Thank you for clicking on this page. You seem like a very smart and attractive person and I know you are going to make the right choice and submit tributes to my hunger games. I know you are going to love submiting 2-4 tributes because what cool person wouldn't? If you would include name, age, gender, district, info, strengths, weakness, and strategy that would also be great. I will go on to profiles.

(I have been really unlucky with getting tributes recently. So since no one has posted tributes in a while I randomly selected some off of the hungergamesrp wiki)

Arena: The arena is covered in large and diverse trees. Some are small saplings others are well over 70 feet tall and 8 feet thick. Many forms of wild life roam through the forest. Some deadly muttations other varying food sources. Delicous fruit grows from some trees others are only posionous. A complex system of rives is in the arena. All conecting to a large fresh water lak that is almost 1/3rd of the entire arena. Many fish live in the lake and it also conatains a deadly monster.

Male Female
DISTRICT 1 Garnet Stone Esme Collins
DISTRICT 2 Josh Eagleye Amanda Hawks
DISTRICT 3 Guage Down 13xxx Caputa Sighn
DISTRICT 4 Landon Granger Christa Storm
DISTRICT 5 Malt Easer 23xxx Avril Kaitlyn 22xxx
DISTRICT 6 Connor Steele 19xxx Zoe Russel 20xxx
DISTRICT 7 Jake Woods 14xxx Alice Wings 11xxx
DISTRICT 8 William Silveron 10xxx Larina Fairchild 9xxx
DISTRICT 9 Ceres Santos 12xxx Azalea Firethorn 24xxx
DISTRICT 10 Jake Lance 15xxx Hailey Ricktor
DISTRICT 11 Forrest Shadows 16xxx Anabel Tinder 18xxx
DISTRICT 12 Kohl Cyphers 17xxx Willow Wood 21xxx

Sponcering: You start with 100 dollars for each tribute. Every day your tributes get 25 dollars each. They get all the money of tributes they kill. If you ask for an item for your tribute i will use all of your money to get that item enless you give me a specific amount of money to spend on said item. So an example: 100 dollars on a knife your tribute gets a small letter opening knife. 500 dollars on a sword is a large beatiful iron sword with a sheath for it. So it pays to save!

Blood Bath

The tributes rises from their respective launch rooms. Some poised for fight others shaking from fear. The light blinds them at first but soon their eyes adjust and they can view the arena. A golden horn sitting in the center equal distance from each tribute. With packs and items randomly placed around the cornucopia with the largest packs resting against the golden horn. The east of the cornucopia is all water, crystal clear, with a cool breeze, to the west is a dense forest. A deer pokes its head out from behind a tree.

Ladies and Gentleman, let the 55th annual hunger games begin!

Avril Kaitlyn district 5, takes a careful look around. All tributes are wearing the exact same thing, brown shorts, tight hiking boots, and plain white shirts. 10...9...8... Avril looks to her left and sees the boy from 4 taking position she looks to her right and sees the girl from 9 looking scared. 4...3....2..1! Avril jumps and sprints for a green bag close to her starting plate. The boy from 4 is faster and is able to get a spear before Avril can get to the bag. He throws it and Avril dives for the bag. THe spear flies over her head and hits the girl from 9. Avril lands hard to the ground and looks up. Many fights have already broken out in the cornucopia. She watches Malt try to fight the girl from 1. The girl swings her club and knocks Malt unconscious. The girl bashes him over the head with it. The club becomes covered in blood. Avril cries out for Malt.

Willow Woods district 12, turns her head as the girl from 5 cries out. She watches the girl get a sear plunged into her body by the boy from 4. Willow feels bad but needs to hurry. She pumps her arms trying to get to the mouth of the cornucopia. She grabs a huge blue bag resting inside the horn. She can barley get it over her shoulder before the girl form 2 grabs Willows hair. Willow can barley react before the girl from 2 slits her throat.

