Hello everyone. I am doing my thrid games. I have had to cancel 2 of my games because I couldn't keep up with the tributes and lack of support in my other. So I hope these games don't turn out like the other 2.


  • 24 tributes.
  • only 2 tributes per person
  • 1 person will come out alive
  • you can sponsor your own tribute
  • There will be an unreveled twist that will be reveled right before the games start!

The Tribute format!










The Tribute Gallery

District 1:

Lion 2

Lion Scrapes

Rosalind Shimmer

Rosalind Shimmer

District 2:


Tray Dabber

Malliet Goldstien

Malliet Goldstien

District 3:

Alice williams

Alice Williams


Dexter Volts

District 4:


Alanna Tewie


Thomas Quince

District 5:

Allen Raye poop

Allan Raye


Mimi Gloss

Nina Maxwell k

Nina Maxwell

District 6:


Ringo Attowra

District 7:

Palmer kershaw j

Palmer Cershaw

District 8:

Gabe d

Gabriel DiPablo


Quill March

District 9:

Amethyst Wilke 1

Amethyst DeMoir


Octavius Undogna

District 10:

Ezekiel anderson lunaii b

Ezekiel Anderson

Kelsey parker lunaii g

Kelesy Parker

District 11:

D11 girl k

Vlon Stewart


District 12:

Jane Sybella Large

Jane Sybella

Avatar (1)44

Nick Lovizio

The Sign ups - CLOSED

District Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses Apperence Token
d1m Lion Scrapes 18 Mace, Sword

Knows a lot about plants, favourite weapon is a mace to bludgeon the other tributes. Is a good swimmer.

daydreams alot, likes pretty girls


blonde haired boy with green eyes. Very tall and is very strong. Other tributes fear him.

d1f Rosalind Shimmer 15 stealth, bow and arrows

She can shoot an arrow no matter what circumstance, uses her beauty to her advantages and can run super fast

Can't go a day without being properly fed

Long flowing blonde hair, emerald eyes,tall and beautifu

golden heart locket
d2m Tray Dabber 17 Machete, Spear Violent, strong, fast has crush on Malliet Short black hair N/A
d2f Malliet Goldstien 15 Throwing Knives strong, fast likes Tray Long light blonde hair
d3m Dexter Bolts 14

Wire Made Into An Electric Trap Or Tazer And Stun Gun

stealth being alone

Black Hair, Brown Eyes, Ashen Skin, 5'6

silver glasses
d3f Alice Williams 16 Coil making technology easily distracted

Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes, Pale Skin, 5'9

silver necklace
d4m Thomas Quince 15 trident, net, spear very good with trident and spear afraid of ligthing, insects

Black hair, short. Not a very tall boy. Brown eyes.

blue water bottle
d4f Alanna Tewie 12 trident, net swimming, catching people in nets careers

She has light skin light brown long hair, blue eyes and is about 4.10 and is described as BEAUTIFUL

d5m Allan Raye 13 Katana's and throwing knives

His parents were geologist, he knows lots about his enviroment, making fires. Weaknesses: Climbing and swimming. He easily catches a cold.

climbing, swimming, easily catches cold

A Blonde boy with freckles. He isn't tall, 5'4, He has blue greyish eyes.

amulet with pic of family
d5f Mimi Gloss 18 bow and arrow speed, hiding, finding food climbing, swimming moms charm braclet great grandma had
d6m Ringo Attorwa 17 Axe very athletic very honest

Blonde, long hair. Blue eyes, athletic. He is described as handsome by girls.

a gold ring father gave to him
d6f Nina Maxell 14 bow and arrow running, aim losing a friend blonde hair N/A
d7m Palmer Cershaw 18 bare hands, axe, sword

He is tall which makes people fear him. He is strong and can break a nose or cheek very easily with a punch. He knows how to make an axe using tree wood and bark.

He comes off as creepy and weird because he is jumbo. He isn't very fast but as long longs that can get good strides and distance. He loves his mom so much and is always attached to her. Socially awkward

He is tall and pale beyond belief. His cheeks are always rosy. He has a buzzcut with brownish stubble from the buzz. He has eyes that change from greenish to bluish depending on the sun( slow change, not right away ). He is not very bulky but has some meat on him and isn't just bones.

picture of mom
d7f Patty Italey 15 throwing axes, throwing knives

Very fast, smart, stealth, climbing

Can't lie a bit, can't handle cold weather

Long brown hair, bright blue eyes, fit, pretty to most

a star necklace
d8m Gabriel DiPablo 13 sword, knife

He is small and fast. He is kind of strong but he can be overpowered. If he developes a relationship he will protection them at all costs and treat them like family. He can climb and can swim if needed to

Is very interested in girls, he will do anything for someone^(could be strength and weakness) Not the strongest.

