Hello All! This my second games and the sequell to my first games, The 26th Annual Hunger Games! The rules will be the same as always. But if you don't know the rules to my games, just look at the rules part. If you are interested in checking out the 26th hunger games, Here is the link:

Since Thaila Combe from District 2 won those games, the creator, Catnipkatnis, she will recive an extra gift if she joins these games!


  • There will be 24 tributes
  • Only 1 person will come out alive.
  • I will hold reservtions for 2 days, then they will go way.
  • 2 tributes per person.


The arena is a square divided into 4 different sections. The cournocopia is in the middle of the arena. To the North is a jungle with a bunch of mutts and edible and poisionus plants. To the South is a Waterfall and it is the only freshwater source of the arena. To the east is a Desert where temperatures get to 110 degrees F. And to the West is a mountain where the temperatures drop to a -20 degrees F.


Each Tribute will have 3 gifts. You can send your tribute anything, with the approval of me!!

Alliances: I used to decided the alliances


Lion(1), Emerald(1), Gavin(2), Zarahela(2), Chase(4), Stella(4)

District 5, 7, and 12:

Angel(5), Serphina(5), Juniper(7), Atlas(7), Zain(12), Elena(12)

District 3, 10, and 11:

Dexter(3), Dianna(3), Bronco(10), Maggie(10), Blade(11), Angie(11)

District 6, 8, and 9:

Xaiver(6), Erin(6), Dake(8), Melora(8), Tyler(9), Iris(9)

Format for Tributes













Training Scores and Odds of Winning

Name District Score Odds
Lion, M 1 11 3-1
Emerald, F 1 9 6-1
Gavin, M 2 10 4-1
Zarahela, F 2 8 7-1
Dexter, M 3 5 21-1
Dianna, F 3 6 19-1
Chase, M 4 9 5-1
Stella, F 4 10 4-1
Angel, M 5 5 22-1
Serephina, F 5 7 14-1
Xaiver, M 6 4 24-1
Erin, F 6 4 24-1
Atlas, M 7 11 3-1
Juniper, F 7 3 30-1
Dake, M 8 9 5-1
Melora, F 8 9 5-1
Tyler, M 9 4 26-1
Iris, F 9 6 17-1
Bronco, M 10 7 12-1
Maggie, F 10 8 10-1
Blade, M 11 10 4-1
Angie F 11 6 16-1
Zain, M 12 7 14-1
Elena, F 12 9 6-1

Stuff to know about the Training Scores and Odds of Winning

  • Atlas from 7 and Lion from 1 got the highest scores of 11 and got the highest odds of winning of 3-1.
  • Juniper from 7 got the lowest training score of a 3 and the lowest odds of winning of 30-1.
  • District 7 had the highest difference in training scores, of Atlas getting an 11 and Juniper getting a 3.
  • District 8 was the only district that had both tributes get the same score and odds. The score was 9 and odds were 5-1.
  • District 6 also had both tributes get the same score and odds, but they were the worst. The score was 4 and odds were 24-1.
  • The alliance wih the highest training scores put togeher other than the career's would be the District 5,7, and 12 alliance with a combined score of 42.

Death Chart

Place Name of Dead Tribute District How they Were Killed By Who Day
24th Zain Shocair 12 Drowned Xaiver Woods 1
23rd Juniper Hollis 7 Slit Throat Melora Givens 1
22nd Dexter Volts 3 Dart in Eye Angel Spipnoza 1
21st Erin Wolfe 6 Arrow in Eye Emerald Silvers 1
20th Iris Hope 9 Decapitated Atlas Dunnin 1
19th Maggie Legon 10 Knife in Chest Elena Livena 2
18th Stella Bass 4 Axe in Neck Tyler Tonic 2
17th Angie Herman 11 Knife in Heart Lion Scrapes 3
16th Seraphina Sage 5 Arrow in Skull Dake Larson 3
15th Zarahela Intien 2 Arrow in Eye Blade Wickheart 3
14th Dianna Rose 3 Stabbed in Chest Gavin Adams 4
13th Atlas Dunnin 7 Poisioned Poisonous Berry's 4
12th Dake Larson 8

