Hey thank you for clicking.  This is my 9th hunger games and I want to make it special.  So you can submit up to 4 tributes.  I need age, gender, district, name, weapon of choice, back story, strategy, reaping info.  I go on profiles!

Arena: The entire arena is a large Topiary maze.  with many traps hidden inside of it.  It is easy to get lost in the maze but it isn't very large.  Tributes run into eachother often and a few monsters also walk the maze floor.  THe cornucopia is in the center of the arena and has a wide variety of items The arena is almost always dark

Male Female
District 1 Glint Rhodes 19xxx Rhonda Slicer 22xxx
District 2 Levi Stone 8xxx Poppy Thorn 23xxx
District 3 Blink Lynch 10xxx Hannah Greenland 5xxx
District 4 Ci Phish 4xxx Anna Marie De Caprio 17xxx
District 5 Breeze Moon 3xxx Cassia Slyara 15xxx
District 6  Enzo Garcia 14xxx Selen Garcia
District 7 Fyran Bulu 9xxx Renee Ferna 7xxx
District 8 Tristan James 13xxx Maylee Jackson 20xxx
District 9 Mark Wheatly 11xxx Emma Wilkerson
District 10 Aran Age 24xxx Lauren Age 18xxx
District 11 Freddie Loom  21xxx Violette Meadow 6xxx
District 12 Cole Burns 12xxx Olivia Calm 16xxx

any questions just ask in comments

Blood Bath

24 tributes rise into the arena.  It was fairly dark in the arena even if it was noon.  The sky was black and the ground was a dark brown soil.  It is spongy and surprisingly easy to run on.  Other than the golden horn and supplies lying around, all the tributes could see were large purple hedges.  Tributes look glumly at the hedges.  They were thick and had many thorns, making it impossible to get through them.  A few realizes quickly that the arena is a maze.  A light fog comes from the entrances.  All the tributes are wearing light purple shirts, tight black pants, and have small masks to wear over their mouths.   

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let the 57th annul Hunger Games Begin!"  Claudis Templesmith tells the tributes.  His voice booming from the sky.  

Poppy Thorn district 2, didn't understand the mask at first but, after a few seconds she starts to smell the arena.  It smelled like dead plants and like moist earth.  Poppy Focuses herself.  In ten seconds the killing starts.  She locates a thick whip fairly close to her and decides for it to be her weapon.  3......2.....1  Poppy sprints for the weapon.  She picks it up and turns to her right.  The small boy from 10 is her closes target.  Poppy swings her whip and the end makes contact with the boy's face.  The boy screams and grabs his face.  Poppy tackles him to the ground and wraps her whip around his neck.  She pulls it tight and the boy tries helplessly to get away.  

Cole Burns district 12, watches the girl from 2 strangle the boy from 10.  Cole knows this is his only chance.    Cole picks up a dagger and sprints at the girl from 2.  Cole stabs the girl in the back.  The girl screams and Cole  repeatedly stabs her in till she falls on top of the boy from 10's corpse.  Cole picks up the nearest bag and sprints into the maze.  

Tristan James district 8, gets to the golden horn quickly.  He grabs the biggest weapon possible.  It ends up being a large battle ax.  He is strong enough to swing it easily but he needs a target.  The first person he sees is the girl from 1.  She isn't paying attention to Tristan so he swings his ax.  The ax goes into her head and the girl never even knew Tristan was there.  Tristan picks up a huge black bag and jumps over the girls body.

Violette Meadows district 11, tries to avoid fighting as much as possible.  She dodges the occasional throwing knife and is able to grab a small orange bag.  As Violette turns to leave she watches a quick battle.  The boy from 1 has a large ring of throwing knives and is trying to kill Freddie.  He throws three knives at once and two stick into Freddie's leg.  Then a third throwing knife goes into his head.  Violette screams and runs away as fast as she can.  Trying to forget the look on her district partners face while he died. 

