Hello. I'm doing my 6th hunger games and I'm hoping they will be more popular than my last few! (SO basically I hope more than 1 person reads this) I would like name, age gender, district, weapon, strategy, alliance, appearnce, and back story of your tributes you can have up to 4, and I will go on profiles.

Arena: The cornucopia is located in the center of a large valley and has a few trees surronding it. A river runs through out the entire arena. Around the edge of the arena are large mountains Which holds the resovior the river is attached to. Bird liek muttations roam the skys. Most of the arena is plains with a few small meadows filled with fruit and small animals.? The arena is also very dry and on the warmer side.

DISTRICT 1 Dia Monty 4xxx Victoria Scope 6xxx
DISTRICT 2 Deer Canabalistic 17xxx Avery Oceane 10xxx
DISTRICT 3 Ethan Shocking Elli Shocking 11xxx
DISTRICT 4 Julian Hemm 18xxx Opaline Cascade 20xxx
DISTRICT 5 Zap Smith 8xxx Electra Johnson 7xxx
DISTRICT 6 Brian Tuttle 21xxx Shae Summerfield 5xxx
DISTRICT 7 Beech Wood 13xxx Hanna Mason 3xxx
DISTRICT 8 John Madrick 15xxx Helen Dugsky 19xxx
DISTRICT 9 Pamline Falcone 16xxx Kitty Lyse 22xxx
DISTRICT 10 Dallas Hart 12xxx September Rollo 24xxx
DISTRICT 11 Berke Deflint Isis Hathora 9xxx
DISTRICT 12 Jonathan Magas 23xxx Melanoi Jet 14xxx

Sponcering: Anytime past day 2 you can sponcer your tributes. You can ask for any item within reason (No bazookas or indestructible body suits. Both have been asked for, both have been denied) Everyone tribute gets 100 every kill gets 50 dollars. Every day a tribute gets 50 dollars. When you ask for an item i will spend all of your money on it The more money you have the better the item. Example: you ask for food but you only have 100 dollars. I send bread and butter. You ask for food and have 500 dollars I send a feast with chicken, apples, bread, milk, some corn, and a container of soup.? Any questions just ask in comments!

May the odds be ever in your favor!


District 1

Sunny Nealson looked proudly into the crowd. A sea of blond hair looks anxiously back. Cairettum Downstreet was 18 now and the capitol was now allowed to do whatever they wanted to her. The first thing they did was enlarge her, ummm, baby feeders. Sunny shifted nervously thinking about it. Sunny reads about the dark days to the crowd, this is her job as the district escort. Sunny fixes her orange hair and says, "Ladies and Gentleman let's get this reaping rolling!? Let's get our male tribute!" Sunny reaches into a glass bowl filled to the brim with names of eager children trained to kill. Sunny pulls out a name from the middle of the bowl, "Dia Monty!" She calls. A tall blond boy with shaggy hair takes the stage. Dia glares at the crowd, almost daring them to volunteer for him. No ones does. Sunny smiles and grabs a name from the girls bowl, "Victoria Scope!" A tan girl with large blond hair takes her place next to Sunny. "Let me present this years district 1 tributes, Dia Monty and Victoria Scope!"

District 2

Natia Crews is glad to start the reaping. Partly because she loves being the district escort and partly because Jove Anderson won't stop crying. Jove lost his daughter two years ago in the games. District 2 was eager. Half of the tributes were prepared to kill and the other half were dying of disease. Natia smiles, "Let the reaping begin!" Natia pulls the first slip she can from the girls bowl, "Avery Oceane!" A girl with chocolate colored hair walks to take her place on the stage. Natia frowns at the girls freckles, not a huge fashion trend in the capitol right now, it didn't matter though. Natia grabs a name from the boys bowl. "Deer Cannibalistic!" A dark skinned boy with short brown hair and large incisors takes place on the stage. Some people in the crowd snicker and Natia hears something along the lines of, 'Finally! The crazy one is chosen,'

District 3

Zap Troll takes another anti-anxiety pill before reading about the dark days. District 3 has been doing worse and worse as the last few years have gone along. A tribute made it to final 8 last year but she ended up being killed in a dual death. Zap tries to smile. "Let's get this started!" Zap reaches into the boys bowl first, "Cullen Propson!" A small boy takes the stage. Zap reaches for the girls bowl when he hears, "I volunteer as tribute!" Zap looks over and sees a dark haired boy walks to the stage. Zap's mouth twitches into a smile. Cullen jumps of the stage and runs to hug his mom. Zap is almost shaking with excitement, "What's your name?" The boy looks directly into the camera in front of the stage, "Ethan Shocking." Zap nods his head proudly. Zap reaches into the girls bowl, "Female tribute is Frenchie Baker!" Frenchie takes the stage and Zap starts to close the reaping when he hears, "I volunteer as tribute!" A girl with neon orange hair walks onto the stage. This is more than Zap dared to hope for, two volunteers! "My name is Elli Shocking!" Zap looks back and forth between the tributes and starts to see the family resemblance.

District 4

Clarson Clickerman takes in the smell of sea water.? A smell he is beginning to love.? District 4 won last year and all of the children of district 4 are well fed and healthy.? Clarson is gaurenteed a good haul.? Christa Storm the newest victor sits behind Clarson secretly praying none of her friends are chosen.? "Our female tribute is Merry Maiden!"? Merry takes the stage and Christa looks nervous.? "Any volunteers?"? A girl with light blond hair raises her hand and volunteers she takes the stage, "What's your name?"? The girl looks out to the crowd "Opaline Cascade." Clarson nods proudly and reaches into the boys bowl, "Julian Hemm!"? Julian takes the stage and smiles.? These two were the best chance for district 4 to win.

District 5

The district escort still wears her large orange wig but it was now shaped into a very natural star shape.? The children giggled.? Hara Monara sat behind the escort her long hair pulled back into a bun with a look of indifference on her face.? She has been like this since everyone could remember but the hunger games made her even more reclusive and silent.? The escort pulls out the girls name first, "Electra Johnson!"? A girl with short black hair takes the stage.? The escort pulls out a boys name, "Zap Smith!"? A depressed looking blond boy takes the stage.? Hara smiles to herself.? She and Zap use to eat lunch together in school, she liked his i'm sad deal with it attitude.

District 6

Looked dark and sad.? Everything was covered in concrete and the crowd of children was very large and always intimidated the escort, Gigi Juniper.? Gigi reaches into the girls bowl and pulls out a name, "Shae Summerfield!"? A dark haired girl takes the stage.? Gigi is happy, she looks better fed than most children in district 6.? Gigi reaches into the boys bowl.? She pulls out the first name in the bowl, "Brian Tuttle!"? A small underfed 13 year old takes the stage.

District 7

Plank Oak has decided to enjoy mentoring.? If he gets good tributes he will try and save them but if they suck he is just going to enjoy the amazing capitol food.? Plank looks at the two reaped tributes.? Their names were Beech Wood and Hanna Mason.? Both were about 15 and were tough looking.? Plank smiles, a decent pair this year.