William Silveron district 8, is able to pick up a small and surprisingly heavy bag as he runs for the forest part of the arena. He puts the bag over his shoulder and sprints. The woods is filled with animals and has a wide variety of trees. Out of the corner of William's eye he can see Larina running into the forest part of the arena. William smiles. His district partner is safe.

Garnet Stone district 1, was able to pick up a nice long sword in the cornucopia. He found it on a shelf in the back of the horn. Garnet steps out of the cornucopia and is charged at by the tributes from 6. Both armed with small knives. Garnet smiles, childs play. He swings his sword and it hits the girl from 6 in the side. Garnet pulls the sword back slices the girls side open. The girl screams and falls. The boy from 6 stabs at Garnet but he dodges it easily. Garnet swings his sword at the boy and catches him in the shoulder. The boy falls and Garnet stabs his sword into both tributes from 6, just for good measure.

Alice Wings district 7, scoops up a loaf of bread. She keeps moving and is able to also grab a small red bag. She can see a water bottle poking out of the top. Alice jumps as the girl from 4 comes out of no where with a bow in hand. She puts in an arrow and fires at Alice. The arrow misses by only a few inches. Another arrow is fired and it misses Alice and she watches the arrow trajectory. It flies and hits the girl from 11 in the neck. It hit her so perfectly that it had to have been an accident. Alice makes it to the forest before The girl from 4 can fire another arrow.

Hailey Ricktor district 10, wanted to wait for Jake but she was watching tributes fall and she didn't want to wait much longer. She had already gotten a decent sizes mesh bag and a small club. Hailey has her back against a tree so no one can sneak up on her. She watches the careers fight other tributes. She watches the boy from 2 kill the boy from 12 with an ax. The boy from 2 picks up a fresh sword and looks for a new target. Hailey can't wait she has to run. She slips into the forest.

Ceres Santos district 9, picks up a sickle and a camo backpack. He puts the back pack on and is able to grab a gallon jug of water. Ceres keeps moving but is soon tackled by an unseen tribute. He and the boy from 11 hit the ground. Ceres is able to hold on to his sickle. The boy form 11 doesn't have a weapon. Ceres swings his sickle and is able to cut the boys face. The boy tries to back away but Ceres is out for blood now. He slashes the boy repeatedly with his sickle in till the boy is dead. Ceres recollects his bag and water and runs along the edge of the water.

Caputa Sighn district 3, swiftly dodges a renegade arrow. The girl from 4 was shooting at the boy from 10. They were hitting him but no where lethal. He took a third arrow to his thigh and collapses. Caputa knows he isn't dead. Caputa quickly picks up a small green plastic backpack as well as a spear. Capuhta runs for the forest and starts formulating her strategy.

Guage Down district 3, grabs a club and a yellow bag. The cornucopia is thinning out and he can see people escaping to the woods. Guage can see the boy from 7 trying to grab last minute supplies. He has a few huge bags and Guage wants them. He sprints for the boy and hits him with his club. The boy becomes disoriented and Gauge hits him again. The boy falls to his knees. Guage repeatedly hits him in till his club becomes slick with blood. It practically shoots out of his hand. Guage tries to go after it but the boy from 4 catches Guage off guard and Guage feels a sword plunge into his side.

Esme Collins district 1, looks for more tributes. She can't see any, well, any still alive. The only tributes standing are careers. Esme, Garnet, Josh, Amanda, Christa and Landon. They had all survived the bloodbath and by the looks of it got most of the kills. The regroup by the cornucopia each of their weapons splashed with blood. Landons shirt has a large red stain on it. Esme is about to ask if he's okay when the cannons fire. 12 total. The careers cheer and start to grab supplies.


