Hello!  I am back from a long break of not writing to a new hunger games!  This is my 11th total and I would love for it to be amazing.  So if you could all submit 2-4 tributes and this is what I need; age, gender, district, name, weapon of choice, strategy, token, and backstory.  I will go on profiles and if I dont get enough tributes you can submit more than 4.  

Male Female
District 1 Thanatos Hydron 12xxx Discordia Cronus 13xxx
District 2 Jay Nighton 14xxx Susana Cooper
District 3 Shock Prey 15xxx Nikki Lounsberry 16xxx
District 4 Jared Parker 9xxx Sandy Moral 8xxx
District 5 Greg Sulkins 19xxx Larissa Mena
District 6 Giles Mory 7xxx Ann Butchinson 17xxx
District 7 Leon Ming 20xxx Minnie Forest 23xxx
District 8 Semour Sass 24xxx Wynona Foliage
District 9 Grant Nickle Kaylie Alleman
District 10 Kaz Spencer Hope Sky 10xxx
District 11 Josh Wash 21xxx Sara Green11xxx
District 12 Ashton Cross 18xxx Reed Phantom 22xxx

Arena-A very tropical warm arena.  Many tall trees with tons of foliage and moss.  Many colorful animals and fruits are in the jungle.  The tributes will find a few suprises and mutts in the arena.  The arena rarely rains and has a lot of shade.  The cornucopia is in the only clear spot in the arena.  Everywhere else is filled with trees and plants.  


As the tributes rise in the arena there is an almost palpible feeling of despair.  24 kids were about to face the scariest thing in Panem, and only one of them would survive it.  THe tributes look around and can see a wide variety of colorful trees and brush.  All the trees were vaugely palm tree-shaped with a variety of colors on their tops.  Even some of the tree trunks were odd colors like, blue or white.  All tributes wearing the same outfit.  The girls wearing loose fitting beach dresses of variece light colors and the boys wearing soft cotton shirts with long white pants.  Dressed for a day at the beach.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," Claudis Templesmith tells all of panem, "Let the 59th hunger games begin!"

Susane Cooper district 2, isn't very happy with the arena outfit.  THe dress wasn't contricting but it didn't offer much support.  Susane didn't know how easy it would be to run in.  She was going to find out soon.  THe timer was already down to 30.  To her left was the boy from 8 and he looked jumpy.  Susane was ready to deal with him.  She could already see a small scythe a few feet away.  5.....4......3.....2......1!  Susane jumps off her pedestal and is suprised to find how easy it is to run in the dress.  She picks up the scythe and slashes the boy from 8's neck open.  

Wynona Foliage district 8, was the first to get to the cornucopia horn.  A small black tote bag catches her eye.  She grabs the bag as well as a knife.  She can hear movement behind her and she knows it's time to kill.  Behind her is the tall lanky girl from 7.  Wynona wants to rol her eyes at how ridicoulous the girl look but Wynona needs to act fast.  She charges at the girl from 7 and is able to stab her in the chest before the girl can respond.  Wynona ejects her knife from the girl and runs off into the arena.  The wound she gave the girl from 7 was defintly fatal.  Wynona runs off with a smile.

Sara Green district 11, was so little her dress actuelly tocuhed the ground.  Sara was so afraid of tripping over the fabric she almost got hit with a throwing knife.  The boy from 2 already had a couple in his hand and was looking for targets.  Sara watches him choose a target; the girl from 12.  The boy from 2 pulls back his arm and with a flick of his wrist the knife goes flying and hits the girl from 12 in the head.  Sara screams as the girl falls dead.  Sara picks up a small red bag and sprints form the cornucopia before she has to witness anything else.

Grant Nickle district 9, can see all the indiviual fights happening at once.  Each of the careers was currently fighting another tribute.  Leaving all the supplies open for stealing.  Grant spritns past two fighting tributes and grabs a large blue bag.  Grant turns on his heels and runs from the cornucopia.  On his way out he watches the boy from 1 slam an ax into the boy from 11's head.

Giles Mory district 6, dodged a rogue throwing knife.  The boy from 4 was trying to hit the boy from 7.  Giles picked up the knife and a sleeping bag.  Giles was about to grab and bag when a throwing knife goes into the boy from 7's head.  Giles knows it's not best to stick around any longer.

Hope Sky district 10, couldnt see Sara.  Hope already had a large bag and was trying to find her small ally.  Hope could only see tributes fighting, none of them Sara.  Hope watches the boy from 5 take a throwing knife to the back of the head.  The boy falls quickly and Hope doesn't want to be next.

