The games have never been like this before. Katniss Everdeen may be long gone and after her death everything came back into order, the games changed, and after the 30 years of manipulating the program while small games worked in the process, the games have changed dramatically. Be prepared for facing problems beyond comprhension in The 30th Post Everdeen Games.


  1. Try and make your tributes detailed, the more detailed they are the better chance they have at winning. zUz
  2. 2 Tributes per person, from different districts please. *u*
  3. Make sure to be active, since i'm hoping these games go fast. :3
  4. This is post-everdeen, which means no children of canon characters. ^u^
  5. I WILL FINISH THESE GAMES So, don't rush me >.<
  6. If you have read the rules so far, but >u< in your comment somewhere. #w#
  7. The districts will be from the capital to district 14, district 12 has been rebuilt, but now it's more or less a gold-mining district with a more polished look with the others. There are plently of streams running through this place too. (/*u*)/
  8. Links are accepted. ^u^
  9. Please no trolling or spamming in the comments, there are no rewards for getting 100, 69 or 200 as well as other numbers, so if you do, there will be bad consequences for your tributes. >.<
  10. Reservations last 24 hours.


District Name Gender Age User
Capital Justice Dust Male 17 Smilingtribute
Capital Cyanea Larkspur Female 16 Sambaroses
0 Male
0 Ivory Blow Female 16 Smilingtribute
1 Male
1 Mary Maddox Female 18 AngelsHolocaust
2 Male
2 Silver Croft Female 17 Ichillyfry
3 Monty Green Male 17 MissRandomStuff
3 Catie Oplit Female 15 Meoryou
4 Male
4 Amalia Lucy Female 17 MissRandomStuff
5 James Desmond Male 15 ConspiracyKiller825
5 Female
6 Male
6 Violet Dionea Female 15 PumPumPumpkin :3
7 Male
7 Viola Schismino Female 12 Pippycat
8 Male
8 Egypt Minx Female 16 AngelsHolocaust
9 Male
9 Ruby Burn Female 12 Pippycat
10 RESERVED (7 Hours Left) Male FrostyFire
10 Female
11 Male
11 Clementine Everett Female 12 Ichillyfry
12 Scott Bow Male 17 ConspiracyKiller825
12 Ivy Walen Female 17 Meoryou
13 Luxray Megarium Male 18 Tehblakdeath
13 Amalthea Yarden Female 13 Sambaroses
14 Luxio Sertralium Male 14 Tehblakdeath
14 Acacia Paragon Female 13 PumPumPumpkin :3

Tribute Gallery

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