Hello all! This is my first ever Hunger Games and I plan to make it my best games ever!! I will only need tributes. I will post the reapings, training sessions, private training sessions, and of course, the 26th ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES!!! -Bobloblaw1978 15:14, June 13, 2012 (UTC)


  • 24 Tributes will be in the arena. 2 from each district.
  • Only one person will come out alive.
  • You may not sponsor your own tribute. >:D
  • I will take reservations until a certain amount of time.
  • Only 2 tributes per person.


Each tribute will get 3 gifts each. Other users must sponsor your tribute, not your self. You can send your tribute anything, with the approval of me.

Gold: 0

Katelynn: 0

Troy: 0

Thaila: 2

Jacob: 0

Candance: 0

Surf: 3

Olympia: 0

Jake: 0

Esoreilla: 2

Tamora: 0

Lucas: 0

Kristin: 0

Atlas: 0

Luna: 0

Joesph: 0

Silena: 0

Rory: 0

Jill: 0

Jason: 3

Rena: 0

Mark: 0

Indigo: 0

Format for Tributes








Bloodbath Stragey:



Careers: Katelynn(1), Troy(2), Surf(4), Olympia(4), Atlas(8), Silena(9)

Lucas Rim's Alliance: Jacob(3), Esoreilla(5), Jake(5), Marson(6), Lucas(7), Rena(11)

Mark Lennon's Alliance: Tamora(6), Kristin(7), Luna(8), Joesph(9), Jason(11), Mark(12)

Careers #2: Gold(1), Thaila(2), Candance(3), Rory(10), Jill(10), Indigo(12)


It takes place in a mall. The center of the mall, is the food court, where the cournacopia is located. To the North is all of the stores: A game store, a clothing store, and a shoe store. To the west is the exit, where a desert where the temperature gains by 30 degrees, and its a hellhole! To the South is a secert room where whole bunch of supplies like food, water, medicine, and weapons(like a second cournacopia).It is in a big sports store and when you unlock the back door, it is in there! To the East is a cave that only the Gamemakers know whats in there. It is a 3 story building with a varitey of store in each floor.


Name of Tribute District Age Weapons User of tribute
Gold Morgan 1 17 Spear ms.finnickodiar
Katelynn Huxley 1 14 Throwing Knives Skytimegirl
Troy Ventura 2 17 Sword, Axe Mysims
Thaila Combe 2 16 Mostly All Catnipkatniss
Jacob Smarts 3 16 Bow and Arrow, Knife Wiki Contributor 1
Candance Volt 3 16 Blow Gun, Throwing Axes AnnieCresta4
Surf Waves 4 16 Trident ms.finnickodiar
Olympia Willings 4 16 Hand-Hand Combat Skytimegirl
Jake Odiar 5 16 Trident, Knife, Sword Tobi99
Esoreilla Snow 5 16 Bow and Arrow Katelyn.danita
Marson McKellen 6 17 Hooked Swords Cbuscrew344
Tamora Summers 6 18 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow AshtonMoioLover
Lucas Rim 7 16 Axe, Sword, Knife Jo3456454
Kristin Woods 7 14 Axe, Knife RossinSA
Atlas Dunnin 8 16 Axe, Throwing Knives, H-H Tothledoom
Luna Snare 8 15 Blow Gun Justafox
Joesph Anderson 9 18 Throwing Swords, H-H Combat AshtonMoioLover

Silena Beaurgarde

9 15 Throwing Knives, Dagger Madgeical

Rory Lemner

10 17 Sword, H-H Combat Wiki Contributor 3
Jill Lennox 10 17 Sword, Bow and Arrow, Spear RossinSA
Jason Rope 11 14 Sword, Spear Wiki Contributor 2
Rena Hier 11 16 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives Eleni12
Mark Lennon 12 16 Bow and Arrow PanemKiller
Indigo Blue 12 14 Knife, H-H Combat Gale's Girl


District 1 Gold Morgan's POV

We all went to a gigantic statium were everyone in District 1 pilled into. Everyone at school said that I should Voulenteer, because if I did, I would win. The really boring escort came onto the stage and made a speech. I zoned out when she started talking. Then, she went to the girl's reaping jar and pulled out a name that read "Katelynn Huxley". I've never seen that girl before, but she look average. After that, she went to the boy's reaping jar and pulled out "Daniel Morgan". It was my 12 year old cousin, I wouldn't let him go into the arena, epscailly when it was his first year. I raised my hand and screamed out, "I VOULENTEER"! I heard all of my friends clapping and cheering. The escort told us to shake hands, and finally, we went into the train.