District 8

Fabby Croon glances nervously at John Maderick.? John has a tough exterior from growing up in the tougher part of district 8.? Fabby is a little scared.? The girl Helen Dugsky looks strong and fit with a angry look in her eye.? Fabby takes a few steps back and asks the tributes to shake hands.? Both tributes just glare at each other.

District 9

Osement had become much thinner since his time in the arena.? Osement watches Red Wormwood the escort read about the dark days.? Red grabs a name from the boy bowl.? "Pamline Falcone!"? An extremely tall brown haired boy takes the stage.? He was more than a foot taller than Red Wormwood.? Red smiles and takes a name from the girls bowl, "Kitty Lyse!"? A pale pretty brown haired girl takes the stage.? She is much smaller than Pamline almost by 2 feet.? Osement shakes his head this was a weird year.

District 10

Athena Crowning shakes her head sending piles of glitter on the two reaped tributes.? The glitter gets in Septembers hair.? She doesn't really care but her little sister and twin brothers are crying their eyes out.? Dallas Hart is openly crying on stage as he tries to get the glitter off of him.? Athena pats them both on the shoulder.

District 11

Leppa Reet makes small talk with Seeder while the movie about the origin of the Hunger Games plays.? When the movie finishes Leppa goes to the podium to start the reapings.? Only a small portion of district 11's actual children were here.? They had had preliminarily reapings for the 5,000 children that were in the square the rest of the kids were out in the fields.? Leppa pulls a name from the girls bowl, "Isis Hathora!"? Isis walks to the stage and brushes her dark hair behind her ears.? Leppa reaches into the boys bowl and pulls out a name, "Berke Deflint!"? A few cry out. Berke is one of the most popular boys in the district.? When Berke gets onto the stage a few kids start to step forward to volunteer but Berke takes the microphone from Leppa, "Guys, step off.? I don't want anyone to replace me."? The boys fall back in line and Berke gives the microphone back to a confused Leppa.

District 12

Effie Trinket quickly gets away form Haymitch.? He has started drinking already.? Effie looks into the crowd of starving faces, "Ladies first!"? Effie walks quickly to the girls bowl, "Melanoi Jet!"? A brown haired girl from the merchant part of the district takes the stage.? Effie grabs a name from the boys bowl, "Jonathan Magas!"? A boy form the seam reaches the stage.? Melanoi frowns she knew Jonathan and hung out with his neighbors.

Blood Bath

Blood Bath

The 24 tributes rise into the arena. The light blinds a few of them. They all get a good look around. A savannah surrounds them Tall dry grass starts 400 meters from the golden horn of the cornucopia. A few trees can be seen from tributes starting plates. All of the tributes are wearing brown pants, cream colored undershirts, with dark green vests over the shirts. Each tribute is also given a hat to help protect their heads from the sun.

"Ladies and Gentleman, let the 56th annul hunger games begin!"

Ethan Shocking district 3, watches the timer click down. Only a minute to collect his barrings. The girl from 9 is to his left and the girl from 10 to his right. The timer is down to 50 seconds. Ethan finds the other careers. He aligned with them during training. 40. He finds Opaline Cascade. Her skin and hair dyed blue for her chariot outfit. Opaline had liked it so much she decide to keep it for the arena 30. Ethan looks for supplies. 20. The closest weapon was a small ax 40 feet away. It was sitting on top of a yellow backpack. 5...4...3...2...1! Ethan runs for the ax. The girl from 10 also runs for the ax. Ethan gets there first and scoops up the ax. The girl screams and tries to run but Ethan puts his ax into her back.

Beech Wood district 7, sprints for a large brown duffle bag. On top of it is a pair of throwing axes. Beech stops for a moment to pick up the axes and bag. He glances up and watches the boy from 4 spear the boy from 12. Beech puts his arms through the duffel bags straps and puts an ax in each hand. He turns and runs for the grass.

Isis Hathora district 11, ran 20 feet ahead of her and grabbed a flashlight. She runs 5 feet to her left and grabs a loaf of bread wrapped in plastic, then she picks up a full gallon jug of water. Isis had made sure she didn't go more than 25 feet from her starting plate. She was going to grab all the items close to her plate. Isis is able to grab a small letter knife. Isis looks up and watches the girl from 9 get taken down by the boy from 3's ax. Isis runs for the grass,

Dia Monty district 1, runs into the mouth of the cornucopia and grabs a long sword from a rack in the horn. Dia turns and charges out of the cornucopia. He sees the 13-year-old boy from 6 trying to take a large hiking bag. He was too weak to lift it. Dia runs to him and swings his sword. Before the boy even knows it's coming the sword goes deep into his side.

Avery Oceane district 2, picks up a container of cookies and a ring of throwing knives. She tosses the cookies to the side. The knives were the real treat. Avery turns and tries to find a target. The best shot was the boy from 5. Avery throws her knife. The boy sees it coming and holds up a blue mesh bag to defend himself. The knife goes into the bag and the boy runs away. Avery sighs and tries to find a new target

Berke Deflint district 11, grabs a spear that was resting against the side of the cornucopia. Berke also grabs a large dark green hiking bag. Berke pulls the bag straps over his shoulders and gets ready to run when the girl from 4 runs out from behind the horn. The girl has a knife in hand. She attempts to stab Berke. Berke dodges swiftly. He doesn't want to kill. The girl stabs at him again. Berke attempts to dodge and he runs into the golden horn. The girl from 4 smiles she has Berek cornered. Berke knows what he has to do. Berke thrusts his spear which goes into the girls stomach. She starts to bleed. The blood looks shocking on her blue skin. The girl falls to the ground and Berke runs off, smiling.

Shae Summerfield district 6, is able to grab a red plastic backpack. She is also able to grab a water bottle too. Shae runs into the grass with her bag. As she runs she watches the girl from 12 disappear into the grass. Shae goes into the grass and tries not to look back

Victoria Scope district 1, picks up a fine wooden bow. She scoops up a quiver filled with arrows. Victoria looks for a good target. She sees the girl from 8 pick up a large blue pack. Victoria sets an arrow and fires. The arrow hits the girl in the side. She screams and drops her pack. Victoria fires another arrow and hits the girl in the chest.

Electra Johnson district 5, had obtained a small brown satchel and a water bottle big enough to hold a pint of water. Electra glanced around to see if a possible ally was near by before she slipped into the grass. Electra watch the boy from 9 throw a knife at the boy form 4. The knife goes into the boy from 4's neck and he falls to the ground. Electra turns and runs.

Dallas Hart district 10, picks up a club and runs for a pack. When he gets closer to the pack he sees the boy from 9 take out the boy from 4. The boy from 9 picks up more throwing knives. And is ambushed from behind by the careers. The boy from 9 turns and throws a knife at the career pack. The knife takes out the boy from 2. The girl from 2 throw a knife at the boy from 9 and the knife gets lodged in the boy from 9's head. Dallas gets so scared he drops his club, turns and sprints.

Elli Shocking district 3, picks up a a black duffel bag and shoves her items in it. She had picked up every item near her plate as well as a metal club that the boy from 10 had dropped. Elli looks up and watches the boy from 8 get taken out by the boy from 1's sword. Elli can see all the dead bodies laying on the ground and knows she is one of the last few at the cornucopia. Elli turns and sprints for the safety of the grass. Luckily the careers don't notice her.

