This is my fourth hunger games and I want to make it a good one. Please submit intresting tributes and please keep brother/sister/starcrossed lovers to a minimum. I've had a games were almost every tribute either went in with their sibling or lover. Submit your tributes I would like Name, Age, District, Personality, Back Story, Weapon of choice, weakness, alliances, and strategy. Needs 15 tributes total! 2-4 tributes each person would be ideal

ARENA: The arena has 4 diffrent areas, the cornicopia is flat hard earth. Surronding the cornicopia is grassland with many dramatic hills, After the grassland there is a forest filled with very tall very thin trees. After the forest a rocky mountiain area with a reservoir. Many streams lead from the reservoir all across the arena. There are deadly pirahnna mutts in the water and wild life roams the plains.

Lion Scrapes xxx14th Sparkle Lee xxx22nd
Emmett Wood xxx10th Tarelia Anderson xxx7th
Watt Power xxx16th Elle Trick xxx19th
Copper Overdeen xxx8th

Abbey Mae Finn

Jope Onair xxx15th Hara Monara
Brann Clatch xxx9th Skyy Fletcher xxx6th
Xaiver Woods xxx12th Zanna Vinland xxx3rd
Zaine Tischendorf xxx17th Roxy Clover xxx4th
Kevin Quince xxx18th Demetria Rye xxx5th
Flicks Marvel xxx13th Sue Eeha xxx24th
Court Morgan xxx11th Cherish Wilkonson xxx20th
Cale Silverado xxx21st Gretchan Lovegood xxx23rd

With your tributes please post if you want me to do chariot rides, reapings, or training sessions. Thank you! And amy the odds be ever in your favor!


I do sponcering diffrently than most users. At any point past day 2 you can ask to send your tribute something. So you cna ask for food, a weapon, some medicine, some supplies, ect. You just have to say what you want to send to them adn i automatically send it. Sound simple? Now this is when it gets confusing. When you ask for something all the money your tribute has is spent on that thing. The more money the better the thing. So for example: Your tribute has $50 and you ask for food. I will send an apple. Your tribute has $300 dollars and you ask for food I will send an entire chicken and some soup. The same goes for quality of medicine and quality of weapons. Your tribute gets 50 a day and gets half the money of any tribute they kill. Just ask and Ill tell you how much money you have I will try and do a chart type thing.



Sunny Nealson is extremely excited for these games. She has been the district escort for district one for many years. Last year the male tribute got into the final 8 and the year before that Cariettum Downstreet had won the games. Carietum stood behind Sunny. Carietum was 15 now and Sunny felt like she was very mature for her age. Sunny reads a prepared speech about the dark days and then starts the reaping, "Let's start with the girls!" Sunny pulls out a name from the large glass reaping ball. "Chloe Winne!" A blond girl walks up and stands next to Sunny, "Any voulenteers?" Sunny asks knowing full well someone will take the girls place. A blond girl raises her hand and saids, "I voulenteer!" Sunny waves her to come up. The girl smiles to the crowd. "So," Sunny asks the girl, "What's your name?" The girl gives a dazzeling smile, "My name is Sparkle Lee!" Sunny smiles proudly and goes to the ball filled with boy's names "Our male tribute is Jewel Hubber!" A 12 year old boy takes his place on the stage. "Any voulenteers?" Lion Scrapse hand goes up and district 1 has it's tributes!


The justice building in district 2 was bulit directly into the nut. Natia Crews the district escort looks into the crowd. Half underfed and the other half incredibly deadly and well fed. Natia Crews goes to the boys ball first and pulls the first anem she touches, "The male tribute is Emmett Woods!" A tall handsome dark haired boy walks to the stage. No one will voulenteer for him. He is 18 and top of his class in career training.He takes his place on the stage and smiles to the crowd. Natia walks across to the girls ball. NAtia pulls a slip of paper and reads the anme off of it, "Tarelia Anderson" A victor behind Natia takes a sharp breath. She turns her head and sees Jove Anderson white faced. Tarelia is his daughter. Natia watches Tarelia walk proudly to the stage. Take her place next to Emmett and smiles to the crowd.


Zap Troll looks out to all the kids in the crowd. All of them look scared but Zap takes no notice. He hopes that this year he will finally have a tribute win. The last three years district 3 has not been doing amazing. Zap takes a deep breath, "Let's get this reaping rolling!" He reaches into the bowl with male names, "Our male tribute is, Watt Powers!" A short over weight red headed boy walks to the stage. Zap grimaces and goes to the girls bowl, "Our female tribute is Elle Trick!" A tall dark haired girl walks to the stage. She is so skinny you can practically see the bones in her arm. Zap takes an anti anxiety pill and smiles at the tributes.


Clarson Clickman is ecstatic. The male tribute is tall and handsome and the female tribute is small and pretty. Both excellent tributes. "Ladies and Gentleman may I present this years district 4 tributes, Copper Overdeen and Abbey Mae Finn!" District 4's odds are in their favor.


The children laugh as the district escorts bright wig slides off of her head. Some burst out laughing and can't stop. They are so nervous that even a peacekeeper yelling at them can't make them stop. After everyone settles down and the district escort reclaims her wig they start the reaping. "Our female tribute is Hara Monara!" Hara takes the stage and ignores the nauseous feeling in her stomach. The escort grabs a slip from the male bowl, "Jason Hambert!" A 15 year old boy with dark red hair takes the stage. "Any voulenteers?" The escort asks disinterestedly. A tall scary looking boy steps forward. He takes Jason place and stands proudly on the stage. "What is your name, sweetie?" The escort asks. "Jope Onair." The boy replies smiling to the crowd. The escort smiles proudly at the first volunteer in almost 14 years.


The reaping is a very depressing scene in most district but it is especially sad in district 6. The entire district is concrete. It is a very large district so the square is packed and the reaping bowls are filled to the brim with names of children. The escort reaches into the bowl, "The male tribute is Brann Clatch!" Brann takes a while to make it to the stage having to walk through a mob of children. The escort smiles and pulls out the female name, "The female tribute is Skyy Fletcher!" A pretty 17-year-old girl with light pink hair walks to the stage. Skyy and Brann shake hands.


Plank Oak takes a deep breath. This is his third year as mentor. Last years haven't been anywhere near good. Tributes either killed in bloodbath or by mutts. Plank rubs his temples as the district escort rambles on about the dark days. Plank blocks most of it out and then he notices the two tributes standing on stage. "Our district 7 tributes Xaiver Woods and Zanna Vinland!" Xaiver looks twitchy and keeps playing with his hands and Zanna glares at anything that moves. Plank puts his head in his hands and prepares himself.


Parents hug their children before they go check in to the reapings. Fabby Croon the district 8 escort rehearses her speech in her head. The two victors behind her look sick to their stomachs. Peacekeepers usher the kids into formation and Fabby starts the reaping. She reaches into the ball with girls names, "Roxy Clover!" A short girl with white hair walks slowly up to the stage. She starts to shake. Fabby smiles at her and goes to the males bowl, "Zaine Tiskendof!" Fabby has trouble with the last name but Zaine knows it's him. He walks to the stage and takes a deep breath.


Osement Pace has thrown up twice already. The reaping only makes him remember his time in the arena. It hasn't felt like a year has passed. Osement still has nightmares about his crystal arena with poisonous lizard mutts. The entire district looked a lot healthier than last year. They have been receiving food form the capitol as a reward for Osement winning. Osement felt proud of himself but only for a moment then he remembered two children were about to go to the slaughter house. Red Wormwood the district escort shows a film about the dark days and starts the reaping. "District 9's female tribute is Demetria Rye!" Osement stomach churned. Demetria was only 13. "The male tribute is Kevin Quince!" Osement felt the vile come up. He turns quickly and throws up behind the stage. Kevin was only 12.