District 2 Thaila Combe's POV

Me and my family walked onto a huge field where everyone was already pilled the sections. The ecort came onto the stage and we watched the District 1 Reaping. The girl tribute look like a good person to ally with. The boy's name was Gold, everyone started to laugh! After the video was done, the ecsort went to the girl's reaping jar and pulled out "Thaila Combe". I was my name! I was nervous, but I was confident that I would win. Then she went to the boy's jar and pulled out "Troy Ventura". No one voulenteered and everyone started booing. Troy and I shook hands and we went onto the train.

District 3 Jacob Smarts' POV

Oh great! The tributes from District's 1 and 2 we saw on TV look like brutes! Everyone at school was nervous that they were going to get reaped. When my mom picked me up from school, we went straight to the reaping. She told me that it would be a fluke if I go reaped. When we got in there, the escort went ahead and started the reapings. The girl's name was "Candance Volt". I knew that she was going to die. Then, she read the boy's name: "Jacob Smarts". It was me!! I heard my mother crying her eyes out. I was just hoping somebody would voulenteer. Nobody did. I shook my district partner's and went onto the train.

District 4 Olympia Willings' POV

My family walked across a ginormus bridge to get to the reaping arena. We passed some of my friends and said that Carly Davis was going to voulenteer. Oh I hated that girl, and I thought that I should voulenteer when Carly voulenteered because I was going to voulenteer anyway. When the escort came onto the stage, she gave a really long speech. Then someone yelled, "Get on with the reapings!" Then she when to the girl's jar and read "Carly Davis". Then I yelled out "I VOULENTEER!" Carly threw a hissy fit and went back to her mom. Then the escort read he boy's name and it was "Surf Waves". People started laughing and we shook hads went onto the train.

District 5 Jake Odiar's POV

Well, all of the tributes look pretty good. Especailly the Career Tributes. My great great grandmother and grandfather won the Hunger Games when they were a kid. So that means if I get reaped, which I hope not to, that means I could win! When we were making our way to the arena, we saw a rabbit having sex with a raccoon. EWWWWWW!! That was really wierd and disgusting! We got in our sections, boy's ang girl's. The escort came onto the stage and went to the girl's reaping jar. It read "Esoreilla Snow". She is in my math class. I know that she would probally die, but she might have a chance. Then he went to the boy's jar and it read "Jake Odiar". I couldn't believe it! But, I knew I had had a chance! Like I said before, I could win this!

District 6 Tamora Summers' POV

I woke up on reaping day with my dad passed out on the couch, drunk. Have a nice hang over, DAD! I just made my way to the arena withou my dad. I passed my best friend, Brandon, and said that what ever happens during the reapings, we will still be best friends. I said ok and we went into our different sections. The escort came onto the stage and did a speech on how the Hunger Games keeps Panem Settled. Whatever, I think someday, someone will bring down the captiol. The escort read the boy's name first, which was wierd, but I didn't care. The boy's name was "Marson Mckellen". Never heard of him. He looked pretty hot though. Then he went to the girl's bowl, it read "Tamora Summers". I felt like crying right on the spot. There was one good thing, and one bad thing about this. Good thing is i'll probally never see my dad again, and the bad thing is that i'll probally never see Brandon again.

District 7 Lucas Rim's POV

I woke up on reaping day with a dog's wet tounge on my face. I pushed my dog out of the way and went to the kitchen for breakfeast. It was my favorite: Waffles with bacon inside of them. I ate them up like NOM NOM NOM!!! Then we hopped in the car with my family and when to the reaping arena. We got in our sections and the escort came on the stage. The escort always made the reapings fun. Plus, he was a rapper, so then he announced the tributes names, he drop a few rhymes. When he read the girl's name he said:

Attention Everybody

I have the girl's name

This girl likes to chope wood

Her name is Kristin Woods.

Hey, I never said that he was the best rapper. When he read he boy's name, he didn't do it in a song. He just said "Lucas Rim". I sort of saw that coming in my head. But what ever, I knew could get a couple kills. I could win the games!!