Larissa Mena district 5, was the last to get to the cornucopia.  All the ther tributes were battling or already getting away from the bloodbath.  Larissa grabs a bag of apples and a small tan bag before letting out a shriek.  The girl from 1 grab the boy from 12 by the hair.  The girl from 1 then slits the boy from 12's throat.  Larissa stiffles her shriek and runs off.

Kaz Spencer district 10, was on the edge of the bloodbath.  He could eaisly slink back into the arena if anyon spotted him.  KAz was intrested in the fighting and liked watching the careers pick off tributes.  Kaz whistled to himself as the girl from 2 tackles the girl from 6 to the ground.  He starts to whistle louder as the girl from 2 starts stabbing the girl from 6 with her scythe.  

Shock Prey district 3, was trying to fight off the girl from 4.  Shock and Nikki were going to ally up but before they could escape the girl from 4 had stabbed Nikki's leg with a spear.  Shock now had to fight off the career as Nikki tried to stand.  The girl from 4 jabbed at Shock and got dangerously close to his heart.  Shock jumps backwards and knocks Nikki to the ground.  The girl from 4 takes this chance to stab Nikki in the small of her back.  Shock is in complete shock and watches his district partner slowly die.  Shock comes to his sences and sprints away from the carnage.

Sandy Moral district 4, watches the boy from 3 run away like a little girl.  Sandy lets him go and looks for a new target.  The only people left in the cornucopia is careers.  Almost a dozen bodies lying around them, most in puddles of blood.  The careers exchange high fives as the games offically begin.  A few minutes later when the last of the victims finaly bleed out the cannons start.  Sany counts 9 total.  Not bad.  Susana gives her a hug, "Good job!"  


-Semourr Sass district 8, throat ct open by Susana

-Minnie Forest district 7, stabbed in chest by Wynona

-Reed Phantom district 12, throwing knife to the head by Jay

-Josh Walsh district 11, ax to the head by Thanatos

-Leon Ming district 7, hit by Jay's throwing knife

-Greg Sulkins district 5,hit by Jared's knife

-Ashton Cross district 12, throat slit by Discordia

-Ann Butchinson district 6, stabbed by Susana

-Nikki Lounsberry district 3, speared by Sandy

Day 1

Susane Cooper district 2, helped sort the supplies in the cornucopia.  Discordia and Sandy were seperating the food from each indiviual pack.  Thanatos was trying to stuff six sleeping bags into one hiking bag.  Jared was sorting the weapons.  Jay was on guard.  Susane tried to start conversation, "So, what do you guys think of the arena?" Susane asks the other girls.  Discordia shrugs, "It's kinda hot."  Sandy nods in agreement. "Ya, and the ground feels like some sort of sand, dirt mixture.  Also these dresses are soooooo inconvient!" Sandy rolls her eyes and stands up, "I mean how are we suppose to fight in these?"  Susane agrees and laughs,  Susane is glad the other careers are cool.  

Wynona Foliage district 8, ran hard through the arena.  Her black bag slapping against her thigh.  Wynona wasn't stopping intill she found some shelter.  It only took her an hour.  She finds a large, oddly blue tree.  It had no branches.  It was a smooth trunk leading up to a clumb of green leaves.  Wynona puts her back to the tree to protect herself.  She opens her bag and is suprised at the contents.  Inside is a large water bottle, a loaf of bread, some dried fruit, and a small black vial.  Wynona takes the vial and takes the cork out of the top.  She gives it a wiff.  An unpleasntly sweet smell.  Wynona learned from the training center that this was posion.  Wynona smiles at her special treat.  Some posion and a knife were the perfect weapons.  

Sara Green district 11, had her small red bag and she was crying her eyes out.  She had seen the girl from 12 get killed.  It was all very shocking to Sara.  She was shaking.  Sara was hiding under a very lush bush.  Sara was completly hidden.  Sara's bag had a sleeve of crackers, a small water skin, and a pair of small binoculars.  It wasn't amazing but Sara didn't care.  She was too afraid.  

Grant Nickle district 9, crawls over a large dirt pile.  He sits ontop of it and opens his bag.  It contains a large contianer of corn, some packaged meat, a container of water, and a sleeping bag.  Grant scowls at his bag.  Nothing extremly usefull.  Plus he already had a sleeping bag.  It wasn't the most worthwile pack.  

Giles Mory district 6, is too close to the cornucopia.  He is only a 15 minute journey from the cornucopia.  Giles only had a sleeping bag and a knife.  It wasn't much but he might be able to get by long enough to find food and water.  