Spear in Throat

Chase Tide 4
11th Chase Tide 4 Spear in Skull Xaiver Woods 5
10th Elena Livena 12 Decapitated Loin Scrapes 5
9th Bronco Bagwell 10 Axe in Back Tyler Tonic 5
8th Xaiver Woods 6 Knife in Stomach Blade Wickheart 6
7th Emerald Silvers 1 Dart in Neck Angel Spipnoza 6
6th Blade Wickheart 11 Stabbed in Chest

Melora Givens

5th Lion Scrapes 1 Poisoned Angel Spipnoza 7
4th Angel Spipnoza 5 Decapitated Tyler Tonic 8.1
3rd Melora Givens 8 Trident in Chest Gavin Adams 8.1
2nd Gavin Adams 2 Knife in Heart Tyler Tonic 8.2
1st Tyler Tonic 9 ------------ 4 kills -----

Day 1 of The 27th Annual Hunger Games - The Bloodbath

Xaiver Woods(6) POV

Me and the other tributes rise from their launch pads. Then we hear the countdown. 60..59..58..57..56..55. I look at the arena. There is the cournocopia where water surrounds it. I'm not sure how deep the water is. but i'm going to down some one in it. There also is a desert, a mountain, a jungle, and I think I hear a waterfall. 30..29..28..27..26..25. I look all over the place. To my right is the boy from 12 and the girl 1. The girl from 1 is smoking hot. GONG. I run to the cournocopia and the kid from 12 is in front of me. We both run in the water and I drown the kid. BOOM. I got up and ran to get some stuff from the cornocopia and with my alliance to the Jungle.

Atlas Dunnin(7) POV

I heard a cannon. I knew 1 person would die 3 seconds in to the games. I got an axe in the little shell looking type thingy and and out to kill some people. I knew everyone would be intimidated by me because I got an 11 in training. I saw Juniper(7) fighting with the girl from 8. The girl from 8 got her tackled on the ground and slit her throat open. BOOM. She just killed my district partner. I threw an axe at her and it missed. But it hit the girl from 9. BOOM. After that cannon, that's the 5th cannon i've heard in the bloodbath.

Dexter Volts(3) POV

I Ran from the bloodbath as soon as the gong sounded. I hid behind a busch and waited for the bloodbath to stop. But I think the boy from 5 saw me run and shot a dart in my eye. BOOM.

Emerald Silvers(1) POV

I ran to the cournocopia and got a bow but with no arrows. While I was exaiming the ground for some, Zarahela(2) grabbed me a quvier of 12 arrows. I thanked her and I shot the girl from 6 in the heart with an arrow. BOOM. After the bloodbath stopped, the careers and I looked threw all of our supplies.

The Careers are looking threw there supplies at the cournocopia.

The District 3,10, and 11 alliance are in the jungle with food and weapons, but no water.

The District 6, 8, and 9 alliance are around the waterfall with fodd and water, but no weapons.

The District 5, 7, and 12 alliance are also in the jungle with water and weapons, but no food

The Fallen of Day 1

Zain Shocair - District 12

Juniper Hollis - District 7

Dexter Volts - District 3

Erin Wolfe - District 6

Iris Hope - District 9

Day 2 of The 27th Annual Hunger Games

Melora Givens(8) POV

When My alliance and I woke up today, me and Tyler(9) have recived weapons from our sponsor's in our sleep. Since me and Tyler have weapons now and are pretty strong, we decided to do hunting. When we were walking into the jungle, we heard a scream, then a cannon. BOOM. This lead us away from our path, but right in fronnt of the busches that lead to the launch pads we were at during the bloodbath. We saw the careers. I was about to run away, but Tyler threw his axe at the cournocopia. BOOM. I think it was the girl from 4. He smiled at me and we ran away from the cournocopia before the career's found out who killed the girl from 4.

Maggie Legon(10) POV

When we were moving camp, I told my alliance members to stop because I heard a sound. Then out of now where, the girl from 12 pops out and starts to knives at us. All of the other missed, but the one she threw at me hit. BOOM.

