Now, I never finish things because I guess I am not that passionate about the things I do, but guess what, with these imma write whatever comes into my mind, and update them when I become passionate about them again! It may sounds bad, but maybe a pre-school adventure will come into my mind and will be in a story all on its own~






User Form





Example Speech: (AKA, "Whatever, like I care", "Hiiiii yall!!!!"


Blue-RIbbonz (1)

Name: Rebekah

Nickname: Bek, Bekah

Personality: A happy-go-lucky girl with a big heart. Is often forgetful and shy around people she doesn't know. Is scared of being alone and will do anything not to be alone. Often says hurtful things about others not meaning it and doing whatever to avoid someone.

Appearance: Golden blonde hair, hazel eyes with thick lases, mid-thick eyelashes. Tan-cream skintone.

Example Speech: "Hiya guys... Uhh... Sorry, was I meant to say that?"

In Which Sections: (S1) C1

Tehblakdeath (2)

Name: Blake

Nicknames: Scarface (derives from the cuts and scars on my face)

Personality: Outgoing and fun, he seems rather nice. In reality, he's a depressed, suicidal maniac. He tries to lighten people as much as possible, but ends up being pessimistic towards himself, comparing their good life to his crappy one.

Appearance: Tanned skin, brown eyes, red hair he dyed one year for Halloween and refuses to come out (like srsly it's been two years and my bangs o.o)

Example speech: "At least you're not me."

In Which Sections: N/A

Everderp (3)

Name: Alice

Nicknames: Um... Earwig

Personality: Breaks a lot of stuff, sarcastic, not really shy but awkward and says the wrong things, makes crappy jokes, not sporty or outgoing at all, generally optimistic.

Appearance: Pale, 5'4, brown hair, black eyes (dark brown, whatevs), body of a 12 year old boy (not literally, but like, you know, no curves n crap), wears vans a lot

Example speech: "I'm 125 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone. Sarcasm is my only defense."

In Which Sections: N/A

PumPumPumpkin:3 (4)

Name: Erlend

Nicknames: Erflans, earflaps, fatass disgusting person

Personality: Low self-esteem, funny with friends but shy and awkward with anybody else. Tries too hard on everything.

Appearance: 5´11. Brown hair. Grey eyes. Pale skin.

Example speech: "I'm sorry that every hates me, but I can't help it that I'm dislikeable"

In Which Sections: Most of story 1

District3forever (5)

Name: Jen

Nickname: Erm...none?

Personality: Shy towards new people but can make friends easily, sweet, awkward, intelligent; has a habit of over thinking stuff, funny, nerdy, but is quite emotional of a person

Appearance: 5'3, brown pixie cut, brown eyes, pale, freckles

Example speech: "Since when is socially awkward and weird not adorable?"

In Which Sections: N/A

TheFireJay (6)

Name: Justin

Nickname: Jakey, Jake, Larissa

Personality: Friendly, easy to get along with and idk flirty?

Appearance: 5'8, brown short hair, brown eyes, white-tannish

Example speech: "That's hot"

In Which Sections: N/A

Blissfully Mine (7)

Name: Summer

Nickname: Er, idk, everybody has their own for me? I guess I can go by Winter tho, cuz y not

Personality: Summer is bubbly, sometimes awkward, and can be quite considerate and sincere if you get to know her. On the other hand, she is clever and can be quite cunning if put into such a state where she feels she's at danger.

Appearance: Um, slightly-tan skin, curly long brown hair with natural gold highlights, 5'4 and hazel-ish eyes.

Example Speech: "You might expect me to just say something, but I'd rather sit here and look pretty, if it wouldn't bother you."

In Which Sections: (S1) C1

Summer bee 13 (8)

Name: Emilia

Nicknames: Emmee, Lia, Milly

Personality: Intelligent, Witty and Outgoing

Apperance: 5'5, brown curly hair, blue-green eyes, has a bit of a tan.

