their movements, and with a little strength applied, swing myself inside as well. It smells a little odd.

Emilia and Tristian are one of the last to get inside, and I almost thought the Amity girl, Jen, had missed it, but she was one of the last to get inside. She stands off in a corner, talking to Tristian with her voice rather shy. Emilia looks over to me.

"Well, I didn't know I had signed up for the hell faction." She says, grinning. I laugh.

"Tell me about it. I'm tired already."

"Isn't everybody? I mean, how did the people born into Dauntless even live with this? I swear, I really hope I don't have second thoughts." She murmurs, and I flatten out my dress with my hands.

"I already am." I mutter, before seeing a boy and a girl back up, and then run out of the train. Getting up assuming they had ran straight into their death, I exhale in relief once I see that they jumped onto a building.

"Are they jumping?" Jen says, walking over with a confused expression on her face. I just nod.

"Seems about right. See you guys on the other side." I say under my breath, before running and pushing myself off with my feet, before landing as the gravel connects with my skin.

Chapter Two; Dauntless - Tristian's POV

I see a blond guy standing on the edge of the same building I landed on, piercings sticking out on his face. I see indents where many more previously were at.

Once the rest of the people gather around, he speaks up, his voice cold and trying to sound scary. I'd beat him in a heartbeat.

"I'm Eric. One of the fellow leaders at Dauntless. If you want to be in Dauntless, then this is the way in."

He nods at the area behind him, and I assume we have to jump...again.

"We have to jump again...what is this, the circus?" I smirk. A few people surrounding me laugh, including another Dauntless-born, who's blond. Isn't her name Liza, or something?

He doesn't say anything; he just walks up to me, staring me down.

"What's your name?"

"Tristian." I mutter, shifting. "And if you know what's best for you, I'd stare at a distance."

He just laughs half-heartedly, still in front of me. "I think you're underestimating me. Think again why I'm here, Know-it-all." He then turns his back and I refrain from any further action.

Damn, I am so tired of people calling me that.

"Anyway, one of you have to be a first jumper. Who's it going to be?" He asks, standing back in the same spot. I look around, everybody's face tight with fear, others with no expression. I clear my throat.


"I'm not surprised."

"Know who you're dealing with, mate." I growl under my breath, and he stands off to the side as I walk up to the edge. Looking down, fear dawns upon me as I see a rather uneven hole, anything beyond it dark and black.

Well then. Damn.

I lift my chin up, looking at another building across from us. I take a step forward, and for one feel like I'm going to fall unbalanced, but feel re-assured once my second foot is off of the edge. Then again, fear pinches at me because now I'm just falling through air.

I try and look at my surroundings but everything is blurred because of the speed I'm going down at. That's when something springy catches me, and I grab for something under my for support, missing the first time, but then catching it the second.

A net.

My head instantly snaps to the side, and I see a brunette with wavy hair that stops about chest-length and very, very light blue eyes. She's pretty, you could say.

She just pulls at the net, sending my body in that direction. She looks at me up and down.

"Peer pressure?"

"No," I mutter.

Gosh, give me a break.

I swing over and my feet land on the ground, as she looks at me, fixing the collar of my shirt.


"Tristian." I reply, and she nods, turning to a few other people dressed in black gathered behind her.

"First jumper, Tristian!"

She then turns around to me, smiling.

"Welcome to Dauntless."

Chapter Two; Erudite - Nathaniel's POV

Erudite just walk in a straight line, probably going towards the compound. I feel really out of place, being one of the only Abnegation transfers. That is, until, a blond girl walks up to me, who is dressed in grey.

"You're from Abnegation too?" She asks, and I nod quietly.

"Cool...My name's Sephrine."

"I'm Nathaniel."

She has brown eyes...not surprised. More than half of Abnegation has them.

"Are you excited?" She questions, and I continue walking quietly.



"Yep. Sure. I'm not exactly anxious, but I guess I feel a little prepared..." I mumble, and she rolls her eyes.