-Azalea Firethorn district 9, Killed by Landon's spear 24th

-Malt Easer district 5, killed by Esme's club 23rd

-Avril Kaitlyn district 5, killed by Landon's sword 22nd

-Willow Wood district 12, throat slit by Amanda 21st

-Zoe Russel district 6, killed by Garnet's sword 20th

-Connor Steele district 6, killed by Garnet's sword 19th

-Anabel Tinder district 11, shot by Christa's arrow 18th

-Kohl Cyphers district 12, killed by Josh's ax 17th

-Forrest Shadows district 11, killed by Ceres sickle 16th

-Jake Lance district 10, killed by Christa's arrow 15th

-Jake Woods district 7, killed by Guage's club 14th

-Guage Down district 3, killed by Landon's sword 13th

Day 1

Garnet Stone district 1, couldn't stop smiling. Half gone. Garnet looked around. Esme and Amanda were talking while sorting through a pile of knives. Josh was filling a large, empty hiking bag with food. Landon was at the lake with all the empty bottles from the cornucopia filling them. They hadn't lost a single career.

Caputa Sighn district 3, pumps her arms trying to work her way up an intimidating hill. A twig snaps behind Caputa. She whips around holding her spear. She sees a startled deer. Caputha let's out a sigh of relief and checks her bag. A small package of dried meat, small water bottle, and a blanket. Not perfect but much better than nothing. Caputa keeps moving hoping to stay away from other tributes.

Josh Eagleye district 2, filled his third bag with food. The careers had decided to each carry two weapons and have 3 bags of food, a bag of medicine, a bag filled with water bottle, and a bag of misc. comfort items. Josh had found a nice sword as well as a sheath. He also grabbed a spear.

Alice Wings district 7, crawls underneath a large pine tree. It was randomly placed in the forest and Alice liked the cover it provided. It wasn't very comfortable but no one was going to be able to sneak up on her. She opens the small bag she had gotten at the cornucopia. It had a water bottle, a small knife, and a packet of matches. Alice also had a small loaf of bread she had grabbed. It smelled fresh and was warm from sitting outside. Alice was happy with the bag.

Landon Granger district 4, put a hatchet in his bag. He was assigned a bag filled with food. All the guys had food packs. Landon also had a large sword. He was unable to find a sheath that would hold it though so he had to carry it. His shirt was wet from being washed in the lake. Landon didn't want to wash his shirt but it smelled like blood, for obvious resigns.

William Silverson district 8, trips. He hits the relatively soft ground and his bag feels like it's crushing him. He rolls onto his side and takes off his bag. He opens it and almost cries out. A large gold brick. That is the only thing in his bag. He was hoping it was a large, like, ham or something. Will sighs and puts the gold back in the bag. He wasn't going to leave his only possession in the middle of the woods.

Esme Collins district 1, looks for the right club. She wanted a solid one made of, hopefully, metal. The wooden one she had used before had practically snapped in half. She already found a ring of throwing knives and she just needed her club. The others were waiting patiently for her. No one in a huge rush. Half the tributes were already dead. 1/4 of the tributes were the careers and the other 1/4 were off in the woods with very little supplies. Esme grabbed a thick metal club and smiled.

Ceres Santos district 9, runs awkwardly with a sickle in one hand and a gallon jug in the other. A lot heavier than Ceres thought it would be. Ceres eventually takes a break and sits on a knocked over tree. He takes a drink from his water and puts his sickle on the ground. He takes his bag off carefully and ignores the fact that he is covered in another persons blood. Inside Ceres finds a compass, a small metal water bottle, an electric blanket, a large bowl, and some pasta. Ceres opens the water bottle it smells sweet and his nose itches when he smells it. He looks into the bottle and it was dark brown. Ceres didn't know what to do so he just puts the cork back in and repacks his stuff.

Amanda Hawks district 2, runs her knives across each other. She likes the noise. Her two weapons were both large knives. Amanda was carrying the bag full of misc. supplies. A majority of it was comfort, but there were a few more useful items; compasses, a watch, some flint, rope, ect. The bag was stuffed but surprisingly light. "So then I say, 'Hey, I'm here to learn not to teach.' Everyone laughs at Landon's joke. Amanda laughs with them. They were in an amazing position right now.

