Blu3 x soldier 22:57, July 5, 2012 (UTC)

Hello Everyone!! This Blu3 x soldier, or maybe District1Forever, and i have come up with another idea for a hunger games. THE POKRMON GAMES!!!! The rules are all you have to do is put I'll join the Pokemon games in the comments, and you get a spot in these games. It's kind of like a mentor games, but with pokemon!! There will be pokemon moves and your pokemon will die when it gets hit with a move that will effect it.

Name of Pokemon Move of Choice Weakness Trainer
Pikachu Thunder Bolt Ground
Charizard Flamethrower Water
Blastoise Hydro Pump Grass, Electric
Vensaur Leaf Strom Fire Wiki Contributor 1
Typhlosion Flare Blitz Water Brynn1999
Mudkip Hydro Pump Grass Deaphilia911
PIPLUP!! Hydro Pump Grass
Empoleon Hydro Pump Grass Iwant Seddie 2 Happen98769
Chimchar Flamethrower Water
Infernape Flamethrower Water
Turtwig Leaf Strom Fire
Torterra Earthquake Fire
Pidgey Gust Electric
Pidgeot Fly Electric
Starly Quick Attack Electric
Staraptor Close Combat Electric Robion0401197
Pichu Thunder Bolt Ground
Raichu Thunder Ground
Gravler Earthquake Water, Grass Pierrulenotyou
Golem Earthquake Water, Grass
Snivy Leaf Strom Fire
Serperior Leaf Strom Fire Berryleaf
Oshawott Hydro Pump Grass
Samurott Hydro Pump Grass
Tepig Flamethrower Water
Emboar Flamethrower Water
Magikarp Splash Electric Finnick Forever
Gyradous Hydro Pump Electric
Dialga Roar of Time Ice
Frosslass Blizzard Fire

Poke Mart - Sponsor Gifts - Each Pokemon starts off with 500$


Potion - 10$

Super Potion - 50$

Hyper Potion - 100$

Max Poition - 150$

Full Restore - 200$

Awakening - 20$ Recover you from sleep

Parylz Heal - 25$ Recovers you from Paryalsis

Antidote - 15$ Recovers you from Poison

Burn Heal - 20$ Recover's you from a Burn

Smart Spray - 30$ Recover's you from Confusion


Gust - 50$

Quick Attack - 50$

Thunder Bolt - 100$

Flamethrower - 100$

Flare Blitz - 100$

Hydro Pump - 100$

Leaf Strom - 100$

Earthquake - 150$

Close Combat - 150$

Fly - 200$

Blizzard - 250$

Roar of Time - 300$


To be played when the sign up's are closed


To be played when the sign up's are closed

Sign Ups

  1. Finnickforever
  2. Deaphilia911
  3. Pierrulenotyou
  4. Berryleaf
  5. Wiki Contributor 1
  6. Iwant Seddie 2 Happen98769
  7. Roboin040197
  8. Brynn1999

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