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Bobsind December 9, 2013 User blog:Bobsind

Name: Patch Reilly

Age: 17

District: 8

Gender: male

Personality: Funny goof ball - the class clown. Turns out to also have a vicious temper and can be deadly when set off

Weapons: Trident - hand to hand combat

Backstory:  His parents died when he young, he lives with older sister and her husband. He works in a dye factory after school and his hands are permanantly stained green. He grew up wanting to be a peacekeeper not knowing that was impossible. This was due to a kind peacekeeper who took him and his sister in after his parents passed.

Appearance: Tall, thin, dirty brown hair. Big brown eyes and a crooked nose. Hands stained green from the dye factory.

Strengths: 'Hand to hand combat, 'Intellegence (manipulative)

Weakness: Accuracy (not the best aim at far distances), Swimming (not expirienced) 

Allies: Will ally with younger male (always wanted a younger brother) or expirienced female he can trust.

Training session: Score of 9: Uses his "powerful thighs" (which he makes jokes about) to crush a dummy's head. Uses a trident to spear a dummy and toss it accross the room. 

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