Larina Fairchild district 8, was in a horrible position. She was only able to grab a small bag filled with apples. Better than nothing but she had no water or weapons. She needed to go back to the cornucopia there was a large lake and Larina was almost certain it was drinkable. A rabbit next to Larina sprints away. Larina whips around and sees Will Silverson. "Will!" She yells and instantly covers her mouth. Will gives her a hug, "Hey, get anything good?"

Christa Storm district 4, helped Landon set up the tent. They had moved for the entire day and hadn't found anyone. It didn't bother Christa. If anything it made her more excited. Tomorrow would be spent hunting. Christa puts down her bow and her throwing axes. Landon puts the tent stakes into the ground. "Great Job," Garent says climbing into the tent. It's big enough to hold all of them comfortably. "How about Amanda and I take the first watch?" Esme suggests. Everyone nods in agreement, "Thanks Esme." Christa yawns as she climbs into the tent

Hailey Ricktor district 10, was tired. She needed to stay up though, she needed to see who had fallen. She was holding her club tight, ready to strike if necessary. She had gotten a decent mesh bag; fair sized water bottle, package of salad, a bag of rice, and a small army knife. The anthem plays and Hailey jumps. She looks in the sky to see the faces of the fallen. First the boy from 3, then both from 5 and 6, the boy from 7, the girl from 9, Jake, then both from 11 and 12. Hailey starts to cry.

Day 2

Garnet Stone district 1, put the tent back into it's bag. It was fairly early, about 6. Garnet wanted to get another kill before noon. Amanda handed Garnet a bowl of soup and a water bottle, "Here, Garnet, you need to eat before we head out." Garnet drank the soup in 5 seconds and downed the water, "Amanda, I;m totally ready for this." Garnet picks up his sword.

Caputa Sighn district 3, had spent the night under a large tree. It provided cover from most angles and fit her comfortably. She had her blanket and was secretly grateful for the comfort even though she knew it would have been better to have gotten more food or water. Caputa crawls out from under the tree and uses her spear to help steady herself. She watches a small group of squirrels scurry up a tree. "Maybe I should try hunting."

Josh Eagleye district 2, glances at a bird nest. Eggs of possibly deadly, mutts. Some of the mutations in the last few years have been crazy, carnivorous fish, poisonous lizards, crazy monkeys, giant spiders, and a 20 foot dragon. Josh knocks the nest out of the tree with his spear. The eggs crash against the ground. "Josh, why did you do that?" Esme asks eye brow raised high. Josh sighs, "You can never be too careful, Esme."

Alice Wings district 7, tears a piece of bread from her loaf. She was starving and she wanted to make the loaf last. Alice had seen the faces of the fallen last night. So Jake was dead. Alice didn't care much. They had known each other but there was never a real connection. Alice crawls back under her pine tree. She was currently using it as like a home base and wanted to stay as close to it as possible. It provided a little safety.

Landon Granger district 4, lead the career pack through the forest. He used his sword to help clear away some smaller saplings. Landon looked behind every tree. The arena was difficult to get through considering the gigantic trees and deer running around. There seemed to be animals every where. Josh had already smashed a bird's nest out of paranoia. Landon almost considered doing the same. Mutts were the worst way to go.

William Silverson district 8, was very happy to have run into Larina. Having a partner really helped in the arena. He and Alice had a large bag of apples and a gold brick. William assumed the brick could be used as some sort of weapon. Gold was heavy. William picked up the bag with the brick in it. "Larina, we have to head to the cornucopia. It has that lake and we need the water." Larina nods in agreement and eats the rest of her apple.