Example Speech: (I give you two) Either "Bowties are Cool" or "I find foreign politics very interesting."

In Which Sections: (S1) C1

MarinaTheTenkaiKnight (9)

Name: Marina

Nickname: I don't really have one, but call me Whale if you have to

Personality: This is hard to explain >.< Friendly, smart, sometimes very sarcastic, fast

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair (The hair color, not dirty hair), tall, brown-blue eyes.

Example Speech: Oh, f**k this!

In Which Sections: N/A

HaraiGoshi345 (10)

Name: Connor

Nickname: Harai, Sackboy (Old one but... Call me it if you want.)

Personality: Shy, friendly, nice, annoying when I don't mean it, unfortunately tends to offend people without realising, stutters alot when speaking.

Appearance: Light brownish hair that's down to my ears, 5'7, long arms and legs, hazel eyes, huge eyes,

Example speech: "Welcome to hell."

In Which Sections: N/A

SerpentKing999 (11)

Name: Viktor

Nickname: Serpent, That Guy

Personality: A bit of a loser, really. He likes to sit around and do nothing (AKA play video games) when he's supposed to be working. He doesn't really care what he's doing, as long as he's entertained. However, whenever he makes a promise, he'll always see it through. He's also really clumsy and forgetful, so he may forget that he even made a promise in the first place. Also enjoys speaking in purple prose to mess with people. Oh, and he's a complete anime freak who watches anime all the time (except for when he's playing video games).

^Is this wall of text enough? :3

Appearance: About 6'2. Spiky blonde hair that somehow always looks greasy (despite how he always showers everyday) and a thoroughly unremarkable face with brown eyes. The rest of his body is just as unremarkable as his face.

Example Speech: "That would require effort, and effort is a valuable resource that I'd prefer to keep."

In Which Sections: N/A

Sambaroses (12)

Name: Samantha

Nickname: Sam, Sammy, Samba, Rose (The last two are nicknames of my username really, but still nicknames) the list could go on...

Personality: Gosh, where to start... I'm pretty kind and outgoing, though I do have a habit of scaring and confusing people i'm friends with with my very, almost weirdly confident attitude. However (and this is where I get confusing xD ) if I don't know you, like your a stranger, an aquaintence, or maybe your even working behind the checkouts when I buy something, i'll be really, really socially awkward and shy, i'm the kind of girl who will get out their phone or put their headphones on (even if i'm not listening to anything) just to avoid an even more awkward social situation. I'm sweet most of the time, though I do have a sarcastic, dry, and yet very innocent sense of humour as well. Uh, I think that pretty much covers it... oh, and finally i'm very stubborn too, and I barely ever swear, and if I do it's mild. ^o^

Appearance: I'm very tall, and people often think i'm much, much older than I actually am from the way I speak (people say i'm 'posh' sounding... to qoute Danisnotonfire at you, i'm not posh, just articulate!) and my height. I have long, wavy, very thick black hair that falls almost to my waist and kind of grey / blue eyes. :3

Example Speech: (I'm going to give you several. :)

'What the heck?!'

'That was sarcasm.' (I'm adding this one becuase people often can't tell when i'm joking or not. xD )

'How adorable!' *Points at cute fluffy animal*

' I've made the right choice, right?!' (I'm really indecisive too. xD )

'If you're going to be so two faced honey, at least make one of them pretty.' (If you really, really annoy me i'm likely to say something along those lines depending on the situation.)

'I came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.' (I have actually said this to someone before... their face was priceless. x3 )

In Which Sections: Most Of Story 1

Snake of Retaining Eyes (13)

Name: Claudia 

Nickname: Clawdeeyuh, and Lindsay (my real name)

Personality: Kind of shy, but a little bit pissed off and cynical part of the time, but nicer to people I don't know and people who aren't, like, really annoying. I also have jealousy issues, and I used to have problems with getting hate from people but I stopped caring. But to the people who do know me, I'm forgiving, kind of pervy, but sensible when I have to be, and well, I don't really know how to describe the rest.