Hanna Mason district 7, has been running for 12 minutes. She hasn't stopped since the timer had singled a minute had passed. Hanna was able to pick up a mesh bag from the cornucopia and hadn't checked the contents yet. Hanna starts to hear the cannon fire. She counted as the went. She counted 10 total. Hanna sighs and keeps jogging.

Day 1

Ethan Shocking district 3, looks around at the rest of the careers Both from 4 had died as well as Deer The careers wait on the edge of the grass while a hovercraft comes to pick up supplies Ethan looks into the cornucopia and notices a distinct lack of bags He can only see about 10 bags of varying sizes With a few random items thrown here or there It makes Ethan nervous, "Hey the hover crafts gone. Let's go check whats left." Victoria says walking to the horn

Beech Wood district 7, keeps moving with his supplies He has a throwing ax in each hand and a dufle bag on his back Beech has been moving for the last hour Beech is sweating and his clothes are soaked Beech takes off his vest and hat Beech sets the duffel bag on the ground which is covered in 2 foot tall dry grass Beech knew that this dry grass was a sign of little rain Beech checked his bag and found a sleeve of crackers, large water bottle, a knife with a protective leather sheath, and a large container of prepackaged chicken Beech smiles at his haul Beech takes a drink of water and repacks his supplies

Isis Hathora district 11, runs awkwardly with her items She had grabbed a flashlight, a loaf of bread, a jug of water, a small knife, and a frying pan. Isis didn't see a point in the pan but she didn't want to just leave anything behind Maybe if she could start a fire she could use it to cook meat or eggs Isis looks around and doesn't see anyone Isis puts the letter knife throuhg a loop in her belt and the flashligh in a side pocket of her vest It pokes out awkwardly but it makes it eaiser to move

Dia Monty district 1, along with the other careers puts all the bags in a pile In total there are 15 bags With a few random food packages and water bottles They put all the weapons in a huge, deadly pile Dia took out a pair of deadly looking swords Ethan grabbed a large axe Victoria keeps her previous bow but refills her quiver to the brim with arrows Avery collects an impressive array of throwing knives and is able to loop them through her belt to create a practical skirt of knives Now to sort the food

Zap Smith district 5, has had a tremendious stroke of luck He had encountered a small stream very early in his journey Zap cups his hands and fills them with water He does this in till he feels hydrated The sun is is blazing hot? Zap fans himself with his hat Zap pulls the knife the girl from 2 threw at him out of his bag Zap puts the knife down and looks into the bag The knife had puncutered a water bottle in his bag The bottle was empty but was no virtually useless Inside was also a net and a pack of matches Zap looks into the stream some decent sized fish are at the bottom Zap smiles at his food source

Avery Ocean district 2, likes the sound of her knives clanging together when she moves It doesn't really help in terms of stealth but she is a career and stealth isnant necessary Avery helps Dia, Ethan, and Victoria fill some hiking bags with food Only two bags were filled and they were almost completly done sorting There was also very few water bottles Avery was nervous about the supplies Careers usually had an exorbitant amount of supplies but now....... Avery decided to have it not concern her Last years game only last 4 days so maybe they didn't need much food Avery decided that hope was the best thing to hold onto

Berke Deflint district 11, keeps running He has been running for the last 3 hours without stopping He was running on adrenaline He had never expected that much excitement from getting a kill He hadn't stopped smiling Berke stops finally and decides to check his supplies Inside he finds a huge package of dried food, a large jug of water, a small medical kit, some rope, and finally the best thing a camouflage blanket designed specifically for the arena. It was a blanket with large fake brown grass coming out of one side of it It looked exactly like the grass on the ground Berke tests it out and starts laughing This is amazing! Berke repacks his stuff and takes a bite of dried beef

Shae Summerfield district 6, is hiding behind a large tree It was the only cover she had seen in the arena except for a few large rocks Shae had grabbed a plastic backpack from the cornucopia and had gotten a small water skin, some pasta, and a few protein bars She had already eaten a protein bar and drank some water She needed to find some water or food this wasn't going to last long

Melanoi Jet district 12, lays on her stomach watching the careers She originally had planned on living in some trees but considering the arena that plan wasn't going to work out She decided to just try to take the careers extra supplies Melanoi feels a strong wind blow over her The entire grass plain almost flattened She was completely exposed The careers look in her direction They all smile

Victoria Scope district 1, is almost knocked over by the power of the wind She can see the girl from 12 right now The girl had hidden by the cornucopia and was waiting for the careers to leave Victoria loads an arrow and waits in till the wind dies down The girl tries to stand up to run but the wind knocks her down Victoria smiles The wind stops and Victoria fires the arrow hits the girl in the back The girl shrieks and Victoria fires another arrow and the girl The girl is still standing though and tries to run away Ethan holds up his ax, "I got this!" Ethan sprints for the girl Victoria was going to tell him to get out of her way but Ethan gets to the girl quickly and takes her down with a swing of his ax The girls cannon fires and Ethan returns victorious

Electra Johnson district 5, hadn't gotten very far when she heard a cannon fire It meant that someone had been killed after the bloodbath Electra hoped that it was someone that had been injured and bled out rather than someone out hunting Electra takes a drink of water and opens her satchel a container of salad, some red paint, and a canteen filled with water Electra puts the canteen around her neck and keeps moving trying to put distance between her and the careers

Dallas Hart district 10, was so tired. It was starting to get dark and the tempeture was still going up Dallas didn't have any supplies and was extremely thirsty Dallas finds a large rock and starts to dig a hole under the rock to hopefully use as shelter

Elli Shocking district 3, looked around and turned on her flashlight She had gotten very far in the first day She uses her flashlight to start sorting supplies A pack of mixed nuts, some apples, a container of wire, a club, a water bottle, a loaf of bread, a sleeping bag and a pack of crackers Elli smiles and unrolls her sleeping bag She was doing pretty well for herself!

Hanna Mason district 7, had checked her mesh bag It was filled with edible plants and a retractable fishing pole? Hanna didn't really know what to do with the fishing pole but didn't want to leave it lying around. Hanna hears the capitol anthem and looks to the sky to see the fallen first the boy from 2, both from 4, then the boy from 6, the both from 8, both from 9, the girl from 10, then both from 12. Hanna whistles, almost half gone and a good chunk of careers already defeated


-September Rollo district 10, killed by Ethan's ax 24th

-Jonathon Magas district 12, speared by Julian 23rd

-Kitty Lyse district 9, killed by Ethans ax 22nd

-Brian Tuttle district 6, sliced by Dia's sword 21st

-Opaline Cascade district 4, stabbed by Berke's spear 20th

-Helen Dugsky district 8, killed by Victoria's arrow 19th

-Julian Hemm district 4, killed by Pamlines throwing knife 18th

-Deer Canabalistic district 2, killed by Pamline's throwing knife 17th

-Pamline Falcone district 9, killed by Avery Oceane's throwing knife 16th-

-John Madrick district 8, killed by Dia's sword 15th

-Melanoi Jet district 12, killed by Victorias arrows 14th

Day 2

Ethan Shocking district 3, frowned at the careers supplies. They woke up early to make breakfeast. Nothing really to preapre all the food in the packs was prepackaged. Ethan looked over at a large container that the careers hadn't opened yet. "Guys, has anyone checked that container?" Ethan asks over his shoulder as he approaches the container.? It was about half as tall as Ethan and had a door in the front of it. Ethan opens the container and smiles, "Guys check this out!"