Hannah Greenland district 3, is able to grab a small bag and a knife.  Hannah was trying to escape when the boy from 1 confronts her.  He was five throwing knives and takes aim.  Hannah dives to her stomach as he throws.  The ground is soft but smells horrible.  The boy throws two knives in quick succession.  both far away from Hannah.  She is confused and turns to look.  All three knives are in the girl from 8's chest.  Hannah gets up and sprints away.  

Emma Wilkerson district 9, is running next to Mark Wheatly.  They have allied up for the games.  Emma looks over her shoulder constantly to see if any tributes are following them.  Mark keeps his eyes forward and focus on two packs inside the golden horn.  Emma grabs one and Mark grabs the other.  Emma also picks up a sickle for protection.  Mark grabs a short sword and they both run off into the maze. 

Glint Rhodes district 1, is in the zone.  He has already killed two tributes and was ready to get his third kill.  Glint looks around for a good target.  The first tribute he sees is the boy from 5.  He has bright orange hair and a mohawk.  He also has an ax and a green bag.  Glint smiles and throws two knives.  One is aimed too high and grazes the boys shoulder.  Cutting through his thin shirt and leaving a cut.  The other knife gets lodge in the boy's back pack.  Glint reaches for another knife to end the boy, that's when he realizes he doesn't have any left.  The boy from 5 realizes this too.  He charges at Glint and slams his ax into Glint's chest.  Glint grits his teeth as the boy pushes the ax farther into his chest. 

Selena Garcia district 6, couldn't find her brother.  Her hope was that she could get safe and find him eventually. Selena pulls a large yellow bag over her shoulder and runs to an entrance to the maze.  As she runs she can see the girl from 4 fire an arrow at another tribute.  The arrow hits the tribute in the chest.  Selena's chest tightens as she runs by the body.  She lets out a sigh when she realizes that it's the girl from 10 and not her brother.

Renee Ferna district 7, picks up a very deadly weapon.  One side is hard like a hammer and the other has a long sharp spike.  Renee looks for a tribute to try it on.  The girl from 4 is very close to Renee and has her back to her.  Renee sprints at the girl from 4 and puts the spike end into the girls back.  The girl screams. Renee pulls the spike from the girls back.  Renee turns the weapon and slams the hammer part into the girls head.  Renee smiles as the girl crumbles to the ground.  Renee picks up a bag and runs for safety in the maze.  

Fyran Bulu district 7, is spending too much time looking for a weapon.  All the good weapons are in the horn but he doesn't want to go there.  A few battle are happening by the horn.  Fyran picks up a bag while watching one of them.  The boy from 2 is picking off tributes with his bow.  He fires an arrow into the girl from 12's neck.  Fyran runs away before he has to see more.  

Levi Stone district 2, just took out the girl from 12 and was looking for a new target.  He holds down a cough as he puts an arrow into his bow.  There are three other tributes in the cornucopia.  Ci, the boy from 6, and the girl from 5.  Ci and the boy from 6 were still fighting and the girl from 5 was trying to get a bag.  Levi fires the arrow at the girl from 5.  The arrow goes into the girls chest and she falls to the ground.  Levi would let Ci get the final bloodbath kill.  

Ci Phish district 4, yawned as he battled the boy from 6.  They both had swords but Ci had much more training.  The boy fought with all his might but Ci finishes it quickly with a swing of his sword.  The boy falls to the ground while his side bleeds profusely.  Ci and Levi look around and are shocked.  They are the only two careers left.  The other 4's bodies lie limp on the ground.    

Blink Lynch district 3, didn't go for a pack.  He went straight for the maze.  He ran as fast as he could.  Occasionally reaching a dead end and having to double back.  After a few minutes of running the cannons start.  Blink keeps moving as he counts.  11.  Blink sighs as he tries to think of his next move. 


