Just when you thought the games couldn't get any worse, they did. This year, even thought it's not a quell, there is a very special twist. If i told you, it wouldn't be a twist now would it! There will be 4 tributes per district, two boys and two girls, meaning altogether there will be 48 tributes.

The Arena

There are many parts to this particular Arena.

There is two large forest's, on the east and the west the the cornucopia. Each forest holds its own suprise's, and different mutts roam. At the end of each forest, you shall find a lake, one is full of dead bodies, but is drinkable if you have the right equipment, and the other one in acid, and will burn you when you touch it.

The cornucopia itself is in the center of a graveyard, each grave has the name of someone close to a certain tribute in the games, and it might throw a tribute off thier guard, which ultimitley leads to death.

If you travel far enough, you might find a large mansion in the center of one of the forests, it have many bedrooms, food, and equipment, but, there are certain mutts roaming there that may seem cute and cuddly at first, but will attack, and, maybe kill.

There is also a foggy bogg area, completly covered in extremly thick fog, with no way  but one to see, thought if you have a flashlight or torch, you might be able to make out your way, and find the special tresure that awaits.

And, finally. On the south side of the cornucopia, there is a larger graveyard, except it looks lovely, and pleasant. Thought, it has some names on graves that some tributes might not want to see, and many suprises await.

Tribute Form






Appearance: (Lunaii if possible)


Likes: (Up to 4 things)

Dislikes: (At least 2 things, up to 4 things)

Fear: (One of their mayjor fear, and don't put silly stuff like stupidity or breaking a teapot :/)


Allies: (Who will they ally with)


Name Age Gender  District Weapons User
Clementine Pythorne 17 Female 1 Sickle, Bow & Arrow and Sword Blissfully Mine

Ingird Lawson 17 Female 1 Mace, Bow and arrows & Sickle ~glitterday~
Luigi Wilkins 17 Male 1 Sword and Throwing Knives MyWorld

Zaphire 'Zaph' Beux 17 Male 1 Dagger and Spear District3
Satart "Tart" Miles 15 Female 2 Mace, Knives and Rope. Blissfully Mine
Minene Rinth 16 Female 2 Scythe Nine-Tailed Fox
Mason Cobblerock 15 Male 2 Sword and Spear EstupidCow
Zach Willson 17 Male 2 Axe and Sword ~glitterday~
Lyra Pluto 15 Female 3 Bow & Arrow and Throwing Knives WiressFan21
Petra Mines 17 Female 3 Knifes and Traps/Electroniques District3

Ajax "Hercules" Emerson 17 Male 3 Sword, Spear and Wire WiressFan21
Sollux Captor 14 Male 3 Dual...something. Tehblakdeath
Atla Gillson 17 Female 4 Trident YourFavoriteSalmon

Alvida Pearl 16 Female 4 Sword Toast With The Most

Konami Aretino 14 Male 4 Fangs, Trident and Crossbow Tehblakdeath

Danny Smyth 17 Male 4 Sword and Spiked Mace. ~glitterday~
Ambiance Monumer 14 Female 5 Dual Sword and Stealth Gab801

Embara Gthost 13


5 Blow Gun and Wooden Stake EverAfterHighFreak
Seedum Plant 15 Male 5 Scythe, Clearing Axe and Hammer Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute

Gaara Ryûghan 13 Male 5 Spear, throwing axes Rainbow Shifter

Lana Khloros 16 Female 6 Hatchet District3

Maco Jerzy 16 Female 6 Bow and Arrow Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute

Mors Voluntaria 16 Male 6 Dagger, Throwing Knife, Noose and Garrote Mistfire333

Cario Paradox 16 Male 6 Machete, Mace Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute

Pine Everglade 12 Female 7 Axe and Strength Royaldoggie

Lily Starsight 14 Female 7 Axe (Any) YourFavoriteSalmon

Evan Turner 16 Male 7 Dagger and Throwing Knives MyWorld
Kelan Flann Ennis 17 Male 7 Spears and/or throwing weapons Movie123