Lion Scrapes(1) POV

When Stella(4) got hit with the axe, me, Gavin(2) and Emerald(1) went hunting for the person that killed Stella. When it was getting dark, Emerald said that we need to go back. We were wondering who killed Stella, and when the anthem played, It said that the boy from 9, Tyler Tonic, killed her. We all said that our next kill would be Tyler from 9!

The career's are going to sleep, vowing to kill Tyler from 9.

The District 6, 8, and 9 alliance are congradulating Tyler on his kill of a career. They are still in the waterfall.

The District 3,10, and 11 are in the jungle still, but with a new spot.

The District 5,7, and 12 alliance are still in the jungle, but they are moving camp next morning.

The Fallen of Day 2

Stella Bass - District 4

Maggie Legon - District 10

Day 3 of The 27th Annual Hunger Games

Bronco Bagwell(10) POV

I woke up with a cannon today. I looked around to see anybody who wasn't in my alliance. Then I looked at Angie(11). She had a knife in her heart. Blade(11) was pretty upset. He looked at the knife and it had a 1 on it. One of the career's got her and killed her. Blade said for us to move camp and after we do that, he is going to kill one of the career's.

Seraphina Sage(5) POV

We moved camp to the waterfall this morning, I was cooking up some rabbit for my alliance and when I saw the boy from 8 with an arrow notched in his bow. He fired an arrow and missed. I jumped in the water nad hoped he would miss. When I went up to get some air, there was an arrow in my skull. BOOM.

Blade Wickheart(11) POV

We moved camp to the outskirts of the jungle and the desert. It was pretty hot, but it was bearable. Then, Bronco(10) and I went to the cournocopia and went to kill a career. We were on the outskirts of the jungle leading to the cornocopia. I saw the carerers in the cournocopia. I fired and arrow and it hit. BOOM. YES! I got one, just like I said I would. We went back to camp and I told everyone that I got a career, just like I said I would.

Dake Larson(8) POV

I just got the girl from 5, and I was pretty happy with it. When I was movingback to my campsite, I heard a cannon. I ran back to camp to see if anyone from my alliance got killed. No one got killed. WHEW! They asked me if I got any kills, and I said yes. Then Xaiver said that everyone of us had a kill in the games. Wow, that's pretty impressive. When we were about to fall asleep, we heard the anthem play and we saw the dead tributes and there killer. The girl from 11 was killed by the boy from 1, the girl from 5 was killed by me, and the girl from 2 was killed by the boy from 11.

The Career's are planning to move camp because of the recent deaths that have happened in the cournocopia.

The District 5, 7, and 12 alliance are cooking some dinner before they fall asleep.

The District 6, 8, and 9 alliance are falling asleep and ggoing to go hunting tomorrow.

The District 3, 10, and 11 are already asleep.

The Fallen of Day 3

Angie Herman - District 11

Seraphina Sage - District 5

Zarahela Intien - District 2

Day 4 of The 27th Annual Hunger Games

Gavin Adams(2) POV

Lion(1) decided we needed to move camp because of the deaths of the careers have been happening at the cournocopia. I had no objection's. We decided to move camp to the desert because Chase(4) had a gallon of cool water he offered to share with everyone. He also got a sword, so he was prepared for anything. Emerald(1) said that we should go through the jungle to catch anybody by suprise. Emerald was right. When we were in the jungle for about 5 minutes, we found the girl from 3, eating some berries. When she saw us, she started to run, but she wasn't fast enough for me. I tackled her onto the ground. She begged not for me to kill her. Too bad!! I stabbed her with my sword in her chest! BOOM. WE made camp in the desert, and started to drink some of Chase's cool water!

Atlas Dunnin(7) POV

I told my alliance member's I was going to hunting for some food, and I told them that they need to stay and watch the remaining supplies. When I was in the jungle, I saw a big bush of berries! I tooke some and put them in my mouth. But, my throat started to hurt, and it was hard for me to breath. I just ate some poisonous berries! I couldn't breath anymore and my vision went black. BOOM.

Bronco Bagwell(10) POV

Me and Blade(11) woke up with Dianna(3) gone. We looked around and we found her with a hole in her chest. It looked like a careers got to her. Luckly they didn't get me and Blade. We decided to stay where we were and wait till tomorrow morning to goo back to the cournocopia aand kill some more careers.