-Aran Age district 10, strangled by Poppy 24th 

-Poppy Thorn district 2, stabbed by Cole 23rd 

-Rhonda Slicer district 1, killed by Tristan's ax 22nd 

-Freddie Loom district 11, killed by Glint's throwing knife 21st 

-Maylee Jackson district 8, killed by Glint's throwing knives 20th 

-Glint Rhodes district 1, killed by Breeze's ax 19th 

-Lauren Age district 10, killed by Anna's arrow 18th 

-Anna Marie De Caprio district 4, killed by Renee 17th 

-Olivia Calm district 12, killed by Levi's arrow 16th 

-Cassia Slyara district 5, killed by Levi's arrow 15th

-Enzo Garcia district 6, killed by Ci's sword  14th

Day 1

Cole Burns district 12, was scared.  He was terrified actuelly.  His bag banged against his back and even with his mask the stench was horrible.  The arena smelled like dead plants and mold.  Cole stops to check his bag.  Inside he found a medium sized water bottle, two MRE's and a sleeping bag.  Cole sighs and wishes for more food but a comfort item is still good.  He repacks and keeps moving through the maze.  

Tristan James district 8, has already gotten a kill in the arena.  He is still in shock over his actions.  He had never killed anything before and the more he thinks about it the more depressed he gets.  Tristan puts down his ax and checks his bag.  Inside his large bag he finds a water bottle, some string, some matches, a bundle of bananas, and some dried beef.  Tristan removes his mask and tries to eat some beef.  The stench over welms him and he starts to gag.  He repacks his stuff and keeps moving.  

Violette Meadows district 11, had a strategy.  She was only going to turn right.  It works pretty well for an hour but then she reaches a dead end.  She tries to make her way back but gets lost quickly.  Violette pulls some bread from her bag and eats it quickly.  That was the only way to eat in the arena.  The smell ruins the taste of the bread but she deals with it.  Inside her bag she had some bread, a packet of cheese, a metal water bottle, and a small spade. She didn't think it was the best pack ever but she was appriective for the supplies.  

Hannah Greenland district 3, has been walking through the arena trying to conserve energy.  Since the entire arena was a maze she wasn't afriad of someone sneaking up on her.  The odds of someone even finding her were miniscule.  Hannah stops to check her bag inside was a bowl, some macaroni, and a large water bottle.  She was dissaponited that her food source required water to eat.  Hannah figures water had to be somewhere considering the smell of the arena. 

Mark Wheatly district 9, ran with Emma throug the maze.  They had teamed up for the games.  He was 18 and she was 13.  They never really hung out in their district but at least it was someone from home.  They both had large bags and weapons.  The bags had a ton of food and comfort supplies.  Mark had a small sword and Emma had a sickle.  They were pretty well set. 

Breeze Moon district 5, wasn't really thinking, he was just going on instinct.  Taking random turns through the topiary maze he has yetr to hit a dead end so he figured he was doing well.  His bag had some salad, a water bottle, and a thermos of soup.  Breeze also has his ax covered in blood.  Not his own.  It was the boy from district 1's.  Breeze whistles at his supplies and keeps moving. 

Selena Garcia district 6, was in constant dread.  Was her brothers face going to appear in the sky?  Selena had checked her bag and seriously considered throwing it away.  It only had a large container of berries.  Selena was annoeyed.  The food would last but food wasn't everything.  Selena can barely eat anything she was too nervous. 

Renee Ferna district 7, brushed her hair back.  She was exmaining her bag.  Inside was a map, a compass, some dired fruit and a water bottle.  Renee was trying to figure out her location.  THe map showed that the arena was a perfect square with the cornucopia in the exact center.  The arena looked very small too.  Renee figured she would run into someone soon.  She takes out her weapon and prepares. 

Levi Stone district 2, sorted through the packs with Ci.  Levi had to stop periodcally to cough.  He was sick and needed medical attention.  He wanted to win the games so he could be cured.  Levi had a large bag filled with supplies and Ci had a similar bag.  THey were spending the night in the cornucopia and hunting tomorrow.  The anthem plays and they look to the sky.  First is both from 1, then the girl from 2, then the girl from 4, the girl from 5, the boy from 6, the girl from 8, then both from 10, the boy form 11, and the girl from 12.  Levi was apprehensive.  Levi and Ci looked weak.  6 of the careers are dead and now they are just a pair.