District 8 Luna Snare's POV

My mom woke me up and told me to get ready for the reapings. It was 11:45. The reapings were in 15 minutes. I rushed to get ready and we got in the car at 11:55. Lucky for us, the reaping arena was only 5 minutes away. We got there just in time for the reapings. The escort was just about to get the girl's name when I got in my section. When I finally was abe to take a breath, the girl's name read " Luna Snare". Heard a couple of chuckles, and my mom crying. I went up on stage when she was just about to read the boy's name. The boy's name was "Atlas Dunnin". I sorta had a laugh of my self. But when I saw him, he was smoking hot! I shook his hand happily and went onto the train.

District 9 Joesph Anderson's POV

As I was walking in the arena, my dad and I were laughing. He told the funnies jokes. Right before we went into our seperate sections, he told me that we were having Ravioli: My favorite food! I was day dreaming about it when a guy taped me on the shoulder and told me that I got reaped. Even my dad's best jokes couldn't cheer me up right now. I held my emotions and walked up on stage. Then, when I wasn't day dreaming, I heard the girl's name. It was "Silena Beaurgarde". When we were shaking hands, I told her my dad's best joke. She started to laugh. I knew me and her would have a good friendship.

District 10 Jill Lennox's POV

I woke up extra earily for today, because today was reaping day. I needed to look my best, so I put on my best pair of overall's and a White T-Shirt under that. That was my best outit. In District's 10, 11, and 12, almost everybody was poor. My district was the 3rd highest for tesserra, so that must of meant that we were the 3rd poorest. My family and I walked to the reaping arena. We got into our different secions when it started to poor down rain. We still did the reapings anyway, but the escort did it fast. She read the girl's name first: It was "Jill Lennox". That was my name. I ran up on the stage fast, trying to hold in my tears. The boy's name was "Roy Lemner". I had no Idea who he was. But we shook hands and ran onto the train.

District 11 Jason Rope's POV

I woke up today with a bad feeling. The feeing was that I was going to get reaped. I put my name in for tesserra 21 times because my family is so poor. I went to the reaping arena with my 2 sisters and 3 brothers. We went into the sections and waited for the escort to get on stage. The esort was drunk when he got onto the stage. When he was just about to talk, he passed out on stage. A peace keeper had to come on stage to finish the reaping. He called the girl's name first and it was "Rena Hier". I have never heard of her before. Then he went to the boy's jar and pulled out "Jason Rope". Wow, what were the oods of that happening? When I was going ono the stage, I tripped and everyone laughed. We shook hands and went onto the train.

District 12 Indigo Blue's POV

I woke up this morning with a bang. It was thunder storming. We were going to have reapings in a thunder storm, and I think that I saw a funnel cloud. Me and my dad went to the arena, soaking wet. When we got there, no one was there. On the sign in table, there was 2 pieces of paper. One with the boy's name who got reaped and the girl who got reaped. The boy's name was "Mark Lennon". The girl's name was "Indigo Blue". That's my name. I looked at my dad and I started to cry. He hugged me and told me it was going to be okay. At the bottom of the sheet, it said "Please meet on the train at the back of the stage". So I went to the train with my district partner, and zoomed off to the Captiol.

Hey guy's, Bobloblaw here! Sorry it took me soo long for the reapings. I will post day 1 of the training tomorrow! See ya'll later!!!!Bobloblaw1978 13:15, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

Training Day 1

Surf Waves(4) POV

When everyone got to the training center, the Trainer, Alata, was telling us that the survival skills where most important and you should wait before you go to the weapons stations after you go to the survival stations. I was looking at my district partner. She looked kinda hot. After Alata stopped talking, I went to group up with the rest of the careers. A whole bunch of people went over to us to ask if they could join us. We only let 2 people join: Silena(9) and Atlas(8). We went to the weapons stations and showed everyone what we were good at. Gold(1) was very good with the spear. Katelynn(1) was amazing with the throwing knives. Troy(2) was a boss with the sword. Thaila(2) was pretty good with most of the weapons, but mostly the bow and arrow. Atlas(8) was alright with the axe, and he stunk with the throwing knives. Silena(9) was good with the dagger, but was not as good as Katelynn(1) with the throwing knives. Olympia(4) was very good at Hand to hand combat. Finally, it was my turn to show them my skills with a trident. I threw a trident at the dummies head, its chest, and it's heart. Everyone of the other tributes where staring at us in amazment, and I loved every bit of it!

