Hey, so im bored and want to do a hunger games.  I have another hunger games going on but i still need tributes for it.  So if you clicked on this to submit just go to my 57th games and submti your tributes there, please and thank you!  The tributes in these games are based of of ccontestants from my favorite reality/game show if anyone knows what show they will be my new Hunger Games BFF.

Eddy McGrub Jamie Corn
Will Korby Nicole Nelson
Jason Goy Danielle Ranyes
Nathon Marlon Jun Wong
Will Wilk Natalie Olsen
Howie Gordon Janelle Pizzaron
Kaysar Abara Erkia Landers
Dick Donettlo Daniele Donettlo
James Zinkin Chelsia Mart
Dan Gessling Keesha Smite
Ronnie Talon Jordan Lolyd
Lane Eden Britney Hienes

Arena: A very rocky mountain range.  With large stone formations everywhere.  Ridges and crevices are abundunt and between mountains are old bridges.  Food is scarce and small watering holes are placed around the arena.  Not enough to have a tribute live off of though

You can sponcer tributes if you want I'll even throw in a free offer,  You can send anything you want to any tributes.  So if you want to send your favorite tribute some food or a weapon just say so in the comments.



Sunny Nealson straightens her wig and gets ready for the reapings.  Cariettum Downstreet has been losing popularity in the capitol.  She held their attention for a long time because of how young she was when she won.  Cariettum had even undergone plastic surgery to try and appeal to them, no real luck.  Sunny talks about the dark days and starts the reaping off.  "Gentlemen first!" She says as she walks over to the bowl of boys names.  She grabs the first name she touches and reads out the name, "Eddy McGrub!"  A tall handsome boy with a limp goes to the stage.  Sunny is surprised no one takes his place.  She grabs a girl's name from the bottom of the bowl, "Jamie Corn!" A pretty girl takes the stage and Sunny asks for volunteers.  Again no one takes the spot.  


Natia Crews was getting tired of Jove Anderson.  She rolls her eyes as he blubbers on about his dead daughter.  Natia tries to move through the reaping quickly.  She pulls the names off two 15 year olds who look incredibly sickly.  "Any volunteers?" She asks hopefully.  She really wanted a winner this year.  An 18-year-old boy steps into the aisle, "I volunteer!"  He has defined features and thick black hair.  A very muscular girl steps out next to him "Wilma isn't going to have all the fun," The girls says shoving the boy as she walks past him, "I volunteer!"  Natia replaces the two sickly 15-year-olds with Will Korby and Nicole Nelson. 


Zap Troll has stopped his anti-anxiety pills.  His last tribute did really well and now he felt confident in district 3's ability at winning the games.  He shows the people of district 3 the film about the dark days and walks over to the girls bowl, "Danielle Ranyes!"  A pretty dark skinned girl takes careful steps to the stage.  Her young baby cries out for her but Danielle keeps strong.  Zap nods at her, "Now for the boys!"  He reaches into the bowl of boys names.  "Jason Goy!"  A tall handsome boy takes stage next to his friend Danielle.  Danielle keeps a stern face and tries to not show emotion. 


Clarson Clickerman was nervous.  District 4 tributes were sorta hit and miss.  Some were amazing killers and others died quickly.  Christa Storm sits behind him her hair as bushy as ever.  She taps her foot impatiently she wants to get going.  Clarson knows not to upset her.  She is popular in the capitol.   She won a her games by surviving a Career Battle-Royal.  Clarson pulls a name from the boys bowl, "Nathan Marlon!"  A dumb looking blond boy makes his way to the stage.  Clarson is iffy on him and asks for volunteers  No one takes the spot.  "For the girls," He says grabbing a name from the girls bowl, "Jun Wong!"  A pretty asian girl gets up and scowls at the crowd.   


Vivi Bibi tries to make small talk with Hara Monara but gets very little conversation.  Hara examines her nails as Vivi tries to talk about latest fashion trends.  Hara doesn't care and will never have a conversation with Vivi no matter how much she tries.  Vivi decides it's a lost cause.  "Let's start this reaping!"  After a few minutes of dark days nonsense Vivi takes a name form the boy's bowl.  "Will Wilk!"  A skinny blond boy comes to the stage.  Eyes fresh with tears.  Vivi pulls the girls name, "Natalie Olsen!"  A red headed girl gasps.  She is standing next to a girl who looks exactly like her.  The two girls hug and start to cry.  A peacekeeper pulls them apart and brings the girl to the stage. 