Day 2

Levi Stone district 2, took out his watch.  It said it was almost noon.  It has been almost 24 hours since someone had died in the arena.  Ci was close behind Levi.  They were the 'careers', if you could call them that.  All the other careers had died in the bloodbath and now they were stuck by themselves.  Ci was about to suggest they stop for lunch when they hear someone panting.  They pull out their weapons as the boy from 8 turns the corner.  The boy from 8 has a large ax and is sprinting full force at them.  Levi fires an arrow into the boy's chest.  A cannon fires as the boy falls to the ground.  Ci looks nervously in the direction they boy came from, "Levi, he was running from something.  Something dangerous."  

Blink Lynch district 3, was starving.  He didn't have water or food.  He didn't have a weapon either.  Blink didn't like he position in the games right now.  He knew most of the tributes had to be excited.  Only two careers left.  Non-career tributes had the best odds right now.  Only because they had numbers.  Blink tries to focus on numbers but his stomach sends a wave of pain through him and he has to lie down.  As he lies down he vaguely registers hearing a cannon fire.

Hannah Greenland district 3, hadn't found water yet.  She was very hopeful though. Hannah had a water bottle but it wouldn't last her long.  Hannah munched on some dry macorni as she walked.  It didn't really fill her stomach but it helped a little with hunger.  Hannah tried to think about who died this morning.  She hoped it was the boy from 2.  She had noticed in the training center that he was very sickly and didn't have much endurance.  Hannah hopes for career death as she walks through the maze.

Ci Phish district 4, tried to convince Levi to not go further into the maze.  "Ci, don't be a coward.  This is the hunger games!  We have to go and kill people!" Levi argues.  Ci narrows his' eyebrows, "Levi, something was chasing that guy!  Something big and deadly!"  Levi snorts and starts heading deeper into the maze.  Ci fallows begrudgingly.

Breeze Moon district 5, was very calm.  He wasn't paying attention to which way he was going, he was just walking.  Whenever he reaches a dead end he just turns around and goes a different way. After a few hours of only dead ends Breeze realizes he must be at the edge of the arena.  Breeze whistles and keeps moving.

Selena Garcia district 6, has been crying since midnight.  Her brother's face had appeared in the sky and Selena was overwhelmed.  She hasn't eaten or drank anything since yesterday but she didn't care.  Selena sobbing gets more intense and she doesn't care if anyone finds her.

Fyran Bulu district 7, was really disoriented.  He had no idea where he was or how to get back to the cornucopia.  Fyran was getting terrified.  He was feeling claustrophobic and started running through the maze screaming.  Even with all his screaming no one found him.

Mark Wheatly district 9, was the look out as Emma prepared some soup for dinner.  Mark had his sword ready and was prepared to kill.  Emma called him to dinner when he sees something moving.  Mark doesn't even think.  He sprints at the movement.  Emma screams after him but, Mark ignores her.  After a few seconds he realizes the movement was the boy from 12 trying to hide.  Mark tackles the boy to the ground.  The boy screams and stabs Mark in the chest.  Mark then puts his sword into the boys neck.  The boy's cannon fires quickly after and Mark goes back to Emma with a chest wound, "Emma, get the medic kit,"

Violette Meadows district 11, hears a cannon fire right before the anthem plays.  She looks up to see the fallen.  First is the boy from 8 then the boy from 12.  Violette doesn't care.  about either of them so she lies down and gets ready for a night of restless sleep.


-Tristain James district 8, shot by Levi 13th

-Cole Burns district 12, stabbed by Mark 12th

Day 3

Levi Stone district 2, coughed hard.  He was getting sicker everyday he was in the arena.  His condition was being exacerbated by the minute.  Ci knew this too, so Levi had to keep a strong front.  Ci and Levi were moving slowly through the arena.  There was no point in going fast.  The arena was extremely small and inter weaved.  They had actually heard other tributes through the topiary wall but it was impossible to get through the wall.  

Blink Lynch district 3, was almost at the breaking point.  He almost wanted to eat the purple leaves on the topiary walls.  Something about the smell made Blink think that it would kill him.  Blink couldn't find any food or water.  He needed it bad,  

Hannah Greenland district 3,  was annoyed that no one has sponcered her yet.  She was smart and pretty looking she should be drowning in sponcer gifts.  Hannah huffed as nothing fell out of the sky.  Hannah sulks through the maze and wishes that at least someone would send her a present.  

