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    hi I haven't been on in forever because I moved and my family just set everythign up so we can use the internet (we've been living in my new house for 2 months) I still have the 61st annul games going on I've written a few days but have yet to upload them and honestly I want a fresh new batch of tributes so here are the requirments

    -name, age, district, gender, weapon of choice, backstory, strategy, token, alliances, other tidbits

    you can submit any number of tributes (ideally 2-4) and i will go onto profiles or wiki's or whatever you crazy kids are using now a days.  I would ask for no weird ones ie:were wolves, someone geneticly altered by capitol, half fox, can breath fire, is 12 but can lift 300 pounds, ect. (All I have gotten before, tr…

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  • Bolandcas

    61 Annul Hunger Games!

    March 23, 2013 by Bolandcas

    Why hello there!  I took a month long break from writing Hunger Games and now Im back and want to start a brand new one.  So this is my thirteenth one total so I want it to be good!  You can submit up to 4 tributes and All i need is age,gender,district,apperance,weapon of choice, skills, and backround.  I will go on profiles as well!

    Arena:  The arena is a thick snowy forest filled with diverse wild life.  Filled with pine trees and small ponds all across the arena.  Mountain line the edges of the arena and very few areas aren't covered in a few inches of snow.  Even the cornucopia is covered.  A few bear muttation roam the arena freely

    Male Female
    District 1 Lion Scrapes Ruby Bloodstone
    District 2 Owen Milligan Fiona Coyne
    District 3 Zig Novak…

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    60th Hunger Games!

    February 9, 2013 by Bolandcas

    ya so.  I want to write a games and my other games hasn't gotten enough tributes yet so Im going to do a games based of one of my favorite book series (Gone Series)  So if you want to submit tributes please go to my 59th games and submit, thank you!

    arena: An old run down small town.  The cornucopia is in a large dirt plaza surronded by destroyed shops and a burned down church.  Tributes can seek refuge in a variety of houses in the town and a hotel at the edge of the arena.  A large variety of mutts roam the arena; coyotes, silver bugs, and flying green snakes.  (Did anyone not see this coming?)

    Male Female
    District 1 Freddie Benzo Penny Close
    District 2 Caine Soren Diana Ladris
    District 3 Sam Temple Astrid Ellison
    District 4 Quinn Gaither Nere…

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    59th Annul Hunger Games!

    January 27, 2013 by Bolandcas

    Hello!  I am back from a long break of not writing to a new hunger games!  This is my 11th total and I would love for it to be amazing.  So if you could all submit 2-4 tributes and this is what I need; age, gender, district, name, weapon of choice, strategy, token, and backstory.  I will go on profiles and if I dont get enough tributes you can submit more than 4.  

    Male Female
    District 1 Thanatos Hydron 12xxx Discordia Cronus 13xxx
    District 2 Jay Nighton 14xxx Susana Cooper
    District 3 Shock Prey 15xxx Nikki Lounsberry 16xxx
    District 4 Jared Parker 9xxx Sandy Moral 8xxx
    District 5 Greg Sulkins 19xxx Larissa Mena
    District 6 Giles Mory 7xxx Ann Butchinson 17xxx
    District 7 Leon Ming 20xxx Minnie Forest 23xxx
    District 8 Semour Sass 24xxx Wynona Foliage

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