A very buff boy with spiky brown hair stands to a tall blond girl with a chiseled nose.  The boy is incredibly strong and the girl is incredibly beautiful.  "Let em introduce this years district 6 tributes, Howie Gordon and Janelle Pizzaron!"  A few people in the crowd cheer because they placed bets on those two being reaped.


Plank Oak wants the games to start soon.  He gave up helping his tributes a long time ago now he only goes for the delicious food.  He can already image the turkey and wine on the train.  Red Wormwood wants to get on the train too.  The sooner the reaping is over the sooner he gets to eat.  District 7 hasn't been doing too awesome since Plank won and both come just for the food.  Red takes the first names he touches in both reaping bowls.  He calls the names Kaysar Abara and Erika Landers.  Kaysar dark skinned with bushy eyebrows and Erkia is a pretty brown haired girl who is incredibly skinny. 


Fabby Croon grumbles about all the concrete.  District 8 is practically all grey and depressing.  The kids look hungry and the parents look terrified.  Fabby clears her throat and goes on about the dark days and shows them all a film about the Hunger Games.  It almost portrays the games as a fun sporting event or great honor.  Fabby reaches into the boys bowl, "Dick Donettlo!"  An 18 year old boy with jet black hair with purple highlights gets on stage.  Fabby nods at him and gets a girls name, "Daniele Donettlo!"  Dick bites his lip as his little sister takes the stage next to him.  Her thin face framed with almost white hair.  Fabby gets excited for her brother sister pair. 


Osement Pace is holding back the urge to scream.  James Zinkin and Chelcia Mart were just reaped.  How many years of mentoring before all of his friends are safe?  James' pink Mohawk will draw him a lot of attention from the capitol but Chelcia was very crafty and wasn't going down without a fight.  Osement could already feel his breakfast coming up. 


The district escort calls Keesha Smite to the stage.  Her huge blond hair quivers as she holds back tears.  No one volunteers for her.  The escort didn't expect there to be a volunteer.  She pulls the boys name, "Steven Dangle!"  She says.  A small boy comes to the stage a skinny pale boy steps forward, "I voulenteer as tribute!"  The escort is suprised the boy takes the stage.  The escort asks his name and he replies with a smile, "Dan Gessling" 


Berke Deflint believes the reapings are a waste of his time.  He was a victor, a very popular victor, and now he had to waste time mentoring.  Seeder was still a mentor and Berke felt like she could do it without him.  He was famous he didn't have to work, but he decides to look at it like a new challenge.  Trying to help one of these worthless tributes win the games!  Tributes in question Ronnie Talon fair-skinned, chubby, glasses, and a complete dweeb.  Jordan Lolyd a very pretty, very dumb blonde girl.  Berke didn't really believe her valley girl act and believed her to be very smart.  He was ready for this task. 


Effie Trinket avoids an awkward hug from a young Haymitch who has already finished a bottle of liquor.  Effie tries to ignore his lack of manners and gets the reapings going.  "Ladies first!" She says in her stupid accent.  She reaches into the girl's bowl and pulls out a name, "Britney Haines!"  A little girl from the merchant part of the district takes the stage.  Effie nods and gets a name from the boy's bowl, "Lane Eden!"  A very muscular boy from the seam takes the stage.  Britney grimaces.  She and Lane were actually pretty good friends.  

Hope you enjoy!


The 24 tributes rise into the arena.  They all notice the dramatic rock formations.  Random rock formations between them range from small boulders to thing towers.  All 24 of them are wearing the same thing.  A thick black vest, comfortable running pants, and sturdy blue shoes.  They all position themselves for the fight of their lives.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let the 58th annul Hunger Games begin!" Claudis Templesmith voice booms from the sky.    

Dick Donettlo district 8, looks around for Daniele.  He can't see her.  to his left is a boy with a pink Mohawk, and to his right is a boy with fluffy blond hair.  Dick watches the counter get down to 10.  Dick notices all the supplies is inside the actual cornucopia horn.  The only way to get supplies is to get into the very thicket of fighting.  Just his style.  3......2.......1!  Dick jumps in between 2 and 1.  It was risky but it paid off he is able to sprint to the supplies.  It takes him 20 seconds to get to the pile of goodies.  He notices that everyone is running to the loot.  Dick grabs the first weapon he sees a large ax.  He grabs it and turns around.  The closest tribute is the boy with the pink Mohawk.  Dick puts his ax into the boys chest.  