Tyler Tonic(9) POV

My alliance of 4 people, coutning me, was amazing! We all have gotten a kill. I also recived another axe from my sponsors! I really do love my sponsor's! There was also a note attached to the axe.

Dear Tyler,

Congradulation's on making it this far in the games! It was a big suprise when you killed the girl from 4 with the first axe I sent you! But now, the career's have targeted you and will do anything to kill you. Stay with your alliance, they are strong. I only have 1 more gift to send to you, so use this axe wisely!


District 9's Mentor

Wow, thanks mentor from district 9! We decided again to go to the cournocopia to kill some more career's. But when we got there, the career's were gone! We decided to make camp in the cournocopia, and there was still a majority of supplies there. Dake(8) decided to take the first watch to see if any career's would come back. But a few minutes later, I heard Dake scream and a cannon. BOOM. I ran outside and I saw the boy from 4 with a spear in his hand, running towards the desert. I looked at Dake and he had a spear in his throat. Well, I was pretty mad about his, but it was alright, because I was one more step closer of coming home to district 9!

The career's are in the desert, sweating like crazy.

The District 5 and 12 alliance are still waiting for Atlas to come back from hunting.

The District 10 and 11 alliance are still in the jungle, but they are going to the cournocopia tomorrow.

The District 6, 8, and 9 alliance are upset about Dake's death

The Fallen of Day 4

Dianna Rose - District 3

Atlas Dunnin - District 7

Dake Larson - District 8

Day 5 of The 27th Annual Hunger Games

Xaiver Woods(6) POV

DAMN IT!!!! I was pissed off about Dake's death. When Tyler told me that it was the district 4 boy, he was my next kill. I ran to the desert when I woke up in the morning to kill that son of a bitch! I was walking into the desert and I found him on the ground, asleep! This was my chance, so I put a spear that mother FUC*ER's skull! BOOM. YES!!! I did it! I avenged Dake's death. I ran back to the cournocopia and told them that I killed the boy from4!

Angel Spipnoza(5) POV

Elena was cooking up some lovely squrriel and when out of no where, the career's come chasing after us! I ran as fast as I can away from those monsters. I was in the mountain's when I stopped running, but where Elena? I heard a cannon. BOOM. NOO! My last alliance member, gone! I have no one now. How am I going to win this? But man, it is very cold!

Blade Wickheart (11) POV

Me and Bronco were moving our camp, again when Tyler comes out of nowhere! He was fighting Bronco, and i knew he could handle this, so I didn't interfere. But when Tyler slashed his axe into Bronco's back, I about lost it. I had no weapons, and I was terrible with a axe! I don't know why Tyler didn't kill me, but I was devestated that Bronco died! My only friend in the games, GONE!! I just stayed where I was, and made my camp there, around the water fall.

Emerald Silvers(1) POV

We couldn't find Chase today, so we went looking. When we found him, he had a spear in his skull. We knew that he probally killed someone. We looked up in the sky and he was killed by the district 6 boy. We all went to sleep, and hoped we didn't end up like Chase.

The career's are still in the desert, but moving back to the cournocopia tomorrow.

The District 8 and 9 alliance are still in the cournocopia, living it up with all of there supplies.

Angel Spipnoza is under a pine tree around the mountain.

Blade Wickheart is in the jungle, asleep.

The Fallen of Day 5

Chase Tide - District 4

Elena Livena - District 12

Bronco Bagwell - District 10

Day 6 of The 27th Annual Hunger Games - Feast Day

Melora Givens(8) POV

Me, Tyler, and Xaiver woke up to Clauduis Templesmith's voice booming across the arena.

"Hello Tributes! The gamemakers have decided to have a feast today! Your feast package will contain something you need badly! The hovercrfat will drop down the package's with your district number on it.The feast packages will be dropped off at the cournocopia. The hovercraft will come at 12:00 PM and come back and get the remaining feast packages at 7:30 PM. Ta-Ta now! And my the odds be ever in your favor.