Lucas Rim(7) POV

I was looking at the careers. They looked pretty good, but I knew I was better than most of them. The best of them was probally Troy or Gold. When it was lunchtime, I asked some people to be in my alliance. I asked Candance(3), Jacob(3), Esoreilla(5), Jake(5), and Rena(11). All of them accpeted but Candance(3). So my alliance consisted of 5 people. I need one more tribute. So I asked Marson(6). He said yes. So my alliance had now 6 people! Yes, just what I wanted. When lunch was over, we went to the survival stations. I thought that my alliance could be better than the careers! Then, we went to the weapons station. I went first and showed off my skills with the axe, knife, and sword. My alliance said that I was good. Jacob(3) went second. He used the bow and arrow and a knife. He was alright with a bow, but not as good as Esoreilla(5). Jake(5) was pretty good with the trident. And Rena(11) was pretty good with the throwing knives. Marson(6) was a beast with the hooked swords. My alliance was awesome, and I was sure of it!

Mark Lennon(12) POV

I was trying to get people to join my alliance. I looked at Lucas Rim's group. They looked pretty good. Then I turned my head toward the careers. They look like they can dominate. I asked some people if they could join. I asked 5 people. I asked Tamora(6), Kristin(7), Luna(8), Jason(11), and Joesph(9). They all accpeted! Great! My alliance had 6 people and they all looked awesome. We went to the survival stations first. It looked like my alliance member's were taking mental notes, so I started to do that to. We went to the weapons stations after we were done with the survival stuff. I went first in the weapons station. I showed off my skills with the bow and arrow. I was way better than Tamora(6) at it. Kristin(7) used the axe and knife. She was the best with the axe. Luna(8) was very good with the blow gun. And Joesph(9) was good with throwing swords and H-H combat. My alliance was way better than the careers or Lucas'(7) Group.!

Candance Volt(3) POV

Lucas(7) asked me to be in his alliance. I declined because I didn't want to be in his alliance. I wanted to make my own alliance. I looked around the traning arena for some people to ask to be in my alliance. I asked Jill(10), Rory(10), and Indigo(12). They all Accpeted! Right when we were about to start training together, Alata said that someone stole some poison from the poison station in the survival part. She said we couldn't train until someone coughed up the poison. Then, Gold(1) said that if you have it, just turn it in. Nobody will be mad at you. Nobody still gave it up. Then, Thaila(2), told everyone to line up in a line. Then she started to check everyone's pockets. Jake(5) looked uncomfurtable the entire time. when Thaila(2) got to Jake(5), he had something sticking out of his pocket. She reached in his pocket and pulled out a vial of deadly poison. Thaila(2) pulled out her knife and put it onto Jake's(5) neck. "You're my first kill!" Said Thaila(2). After she gave back the poison to Alata, Alata told everyone to go back into their rooms because training is done for the day. Now, I hate Jake(5) as much as everyone else does. My alliance and I will try do as much as I can with training tomorrow.

Training Day 2

Katelynn Huxley(1) POV

When I walked into the training arena, the rest of the careers were fighting. Some peace keepers had to break up the fight. Gold(1), and Thaila(2) left the careers. I was devestated! We lost 2 of our best alliance members and the games start tomorrow! Surf(4) told us that we need to train some more in the weapons station. So we did. I told everyone to try some new weapons. I tried the axe. I was alright, but it was something I could use in the games. Troy(2) tried the bow and arrow. He sucked with it! Surf(4) tried the mace. He was pretty good with it! Olympia(4) tried the sword. She could not even get the sword through the dummies chest. Atlas(8) tried the bow and arrow, too. He wasn't as bad with it as Troy(2) with it. Silena(9) tried the blow gun. She was a master at it! Even though Gold(1) and Thaila(2) left, our alliance could go far!

Rory Lemner(10) POV

Awesome! 2 of the careers left there alliance! That means that we could take out the careers faster! When my alliance and I were eating lunch, Gold(1) and Thaila(2), came over to us and wanted to join our alliance. Are you kidding me? 2 of the careers wanting to join our alliance! Hell YES! But Indigo(12) said no. But we let them in anyway. It looks like Gold(1) and Thaila(2) have taken over Candance's(3) leadership in the alliance. It looked like Candance(3) didn't care, though. Gold(1) told us that we need to take out the career alliance, so we worked hard on getting better on our weapons. We got alot better on our main weapons, and started working on secondary weapons. But Thaila(2) said we need to go to the survival stations and work on making a fire. Indigo(12) was amazing at making a fire. Jill(10) got a spark, but nobody else did. We are probally the best alliance in the games this year!

