So, Haymitch Abernathy from District 12 wins. There's a tribute called Maysilee Donner from District 12 who goes up to the final 5. So, it's a fanfic. It's in Catching Fire but Imma make it more detail :P The Arena is obviously the poisonous paradise. And District 1 Girl goes to the final battle. So please make tributes., though they all die :P We also need stylist and gamemakers (for gamemakers FOLLOW THE BOOK), nuff said, off with you LOLjk XD


  • There are 48 tributes, 4 tributes from each district
  • No complaining if your tribute dies, remember, HAYMITCH WINS and I'm playing it how Suzanne Collins wanted it to be
  • Don't remind me a lot aout how the book goes, I read it, and I will use it as a guide. Unless I do something wrong
  • Anybody can claim Haymitch Abernathy and Maysilee Donner as their tribute, though they are technically mine Haymitch Abernathy and Maysilee Donner are claimed
  • No ridiculously horrible celebs, these are a games specified by Suzanne Collins
  • No Cussing
  • A maximum of 4 tributes per user
  • No links or on my profiles. I will not take them if you do, unless if I'm in a big need of tributes, but I'll definitely kill them in the bloodbath
  • You can reserve and claim from chat, when I'm online











Chariot Outfit:

Interview Angle:

What You Do In Private Training Session:




Story / Background:


Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses User
D1M Tiger Hail 18 Axe and Knife Climbing and Strength Left Ankle Katniss6226
D1F Diamond Celestia 16 Bow and Arrows, Knives, Axe and Spear Archery, Knife Throwing, and skills Sucks in swordplay, sickles and machetes ViniciusDeAssis1999
D1F Carlianna Hammock 17 Axes, Physical Strength Physical Strength, Strategy, Knowing what's coming Doesn't know when to turn on allies Thresh the Killer
D2M Drake Mordan 15 Sword, Spear, Axe His skills with weapons People who are shorter and quicker Theman77
D2M Maximum Roberts 15 Bow and Arrows, Spears archery and spear, his way with girls and his charm with girls finds killing hard, can be slow Tsteen
D2F Shiya Avier 17 Knives, Bow and Arrow Knife Throwing, Archery Anger Problems Katniss6226

Crystaline Watterson

14 Bow and Arrows, Knives, Slingshots Climbing, throwing stuff at people Absolutely petrified of squirells SleepAddicter21
D3M Nicholas Carter 16 Sword, Knives, Bow and Arrows Problem Solving, Stealth and Swiftness Climbing and Swimming Fiske_Cahill
D3F Harlow Moon 16 Throwing axes. Hunting,Perfect accuracy,Climbing,Hand-to-hand combat,Plant knowledge Swimming AxedFox
D4M Flood Tyde 16 Spear, Bow and Arrows, Knives Long-distance weapons,Swimming,Knot-tying,Climbing Short distance weapons. AxedFox
D4M Jason Oceanwater 14 Axe and Teeth Swimming, Running, Can go 8 days without drinking water or eating food He will die and never go to his mom (who is a Victor) ErosDistrict1
D4F Tosh Sato 17 Knife and Nets Swimming and Taking People Down Not very good at hand to hand combat Bolandcas
D7M Leif Wild 15 Axe and Club Running, Axes, Climbing and Enduring Pain Working with others and gets lost in his own thoughts Bolandcas
D7F McKenna Zetlik 13 Axe, Mace, Hand to hand combat Strength, Climbing, Stealth, Swimming Is too trusting, leaderships Pierulesnotyou
D7F Aleyen Woods 13 Axe, Bow and Arrows Agile, Fast and Intelligent Swimming RossInSA
D8M Josef Wilder 17 Crossbow and Machete Strong and Smart Anger Issues, Spiders, Food Attackcobra
D10M Bronco Bagwell 18 Axe Very Strong Dimwitted and Overconfident Attackcobra
D10M Bessy Tower 15 Small Sword Wrestling people to the ground and swordplay Climbing and Being Hungry Bolandcas
D10F Cheyenne Winston 17 Crossbow and Knives Hunting, climbing, jumping from tree-to-tree, aim, speed, agility, patience, calm and quick to react : Killing, underestimates people, easily scared, people think she is strange and strength is her biggest weakness Aquastar4infinity
D11F Calypso Dawn 14 Hachet, Blowgun, Slingshot Climbing,Swimming,Hand-to-hand combat,Plant knowledge,Accuracy, Pressure. Heavy weapons AxedFox