"Our male tribute is Cory Marvel!" Athena Crowning yells into the microphone. Cory Marvel burst into tears and has to be carried to the stage by a peacekeeper. Athena feels a pang of sympathy for the boy. Well, in till she hears a strong voice say, "I volunteer as tribute." Athena looks to see a short boy with light hair staring at her with such confidence that she has to smile. This was a much more promising tribute. "What is your name sweetie?" Athena asks. The boy takes his place on the stage, "Flicks Marvel." He replies giving his brother a quick hug. Athena smiles and reaches into the girls bowl. She reads the name off of the slip, "Sue Eeha!" Sue takes her place on the stage. Her face drained of all color.


Leppa Reet has more confident than ever. The girl, Cherish Wilkonson, was tall and strong looking. The boy, Court Morgan, was extremely handsome and had a strong body. Leppa was barely able to keep her excitement in. This was the best tributes she has ever had. Granted this was only her fourth year as a district escort but she felt good about these two. Seeder gives them both sympathetic looks.


Effie Trinket was loathed by everyone in the district. The only two living victors of district 12 hated her with such a passion it was palpable. Effie smiles widely, "Ladies first!" She makes her was to the reaping bowl and pulls out a slip at the very bottom of the bowl, "Gretchan Lovegood!" Gretchan, a girl from a merchant family, walks up slowly scared stiff. Effie reaches into the bowl with boy's names, "Cale Silverado!" A small 13 year old boy from the seam takes very slow very awkward steps. He has an orange shirt and bright green pants on. This was his usual dress. Effie tells them to both shake hands. Gretchan extends hers while Cale stares at her. He makes a growling noise at her and Effie decides it's best to end the reaping.


The tributes rise from the launch room. The tributes look around the cornucopia. It is hard flat earth with items laid strategically all around. All the tributes wear matching outfits; Long black running pants, nice brown hiking boots, and long black jackets over white undershirts. "Ladies and Gentleman," Claudis Templesmiths voice booms from above, "Let the 55th annual hunger games begin!" The clock starts clicking down. The careers poised to fight and others prepared to run.

Roxy Clover district 8, takes a slow deep breath and tries to locate Flicks and Zaine. They are her allies and she is ready. Next to her is the girl from 10 and the boy from 1. Roxy glances at the boy from 1. The clock is down to the last 5 seconds. Roxy can't see her allies but finds a small yellow plastic backpack sitting 15 feet away. Right next to a large club. 3...2....1..... Roxy jumps off her platform and sprints straight for the bag. The boy from 1 gets there first and she feels pure terror run through her body. The boy from 1 grabs the club and hits the girl from 10 on top of her head with it. The girl falls and the boy takes satisfactions in his kill. Roxy runs past the boy and grabs the bag.

Skyy Fletcher district 6, sprints as fast as she can away from the bloodbath. she heads for the grasslands that are at the edge of the cornucopia. 5 feet from the start of the grassland the hills start. Skyy runs up one of the hills determined to get over it. If she can she will have protection from any careers. She gets tot he top of the hill and glances over her shoulder. She sees the girl from 12 getting stabbed by the boy from 2. Skyy takes a step forward and slips. She slides to the bottom of the hill and gets up and keeps running.

Flicks Marvel district 10, runs for Roxy. He saw her jump off her platform. Flicks scoops up a spear on his way. The girl from 1, Sparkle Lee, Flicks remembers, runs with a knife in hand ready to attack Flicks. Flicks throws his spear hitting Sparkle in the chest. Flicks pulls the spear out of her and takes the knife too.

Cale Silverado district 12, sits on a crate in the cornucopia's mouth. He watches tributes run and fight. He sees two girls wrestle to the ground over a large light purple bag. Cale waits for a career to see him and finish him. Cale doesn't want to spend the entire game in fear. He wants this to be over with. He doesn't have to wait long before the boy from 4 comes up to him with a sword.

Hara Monara district 5, grabs the girl from 11 by her hair. They both reached the bag at the same time. The girl from 11 had a better grip on the bag but Hara was stronger. Hara puts the girl in a headlock and slams her into the ground. Hara can see the boy from 12 die out of her peripheral vision. Hara knows there isn't much time so she gets more aggressive. She repeatedly slams the girl from 11's head into the ground. Hara notices that the girl had let go of the bag. Hara grabs it and runs off to meet Jope.

Jope Onair district 5, had watched Hara kills the girl from 11. Jope was impressed. He had grabbed a small grey bag on his way to the edge of the cornucopia. Hara runs past him grabbing his arm. The force of her running knocks Jope to the ground. His knee hits the earth hard. Jope can't believe how much the fall hurt. This cornucopia was rock hard. The girl from 11 probably died by the second hit. Jope stands up and runs off with Hara ignoring the pain in his leg.

Xaiver Woods district 7, makes his way to the top of the hill directly behind his platform. Xaiver had ran into the cornucopia grabbed a spear and a small duffel bag. Xaiver tries to run down the hill but slips after the first step and slides tot he bottom of the hill.

Watt Power district 3, is completely out of breath. He had gotten to the top of the closest hill to him and could barley make it. Watt lies on his stomach and scoots down the back of the hill so only the top of his head was visible. He could see the entire bloodbath from the top of the hill. He sees the girl from 4 take out Elle Trick with an arrow. Good, Watt thinks to himself, she was an idiot anyway. The girl from 4 runs with her bow and quiver of arrows up a hill. Not with the careers, interesting, Watt thinks to himself.

Cooper Overdeen district 4, grabs a new clean sword from the rack of weapons with in the cornucopia. His old one had blood on it. Cooper turns to see the boy from 9 running directly at him with two long knives in hand. Cooper swings his sword and slices the boys neck open. The boy from 9 falls and Cooper turns his head, "Oh!" He says out loud, "I know why i remember you, you were 12!"

Demetria Rye district 9, grabbed a small bag in the mid way point between her platform and the actual cornucopia. She turns on her heel and runs for a hill. An axe catches her eye and she makes a left turn to pick up the axe. She grabs it and sprints with all her might up the hill. She makes it to the top and slides down the hill.

Court Morgan district 11, grabs a large blue bag close to the cornucopia as well as a large empty plastic container. Court considers trying to find a full bottle but notices that tributes are clearing out and Court knows he doesn't want to be in the cornucopia alone with the careers. He runs for the only slightly flat ground in the grasslands.

Zanna Vinland district 7, had tripped while jumping off her platform and was cursing herself for it. Those few seconds were crucial. Zanna had ran around the cornucopia hoping to find some throwing knives and a bag. She watches the boy from 8 pick up a large brown satchel. Zanna notices a ring of throwing knives to her right. She grabs one and throws it at the boy. It makes contact with his neck and Zanna grabs the rest of the throwing knives and takes the satchel from the boys hands.

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, had a bow and 12 arrows. Plus a bag she had gotten off of a tribute she killed. Abbey didn't even realize she was attempting to kill the girl in till she shot her arrow. 'All those years of career training must be giving me instincts,' She thinks as she climbs over hill after hill. 'I might have a shot at this.