Marson McKellen(6) POV

We were in the middle of training when all of a sudden, Esoreilla(5) and Ren(11) got in a huge catfight! The peace keeper's had to come and break up another fight! Esoreilla(5) had some hair missing and Rena(11) had a black eye. Great, 2 of our alliance member's got in a fight. There's 2 down already, and the games haven't even started. I mean, like not killed, but we are 2 player's down from our alliance from everybody else's alliance. It's ok, but my aliance needs to get stronger. After training was done, Esoreilla(5), and Rena(11), came knocking on my door. They told me that they made up and they will still be in our alliance! Great!!! They are going to tell everyone else in our alliance that they made up. Now we got everybody back in our alliance! The games are tomorrow. I better get a goods night's rest before I die.

Training Scores and Odds of Winning

Name District Score Odds

Thaila, F

2 10 1-1

Hey guys, i've decided to not post the private traing sessions. I will do training day 2 today. Thne tomorrow will be Day 1 of the games!! Bobloblaw1978 14:29, June 20, 2012 (UTC)

The 26th Annual Hunger Games- Day 1

Silena Beaurgarde(9) POV

I rose from my launch pad. 60..59..58..57..56..55. I look around. The arena this year is located in a mall. To the east is a cave. To the west is a exit sign with a glass door that looks like the other side of the mall is a desert. To the north looks like some store's. There is an elevator that I have no idea where it leads to. 30..29..28..27..26..25. I look at the other tributes. The boy from 5 and girl from 11 are right next to me. I look to find the other career's. I see all of them but Troy(2). 5..4..3..2..1 "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the 26th Annual Hunger Game's!" GONG!!! I run to the cournocopia, I manganed to actually grab a dagger. When I was running out, I ran into the boy from 6. He had no weapons or anything, so I stabbed him in the heart. BOOM. 1 down, 23 to go. When I was looking for the career's, the boy from 11 stabbed me in the chest. I fell to the ground as my vision fades from life to black. BOOM

Gold Morgan(1) POV

I got a spear from the cornocopia. I was fighting along with Thaila(2) during the bloodbath. I saw the girl from 3 and threw my spear into her head. BOOM. "Got one", I said to Thaila(2). "Me too", she replied. BOOM. "Who was it' I asked. " I think the boy from 9", she answered back. "Anyone from our alliance dead yet", I ask. "One", she says back. Ok, that's good, only 1 person down from our alliance. The rest of my alliance and I ran into the shoe store to set camp.

Esoreilla Snow(5) POV

My alliance member, Jacob(3), got me a blow gun with 6 darts. I thanked him and we started to fight. We were hearing cannons left and right. I saw the girl from 7 and I blew a dart into her eye. BOOM. When I was trying to find more people to kill, Jake(5), was fighting with the boy from 8. He got decapitated! BOOM. I was sooo mad, I tried to kill him with a dart, but I missed him! Damn! I could of had him. My alliance and I went upstairs into a clothing store and made camp their.

Jason Rope(11) POV

I got the girl from 9 in the bloodbath. When I killed her, I almost cried. I hate killing people, but it is the only way you survive in the hunger games. My alliance set up camp on the 3rd floor. 2 people of my alliance are already dead. I see the careers setting camp in the cornocopia. They will probally leave there in a couple of days. My alliance member deicde to fall asleep, but Mark(12) said that we need to have someone keep guard so no one would come and kill us in our sleep. I took the first shift. When it was Luna's(8) turn, I woke her up and told her it was her shift. I fell asleep and I hoped that I would wake up tomorrow.

The Fallen of Day 1

Marson McKellen - District 6

Candance Volt - District 3

Silena Beaurgarde - District 9

Joesph Anderson - District 9

Kristin Woods - District 7

Jake Odiar - District 5

The Career's are starting to look through all of there suppiles.

Lucas Rim's Alliance is in a clothing store on the 3rd floor looking through there supplies.

Mark Lennon's Alliance is keeping watch and talking to each other

The Career's #2 are in a shoe store on the second floor.

Day 2 of The 26th Annual Hunger Games

Jacob Smarts(3) POV

When we woke up today, we had recived sponsor gifts from over the night. Water and medicine. Just all of us needed. We decided to move camp from our first spot because it just seemed like a good spot. When we were moving camp, we ran into Gold's(1) alliance! The girl from 12 snuck up behind Rena(11) and snapped her neck. BOOM. Lucas(7) acted quickly. He threw an axe into the boy from 10's neck. BOOM. The rest of my alliance decided to run, and so did the other. We set up camp in a big sports store on the first floor. It's pretty far from the careers. We lost one today, and we planned not to lose another.