Maala Mathilda 12 Female 8 Crossbow and Axe WiressFan21

Winter Butterfield 13 Female 8 Spear Thewalkingdead123

Ikaika Mathilda 14 Male 8 Throwing Knives and Sickle WiressFan21
Peyton Walker 17 Male 8 Spear, Bow and Throwing Knives Thewalkingdead123

Felicitas Simond 15 Female 9 Blowgun and/or hands Movie123

Saraphine Prince 14 Female 9 Mallet and Poison EverAfterHighFreak
Blade Spectrus. 14 Male 9 Spear, Knives and Sword Tehblakdeath
Trent Greer 15 Male 9 Spear, Sword, and Throwing knife Wikia Cont.
Lilith Rose 13


10 Sickle, Short sword and Rocks EstupidCow

Vikka Shunmen 15 Female 10 Whip, Club ~glitterday~

Spooks Royale 15 Male 10 Knife, Staff and Bow Mistfire333

Henry Punch 17 Male 10 Fists YourFavoriteSalmon
Mariah Stone 17 Female


Slingshot and Throwing Axe Blissfully Mine

Aiyanna Migwan 12 (13) Female


Bow and arrows and Tomahawk Alyssa101

Apollos Harris 13 Male 11 Spear and Knife Alyssa101

Rubin Jett 17 Male 11 Sword, Khopesh and Knife ConspiracyKiller825

Leona Soleil 16 Female 12 Swords and Shield PumPumPumpkin :3

Katarin Kinder 15 Female 12 Sickle and Rope Royaldoggie

Juniper Trust 15 Male 12 Bow and Arrows Smilingtribute

Garrett Johnson 14 Male 12 Brute Force Toast With The Most


District 1

Clementine Pythorne's P.O.V I sat staring out the window, my hazel-yellow eyes flickering between two small district one children chasing each other with pretend swords, laughing as if death itself was a joke, but I knew for a fact it wasn’t. I took a deep breath before my vision suddenly went blurry, and I re-lived the painful memory that I never wanted to ever happen in the first place.

The first thing I saw was the crowd, some gaping, some smiling. I bit my lip before pushing through them all, muttering a few apologies as I squeezed through them all. As I was finally in sight of the thing they were all staring out, I let out a heart-wrenching yelp. Tears stung my eye’s as I saw my father standing there with the gun to his head. I took a few quick breaths to stop myself from doing what I knew I’d regret, but of course, I did it anyway. I opened my mouth, and screamed, the tears flowed more and more, until my vision blurred, I had continued screaming, even as the peacekeepers started to pull me away, I had stopped screaming for a second before I heard the loud, heart-breaking sound of a gunshot.

I saw mother fighting the peacekeepers, trying to get to dad, but it was useless, the peacekeepers soon had taken her away, screaming and crying. I reached for her hand, but I couldn’t reach her. The peacekeeper’s then let go off me, and I fell onto the ground, screaming and crying like I was a baby, but, I wasn’t, because I had just heard my father die, and I’d probably never see my mother again…

I blink back tears as my vision comes back, I quickly rub my eye’s, knowing nobody accepted tears in district one, before quickly patting down my lavender coloured silk dress. I took another breath before looking back at the kids, and closing my window with a slam, they looked at me in curiosity, before noticing a tear running down my cheek, and they laughed and pointed, I quickly wiped the tear trickling down my cheek before pulling the curtains closed and looked at myself in the mirror. I sniffled back a sob, before slipping my mother’s golden flower in my hair and walking out the door, prepared for whatever may come in the reaping’s.

The streets were filled with smiling gorgeous tributes. Compared to them, I looked as if I was raised in a farm, but I didn’t care. As I walked down the street, waving to a few people and whispering “hi” to a lady, who ignored me, as usual for district one ladies. I took another breath before I walked up to the table where my finger would have to be pricked, and waited in line . In front of me was a girl with gorgeous, long strawberry blonde hair. I put my hand out, tempted to touch it, but I them stopped and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around to face me, and I then saw the sweetness in her features. “Hi” I find myself saying, smiling my cute smile at her, she smiles back and answers in a perfect tone of voice that I wish that I had. “Hello!” she brushes a finger through her hair before I reply “You have amazing hair, can I.. I mean.. Sorry…” The girl shrugs playfully before nodding “Sure, and no need to apologise.” I nod in reply, and go to feel her hair, but she was called to go next, and I ended up brushing my fingers through mid-air.