Well, since my alliance is in the cournocopia, we waited for the hovercraft to drop down the feast packages and we got our's and ran into the jungle. Mine contained another sword, sweet. Tyler's contained instant relief, and Xaiver's contained ...... He FORGOT?? He forgot to get his feast package. He went pack to get his feast package while Tyler and I had some berries for breakfeast.

Gavin Adams(2) POV

So, the feast is today. What something more could my package contain? Food? Water? or another Sword? I don't know! Lion came up with this stragey that Emerald would get the feast package while Me and Lion go around the arena and kill any tributes by suprise. When we got to the cournocopia, the boy from 11 and the boy from 6 were fighting. It looked like the boy from 11 had a cut in his arm, and it looked like the boy from 6 was about to give in. The boy from 11 ended the fight with a dagger straight in his stomach. BOOM. The boy from 11 grabbed his package as Emerald shot an arrow an arrow at him, but it missed. We grabbed our feast package's and ran into the the waterfall.

Angel Spipnoza(5) POV

I saw the career's run by me. I was quiet, and I shot the girl from 1 in the neck with my dart. BOOM. I ran away as fast as I could away from them. While in the process, I managed to get my feast package and ran back to the mountains. Heat Pill's, nice. I had no idead that they made those. I had 2 of them and I was warm for the rest of the day.

Blade Wickheart(11) POV

I got my feast package and killed the boy from 6. Xaiver was name, I think. I actually made camp in a tree because I recived some bungie cords to hold me down on the tree branch. I went to sleep, hoping the gamemakers won't strike me with lighting.

The career's are wondering who killed Emerald, and made their camp behind the water fall.

The District 8 and 9 alliance are in the jungle, happy about the majority of their supplies.

Angel Spipnoza is in the mountain area, heating up with his heat pill's.

Blade Wickheart is in the jungle, in a tree.

The Fallen of Day 6 - Feast Day

Xaiver Woods - District 6

Emerald Silvers - District 1

Day 7 of the 26th Annual Hunger Games

Tyler Tonic(9) POV

Well, I knew this day would come. Melora told me that when it gets to the final 4, we have to split up. I sort of agreed with her, because I didn't want to kill her, and she didn't want to have to kill me. I have actually have enjoyed having her as an ally! But, it was the final 6, so that wouldn't happen for a while, or would it? Melora and I moved camp, again, as usual. But it was fine, because we could kill more tributes. When we were about to set camp, I saw the boy from 11 in a tree, asleep. Melora climbed the tree and stabbed him in the chest. BOOM. We decided to move because the hovercraft had to come and get te boy from 11's body. We made camp in the jungle, the place i've been in the entire games.

Angel Spipnoza(5) POV

I woke up this morning with the urge to kill someone! Not that i'm bloodthristy or anything, I just want these games to be over! I found a sponsor gift in my lap when I woke up, too. It was some poisoned darts, and it had a note attached to it!


I know you think that you don't stand a chance, but District Five believes in you! Here's some poison darts, buddy. Go murder some Career's!

~ District 5 Mentor

Well, atleast my home town believes in me! My mentor told me to go murder some career's. I have already murdered 1, so i'm going to try to get another. I heard a cannon also when I woke up. So it's the final 5, huh? I went to go hunting for some food, and I saw the career's!!! I grabbed my poisoned darts and shot who I think it was the boy from district 1 in the leg. He screamed about 4 cuss words in one sentence! Wow, that's alot of bad words! But when the other career saw me, he shot a dart at me, too. It hit me in the arm, and it hurt liked crap! I ran away, back to my orginial spo, in the mountain. When I was about to have another heat pill, I heard a cannon. BOOM. Looks like I murdered a career, but my wound from the dart hurts like crap, still. When I reached in my pocket for my blowgun, I pulled out some instant relief I had no idea I had. I ate it and the wound went away from my arm! YES! It was the final 4, and the final 4 tributes are Me, Gavin, Melora, and Tyler! 2 12 year olds in the final 4? Wow! That's a shocker!

Gavin Adams(2) POV

Lion died today, and it was from the little scrawney 12 year old from district 5. I couldn't believe I couldn't kill him, but it was alright. I went to sleep, and I knew I was now going to win these games!