Hope Sky district 10, was still looking for Sara.  They were going to align together but Hope just couldn't find her.  Sara must be hiding.  Hope keeps looking when she hears a loud sniffing.  Hope snaps up and looks around.  She hears another sniff and looks in its direction.  Hope can see a little head of red hair under some foliage.  Hope smiles, "Sara!" She whispers.  The head moves under the foliage.  "Sara, it's me!" Hope hisses through her teeth, "Come here!"  Sara jumps out of the bush and gives Hope a hug.  

Larissa Mena district 5, watches in amazement as the sky turns a very pretty pink.  It was getting close to midnight and the faces would appear soon.  Larissa eats an apple.  She had grabbed a bag of them and a small bag.  In her bag was a container of salad, a holder of jell-o, and a small water bottle.  Larissa was happy with her bag. 

Kaz Spencer district 10, didn't have any supplies.  He had no weapons or food.  He had spent the entire bloodbath watching the death.  He enjoyed watching it.  He liked the Hunger Games and was overly excited when  he was reaped.  Kaz could barely contain his excitment. 

Shock Prey district 3, was still in shock.  He had let his district partner die.  If Shock ever went back to district 3 he would be a social pariah.  It scared him and he was afraid.  It was midnight now and the anthem plays.  Shock looks into a sky and instantly starts to cry, the first face is Nikki's, then the boy from 5, then the girl from 6, both from 7, the boy from 8, the boy from 11 and finally both from 12.

Day 2

Jay Nighton district 2, was a little upset that the careers hadn't killed yet.  They killed during the blood bath but haven't really hunted since then.  Jay listens in on Jareds and Thantos' discussion about hunting plans, "Okay so here is what I'm thinking," Jared announces to the group, "Let's use the cornucopia as a base and check back as often as possible so we dont get lost." The others agree.  Jay nods along with them.  Thantas starts his speech, "I say two stay back here and guard all the stuff while the rest of us go out and kill!"  The careers nod in agreement and start to split into the groups.  Thanatos and Discordia decide to be the ones to stay at the cornucopia while the others hunt.  

Hope Sky district 10, woke up with Sara lying next to her.  Their bags under their heads.  Hope opens her bag and pulls out a water bottle.  Hope nudges Sara awake.  "Sara," Hope says gently, "We have to get going!  We have to be moving constantly!"  Sara yawns and gets up and she takes some crackers from her bag. 

Thanatos Hydron district 1, waves the other careers off as they go to hunt.  He and Discordia were the guards of all the supplies.  Thanatos with his sword and Discordia with her bow. After a few hours Thanatos was starting to get hungry.  "Discordia?" Thanatos asks, "can we start making some soup for lunch?"  Discordia gives a sharp nod and Thanatos goes to retrieve the large pot from the golden horn.  

Larissa Mena district 5, actually enjoys the arena.  Last years arena was a huge eye sore and looked depressing.  This arena was filled with beautiful colors and plants.  The sky was a very pretty pale blue and had a few white puffy clouds floating lazily through the sky.  Larissa is surprised how much she enjoys being here.

Discordia Cronus district 1, helps Thanatos with the soup.  She adds some salt and sniffs, "Thanatos, maybe we should add some more broth."  Thanatos nods and reaches for the container when he hears a sound of moving leaves a few feet away.  Discordia pulls back her bow and looks for the origin of the noise.  "Thanatos!  It came form over there!" Discordia says pointing with her bow, "Let's go!"  Discordia and Thanatos run off to investigate the noise.  

Wynona Foliage district 8, couldn't believe how stupid the pair from 1 was.  She had thrown a rock into a bush to create noise and now she was hiding with her poison in one hand and knife in the other.  Wynona was going to try and taint their water supply but they left a whole pot of soup lying out in the open!  Wynona needed to take this opportunity.  Wynona sprints up to the pot and dumps in 3/4ths of the bottle's contents into the soup.  She stirs the soup quickly with her knife and then sprints off into the arena.  As Wynona runs she just prays the careers didn't see her.  

Susane Cooper district 2, was tracking the boy from 3.  Jared and Jay were going in from the sides.  Sandy was approaching from behind and Susane was trying to cut him off infront.  It didn't take long to get infront of him, he was moving really slow.  Soon the careers have him surrounded without him realizing it.  Then Sandy yells, "Charge!" The careers run at the boy with their knives laughing maliciously.  The boy from 3 looks incredibly terrified and tries to run away.   Jay wraps his arms around the boy.  Knocking the wind out of him.  Sandy stabs the boy with her knife in till a cannon fires.  The careers whoop and Jay drops the dead body.  "Jared, go tell the pair from 1 about this!  Make sure they have lunch done too!"  Jared gives a mock salute and runs off back to the cornucopia.    