I bit my lip as I hear snickers behind me, and then I get called. I walked up the lady with the pricking thing, and let out a yelp as she pricks my finger and drags it onto the paper. I then find myself walking towards my age barrier.

I almost choke as the escort runs onstage, grinning ear to ear as she pretends to swim freestyle. She has fleecy brown hair flowing down her back, poking out of her fish themed cap, blue-tinged skin, glowing green eye’s that could possibly make someone blind, a long green and blue dress complete with fins and fake gills and bare feet with shark tattoos.

I try to zone out of what she say’s to the large crowd, and I look away as the video plays, aware that it’s all about the rebellion and the hungers games and the price we pay because of it. I really wasn’t sure how long I was zoned out for, but my ears picked up a name that I never wanted to hear called out.

“Clementine Pythorne! Come swim your way up to the stage fishy!” I bite my lip hoping someone will volunteer, as everybody usually does in this district. I wait for a minute, before the deadly silence bites me, as if on cue, the dreaded peacekeepers walk up to me, and start to drag me on stage, I keep my fingers cross, hoping somebody would volunteer for me, but, only silence follows.

A sob escapes my lips, and I shake my head. “No…” I whisper, but, the Escort smiles at me, before pretending to bite me. “Look at this, we’ve got a nipper!” I bit back a louder sob before she goes to the reaping bowl again. I close my eyes, and squeeze my hands behind my back. Just before the Escort could say a name, the ever expecting yell fills the reaping square. “I volunteer!” I snap my eyes open, recognizing that voice. I shake my head before looking at the girl walking up to the stage. “What is you name tiger shark?” The same girl I saw earlier with strawberry blonde hair smiled at the crowd. “Ingird Lawson!” She glances behind her back at me, and her smile changes for a second, it seems more like a frown, but I couldn’t tell because she walked next to me, and we awaited the two boys.

The boys had both volunteered, none of the names I recognised, but, I didn’t know much anyways. Before I knew it, the reaping’s were over, and we were heading for the train.

District 2

Zach Wilson's P.O.V I sit on the couch practically zoned out from whatever was playing on the TV. I was too busy trying to figure out what to do when I get into the games. I hear Gracie’s sweet, sickening voice from the other room and she plays with her dolls, and it disrupts my thoughts so much that I decided to yell at her.

As I storm into her room, the atmosphere suddenly creeps me out, she was playing with dolls of the whole family, sticking pins into out body’s like we were voodoo dolls. I stare at her for a second before she creepily stares at me and starts to walk closer to me.

“Do you wanna play big brother?” she asks.

I slowly shake my head back and forth, and then I turn around and get out of her room quickly. My running makes me run right into my brother Max. He looks at me weirdly, before smiling.

“Hey Zach! You’re volunteering today right? Oh I can’t wait to see the look on dad’s face! Serve’s him right for not spending time with us, what do you say Zach?” I bit my lip awkwardly before shrugging.

“I don’t really care okay.” I say sternly before walking into my room and slamming the door.

Sometimes I have no idea what to do about siblings… They are a total nuisance in so many ways…

“ZACH, GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE THIS MINUTE!” My mother’s voice were loud and clear in my thoughts, and I grunt as I force myself out the door and down the stairs, and of course, waiting at the bottom of the staircase was my mother, an angry look on her face.

“HOW DARE YOU ZACH! YOU THINK YOU CAN WIN?” I hung my mouth open as if a gaping fish before suddenly closing it.

“How’d you know I was going to volunteer?” I ask, blinking twice as if I was lying. “WHAT?! YOUR VOLUNTEERING?! I WAS GOING ON ABOUT HOW YOU PUT YOUR NAME DOWN FOR THE 1000 DOLLARS!!!” I bite my lip, and then, I start to laugh. I laughed like a maniac, before I stare and my mother and shake my head.