Gavin Adams in still behind the water fall.

Tyler Tonic is now in the cournocopia when him and Melora split up.

Melora Givens is still in the jungle when her and Tyler split up.

Angel Spipnoza is still in the mountain, eating some heat pills.

The Fallen of Day 7

Blade Wickheart - District 11

Lion Scrapes - District 1

The Final Day wil be tomorrow!!

Day 8 of The 27th Annual Hunger Games - The Final Day: Part 1

Melora Givens(8) POV

I woke up today with a sponsor canteen on my chest. A blow gun and some poison!! Nice! And there is a note attached to it!


You are in the final four! Congrats! But now is not the time to celebrate. I am sending you a blowgun with darts and poison. Dip all the darts in poison. I want you to climb a tree in the jungle and stay hidden. If someone ever walks past you, blow a dart at them. The poison will kill them instantly. I know your strong suit is a sword, but it is too dangerous to stay on the ground. Because the other tributes can't see you in the trees, you will have a lot of time to aim. District 8 is counting on you, and even though your greatest ally in the arena was Tyler, you might have to kill him. Just keep thinking about your family and going back home. I believe in you, Melora.

- Cloveismywife, your mentor

I think I am about to cry! I loved letter's when I am away at camp, but when I get a letter in a fight to the death game's, it is very special! I dipped all of my darts in poison and I am in a tree, just like my mentor said. It has been a couple of hours, and there has been no one walking past my tree in the jungle. All of a sudden, it start's to get a little hotter than usual, and I here tree's falling down. I look over my shoulder and it was a forest fire!! I jumped out of the tree and ran away. The fire was getting close behind me, and and I think that i got a little burn on the back of my leg. When I ran out of the jungle, I saw everyone! Tyler, Gavin, and Angel!

Angel Spipnoza(5) POV

Well, it the final four, and only one person could come out alive, and I plan that one person to be me!! When I was about to have my last heat pill, I heard some rumbling, and I looked above me and an avalanche was happening! I ran as far as I could away from it. I beat it out easily, the avalanche was slow. I was now in the jungle, and the tree's were burnt and on the ground. I looked like the Captiol got bored of us just sitting in our hiding spots, and the game maker's created some action to get us closer to eachother. Well, it worked, because when I went to look at the cournocopia, everyone was there!

Gavin Adams(2) POV

There is no way I should not win these games! District 2 needs to have some victor's, and it would be nice if they could get back to back victors these 2 years! I got a sponsor canteen, again! I got some poison and there was a note.


You Are In the Final 4! Congratulations! Kill Them All. You Can Win Can This. I Bet It All On You If I Could. You Can Win This. Use All Of Your Weapons Carefully. Use The Trident As You Please. Dip That Poison In The Blowgun And Make Shoot. And That Sword, Use It Carefully. Block Any Poteinal Things Thrown At You And Use It To Your Advantage. You Can Win.I Believe You Can Win. You Can Do It. No Matter If You Die Or Survive, I Will Always Believe You Are A Champion. You Can Win This. Remember Use Your Weapons As Your Advantage And Also The Water From The Waterfall. You Can Do It. Your Coming Home.

~Zakel, the Mayor of District 2: Masonary

It looks like District 2 is counting on me to win this! But, since i've woken up, the water fall seems to be producing more water, and the level of the water is really high. All of a sudden, I heard some rumbling, and a tsunami was forming in a pool of water? What da faq?? I ran away, and I ended up in the cournocopia, where everyone else was still frozen off of what happen in the area they were hiding. Tyler came out of the curnocopia with an axe, and I pulled out my trident. Melora pulled out her sword, and Angel pulled out his blow gun. It was going to be a 4 way battle to decide who the winner was, and it was going to be me!

Tyler Tonic(9) POV

I got a note from my mentor again! I love my mentor!!


You made it to the final 4! Great job!! District 9 believes in you, don't give up! Stay hidden in the back of the cornucopia, so no one can see you and no one can hurt you from behind!! District 9 has never had a tribute make it this far in the games. They usually die in the bloodbath or day 2. But you're the exception! Stay safe, hidden, and more importantly, ALIVE.