Giles Mory district 6, was scared by the cannon fire.  He had no food or water and an uneasy feeling.  He was being driven insane by the constant fear of attack.  Giles keeps searching for a possible hiding spot. 

Kaylie Alleman district 9, was hungry.  She had eaten all of her supplies already.  Granted, all her supplies was two apples and a thing of wire.  She had grabbed a small black pouch from the bloodbath and that was all she had right now.  Kaylie played with the wire and thought about what she could do to prolong her life.  

Jay Nighton district 2, rushes into the cornucopia and watches Thanatos and Discordia take out bowls for soup.  "Oh good," Jay says watching them fill the bowls, "you already have lunch.  I was sent to inform you that we killed the boy form 3!  Also to make sure there was food prepared."  Thanatos nods and hands Jay his bowl.  "Good job on the boy from 3."  Jay nods at the approval and takes a gulp of soup.  Thanatos drinks from his bowl and Discordia takes a delicate sip.  Jay is intrigued by the soup.  A very light soup with an odd, though delicious flavor: salty with an undertone of sweet.  Jay takes another gulp.  "What you guys put in thissesesfsekfj.................." A glob of blood flies from Jay's mouth as he talks.  Thanatos recoils in shock and tries to speak but only blood comes out.  Discordia shrieks spraying the others with blood.  Jay can't figure out whats happening intill he realizes the soup was poisoned.  He starts to shake violently.  He has only one option.  Jay knocks over the large pot of soup so the others will be safe.  The pot clangs to the ground and its contents spread out in all directions.  Jay falls face first into the puddle quickly followed by Discordia and Thanatos.  

Grant Nickle district 9, can't believe his ears.  A triple cannon fire!  Three cannons in rapid succession.  Grant's mind races as he tries to think of reasons for three people dying simultaneously.  His imagination creates a giant bird mutt.  He doesn't know why he imagines it as a bird but it seems fitting.  

Sandy Moral district 4, has a horrible feeling in her stomach about the three cannon fires.  She starts running for the cornucopia.  Jared and Susane run behind her.  They get to the cornucopia and all that's there is a large overturned pot and a large puddle with a little blood mixed into it.  Sandy can't believe it, " guys don't think....."  Susane shakes her head, "Sandy, we'll find out tonight.  Maybe they ran off to chase a team of three.  They might come right back."  Sandy knows Susane is lying.  "Ya, maybe you're right."   

Kaz Spencer district 10, has been waiting hours for this.  Four cannon fires total today.  It was almost midnight and soon faces would appear and Kaz would know who died!  Excitement!  Soon the anthem plays and Kaz begins to shake from anticipation.  First is the pair from 1, then the boy from 2 and the boy from 3.  Kaz lets out a squeal of joy! 


-Shock Prey district 3, stabbed by Sandy 

-Jay Nighton district 2, poisoned by Wynona 

-Discordia Cronus district 1, poisoned by Wynona 

-Thanatos Hydron district 1, poisoned by Wynona

Day 3

Jared Parker district 4, was not a happy camper.  Half his alliance died yesterday and they don't really know why.  The only clue they had was an overturned pot with blood in it's contents.  The soup had evaporated for the most part but there was still blood.  Jared picks up his throwing knives, "Susane, Sandy, let's go!"  Sandy and Susane pick up their weapons and head out with Jared.  

Larissa Mena district 5, was almost out of food.  She had half a container of salad left and Larissa wasn't having fun with it.  The salad isn't very filling and Larissa knew she had lost weight already in the arena.  The arena it's self was very pretty but there was no real food any where.  Also there didn't seem to be any water.  It was warm too.  Larissa looks wistfully at her empty water bottle.  

Sara Hope district 11, walked with Hope.  She was munching on some nuts and listening to Hope.  "Sara, we need to figure out our plan.  I say let's head back to the cornucopia.  It will take only a few hours and there should be supplies there."  Sara listens and when she is done eating nods vigorously, "Ya!  Hope, that is a great idea!"    

Giles Mory district 6, couldn't believe he has been in the arena for three days and has yet to find any food, water, or shelter.  There was no good hiding spot in the arena and Giles was starving.  He had his knife and sleeping bag and that was it.  Giles also had no water.  His body was weak and he was in constant distress.  A breeze picks up and Giles starts to shiver.  