"Boys are so hard to understand." I can hear her say, and I chuckle softly before I see an older looking woman, with blond hair and rather blue eyes emerge in front of me.

"Abnegation...Nathaniel, right?"

I swallow, nodding.

"New transfer?"

Another nod.

"Jeanine'll be seeing a lot more of me around, however. It's a pleasure meeting you."

"You too.." I say, shaking her hand. It feels ice cold.

She walks off a few seconds after, and Sephrine looks at me oddly.

"That was weird..." She murmurs. "She acted like I wasn't even here."


"Anyway, look, there's the compound entrance." Sephrine says, to which I look ahead and see a white building in the distance. It's doors are a navy blue.

"Looks big..." A girl, from Amity, says from behind. Her jaw is dropped slightly in astonishment, before she shakes her head, snapping out of whatever world she was in.

"Sorry...I'm Rebekah..."


"Nathaniel," I say. "This sure doesn't look like fun..."

"It looks amazing..." Rebekah says under her breath, her eyes still wide.

A girl, no older than 25, most likely, walks up to the line of which the rest of everybody was going in, causing everyone to come to a halt at sight of her.

"Initiates, welcome. I'm Savannah, but I go by Savvy around here...I'll be your instructor. We don't allow horseplay at all in Erudite, so any of you childish fools can gladly leave now if that's what you were looking forward to."

Some people frown. Others groan.

"Yeah...that's what I thought. Anyway, you'll be given a test all day, every day, each on a branch of study. However, you are allowed to choose a study, whether it's physiology, socialogy, get it. That study is what your focus will mainly be on, and you'll have to pass the exam in the first stage, otherwise, you're factionless. We don't give warnings around here, as we rely on you to study without having to know that you may or may not be disqualified. Scores are kept private in the compound, and if any of you find out about yours or anybody else, we'll have some conflict due to your ignorance. Understood?"

I gulp, nodding along with the rest of the initiates. This faction already sounds strict.

"Good. Let's keep going, then."

I begin walking towards the building, and once the doors open, look inside. Air conditioning brushes against my hands, giving me goosebumps, but I try to set the thought aside. The walls are a blank white, although in each hallway, at the end, is a shelf filled with books.

"This place looks awesome." Sephrine says under her breath, as the Erudite-born begin to scatter, familiar with the place already. I look over for our instructor, but she already left.

"Um...what are we supposed to do..?" Bekah asks shyly. I shrug, picking up a book in my hands. Chemistry.

"I don't know," Sephrine replies.

I see a boy with brown hair and brown eyes look over before speaking.

"We get fifteen minutes of free time, basically, to hang out here. Savannah will come back later on with a map or whatever to show us where everything is, but I already do, living in Erudite all my life...It's more of a routine. Just don't leave the compound...I know a room where they study biology and microorganisms, if you wan-"

"No thanks, we're fine." Bekah says quickly. He closes his mouth, before smiling.

"Nice to meet you too." He pushes his glasses up.

"I'm Wixer. Erudite, obviously."

"I'm Sephrine, Abnegation, and Nathaniel here is from Abnegation also." She points over to me, then looks over at Rebekah.

"And that's Rebekah. She came from Amity."

I thought he was listening, but by that time, he's already reading a book. "Did he even catch our names?" I whisper, and Sephrine rolls her eyes.

"I have no clue."

Chapter Two; Dauntless - Tyler's POV

A blond girl with tight, long curls going down her back stands upon us. She has a lip piercing and around two exposed, large tattoos.

"Dauntless-born, go with Piper, Transfers, you guys stay with me."

A lot of people go over to another girl who has stick-straight black hair and light blue eyes. She takes them down the hall, which is carved in stone. After that, there's only a small portion of non-Dauntless initiates.

"Now, most of the time I work in Candor, but for your sake I was called over to be your instructor. My name's Hannah, and 6 years ago I transferred here from Amity."

A girl with a brown pixie cut smiles, dressed in red and yellow. Jen.