Jamie Corn district 1, watched the boy from 8 run off with an ax and a pack.  Jamie wasn't letting him have all the fun.  Jamie grabs an arrow out of a quiver on the edge of the pile.  She turns and looks for a target.  The boy from 5 is the closest.  Jamie tackles him to the ground and plunges the arrow into his neck. Jamie smiles at her kill.  

Danielle Ranyes district 3, has just watched two tributes die quickly and she didn't plan on being the third.   Danielle grabs a large black pack and turns to run.  She practically runs into Jason.  Jason smiles at her and quickly grabs his own mesh bag.  "Let's go!" They run off together away from the bloody battle.  

Ronnie Talon district 11, rolls his eyes as the tributes die around him, idiots.  All around Ronnie tributes are battling and as he grabs a pack he can see the girl from 7 get chocked out by the girl from 2.  Ronnie is transfixed by her and watches her squeeze the life out of the girl from 7.   Ronnie's eyes tear up.  Through his tears he sees the girl turn and pick up a large knife.  Through his tears he sees the girl approach him.  He screams as the girl puts her knife into his chest.  

Daniele Donettlo district 8, fought with the boy from 2.  The boy from 2 has a much large sword and much more training.  Daniele is surprised that she has fought him off this long.  The clanging of the metal scares Daniele.  Over the boy from 2's shoulder she sees the girl from 5 get taken down by the girl from 6.  This distraction is Daniele's down fall.  The boy from 2 slashes Daniele's chest open and she falls to the ground. 

Janelle Pizzaron district 6, has already gotten a kill.  She had killed the girl from 5.  Janelle has a spiked club and a large hiking bag.  Janelle grabs another bag for Howie.  He is still on his pedestal.  He was smarter than Janelle gave him credit for.  He was staying far away from the fights.  Janelle throws the bag at him and they run off into the arena. 

Nathan Marlon district 4, watches with an open mouth as the boy from 12 takes out two tributes with a club.  At his feet are Eddy and Jun.  Nathan's allies.  The boy from 12 grabs two large hiking bags and run off.  Nathan recomposes himself and picks up a spear.  He throws it at the girl from 10.  It goes into her chest.  Nathan knows he has to get his head in the game.  He can't worry about dead allies.  

Kaysar Abara district 7, was one of the last to the pile of goods.  Dead bodies littered the ground but plenty of living people were still posing threats.  Kaysar grabs a blue bag and a long curved knife.  The girl from 9 is trying to pull a stubborn bag from the bottom of the pile.  Kaysar doesn't want to but he knows he has to.  Kaysar slashes the girls throat open with his knife.  He pulls the bag the girl wanted from the pile and runs off with the bags at his sides. 

Lane Eden district 12, wipes the blood off his hands.  He is waiting on the edge for Britney.  she ran to the pile and he was watching.  She runs to Lane with her own knife and bag.  Britney pats his chest, "Lane, let's head out!"  Lane nods and as they run he glances over his shoulder.  He watches the girl from 2 get taken out by the scrawny boy from 10.  Lane is surprised but he keeps moving.  

Jordan Lloyd district 11, was much smarter than people gave her credit for.  She was lying among the dead bodies.  It was really gross but Jordan grimaces through it.  From this position she watches the boy from 10 plead for his life.  The careers laugh at him and approach him.  He tries to talk them out of killing him but they don't listen.  She quickly grabs a knife and a small pack and sprints away from the cornucopia.  The careers kill the boy from 10 and she can hear his screams as she spritns away.

Britney Hienes district 12,  runs with Lane behind her.  They have three packs and weapons.  They are doing very well.  Britney and Lane were both pretty fit and kept running through the cannon fires.  As they ran she counted 12 shots.  Not unheard of but still a lot.  Something that upsets Britney is as they run all that surrounds them is dull, dusty rock.  It's not very aesthetically pleasing. 