Susane Cooper district 2, was angry.  Her district partner was killed and Susane wanted revenge.  The only problem was that she had no idea who killed him.  All she knew was that they had also killed the pair from 1.  Jared, Sandy and Susane had been walking for hours and were all on edge.  After a little more time the career's heard a noise.  They get there weapons ready and try and locate the noise.  They hear foot steps to their left and swarm.  They run through trees and foliage.  After about 10 seconds they run into the girls from 10 and 11.   The careers quickly take out frustration on he pair.  Jared throws a knife and it sticks into the girl from 11's head.  Susane slashes open the girl from 10's throat.  The two cannons fire and the careers whoop in joy.  Moral is now at an all time high,  

Kaylie Alleman district 9, is frightened by the duel cannon fires.  Kaylie decides to look at it as an opportunity.  A pair was probably just taken out by the careers.  Kaylie ate some food and tried to put her mind at ease.  

Wynona Folaige district 8, has been experiencing an intensely giddy sensation all day.  She had killed three careers with poison!  She was responsible and she would be given credit in the capitol.  A risk definitely worth taking.  Being liked in the capitol was never a bad thing.  Wynona only wished she had grabbed another bag.  But it didn't really matter.  Wynona finds a nice tree to hide in in till midnight.  At midnight the anthem plays and the faces of the fallen appear.  First is the girl from 10 then the girl from 11.  Wynona shrugs.  She didn't care about either of them.  


-Sara Green district 11, throwing knife to the head 

-Hope Sky district 10, throat slit by Susane.

Day 4

Kaz Specner district 10, enjoyed the fast pace environment the games were going in.  Already down to the final 9 and Kaz has yet to even get close to death.  Kaz still didn't have any supplies but that didn't bug him.  Soon they would do interviews back in district 10 and everyone there would talk about Kaz's weird, 'unhealthy', obsession with death.  Kaz shrugged it off and looked forward to all the death that would happen today.

Grant Nickle district 9, was prepared for the day.  He had all his food ready and his items all packed away.  Grant figured that if the games kept going at this pace it be done in two days and Grant was feeling surprisingly confident.  All he had to do was get a sponcer to send him a weapon.  Grant just needed to figure out how to impress the capitol.  

Kaylie Alleman district 9, cried her eyes out.  She was out of food, water, and her only weapon was a spool of wire.  Kaylie had no idea how to use the wire for hurting others so she almost threw it away in frustration when she notices a silver parachute fall infront of her!  Kaylie rips open the parachute and finds a small water bottle, a small bag of rice and a basic tomahawk.  Kaylie examines the tomahawk and sees that it is basically a stick with a sharp rock sticking out of the top.  Guess her sponcers couldn't really pull it together. 

Wynona Foliage district 8, had the most brilliant idea!  She takes out her knife and pours a little bit of poison onto the blade.  Then Wynona rips part of the fabric of her dress and wraps it around the knife.  Wynona understood how powerful this poison was and that if someone got cut with it they would be done for.

Gilies Mory district 6, was running as hard as he could.  The careers laughter cackling in his ears.  Gilies ran through the colorful trees and large foliage.  The careers trampling everything in their paths to get to him.  Gilies couldn't go for long since he hasn't had any food or water for the past 4 days.  He has to stop to rest after a few minutes of chase.  He sits at the base of an incredibly large tree.  As he tries to catch his breath the careers appear infront of him.  "End of the line!" says the girl from 2 who holds her knife out menacingly.  Gilies is about to run again when he feels the tree behind him start to fall.  Gilies then ahs a panic attack as he realizes the tree is falling on him.  Gilies tries to jump out of the way but the tree quickly crushes him.  The tree is tall enough that it has the possibilty to fall on the careers too.  THe careers scream and try to run but the tree is too fast.  The girl from 2 is barely able to jump out of the way before the tree crushes her allies.  Gilies can hear two cannon fires and he laughs, "HA, more weight"

Larissa Mena district 5, heard three cannons fire.  Larissa began to hyper ventilate.  This is too stressful.  Larissa officially burst into tears when a silver parachute falls infront of her.  Larissa tears it open and gasps at the food and water in it.  It was exactly what she needed.  She says thank you to her sponcers. 

