I'm bored, so errbody comment below if you wanna be in it, first 4 people get main roles :3


The president of the world decideded to set of a bomb everywhere and intoxicate people with dream gas, each person was put in a wikia dream space decided on their intrests, and he did this so only the most intellectual people will wake up and find a way out of the dream so the world can be re-born. 


  1. Liza
  2. Kate
  3. Jay
  4. Marina
  5. Colin
  6. Eli (Marvel)
  7. Claudia
  8. Blake (Gamzee)
  9. Summer
  10. Niby
  11. Emilia
  12. Tristan
  13. TBA

Chapter 1 - Presidents Daughter POV (Bekah <3)

I sat on the edge of my seat in my fathers board meeting, he was discussing something about sleep but I couldn't uite concentrate, with my cousin Liza tapping her fingers impatiently on the table. She looked up to me and we exchanged looks before my father gave me a stern look. I looked to the floor and sighed, before concentrating my hearing on what he was saying.

"A week ago my builders succesfully finished the project we've been working on for the page 40 years, ever since I was a child actually, but now, is no time for talking. I suggest you all go to your compartments and get ready for what will be a new age, have whatever you need near you at all times, since it'll help you get out quicker. I'm saying this as a warning, some of you, my council members, will not make it, your brains will not handel it and you'll be stuck in this fantasy, but I promise you, the results and time you've spent on this will e rewarded, for a new age, a new life, a new world!"

With that, behind father a large clock counting down from five minutes appeared, and we all knew we had to get ready. I got up first and gathered all the colored pencils and paper I had been doodling on to look proffesional and hurried out the room. I felt a hand on my arm and turned around to see Kate (The daughter of one of the many soilders), who was smiling at me. She appeared as if she had just woke up, poor her. She guestured to her room. 

"So, uh you wanna spend this weird dream thingy in my room, I mean, you can't fall asleep alone, that would just be sad."

She smiled sweetly at me and I sighed, brushing her hand of.

"Sorry Kate, I really need to go to my room, like now, sorry again!"

I grinned at her before I ran off, time was being wasted, I couldn't fall asleep in the corridor or i'd wake up in pain.

Liza was behind me now, and had left the meeting. She put a hand on my shoulder as if to tell me it was all going to be ok and then we silently made our way to ours rooms, which were conviniently next to each other. 

She said goodbye as we parted ways and I entered my code into my chamber, it openened and I went in. I quickly changed into my eeyore onesie and grinned to my reflection for the last time in a while. I hopped into my bed, which was filled with different stuffed animals and tucked myself in, I then closed my eyes and waited for the loud bang, which would mean the start of something..big.

Chapter 2 - Jay's P.O.V

Knives are no fun anymore. 

How do i know this you ask? 

Well, don't tell anybody, but Eli told me.

He said he went into the government building a few days back and found out that they were planning to put all the knives into a deep sleep.

I must admit it sounded really strange at first, but then as I thought about it, the government do have the power to do that. 

Okay, i'm joking, but Eli told me he went into the government building and found out they were planning to put us all into a deep sleep for a long time.

He sounded hysterical, not in the sad kind of way, but more or less like a maniiac, like he had lost his mind, and he kept telling me to call him Marvel... 

I don't know much about anything anymore to be honest, but who does?

I made my way out of my chamber in the large hotel and walked down the street. It was rather empty I must admit, I mean there wasn't many people out and the shops were closed, but it means that I have the street all to myself, just what I want.

I started down the street, but the large screen in the center of the night sky stopped me, it turned on and I saw the face of the president. He was smirking at the camera and then started to talk.

"Be prepared in a minute." 

Was all he said before the screen turned off. I raised my eyebrow before smelling a strange scent, it smelled toxic more or less. I froe on the spot, and in instinct, I covered my mouth.

Chapter 3 - Liza's P.O.V

I stood outside my door for a long time, staring at the code on the side of the door. I swear I had it this time! I saw Rebekah get into hers with no trouble, so why is mine so hard?!

I tapped my foot impatiently and tried the code again.


And I got the same reply

Does Not Understand

I glared at the door before sighing. I rested my head on it and sighed, maybe I'd just fall asleep here, on the doo....


The door opened, and sent me launching forward, but instead of hitting the floor, I felt myself in somebodys arms. I looked up and saw the farmiliar face, Colin.

I wriggled out of it and stared at him.

"What the hell are you doing in there?"

He chuckled slightly at my reaction before stepping to the side and letting me through. I stormed in there and went to close the door, but Colin grabbed my wrist and smirked at me.

"What are you doing?"

He looked at me innocently before stepping into my chamber and pressing my hand down, locking the chamber.

"We're going unconscious together, just you and me."

I glare at him and shake my head. 

"No. Just no. I've had it with you, get out!"

Before Liza could say anything else, it seemed as if the large beep went on, meaning the president had locked the door.

"Sorry, can't do that."

With that, he walked over to the small stereo system I had set up and flicked through my albums, I rushed over to him and went to smack them out of his hands, but before I knew what was happening, a song from the last 1000 years played. I froze, it sounded way to similar to a song I know... It sounded like...

I felt a tear stream out of my eyes and I glare at him.

"Why do you do this?"

He tilted his head in a playful manner and walked towards me, he wiped the tear with the back of his finger before singing a lyric. "I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door. I've had you so many times but somehow I wa-"

I slapped him. I couldn't help it. He was being an idiot, I hated it. Why was he doing this when we are about to go into a sleep?

"Marina wouldn't let me in out compartment, and yours and your neibours were the only other ones I had codes too."

I hug my chest and back away from him. The chorus of the song starts and I back myself in the corner, I can't spend my sleeping life here, with him.

He smiled at me caringly, but I couldn't accept the smile, we had broken up anyway.

Chapter 4 - Eli P.O.V

Thanks to me, the whole town knows, wait, let me refraze that, due to my marvelness, the whole city knows of what evil our president is going to commit, and believe me, most of them are ready for it.

Sure, I live in an orphanage where my room is decorated in the most fanboyish Marvel way possible, but that's simply because i'm forever devoted to my god, Marvel, and soon, if my plan rings true, then my dream will come true, and all else will be amazing, except for the face i'm placed in some stupid dream wikia with random nobodys who have something in common with me, marvel knows what.

I pace my bedroom and then I hear the sirens, alerting the city, it's time.

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