-James Zinkin district 9, killed by Dick's ax 24th 

-Will Wilk district 5, stabbed with an arrow by James 23rd

-Erika Landers district 7, choked by Nicole 21st 

-Ronnie Talon district 11, stabbed by Nicole 20th 

-Natalie Olsen district 5, clubbed by Janelle 19th 

-Daniele Donettlo district 8, slashed by Will 18th 

-Eddy McGrub district 1, clubbed by Lane 17th 

-Jun Wong district 4, clubbed by Lane 16th

-Keesha Smite district 10, speared by Nathan 15th

-Chelsia Mart district 9, knifed by Kaysar 14th 

-Nicole Nelson district 2, killed by Dan 13th 

-Dan Gessling district 10, throat slashed by Jamie 12th

Day 1

Dick Donettlo district 8, was running with all his might.  It was already f in the afternoon and the faces would appear in a few hours.  Dick has a large ax and a small black bag.  It had a decent sized water bottle, some crackers, and a some rope.  Dick would have licked more food but Crackers were still good.  Dick had sprinted from the cornucopia before he could find Daniele.  Daniele wasn't talking to him anyways so why would he care what happened to her?  

Jamie Corn district 1, was fuming.  Half of the careers were dead already.  Nathan and Will were still alive though.  So three career tributes was still a decent amount.  Jamie did a quick count of the bodies while trying to place the 12 remaining people.  Her only concern was the boys from 6 and 12.  They were gigantic and Jamie didn't want to fight them.  "Guys, let's go over there so they can collect bodies. We can sort later."  Jamie tells Will and Nathan.  They were trying to grab supplies out of the pile.  

Danielle Ranyes district 3, ran as hard as she could.  Jason was far ahead of her but she was trying to keep up.  He was bigger than she was and a lot stronger.  They had traded bags because Danielle couldn't even hold hers up.  Jason stops and Danielle catches up.  Jason puts down the large bag.  "Danielle, let's check the bags."  Danielle tries to agree but she is out of breath, so she just nods.  Inside the two bags are climbing gloves, two water bottles, a packet of dried fruit, beef jerky, two daggers, a net, and  a bag of oranges.  Jason nods approvingly at the haul.  Danielle takes a drink of water and nods again.  

Will Korby district 2, sits back while Jamie and Nathan sort.  Nathan glares at him, "Will, why aren't you helping?" Will shrugs his shoulders.  "You guys are doing such a good job," Will starts to explain, "I wouldn't want to get in the way."  He sneers at Nathan.  Nathan rolls his eyes and gets back to sorting.  

Janelle Pizzaron district 6, watches Howie scale the rock formation first.  It was payback for making Janelle run and get the supplies.  It wasn't incredibly dangerous but Janelle wanted Howie to do it anyway.  Howie was going to be testing everything before Janelle would try it.  The bags Janelle had grabbed were full of food and some comfort supplies sleeping bags, blankets, and a small pillow.  They had also found  a very small knife in one of the bag.  That was Howie's weapon.  He was strong enough to win hand to hand combat but something sharp never hurt.  Howie waves Janelle up to tell her it's safe.  

Nathan Marlon district 4, throws a sword at Will.  It lands at his feet.  "Take this," Nathan says, "We're going tribute hunting!"    Will shakes his head.  "Nathan, it's getting late.  We should go early tomorrow."  Jamie appears behind Nathan, "Will, we are going now!  Over the night the tributes will get too far away!  We have to leave now!"  Will waves her off and starts to stand, "As long as you stop shouting." 

Kaysar Araba district 7, keeps running.  His pack didn't have a water bottle in it.  It did have some meat, a package of protein bars, and a medic kit.  Kaysar keeps moving in till he sees a small stone structure.  Kaysar approaches it carefully and soon realizes it's a stone well.  Kaysar drops his supplies and knife and drinks from the well.  It's not very deep and Kaysar can't really tell how long the water supplies will last.  He sighs and takes another drink.  

Lane Eden district 12, had gone up a large rock side.  He and Britney were standing on the edge of a stone hill.  200 feet away there was another stone hill connected by a rope bridge.  Lane was a little nervous about ti holding his weight but Britney starts crossing it.  Lane approaches slowly and Britney calls over her shoulder, "Lane, hurry up!  Before I have to leave you!"  Lane chuckles and crosses the bridge.  Inside the large packs Lane had obtained they found apple juice, a loaf of bread, a package of chicken, a small hammer, a tent, and a gallon jug of water.  Lane crosses slowly as Britney moves easily across the bridge. 

Jordan Lloyd district 11, was still grossed out by all the dead bodies she had laded by. she had pretended to be dead in order to get a nice pack and a knife.  The pack had a water skin, some wire, and a large quantity of dried food.  The anthem plays and Jordan looks up.  First is boy from 1, then the girl from 2, then the girl from 4, both from 5, the girl from 7, the girl from 8, then both from 9, both from 10, and then boy from 11.  Jordan sighs.  She never liked Ronnie but it was still sad that he died.  Jordan was still prepared.  Half the tributes still remained.