He is short with black messy shaggy hair, He has a scar on his cheek from wrestling with his brothers when he was younger. He is pale. he wears a shell necklace that all his family members wore when they went into the hunger games. He still has a childish look to him

d8f Quill March 16 Knife fast, elousive, smart

Strength, Hand to Hand Combat, and Weapons

Brown Hair(with purple striks in it), Purple Eyes and Pale Skin

homeade braclet
d9m Octavius Undogna 16 hand to hand combat, knife convinces people easily doesn't believe in him self

Brown hair, blue eyes, thin, not quite tall, gentle to everyone

d9f Amethyst DeMoir 17 bow and arrow, knife running generosity, 12 year old kids blonde hair, hot an amethyst
d10m Ezekiel Anderson 17 spear, bow and arrow

His aim with long distance weapons is quite impressive. He's also a fast runner, and very resourceful.

He's awful at hand-to-hand combat and with short-ranged weapons. He's also terrified of the dark.

brown hair, green eyes pocket watch father gave him
d10f Kelesy Parker 16 axe, sword

Her strength, is, well, one of her strengths. Her ruthlessness is another one. She's very good with close-range weapons, and hand-to-hand combat.

She's awful at aiming long-distance weapons. She's also a very slow runner. She's also somewhat of a klutz, making it hard for her to sneak around.

d11m Mondi Bakerman 12 has none swimming and holding his breath fighting, climbing, running

Big, Slow, Tall, Really skinny,

Her grandma's old blue necalace (Her grandma was in the third Hunger Games)

d11f Vlon Zell Stewart 16 throwing knives, spear fights, speed swimming, climbing
d12m Nick Lovizio 12 bow and arrow, knife hiding, very fast small

Tan, Small, Skinny, Big arms

His dead dads old district 12 pin

d12f Jane Sybella 12 1/2 Hunga Munga small,

can jump from tree to tree, fast, quiet


black hair, grey eyes, flawless skin, 4'8"

mother's anklet
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Alliance's! - Tell me in the comment's if you want to be in an alliance or make one! only 1 in careers!

Alliance #1

The Career's

Lion(1), Rosalind(1), Tray(2), Malliet(2), Thomas(4), Palmer(7)

Alliance #2

The 12 Year Olds

Alanna(4), Mondi(11), Nick(12), and Jane(12)

Alliance #3

District 8 and 9 Alliance

Gabriel(8), Quill(8), Octavius(9), Amethyst(9)

Alliance #4

District 3 and 11 Alliance

Dexter(3), Alice(3), Vlon(11)

Alliance #5

District 5 and 6 Alliance

Allan(5), Mimi(5), Ringo(6), Nina(6)

Loner's - not in alliance

Patty(7), Ezekiel(10), Kelesy(10)


The arena is spilt into 6 parts. There are also 6 bridges that connect each part of the arena. The 1st part of the arena is a lake, the only source of fresh water in the arena. The 2nd part of the arena is a 5 star hotel with 3 floors. But the hotel is a little booby trapped. The 3rd part of the arena is a volcano that is "extinict". The 4th part of the arena is a school that is cut into 4 parts: the math department, the music department, the cafeteria, and the gym. The 5th part of the arena is the a electrical area where there are traps every where! And the 6th part of the arena is a forest with mutts and all of those other things.


Woodpecker Mutts - They are blood thirsty birds with an endless apitite.

Bellhopp Mutts - They are bell hopp's in the hotel with a nasty suprise.

Fish Mutts - They are fish where there razor sharp teeth are posionus.

Ptyerodactyl Mutts - They are in the volcano are and will steal your supplies without looking.

Teacher Mutts - They look like some thing important to you then they attack.

Bear Mutts - The pretty much explain them selfs.

Training Scores

Name Training Score Odds of Winning
Lion Scrapes 10 5-1
Rosalind Shimmer 10 5-1
Tray Dabber 9 7-1
Malliet Golstien 11 3-1
Dexter Volts 6 16-1
Alice Williams 5 18-1
Thomas Quince 11 3-1
Alanna Tewie 8 8-1
Allan Raye 7 10-1
Mimi Gloss 6 16-1
Ringo Attrwoa 9 7-1
Nina Maxwell 5 18-1
Palmer Cershaw 8 8-1
Patty Italey 5 18-1
Gabriel DiPablo 9 7-1
Quill March 7 10-1
Octavius Undogna 6 16-1
Amthesyst DeMoir 7 10-1
Ezekiel Anderson 8 8-1
Kelesy Parker 5 18-1
Mondi Bakerman 7 10-1
Vlon Zell Stewart 7 10-1
Nick Lovizio 9 7-1
Jane Sybella 8 8-1

The 2 Twist's

The first twist is that the captiol will be sending in a mystery tribute that has already been chosen by me. They have already been living in the arena for a week and know the arena by heart.