~Tybomarq: The Mayor of District 9: Grain, and the Entire District 9

P.S. Please be careful, we need to have a winner some time soon!

But, the rest of the final 4 tributes are in the cournocopia area, and they are all looking at me. I pulled out my axe and ran at Angel. He fired some darts at me, and they all missed. I ran towrds him and tackled him onto the ground. He knocked me off of him with a headbutt. I threw my axe at him, and it hit him in the neck and decapitated him. BOOM. YES! I did it!! I killed him and it is the final 3 now. I looked all around the cournocopia and I found Gavin and Melora fighting. Melora has a cut on her fore head and Gavin has a cut on his left arm. Gavin screamed and charged at her, and tackled her to the ground. He said something and and was about to put a trident through her chest and she pushed him off of her. Gavin threw his trident at her and it hit Melora in the chest. She fell to the ground and she looked at me. She had tears in her eye's and she said something:

"Win this for us" Especailly for District 9. I will never forget you! And when you win, tell Ceaser Filckerman, Fuck the Capitol!

That message that she said almost made me cry. BOOM. NOOOO! She died!!! I looked at Gavin and he looked at me. I back away a little bit from him so I could catch my breath. I have to win this! For Melora, for Dake, for Iris: my district partner, for Xaiver, for Erin for District 9, and my family! I am going to win this!!

~End of Part 1

The Final Battle!! Gavin Adams(2) vs Tyler Tonic(9)

Gavin Adams(2) POV

"Well, look what the cat dragged in"? I say to Tyler. He looks like he is about to pee his pants.

"The cat dragged in me, Tyler". He said to me.

This mad me soooo mad, I threw my trident at him. He dodged it with ease. Then he threw one of his knives at me. It hit me in the leg. SHITTT!!!! I faked like I was about to die and fell to the ground. He thought he won and he started jumping up and down! I pulled the knife out of my leg and ate some instant relief. I felt alot better. I ran towards him and tackled him on the ground. I pinned him on the ground when he headbutted me off him. He started to run away and he climbed on top of the courncopia and started to throw knives at me again. All of them missed. I climbed on top of the cournocopia and pushed him off. That must of made him hurt. When I looked down from the cournocopia, he was on the ground. I jumped off and I pinned him down, again, and I made sure he wouldn't head butt me again. Just when I was about to end his misery, he told me something.

"Before you kill me, Gavin, there is something that you should know".

"What?" I replied back.

"This". and he shoved his last knife into my heart. I let my district down, and I let Thaila Combe from last year down! BOOM.

Tyler Tonic(9) POV

I did it!! I did the impossible! I WON THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!! I was so happy! I can't believe I didn't let anyone down. I know District 9 is probally cheering their asses off right know, and my mentor is probally the happiest. But, I know who the happiest is right now is Melora. I waited for the hovercraft to come and pick up Gavin's dead body. When the hovercraft was about to come and pick me up, I heard one last announcement from Claudius Templesmith:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, our victor of the 27th Annual Hunger Games: Tyler Tonic of District 9!"

The Hovercraft picked me up and took me to the captiol and prepared me for my post game interview with Ceaser Flickerman!

The Post Game Interview

Ceaser: Welcome, to our victor of The 27th Annual Hunger Games: Tyler Tonic!!! *crowd goes nuts*

Tyler: Hi Ceaser, Hi everyone else!

Ceaser: So, how do you think you won the games?

Tyler: Well, I picked the best allies in the world, thats how.

Ceaser: So, did you use the stragey to make your self look weak but you were actually were strong?

Tyler: Well, no. I am 12 years of age, and it takes a while for my body to get stronger.

Ceaser: Who was your best friend in the games?

Tyler: Really? Do have to tell you that answer?

Ceaser: Yes!

Tyler: Melora, she helped me during the training and the games. She was the best friend anyone could ever had! *crowd awwws*

Ceaser: Is there any special lady back home in District 9?

Tyler: Actually, there is. Her name is Katie. *crowd awwws again*

Ceaser: Who was the hardest parson to kill in the arena?

Tyler: Probally Bronco from 10. I couldn't stand the way I killed him and so that's why I didn't kill his friend.