Thaila Combe(2) POV

We ran into Lucas's(7) alliance. We got one of them, and they got one of us. It's ok, we still have 4 people left. We have everything but food. I think we might try to steal some of the craeer's supplies went there asleep. But Gold(1) said it would just be a death trap. They probally have some trap around it.

Atlas Dunnin(8) POV

When Troy(2) was trying to set up a trap around our pile of suppiles, we saw the girl from 6 trying to find her alliance. I told everyone and we ran towards her. she was pretty fast, but as fast as Surf(4). When he got close enough, he threw a trident striaght through her head. BOOM. We took all of her suppiles and put them in our big pile. We said good job to Surf(4) and Troy(2) went back to making the trap while the rest of us talked.

The Fallen of Day 2

Rena Hier - District 11

Rory Lemner - District 10

Tamora Summers - District 6

The Careers are making a trap around their suppiles.

The Careers #2 are trying to find a new site for camp.

Lucas Rim's Alliance has made camp in sports store where the second cournocopia is located. They just don't know.

Mark Lennon's Alliance hasn't done anything all day yet.

Day 3 of The 26th Annual Hunger Games

Troy Ventura(2) POV

We decided to move camp from the cornocopia. When we were walking trying to find the next site, we ran into Gold's(1) Alliance. Jill(10) shot an arrow into Olympia's(4) heart. BOOM. I threw my axe into her chest. BOOM. The rest of there alliance decided to run. We let them go. Surf(4) was really upset and angry that Olympia(4) died. He wouldn't stop crying for the rest of the day. Katelynn(1) had to calm him down all day. We made our new camp on the second for in a resturant, but there was no food in it.

Indigo Blue(12) POV

We just ran away from the careers. We were lucky to make it out alive. But, things were not so lucky for Jill(10). We made camp in a jewlwery store on the thrid floor. We recived some food from our sponsor's today! Awesome, now we will not die of hunger in the hunger games! Hehehehehe, see what I did there! Naw, forget it.

Lucas Rim(7) POV

We heard 2 cannon's go off today. What my alliance hoped it was 2 careers. We haven't recived anything from our sponsor's yet. We all of the supplies, but I think it would be nice if someone just gave us stuff.

Luna Snare(8) POV

When we were about to fall asleep, we here the anthem play, and the faces of the dead tributes of today came up. Jill's(10) face was expected, but we were suprised to see Olympia's(4) face in the sky. We went to sleep and just hoped that the gamemaker's didn't kill us in our sleep.

The career's are in a resturant on the second floor.

The career's #2 are in a jewlery store on the third floor.

Lucas Rim's alliance hasn't moved since yesturday, and so has Mark Lennon's alliance.

The Fallen of Day 3

Olympia Willings - District 4

Jill Lennox - District 10

Day 4 of The 26th Annaul Hunger Games

Atlas Dunnin(8) POV

When we woke up today, we heard noises in the cave next to the cornocopia. We think that the gamemaker's sent out mutts today. When we were going to investigate, this HUGE gorilla mutt came charging at us. We managed to kill the beast, but when it was going to fall down like it's dead, it fell on me. BOOM.

Esoreilla Snow(5) POV

When I heard a cannon go off and some wierd noises, I got really scared. Then, when we were lest expecting it, 3 tiger mutts came charging at us. I blew a dart into my mutts eye. Lucas(7) decapitated his mutt. But, for Jacob(3), it jumped on him and mauled his face. BOOM. I blew a dart in the heart of Jacob's(3) mutt. Lucas(7) told me to move on from our hiding spot so the hovercraft can take Jacob's(3) body. Our new spot is in a theripist office on the first floor.

Mark Lennon(12) POV

We woke up today with the charging of zebra mutts on our door of our campsite. My mutt came charging at me and knocked me down. It kinda hurt my head. When I got back up, it charged at me again. But, when it knocked me down, it broke my skull. BOOM.

Gold Morgan(1) POV

Thaila(2), Indigo(12), and I heard 3 cannons go off today. I think why the cannons went off was because the gamemakers sent off mutts. I don't know why they didn't send any mutt's to us, but I was happy. No one from our alliance died today.

The Fallen of Day 4

Atlas Dunnin - District 8

Jacob Smarts - District 3

Mark Lennon - District 12

Day 5 of The 26th Annual Hunger Games - Feast Day

Thaila Combe(2) POV

My alliance and I woke up to the booming voice of Claudius Templesmith.