The second twist will be revealed during the games!

Death Chart

Place Name of Tribute Day How they were killed Killer
25th Octavius Undogna 1 Knife in Back Dexter Volts
24th Nina Maxwell 1 Arrow in Eye Rosalind Shimmer
23rd Rosalind Shimmer 1 Arrow in Skull Mimi Gloss
22nd Ringo Attorwa 1 Stabbed in Chest Gabriel DiPablo
21st Alice Williams 1 Limbs cut off Tray Dabber
20th Patty Italey 1 Knife in Eye Quill March
19th Vlon Zell Stewart 1 Knife in Heart Allan Raye
18th Aurora Gold 2 Electricuted Dexter Volts
17th Quill March 2 Decapitated Lion Scrapes
16th Thomas Quince 2 Knife in Eye Gabriel DiPablo
15th Amthetyst DeMoir 2 Spear in Chest Ezekiel Jackson

Let The 29th Annual Hunger Games BEGIN!

Day 1

Jane Sybella - District 12

I rose from my launch pad. The arena this year is probally the best one i've seen all of my life! I see bridges connecting each part of the arena. There was a lake, a hotel an electrical area that looks like is powering everything in the arena, there was a forest, a volcano, and a school. I would make camp at the school with my aliiance. I heard a countdown going on. 60..59..58..57..56..55. I looked around at the other tributes. There was the girl from 1 beside me and the boy from 8 to the other side of me. 5..4..3..2..1.. GONG! I ran towards the outskirts of the cournocopia and waited for the blood bath to end.

Octavius Undogna - District 9

I ran towards the courncopia and grabbed a sword and started looking around for some tributes to kill. Right when I started to run, I felt a sharp pain in my back. There was Dexter, holding a knife that was lodged in my back. BOOM!

Mimi Gloss - District 5

I got a bow and some arrows from the courncopia and started to run with Nina to the hotel when all of a sudden, Nina falls down with an arrow inside her! I pulled out my bow and shot and arrow into her skull. BOOM BOOM! I found Allan and started running with him into the forest.

Gabriel DiPablo - District 8

I got a sword from the cournocopia and found Ringo trying to find some supplies from the outskirts. I ran up behind him and stabbed him! BOOM! I found my alliance in the hotel area and ran inside it.

Tray Dabber - District 2

I got a sword from the cournocopia and I am finding some one to kill. I found the girl from 3 jumped on her. I cut off her limbs and she was screaming at the top of her lungs. BOOM! I waited for the bloodbath to calm down and the rest of the careers made camp in the cournocopia.

Patty Italey - District 7

I was watching the bloodbath from behind a busch in the hotel area. I saw some people run into the hotel area and tried to aviod them. But I falied, because I had a knife in my eye. BOOM!

Vlon Zell Stewart - District 11

I was running into the forest when I looked over my shoulder and I found 2 people running behind me. I tripped and the boy threw a knife at my heart. BOOM!

Overview of Bloodbath

7 tributes died. But the mystery tribute did not die yet.

Day 2

Dexter Volts - District 3

I can't believe that both of my alliance member's died in the bloodbath! Now i'm alone. I hate being alone! Well, I ended up in the electrical place of the arena. I knew the gamemakers probally made some traps that place, so I rewired all of the electrical things and made my own traps! A few moments later, I heard a scream, then a buzz, then a cannon! BOOM! I just killed a person with my trap! I looked over to see who it was, and it was the mystery tribute! I was so happy!

Quill March - District 8

I woke up in a very nice hotel bed. Wow, the gamemakers really wanted the tributes in the hotel to live it up! I went to the bathroom and there was the boy from 1 hiding in one of the stalls. I pulled out my knife, and went to the bathroom. When I went out to wash my hands, my head was now iin the sink. BOOM!

Gabriel DiPablo - District 8

I heard a cannon. I looked up in the sky and it was Quill, my district partner. I knew she went to the bathroom, so I made my way over there. I saw the boy from 4. I hid behind a corner and waited for him to come out. He passed me and I jammed my knife into his eye. BOOM!

will do rest of day 2 later!

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