Ceres Santos district 9, stretches his sore muscles. He had slept on the hard forest ground. He scratches his head and hears a snapping noise. He turns to see six smiling faces. "Careers!" Ceres cries out. He turns to run. A throwing ax flies and hits him in the shoulder. He cries out but keeps trying to move. He is soon tackled tot he ground by the girl from 1. She smashes her club against his head. A sickening crunch, followed by a cannon signals his death.

Amanda Hawks district 2, watches Esme climb off the boy. His head oddly indented. "Nice, Esme." She complements giving Esme a high five. Esme slaps palms, "THanks! He was trying to run off without his supplies, he wasn't the brightest." Amanda looks at a nearby tree and notices the boys pack with a sickle sticking out of the top. "Rookie mistake."

Larina Fairchild district 8, was surprised that they had already made it back to the cornucopia. The cannon fire scared Larina. "Larina, look!" Will cries pointing to the golden horn. The inside filled with supplies. They run to the horn and find a huge pile of bags, already sorted through. Most of the best supplies was already taken but there were still large amount of water, food, and weapons. Larina starts to cry and Will puts his arm around her.

Christa Storm district 4, was a little annoyed that Esme had gotten the kill, since Christa had weakened him. It didn't matter a whole lot. Christa was tired. They had spent most of the day circling the arena and they hadn't found another tribute. The arena was actually extremely small. From what they gathered it was only a few miles in diameter and was basically a giant forest, except for the giant lake that took up a large portion of the arena. "Hey, guys." Christa turns to the group, "Let's just sleep here. We already have one down and it's getting late." The others nod and start setting up the tent. 'Tomorrow' Christa tells herself, 'tomorrow you will kill'

Hailey Ricktor district 10, had spent the entire day crying. She and Jake were friends and she was going to align with him if he had survived. Hailey kept crying and soon the anthem played. She looked up and saw the face of the boy from 9 and then the sky. Hiley cried for the boy and his family.


-Ceres Santos district 9, killed by Esme's club 12th

Day 3

Garnet Stone district 1, paced around the tent getting nervous. The girls were using a portable food cooker to heat up some sausages. Landon and Josh were practing attacks with their weapons, they were having a sword fight with the sheathes on their sword to get rid of any danger. "Guys, can we get going soon?" Garnet asks. Amanda shakes her head, "Garnet, we need to eat. When we are done eating then we can go hunt people." Garnet sighs and countinues his pacing.

Caputa Sighn district 3,'s hunting attempt yesterday was a disaster. She had almost broken her spear trying to kill a deer. After her failed attempt she realised she didnt even have a wa to cook any meat. Caputa sighed and nibbled on some dried meat. She only had a few strips left. Caputa decides to nto give up! She searches through all the bushes and in tree trying to look for fruit or eggs. After a lot of searching Caputa finds a bush with small blue bulbs hanging on it's branches. Caputa knows they aren't posionous from her time in the training center. Caputha eats them by the handful and is overjoyed to finaly find a food source.

Josh Eagleeye district 2, "Guys, we should head bck to the cornucopia." Josh says to the group. Landon nods while chewing on some over cooked sausage, "THat's a good idea. We've already covered most of the arena." Esme and Garnet agree instantly and start packing up. "Wait," Christa says, "Shoudl we really do that? I mean tributes otu here in the forest don't have much, in terms of supplies. But people in the cornucopia have everything we left. Why don't we take out all these weak guys then go attack the stronger ones?" No one else follows her logic and finsh packing up their supplies.

Alice Wings district 7, had stabbed a small rabbit and now needed a way to cook it. Alice puts the rabbit on the ground and takes her knife to the branches of her pine tree. She is able to get a good amount of pine needles and she uses her knife at a near by tree to get some bark. She arrnages her needles and bark into a neat pile and takes out one of her matches. She lights the match on the bottom of her shoe and puts it into her pile. Instantly a giant fire is roaring. Alice jumps back to stop herself from getting singed. Alice knwos abotu fires and she knows that this fire is very abnormal. The bark and needles must have been treated with some chemicla to make them burn. The top of the fire licks a branch 6 feet above it. The branch instantly catches and the tree is alight in a matter of seconds. The fire spreads tree to tree and before Alcie even has a time to react and tree falls behind her. The tree is aflame and radiating intense heat. Alice is surronded by fire. Another tree falls even closer to Alice, then a third, then a fourth. She is soon trapped between a baracade of burning trees. This was no accident. She soon suffactes from lack of oxygen.