Day 2

Dick Donatello district 8, was still accepting his sister's death.  Last night his sister's face had appeared in the sky.  Dick's sister had cut ties with him years ago and she ignored him in the capitol too.  Dick tries not to think about it as he turns around.  He has decided to go back to the cornucopia because the farther Dick got the more drastic the arena got.  Dick didn't want to over exert himself so a pleasant walk to the cornucopia seemed like a good idea.  

Jamie Corn district 1, was tired.  She has only gotten 3 hours of sleep.  Nathan also looks tired.  will looks nice and refreshed.  Jamie knew Will had skipped out on his watch shift.  A career pack of three required constant watch.  When they slept someone needed to stay vigilant and when it was Will's turn he just went back to bed and Jamie had to take another shift.  the careers were trying to climb some rocky surfaces and Jamie had to force herself awake.  She closes her eyes for a moment and that's when she feels her hand slip.  She screams as she slides down the rock surface.  Will and Nathan turn and watch her fall down the hill.  Her head slams into the rock and they know she's a goner.  

Danielle Raynes district 3, had a very uncomfortable night.  She and Jason didn't have a sleeping bag or blanket.  they had decided to not have someone on watch so they'd both be well rested.  A risk they won't take often.  Jason tries to keep the mood light, "WAKA WAKA WHO WANTS TO HEAR A FUNNY ASS JOKE!" Danielle laughs put stiffens it because they can't draw attention to themselves.  Danielle smiles and nods.   

Janelle Pizzaron district 6, wished she had a mirror.  She isn't vain, she just wants to make sure her hair looks nice.  She asked Howie and he said it looked fine.  Janelle didn't believe him since he didn't even look at her hair, he just looked at her boobs.  Janelle and Howie didn't really have a plan.  Just to walk around and kill anyone they ran into.  That worked for Janelle so it worked for Howie. 

Will Korby district 2, makes his way to Jamie.  He hadn't heard her cannon yet but there was a huge pool of blood.  Nathan was kneeling by her trying to comfort her.  Will thought it was a waste of time but he let Nathan try.  Jamie was crying and her body was covered in scratches.  After a few more minutes her eyes roll back and a cannon fires.  "Call dibs on her stuff!" Will yells and grabs her bag.  

Kaysar Abara district 7, he had slept by the well he found yesterday.  It was noon now and Kaysar took more water from the well.  Kaysar also kept his knife in hand at the ready.  No one had walked-by but Kaysar wasn't taking any chances.  He ate a protein bar and scouted out the area for other tributes. 

Lane Eden district 12, was following Britney's lead.  She seemed to be leading them in circles but Lane liked other people making decisions.  They are walking across rickety bridge when they hear the cannon fire.  Lane jumps and causes the entire bridge to shake.  Britney glares at him and he shrugs his shoulders as apology. 

Jordan Lloyd district 11, drank her entire waterskin.  She then refills it.  She found a well in the arena.  She had acutely found two so, she believed they were scattered all over the arena.  she refills it and eats some dried beef.  She was nervous about someone sneaking up on her but she had her knife for protection.  She chomped on some food and thought about her home. 

Jason Goy district 3, was trying to keep the mood light but danielle was being quiet.  Jason tried to steer the conversation towards the games.  "So who do you think died?"  Danielle shrugs and considers the question, "Well, my guess would be someone from the outlier districts 11 or 12," Danielle then adds as an after thought, "Things that make you go hhhmmmmm" Jason chuckles.

Britney Heines district 12, had Lane carry her.  She was getting tired and told Lane to give her a piggyback.  Lane was big enough hat she didn't bother him.  He could still move at a decent speed.  Lane wasn't very talkitve but Britney kept the conversation constant.  Lane didn't mind 

Howie Gordon district 6, was a little tired of Janelle telling him what to do but, she was the reason they had all the choice supplies.  How opened up some food and offered a piece to Janelle.  she shook her head and Howie devoured it.  He knew how to eat. 

Nathan Marlon district 4, was disgusted with Will.  It was down to the two of them for a career pack and Will didn't care.  He even went through Jamie's stuff and took the best stuff for himself.  Nathan was a little pissed but a horrible ally was better than no ally.  The anthem plays and Nathan looks up just to see Jamie one last time. 