“You can’t take a joke can you mom?” I asked, before walking back into my room, and going to my private bathroom. I looked at my brown hair before grabbing a comb and brush it back into a more appealing look, and then I run some gel through it to keep it in place. I quickly brush my teeth with the extra whitening toothpaste before checking myself out in the mirror. Damn I looked good.

I walk back into my bedroom before slipping on the tuxedo that my mother must have laid on my bed while I was making myself look appealing. I sigh before looking at it. By the purple flower near the collar, I suspected it to be my father’s old tuxedo, I shake my head awkwardly before quickly getting changed and leaving the house.

The good thing was that my father was the Mayor, meaning that I lived about a minute or two from the reaping square. When I was younger I used to be frightened of this square, but I got used to it, and it marks an important part in our history too. As I walk normally to the reaping square, I get plenty of waves and looks from the ladies, since I am very popular here. As I walk I bump into some other bow with particular arched eyebrows. If you looked at them for a while, you might start to think they’ll jump off of his fore-head and attack you, though it’s a silly idea, it scared me a little.

I straighten my back a little and scowl at him, “Get out of my way.” I say simply, but he chuckles and shakes his head.

“No way, why don’t you get out of my path!” Suddenly a girl with pretty brown and blonde hair came up from behind us and pushed as away from each other. “Stop.” She said sternly, before walking away.

The other boy, who seemed mesmerized by her, followed her, but then I saw him actually go to the line next to her at the finger pricking table, and I chuckled, they were both 15 huh..?

I walked past their line to get to my spot, and suddenly I got irritated as I approached the line. It was huge! I growled in frustration before I walked straight, pushing most of the line out of my way, ignoring the dirty looks others were giving me before approaching the lady at the front. “Prick me.” I say simply, smiling at her. But she shakes her head.

"Back of the line." She said, glaring at me. “Nope, you can’t do that. I’m the mayor’s son.” The lady then looked me up and down and nodded. “I see some resemblance between you two. Okay fine then.” She said as she snatches my finger and pricks it extra hard, but it doesn’t bother me much.

I walk into my age section and yet again I push to the front. Being at the front made me feel better I must admit.

I hear the escort walk out, but I don’t pay any attention to him, all I had to pay attention to was volunteering.

This escort was annoying, he went on and on and on about the rebellion and such, and most of district two knew about this so, there really was no point. When he finished, he went to the girls bowl.

“Ginger Carlana” I small whimper from the 12 year old section was heard but so was the echo of a girl from the 15 year old section volunteering.

“Name?” The escort asked the girl, who oddly looked like the girl who stopped me and that annoying boy from earlier. “Satart, Satart Miles.” She girl said innocently, shyly rocking back and forth before she escort smiled and picked another name, before he could read it, another girl volunteered. “Name?’ the escort asked, smiling at the girl who strongly walked up to the stage with a rough expression. “Minene Rinth” She said staring at the crowd before walking next to Satart. Just before the escort could pick out the boys from the male bowl, I found myself repeating “I volunteer” out loud. Gasps were heard as I proudly walked onto the stage.

"Oh my! Its the mayors son!" The escort exclaimes. I look around for a moment before notiing my mother crying, and my sister, holding up a sharp looking needle.

“You’ll get this win you win!” she exclaimed, before she chucked me something I saw earlier today, something that still frightened the hell out of me. The doll looked just like me. It had all the needle and pin marks, and the way she made it, looked like a gruesome way to die.

I must admit, my sister had a good throwing arm, but she petrified me beyond belief.

Before the escort could say anything, I snatched the microphone from her and spoke proudly. “Yes I’m the mayors son, but that doesn’t make me rich or spoiled, it makes me the son who’s gonna win these games for you all!”

Before I could say anything else, a scream erupted from the male 15 year old section that sounded like “I volunteer!” but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

As the boy walked onto the stage, I gaped, it was the same boy who picked a fight with me before. I scowl at him before he steals the microphone from me and says his name “I’m Mason, and I’m gonna beat his pussy until its black and blue!” I gape at him, before we are lead away, I never got to talk to my family, but I was still holding the frightening doll.