"Anyway, for the next few weeks, you'll be training your hardest here at Dauntless. Don't get caught up in too much drama, as like every faction, there's a test. We used to do the whole fight your fears crap, but instead of the usual simulation, you'll have to face them in the final exam. The thing is, if you die during the final test, you die in real life as well."

I speak out.

"Wait, that's not fair."

"What's not to be fair about it? We aren't going to sugar coat it, we say it as is. If you're a true Dauntless you won't give up, you won't be a coward and you won't die." She hisses, and I clasp my hands together, speechless. "Before, it was based on speed. Now it's whether you're clever enough to put panic aside in situations. We have about 6 deaths a year, but it's fine. Hopefully we'll have less if you all share common sense." She says, shrugging as if it weren't a big deal.

"Anyway, if Erudite noses are done trying to out-smart your bosses, let's get on with the tour." Hannah says, turning on her heel. Everybody follows silently, but when she stops, so does the crowd.

"This is the Pit. Like Four, another instructor would say, 'the center of life here at Dauntless'."

"Where is he?" Emilia asks, looking down at the action going on. Some people are fighting, others hollering, and some just doing pointless parkour.

"In Candor. It's his first time there. Usually he'd be here in Dauntless, or in Erudite."

Emilia nods, returning back to her silent state. "Let's go over to the chasm now. Afterwards, we'll show you the dorms, and then you'll be off to lunch."

Hannah walks down a hallway, me being one of the first to follow behind her, and I notice what looks like a cliff. She stops in front of it.

"This is the chasm. None of you should come here if you know what's best for you. People jump off every year, and it's an act of bravery...but I still don't understand how it is. Some believe they can survive the fall, others because of problems. It's unknown, a mystery. Whatever it is, just don't try it."

She closes her eyes, exhaling, before making a left turn, down another hallway. I assume where we're staying is up here.

Sure enough, after a minute or two, I notice a door. She turns the handle, opening it, and then touches the light switch.

"Here is where you're staying."

"Boys and girls?" Tristian asks, and she nods.

"Great," I can hear Marina mutter, following the rest of everybody inside. I look around, the beds dressed in pitch black sheets.

"Then there's the bathroom...whether you like it or not, get used to it." She says, nodding her head over to stained bath tubs and showers, along with dirty toilets.

I shiver.

"Alright. Clothes are already on the bed; change into them, and be in the cafeteria in seven."

Chapter Two; Lunch - Liza's POV

Being one of the first to change, I walk out of the hallway and smell smoke. Coughing, I look over and see some fire, clothes tossed into it. One of them is a blue t-shirt and pants, another with the same top but a dark, plaid, navy-blue skirt. Erudite Transfers.

I roll my eyes, tossing my old Dauntless clothes into it, glad to have a new outfit. Black, ripped leggins and a black tank top, along with a newer leather vest. I toss my hair up into a ponytail and head over to the cafeteria.

I decide to change things up a little and get to know the transfers a little bit better.

I look over and see a girl with short brown hair, sitting next to a guy, and two other girls sitting across from them. I squeeze in next to the brunette, taking a sip of water from my cup.

"Er, hi?"

"Hello there." I reply, looking at the steak and brocolli on the table.

"Sorry, I'm Liza."

"I'm Jen." The girl says, smiling.

"Nice to meet you. What faction are you from?"


"Dauntless." I reply, stabbing my fork into the meat. I put it on my plate.

She nods silently, taking a bite from the chocolate cake on her plate. I take a small piece from what's left in a large, glass tray and place it onto my own.

"Is it just me, or are all the Dauntless here rude?" The other girl asks, talking to the guy. Gosh, this is why I don't like transfers.

"Excuse me?"

"Sorry...not you...just, the instructors and everyone."

"Oh yeah. They can be a real pain in the-" Hannah glares at me, and I roll my eyes.

"Nevermind. I'm Liza."

"Marina," The girl says, poking at her food. "I'm Tristian," The guy says, and I nod, wiping my mouth with a napkin.

"What faction?"