-Jamie Corn district 1, bled out, 11th

Day 3

Dick Donatello district 8, was running low on food.  He had some crackers but they weren't going to last him much longer.  Dick hadn't seen any food source in the arena and it was making him nervous.  Dick kept moving and found a small well filled with water.  Dick refilled his water bottle and took a tentative sip.  It tasted fine so he chugged the rest of it.  A constant water source was a nice improvement.  

Danielle Raynes district 3, was moving with Jason when they saw someone approaching.  The person looked over 8 feet tall and was wide and strong.  Jason pulls out his knife.  Danielle gets her's ready too.  As the person approaches it becomes obvious that ti's actually the tributes from district 12.  The girl is riding on the boy's back.  The pair notice them and know there is no escape.  There are large rock formations on both sides and running will only get them caught.  It's time to fight.  The girl from 12 get's of the boys back and the boy sprints at Jason and Danielle.  This catches Danielle off guard and the boy from 12 is able to smash his weapon, a hammer, into the side of her head.  

Jason Goy district 3, watches Danielle crumple tot he ground and the boy from 12 turns to fight him.  Jason screams and slashes at the boy.  The knife cuts the boys face the boy tries to hit Jason with his hammer but Jason dodges.  Jason then stabs the boy in the arm.  The boy cries out and tries to hit Jason again.  Jason is able to dodge again and he pulls his knife from the boys arm.  Jason stabs the boy in the chest and he falls to the ground.  Jason knows that the boy from 12 is a goner so he turns his attention to the girl.  She screams but Jason doesn't care.  He sprints after her and catches up quickly.  He plunges his knife into her neck and her body falls limp as two cannon fire.  Then a third one shortly after.  Jason picks up the pair from 12's supplies and his own.  Then he walks away from the bodies.  

Janelle Pizzaron district 6, was scared by the three cannon fires right in a row.  It was hard to guess who had died but Janelle would find out soon.  Howie was sitting next to her without a care in the world.  He wasn't worried about the cannon fire he just looked at it as an opportunity to get farther.  Janelle liked the optimistic attitude but she wished her ally was a little more realistic. 

Will Korby district 2, examined his nails as Nathon freaked out about the cannons.  Three cannon fires was impressive but Will didn't care.  The only cannon fire that mattered was his own.  Will didn't care how amn tributes were left or if he was in the best position, Will knew he could win.  Nathon fumed and whined but Will wasn't having it, "How about you make some food, rather than bitch?"  Nathon glares at Will as he makes some soup 

Kaysar Abara district 7, was tired and was starving.  He had no food and the well he found on the first day was getting smaller.  He was running out of water too.  Kaysar was getting extremely nervous about the rest of hit time in the arena. 

Jordan Lloyd district 11, was actually excited by the cannon fires.  Three less people would have to suffer through the arena, and it was three less people that could kill Jordan.  Jordan had her food and she had a lot of water so her only problem would be if someone snuck up on her.  She had a knife but it would do little to protect against someone with, well, any other weapon.   Jordan tried not to think about it as she refilled her water skin. 

Nathan Marlon district 4, was on edge.  It was almost midnight and the faces would appear in the sky soon.  Will was already asleep but Nathan needed to know.  The anthem plays and he checks the sky.  First is the girl from 3 then both from 12.  Nathan let's out a sigh.  None of them were big threats and were probably really easy to kill.  Nathan had no worries. 


-Danielle Raynes district 3, killed by Lane's hammer 10th 

-Lane Edenberg district 12, stabbed by Jason 9th

-Britney Heines district 12, stabbed by Jason 8th

Day 4

Jason goy district 3, was walking and not thinking.  He didn't want to think too much about the three dead bodies he elft yesterday.  The pair from 12's and Danielle's.  Jason now had more supplies than he thought he needed but he still wasn't comfortable.  He wished Danielle was walking alongside him.

Will Korby district 2, smiled everytime Nathan wasn't looking at him.  Each cannon fire unhinged Nathan more and more.  Will would use this to his advantage.  If Nathan wasn't focused he'd be easier to kill.  Nathan looks at Will and starts to talk slowly, "Will, we need to do this.  You and I.  We need to be a team.  We have to take out these other 6 people and we have to do it right."  Will nods and Nathan turns and leads them up a rocky path.  Will plans where to put his knife in Nathan's neck.