Emmett Woods district 2, he was self elected leader of the careers. No one had really opposed him. The careers were mostly intact. Lion, Tarelia, and Cooper had all survived. Sparkle had been killed but Emmett didn't really care. She was ditzy and wouldn't have lasted long Emmett looks at the bodies lying around. Trying to get a count on how many tributes were gone. While counting he notices bright red hair on the hill top. "Guys," Emmett whispers to the group, "that's district 3, right?" Emmett asks pointing at the red hair. Cooper nods and Emmett smiles. He keeps a nice grip on his sword and runs for the hill the boy is on. When he gets to the bottom of the hill the boy from 3 screams and tries to run away, but he slips. Emmett climbs to the top of the hill quickly. He watches the boy slide to the bottom of the hill. Emmett jumps. The hill was steeper than he thought, he falls pretty far and when he lands he feels it in his legs. Emmett is only a few feet behind the boy from 3. The boy screams and screams but Emmett doesn't care he stabs his sword into the boy form 3's back.

Brann Clatch district 6, climbs his 5th hill. He sees a tribute far to his left but he doesn't want to chase after her. Brann had grabbed a large dark green hiking bag form the cornucopia. He didn't know if it contained a weapon or not and he didn't want to risk hand to hand combat. Brann runs for a few more minutes before he is out of breath. He stops to take a break then he hears the cannons. 9 total. Brann wipes the sweat from his face, "Seriously? Only 9! What the hell man!"


-Sue Eeha district 10, head cracked open by Lion Scrapes xxx24th

-Gretchan Lovegood 12, stabbed by Emmett Woods xxx23rd

-Sparkle Lee district 1, killed by Flicks Marvel's spear xxx22nd

-Cale Silverado district 12, killed by Cooper Overdeen's sword xxx21st

-Cherish Wilkonson district 11, head cracked open by Hara Monara xxx20th

-Elle Trick district 3, shot by Abbey Mae Finns arrow xxx19th

-Kevin Quince district 9, cut by Copper Overdeen's sword xxx18th

-Zaine Tischendorf district 8, throwing knife to the neck by Zanna Vinland xxx17th

-Watt Power district 3, stabbed by Emmetts sword xxx16th

Day 1

Lion Scrapes district 1, is disappointing with the results of the blood bath. Only tributes had died and 1 of them was Sparkle. The careers sorta through all the supplies. "So what's our plan?" Tarelia asks. Lion grabs a large bag and looks inside of it; an inflatable raft. "We need the best supplies. then we can go hunt other tributes." Emmett tells her. Lion agrees completely with Emmett, supplies are a must! "Where's Tarelia?" Cooper asks. Lion looks around. She was sorting through a bag next to him only a few minutes ago.

Tarelia Anderson district 2, gets comfortable and puts the binocular to her eyes. All she sees is grassland. Hill after hill after hill of grass. It is also incredibly windy. Tarelia shivers as the wind picks up. It's pretty loud, too. Tarelia can barely hear anything. A hand comes down on her shoulder. She turns quickly grabs the guys arm and the back of his shirt and throws him to the ground. "Oh, sorry Lion. I thought it was someone else." She apologizes. Lion tries to catch his breath and gives her the thumbs up.

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, climbs over another hill. The wind was both cooling and obnoxious. It was loud and added resistance while she ran. Abbey slips on the downhill. This was was also annoying. There was practically no way to go down the hill without sliding. Abbey rests at the bottom of the hill and checks her bag. A small metal water bottle, a pack of dried meat, 3 apples, and a container of matches. Abbey takes an apple and eats it quickly. She eats the core as well. She doesn't want to leave a trail of food scraps. She stands up and looks for better cover.

Jope Onair district 5, kept limping. The bruise on his knee was really bothering him. Hara was ahead of him. "HEY!" He yells to her. Yelling was the only way to communicate with all this wind. "HARA!" Hara turns her head and yells back "WHAT!" Jope catches up to her, "DO YOU SEE ANYTHING!" Hara nods and points in front of her. Jope follows her finger and her sees a few, very tall, very thin tree. Jope nods and they head for the forest.

Brann Clatch district 6, crawls to the top of the hill and slides down the other side. Brann's legs were on fire. The constant hills were painful. Brann is breathing heavily. He decides now is a good time to go through his bag. A pair of earmuffs, a loaf of bread, a small jug of water, a jar of strawberry jam. a rope, and a long thin knife. Brann repacks everything except his knife. He keeps it in his hand and climbs another hill.

Zanna Vinland district 7, runs hard up hill after hill. She stops at the top of what she believes to be her 14th hill. She looks around. She can no longer see the cornucopia and in the distance she can see a line of large thin trees. Zanna decides that the trees are her best bet. Zanna slides down and makes the trek to the forest hoping to get there before nightfall.

Roxy Clover district 8, had met up with Flicks but she wasn't able to find Zaine. She had wanted to wait but Flicks wanted to go. Waiting around the cornucopia wasn't going to help them. They would hopefully run into Zaine later. Roxy had gotten a small yellow bag that was filled with food and a jug of water. Flicks had gotten a spear and a knife. Flicks gave the knife to Roxy. Roxy, Flicks, and Zaine all had a premade alliance. Roxy and Flicks had finally gotten to the forest. The trees were only a few inches in diameter and well over 50 feet tall and branch less. Song birds fly from tree top to tree top. "Flicks, can we sit and eat now?" Roxy asks, tired from a strenuous day and lack of food. Flicks nods and they sit down to enjoy some bread.

Demertia Rye district 9, holds a stitch in her side. The small bag she grabbed had some food and bandages in it. Demetria takes some grapes and eats them quickly. Demetria holds the axe in her hand prepared for anything to come at her.

Flicks Marvel district 10, ate some very delicious meat. Roxy looked calm. Flicks wasn't comfortable with calm. He gets up and takes his spear, "Roxy, we have to get moving. These trees provide no cover. At least not while we are this close to the edge. Roxy gets up without complaint and grasp her bag. They move deeper into the forest. It is actually very difficult to move. Some trees are only a foot apart others are a few yards. It's difficult to weave in between the trees. Flicks spear gets caught a few times but it doesn't slow them down. They keep moving.

Court Morgan district 11, has been in the forest part of the arena for about an hour. Court finally found the stream. Court practically collapses onto the ground. He has been walking all day. He opens his bag. A sleeping bag, a small portables heater, a box of crackers, some orange juice and the plastic jug he grabbed at the cornucopia. Court brings the jug to the stream. The stream is a few feet deep and has smooth shiny rocks at the bottom, green fish with bright yellow eyes swim in it. Court submerges the bottle and it slowly fills with water. Court is grateful for the water. One of the fishes turns and seems to be looking at Court. The fish bares it's teeth. Court jumps back as the fish lunges from the water. It goes practically straight up and has long sharp white teeth. It snaps menacingly at Court. Another fish jumps and snaps at Court. Then another. Then another. Soon an entire school of fish mutts are jumping and snapping. Court backs away slowly. They can only jump so high and seem confided to the water. Court unrolls his sleeping bag, "Best defense is a good offense. What more offensive than mutated jumping fish with sharp teeth."

Emmett Woods district 2, is in the front of the group. He has a flashlight and a sword. Lion and Tarelia were in the middle with bags full of food and medicine, as well as a bow and club respectively. Cooper was in the back with another sword and a flashlight. Emmett was itching to get another kill. He was hoping to find one before midnight but the odds didn't seem to be in their favor.

Skyy Fletcher district 6, lays on the top of the hill. Out of breath and extremely tired. She hasn't had any water or food for hours and she has been running with no break. She takes off her jacket. The wind was nice for cooling off. Skyy was so exhausted she falls asleep almost instantly.