Landon Granger district 4, jumps at the cannon fire. "Someone died........" Esme says to the group. Her tone is weird mix of suprised and perplexed. Landon didn't like that someone had dided by a non-careers hand. At the blood bath only 1 person was killed by a non-career and that person was later killed by the careers. Landon knew it was stupid to be suprised but......"Come on let's keep going to the cornucopia."

William Silverson district 8, pulls out a large sleeve of crackers. He eats some and passes the sleeve to Larina. Larina happily takes the crackers. "Will, I think we need a plan in case someone comes back to the cornucopia." Will nods and takes a drink of water, Larina countinues, "We need an escape plan and supplies already prepared to go." Will smiles, "Ya, Larina, let's do it, I think we should run to the lake."

Amanda Hawks district 2, tries to spark conversation in the group but no one is in a talkative mood. They can see the lake from whre they currnetly are which means the cornucopia is only a few hundred feet away. After a few minutes they arrive at the cornucopia and see two people rummuging through the cornucopia. Christa pulls back and arrow and fires. It flies and lodges itself into a bag by the taller of thw two people. Both people whip around and one let's out a scream. They grab two bags and a large yellow pack and run towards the water. The career chase after screaming in delight.

Larina Fairchild district 8, runs with all of her heart. Will is taking the raft out of its package already. He throws the raft into the water and jumps into it. Larina jumps in after him. The force of their bodies push the raft forward a good distance. They get a decent distance from the shore. The raft has two plastic paddles in it and Will grabs them and starts pumping them as fast as he can. Soon they get even farther from the shore and almost to the center of the lake. The careers get to the edge of the shore and start calling to Larina and Will. The girl from 4 fires another arrow at them. Will blocks it with his paddle, (By accident) The careers keep calling and taunting them. Larina's heart keep pounding away in her chest.

Christa Storm district 4, wants to get there kills. Amandastarts to take out her bow. "Amanda! I got this! I want these!" Christa yells at her. Christa fires her third arrow at the pair. The arrow hits the boy in the shoulder. He screams. Christa pulls her fourth arrow and fires. It hits the girl in the arm. "Christa, why don't you shoot their raft?" Landon asks crossing his arms. Christa doesn't because she wants the kills, "THat's not as entertaining is it? Plus maybe they'd surrive the swim." Amanda rolls her eyes, "Christa I'm going to help you this is taking to long." Christa fires her fifth arrow and it hits the boy in the head. His cannon fires and his body falls into the water. THe girl becomes hysterical and starts screaming and she turns to try and pull the boy back into the boat. Christa fires her sixth arrow and it hits the girl in the back of the neck. She falls into the water too and her cannon fires, "No need I got them."

Hailey Ricktor district 10, has spent the day walking around the arena trying to find someone to fight. She had a new spirit and wanted to get into a fight. THere had been 3 cannon fires and she wanted to maybe get the fourth. It has been dark for hours and Hailey could see a glo in the distance. She makes her way to it and sees a huge pile of fallen over trees that are still burning slihgtly on their sides. The heat coming off of the trees is nice. Hailey decides to spend at least a few minutes here to warm up. She ehars the anthem in the sky. She loks up and the first face she sees is the girl from 7 and then both from 8. The anthem plays again and the sky goes black. Hailey warms herself up and tries to go to sleep.