Susane Cooper district 2, lets out a shriek of frustration.  In the past two days her entire alliance was wiped out.  She went from the best career pack ever to being  a solo player.  Susane goes back to the cornucopia and gets as much supplies as she can carry and decies that she is going to vent her frustration on all the other tributes.   That night when the anthem plays 3 faces appear.  First is the pair from 4 then the boy from 6.  All the tributes think about how they are already in the final 6.   


-Jared Parker district 4, crushed by tree 

-Sandy Moral district 4, crushed by tree 

-Gilies Mory district 6, crushed by tree.

Day 5

Susane Cooper district 2, was going to be a ruthless killing machine for the rest of the games.  A poisoned food had killed 3 of her alliance members and a gamemaker trap had killed the other 2 members.  Susane found a few leather sheaths at the cornucopia and had strapped them on her body so now she has a knife within reach from any position.  She was ready to go into the tropical jungle and take out everyone in her way.  

Larissa Mena district 5, was crying tears of joy.  Her food and water was so amazing.  Sponcers definitely made this game much better.  Larissa has yet to see another tribute and she was totally okay with that.  Larissa tried not to think about what would happen if she ran into someone.    

Wynona Foliage district 8, had her deadly, poisoned knife and she was ready to kill.  Wynona was running low on food and she needed to start killing people and hopefully collecting their supplies.  Wynona was walking through the jungle when she hears the sound of rustling leaves.  Wynona conceals herself behind a tree and looks in the direction of the noise.  She sees a tall boy with sandy hair walking only 20 feet away.  Wynona was surprised he hadn't noticed her.  She noticed that he seemed very tired and a little woozy.  Wynona pulls her knife out of it's sheath and puts her bag on the ground to lighten her load.  Wynona gets into position and charges at the boy.  He hears her coming and whips around just in time to be tackled to the ground.  Wynona attempts to stab him but only grazes the side of his face.  The boy pushes Wynona off and she lands hard on her side.  The boy tries to stand up but he is a little wobbly.  Wynona gets up again and thrusts her knife into his stomach.  It cuts easily through his thin white shirt.  She barely gets her knife into him when he starts to converge.  The poison was so powerful that the boy way already dying from being exposed to it.  The boy falls over and throws up once and then a cannon fires.  Wynona sighs and shakes the dirt off her dress.  

Kaz Spencer district 10, heard a cannon fire a few hours ago and was curious who had died.  Kaz's body was shutting down.  He could feel it.  He had no food or water and he hadn't been concerned with it the entire games.  Now his vision was blurry and his urine was dark brown.  He was severely dehydrated.  Kaz was so out of it he didn't even see the girl from 2 emerge from behind a tree.  He didn't even see her pull out her knife.  He didn't even see her charge at him.  He did see the knife go into his side and he did have one fleeting thought, 'So, this is dying?'  

Kaylie Alleman district 9, was already almost out of food.  Her water had been used up earlier in the day and two cannons had fired.  Which meant they were down to the final 4.  Kaylie felt a sinking feeling in her stomach that she was done soon.  That night the anthem plays and two faces appear.  Grant's and the boy from 10's.  Kaylie start to cry from her district partners death. 


-Grant Nickle district 9, poisoned by Wynona 

-Kaz Spencer district 10, stabbed by Susane. 

Day 6

Wynona Foliage district 8, was a little surprised that it was all girls left.  Both boys had died yesterday and Wynona went through the other tributes in her mind.  The only threat was the girl from 2.  All the other girls were very thin and frail looking.  Wynona believed the girl from 9 was only 14.  In Wynona's opinion she was looking to be in a good spot.  

Kaylie Alleman district 9, has been running in an all out sprint for almost 10 minutes.  The girl from 2 was close on her tail.  The girl from 2 had a knife in each hand and had a smirk stuck on her face.  Kaylie was gasping for breath and her hair was swinging around wildly.  Kaylie crashes through foliage and her arms start to get scratched up.  Her dress gets caught in a pointy bush and a good portion of it gets ripped away.  The resistance causes Kaylie to stumble and that is enough for the girl from 2 to catch up.  

Susane Cooper district 2, smiles as the girl from 9 stumbles.  Susane covers the distance between them in 2 seconds.  Susane grabs the girl by the hair and the girl squirms and screams.  The girls neck is exposed and Susane takes the opportunity to slash it open.  The girls cannon fires fairly quickly.  Susane drops the girls body and Susane adjusts her pony tail and gets ready for her next kill.  

Larissa Mena district 5, starts to hyperventilate.  She is in the final 3 and will soon have to face another tribute.  She tried to calm herself by eating some food but all it did was upset her stomach.  She ended up throwing the bread right back up during the anthem.  She glances up and sees the girl from 9's face.   


