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  • BloodHunter99

    So, I know what it says up there. THIS GAME HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WIZARDS. "Wizard Battle" is an episode in Adventure Time, and my games will have reference on it. So it's like the usual Hunger Games, but after a tribute gets killed they get resurrected into cats, and they stay that way forever. So much better than dying, and that was how it worked on Adventure Time. So go make tributes for me! And don't forget to come join the Adventure Time Community Drawing Marathon.

    the only difference with the original hunger games is that after a tribute gets killed they will be resurrected into cats and will be sent to their districts and live that way until they die.








    Weaknesses: (must have o…

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  • BloodHunter99

    The Adventure Games

    October 14, 2012 by BloodHunter99

    These games are from the Adventure Time Wiki. The Gamemakers are also users from the AT wiki. If you sign up here also have time to go to the AT wiki, since we will be updating most there. I will be copy pasting them here if I have time. So this is basically a collaboration of The Hunger Games, Battle Royale and Adventure Time. We have this all planned out way before anybody decided to copy our idea, we had all of it planned out this 2 months before I posted this blog. It's a project by 3 users, a Battle Royale fan (Some fan) a The Hunger Games fan (Ninja Fionna (Fionnafan)) and a The Hunger Games-Battle Royale fan (BloodHunter99)--though I like THG more than BR :P--

    So the concept of everything is based on all of them. We have a prologue …

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  • BloodHunter99

    So, I'm making the Games, from the book. But with everyone's POV. You can claim the tributes with the names given, but I will claim one myself (but I won't claim the victors). I will also be making the full names of the obvious tributes. I will be playing by the book and film. But events will be chronological to the book. May the odds be ever in your favor!

    • I will play by the book, no need to remind me so much, unless I need to
    • You can claim any tribute as long as they aren't claimed
    • No cussing
    • No complaining when your tribute dies, I will play by the book
    • Stuff from the movie will come here
    • Please make the ages from the movie
    • No on my profiles or links
    • You can claim tributes by telling me in the chatroom
    • If you're a wiki contributor and don't have…

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  • BloodHunter99

    So, Haymitch Abernathy from District 12 wins. There's a tribute called Maysilee Donner from District 12 who goes up to the final 5. So, it's a fanfic. It's in Catching Fire but Imma make it more detail :P The Arena is obviously the poisonous paradise. And District 1 Girl goes to the final battle. So please make tributes., though they all die :P We also need stylist and gamemakers (for gamemakers FOLLOW THE BOOK), nuff said, off with you LOLjk XD

    • There are 48 tributes, 4 tributes from each district
    • No complaining if your tribute dies, remember, HAYMITCH WINS and I'm playing it how Suzanne Collins wanted it to be
    • Don't remind me a lot aout how the book goes, I read it, and I will use it as a guide. Unless I do something wrong
    • Anybody can claim H…

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  • BloodHunter99

    We were discussing this in the Adventure Time wikia chatroom, about Battle Royale and then about The Hunger Games and come to discuss the comparison. So we have our conclusion and this is the most appropriate place to put it in. I've come to realize how The Hunger Games and Battle Royale are so similar to each other. Now, I know some of you may not agree, but this is my opinion, feel free to comment below. I'm going to post the similarities and differences.

    • Both The Hunger Games and Battle Royale are both a fight to death where children are trapped in an arena to fight to the death until one comes out.
    • In both series, 2 of the tributes/students have been crowned victor, against all odds.
    • The characters represent each other and how they are so ali…

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