Appearance: 5'2, Golden Brown (with some red) hair with blonde highlights, my hair goes down a little bit above my shoulders, and I have greenish-grey eyes, I'm kinda pudgy and I have fat fingers, and I have black-framed glasses, and I'm kind of pale in the sun but my skin is fair-er in the dark. And I bite the living crap out of my fingernails.

Example Speech: "hiii mam", "im gonna break ur bayonet in half and feed it to the babies", and "wee-snaw x3" :P  

In Which Sections: (S1) C1

BaconCanadian (14)

Name: Tyler

Nickname: Tywer, Jeebus

Personality: Kind of crazy, very random, easily offended, loud, sarcastic

Appearance: Dah gif over there (See comments for the exact gif.)

Example Speech: "Awwwhhh gurl!" "Aye baby, how you doing" "Ugh" "Yall need Jesus" "Yus"

In Which Sections: N/A

NIby001 (15)

Name: Nathaniel

Nickname: Don't really have one.

Personality: This could go on for forever... but to make it short, I often procrastinate things, so this will be finished tomorrow (have to sleep now)!

Appearance: I'm about 7'10-7'11 (or 179 cm) tall. I have blue eyes and short brown hair. I wear glasses, and can barely see anything without them.

Example Speech: TBA

The Ideas

Vote 1 (First Story)

  1. Online gamers sucked into a relm where they are the characters from the game, and can't get out unless they beat the final level.
  2. A comic-con where everything changes when they are all taken hostage by terrorists, and one deadly phone call can change everything.
  3. You are all genderbent. BOOM!
  4. Everybody is stuck in a society where being straight is illegal, and the only thing accepted is being homosexual.\
  5. There's an anime show you all watch, and then suddenly, all the planets line up and within seconds you turn into anime characters. Kawaii much? (5 votes)
  6. School camp that turns out horribly wrong.

You May Now.... VOTE! First to reach 5 is the winning idea!!! ^u^


Story 1: Animerūru (Anime Rules)

Main Characters

Thanks to, the 5 main characters are...

Number 12 (Sambaroses)

Number 4 (PumPumPumpkin :3)

Number 5 (District3Forever)

Number 6 (TheFireJay)

Number 13 (Snake of Retaining Eyes)

Side Characters

The 3 side characters are...

Number 8 (MarinaTheTenkaiKnight)

Number 1 (Blue-Ribbonz)

Number 14 (Bacon Canadian)

The other characters will still be used, so please, do not fret. These characters will be background characters next time (Except for 1, if my calculations are correct).

Chapter 1 (Sam's POV) "It's what everybody is talking about, at least, thats what I hear."

I sit on the same old oak stool I always sit on it art class, next to the same old people with the same old personalitys.  Nothing had changed since I came back to Hawaii, really, I still had my friends here, then, I had the others...

I scrunched up my nose slightly in annoyence before glacing back at the large oak easel infront of me. Mr. Woodchester had placed a large peice of paper on it and was currently writing everything we needed and had to do on the board.

I looked to my left slightly to see Summer, who was sitting next to me, already doodling away on the paper as if the teacher had already told her what to do. I leaned closer towards her and looked at her paper, and there I saw a strange looking character who was penned in a gold pen. Summer was looking through her pencil case for, probably, some colors to shade the character in. 

I looked back to the board to see neatly written instructions telling us what to do. I carefully glanced over them and realised, we were drawing "Anime".

I titled my head awkwardly, I watched anime but, I still have no idea how to posiion the features right... I brought my pen to the paper and stared at the page with thought.

Maybe I could draw Ami from Tawā の Kanjō (Tower Of Feelings)...

I shake my head in response and stare blankly ahead at the peice of paper for what seems like forever. I hear a laugh behind me, and I quickly snap my head towards the laugh, and see Erlend smiling down at me. I blink at him and he chuckled back.