-Kaylie Alleman district 9, throat slit by Susane    

Day 7

Larissa Mena district 5, started to shiver.  The arena was still warm and sunny, even seemed a little warmer than usual, but larissa couldn't stop shaking.  She knew that soon tributes would be forced together to fight and that she was at the critical point of kill or be killed.  Part of Larissa hoped that she could win without killing.  Happened a few years ago.  The capitol was in complete shock when it happened, but what could they do?  Larissa takes out her dull tomahawk and hopes to make it through.  

Susane Cooper district 2, readjusted her 6 knives.  She had one strapped around each arm, just above the elbow.  One attached to her belt.  One attached to each of her thighs and one secured to her left ankle.  Susane had to rip apart her dress for it to work but a little skin never hurt with sponcers.  She practices a few reaching techniques so she can respond faster to attacks.  

Wynona Folaige district 8, had eaten almost all her food over the course of the day.  Wynona hadn't heard a cannon fire and it was almost midnight.  Which meant the capitol wanted one more day for betting.  That made Wynona smile.  It meant she was definitively in this.  If there was a clear winner in the capitols eyes then the games would be over already.  Wynona still had a fighting chance   That night no faces appear in the sky and the girls know that this will be the last time it happens. 

  Day 8

Wynona Foliage district 8, shakes the sand from her dress.  Wynona was getting tired of sleeping in sand.  The sooner this was over the better.  Wynona takes her knife from it's sheath and applies a new coat of poison.  Wynona handles it very carefully.  Even the slightest slip and Wynona's body would instantly be filled with poison.    

Larissa Mena district 5, despised her red hair.  It stood out in the arena.  Larissa was hiding behind a large tree.  She could the see the girl from 2 who was armed to the teeth walking around.  Larissa clutched her weapon close.  The girl from 2 whips around and stares into Larissa eyes.  They are about 30 feet away and Larissa knows she has to act fast.  Larissa takes a chance and throws her tomahawk at the girl from 2.  It falls about 20 feet too short.  The girl from 2 smiles an evil grin and Larissa lets out a blood curdling shriek.  

Susane Cooper district 2, finished the girl from 5 in a matter of seconds.  All she ahd to do was run slash and repeat.  A few deep cuts across the chest to the girl out quickly.  Now Susane knew who she would have to fight.  The girl from 8.  That was Susane's last kill before she could go home.     That night the girl from 5's face appears in the sky and the two girls steal their nerves and think of their final strategies. 


-Larissa Mena district 5, slashed by Susane  

Day 9 

Wynona Foliage district 8, shakes the sand from her hair.  Her hair was getting kinda shaggy.  Wynona preferred it short.  Wynona always loved her appearance.   She had almost white hair and very tan skin.  She kinda stood out in district 8 and that is what she prefered.

Susane Cooper district 2, has been up for a few hours trying to find the girl from 8.  Susane was getting frustrated that the game makers hadn't forced them together yet.  Susane pulls back her blong hair into a tight ponytail.  Susane's pony tail stopped about half way down her back and Susane knew it was getting to be a liability, someone could easily grab her by it and weaken her.  Susane took one of her knives and started to saw off her pony tail.

Wynona Foliage district 8, drank the last of her water and nibbled on some fruit.  Something would force the two girls together soon and Wynona was trying to think about where they would be forced.  Wynona assumed it would be in the cornucopia which appeared to be the only open space in the arena.  So Wynona starts to head back to the cornicopia, possibly to her death.  

Susane Cooper district 2, decides that the girl from 8 is proabbly in the cornucopia.  Susane didn't want some mutts to force them together and Susane wasn't going to let the girl sit around in the cornicopia getting more supplies.  Susane puts a knife in each ahnd and gets ready to fight.  

Wynona Folaige district 8, looks through the leftover supplies.  There isn't really that much.  A few large maces, a few water bottles, a lot fo empty bags, and crates of spoiled food.  The smell amde Wynona sick.  Wynona noted that the large black pot was still in the cornucopia.  Wynona remembers clearly how she tainted the soup inside.  Splotches of blood stain the sand.   

Susane Cooper district 2, slashes through the plants that surrond the cornucopia when she final makes it into the clearing she sees the girl from 8 examining the large black pot that killed Susane's allies.  The sight enrages Susane and makes her thristy for the girls blood.   

Wynona Folaige district 8, sees the girl from 2 emerge from the forest and almost laughs.  The girls hair was crudely sawed off with a knife and looked ridicuolous.  Wynona stops seeing the humor when she notices the girl has 6 knives strapped onto her body. 