Ci Phish district 4, had been coxed into the maze by Levi.  They even heard tributes through the walls but it was impossible to cut through the bush.  Ci politely ignores Levi's coughing.  Levi will die from infection in a matter of days, maybe even hours if it got really bad.  Ci was already preparing his strategy as a solo tribute.  Ci and Levi search for hours without anything to show for it.  Ci gives up and starts heating up some soup as Levi scouts out the area.  

Breeze Moon district 5, can hear the careers through the maze walls.  One is cooking with some sort of heater the other is coughing.  Breeze goes through the maze in his head and see if there is any way to get to them and kill them quickly.  Breeze believes in his ability to take them out.  He starts heading in a direction he believes will lead him to the careers but it ends up leading him to a dead end.  Breeze whistles and looks for a new way. 

Mark Wheatly district 9, was in incredible pain.  Emma was at his side trying to help.  Mark had a cut on his chest and the damp arena was causing infection to run rampant.  Mark had actually coughed up blood.  Mark was starting to accept his end but Emma kept close and tried to will him to live.  Mark shakes her off, "Emma, you can do this.  Use this to your advantage."  Emma doesn't seem to understand but Mark starts to drift off and then doesn't wake up.  

Selena Garcia district 6, was still in shock and was shaken to her core.  Her brother was dead.  That was all she could think.  That Enzo wasn't going to come back.  The only way she would ever see him again would be if she won and went back to see his corpse.  Selena tries to grab onto that idea that it is a reason for her to win but the thought just put her deeper into an abyss of sadness. A cannon fire in the distance is barely noticeable in her sadness.   

Fyran Bulu district 7, throat was sore and he was starving.  He had gotten lost and now it was impossible to find his way back.  He was trying to get back to the cornucopia.  Fyran was trying to run the entire time too so he could get to the horn faster.  As Fyran ran he got careless and tried over a vine.  When he falls he scrapes both his knees through his pants.  Fyran can feel the moist earth go into his cuts and it stings a lot more than he knows it should.  

Emma Wilkerson district 9, was crying over Mark's body.  He had told her to use his death to her advantage.  Emma had no idea what that meant.  She tried to think in order to distract herself from Mark's death.  It takes her a moment before she gets it, "Infection."  The trainer in the capitol told them how dangerous it was and now Emma knew what she had to do.  If she wanted to win she had to hurt the others.  Not kill them, just give them a cut to get infected later.  Emma backs away from Mark's corpse so they can retrieve it and Emma plans her strategy in her head.  

Violette Meadows district 11, yawns and decides to try and find a good place to sleep.  A good spot would be a dark corner.  Violette takes a few random turns and finds herself in a sharp corner.  she snuggles into the pungent plant walls and waits for midnight. 

Renee Ferna district 7, was still working out her strategy.  Her original plan was to get high ground but there was no real high ground in the arena.  The topiary walls were impossible to climb and Renee didn't want to anyway.  It would be way too noticeable.  As the anthem plays Renee looks into the sky.  The boy from district 9 is in the sky and Renee goes through the rest of the tributes in her head. 


-Mark Wheatly district 9, killed by infection 11th

Day 4

Levi Stone district 2, is annoeyed at the lack of tribute interaction.  Levi wants to find some tributes to kill soon.  Levi Even toyed with the thought of kill Ci but with his illness he knew it wouldn't work out well.  Ci spun his sword in his hand.  He was also bored.  Levi wished to see a tribute every time they rounded a corner but it never came.    

Blink Lynch district 3, broke down.  He grabs handfuls of the purple leaves on the walls.  He eats them quickly and gags them down.  His body is rejecting it but Blink tries to keep it down for some minimal nutrition.  Blink was still dehydrated and the leaves were making him feel worse.  Blink felt miserable since he ate the elaves and soon he began to vomit.  After a stomach full of vile he started to vomit blood.  Blink tries to cry out but he is vomiting too strong.  He feels the posion burn his blood and he falls into his pile of blood.  