Beech Wood district 7, arranged his supplies so they wouldn't crush eachother. Beech kept both his throwing axes in his hands but attached the knife he found in his bag to his belt. Beech looked around and found his prey. A gazelle like animal Beech approached slowly. He had a lot of food but there is never too much in the arena. As Beech approaches the wind blows against his back. The animal lifts its head, sniffs, and runs away. Beech curses and looks for another food source.

Isis Hathora district 11, hand started cramping. She shakes the pain from her hand and puts her supplies down. Isis looks up and sees a tree. Isis grabs her items and approaches the tree a nest sits on a branch a few feets above the ground. Isis is able to grab the nest if she stands on her tip-toes.? Isis pulls the nest carfuly from the tree to make sure the eggs didn't fall.? Isis looks inside the nest and sees three eggs.? She takes out the eggs and replaces the nest.? Isis puts the egg in variece pockets in her vest and power walked making sure not to break her eggs.

Dia Monty district 1, can't stop smiling.? He and Ethan pulled bicycles from the large container.? There were five bicycles total luckily they only needed four.? Victoria and Avery squel when they see the bikes.? Total off road bike with huge wheels.? "Let's go hunting!" Dia says wityh a wicked smile.? Ethan, Avery, and Victoria nod.

Zap Smith district 5, was starving.? He threw his net into the stream.? Only one fish gets caught.? A very small fish at that.? Zap pulls the net in and takes out the fish.? It flails around and Zap puts his knife into it to end it's life.? Zap thinks back to his days in the training center and? what the best way of cooking a fish was.

Avery Ocean district 2, practes riding her bike around in circles.? Ethan was the best bike rider and the pair from 1 were taking it up quickly.? Avery starts to get the hang of it.? Avery gives them a thumbs up and all the careers nod and ride off with large hiking bags on their backs.? Avery's skirt of knives swings wildly as she bikes and she worries about being cut but puts the idea in the back of her head.? Ethan lets out a whoop as he powers up a large hill.? "This is going to get annoeying fast." Avery mumbles to herself.

Berek Deflint district 11, attaches the camoflauge blanket to his back using some rope. It looked perfect.? The only way they could see him would be looking at him dead on.? If he laid on his stomach no one would be able to identify him.? Berek tightened the bag so the pouch was on his chest so he could access it, without having to take off the blanket.? Berek uses some of his water to wash some dirt off his face.? Water may be precious but sponcers were more important.? He tries to give a dazaling smile in hopes he's looking at a camra.? Berek moves with his spear in hand hoping to find another tribute.

Shae Summerfield district 6, munched on some very hard pasta.? It wasn't very appitizing but she didn't want to eat all her protein bars.? Shae was making her way back to the cornucopia.? All Shae had sen so far in the arena was dry grass, other than a single tree that had no leaves and tough bark. Shae wanted to raid the cornucopia after careers have left.? Shae has already traveled an entire day and was going to reach the cornucopia tomorrow afternoon.

Victoria Scope district 1, loved the feeling of the wind against her hair.? The bikes rode surprisingly well on the hard grassy surface of the arena.? Victoria easily went up the hill as Avery panted behind her.? Victoria was impressed with Avery, she didn't complain and she kept powering through her pain.? Victoria reaches the top of a particularly steep hill.? She looks into the sky which is turning a lovely shape of pink, "Hey, Dia. You should set up the tent. It's going to get dark soon." Dia nods and gets of his bike. He opens a small bag and a huge tent pops out capitol made and resistant to any weather.? Ethan starts a fire for light and hands out a dinner of protein bars.

Electra Johnson district 5, had encountered a stream a few hours ago and has been following it.? She had filled up her canteen and water bottle as she went.? It was getting dark and soon Electra wouldn't be able to see.? Electra decides to travel for a while before setting up camp.? After 15 minutes Electra sees a small fire burning.? Electra's heart starts racing, she has no weapons, Electra almost turns to run when she notices the tribute by the fire has long blond hair, and a permanent frown on his face, "Zap!" She starts to yell but slaps her hand over her mouth.? Zap looks up and whispers "Electra?"? Electra moves into the light of the fire.? Zap nods sternly.? Electra looks into the fire and sees a fish cooking.? "Zap, do you want to ummm........" Electra had a wave of nervousness.? Zap nods and Electra sits down next to him and they share supplies.? Zap takes some salad and the water bottle.? Electra takes some fish.? Neither talk and that's the way Zap prefers it.

Dallas Hart district 10, tried to swallow but his throat was so dry.? Dehydration was settling in so fast.? It was due to the extreme heat of the arena.? Dallas kept fanning himself with his hat.? Dallas is so tired he curls up on the ground and tries to sleep.

Hanna Mason district 7, wanted to find a water source to both hydrate herself and use her fishing pole.? Hanna chews on some edible plants.? Hanna reaches a weird rock formation and starts to climb over it and sees the most beautiful sight she has ever seen.? A large lake with a few separate run offs.? Surrounded by large rocks and a patch of lush vegetation with a beautiful tree.? The moon reflects off the lake and Hanna starts to cry.? The anthem plays and Hanna doesn't even bother to look since no cannons have fired today.? Hanna cries harder.? No cannon fires means a bored capitol.? Hanna hopes that the gamemakers take their frustration out on someone else.

Day 3

Victoria Scope district 1, felt like her legs were on fire.  Yesterday the careers had soent the entire day biking looking for tributes.  Ethan rode circles around the tent.  It was starting to annoey Victoria but she let it slide.  Ethan has proved his usefullness.  Avery stretches out and takes out a strip of dried beef, "Some nice fresh food was be nice."  Avery says looking to the sky.  Victoria shrugs.  Avery also shrugs and picks up her bike.

Elli Shocking district 3, was walking a very hard dirt trail.  She threw a few nuts in her mouth.  She had decided to eat all ner trail mix before opening her crackers and bread.  Elli eats the last handful and takes a drink of water.  She decides to get back into the grass for more cover.  Elli puts away her water bottle and heads into the grass.  

Electra Johnson district 5, helps Zap hold down the net.  They had been trying multiple strategies to catch fish and this one was their best bet.  They laid the net at the bottom of the stream, covered it with some dirt and were holding on to the corners of the net.  Then when some fish came over the net they would trap them.  It was the best bet they had.  Electra wanted to talk to Zap but she knew it wasn't really his thing.  "We should find shelter after we get some fish." Zap says focusing his eyes on the water.  Electra nods andlicks her lips.  She hadn't eaten in hours and fish sounded great.  