Susane Cooper district 2, is using the knives that useal stayed on her arms.  she still ahd the one on her belt and the three on her legs incase something went wrong.  The girl from 8 only has 1 knife and Susane was about to charge at the girl, when she realises that the girls knife is dripping.  It appears to be covered in a dark purple liquid and Susane isntantly realizes that this is the person who posioned her allies and that even a tiny scratch will kill Susane.  She will have to play it smart. 

Wynona Foliage district 8, is suprised that the girl from 2 isn't charging at her.  Wynona was hoping the girl would stupidly charge so that she could be stabbed with Wynona's knife.  Wynona knew that she had to be smarter.  Wynona takes a step forward and the girl from 2 takes a step back.

Susane Cooper district 2, was thinking at top speed.  Her knives weren't built for long distance battleing but Susane couldn't get too close.  Susane knew she would have to go soon.   

Wynona Folaige district 8, decided to rush at the girl from 2.  The girl seemed a little startled but quickly regained her composure.  Wynona was about a few feet away when the girl swings her knife.  Wynona eaisly dodges it and hits the girls hand knocking the girl's knife away.  The girl thrusts her second knife and it scratches Wynona's shoulder.   

Susane Cooper district 2, was able to scratch the girls shoulder but doesn't want to stay too close.  Susane jumps back but the girl from 8 is able to grab the knife that is attached to Susane's belt.  The knife slides out eaisly.  Susane curses andtries to slash at the girl but she jumps away.    

Wynona Folaige district 8, has disabled two of the girls knives.  That is what Wynona wants.  The girl takes the knife from her other thigh and has two in her hands again.  Wynona holds out both of her knives.  One covered in posion the other clean.  The girl from 2's eyes are stuck on the posion one and Wynona knows what to do.

Susane Cooper district 2, feels incredibly stupid when she sees what the girl from 8 is doing.  The girl from 8 stabs Susane in the arm.  Ssuane had spent too much time focusing on the posion knife.    Susane moves back and the knife comes out of her arm dripping with blood.  Susane ignores the pain in her arm and thrusts her knife at the girl from 8 and cuts her side.  The girl from 8 squeals and Susane kicks the posioned knife from the girls hands. 

Wynona Foliage district 8, feels the posioned knife fly from her hand and cries out for it.  Wynona feels the girl from 2 slam into her with all her force.  Wynona falls to the ground and the girl from 2 sits ontop of her.  The girl raises her knife into the air and as she is bringing it down Wynona grabs the girl's wrist and is able to stop it. 

Susane Cooper district 2, struggles against the girl's strength.  Susane was suprised that the girl was able to hold off Susane's attack.  Susane tries to stab the girl with her other knife but the girl holds her off on the one too. Susane struggles and barely makes any progress into stabbing the girl.  Susane decides to reset the situation.  She rolls over quickly bringing the girl from 8 with her.  They roll once and Susane ends up back ontop but she lost both off her knives.   

Wynona Folaige district 8, was disoriented from the random roling but realised it was for the best.  She was now an arms reach from the posion knife all she had to do was grab it.  The girl from 2 grabs the knife that is strapped to her leg and Wynona grabs the knife and quickly stabs the girl in the stomach.  The girl drops her knife and her skin turns white quickly.  The girl starts to scream and Wynona eaisly pushes the girl off of her.  The gril lets out 3 tears before collapsing to the ground and trumpets start to play.  

A few seconds later a hovercraft appears above and Wynona is wisked away to the capitol.  There they tend to her minor wounds and is all cleaned up for aher interview with Caesar Flickerman.  At the interview they chat about the games but quickly get to the recap.  First they see Semour  get his throat slit open, then Wynona stabbing the girl from 7, then the boys from 12, 11, 7, and 5 getting hit with throwing knives.  Then the boy from 12 getting his throat slit open, the girl from 6 being stabbed, then the girl from 3 being speared.  they watch the career pack hunt down the boy from 3, then the pair from 1 and boy from 2 being posioned, the girl from 11 getting her throat slit open, then the girl from 10 getting hit with a knife, everyone watches a tree crush the pair from 4 and the boy from 6, Wynona watches herself stab the boy from 9, and the boy from 10 being killed, then the girl from 9 being stabbed, and the girl from 5 being killed.  Finally they show a total recap of the last battle between Wynona and the girl from 2.     Wynona gets up and takes a bow for the capitol crowd.

Thank you!  May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!

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