Hara Monara district 5, sits down on a large rock. It was sitting in the middle of the forest. Hara was sure this meant they were close to clearing the forest but Jope wanted to stop and rest. Jope leans against the rock with a small pillow behind his head. Jope had laid out the content of the two bags they acquired. A pillow, a bottle of water, two knives with sheaths, a large sleeping bag, two flash lights, a container field with corn, and an even large container orange gelatin. Hara sits next to Jope and the slide into the sleeping bag together. It is roomy enough that they don't have to touch. Hara and Jope eat most of the corn fro the container and go to sleep.

Cooper Overdeen district 4, stands guard. Tarelia sets up the tent while Lion prepares some soup for dinner. Emmett was look around with his flashlight and binoculars for some nearby tributes. It was becoming a sort of obsession. Cooper was worried the Emmett might not be sane but It doesn't matter. Lion hands Cooper a bowl and soup, "Thanks." Cooper says coldly. Lion nods and goes back tot he tent. Cooper takes a sip of the soup and waits for the anthem to play.

Xaiver Wood district 7, made it past the forest part of the arena. He was now in a very rocky area. Large boulders and many crevasses. Dramatic dips and large peaks this was a very dangerous area. Xaiver takes a large water bottle from his bag and drinks most of it. Xaiver bounces on his feet while he hears the anthem play. Xaiver looks up and sees the capitols symbol. Then the faces of the fallen. First the girl from 1, both from 3, then the boy from 8. (That's a big jump, Xaiver thinks to himself) then the boy from 9, the girl from 10, the girl from 11, and finally both from 12. Xaiver sits down and thinks about his strategy here on out.

Day 2

Zanna Vinland district 7, rubs her eyes. She had fallen asleep in the middle of the forest. She yawns and stretches. Zanna looks around and grabs food from her bag. The only food she has is a container of edible plant leaves and roots. Zanna wasn't able to find any shelter like she hoped. Zanna puts the ring of throwing knives around her wrist, ready if someone attacked her. Zanna wanted to move and find more shelter.

Brann Clatch district 6, makes it to the forest area. Brann has his knife in hand. Brann spent a night in the grasslands and ti was awful. The wind was cold and loud. Brann had put on his earmuffs but it hadn't help that much. Brann makes it to the forest and keeps moving. After 15 minutes he comes to a big rock. Brann is excited to finally have a place to rest. Brann sits on the rock and pulls a piece of bread out of his bag. He digs through his bag looking for his jar of jam when he hears a noise. Brann turns his head and sees the top of a boys head. Brann slides of the rock with his knife in hand. The boy stands up and yawns again. The boy scratches his arm and stretches his muscle. Brann takes this opportunity. Brann grabs the back of the boys head and stabs the boy in the neck. The boy falls to the ground and his cannon fires. Brann goes around the rock and looks at the boys face. Brann recognizes him as the boy from 5. The boys blood is over his sleeping bag. It looks like it was his only possession. Brann walks away. He doesn't want a sleeping bag covered in blood.

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, walks carefully through the forest. Bow and arrow at the ready. She doubted that she could even get a clear shot at anyone through all these trees. They were so thin but so close together. Someone standing still she could get but if someone was running it would be incredibly hard. She hears a cannon fire. "Okay. 10 down." She says to herself.

Demtria Rye district 9, ax in hand approaches a blond girl from the rear. Demetria believes it's the girl from 4. The girl has a bow with an arrow loaded into it. Demtria starts to move faster trying to catch up to the girl from 4. Demetria steps on a pile of dry leaves. It cracks loudly and Demetria gasps. The girl from 4 turns around and pulls back her arrow. Demetria sprints away from the girl. An arrow flies by Demetria's arm. Another arrow flies above her head. Demetria keeps moving as another arrow barely misses her. Demetria runs for her life, literally. Eventually arrows stop flying and Demetria risks glancing over her shoulder. The girl from 4 is no where in sight. Demetria let's out a sigh of relief.

Hara Monara district 5, heard the cannon fire and was instantly filled with terror. Hara runs back to where Jope was sleeping. She sees the sleeping bag with blood on it and knows the blood belongs to Jope. Hara goes to the sleeping bag and reaches inside of it. She pulls out the large bag that she got from the cornucopia. She and Jope had put all their supplies in it. At least she still had everything. Hara grabs some leaves and wipes most of the blood of the bag. She and Jope weren't extremely close but Jope was their leader and Hara was now on her own. She decides to keep moving. No reason to stay in an area that has already proven to be dangerous.

Lion Scrapes district 1, keeps his club in hand. Tarelia and Cooper had stopped to get food out of their bag. Emmett looked annoyed but what could he do people had to eat. Lion picks up a pair of binoculars. He looks through the forest. Nothing to see but trees, trees, and more trees. Lion keeps scanning the area. He notices movement. "Hey guys,"Lion says tot he group, "A see a tribute." Emmett perks up. Cooper puts down his food and picks up his sword. Tarelia gets her bow ready and Emmett picks up his own sword. Cooper picks up both bags of supplies and tells the others to start hunting down the tribute. Lion, Tarelia, and Emmett start moving quickly towards the tribute. It takes only a few minutes to reach the tribute. Lion recognizes him as the boy from 11. The boy sees the careers coming and a look of fear comes on his face. The boy packs his bag quickly and puts it on his back. The careers start to run for him. The boy picks up and rock and runs for the stream. Lion is the fastest and sprints for the boy. Lion is gaining ground fast. The boy from 11 jumps over the stream and drops the rock into the water. Lion notices the fish at the bottom moving around frantically. Lion smiles and jumps over the stream and he hears Tarelia shout, "LION! NO!" Then he feels something sink it's teeth into his leg.

Tarelia Anderson district 2, saw the fish jump from the water. She could also see the fishes large teeth. It bites into Lion's thigh. Another fish jumps and sinks it's teeth into Lion's arm. Lion screams soon the fish start to swarm. Lion screams and tries to pull the fish off of him but in a matter of seconds he is gone and his cannon fires. The fish are still jumping so there is no way to cross. Emmett looks pissed. "Let's go around the stream." Emmett snarls. The start heading downstream to find a way across.

Skyy Fletcher district 6, regrets taking off her jacket. The wind was freezing and she had stopped running a long time ago. She is starving and is extremely thirsty. Skyy had turned around to head back to the cornucopia hoping the careers weren't there and there was still food. Skyy new it would only take a day or so. She could barely make out the tops of trees but knew it wasn't worth risking the forest.

Flicks Marvel district 10, slowly makes his way to the stream. Roxy is farther behind. She was carrying the bag because she wanted to help out. Flicks finally gets to the stream and was about to take a drink from it when he sees the fish. It's yellow eyes staring at him. He knows that these fish are dangerous. He backs away slowly. "That bastard is going to die!" Flicks hears someone says. Flicks turns to his right and sees the careers making their way towards him. Flicks turns to Roxy and mouths 'RUN' to her. Roxy notices the careers and start moving away. Flicks tightens his grip on the spear. The girl from 2 notices Flicks, "Hey! Check it out!" She yells pointing at Flicks. Flicks takes the risk and throws his spear at them. Flicks runs to the trees. Flciks hears someone cry out and he knows his spear hit someone. Flicks suddenly feels a sharp pain in his left calf. He falls. Another sharp pain in his back. The girl from 2 moving in closer. Shooting a third arrow into Flicks neck.

Emmett Woods district 2, grabs his arm. The boy's spear had grazed Emmett's arm and it was now bleeding. The cut was pretty deep. Tarelia finishes the boy off with a third arrow and his cannon fires. "Emmett, are you okay?" She asks pulling her arrows out of the dead tribute. "I'm fine." He snarls. How could they lose Lion? To such an obvious trap too. The guy was reckless and got killed now they were down to only 3 careers. Emmett reaches into their medicine bag and pulls out some disinfectant and a roll of bandages. Cooper helps Emmett tighten the bandages and Emmett vows to kill the boy from 11.