Shae Summerfield district 6, was super thristy.  She ran out of water yesterday and she was unlucky in finding a water source.  Shae could tell by the dryniess that it didn't rain much in this arena.  Shae swallowed and her throat felt scratchy.  She was also running low on food and things weren't looking great.  

Avery Oceane district 2, pedal hard and followed Dia's lead.  Dia had spotted a tribute.  Avery's throwing knives jingled at her side.  Dia whislted and Ethan whooped.  The tribute they were following was sprinting with all his heart.  He had two axes in his hand.  His shirt was soaked with sweat.  Avery vaugly recognized him as the boy from 7.  The careers were catching up to him quickly. The boy's foot gets caught in an unseen snake hold and he hits the ground hard.  The careers jump off their bikes and take out their weapons.  The boy from 7 stands up and holds his axes out in defence.  Avery throws one of her knives and it grazes the boys arm.  Avery did it on purpose, she knew the capitol wanted a show.  The boy grits his teeth.  "Well, let's do this!"  Ethan yells and he fake-charges at the boy from 7.  The boy reacts by screaming and swinging his axes wildly.  He hits noone and it gets a laugh from the careers.  Victoria had her bow and loads an arrow into it.  The boy from 7 throws his ax.  The ax flies and hits Victoria's shoulder.  Doesn't cut very deep but it had to have hurt.  Victoria fires her arrow and hits the boy in his right temple.  His cannon fires.  As the careers are celebrating a siver parachute falls to the ground infront of Avery.  She opens it and a loaf of bread and a container of bread.  Everyone knows it's for Avery but she shares it in celebration.  

Hanna Mason district 7, jumped at the cannon fire.  She ahsn't heard that sound in days.  Hanna was lounging on the waters edge.  She had found a large resovoir yesterday that had a nice patch of grass with food growing in it.  Hanna looked around making sure no one was near her.  She plucked some berries from a bush near her.  She believed they weren't posionous but she wasn't hundred percent sure.  She throws them in her mouth and believes it's worth the risk. 

Isis Hathora district 11, had almost dropped her eggs when the cannon fire.  She had fianlly decided to make her eggs.  She cracked the eggs into her frying pan and suprisingly they started to cook.  Isis hadn't touched the pan all day but she realized a black pan directly in the sun all da was going to get pretty warm.   She attempted to turn the eggs over but didn't work exacly as she hoped.  The eggs flew and landed on the rock she had rested the pan on.  Isis didn't care.  She took out her letter knife and used it to eat her eggs.  It was alot better than she thought it would be.

Dallas Hart district 10, new the end was near.  He hadn't eatten in days and had no water as well.  He was barly able to move.  His vision was blurry and it took him a lot of effort just to move his feet.  Three huge black birds circled above him.  Dallas watches them fly and wonders what kind of birds they are.  While watching the birds he miss places his step and falls down a large hill.  As he tumbles down he aquires mutliple brusies, cuts, and small breaks.  Soon Dallas stops at the bottom of the hill and the black birds swarm on him.

Dia Monty district 1, enjoyed a slice of fresh bread.  Avery's sponcers had sent it.  Dia looked over at the boy from 7's supplies.  He had two throwing axes and a pack full of food.  It would keep the careers going for the next few days.  Dia glanced at Ethan who was taking a quick nap.  He was the odd one out of the careers.  If he made a single mistake he would be gone.  Dia wraps the rest of the bread, and almost drops it when he hears a cannon fire.  It wakes Ethan up and the careers all stare at eachother. 

Berke Deflint district 11, had been following the girl from 3 for the last few hours.  Her neon orange hair was easy to follow and her hat did little to hide her.  If she had put her hair up into the hat she would be much harder to find.  Berke crawled on his stomach to get closer.  He had to move slowly.  He didn't want to chase the girl down so he had to move carefully.  A few times the girl would turn in his direction and Berke would have to stop.  Soon the girl put her bag down and used it as a pillow.  Berke rolled his eyes.  It wasn't even 5 in the afternoon the girl was just being stupid.  Berke moved faster now that the girl was lying down.  Soon he got with 10 feet of her without her noticing.  Berke jumps from the grass and plunges his spear into the girl.  The girl screams and thrashes around but the spear enters her chest and almost imedietly stops her heart.  Her cannon fires and Berek takes her pack.  Berke smiled to himself as he looked through the bag.  He figured himself to already be a capitol favorite.  Berke looks up and gives a wink since he knows the camra is on his face. 

Ethan Shocking district 3, was shocked.  Two cannon fires that weren't caused by the careers.  The careers had been super confident that they were going to dominate these games.  Dia wasn't saying anything and he was just setting up the tent in silence.  Everyone stood around and waited for Dia to be done.  Dia finshes up and motions for them to get into the tent, "I'll take the first watch"  Ethan nods and goes into the tent

Zap Smith district 5, and Electra spent the entire day trying to catch fish.  Soon they got what they waited for.  Three fish swim over their net and they pull up.  The three fish get caught.  all decent size and would be a great dinner.  "Electra, lets take these fisha dn find shelter.  We need to get moving."  Electra nods and detects a slight smile on Zap's face.  Electra picks up their packs and refills the water bottles.  As Zap tightens the net around the fish he hears the capitol anthem.  He looks up to check the fallen.  The first is the girl from 3, then the boy from 7, then the boy from 10. Zap shrugs and doesn't care about any of them


-Beech Wood district 7, killed by Victoria's arrow 13th 

-Dallas Hart district 10, eaten by birds 12th 

-Elli Shocking district 3, speared by Berke 11th

Day 4

Victoria Scope district 1, glanced nervously at Ethan.  Yesterday his sister had been killed and he hasn't said anything since.  He turns his ax repeatedly in his hands.  Victoria holds out the box of chicken, "Ethan, maybe you should eat something."  Ethan takes the box and eats one piece of chicken and hands it back.  Victoria nods and goes back to the other careers, "We should just get him now."    

Electra Johnson district 5, wakes up and has an instant panic attack.  She was in a dirt hole.  She breathes heavily in till she remembers that she and Zap had dug this hole last night.  Electra crawls out of the hole and watches Zap cook a fish.  Electra's mouth watered.  They had caught the fish last night but didn't cook it because a fire is basically a beacon that says, 'Come get me I'm stupid!'  Zap hands a piece of cooked fish to Electra.  "Thank you Zap." She eats the fish quickly, "You know I'm really glad you and I are a team because without you I would probably be out of food and the lack of company would drive me insane!  I wish we we're friends before the games because I think you're one of my best friends, is that weird?  It's a little weird...." She babbles on some more.  Zap gives a stern nod and cooks another fish. 

Shae Summerfield district 6, stumbled and tried to regain her balance.  She was starting to feel the real effects of dehydration.  She ran out of food yesterday and was really hungry.  Shae shields her eyes from the sun and lies down on a large rock and tries to stop the world from spinning. 

Ethan Shocking district 3, had over heard Victoria and his mind was racing.  They were going to kill him and he needed to get away and he needed to weaken the careers as much as possible.  Ethan stands up, "I have to pee." He says and starts to walk away.  The careers instantly start whispering to themselves and plotting to kill Ethan.  Ethan walks over to where they were keeping their bikes.  Ethan uses his ax to slash Dia, Victoria and Avery's bikes.  Ethan smiles to himself and makes his own plan.  