Haymitch Abernathy

16 Knives Knife Using, Fierce, Agility, Focus Hates the world, Stubborn and Hard Headed Claimed by RawrImmaEatYa
D12F Maysilee Donner 16 Blowgun with poison darts Killing people, perfect aim, perfect timing Easily bored, stubborn, hard headed Claimed by IHGWIKI


District 2

Crystalline Watterson POV :

"Crystal!!! Pearl!!! Wake up guys!!! Reaping day!!!" Someone yells from outside. Ugh, it's probably our stupid academy house keeper. I hate this place.

"Yeah! I'm up, you old skunk!" I shout back.

"Crystal? Oh please darling, don't get started! I know you hate the reapings!" she nags at me.

"No, it's Pearl," I say sarcastically,"And no. I hate everything to do with their STUPID games" I reply furiously

"Crystal, I know it's you" she says, "I know you-"

"Oh shut up," I interrupt

"I know what happened a few years ago. The wall" she finally finishes her sentence.

"Yeah? So?" I reply.

"The cartoon incident. Lets let go of it, shall we?" she says kindly, peeking inside my dorm.

"Fine. okay" I say while throwing my blanket across my bed. I climb down and I see Pearl still sleeping. I flip her bed and yell "Pear! Reaping Day!"

She flutters open her eyes and muttered "Wh-what?!"

"Reaping Day," I say clearly, "R-E-A-P-I-N-G space D-A-Y"

"Oh that." she says "I'm on it."

She marches to the bathroom, I stop her. "Darling, if you wanna use the toilet first. Then WAKE UP FIRST"

She just rolls her eyes and says "Fine"

"Nah, I'm just kidding" I say "Come on, I'll use the other one"

"The other one?"

"10 years living in this dorm and you don't even know?"

"Yeah right. You're just messing with me"

"No I'm not you big idiot. Let's just go get ready. We're gonna be late for the training class." I say

Pearl storms in the toilet and I use the other one. We chatted through the walls while screaming. We talked about the latest cartoon episode and the latest novels and comic books we read and of course, how we hate the reaping.

"Remember the wall, Crystal?" she shouts

"Yeah, LOL. You were pretty furious yourself that day" I yelled back.

We started laughing hysterically.

When I finished showering I stepped out of the shower to brush my teeth and wash my face. I put on my academy uniform and headed out to out dorm room. I see Pearl standing there, just out of the toilet.

"Lets go," she says, "don't wanna be late"

I just give her a slight nod at a little smirk.

We storm out the door and leave our dorm room. We just chatted like usually. We pass through pupils and we greet them. Suddenly I hear a voice.

"Oh there you are Crystal, all dressed up for training aren't you. Tidy skirt and shirt" our dormitory house keeper says to my shock.

"Oh hey Mrs. Avarian. Yeah we're doing great" I reply

"Well good luck to you girls" she says

"Thank you Mrs. Avarian" Pearl says.

We walked through dorm rooms and see pupils heading out to their classes. We chatted about our strategies if we ever get in the games, but, this is District 2! There are always volunteers! But sometimes they force us to volunteer, I hate our headmaster and teacher. THUD! We bump into someone. I look up and there's that kid, Maximum Roberts. He just smiled at us. Pearl, who is starstrucke just gave a cheesy smiled and waved her hand. I just smiled at her slightly laughing. He's pretty goodlooking and lots of girls like him. But not me, his charm would never work on me. Why you ask? Because I'm awesome.

"Hey Pearl, Crystal" he says.

'Oh hey Max" I say.

"Hi Max. Nice tie" says Pearl flirtily.

"Umm thanks Pearl. They're school uniform. Like yours and Crystal's" he answers flattly.

"Oh yeah. I forgot. Umm I-" she replies. That again. She can never flirt. I roll my eyes and I bump into someone"

"HEY WATCH IT!" says a voice I recognize.

"YOUR FAULT BRO" I reply. I look up and say "Well, well, well. If it isn't Darwin Watterson"

"Crystal? Hey sis, good luck."

"Yeah you too"

Darwin is my big brother and he's Max's roommate. When Pearl is trying to flirt with Max, Darwin and I make silly jokes and laugh endlessly at them. He was there when I broke the wall in my dorm. Darwin obviousl expected that, living with me for more than 14 years. Max was obviously surprised and he's quite afraid of me. Darwin told me that once. Knowing that I laughed so hard milk came out of my nose. Literally.