"You don't know what to draw, do you?"

I nod slowly, anybody could see that.

"Why not try drawing your own character, instead of a carbon copy of another one?"

I think to myself about it, before realising thats a good idea. I smile at him and he grins back, before sliding back into his seat and sketching out whoever he was drawing. 

I could draw a girl with golden hair and skin that sparkles with wings and a blush that covers her face...

And then, without realiseing, my pen it dragging itself across the page, and sketching out exactly what I thought. The girls hair was blowing widly, and her silver eyes blinked softly at me, and suddenly, my world turned black. I looked around softly and muttered a loud "Hello?"

Nothing and nobody replued. I walked forward and looked around, before everything aroud  me spiraled into place. I looked around and suddenly, saw the girl I just sketched, her wings spread out in an even fashion. She spoke words I didn't quite understand, but I did understand one word... And that was "Baka..." which meant idiot. 

I watched the scene unfold before me, and then realised infront of her wings was some sort of male, with strange elf ears and a mishceviouss grin. I stood my ground and watched as he went in for a kiss, and she slapped him. I opened my mouth in surprise, but before I could do anything else, the classroom came back into my view.

I rubbed my eyes slightly and saw the teacher, and some of my classmates, looking at me dumbfounded. I blinked before grabbing my headphones and slipping them into my ears. I must have said something... didn't I?

The bell went for a few minutes, and I quickly signed my name in the corner of the picture, before scurrying out of the classroom. I felt a hand on my shoulder and saw Claudia looking at me dumbfounded. 

"We need to talk, right now."

I just stared at her, and she shook her head, before grabbing my arm and pulling me down the hall, towards our lockers. They were next to each other this year, which I was glad for. She quickly opened her locker and stuffed her books in there, as if in a rush, and then, when she noticed I wasn't putting my own things away, and leaned over and quickly dialed in my locker combination and opened it for me.

"Jeez, hurry up Sammy." She said, before grabbing her lucnh and closing her locker. I quickly shovelled my things into my own locker and closed it. I wasn't that hungy at the moment.

She then proceeded to rush over to the lunch room, with me hot on her heels. I was pretty much sprinting to catch up with her, she was just that fast a walker.

In a matter of seconds, we were at out table in the lunch room. Bekah and Emilia were already sitting in their rightful spots on the table. We both slipped into out seats, and then claudia looked at Bekah.

"Oh my god, did yah hear?! Sam spoke some fluent Japanese dialogue in class with her eyes closed! She is horrible at Japanese thought, god it was so weird, I swear when she opened her eyes they were silver, and her hair was like gold, even thought it black! I swear I even saw the outline of angel wings for a split second!"

I stared at her, and Rebekah's voice filled with excitment.

"Thats not what I heard thought, Blake was going around telling everybody she turned into some sort of angel and was the exact replica of this picture she drew, and she started to morph into something when she started to talk!"

Emilia was picking at her food before looking at me, her eyes not believing what she heard.

"I've heard it too... Did that actually happen Sam?"

Claudia leaned across the table at her.

"You bet your pussy it did. I saw it with my own two eyes..."

Emilia stuck her finger up her throat.

"Okay, ew, Claudi!"

Claudia giggled before slunking back down into her seat. I uncomfortabley looked across the room and noticed many pairs of eyes on me. I bit my lip and pulled my headphones out of my ears.

"Guys... I don't know what happened, all I know is I saw something happen between anime characters as I was drawing..."

Rebekah giggled, and I glanced at her.

"Well, all these theorys are going around, because it's what everybody is talking about, at least, that's what I hear!"

Claudia nodded.

"Mmm, your the talk of the school Sam!"

I blushed slightly at her, and she continued.

"Maybe you'll finally find a boy who'll love your garden down below!"

Emilia gagged again, and Rebekah grinned. I gave an uncomfortable smile, and replied softly.


Chapter 2 (Jen's P.O.V) "But it's just a rumour?"


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