Hello all! This idea of the tournament games came to me when I was thinking about the Olympics because of the bracket play after the pool play, and I just thought it would be a great idea.


  • The game set up is like a tournament bracket. Each tribute will go into a 1v1 face off selected by their Training score.
  • If there is a tie between the Training scores, the person with the lowest number district will get the higher seed.
  • There will be 24 tributes.
  • 1 person will come out alive.
  • This time, I will go on to peoples pages.
  • Since the matches will go by sooo quickly, there will be no sponsors.
  • Only 2 tributes per person.

Tribute Format - Please follow this format!!











The "Lucky" Tributes - Closed

District and Gender Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses Apperence Token
District 1 Male Garnet Wilke 16 spear, machete, sword using spear, machete, sword swimming, friends, love N/A

an amethyst

District 1 Female Belle Silver 12 Bow and Arrow

Quick, small so she is able to get into small acloves that others may not be able to. Also is very good with a bow.

Not strong at all, prone to trusting people to quickly, is very niave.

Long Blonde Hair with a single stripe of Silver, Eyes that shine as blue as the ocean, small and slim, hasn't hit puberty yet, so has very small breasts, hands and feet.

District 2 Male Clay Ferintino 15 sword, mace

Running, stealth, hiding, strength, swimming, sword, many other weapons

bow, climbing

Blond hair, leaf green eyes, tan, fit, cute, strong

District 2 Female Tarelia Anderson 17 Bow and Arrow, Knife Using bow and arrow and knife full of vainty, thinks all boys like her. A beautiful blonde hair blue eyed girl. a necklace with a bit marble on it

District 3 Male

Noah Voltz 13 Throwing Knives Aim, speed, good at making friends deaf in left ear Peach skin, strawberry blonde hair, and freckles on his face. a silver necklace of a laptop
District 3 Female Ruby Hyrglass 16 Throwing Knives aim, speed, and mind blind in one eye

she's an average height, has baby blue eyes (or eye), tan skin and blonde hair that flows to her wrists

small necklace with star in center
District 4 Male Rackard Relise 18 Snares and knife dodging attacks, snares and knife, fast thin, not very strong

has dark turquoise hair and strange purple eyes that many think are contacts when they're real. He's dangerously gaunt for his age, but he doesn't care.


District 4 Female

Ashton Summers 17 Sword, bow and arrow remarkalbe endurance, kills with ease

Will break down if someone says something mean about her. Has low pain tolerance.


District 5 Male

Russel Murphey 14 Hand to Hand combat, knife climbing, stealthy, stragey backfires

has brown and blonde hair mixed that has grown down to his ears; his eyes are small and a dull green color; his skin is really pale and he has two tattoos on his face.

District 5 Female Ellie Miller 15 bow and arrow, spear long distance weapons, running clumsy, afriad of dark, can't swim well

Short red hair. Very tall, lots of freckles and quite skinny.

leather braided braclet
District 6 Male Brann Clatch 16 Sword Strong and smart bad swimmer, afraid of dark

Brown hair with brown eyes and a very nice smile. Has many muscles and is tall. He has strong legs

wooden necklace
District 6 Female Mina Dana Vir 18 Any weapons fast, stealthy, climbing N/A N/A

District 7 Male

Johnathan Hunted 17 Sword, axe, knife

good with swords, knives, and axe, and quite strong

slow, but good at making alliances

Black slicked back hair, teal eyes. Slim, but strong

District 7 Female Stephanie Court 15 axe, throwing axes, knife ok at running, strength, climbing fire, camoflague

blonde hairs , dark brown eyes , light skin

a silver necklace
District 8 Male John Calico 15 spear h-h combat, fires finesse, can't swim, can' shoot arrows N/A N/A
District 8 Female Sarah Silk 15 knife, sword speed, healing, smart not very strong, h-h combat N/A N/A
District 9 Male Matthew Wrightsman 15 Mace, Sword strong, eyesight not very friendly blonde hair, amber eyes N/A

District 9 Female

Daina Coleman 16

Needle, Rope

using needle and rope

Goregeous face with pale white skin, Dark brown hair, Baby blue eyes.


District 10 Male

Pamline Falcone 17 Axe, Mace strong, climbing N/A N/A

District 10 Female

Leena Vertech 18 Scythe, Kama fast, all weapons no accuracy, swimming N/A N/A
District 11 Male Lucas Ives 13 sword, strength

Stealth, strength, climbing, plant identification

swimming, scared of heights

Blond hair, dark brown eyes and one is very blurry, strong, dark skin, skinny

District 11 Female Demi Corres 16 throwing knives, slingshot, blowgun

running , quite strong , climbing , plants , survival skills

swimming, camoflague

long brown hairs , sparkle brown eyes , light skin

picture of her family
District 12 Male Gary Woods 14 Whip, axe very quiet, plans ahead panics when something goes wrong N/A N/A
District 12 Female Kylie Shine 16 bow and arrow, slingshot, knife

running , climbing , strength , hand to hand combat

nets, swimming

grey eyes , black hairs , olive skin


The Training Scores, Odds of Winning, and The Seeds

The Top 8 Seeds get byes from the first round - Means they dont play in the first round.

Will do these whe nall tribute spots are taken!