Janelle Pizzaron district 6, was trying to be quiet.  She and Howie were walking along when they noticed someone at a well.  Janelle was pretty sure it was the boy from 7.  Howie was sneaking up on him right now.  Janelle didn't want the kill and Howie was willing.  Howie snuck up behind him with a knife.  Howie isn't a very quiet fellow so district 7 noticed quickly.  The boy screams and Howie has to chase him down.  Howie tackels him to the ground and plungse his knife into the boys back.  The boy countinues to scream in till a cannon fires.  Howie comes back to Janelle with blood on his chest, "Janie, can we have dinner now?"

Dick Donatello district 8, was almost out of food.  The cannon fire wasn't important to him.  He needed supplies not tributes.  The less tributes the better.  Dick eats the last of his food and tries to find a good place to camp out.

Jordan Lloyd district 11, was still hungry.  She water but not food.  Jordan didn't mind lack of food but still she prefered food.  Jordan was nervous about the cannon fire too.  Every shot meant she was closer to being killed.  Jordan prefered to think positivly.  She prefered to think of it as getting closer to home.

Nathon Marlon district 4, was with Will and they were searching for other tributes.  They spent hours looking and finally found someone.  A tall boy with dark hair was walking around.  He didn't seem to be heading any where just sorta walking around.  Will picks up his spear, "Nathan, let me get this."  Before Nathan can respond Will sprints at the boy screaming.  The boy seems shocked.  Will gets 50 feet away and chucks the spear.  The spear pireces the boys body and he falls.  A cannon fires and Will smirks to himself.

That night two faces appear in the sky.  The boy from 3 and the boy 7


-Kaysar Abara district 7, stabbed by Jason 7th

-Jason Goy district 3, speared by Howie 6th 

Day 5

Will Korby district 2, smirked, "Nathan, I'l take watch."  Nathan lets out a sigh and says, "Thanks, Will.  I need some sleep."  Nathan turns to grab his sleeping bag and Will gets ready.  Will grabs his spear and stabs it into Nathan's side.  Nathan screams and Will pushes the spear in farther.  "Nathan," Will laughs, "you should have known something was up!  Why would I offer to do gaurd duty?"  Will starts laughing and Nathan screams and tries to fight back but Will holds him down in till he bleeds out.  The cannon fire gives Will an intense euphoria and Will climbs into his sleeping bag.  

Jordan Lloyd district 11, was woken up by the cannon fire.  It was still very early and the sun was barely visible over the rocky mountaains.  Jordan sighs.  They were down to the final 5.  Jordan had no idea who had died but she had a feeling it was a good thing.  Like, the fact that the person was dead meant Jordan would get farther.  Jordan decides she should get up anyway and she starts to pack her stuff.  

Dick Dontatello district 8, tried to block out his pain.  He was starving and parched.  He felt weak and useless.  Dick knew there was a well nearby.  All he had to do was find it.  Dick stumbles a little as he walks.  His head is spinning and he can't stand it.  He likes feeling in control.  Dick trips and hits the ground hard.  It wasn't very pleasent.  Dick decides this is a good place to take a nap.    

Janelle Pizzaron district 6, was getting tired of walking with Howie.  She ahd been considering doing this for a while.  Janelle pulls out her knife and gets close behind Howie.  "Sorry, Howie."  Janelle slits his throat.  Howie's limp body falls to the ground and a pool of blood is formed quickly.  The cannon fire makes Janelle a little sad.  He was a good friend but Janelle needed him gone.  Serious betting was starting right now.  Sponcers in the cpaitol were buzzing and Janelle needed to prove she was ruthless.  Now they were down to the final 4.  Janelle would figure out who the other three were in a few hours. At midnight two faces appear in the sky.  The boy from 4 and the boy from 6.


-Nathan Marlon district 4, speared by Will 6th

-Howie Gordon district 6, throat slit by Janelle 5th

Day 6

Will Korby district 2, was fine with the final 4.  IT was him, the girl fro 6, the boy form 8 and the girl from 11.  The girl from 6 was tough but was probably stupid.  The boy from 8 could be a challenge but Will thought he could take him.  The girl from 11 was almost a joke.  Will picks up his spear and packs.  

Janelle Pizzaron district 6, whistled to herself as she walked around the arena.  She almsot started skipping.  She was totally ready to take out the others.  Janelle wanted to take someone out and then go on to the final 3.  Janelle was going to take this place by place.  Janelle ate some crackers and looked for tributes.  