Hanna Mason district 7, enjoys a very refreshing swim.  She hasn't left the lake since she found it and the gamemakers hadn't forced her out so Hanna didn't really care.  She had all the food she ever wanted and a nice source of water.  Hanna puts her head under water and gulps it down greedily.  Hanna floats on her back and thinks about whose left.  Both from 1, girl from 2, boy from 3, both from 5, girl from 6, Hanna, and both from 11.  So as far as Hanna was concerned three teams and 2 solo people assuming everyone allied with their district partner.  

Isis Hathora district 11, ate her last piece of stale bread.  She still had a little water though.  Isis took a sip of water.  She hoped to find more eggs to cook up but she hasn't seen a tree in days.  Isis watches a gazelle gallop off and had an idea, the gazelle was getting water somewhere so all she had to do is follow it.  Isis starts to follow. 

Dia Monty district 1, had the plan worked out.  They were going to give Ethan some water spiked with sedative.  Then when he starts to get knocked out they would strike and kill him.  Avery would bring him the water and then Victoria would take him out from a distance.  Avery approaches him and holds out the water,"Ethan, you haven't had anything to drink in almost a day you need to drink this."  Ethan takes the bottle and throws it to the ground and slashes with his ax and cuts Avery's throat open.  Her Cannon fires and Ethan sprints to his bike.  Victoria and Dia are in such shock they don't chase him right away.  After a second they get their barings and chase him.  Ethan hops on his bike and speeds off.  Dia and Victoria try to get on their bikes but ti soon becomes obvious that they were't going to be able to ride.  Dia curses loudly and Victoria screams.   

Berke Deflint district 11, ate some apples and looked around.  He heard a cannon fire and he was curious on who it was.  Hopefully a career died.  Berke looked around and hoped to find another tribute to get. He originally planned on not killing in the arena but now he found the idea thrilling.  He got the girl from 3 and the girl from 4 and he knew people were loving him for it.  Berke gave a friendly wink and took a huge gulp of water.

Zap Smith district 5, shared the last fish with Electra.  Electra has been talking all day and Zap holds up his hand to stop her, "We need to go fishing again tomorrow."  Electra nods and keeps talking.  The anthem starts to play and Electra shuts up for a minute.  The girl from 2 appears in the sky and that is the only face.  Electra resumes talking and Zap zones out. 


-Avery Oceane district 2, throat slit by Ethan 10th  

Day 5

Dia Monty district 1, was still seething from Ethan's betrayal.  Granted they tried to betray him first but that didn't stop Dia's anger.  He had also slashed their bike tires so it was almost impossible to follow him,  Victoria was fires arrows into a tree to work out her anger.  Dia puts his hand on her shoulder, "Victoria let's go.  We need to o after him."  Victoria nods sternly and goes to retrieve her arrows.  

Ethan Shokcing district 3, was parched.  He had only gotten a half-filled water bottle and his ax from the careers before killing Avery and riding of on his bike.  Ethan stops to try and drink what littlewater he had left.  When a silver parachute falls to his feet.  Ethan rips open the container and finds a thermos of soup, some apples, some bread with cheese and another bottle of water.  Ethan opens the water and drinks half of it.  He also eats a slice of bread with cheese on it.  This was the best sponcer gift ever! 

Electra Johnson district 5, filled her water bottle at the stream and whistled to herself.  Zap ignored her and attempted to catch some fish.  Electra fills up her canteen as well. "Zap, you consider me a friend don't you?" Zap rolls his eyes and knows that there are two options, lie and have her babble on or tell the truth and have her cry. "Of course we are friends."  Electra smiles and bables on. 

Shae Summerfield district 6, holds her stomach as it cramps.  She was starving and super thirsty.  She had barly moved half a mile in the last day.  Her search for food and water was not going well at all.  Shae stops moving as she has another wave of cramps and she starts to cry.

Isis Hathora district 11, had lost track of the gazelle hours ago but she knew it was somewhere in the general area.  As Isis looks for the gazelle she sees two figures approaching.  Both blond and both with weapons.  Isis lets out an involitary scream and turns to run.  She hears the careers whoop as they chase her.  She runs for only a few minutes before she feels a searing pain in her left leg.  She falls to the ground and sees an arrow sticking out of her calf.  She screams and the careers converge on her.  The boy from 1 puts his sword in her as she pleads for her life. 

Zap Smith district 5, head snaps up.  He looks around and sees an unwelcome sight.  A giant moving pile of grass.  The way it was hunched over gaurenteed that it was a person with a camo blanket.  It looked like the figure was approaching the stream and hadn't seen Zap and Electra.  "Electra be quite and hadn me the bag." Electra hands him the bag and Zap points for her to hide in thir near-by-shelter-hole-type-thing.  Electra goes into the hole and Zap takes the red paint from the bag and he opens his vest and smears the red paint on his shirt and lays on his back at a weird angle and puts the bag lying next to him and waits.   

Berke Deflints distrcit 11, drinks from the stream and glances around and sees a figure lying up stream.  Berke pulls out his spear and approaches the figure slowly.  He reaches it and sees a boy the boy has long blond hair and has blood all over his shirt.  This must have been the cannon fire Berke just heard.  Berke looks around quickly, who ever the killer was they had to be very close.  Berke is so preoccupided trying to find the killer that he didn't notice the body at his feet move.  The boy on the ground swings his leg and hits Berke in the back of his knee.  Berke falls to the ground and the boy gets ontop of him.  Berke quickly relizes that the red stain on the boys shirt was paint!  The boy pulls out his knife and attmepts to stab Berke.  Berke moves his head nearly avoiding the knife.  Berke stabs the boy in the side with his spear.  A new red stain appears on the boy and this si defintly blood.  Berke pushes hard with the spear and the boy gets pushed off of Berke.  The boy screams.  The boy swings his knife and it cuts Berke's arm.  Berke stabs the boy again in his chest and a cannon fires.  Berke hears a shriek behind him and turns to see a girl sprinting at him with dirt on her face.  Berke pulls his spear out of the boy and throws it at the girl.  The spear goes into her and she falls and her cannon also fires.

Hanna Mason district 7, gasped.  Three cannon fires in 5 minutes.  She hoped there had been some huge careers battle and they had been wiped out.  Hanna was biting her nails and being very nervous.  They were getting down to the wire and she hadn't seen a tribute since the bloodbath.  Hanna lays down and can't sleep.

Victoria Scope district 1, was almost shaking with rage.  Someone other than the careers had just gone on a killing spree.  Victoria hoped Ethan was one of the poeple who had been killed.  The anthem plays and Victoria looks intot he sky.  The faces appear.  Both from 5, and the girl from 11.  Victoria starts shaking with rage. 