Training scores deiceded by

Seed Name District Training Score Odds of Winning
1st Daina Coleman 9 12 2-1
2nd Ashton Summers 4 11 3-1
3rd Mina Dana Vir 6 11 3-1
4th Belle Silver 1 10 4-1
5th Taleria Anderson 2 10 4-1
6th Garnet Wilke 1 9 5-1
7th Rackard Relise 4 9 5-1
8th Johnathon Hunted 7 9 5-1
9th Lucas Ives 11 9 5-1
10th Clay Ferintino 2 8 6-1
11th Brann Clatch 6 8 6-1
12th Sarah Silk 8 8 6-1
13th Demi Corres 11 8 6-1
14th Noah Smith 3 8 6-1
15th Kylie Shine 12 7 10-1
16th Ellie Miller 5 7 10-1
17th Stephiane Court 7 7 10-1
18th Pamline Falcone 10 7 10-1
19th Gary Woods 12 7 10-1
20th Matthew Wrightsman 9 6 14-1
21st Leena Vertech 10 6 14-1
22nd Russell Murphey 5 5 17-1
23rd Ruby Hyrglass 3 4 18-1
24th John Calico 8 3 25-1

The Tournament Games!

The President of Panem Speaks

The President of Panem's POV

Hello all citizens of Panem! I am very happy to announce the beginning of The Tournament Games! The seeds are determined by your training scores, which have been decided by the gamekeepers. The 8 tributes who be reciving bye's will be:

Daina Coleman of District 9: The First Seed

Ashtom Summers of District 4: The Second Seed

Mina Dana Mir of District 6: The Third Seed

Belle Silver of District 1: The Fourth Seed

Taleria Anderson of District 2: The Fifth Seed

Garnet Wilke of District 1: The Sixth Seed

Rackard Relise of District 4: The Seventh Seed

Johnathon Hunted of District 7: The Eigth Seed

Congratulations to those 8 tributes! So, you may ask, how will these games be formatted? Well, we got that taken care of! We have a bracket that has all of the tributes facing eachother in a 1v1 fight to the death match to determine the winner. Who ever wins there first round match will face one of the 8 tributes that got a bye. And if you keep winning, you will face another opponet, in another fight to the death 1v1 face off! You have to win 5 games if you did not get a bye to win the games if you did not get a bye, and 4 game to win the games if you did get a bye! So the first match will be soon. I am the President of Panem, signing of! Have a great night!

The First Round - The Top 24

Game 1 - Ellie Miller vs Stephanie Court - Ellie's POV

Well, me and the other tributes were waiting to have our seeds announced. The President just announced the first game. It was 17th Seed Stephanie Court vs me! Wow, I didn't think I get the first game! Some peacekeepers put us in a glass box until one of us were dead. There were supplies behind us, and I was looking at witch one I was going to grab and use right away. There was a bow with a quiver of 12 arrows right beside eachother. I'll use those. When the peackekeeper left the box, I heard a countdown happening. 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1.. GONG! I ran behind me and grabbed the bow and arrows. I fired the first one and it missed. She threw one of her axes at me and it grazed my shoulder! SHIT!!!! That hurt like crap! I fired another arrow at her and missed again! Man, I got to get my act together! She ran up towards me and pounced on me. She was about to grab her knife out of her belt when I headbutted her off of me. She looked a little doozy when I shot and arrow into her skull. BOOM. Well, my first match was a win! Now, my next match will be against the 1st seed, the best person. Crap...

Game 2 - Lucas Ives vs John Calico - John's POV

Everyone thinks that I am the underdog in this match up because I am the worst seed in the tournament! Well, I don't think that they know that I have a stragey to this. Make myself look weak and then actually show off my strength in the acutal games. A peacekeeper shoved me and Lucas into a glass box where there was a pile of supplies behind me. I heard a countdown happening. 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..GONG! I grabbed a spear and threw it at Lucas. It hit immeaditly in his chest, killing him instantly. BOOM. Wow, that was a lucky shot! I stepped out of the glass box with the crowd going nuts. It cleary that i'm the clear crowd favorite to win these games.

Game 3 - Demi Corres vs Matthew Wrightsman - Matthew's POV

I knew coming into this match, I have to kill my opponet faster than John did in his match. He grabbed his spear and then threw it at Lucas. This game was going to be a sure win for me! Here is my stragey: grab some throwing knives and kill Demi. The peacekeeper pushed me into a glass box. There was a whole pile of supplies behind where I was standing. Then, I heard a countdown. 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1.. GONG! I grabbed my throwing knives and started throwing them at her. None of them came close and I accidentily cut myself throwing one of the knives. I fell to the ground in pain. Then she came charging at me with a knife in her hand. She got the close engough distance and threw her knife at me. I'm so stupid, and so cocky. BOOM!

The Second Round - The Sweet 16

The Third Round - The Elite 8

The Fourth Round - The Final 4

The Fifth Round - The Last 2

Place Name Round they Died How they Died Killer
24th Stephanie Court 1st Round Arrow in Skull Ellie Miller
23rd Lucas Ives 1st Round Spear in Chest John Calico

The Bracket - The Seeds will be by Highest Training Score

Top 24 Games:

16th Seed: Ellie Miller vs 17th Seed: Stephanie Court

9th Seed: Lucas Ives vs 24th Seed: John Calico

13th Seed: Demi Corres vs 20th Seed: Matthew Wrightsman

12th Seed: Sarah Silk vs 21st Seed: Leena Vertech

15th Seed: Kylie shine vs 18th Seed: Pamline Falcone

10th Seed: Clay Ferintino vs 23rd Seed: Ruby Hyrglass

14th Seed: Noah Smith vs 19th Seed: Gary Woods

11th Seed: Brann Clatch vs 22nd Seed: Russell Murphey


The Bracket

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