• Bluefire16

    The 301st/ Element Games

    September 10, 2014 by Bluefire16

    Welcome to the Element Games! This is the first games, but they will be finished and done well.  I'll be gone until this sunday, but sunday night I will have all of the entries set. 

    1. There will be 24 tributes: 1-12 districts.

    2.  You may have up to three tributes.

    3. Each mentor (you) will have the opportunity to give advice to your tributes.

    4. I will pull a name each day, and that tribute will recieve a gift. 

    5. Deaths will also be decided by me pulling a name. Those with better training scores will have their names in less times. 

    Tributes with a score of 1-5 will hav their names in 3 times

    Tributes with a score of 6-9 will have their name in 2 times

    Tributes with a score of 10-12 will have their names in 1 time. 

    A tribute that is an 18 yea…

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