-Isis Hathora district 11, stabbed by Dia 9th

-Zap Smith district 5. stabbed by Berke's spear 8th

-Electra Johnson district 5,speared by Berke 7th

Day 6

Dia Monty district 1, chews on a tough piece of jerky.  His anger has been turned into a furious eating frenzy.  Victoria had a solid glaring match with him for the last three hours.  Dia hadn't noticed.  He was planning Ethan's death and wanted it to last long.  Luckily there were three deaths yesterday so the gamemakers wouldn't inflict any pain on the tributes which meant Dia and Victoria had at least one day to hunt down Ethan before getting any interference.  "Victoria, let's go get him."  Victoria nods and picks up her bow and considers using it on Dia.

Ethan Shocking district 3, was enjoying his delicious feast and water.  None of the food had gone stale and still tasted fresh.  Ethan packs up his food and water in the parachute.  He didn't actually have a backpack but he did have a giant parachute to wrap his items in.  Ethan gets on his bike and puts his arm through his makeshift pack.  He rides off to find some better shelter the the one he had now.

Shae Summerfield district 6, starts trembling.  If she had any water in her body she would be crying.  Her stomach hurts and her brain barley works.  She is muggy and her arms are sunburned.  She falls to the ground and feels the waves of hunger and dehydration.  Shae closes her eyes and waits for sleep.

Berke Deflint district 11, sang to himself quietly.  He was going to use every asset he had to work sponcers.  Even though he really didn't need anything.  He had all of his stuff plus the supplies he got from the pair from 5.  It wasn't much but it Berke sorted through it and found the more useful items; a net, a smaller knife, some matches, and a canteen.  The knife and canteen were easier to carry around rather than Berke's spear and gallon jugs.  Berke looked around and found a large hole in the ground that would easily hold him.  Berke crawls in and hides his bigger items and fills up his canteen.

Hanna Mason district 7, had noticed her resources slowly dwindling and she only had enough food for a few more days.  The idea terrified Hanna.  She had never been more well fed since she got reaped.  The capitol provided delicious food and when she got to the arena she had found this haven of food.  She had gained weight and had never felt healthier.  Hanna wished there were more food but she decided to make her food ration and hope it could last longer.

Victoria Scope district 1, wanted to shoot Dia.  He has been chewing on his nails and had eaten a huge portion of their food.  They had a limited supply and Dia was depleting it fast.  Victoria pulls the arrow back and points it to the back of Dia's head.  The anthem plays and it snaps Victoria out of her rage.  No faces appear and the sky becomes blank and Victoria puts her bow down, "Dia, let's set up camp."

Day 7

Dia Monty district 1, had sensed a change in Victoria she seemed angry.  She never put her bow down and always had an arrow loaded.  It made Dia nervous.  Dia watches her pace back and forth with her bow.  Dia picks up his sword and watches Victoria pace.  Victoria had a bandage over her arm from her kill on the boy from 7.  Victoria watches Dia's sword carefully.  Dia starts laughing.  Victoria looks uneasy and then laughs too.  They were both going insane waiting for each other to make the first move.  Dia decided to take the lead.  He swings his sword.  Victoria ducks and dodges the sword. She fires her arrow into Dia's stomach.  Dia takes the shot and swings his sword again.  This time swinging from above.  The sword comes down into Victoria's shoulder.  She screams.  Dia pulls out his sword and thrusts it into her chest.  Her cannon fires and Dia pulls the arrow out of his stomach and takes Victoria's bag.

Ethan Shocking district 3, looks around when he hears the cannon fire.  No one in sight.  Ethan had been sleeping on the ground the past few days and his back hurt.  He rubs his lower back and wishes he stole the extra sleeping bag the careers had.  He had taken for granted the comfort supplies that the careers had.  Luckily Ethan didn't have to worry about food or water yet.  He still had a few days left if he rationed his food.  Ethan eats an apple and takes a sip of water and thinks about whose left.

Shae Summerfield district 6, collapses to the ground.  Her shirt was clinging to her body.  The last bit of the water in her body was leaving her as sweat.  Shae closes her eyes and starts to fall into a deep sleep that she will never wake up from.  

Berke Deflint district 11, heard the second cannon fire of the day.  Berke decides to do some serious work.  He gives a wink and his most winning smile.  Now that he is final 4 he needs to really start working angles to get sponcers to win the games.  Berke believed he had a real chance in these games and he would come up with his strategy when he figured out who was left.

Hanna Mason district 7, cried.  Everything was happening so fast.  She had gone from final 6 to final 4 in the span of a few hours.  Hanna didn't know who was left yet but her best hope was that all the big guys had gotten taken out.  Hanna looked into the sky as the anthem plays, the face of the girl from 1 and the girl from 6 appear.  Hanna starts crying the only people left were more than twice her size and all deadly.  Hanna curls up and sobs harder.


-Victoria Scope district 1, stabbed by Dia 6th

-Shae Summerfield district 6, died from dehydration 5th

Day 8

Hanna Mason district 7, had barely slept through the night.  She was so nervous from being the only girl left as well as there only being 4 left.  The boys from 1,3 and 11 were all left and Hanna remembered them as giants who got very good training scores.  Hanna drinks from her lake and screams when her lips touch the waters surface.  The water tasted like rotten eggs.  She can see at the bottom of the lake a yellow cloud slowly growing.  They had contaminated the lake in order to draw Hanna out.  Hanna started to cry. 

Dia Monty district 1, was in some extreme pain.  Yesterday Victoria had shot him in the stomach.  He had removed the arrow and used what little medical training he had to treat the wound.  He took a few pain pills but it didn't really help.  His fear originally was that the arrow had punctured his stomach which would result in stomach acid leaking into his system.  Dia figured since he wasn't dead yet that meant nothing important had been cut.  Dia didn't have he energy to eat anything either.  He closes his eyes and tries to block his pain.  When he hears the sound of someone panting and pedaling. 

Ethan Shocking district 3, rode his bike looking for another person.  Preferably the girl from 7 because she would be much easier to kill than Dia or the boy from 11.  Ethan pedals hard and moves at a very incredible speed.  He was moving so fast he almost didn't see a head of blond hair dip down to hide behind some grass.  Ethan slams to a halt and turns to where he saw the hair disappear.  Ethan pulls out his ax and walks steadily.  When Ethan approaches he can see Dia attempting to hide behind some grass.  Ethan smiles, "Bye, Dia!"  Ethan swings his ax and Dia is able to roll and dodge it.  The act of rolling causes Dia to let out a gasp and for him to reach for his bandaged stomach.  Ethan uses this to his advantage and slams his ax into Dia's stomach.  Dia screams and Ethan pushes the ax even deeper into Dia.  Dia's eyes roll to the back of his head and a cannon fires. 