"Hello Final 10. Since there is 10 of left, we have decided to have a feast! The hovercraft will drop the feast packages at the cournocopia at noon. The hovercraft will then come back at 8:00 to take back the table and the feast packages left alone. Your package has your alliance name on it. If you grab someone else's package, you will be struck by lighting by the gamemakers. You can get it at your own risk. Bye-Bye now. And may the odds be ever in your favour."

We decided to let Gold(1) get the feast package, while Indigo(12) and I keep watch. When we got down to the courncopia, no ones package has been taken. Gold(1) ran out to get our package right when Lucas(7) ran out to get his. Lucas(7) grabbed his axe and threw it at Gold(1). BOOM. NOOOOOOO! I got soo mad that I fired an arrow at Lucas's(7) heart. BOOM. I ran out and grabbed the feast package and ran away back to camp.

Troy Ventura(2) POV

We just saw 2 people die while trying to get their package. I was glad I didn't run out and get killed myself. I ran out and tried to get my alliance's feast package. When I was just about ot grab it, I saw Luna(8) with a blow gun in her mouth, aiming at me. And that was the last thing I ever saw. BOOM.

Luna Snare(8) POV

I just killed Troy(2). Yes! The biggest threat in the games is now dead! Then, I saw Katelynn(1) run out for her package. I shot a dart at her, but it missed! After I saw them move away. I ran out and grabbed the feast package for Jason(11) and I and ran back to camp. But, he moved our camp and I forgot where it was. He was soo fast I couldn't keep up with him.

Esoreilla Snow(5) POV

I heard 3 cannons go off at the feast. After a while, Lucas(7) hasen't come bac to camp yet. I looked down at the cornocopia and saw Lucas's(7) dead body! I ran away and fell asleep, hoping that I wake up tomorrow.

The Fallen of Day 5 - Feast Day

Gold Morgan - District 1

Lucas Rim - District 7

Troy Ventura - District 2

Day 6 of The 26th Annual Hunger Games

Surf Waves(4) POV

Katelynn(1) and I decided to go night hunting for maybe tributes that are asleep. I told Katelynn(1) that it is the final seven, and we have to start killing eachother at some point. She told me that would have to happen in the final 2. When we were night hunting, we saw Luna(8) trying to find her last alliance member. When she started to run, she tripped imeditally. I said I wanted the kill, and Katelynn(1) said I could have it. I said to Luna(8), "Looking for Jason(11)?" And I put a Trident threw her heart. BOOM. I kind of admit, that was kind of cruel, but it was awesome. Katelynn(1) and I decided to go back to sleep because the other tributes probally woke up from the cannon.

Thaila Combe(2) POV

Indigo(12) and I woke up to the sound of a cannon. We looked up into the sky and it was Luna from 8. Dang it! I just wished that it was a career. Well, there is only 2 careers left, maybe Indigo(12) and I can handle them? Indigo(12) and I went back to sleep, just wishing that we wont not die.

The Fallen of Day 6

Luna Snare - District 8

Day 7 of The 26th Annual Hunger Games

Katelynn Huxley(1) POV

When Surf(4) and I woke up, he said he wanted to go hunting again. He went hunting while I stayed and watched the supplies. While I was daaydreaming about me winning the games, I was interuppted by and arrow flying right by my head. It was Indigo(12). I threw a knife at her, I heard a scream, but no cannon. When I went to go check it out, I saw Indigo(12) eating instant revive. I lunged at her with my knife, it missed. I had one knife left, and I threw it at her, but it missed again! Then she pulled back her last arrow with her bow, and she shot it. It missed me. Wow, a whole lot of missing in this battle. When I ran into the cornocopia to get some more knives, I recived a sponsor gift. 6 knives, YES! When I ran outside of the cornocopia, Indigo(12) was waiting for me, picking up her missed arrows. I threw a knife when she shot her arrow. They knife hit her in the leg. I tackled her on the ground when I saw her reaching for her instant revive. When I was about to end her misery, she pulled out one of her arrows and jammed it into my eye. BOOM.

Surf Waves(4) POV

I heard some screams, and a cannon go off. I ran down to the cornocopia and I heard another cannon. BOOM. I looked down at the cornocopia and saw Indigo(12) and Katelynn(1) dead. I screamed and ran down to Katelynn's(1) body. She had an arrow in her eye. Then I looked at Indigo(12). She had a knife in her leg. She probally died of blood loss. Hey, i'm in the final four of the hunger games! Awesome, now I know I can win this!