"Seems like no Abnegations or Candor came over here..." I mutter, looking down at my boots.

" that one of your factions?"

I shake my head, half-way done with my steak. "Nah. I decided to stay with Dauntless."


"It's whatever," I shrug, just when I hear claps from the higher platform. Max stands there; one of the leaders at Dauntless. I've seen him no more than three times.

And like always, I begin shaking my cup, tapping it against the table. It was like a ritual.

After everybody stops, the transfers clueless, he looks at each and everybody. When his eyes land on mine, I look away.

Something was always fishy about him.

"Initiates," I hear him say, and I look back over at him again. "Stand."

I rise from my seat, not exactly completely sure of what's going on this time. 

Before I know it, I'm lifted into the air, crowd-surfing. I laugh softly, continuing to be passed over, as I look to my left. Other people, like Tristian and Jen, are crowd-surfing as well. I smile broadly, for the next five minutes, until it all comes to a sudden end.

Chapter Two; Candor - Summer's POV

I walk over with the rest of the Candor people, some transfers, and others who are Candor-born, like me.

My black ankle boots begin to make my feet ache.

I walk over to the high-speed railroad, waiting for one of the trains to come by. The same annoying blond-haired and green eyes boy walks over to me again.

"Decided to stay? I thought you'd go somewhere boring like Abnegation."

"Gosh, you're an idiot." I mumble, watching one of the trains arrive. "I can see why you couldn't go to Erudite."

"Ouch. Boring girl is upgrading her comebacks, instead of staying mute, I see?"

"What is your name, anyway?"

"I'll leave that up to you to find out."

The train finally rolls up, and the doors slide open automatically. I walk inside, taking a small glimpse of the driver before finding my own seatalone.

"Well, isn't this exciting..." I murmur to myself, looking out the window, but everything's a blur. I return my line of focus to the back of the seat in front of me for the next five minutes, until the train jerks, coming to a stop. Getting out, I stumble a little before seeing the headquarters.

"Wow..." I say, out of breath, to which I am shoved out of the way by a broad, taller man. He turns around, the people around me gathering.

"Candor-Born, stay here. The rest of you go over to Emily."

A small amount of people leave, the rest of us just standing here.

"Usually I'd work in intelligence or the bravery faction, but unfortunately I was chosen to deal with Candor smart-mouths."

I bite my lip, unsure of what to say. He has brown hair and honey-brown eyes...probably in his twenties.

"...Surprised I didn't get anybody biting back, with all of you here. Anyway, you might've assumed you can just go home, but like everyone else, there's a test. We'll have a place for you all to stay, which should feel right at home. I'm your instructor, Four."

Like the number...or word...

"Which type of 'Four', like, the digit...or number - Four - or used in a sentence, like 'I bought a present for her today'." I croak out, my voice sounding a lot weirder than I expected it to come out like.

"The number..." He says, looking at me with both of his eyebrows raised. "If I wanted to learn grammar, I would've been in Erudite, wouldn't I?"

"I was just aski-"

"Whatever. Come on."


He turns around abruptly, walking off in the direction of the headquarters. I just follow behind, along with the rest of Candor. Once we get inside, I immediately look at the floor, which is white. In the center of the room we're in is my faction's symbol painted in black.

"This is the Merciless Mart. I'm sure you've all heard of it before..." He mutters, taking a sharp right turn to which I nearly stumble over my feet trying to do.

"Klutz." The blond boy from earlier says, which I shoot daggers at.

"Down this hall is where you'll be staying. Starting tomorrow, however, you'll be taking your first lie detector test. I wouldn't lose sleep over it, it's going to come anyway." His voice is low, sending shivers through me.

He turns on the light switch to a large room with beds, like expected. "The bathrooms won't be in here. Unlike Dauntless, it's up to you to make a scheduele of going there, as it's free for use of anybody on the second floor."

"Gross," A ginger girl mutters, and he turns around, body-checking me. I hold my elbow.

"Alright. Let's go to the cafeteria."

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