Dick Donatello district 8, squealled with joy when he saw the water well.  Dick sticks his head in the well and swallows a mouthful of water.  Dick pulls his head out and laughs.  Water.  Sweet, delicous water.  Dick was about to drink some more when he feels something stab into his side.  Dick cries out and whips around.  The girl from 11 is standing behind him with her knife in her hand.  The very tip of the knife is crimson.  With Dick's blood.  Dick isn't taking that shit.  Dick tackles the girl to the ground.  The girl screams and cries but Dick doesn't care.  Dick wraps his hands around the girls throat and squeezes as hard as he can.  The girls face starts to turn blue and her eyes roll roll back and her cannon fires.   Dick feels no guilt and takes the girls knife and back.  Dick uses the girls medic kit to put a bandage on his side.  Hours later the anthem plays and the girl from 11 appears in the sky. 


-Jordan Lloyd district 11, asphyxiated by Dick

Day 7

Dick Donatello district 8, was dissapointed.  The girl yesterday had abrely any food on her.  She had an apple and Dick was grateful for it but it wasn't ideal.  Dick hoped that the other two people would injure eachother.  Dick's side hurt from being "stabbed" yesterday.  It wasn't very deep but it still stung whenever he moved.    

Janelle Pizzaron district 6, watched the boy from 2 approach her.  He had a spear in his hand.  THe boy drops his bags behind him.  Janelle was ready to attack.  She puts her own bag down and holds out her knife.  "Hello," THe boy calls to her.  Janelle smiles, "Hello, to you too."  THe boy nods and starts to count down, "!"  The boy charges at Janelle.  Janelle dodges his spear and tries to slash at him with her knife.  She doesn't make contact though.  The boy still has the spear in his hand.    

Will Korby district 2, was intrigued by the girl from 6.  She seemed smarter than Will had thought.  She jumps back as Will thrusts his spear forward.  Will is prepared.  He changes his tatics.  He swings his spear instead of thrusting it.  It is a widier range and can injure her eaiser.  The girlf rom 6 isn't expecting it and the spear head scratches her face.  She screams and Will takes this oppertunity to thrust his spear into her leg.  THe girl screams louder but doesn't stop her attack.  Janelle jumps at Will and stabs into his arm with her knife.  Will curses and punches the girl from 6 in the face.  Will then knees her in the stomach.  The girl from 6 gets the wind knocked out of her and Will is able to pull the knife from his arm and stab the girl.  He stabs her repeatdly.  Every stab increases the pitch in her scream.  Soon it's almost impossible to hear and it is finished with a cannon fire.  Will is happy with his kill and is now in the final two!  Will couldn't be happier.  Hours later the anthem plays and the girl from 6's face appears in the sky.     Dick and Will prepare mentally for their upcoming fight.  They know it will be forced on them tomorrow and that it will be over, one way or another.


-Janelle Pizzaron district 6, stabbed/speared by Will 3rd

Day 8

Dick Donatello district 8, was getting very nervous.  He had literaly no food and very little water.  Dick didn't know what the boy from 2 had but he knew it was more.  Dick only had his knife and it wasn't his prefered weapon.  Dick wasn't prepared for battle. 

Will Korby district 2, was suprisingly nervous.  The entire games Will didn't actually care about winning.  He was just playing the game.  Now he wanted to become a victor.  Will starts to bite his nails and thinks of the best way to find the last remaining tribute.  

Dick Donatello district 8, decided to just walk around in till he ran into the boy from 2.  Dick doesn't know how long it will take.  He walks for hours before he finally comes across the boy from 2.  Dick didn't even recognize him at first.  Time in the arena defently changed people's appearances.  Dick holds out his knife and he is ready to strike.   

Will Korby district 2, wants to laugh at the boy from 8.  All he has is a knife.  Will decides to end it quickly. The boy looks incredibly skinny and tired.  Will throws his spear and before either of them realize the spear pierces the bpy from 8's body. The boy screams and falls over.  Will watches for a few minutes intill he hears trumpets.  "Ladies and Gentlmen, the victor of the 58th Annul Hunger Games Will Korby!"  A ladder falls and Will grabs ahold of it.   A few days later Will is sitting next to Caesar Flickerman, whose hair is a jet black this year, talking about the games.  wil acts cocky the entire time and takes the praise without caring.  Caesar laughs at all of Will's cocky comments and praises him for his wit.  After wtaching a recap of the games Caesar congratulates Will.  Will takes a bow to a wild crowd.  

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