Hannah Greenland district 3, heard the cannon fire and was curious.  There was now 9 people in the arena.  Hannah was running low on food and soon she would run out of supplies but she remained hopeful for a sponcer.  Hannah drank the last of her water and felt horrible.  She was now out of water and it wasn't good.  

Ci Phish district 4, was pissed.  The cannon fire earilier was a kill for someone else and Ci didn't like that.  He wanted the careers to sweep these games.  He and Levi were doing horribly.  They walked in silence and didn't even talk over lunch. 

Breeze Moon district 5, whistles.  He had watched the boy from 3 die from the plant walls.  Breeze was about to kill him when the boy from 3 had began to throw up.  Breeze didn't care a lot.  He was just glad someone was dead it didn't matter if it was by his hands.  Breeze keeps whistling as he walks through the arena.   

Fyran Bulu district 7, was crying.  His knees were infected.  The infection had come on rapidly and with great strength.  Fyran's legs had started to swell and he couldn't stand.  He shifts as his blood feels hot.  Fyran knows this arena was causing his death and the scrapes on his knees had let the infection fester.  Fyran can feel the infection spread to his brain and he drifts off into nothingness.  

Selena Garcia district 6, was feeling sick.  She hadn't eaten in days.  She forces herself to swallow some food as a cannon fires.  The second one today.  Down to final 8.  Selena knows this is a good thing and her chances were getting better.  Selena eats a cracker and tries to think positivly.  It suiots her better. 

Renee Ferna district 7, was intrested in the cannon fire.  Two today and Renee wondered if there was one person killing or if it was a variety of people when she hears a voice from the sky. 

"Hello, tributes.  I would like to annonuce a feast!  Tomorrow morning.  In exactly 10 hours.  Don't worry you will be able to find your way there...."  

Renee is confused at first but gets prepared.  In ten hours she would be confronted with tributes adn she was excited for it.   

Emma Wilkerson district 9, felt nervous.  Something about the message amde Emma believe something deadly would force her to the feast.  Some sort of mutt or trap would make her go.  Emma holds her sickle close and knows it's her best shot at survival. 

Violette Meadows district 11, is scared for tomorrows feast.  She knows it should end up being a good thing.  Either it would kill her or get her closer to winning.  Violette was ready for that.  The anthem plays and she looks to the sky.  First is the boy from 3 then the boy from 7.  Violette doesn't care 


-Blink Lynch district 3, posioned by plants 10th 

-Fyran Bulu district 7, died from infection  9th

Day 5

Levi Stone district 2, is woken by the sound of a snarl.  He jumps out of his sleeping bag and sees a pack of wolves standing behind him.  Ci is also alert and ready to go.  Ci picks up his sword and Levi pulls back an arrow.  "Levi, Don't fire!" Ci tells him.  Levi doesn't listen and fires at one of the wolves.  It whimpers and falls and the other wolves pounce.  Levi turns and sprints away.  Ci quickly behind.  As Levi is sprinting he can feel a coughing fit coming up.  If he stops to cough the wolves will get him.  Levi keeps running.  Blood trickles from his mouth.  He coughs it up and Ci rushes past him.  Levi's blood gets caught in his mask and the wolves close in.  Ci can hear Levi's screams as the wolves kill him.

Breeze Moon district 5, watches as a pleasant trail of lights flickers on.  In the walls of the topiary maze are little lights that have turned on.  Breeze knows they lead to the feast.  He whistles and considers the option.  Then he shrugs.  A feast could only help him.  He starts to follow the trail of lights. 

Hannah Greenland district 3, watches the vines in the wall move.  Some snap out at her.  One hits her in the neck and she starts to bleed.  Hannah knows this vines would force her to the feast.  Hannah runs the directiont he vine force her.  Everytime she tried to turn the wrong way the vines would snap at her.  Hannah knew her battle was close  

Selena Garcia district 6, can here a slamming sound behind her.  She turns to watch the maze walls slam into each other.  The walls are literally closing in on her.  Selena is shocked.  She turns to run from the walls but she trips.  The walls slam into Selena's sides and Selena can feel her ribs snap.     Emma Wilkerson district 9, is already out of breath.  A giant dust cloud was chasing her.   Emma wasn't a runner but she could go for a while.  After a few seconds.  Emma comes into the clearing.  She can see all the other tributes get into the cornucopia.  Emma holds her sickle in front of her and gets prepared.  

