These games shall run a bit differently, so please stay with me.


Society has been separated into different parts named Dauntless, Amity, Candor, Erudite, and Abnegation. Dauntless are the bravest, those in Amity are the peaceful, Erudite are intelligent, Candor are Honest, and Abnegation are the selfless.

After the reaping styled Choosing Ceremony, the chosen Dauntless, Amity, Candor, Erudite and Abnegation will be shipped off to different base's, where they will train for the biggest moment of their lives, The Divergent Games.


  • No Godmod!
  • Don't kill without me making the Drip.. Drip... CLICK! Noise...
  • Stay in character
  • Be truthful
  • Play fair
  • Be Active
  • No whining
  • Have Fun!
  • 1 User and 1 Tribute/Character per person, making the total of 2 Tribs/Characters

Template/Choosing Your Faction



Appearance: (Real life picture)


Faction: (When choosing, first take this Test  then list your results, then based off your personality, i'll choose your faction out of your results)

The Chosen

Faction Name Gender Rankings Real Life Picture
Dauntless Liza Female


Dauntless Summer Female Zoey Deutch Summah
Dauntless Kaeghan Male IMG 1324
Amity Rebekah Female TBD
Amity Amina Female 598421 465062260196808 871136274 n
Amity Joan Male Tumblr m9vqbqVF4t1r40n36o1 500
Candor Eli Male Elitherlguy
Candor Toast Female
Candor Claudia Female PKDjpjd
Erudite Sam Male Meeee
Erudite Billie Female Tumblr lwd8ibm8uZ1qlha86o1 500
Erudite Nathaniel. Male Harry Potter face
Abnegation Lexi Female Images-14
Abnegation John Male Photo on 9-7-13 at 4.02 PM
Abnegation Aiden Male

Choosing Ceremony

Dauntless P.O.V Liza

Looking back at the test now, and what the ladies reaction was, I still have to wonder if I fit in. I mean, I've lived in dauntless my whole life, and I can't be certain what my decision will be... I ponder the fact that if I don't choose dauntless, my family will hate me. 

I sigh dramatically at all this complication before looking too my mother, who sits next to me on the crowded train. Every time I jumped on it, adrenalin kicks in and I feel... Alive. I had to help my mother up because apparently she's getting old, but it doesn't show in her gorgeous face and slightly tattooed body.

We don't say much as the train moves, and the Amity farms roll past. I wonder what it must be like living in Amity. They must hate us, I mean, they are the "peaceful" faction, but many of them are way more than that.

I feel something grasp my hand tightly and look over to see my mother smiling deeply at me I give her a small smile back than uncomfortably look at my hand. My mother has changed for some reason... As if something was going to be different this year... I shake my hand out of hers before I fiddle with the top of my black t-shirt, awaiting the jump and the ceremony. I was sure I knew what I was going to choose, I just can't be certain...

Amity P.O.V Joan

The train stopped a little bit past all our farms. My mother wished me luck, having to go to her usual work and left me there as the doors automatically opened. I looked to the floor as I walked in. knowing red really wasn't my color, and went to take a seat. I had almost sat down when I heard a yelp and turned around, only to be touching nose's with a dauntless. I jumped back in suprised and walked backwards, before bumping into another one. I apologised before looking around for an empty seat and racing towards it.

I quickly sat down and glanced at my hands. There were so many dauntless. In  a few minutes Candor would get on, followed by Erudite. I softly moan knowing that there would be too many people to fit in the train. I look around at a few faces before I lock eye contact with a blonde dauntless, sitting next to a woman who looks sincere enough to be an Amity like me. I look for any resemblance between the two, and when I find on one, the hair, I sigh and return to looking at my hands. 

A low buzz was heard and I raised my head enough to see the candor walking in, and I stay in that position for the rest of the ride, even when the Erudite walk in. I only get out of that position when It was time to go. I slowly had gotten up, and left the train, taking in the Abnegation surroundings.

Candor P.O.V Toast


Erudite P.O.V Sam


Abnegation P.O.V Lexi


Settling In/Training

Candor P.O.V Eli


Erudite P.O.V Billie


Dauntless P.O.V Kaeghan


Abnegation P.O.V John


Amity P.O.V Amina


Meeting Up/Rankings

Jinx's P.OV

(Somebody agreed that she will write this on my account... ^u^)

Aminty P.O.V Rebekah


Abnegation P.O.V Aiden


Dauntless P.O.V Summer


Erudite P.O.V Eli


Candor P.O.V Claudia





The arena starts off as a mere simulation. All tributes are injected with a powerful needle that sets off the simulation, turning some of their worst fears into reality.

It starts of as a large, almost sadistic white cusiny room filled with blood and stuffed toys. In the center of that room in a treasure chest, where inside is a larger needle, that the tributes have to be careful with. They would have to prick themselves to get to the real cornucopia, and that would have to be before five minutes ends (20 hours to post)

The real cornucopia is a large, blank room with weapons apon weapons at its rest. Try not to step in the wrong spot, for mines and traps are everywhere, and who knows what lays underground.

If you happen to fall underground and not get killed, A large drainege system runs there. There are two rooms, one is a large kitchen, and the other is the room you started with that has the needle. Try not to run into any of the toxic snakes and you should be fine until a tribute finds the secret exit.

After you get away from the weapon room, you will run into a large mirror room filled with millios of mirrors. Half of them are doors, another quater are traps and the other quater is a hypnotising mirror that can turn you against others. To make it through the room you have to find the right door, or if not, the room is great from tricking and trapping others.

3 mirror doors are connected to a large theme park building. None of the rides actually work, but they are quite well put together hiding spots, and if you have the right backpack ((Which you start off with)) you could rigg it.

Death Chart


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