Xaiver Wood district 7, slowly climbs a large rock boulder. Xaiver could have walked around but e didn't want to stop moving. Xaiver wanted to put as much distance between him and everyone else as possible. Xaiver thought he had enough food and water to possible outlast everyone else. His bag had a tent, a large bottle of water, a bag of trial mix and dried beef and fruit. Xaiver hears the third cannon fire. Xaiver sits down and eats some beef.

Cooper Overdeen district 4, could sense Emmett's anger. Emmett was hurt too which only fuel his rage even more. Emmett wanted to keep searching for the boy from 11 but it was getting dark and they needed to start setting up camp. "Emmett, I understand you're angry but we need to rest and get some more food and water in our systems otherwise we are useless. The guy can only go so far." Tarelia nods in agreement. Emmett scowls and sets his sword down. Cooper starts setting up camp and Tarelia takes out some food.

Roxy Clover district 8, keeps running with the food. She didn't have a weapon and she needed to run from the careers. Her fear was that they were currently on a killing spree. She only saw two careers and she hoped that the three cannon fires were all careers and Flicks was okay. Roxy knew lying wouldn't help but she wanted to pretend even for a moment.

Court Morgan district 11, sets up his sleeping bag and portable heater. He appreciated the heater it was actually kinda cold in the arena. Court believed that his trap with the fish had worked and that a career was now dead because of him. He hears the national anthem play. He looks up to the sky and sees the capitols symbol. Followed by the faces of the fallen. First the boy from 1, then the boy from 5, and finally the boy from 10. The anthem plays again and Court goes to bed happy.


-Jope Onair district 5, stabbed in the neck by Brann Clatch 15thxxx

-Lion Scrapes district 1, eaten by fish mutts 14thxxx

-Flicks Marvel district 10, killed by Tarelia's arrows 13thxxx

Day 3

Tarelia Anderson district 2, yawns loudly. It was 4 in the morning. Tarelia looks at the watch again. Emmett let them sleep for a few hours but he wanted to hunt down tributes. Tarelia wasn't happy with lack of sleep. Emmett packs the tent ad puts it in his bag. Cooper yawns loudly. Emmett scowls and heads off without saying a word. Tarelia and Cooper follow.

Court Morgan district 11, whistled to him self as he rolled up his sleeping bag. The sun was rising and Court had helped get rid of a career. Court smiles and pulls out some crackers for breakfast. Court starts to cough. He reaches for his water bottle and realizes it's empty. The only source of water Court knew was the stream with the fish mutts. Court considers all the options; goign to the mutts, or dying of thirst.

Roxy Clover District 8, kept crying. Flicks had been killed yesterday and it was still rocking her to her core. Roxy hadn't eaten in hours. She wasn't hungry. She knew she would need to eat soon. She pulls an apple out and tries to take a bite. Then a wave of sadness washes over her. Roxy puts the apple back into the bag and slowly makes her way to the east. She has no destination in mind, she just wants to keep moving.

Hara Monara district 5, had become very self-sufficient in the last 24 hours. She was able to start rationing her food better, since there was no one to shar eit with. She had both sheathes at her sides, ready for any attacker. Hara had even made it to the mountain region of the arena. She had covered a lot of ground. Hara was daydreaming so it took her a while to notice the boy pacing around a rock. Hara pulls both her knives out of their sheathes and makes her way to the boy. The boy is so jumpy and nervous that he doesn't even notice Hara approaching. Hara sprints at him and stabs both her knives into his chest. The boy has a look of shock on his face. His body becomes limp and his cannon fires. Hara takes his bag and heads off. Without even cleaning her knives.

Sky Fletcher district 6, practically fell over at the cannon fire. She was soooooo hungry. Skyy made her way slowly over a large grass hill. She was fatigued. She slides down the side of the hill. She climbs another hill and can see the cornucopia. Skyy keeps going to the cornucopia, determined. When she makes it to the golden horn, she searches it quickly. There is no food or medicine anywhere. Skyy keep searching more frantically. She is able to find a large container of water with a tap on it. She drinks from it. This is the only water she's had in days. Skyy is still angry that she can't find food but water is definitely a plus.

Zanna Vinland district 7, had made it to the mountain portion of the arena. She and decided to keep to the forest section though. She was more familiar with trees. She munched on some plant roots. She was super hungry but she wasn't able to find any food source, so this roots and leaves had to last.

Brann Clatch district 6, kept remembering the boy he killed. It made Brann sick. He had thrown up already. He didn't want to eat anything because he knew it wouldn't help settle him. Brann curls up under a tree and cries.

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, had almost killed the girl from 9 yesterday. She had tried to sneak up on Abbey. Abbey had retrieved all her arrows and was now hunting the girl down. Abbey moved slowly and was in hunting mode. Abbey knew someone was near by. Abbey was walking up the side of a stream. There has to be someone who made camp next to the only known water source. Then Abbey notices the boy looking nervously over his shoulder. A tall handsome dark haired boy. He has a large bag slung over his shoulder. Abbey takes out an arrow and pulls back her bow. The arrow flies straight into the boys side. He screams and Abbey fires another arrow to silence him.

Cooper Overdeen district 4, hears the second cannon fire of the day. Emmetts eyes flare. Cooper takes a cautious step back. Emmett has gotten more aggressive and paranoid as the day went on. He really wanted to kill the boy from 11. If he didn't get that kill he was going to have a major freak out. Tarelia scans the horizon of the mountain sector of the arena with her binoculars. "Come on. No one is here." She says picking up her bag and tossing it over her shoulder. Emmett snarls and starts moving.

Demetria Rye district 9, woke from her nap. She had fallen asleep after the second cannon fire and had woken hours later. It was extremely dark now and she was cold. Demetria picks up her bag and ax. She shivers again. The wind was unforgiving and it went easily through her thin jacket. She really wanted some sort of heat or protection.

Emmett Wood district 2, wants to find the boy from 11. He had killed Lion and Lion was part of Emmett's pack. Killing Lion made Emmett look foolish and he wasn't going to let that happen. He needed revenge. Tarelia and Cooper were walking very slowly about 20 feet back. They were being slow and wanted rest. It was all weakness to Emmett. The anthem plays and the symbol appears in the sky. Emmett starts to fidget. The first face to appear is the boy from 7. Then the boy from 11. The symbol disappears from the sky. Emmett starts to scream and starts punching the tree to his left. His knuckles start to bleed but he doesn't care. He didn't get to kill the boy from 11.


-Xaiver Woods district 7 12th, stabbed by Hara.

-Court Morgan district 11 11th, shot by Abbey Mae,

Day 4

Emmett Woods district 2, had spent the entire night screaming. His hands were extremely cut up. He had punched, kicked, karate chopped. tackled, bitten, and screamed at every tree in the forest sector of the arena. Tarelia and Cooper were no where to be seen. They had stopped trying to follow him at about 1:30 in the morning. Emmett had no weapons or food. He was so angry. His ultimate goal was to kill the boy from 11 and someone had beaten him to it. Emmett screamed one more time.

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, was kept awake all night by some idiot who was running through the woods screaming. Abbey knew that who ever it was had cracked. Abbey wanted to go and kill who ever it was but she was way too tired to do that. Abbey looked into her bag and there wasn't a whole lot of food left. Abbey hadn't seen any animals her entire time in the arena and there wasn't any plants other than trees. Abbey's stomach growled loudly.