District 3

Lyra Pluto's P.O.V

It was true I missed Mercury. She was my sister of course, but I missed her for many other reasons. She was brave, she went against the careers in her games. Thought she was killed by the gamemaker traps, her going against the career’s in the “anti-careers” is just.. well…


My parents finally came back yesterday. But, they had missed Mercury’s funeral… Sometimes I wonder why they even bothered to come, since missing your daughter funeral is downright low…  I remember them saying something about hurting other people to me, but everything else right now is just a large mix of emotions. Why did they come back now? Why the day before the reaping!

I let out a sigh as I adjust my collar on my new blue dress I have especially for the reaping. I blink twice before slowly walking out into the hall, my eye’s instantly locking with the piano waiting for me.  I sigh before I walk over there and sit on the bench. I flip open the piano lid, then I slowly let my fingers play their magic.

I knew the harmonies were almost perfect, but I also knew nothing could be perfect… Especially the things you always wished could be perfect.

As my fingers hit the last key, I bite my lip, and then suddenly Steffie’s voice erupts through my thoughts.

“You ready Lyra?” she asks, peeking in from the kitchen and smiling at me.I nod slowly before quickly blinking, but when I opened my eyes She suddenly vanished, disappeared…

“Steffie?” I call, suddenly jumping up from the piano and peeking into the kitchen.

“Steff!” I yell, now running throughout the house, trying desperately to find her. My mind quickly races to all the possible places she could be, then it hits me; her husband just died, she’s not even here!

I bite my lip and shake my head, why would I just imagine her like that? Don’t I already have enough problems going on? 

I sigh silently before shaking out my dress and taking one last look at the kitchen before shutting the door and walking out of the house.

The first thing I noticed was the smell. Something out here smelt wet, metallic and utterly disgusting. I scrunched up my nose before taking a step forward and landing in something. It made a disgusting “Plop” Sound. 

I take a step backwards, and look at what I stepped on. What I saw almost made me choke on my own breath.

I saw a tongue, a human tongue. I wanted to look away, but my eyes were glued to it. It still looked fresh, and it wasn’t there yesterday. I take a few deep breaths before stepping over it and walking forward.

As I continue walking, I hear the “Plop” Noise again, and without looking down, I keep on walking. As I walk, I can feel something putting extreme pressure on my ankle, I bite my lip before looking down, and I cover my mouth in a scream. My foot was caught in a mouth, a human mouth, attached to a decapitated head, but what’s worse, is it had no tongue.

I scream and start to franticly shake my foot, trying to get the head off. But the harder the shake, the harder its rotting teeth clamp onto my ankle. My screaming must off got some ones attention, because a boy who roughly looked 17 appeared out of no-where are started pulling at the head. He didn’t care that the blood from the head was dripping all over his outfit.

After a while of twisting and pulling, the head finally came off, with a bit of blood coming out of my ankle. I rub at it for a bit, before looking up, expecting the boy to still be there, but of course, he had already left.

I sigh before walking again, watching the ground in case I see any more body parts, and of course I do. As I walked I had seen a brain, a squishy, disgusting brain, 4 pairs of arms, a pair of legs and a bucket full of eyeballs… You do not understand how grossed out I was, I mean, its not everyday that you see dead body parts...

"Ladys and Gentlemen" well that brought me to my senses, a few miles away I could hear the escorts voice, starting the reapings, my eyes open wide and I break out into a sprint.

As I got closer to the reaping square the more bodies I saw, and when I approached the finger pricking table, all the finger prickers were dressed as if they were dead, but they weren't moving... I bite my lip and tap one of them on the shoulder, and he didn't move, so I quickly checked his pulse and yelped, he was dead, they all were. 

I ran for it, past the dead finger prickers and into the large reaping space decorated in blood, bones and skin. The disgusted faces of other kids made me realize that this wasn't a joke, something must of happened last night. The escout was dressed up to look like he was skinned, veins sticking out and all, I tried my hardest not to look at him as I kept repeating to myself that this was all a nightmare...

"Lyra Pluto!" I must of zoned out, but the sound of my own name being called out brougt me back to this hell of a reaping. I quickly dart my eyes around, before taking a step back. No... I thought to myself, but then two peacekeepers covered in blood pushed me up onto the body covered stage.

The escourt looked at me as if I were a meal, before he wen't on to call the others.