In the cornucopia a silver table rises.  On the table is a variety of meats, cheeses, vegatables, and fruits.  Large water jugs are also on the table.  The tributes all get ready and wait for the first move.    Violette Meadows sprints in first.  She grabs a jug of water and some fruit and tries to escape the cornucopia.  She is then confronted by Renee Ferna.  Renee swings her hammer at Violette.  The hammer hits Violette in the arm causing her to drop her jug.  Renee spins the hammer in her hand so the pointed end is out.  Renee slams the point into the girls neck and picks up the girls food.  Hannah Greenland was trying to sneak to the table of food.  She got quickly by Ci.  Ci sprints at her sword in hand.  Ci is able to kill her quickly with his sword.    Breeze Moon approaches Ci from behind and slams his ax into Ci's back.  Breeze repeats the act of stabbing Ci in till Ci falls to the ground.  Breeze runs to the table and grabs some food.  Then he and Renee confront each other.   

Renee Ferna district 7, watches the boy with Orange hop from foot to foot.  Three dead bodies are around them.  Renee swings her hammer and grazes the boys stomach.  The boy swings his ax and the blade cuts Renee's arm.  Renee doesn't care she has some serious blood lust.  Renee Hits the boy with the hammer.  The boy falls to his knees and Renee slams the hammer into the back of his head.  Renee knows the boy is a goner and sprints for the food at the table.  She grabs as much as possible and runs off into the arena. 

Emma Wilkerson district 9, had just watched four people die and no one had noticed her.  Emma ran to the table that was left unguarded.  She grabs some food and runs into the maze.  After a few minutes Emma hears the cannon fires.  6 in total.  Emma is in shock. Since she is in the final 2.  Emma feels extreme terror in her stomach.  That night after the anthem Emma sees all the faces in the sky, the boy from 2, the girl from 3, the boy from 4, the boy from 5, the girl from 6 and fianly the girl from 11.   


-Levi Stone district 2, killed by wolves 8th 

-Selena Garcia district 6, crushed by plants 7th 

-Violette Meadows district 11, stabbed by Renee 6th   

-Hannah Greenfield district 3, stabbed by ci 5th 

-Ci Phish district 4, stabbed by Breeze 4th

-Breeze Moon district 5, killed by Renee's hammer 3rd

Day 6

Renee Ferna district 7, woke up feeling ill.  she was in the final 2 and should be excited.  Her arm hurt.  She looks at her arm and gasps.  The cut was extremly infected already and was a sickly black color.  Renee knows she has to find the other girl in the arena.

Emma wilkerson district 9, knew that the other girl was injured and it was a matter of time before she died of infection.  Emma just had to stay alive.

Renee Ferna district 7, was moving okay for now.  The infection wasn't spreading yet.  The girl had to be close and Renee knew if she could just find her.

Emma Wilkerson district 9, was in a blind panic.  All she ahd to do was out live one other person with a deadly infection.  Emma was constantly scared of a gamemaker trap forcing her to die or confront the other girl.

Renee Ferna district 7, has been looking for hours and was getting desperate.  The infection was spreading and Renee was feeling sick.  She had tried to eat some food she got yesterday but it wasn't sticking.  The infection was making it difficult to eat.

Emma wilkerson district 9, was too nervous to eat her food.  She forced down some cheese and watched vigantly for some arena traps.  

Renee Ferna district 7, was crying hard.  She was in extreme pain and the other girl was no where in sight.  Renee was going to die soon adn she knew it.  Renee cries and cries as the infection spreads.

A few hours later the trumpets play

"Ladies and Gentleman, may I present the winner of the 57th annul Hunger Games!  Emma Wilkerson!"

Emma can't believe it when a ladder falls from the sky infront of her.  She prays it's not a dream as she grabs onto the ladder and is whisked away,

May the odds be ever in your favor

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