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The Soft Drink Games - The Simulation Series (1)

These game swill be a little different, so I found a hunger games simulator onli9ne which I will use to get the positions of the tributes, and who wins, so advice will not help. i will folow the personality section as close as I can. There will only be a games section so it's easier for me to write and not get distracted, and there will only be districts 1 through 12. The theme is Soft Drink so yeah, good luck! ALSO NO RESERVATIONS AND TRIBUTE LIMIT IS 4.


Name District Age Gender
1 Male
1 Female
2 Male
2 Female
3 Male
3 Female
4 Male
4 Female
5 Male
5 Female
6 Male
6 Female
7 Male
7 Female
8 Male
8 Female
9 Male
9 Female
10 Male
10 Female
11 Male
11 Female
12 Male
12 Female


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