-Alice Wings district 7, suffacted by smoke

11th-William Silverson district 8, shot by Christa 10th

-Larina Fairchild district 8, shot by Christa 9th

Day 4

Garnet Stone district 1, was impressed by Christa yesterday. She had taken out two tributes all by herself and barely broke a sweat. Amanda has been in a pissy mood since Christa got her kills. He just assumed it was normal girl drama and didn't think much of it. "Guys whose left?" Garnet asks the career pack. Landon looks up to the sky and thinks for a moment, "The girl from 3 and the girl from 10. I don't really think either of them are deadly. Like I think both their training scores were under 6." Garnet has a very shocking realization. It was really only the careers left. Soon they'd have to turn on each other. They would probably have to split before they killed the girls from 3 and 10. Garnet had a knot in his stomach.

Caputa Sighn district 3, threw some more berries in her mouth and contemplated her next move. She had food and she wasn't feeling dehydrated. The careers and the girl from 10 were the only people left, beside Caputa. Caputa barely had time to think before she noticed smoke. It was fairly close to her and didn't look like a wildfire but the remains of a campfire. Caputa makes an instant decescion. She pciks up her spear and goes in the direction of the smoke. After walking a short distance she comes across a pile of knocked over burnt trees, it was smoking still even though most of the fire had died out. Caputa walks around the pile and sees a girl with striaght blond hair sharpening a stick with her hunting knife. The girl glances up as Caputa aproaches. The girl screams and lunges at Caputa.

Hailey Ricktor district 10, barly recognized the girl who came near her. All she knew was that the girl was from one of the higher numbered districts, so Hailey didn't want to take a chance on her being a career or not. Hailey is able to tackle the girl and tries to stab the girl. Hailey is able to scratch the girls side. THe girl cries out and wswings her spear at Hailey. The spear comes faster than hailey expected and the spear cuts Hailey's face. Hailey doesn't let that slow her down. She lunges at the girl again. The knife goes into the girls chest. Unfortanatly, when hailey lunges at the girl she acciedently cuts the side of her neck on the girls spear. Both girls start bleedin out on the ground and their cannons fire.

Josh Eagleye district 2, is suprised at the first cannon, he is extremly shcoked at the second one. He whisp around quickly to see if a career ahd fallen. All six of them stood near eachother. All of the guys have their swords drawn. Amanda and Christa both had their bows but they weren't loaded. Esme had a metal club ready in her hand. No one spoke for a minute before the silence was broken by Landon, "Well, umm, Christa come over here." Christa moves to stand next to Landon. Esme moves closer to Garnet and Amanda stands next to Josh. Landon

Granger district 4, had no ideaa what to do. They could have a bloody battle royal where they stood, they could split of into groups and hunt eachother, or they could do a more team friendly thing and find some sort of luck based draw for the winner. Landon knew that if he was chosen to die he wouldn't just roll over.

Esme Collins district 1, didn't like her odds at this moment. She had the closest range weapon and if a battle broke out right now she would defintly die. She knew the whole group had broken apart. No way any of themwere going to fall asleep around eachother. Esme didn't even know how much she could trust Garnet. Garnet had a blank look on his face. He was deep in thought.

Amanda Hawks district 2, trusted Josh with all of her heart. Amanda knew that she and Josh could take out Landon, Christa and Esme. Garnet was a much diffrent story. That guy could single-handly kill the all of them. She would haee to shoot him first. Bu even reaching for her arrows would inginite the battle. It would also make her an easy target to Christa, Landon or Esme. This wasn't good.

Christa Storm district 4, watched Amanda's eyes dart around and knew that she wanted to start killing. Josh looked surpised. Esme looked terrified. Garnet was looking blank. Landon looked nervous. Christa didn't knwo what she wanted. She wasn't very attached to anyone. If she had her choice she would kill Amanda. Christa glanced at the lake and saw movement under the surface. She knew if they didn't fight the gamemaers would sick mutts on them. Christa picks her moment carefully. Amanda starts to close her eyes and Christa knows she has to strike.