Berke Deflint district 11, is a little nervous about the cannon fire.  Another tribute just got a kill and now Berke was in the top 3.  Berke was slowly moving up stream with all of his items.  He had cleared out space in his bag and now has permanently attached the camouflage blanket to his body with some rope.  Berke was moving up the side of the river he had killed the pair from 5 at.  He wanted to hopefully find someone hiding out by the water source.  After hours of travel and 4 refillings of Berke's canteen he finally gets to a very large and suspiciously yellow lake.  Berke gets there and is examining the lake when he sees the girl from 7.  She had her back to Berke and appeared to be crying.  Berke feels the rush of excitement as he approaches the girl.  She doesn't have any weapons and the only way she could escape would be if she dived into the water.  Berke holds his spear out and prepares.  He clears his throat when he gets closer to the girl.  The girl whips around and lets out a shriek.  Berke silences her by throwing his spear into her chest.  The girl falls to her knees and then she falls onto her side.  As Berke pulls out his spear the girls cannon fires.  Berke almost starts shaking from the excitement of his kill.  He has to contain himself before he bursts into song.  Berke waits about an hour and then the capitols anthem plays and the faces of the fallen appear.  First the boy from 1 then the girl from 7.  Berke smiles, his final battle would be with the boy from 3, Ethan Shocking. 


-Dia Monty district 1, killed by Ethan's ax 4th

-Hanna Mason district 7, killed by Berke's spear 3rd 

Day 9

Ethan Shocking district 3, almost wanted to burn Dia's stuff.  In a ceremonious way.  If there are only two tributes in the arena they are going to be forced together very quickly.  Ethan looked through Dia's stuff and found nothing useful.  All the pack had was food but Ethan knew that the games would be over in a few hours so a large amount of food wasn't very useful.  He decides to make the best of it and have the most delicious breakfast he has ever had.  He eats the rest of the food he got from sponcers as well as all of Dia's fruit.  It was delicious and Ethan enjoyed every second of it.  

Berke Deflint district 11, was practically shaking with excitement.  His final opponent was the boy from district 3.  Berke needed to have everything ready for his battle.  He decided to take off his camouflage blanket because there was no way he'd be able to sneak up on the boy from 3. Berke puts the blanket in his bag.  He takes out his net and small knife.  He takes out a leather sheath and attaches it to his ankle.  Puts the knife in the sheath and he folds up the net and puts it in his vest pocket he leaves a small part of it hanging out so it is easier to grab.  He also fills up is extra water bottle with contaminated lake water and then wraps it in some plastic so it wouldn't leak over his belongings.  Berke puts it in the side pouch of his bag.  If everything goes the way Berke plans then he will be in district 11 within three days.    

Ethan Shocking district 3, gets on his bike and leaves behind Dia's bag.  Ethan filled his make-shift pack with some protein bars in case he got hungry again before the games were over.  Ethan pedals and tries to think of where the other boy would be.  The gamemakers haven't sent anything to force them together yet so Ethan believed that meant they were close to each other.   Ethan can see a small stream and he rides up to the side of the water.  The water is a light yellow color and makes Ethan nervous.  He was low on water and the only water source Ethan had found was contaminated.  Ethan guesses that the boy from 11 must be up stream.  Ethan smiles and starts following the stream.    

Berke Deflint district 11, follows the stream heading downstream.  He has his spear ready and Berke wants to look his best for the final battle.  Berke takes off his hat and throws it into the stream.  It floats down stream and Berke follows behind it slowly.  Berke adjusts his items again to make them more easily accessible and starts getting more anxious. 

Ethan Shocking district 3, after a few minutes of pedaling can see something floating down the stream.  As it gets closer Ethan realizes it's a hat.  Ethan takes his own hat off and throws it into the stream too.  The hats bounce into each other and one of them sinks to the bottom.  Ethan doesn't know if it was his hat that sinks. 

Berke Deflint district 11, tries to look calm and cool for the capitol but his insides keep feeling colder and he is shaking from nervousness now.  Berke can see something approaching from a distance.  It is moving quickly and Berke can tell he is on a bike.  Berke needs to be ready.  He pulls the water bottle from his backpack and gets ready.

Ethan Shocking district 3, can see the boy from 11 and Ethan pedals hard.  His current plan is to charge at the boy then jump off his bike and hopefully have the bike collide with the boy and daze him.  Ethan gets closer and right before he is about to jump the boy from 11 throws something at Ethan.  Ethan is hit in the face with a water bottle and the contents of the bottle explode over his face.  It smells like a weird combination of rotten eggs, wet dog, and vomit.  It confuses Ethan and he crashes his bike into the stream.   

Berke Deflint district 11, thought the plan was going amazing so far.  His water bottle distraction caused the boy from 3 to slam into the stream.  Ethan climbs out of the water and vomits.  Berke takes his chance, Berke throws his spear but the boy from 3 is able to dodge it.  The spear goes into the ground and Berke knows he just lost his best weapon for the time being.  The boy from 3 recovers from the whole, crashing into a disgusting lake experience.  The boy holds out his ax and swings it at Berke.  

Ethan Shocking district 3, had his chance.  The boy from 11 lost his spear already and didn't seem to have a weapon to defend himself with.  Ethan is almost sure of his victory but the boy from 11 pulls a knife out of a sheath attached to his leg.  He is barely able to block Ethan's ax.  The blade of the ax is only a few inches from the boy from 11's face.  Ethan Jumps back and tries to regain his focus.  The boy's spear is behind Ethan so he only has access to his small knife.  Ethan looks the boy in the eye.  He looks determined and like he is already planning his next attack.  Ethan needs to be quick. 

Berke Deflint district 11, is ready for the boy from 3's strike.  Berek throws out his net and runs for his spear.  The net opens and entangles the boy from 3.  The boy from 3 is shocked from the random trap.  The net wraps around Ethan it doesn't knock him over but it defiantly slows him down.  Berke grabs his spear and turns to the boy.  The boy is smart and is able to slash at Berke.  The ax slashes the side of Berke's face.  Berke ignores the pain and thrusts his spear into the boy from 3's stomach.  Berke pulls the spear out and thrusts it into the boys throat.  The boy falls to the ground and trumpets play.  

"Ladies and Gentleman, the victor of the 56th annul Hunger Games is Berke Deflint from district 11!"  A hover craft appears above Berke and a ladder drops down.  Berke touches the ladder and is brought into the hover craft. 

Two days later Berke is on stage with Caseser Flickerman.  Berke looking as stunningly handsome as always and the scar across his face only makes him look more striking and dangerous.  Caesar gushes over Berke and gives him praise for his time in the arena.  Then they watch an entire recap of the Hunger Games, they watch Ethan kill the girl from 10, the boy from 12 being speared, then Ethan killing the girl from 9, the boy from 6 getting his throat slit, Berke watches himself kill the girl from 4, then the girl from 8 being shot, then the boys from 2,4, and 9 getting killed by throwing knives, then the boy from 8 being stabbed, then the girl from 12 being shot, then the boy from 7 being shot with an arrow, then the boy from 10 getting eaten by birds, then Berke watches himself sneak up to the girl from 3 and stab her (Everyone roared with laughter when he winked at them), then the girl from 2 getting killed by Ethan, then Isis being stabbed by the boy from 1, then Berke watches himself kill the pair from 5 (another wink and a huge roar), then he watches the careers turn on each other and the girl from 1 being killed, then he watches the girl from 6 die from dehydration, then the boy from 1 being killed by Ethan, Berke watches himself spear the girl from 7, then he watches the entire battle between him and Ethan.  Berke gets up takes a bow and everyone in the capitol claps and screams and cheer, he is one of their favorite victors.   

Hope you all enjoyed! 

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