Ceaser: So any last thought's, Tyler?

Tyler: Oh yeah. Fuck the Captiol! *crowd gasps*

Ceaser: Well everyone, that is our Victor, Tyler Tonic! See all of you guy's next year!

Tyler's Victory Tour!

Tyler loved his victory tour! He was geatly appreceatied in District's 6,8,9, and 11. He wasn't really treated good in District's 3,10, and 12. He was booed the entire time in District's 1,2,4 and 5. When he was in District 8, he gave a speech about Melora and Dake, on how they were great friends in the arena. He was so happy that he won, and thought it was a miracle!

My next games, The 28th Annual Hunger Games! Soon!


District Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses Height
District 1 Luxury Male Lion Scrapes 18 Mace, Knife, Strength Swimmer, powerful, plants and animals daydreams, falls for girls to easy 6'1
District 1 Luxury Female Emerald Silvers 15 Bow and Arrow Using Bow and Arrow Camoflauge 5'6

District 2 Masonary Male

Gavin Adams 18 Sword Brute Strength Tempermental 6'2
District 2 Masonary Female Zarahela Intien 18 Axe, Sword training, strong, ruthless doesn't like being bossed around 5'8
District 3 Technology Male Dexter Volts 14 Wires Hiding, stealth, speed Being Alone 5'6

District 3 Technology Female

Dianna Rose 14 bowand arrow, knives, Smart, fast, healer

shy, not very strong, can be taken advantage of and bossed around.

District 4 Fishing Male Chase Tide 17 Sword. Spear

Strong, Fairly Fast, intimidating. Knows how to Fish and Swim.

not very smart, short temper, hard headed 6'4
District 4 Fishing Female Stella Bass 14 Spears net making, swimming, fishing horrible climber and runner 5'2
District 5 Power Male Angel Spipnoza 12 small knives, blow gun, safety pins

Camo, Aim, Throwing, Swimming, Quiet, Hiding

Everything besides that last 6 strengths

District 5 Power Female Seraphina Sage 16 Katanas, Numchucks

Climbing, Stealthiness, Identifing Plants, Camoflague, Hunting, Net Making, Swimming, Jumping from tree to tree, Fast, Friendly

snakes and spiders 5'9
Disrict 6 Transportation Male Xaiver Woods 17 Spear Running, Hand-Hand Combat Water 6'2
District 6 Transportation Female Erin Wolfe 16 Blow Gun smart, nimble, agile, liar not strong 5'4
District 7 Lumber Male Atlas Dunnin 16 Axe, Tomahawk swimming, H-H combat Climbing 5'11
District 7 Lumber Female Juniper Hollis 15 Axe strong, wood cutting, trees, sense of direction slow, hunger, hunting 5'7
District 8 Textiles Male Dake Larson 16 Bow and arrow strong, experienced with weapons, tall depressed, mute. mentally scared 6'1
District 8 Textiles Female Melora Givens 14 Sword sword fighting, running, climbing strength, long range combat 5'2
District 9 Grain Male Tyler Tonic 12 Axe, Spear, Throwing Knives Water, above weapons small 4'11
District 9 Grain Female Iris Hope 14 Dagger, Shurikes, Knives

Agile, Fast, Quick Thinker, Camo, Quiet

not so strong, klutz 5'1
District 10 Livestock Male Bronco Bagwell 18 Axe Strong, Fast Voilent Dimwitted, overconfident, fire 6'0
District 10 Livestock Female Maggie Legon 12 bow and arrow, axe, sword running, swimming H-H combat 5'0
District 11 Agriculture Male Blade Wickheart 14 Dagger, Bow and Arrow, Knife Camo, spped, strong, quiet Scared of Gory deaths 5'3
District 11 Agriculture Female Angie Herman 14 throwing knives, slingshot plants, running, survival skills, climbing too sensitive 5'4
District 12 Mining Male Zain Shocair 13 Katana, Sword Strong, hadles pain, smart slow, not good at climbing 5'11
District 12 Mining Female Elena Livena 16 Throwing Knives, Knife good aim, steady hand weak, swimming, pain