Hara Monara district 5, was desperately tired. She has been following the person who was screaming for the last 3 hours. She wanted to shut him up. She finally sees the boy from 2. He is smashing his head into a tree. He is missing a few teeth, his fists are covered in blood, he has a very deep cut on his cheek and is completely unarmed. Hara pulls her knives out of their sheathes. She runs for the boy from 2. She jumps and tries to sink her knife into his side. The boy turns a few moments before she finally catches up to him. He is able to dodge her knives. Hara holds her knives ahead of her and keeps jabbing. The boy is able to dodge the knives smoothly. It is a natural reflex from all his years of career training. The boy starts to laugh. A scary maniacal laugh. It scared Hara. Hara hasn't really felt any emotions since she was reaped. She wasn't really sad when she was reaped, she wasn't sad when she killed the girl during the bloodbath, and she wasn't sad when Jope died. This fear gave Hara fuel to try to kill the boy quicker. She kept jabbing and jabbing and the boy keeps dodging and laughing. Well, in till he runs into a tree. When his back hits the tree he knows that he is done. Hara jabs both her knives into his stomach at once. The boy spits up some blood and Hara finishes him off.

Brann Clatch district 6, heard the cannon fire. Brann was starving. Brann had kept trying to eat food and he kept throwing it up. He had actually ran out of food and he just couldn't keep anything down. Brann was crying. His throat burned from the vile. Brann had very little water left. Brann curled up next to one of the trees. The trees were in a perfect pattern. Spaced so that if you looked through the middle of two trees you would see another one, perfectly center. It made it seem like the forest went on forever. Brann kept crying out and threw up for the 5th time that day.

Tarelia Anderson district 2, puts her finger to her lips and thinks. Why haven't I gotten any sponcer gifts yet? "Cooper?" She asks, "Why haven't we gotten any sponcer gifts? I mean the last few years no one has really gotten any gifts but no one has really been as impressive as us." Coopers eyebrows raise. "I mean, you aren't bad looking and Emmett is pretty cute and that alone should get us a few thousand dollars. But my beauty and the fact my dad has won a hunger games so that should have gotten us every thing we would ever need in gifts." Cooper nods his head. He doesn't believe what she is saying. Tarelia shrugs her shoulders and picks up two of their bags, "Let's go find Emmett. He will probably need our help tending to his wounds."

Skyy Fletcher district 6, drinks even more water. She was so scared of dying from starvation. The large water container of water in the cornucopia was definitively a plus. She was no longer parched and the water helped take the edge out of her hunger. Skyy was scared that someone was going to return though. Skyy was able to find a throwing knife in the very back of the horn. The careers had somehow gotten rid of all the supplies, either by taking it or desposing of it somehow. Skyy was impressed with them. She drinks some more water.

Zanna Vinland district 7, was out of food. She was walking on the edge of the forest and mountain sectors of the arena. She had her knives ready to attack. She really wanted to see a tribute so she could attack and hopefully take their food. She notices movement. She pulls the knife and gets ready to strike. The girl from 9 looks in Zanna's direction. The girl screams and holds her ax out in defense. Zanna runs and throws her knife. The knife grazes the girl from 9's shoulder. The girl from 9 throws her own ax. Zanna is caught off guard and the ax goes into her shoulder. Zanna throws another knife and it hits the girl in the arm. The girl screams and starts to run off. Zanna tries to take chase but the pain of the ax causes Zanna to fall to her knees. Zanna rolls onto her back and pulls the ax out. She was in so much pain. Zanna takes a deep breath and prepares for a painful night.

Roxy Clover district 8, starts to shake. Her body was weak and tired. Roxy takes a delicate bite of some celery. She starts to shake more violently. She was freezing cold. At night the winds picked up and the arena got 10 degrees colder. Roxy wraps herself in her jacket and shivers.

Demetria Rye district 9, was hurting. Her arm was bleeding and was hurting pretty badly. Demetria had lost her ax and had wounded the girl from 7. Demetria eats some more food hoping it will give her strength to get through the night and to be able to find shelter in the rocky part of the arena. She settles for a cave type formation deep in the rocky area. She crawls into it and falls asleep.

Cooper Overdeen district 4, listens to Tarelia complain as he sets up the tent. Cooper was tired and just wanted Tarelia to shut up. Tarelia kept talking and Cooper tuned it out in till Tarelia grabs Cooper by the ear and points to the sky. Cooper looks up and sees Emmett's face in the sky. His face disappears and Cooper takes a moment to think. "How the F*** did that happen?" Tarelia asks. Cooper shakes his head and climbs into the tent.


-Emmett Woods district 2 10th, stabbed by Hara

Day 5

Tarelia Anderson district 2, takes a few practice shots into a tree 30 feet away. Cooper watches her while sharpening his sword. Tarelia and Cooper hadn't talked since they found out Emmett had died. Cooper pulls a bag over his shoulder. "Tarelia, we need to get moving. There are still 7 other tributes walking around." Tarelia nods and retrieves her arrows.

Attention, tributes. This is Claudis Templesmith. I would like to congratulate you on making it this far. As a reward for getting to the final 9 we would like to give you the feast you all deserve. In 24 hours at the cornucopia there will be everything you could ever want. Thank you, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, is intrigued by the feast. She was almost out of food and having 9 tributes left meant that there was going to be a lot of killing. Her stomach growls. She looks into her bag and frowns at how empty it is. She really needed the food that was offered. She wanted to go.

Hara Monara district 5, was disappointed that the boy from 2 didn't have any supplies. Hara still had a decent amount of food left. Hara pulls out the bowl of gelatin she had gotten at the bloodbath. She takes a handful out and eats it. It tasted like apples. Hara leans against a tree and thinks. Hara could make the rest of her food last a few more days so the only reason she would go to the feast would be to kill tributes. Hara rubs her temples. She was getting a headache.

Brann Clatch district 6, was starving and dehydrated. Brann couldn't even move. His body was dying. It was going faster than he believed it should. He thought you could go days maybe even weeks without food or water but all his vomiting and running sped the process up. He didn't have much fat at the beginning so he knew his time was limited. He wanted to head to the feast in hopes that he could somehow get food or water. Brann tries to stand but falls to the ground. This was going to be difficult.

Skyy Fletcher district 6, was freaking out. Her new shelter was the cornucopia and in less than 24 hours it was going to be full of tributes. She drinks water and holds picks up her knife. Her stomach growled. She needed to stay at the cornucopia and survive the feast somehow. She starts practicing stabbing and slashing with her knife. This was her miniature training.

Zanna Vinland district 7, had started heading to the cornucopia the second she heard about the feast. She knew she was far away and that it would take a whole days journey to make it to the cornucopia. Her shoulder was in so much pain. The cut was really weakening her. The ax hadn't gone that deep but it was still bleeding a lot. Zanna had cut up her jacket to make some bandages. She winced every time she moved her arm. She needed medicine. She needed the feast.

Roxy Clover district 8, wasn't going to the feast. She was actually heading in the opposite direction. She didn't need food and she didn't want to be involved in a 9 person battle royal. Roxy keeps moving and doesn't look back.

Demetria Rye district 9, was still hiding in her cave and she was starving. She had encountered two tributes so far in the games and both times she was almost killed. Demtria had also lost her ax. It was her only weapon. Demetria used her bag as a make shift pillow and started to cry herself to sleep.

Cooper Overdeen district 4, was in the grasslands with Tarelia. He had a sword and she had her bow and arrows. They hid there supplies and had enough food to get them through the night. The feast was happening in less than 10 hours. He was getting excited. He and Tarelia set up a small shelter that they brought along with them.