"Petra Mines!" A girl who looked nt frightened, but not pleased either stepped up, an unreadable expression on her face.

"Ajax Emerson!" The boy who I had seen earlier came up, he looked at me with a sincere expression.

"Sullux Capter!" A boy with strange multi-coloured eyes came onstage, before a tiny applause went up from the 12 year olds who weren't sure what to do.

"Lets here it for your bloody f*cking tributes district 3!" There was no applause then, and before I knew what was happening a rope seemingly came from the sky and fastened itself around the escourt's neck, and then he was lifted up into the air, and was hanged.

Gasps were heard from around the reaping square as bullets and ropes started shooting down from the sky, everybody ran around panicked as people died, and I let out a squeak as me and the other tributes were pushed back into the large circular building that was decorated as if it were Halloween, except there was real blood everywhere.

District 4

Konami Aretino's P.O.V

I walked proudly down the streets of district 4, avoiding the eye contact of all the other citizens. As I walk I watch the tiny town looking victors village approach. The amazing buildings surrounded with the beaches was just so amazing, it made my heart beat in my chest just thinking about it. I stopped in my tracks to take in the houses. I was meters away from it, yet whatever I tried I couldn't make myself walk forward. Maybe it was because my neat looking pant’s wouldn't let me, or maybe it was because I was scared for getting caught.. But I knew I had to do it, I wanted to.

I finally pushed myself to walk, one small step of a time before I saw the peacekeepers near the gates. I pouted slightly before I approached them. They both looked at me with stern expressions. “You can’t go in there.” One said, looking me up and down. “Yes I can, my cousin lives in there.” I lied. I gave a small smile before I shrugged my shoulders back. “No exceptions.” The other one said, his stick slightly tilting from where he was holding it.

I saw a few victors out in the village courtyard and waved to one of them, “Hey Cousin! They won’t let me in!” I yelled, hoping they would. They both looked at me as if I was an idiot. “Kid, leave before I hit you.” I nod slowly and turn to walk away, before I quickly turn around and bolt for it. I feel something strike me in the back but I was too focused trying to climb over the gate to notice. I heard commotion below me and saw about 5 peacekeepers, one following me with a metal stick. I sped up my pace before something hit my on my foot. I shook it quickly before getting ready to jump off, but I felt something, or rather someone, pulling me down. Before I fell I saw Kodai through the Gate watching me. I smiled sheepishly before I was pulled down and taken by the peacekeepers. The last thing I remembered was a metal stick connecting with my temple.

I woke up in a small room, with a tiny window and a large wooden door. I stared at it for a minute before I started to get up, but something pulling at my wrist stopped me. I pursed my lips before looking to the wrist, where it was handcuffed to the wall. I let out a frustrated scream before I heard the door open. I looked to it swiftly and saw a peacekeeper standing there. 

He guestured for me to stand up and follow him, but I looked to my wrist and scowled at him.

He sighed before we unchained me. Bad idea.

I brang my fist to his face within a matter of milliseconds and while he was recovering, I bolted for the door. I heard yells from behind me as I exited the large yet fairly simple to manover in and out of building.

I glanced around only to realise we weren't that far from the reaping square. Actually, we were in that building that the newly reaped tributes go in. I wonder why I was in there for a moment before I hear the chilling sound of my name, being yelled out strong and loud. I stopped for a moment, and then realised the peacekeepers has me by the wrist's, noticing me and reckognising me straight away. I glared at them but then I was brough up to the stage. I was utterly suprised there was no volunteers to save me, I mean, this was district 4, what the hell?! The escort smiled awkwardly at me. She had bright red lipstick and i'm pretty sure she was wearing a pig from district 10. She hed the microphone to her lip and yelled:

"So your Konami? Oh, looks like a roughian if you know what I mean! So hun, tell me, any comment?"

I open my mouth, but instead I blow a raspberry into the microphone and grin slightly, hiding from the fact that this shouldn't have happened... It couldn't off! Before anything else happened, the escort was looking down at some kind of device with wide eyes, and then she started rushing us into the train, ignoring the building where we would say our final goodbyes. It seemed something big was going to happen, something out of our reach.

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