Landon Granger district 4, glances at Christa right before she takes out an arrow and fires at Amanda. The arrow hits Amanda in her thorat and she falls to the ground. All hell is about to brek loose. Amanda's cannon fires and Landon and Christa run backwards. Landon wasn't going to betray Christa yet. He and Christa had promised to not kill eachother intill final 2.

Esme Collins district 1, knew the game was on. She had her club and she had a target in mind. Esme was closest to Christa. Esme lunges at Christa. Christa pulls out an arrow and fires. Esme jumps to the left and barley dodges it. Esme grabs Christa by her curly brown hair. Esme brings her club up to strike Christa but Landon swings his sword at her. Esme lets go of Christa and jumps backwards.

Josh Eagleeye district 2, is in a blind fury. Amanda was just killed by Christa and he wasn't going to just let it happen. He charges a Christa who is disoriented after being attacked by Esme. He is in such a blind attack that he doesn't even see Garnet swinging his sword.

Garnet Stone district 1, watched his sword go into Josh's chest. Garnet's sword instantly became coated with blood. A cannon fires and Garnet pulls his sword from Josh's body. He turns and watches Landon and Christa team up on Esme. Christa fires a arrow into Esme's stomach and Landon slashes Esme's chest. Cutting through her shirt and staining it red. Esme backs away slowy. Not fataly wounded. Christa pulls out another arrow and turns and fires at Garnet. The arrow flies into his shoulder and Garnet grits his teeth.

Esme Collins district 1, blocks Landon's sword with her club. She is defintly being slowed down by her wounds. Another blow from the sword or an arrow and she is down. Landon pulls back his sword again and is about to get a hit, when Garnet tackles him to the ground. Garnet slashes Landons thorat and his cannon fires. Christa loads an arrow and fires it at Esme. She has no time to dodge and the arrow goes into her forehead.

Christa Storm district 4, watches Esme's body collapse. Final 2. Garnet is lfiting himself from Landons body. Christa fires an arrow into his bicep. Unfortunatly it wasn't his dominate hand, Garnet is able to swing his sword at Christa. It scratches Christa's face. Christa loads another arrow and fires it at Garnet. It goeas into his chest. Garnet's eyes fly open and shock regestiers across his face. Christa loads another arrow and fires it point blank into his heart. His cannon fires. "Ladies and Gentleman, I'm proud to present the winner of the 55th Hunger Games, Christa Storm!" Christa looks at the dead bodies of all of her old allies. A hovercraft appears and drops a ladder into the arena.


-Caputa Sighn district 3, stabbed by Hailey 8th

-Hailey Ricktor district 10, throat cut by Caputa 7th

-Amanda Hawk district 2, shot by Christa 6th

-Josh Eagleye district 2, killed by Garnet's sword 5th

-Landon Granger district 4, killed by Garnet 4th

-Esme Collins district 1, shot by Christa 3rd

-Garnet Stone district 1, shot by Christa 2nd

A few days later Christa sits on stage with Caesar Flickerman. She chats with him about the games before watching a recap. First the girl from 9 being kill by Landon, then the boy from 5 being killed by Esme, then the girl from 5 being killed by Landon, then the girl from 12 being killd by Amanda, the girl from 6 getting killed by Garnet, Christa watches herself kill the girl from 11, then the boy from 122 being killed by Josh, then the boy from 11 being killed, Christa watches herself killing the boy from 10, then the boy from 7 being killed, then the boy from 3 being killed by landon, then the boy from 9 being killed by Esme, then the girl from 7 getting trapped between burning trees, then Christa watches herself shoot the pair from 8, then shew watches the girls from 3 and 10 killing eachother, and then she watches the entre battle between the careers. Christa's eyes start to water and she wipes them away quickly. Wathcing her former allies hit her harder than she expected. Caeser pats her on the back and Christa bows to the capitol crowd.

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