Max and Pearl continued to flirt with each other endlessly. Ugh, disgusting. Darwin and I just chatted about who we think will volunteer and stuff. We also suspect that Max might be in the Games, but well, he's a wimp toward sthe Games despite that he is amazing in training. He always hits the target and can jack up stuff and knows a lot of skill for survival but well by the looks of him in the reaping day he's always afraid.

"Come on you two! We're gonna be late!" I yell

"Yeah. Stop flirting! Lets go!" Darwin yells

"Agreed" I say really loud.

"We're not flirting!" They say together

"Whatever" Darwin and I say together.

"JINX! You owe me a soda!" I yell at my brother.

"You got me! Okay I'll go buy you one on the way" he replies

Before we go to class, Darwin buys me a bottle of soda with milk. Max and Pearl just kept flirting, Of course, I walked with my brother. Since he was my brother. He has the attitude like mine but he's much nicer than I am.

I walked to class with my brother Darwin, Pearl and Max. I stopped and saw that boy Drake Mordan. I have to say, that boy is huge! He'll probably win some day, maybe.

"Hey Crystal!" he says.

"WHAT?!" I say,"Oh it's you, hey Drake"

"So you gonna volunteer"

"Eww no! You?"

"Well I'll try, to go" he says laughing.

"What?! You're gonna volunteer?!" I say. Okay that word sucks big time and it sounds really awkward to me.

"Yeah I'm afraid so"

"I hate the Reaping"

"Why? You've got some skills. You're the most brutal kid in the academy"

"Oh really, big boy?"


"If you say so"

I leave him and I walk to my seat. The teacher explains about basic traps and snares and advanced swordplay and knife throwing. I pay attention attentively. After that we try to do some ourselves. We also go for a wrestle match per student. Girl vs. Girl, Boy vs. Boy and finally Girl vs. Boy. For me, wrestling and beating up people is easy and simple. The girl who got matched with me wasn't much of a competition. But well, she did pretty good if I say so myself.

Then finally I got paired up with Drake.

"You're going down Big Boy" I say.

"I'd love to see that Crystal" he says.

I start off with a few basic moves and use advanced moves later. I pushed him off the ring, signaling that I won.

And I say "You're pretty good if I do say so myself"

"You too Crystal" he answers me , "You too"

"Seriously you were competition I thought I was gonna loose there"


"You're probably gonna win someday"

"Maybe" he chuckles.

I walk off to sit next to Pearl.

"Wow! You beat up Drake Mordan! That's like impossible!" she says

"Haha! Thanks," I say

"That's incredible Crystaline Watterson!" she says

"Yeah I know! He's huge! New topic. What will you do if Max gets reaped?"

"District 2 always gets volunteers Crystal and it's unlikely for him to volunteer"

"Yeah I said WHAT IF but that kid does have a chance he's pretty good" I say looking at him throwing some spears.

"Okay whatever."

We go storm out to class to go to the cafeteria. I walked with Pearl on my way. Then I saw one of the most amazing seniors ever. Shiya Avier.

"Hi Crystal" she says

"Hey Shee" I say.

"Reaping day today"

"Yeah I know right."

"So are you gonna volunteer?" she stares at me with her deep blue eyes.

"Eww gross no. You?"

"I think I will"



"Well you've got some chance of winning, I heard you're awesome"

"You too Crystal! I've seen you in training!"


"Yeah! You were great! saw you beat up that huge boy in class"

"I rather not talk about it. He's really nice you know, but he's really scary since he's strong and huge"

"Well good luck to you Crystal"

"Yeah May the odds be ever in your favor Shee!"

I walk off the queue and I sit next to Pearl to eat lunch. Some girls came and we chatted a lot. Suddenly there's an announcement.

"Greeting pupils! Please walk down to the square in one hour! Reaping takes place soon. Our dress code is our school uniform."

I go head out to my dorm to wash my face and brush my teeth and do my hair for the reaping. I put it in a neat waterfall braid and then I ponytailed it. I wore my shiniest black shoes and stormed out the door.

"Good luck Crystal" Pearl says.

"Yeah you too" I answer, "Let's go shall we?"

We walked out the academy and headed out to square.


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