Jason Rope(11) POV

I heard 2 cannons. I wasen't sure who it was. Wait, I just relised I am in the final 4. I just hope I can win the games. I when I was about ot fall asleep, I saw the dead tributes of today. I saw Indigo(12) and Katelynn(1). So the last tributes in the 26th Annual Hunger Games are Me, Surf(4), Esoreilla(5), and Thaila(2).

The Fallen of Day 7

Katelynn Huxley - District 1

Indigo Blue - District 12

Congradulations to the final 4! The final day will be tomorrow! Blu3 x soldier 15:57, June 27, 2012 (UTC)

Day 8 of The 26th Annual Hunger Games - The Final Battle

Esoreilla Snow(5) POV

I woke up today with all of my supplies gone. Then, Claudius Templesmith came onto the intercom.

"Hello Final 4 Tributes! Please meet at the cornocopia. No killing any tributes if you see them. Bye-Bye! And may the odds be ever in your favour!"

I went down into the cornocopia were there were pads with everyone's names on them. I went onto my pad which was next to Jason's(11) pad. When everyone go onto there launch pad, Templesmith came back.

"Hello everyone again. The gamemakers have decided to have the final battle today. The have decided to have another bloodbath. We took all of your supplies while you were sleeping and we have place them in the cornocopia. We will have another count down starting now!" 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..0 GONG!!!

I ran to the cornocopia and grabed a blow gun. I tried to shoot Surf(4), but he stabbed me with a trident in the chest. BOOM.

Thaila Combe(2) POV

Esoreilla(5) just died. 3 people left. Me. Surf(4), and Jason(11). Surf and Jason are fighting. Surf threw a trident at Jason and it missed. Jason lunged at Surf and stabbed him in the chest. BOOM. The final 2 is me and Jason. I can take him easily. I ran toward him and threw a knife at him. He dodged it. I shot an arrow and it hit him in the leg. He threw a spear and it made a cut in my throwing arm. DAMN! Now I cant throw my knives. I charged at him and tackled him and pinned him to the ground. I was about to stab him but he kicked me off of him. I tried to stab him, but I missed. He dropped his sword so he tried to run, but he couldn't because of his leg. I threw my knife with all of my strength. I heard it hit something. Then I heard a cannon. BOOM. I just won the 26th Annual Hunger Games! The hovercraft came and picked me up and brought me to the captiol.

How the victor is doing!!

Name of person What they have What they need
Thaila Combe - District 2 Weapons, Water, Medicine, Food Nothing

Death Chart

Place Name District Cause of Death Killer
24th Marson McKellen 6 Knife in Heart Silena Beaurgarde
23rd Candance Volt 3 Spear in Head Gold Morgan
22nd Silena Beaurgarde 9 Stabbed in Chest Jason Rope
21st Joesph Anderson 9 Arrow in Neck Thaila Combe
20th Kristin Woods 7 Dart in Eye Esoreilla Snow
19th Jake Odiar 5 Decapitated Atlas Dunnin
18th Rena Hier 11 Snapped Neck Indigo Blue
17th Rory Lemner 10 Axe in Neck Lucas Rim
16th Tamora Summers 6 Trident in Head Surf Waves
15th Olympia Willings 4 Arrow in Heart Jill Lennox
14th Jill Lennox 10 Axe in Chest Troy Ventura
13th Atlas Dunnin 8 Falling Gorilla Gorilla Mutt
12th Jacob Smarts 3 Mauled

Tiger Mutt

11th Mark Lennon 12 Crushed Skull Zebra Mutt
10th Gold Morgan 1 Decapitated Lucas Rim
9th Lucas Rim 7 Arrow in Heart

Thaila Combe

8th Troy Ventura 2 Dart in Eye Luna Snare
7th Luna Snare 8

Trident in Heart

Surf Waves
6th Katelynn Huxley 1 Arrow in Eye Indigo Blue
5th Indigo Blue 12 Blood loss (techically) Katelynn Huxley
4th Esoreilla Snow 5 Trident in Chest Surf Waves
3rd Surf Waves 4 Stabbed in Heart Jason Rope
2nd Jason Rope 11 Knife in Eye Thaila Combe
Victor Thaila Combe 2 ---------------- ---------------

Congradulations to CatnipKatniss for having the winning tribute. And thank all of your guys for a great first games ever!! Blu3 x soldier 18:16, June 28, 2012 (UTC)

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