That night the anthem plays and no faces appear.

Day 6 ~Feast~

Tarelia Anderson district 2, was getting excited. The feast was going to start in only a few hours. Cooper was rocking on his feet. She checks her arrows again. She only had 20. She would have liked a lot more but, "Tarelia, look!" Cooper points to the cornucopia. Tarelia looks and can see 2 people climb hills trying to get to the cornucopia. Tarelia frowns, "Where is everyone else?" Cooper shrugs and takes out his sword.

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, Stands on top of a hill to the east of the cornucopia. She can see two bodies standing side by side on the hill to the south of the cornucopia. Directly across from Abbey Mae was a fourth person. Abbey couldn't identify who it was but she looked injured. She had makeshift bandages wrapped around her shoulder. They were stained red. Abbey was prepared to fight.

Hara Monara district 5, was just exiting the forest section of the arena when she sees someone crawling across the grassland. It is a very skinny boy army crawling with a knife in his hand. Hara vaguely recognized him and she remembered him not being so small. He has lost a lot of weight over the past week. Hara starts to jog to him. The boy hears her coming and starts to scream. He tries to get up but falls back down. Hara pulls out her knives and jumps runs for the boy. The boy keeps trying to stand but he just falls right back down. Hara stabs him in the side. He tries to fight back but he is too weak. Hara finishes him off and his cannon fires. Hara walks the rest of the way to the feast. She gets there just in time.

Ladies and Gentleman, let this Hunger Games feast Commence!

A large silver table rises from the ground right in the center of the cornucopia. There are multiple clear bags resting on the surface. Each stuffed with different kind of food. Two galleon water jugs are placed next to each bag. In the center of the table is, what can only be described as, a bouquet of knives. Skyy Fletcher sprints from inside the horn of the cornucopia. She is able to grab two bags of plastic bags. The careers sprint for her. They are much faster than the girl and almost catch up to her.

An arrow flies from the east. It hits Tarelia Anderson in the arm. Abbey Mae Finn reloads her bow and fires at Tarelia again. The arrow misses by only a few inches. Tarelia pulls back her own bow and fires at Abbey Mae. It misses by a few feet. Abbey fires back.

Cooper Overdeen doesn't want to waste time watching Abbey Mae and Tarelia's bow fight. He looks around for Skyy Fletcher who had already gotten food from the table. While looking for Skyy he didn't see Zanna Vinaland approach him from behind with her throwing knives. She flicks her wrist and a knife flies into Cooper's neck. Cooper's cannon fires before he even hits the ground. Zanna grabs a plastic bag and a knife from the feast table.

Tarelia Anderson glances over her shoulder when she hears cannon fire. She instantly knows it's a mistake. An arrow flies into her side. Abbey Mae pulls out a third arrow and fires it into Tarelia's head. Her cannon fires. Zanna ran off with her own bag of food and a knife. Abbey Mae goes up and grabs a bag of food and a jug of water. Abbey also takes a knife and puts it into her food bag.

Hara Monara enters the feast last. The two bodies lie completely still. Hara walks to the feast table and takes a bag of food and turns and walks away.

Skyy Fletcher district 6, was so glad she had gotten food. She was also glad she got away from the careers. She had hid in the cornucopia horn all night and it had paid off. She looks into her food bag. A small cooked chicken, three bananas, a 16 ounce bottle of milk, and a bag of baby carrots. Skyy looked forward to the wonderful dinner she was going to have later.

Zanna Vinland district 7, had gotten a kill. She had taken out a career. Zanna got another knife and a large quantity of food. Her shoulder was in incredible pain but she was way better off than she was earlier today.

Roxy Clover district 8, had heard 3 cannon fires so far today. This had reinforced her decision to not go to the feast. She ate a banana that was almost completely brown. It may not be fresh but it was still food.

Demetria Rye district 9, was sore and starving. She shook as the cold wind blew into her cave. The anthem plays. Demetria crawls from her cave to see who had died. She looks into the sky and sees the girl from 2, the boy from 4 and then the boy from 6. Demetria can't help but smile. This meant the career pack was officially destroyed. Demetria fell asleep smiling.


-Brann Clatch district 6 9th, stabbed by Hara

-Copper Overdeen district 4 8th, killed by Zanna's throwing knife

-Tarelia Anderson district 2 7th, killed by Abbey Mae's arrows.

Day 7

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, enjoys her food. The food from the feast was delicious. Abbey was sipping a tin of soup. Abbey couldn't help but smile. The soup was so rich. Abbey takes a delicate step and slides to the bottom of a hill. The soup sloshes over the sides and Abbey almost cries out. Abbey puts down her food and counts her arrows. 8 left. As well as a knife she got from the feast. Abbey takes a deep breath and starts walking to the forest sector.

Hara Monara district 5, keeps her knives tight in hand. She had seen the girl from 6 walking around. Hara wanted the games to start winding down. There are only 6 left and Hara hoped to have it down to at least final 5 by the end of the night. That's when she hears someone cry out. Hara almost smiles and heads to the direction of the noise.

Skyy Fletcher district 6, was so happy to finally have a decent meal she had actually cried out in joy. Skyy takes a bite of the chicken she had obtained at the feast. Skyy closes her eyes and takes her time chewing. She doesn't even know the Hara is behind her in till the knife goes into Skyy's chest.

Zanna Vinalnd district 7, heard a cannon fire and was getting more and more nervous. The tribute pool was getting smaller and smaller. If Zanna wanted to win this thing she would need to start killing people. Zanna took some food and examined her shoulder. It was wounded and wasn't really getting better. It made Zanna nervous.

Roxy Clover district 8, was in the mountain sector of the arena and was looking for a cave to sleep in. She kept checking cave after cave before she finally found a decent one. She crawls inside ready to sleep and have this day be over. She crawls deeper into the cave. She is about to stop and sleep when she touches something. Roxy screams. Then the thing she touched screams as well. It is the girl from 9. The girl punches Roxy. Roxy is knocked to the cave floor. The girl from 9 jumps on top of Roxy. Roxy grabs the girl by the hair and slams her head into the wall.The girl starts to bleed. The girl from 9 cries out and Roxy grabs a hold of her head and slams it into the floor. The girls neck snaps and her cannon fires. Roxy crawls out of the cave and starts to cry. She doesn't want to sleep in a cave covered with the blood of the girl she just killed.

That night the faces of the girls from 6 and 9 appear in the sky.


-Skyy Fletcher district 6 6th, stabbed by Hara

-Demetria Rye district 9 5th, neck snapped by Roxy.

Day 8

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, tried to judge the time by the position of the sun. It was about 3 in the afternoon. By Abbey's math that meant there hadn't been a cannon fire in 16 hours. when it gets down the the finals that's when people really start betting and getting blood lust. If no one died soon mutts would surely show up. Abbey keeps walking. Hopign to run into someone. She was much more afraid of a mutt than another person.

Hara Monara district 5, sat on top of a hill and looked at her reflection in her knife. Her red hair was getting tangled. It was still short but was getting a little longer than she preferred. Her siblings would definitely ask her to cut it. Her mom wouldn't even have noticed. That didn't really bother Hara. Hara was use to her mom ignoring her. Hara had gotten her cold demeanor from being ignored constantly. Her siblings were really the only people Hara enjoyed. Hara stood up and decided to move.

Zanna Vinland district 7, gritted her teeth and changed her bandages. The old ones were stained red. The original bandages were made from her black jacket. She had cut up the rest of her jacket to try and make new ones. It was much more difficult than Zanna remembered. Zanna wrapped her new bandages around her arm and tried to block out the pain.

