Welcome to the Element Games! This is the first games, but they will be finished and done well.  I'll be gone until this sunday, but sunday night I will have all of the entries set. 

Entry Rules:

1. There will be 24 tributes: 1-12 districts.

2.  You may have up to three tributes.

3. Each mentor (you) will have the opportunity to give advice to your tributes.

4. I will pull a name each day, and that tribute will recieve a gift. 

5. Deaths will also be decided by me pulling a name. Those with better training scores will have their names in less times. 

Tributes with a score of 1-5 will hav their names in 3 times

Tributes with a score of 6-9 will have their name in 2 times

Tributes with a score of 10-12 will have their names in 1 time. 

A tribute that is an 18 year old male career will not necessarily score a 10 or 11, ill take a good look at everything the tributes have to offer when making the scores. 

6. I will be writing reapings, training, and the games.

7. Tributes from districts 1,2, and 4 will be in the career alliance unless you ask otherwise. The career alliance will have a leader. 

Each tribute will go to a certain element island after the bloodbath. Indicate in your tribute template which section you want your tribute to go to. 


The Arena will incorporate the 4 elements of Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. Make sure you indicate your tributes starting island!

The cornicopia is of course located on the middle island. The other 4 islands will be one of the elements.

Water: The Water island includes a grassy plain of land with a 3 acre pond. Inside the pond is a floating island. There is fish and other creatures in the water. There is a wooded area on the floating island. There is an ice wall that reaches into the clouds surrounding the island and its walkway. The ice wall makes the area outside the pond cold, but not the water, or floating island.

Fire: This island and its walkway is surrounded by a wall of fire that reaches into the clouds. The fire is cool enough that a tribute can cook using it, but hot enough that if a tribute touches it they will burn. This is a smokeless fire. The island is mostly wooded.

Air: This island is entirly mountianous. There are cliffs, but also pathways. There are flat areas on the middle and top of the mountain. This island and its walkway has a stone wall built around it that reaches into the clouds. There are spikes on the wall. 

Earth: This island is hilly with all grass and no forest. There are underground caves, and boulders everywhere in this area. The island and its walkway are surrounded by a metal wall  that reaches into the clouds.

Arena 5564


Tribute Template

Name -

District -

Gender -

Age -

Personality -

Back-story (If any) - 

Height - 

Appearance - 

Weapon (list only one) - 

Strengths - 

Weaknesses - 

Bloodbath Strategy -  Starting Element - 


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User          Starting Element
1 M
1 F
2 M
2 F
3 M Huxley Binarie 18 5'9" Sword Sambaroses Earth
3 F Faith Binarie 17 5'8" Duel Swords Sambaroses Earth
4 M
4 F Emilia Oswald 15 5'8" Trident Summer Bee 33 Water
5 M
5 F
6 M
6 F Harper Shaint 12 5'0" Dagger Meoryou Water
7 M Henry Polyester 12 5'3" Knife Meoryou Air
7 F Acacia Twilight 17 5'11" Axe Sambaroses Fire
8 M David McKelly 12 4'9" Knives Summer Bee 33 Earth
8 F Ainsley Silverbead 16 5'10" Machette/Sword Summer Bee 33 Air
9 M
9 F
10 M
10 F
11 M
11 F
12 M
12 F Ivy Walen 17 5'7" Throwing Knives Meoryou Earth


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