The Final Games: Hunger Games 180

These Fan-Written games are a twist on the hunger games and final destination.

It was just me, and my sister right now, she has taken care of me for the past 12 years, ever since mother and father died that is…  Mom died when I was 3, and dad died before I was born. My sister, Alysaa, never wanted us to go to the orphanage, we stayed at the back of district 6, living our lives out slowly. Of course, we had to go to the reaping, every year. I wasn’t scared to be reaped, yet, I wasn’t scared of much. This was Alysaa’s final reaping, and, she seemed a little scared, because, sometimes, when you turn 18, she said bad luck just flys your way.

Chapter 1

Puffs of a mixture of grain, sugar and water block my vision as my 18 year old sister trys to apply makeup on my perfectly pale face.

"Okay, keep those lids close, no wait, open them! Blink for me, no, don't blink! Don't move, Don't move!!!" As you can tell, the mornng was chaotic.

But, morning like this were suppose to be, because, as we all knew, it was the morning of the reapings.

"Aleah, eye's closed!" Alysaa exclaimed, trying her hardest not to get the aqua colored berry juice into my eyes. She was amazing at makeup, I must admit, but she was too good at her job, if that is possible.

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