Roxy Clover district 8, took a bite of an incredibly brown apple. It was almost inedible. Roxy spits it up and tries to find new food to eat. In her bag she has stale bread, spoiled milk, brown fruit, and some weird smelling meat. Roxy tries to eat some of her food but nothing would stay down. As she is throwing up the nations anthem plays and no faces appear in the sky.

Day 9

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, heard a loud, for lack of a better verb, biting sound. Abbey was currently walking around the forest sector of the arena. She was walking by the river, the only source of water that Abbey knew of, and she gasps. the fish in the river were jumping high into the air. Almost like a swarm. Their flying well over 6 feet into the air. Abbey was scared. She shots one of the fish with an arrow. The other fish bite louder and faster. Their teeth, 'teeth' Abbey whispers, are an inch long and sharp. Abbey backs away keeping her eyes on the fish. these mutts scared her.

Hara Monara district 5, was following the weird clicking sound she heard. It was coming from the forest sector. She kept walking and she soon found the river. The fish were jumping wildly. The girl from 4 was backing away from the fish. She didn't even notice Hara. Hara wanted to attack the girl but there was basically a wall of carnivorous fish between them. There was a fish with an arrow through it by Hara's feet. Hara was starting to get a headache. She turns on her heel and walks away from the fish.

Zanna Vinland district 7, was searching for another tribute to kill. the games needed to end soon if Zanna wanted to stand a chance at winning. Zanna was in the mountain sector. She was searching frantically. After searching for hours Zanna finds someone. A girl with practically white hair. Zanna pulls out a throwing knife and prepares to throw it when she hears a rumble. Zanna glances to her right and sees a large mountain Lion. Zanna knew it was a Lion because of a zoology book she read once. The Lion roared and the girl with white hair turned to look. Zanna needed to be quick. Zanna throws her knife and watches it go into the girls neck. Zanna can see the Lion lunge at her. Zanna is knocked to the ground as the Lion pounces on her. It's claws go in and Zanna knows she is gone.

That night two faces appear in the sky. The girls from 7 and 8. Hara and Abbey prepare themselves for a fight that is guaranteed to end these games and send one of them home.


-Roxy Clover district 8 4th, killed by Zanna's knife

-Zanna Vinland district 7 3rd, mauled by a Lion

Day 10 (Final)

Abbey Mae finn district 4, watches the sky. Clouds float above. This is the first sign of clouds. The clouds start to block the sun. Abbey shivers as the wind blows and the sun dispersers. She has slowly been moving to the cornucopia. She knows Hara will be there. Abbey is getting nervous and counts her arrows. She only has 7 left.

Hara Monara district 5, sits on top of the cornucopia. She had climbed up there last night and was waiting for Abbey. Hara adjusts her knife sheathes. They are attached to her belt and are made of nice black leather. Hara pulls out the blade and looks at it. Six inches long 3 inches wide. It was a close range weapon. Abbey had arrows and that meant that Hara would have to be quick. She was prepared for that.

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, can see Hara sitting on the golden horn. Abbey has to be careful with her arrows. She takes one and puts it in her bow. She pulls and fires. The arrow flies a few inches above Hara's head. Hara doesn't even flinch. Down to 6.

Hara Monara district 5, watched Abbey curse and put another arrow in her bow. Hara was ready. She timed it just right. Hara slides quickly of the side of the horn. The arrow misses Hara by only a few inches. Hara's feet hit the hard cornucopia ground. She feels the shock in her knees.

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, Down to 5. Abbey was getting nervous. 5 more tries to kill Hara. Abbey also had a knife but she wasn't confident in using it. Hara is hiding behind the horn. Abbey moves slowly closer to the horn. Hara pokes her head around the horn. Abbey fires quickly. The arrow bounces of the horn. 4.

Hara Monara district 5, pulls out her knives. Abbey was getting closer. Hara knew what she had to do. She ran around the horn. Her foot steps were loud. Hara scaled the horn again.

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, pulls out another arrow and fires it. She had expected Hara to run out from behind the horn. Instead she appeared on top of it. Down to 3. Abbey took a deep breath and fires at Hara again.

Hara Monara district 5, holds her knives in front of her. One protecting her throat the other protecting her heart. The arrow bounces of her knife that's over Hara's heart. The blades had great protection when used correctly. She could see that Abbey was down to onl 2 arrows.

Abbey Mae Finn district 4,'s jaw dropped. Hara was protecting herself with knives. Hara slides of the side of the cornucopia. Abbey fires as Hara falls. When Hara lands the arrow goes into her shoulder. 1 arrow left.

Hara Monara district 5, ignores the searing pain in her shoulder. Hara starts to run for Abbey. Arms pumping blades swinging. Abbey fires her last arrow into Hara's thigh. Hara keeps moving and lunges for Abbey.

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, was out of arrows but Hara was injured. Abbey pulls her knife from her bag. Hara tackles Abbey to the ground. The arrows snap when Hara makes contact. Abbey land hard and hits her head to the ground. Hara tries to bring her knife to Abbey's throat.

Hara Monara district 5, tries to slit Abbey's throat but Abbey blocks it with her own knife. Hara uses her other knife to try and stab Abbey. Abbey moves to the side and the knife goes into the ground.

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, rolls over and knocks Hara to the ground. Abbey gets to her knees and tries to stab Hara. Hara is able to roll away and holds her knives at the ready. She slashes at Abbey. The blade slices Abbey along the stomach.

Hara Monara district 5, lunges at Abbey. Knocking her to the ground one more time. Hara watches Abbey's head hit the ground. Hara slashes at Abbey. A large cut appears in Abbey's chest. Hara slashes again. Abbey starts to cry out but Hara silences her by stabbing her knife into Abbey's chest. Abbey's eyes roll into the back of her head and trumpets play.

Congratulations, Hara Monara of district 5. You are the victor of the 54th annual hunger games!

A hovercraft appears above Hara and a ladder fall to the ground. Hara grabs it and is lifted into the hover craft where capitol doctors take out the arrow heads and start to heal her wounds.

A few days later Hara is talking to Caeser Flickerman. Hara is being cool and unconcerned. Caeser's hair and eyes are dark red in an attempt to imitate Hara's own hair color. Flatter doesn't get far with Hara and Caeser quickly starts the recap of the hunger games.

We see the girl from 10 get her head cracked open, the girl from 12 being stabbed, the girl from 1 being impaled by a spear, the boy from 12 being stabbed through the chest, Hara watches herself wrestle the girl from 11 to the ground, the girl from 3 being shot by Abbey, the boy from 9 foolishly challenging a career to a battle, the boy from 8 being hit by a throwing knife, the boy from 3 being stabbed, Hara watches Jope's neck being slit by Brann, the boy from 1 being eaten alive, then the boy from 10 being shot by the careers, Hara watches herself stab the boy from 7, then Abbey shooting the boy from 11, Hara watches herself stab the boy from 2, Hara then sees herself killing the boy from 6 (Hara takes pride in revenging Jope), then the boy from 4 getting hit by a throwing knife, then the girl from 2 getting shot by Abbey, Hara watches as she kills the girl from 6, then she sees the girl from 9 getting her neck snapped, then the girl from 8 being killed by a throwing knife, then the girl fro 7 getting mauled by a Lion, and finally Hara watches the entire battle between herself and Abbey.

Hara smiles for the first time in weeks. She had gotten 25% of the kills. She is proud that she won and that she can finally go home and see her family.

Thanks for reading.

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