ya so.  I want to write a games and my other games hasn't gotten enough tributes yet so Im going to do a games based of one of my favorite book series (Gone Series)  So if you want to submit tributes please go to my 59th games and submit, thank you!

arena: An old run down small town.  The cornucopia is in a large dirt plaza surronded by destroyed shops and a burned down church.  Tributes can seek refuge in a variety of houses in the town and a hotel at the edge of the arena.  A large variety of mutts roam the arena; coyotes, silver bugs, and flying green snakes.  (Did anyone not see this coming?)

Male Female
District 1 Freddie Benzo Penny Close
District 2 Caine Soren Diana Ladris
District 3 Sam Temple Astrid Ellison
District 4 Quinn Gaither Nerezzah
District 5 Sanjit Chace Sinder Herb
District 6 Charles Merriman Lana Lazar
District 7 Zil Sperry Taylor Chin
District 8 Jack Gazman Brianna Knope
District 9 Hunter Lion Orsay Pettijohn
District 10 Edilio Escabar Britney Donegal
District 11 Howard Bassem Dekka Talent
District 12 Duck Zhang Mary Terrafino


All 24 tributes rises into the brand new arena.  The tributes look around at the multiple run down buildings and dirt plaza.  All the tributes are wearing the same outfit:Plain shirts with soft pants in a variety of blues,reds, and greys..  The cornucopia is in the center of the plaza and all tributes arrange themselves to run for their favorite supplies

"Ladies and Getnlemen," Claudis Templesmith says, his voice booming from the sky, "Let the 60th annul Hunger Games begin!"

Sam Temple district 3, 60...59....58....57...56...  Sam needed to find Astrid.  They are going to work together, be a team.  Sam didn't want to fight, he just wanted to go back to district 3.  10..9..8...7.. Sam could already see the careers getting ready to kill.  Sam needed a pack in order to survive.  A green one catches his eye about 30 feet away.  2.....1!  Sam jumps off his platform and sprints for the pack.  Sam defently wasn't the fastest tribute.  The girl from 8 was the first one to the cornucopia and she was sorting packs.  Sam grabs the green pack and glances up.  Sam watches the boy from 2 and the girl from 6 fight.  The boy from 2 has a sword and is able to quickly kill the girl from 6.  Sam knows he has to get out fast.

Brianna Knope district 8, was the first to the cornucopia by a while at that.  She is able to get a large black bag and two machetes.  Brianna turns to run but is confronted by the boy from 2.  Brianna sneers, "Ya, try and take me."  Brianna sprints at him at an incredible speed and slams a machete into the boy's stomach, Brianna swings the other machete into the boys neck.  "Bye, Caine!"  Brianna pulls out her machetes and sprints out of the cornucopia before most people even knew what happened.

Astrid Ellison district 3, scoops up a small mesh bag and runs around to try and find Sam.  She sees him standing off to their side trying not to get killed.  Astrid  runs up to him, "Sam, lets get out of here!  Now!"  Sam nods and starts to back up when the boy from 12 runs up and tries to steal their bags.  Sam and Astrid are shocked and are able to hold onto their bags, "Hey kid, back off!" Sam yells at the boy from 12.  The yell attracts the attention of the boy from 4.  THe boy from 4 spears the boy from 12.  Sam and Astrid watch awestruck as the boy falls to the ground.  The boy from 4 gets closer to them, "Sam, go!  Get out of here with Astrid!" Sam nods and grabs Astrids arm, "Thanks, Quinn."

Sinder Herb district 5, gets to the golden horn and tries to grab a bag.  As she grabs a bag she is tackled from behind.  Sinder shrieks and tries to fight back when she realizes it's Sanjit who tackled her.  Sanjit puts his finger to his lip and sshhhs her.  Sinder turns to look Sanjit in the face and over his shoulder she can see the girl from 9 getting hit with a throwing knife.  The thrower was the girl from 2.  Sanjit slowly moves off of Sinder, grabs a bag and stands up.  Sanjit gives a small wave and runs off.  

Charles Merriman district 6, watches the girl from 5 stand up.  She was tackled and then the person who tackled her ran off.  Charles was confused.  Charles was easily confused.  Charles grabs a club and walks over to the girl from 5.  She is just grabbing a bag as Charles hits her with his club.  He hits her with such force the club literally snaps in half.  The girl crumbles to the ground and Charles takes a new club and the bag the girl had grabbed.

Britney Donegal district 10, was slow.  It had taken her, what felt like an eternity, to get to the cornucopia.  Britney grabs a long knife and a small bag and turns to run.  She then comes face to face with the boy from 4.  Britney holds out her knife.  The boy from 4 smiles sadly.  He spears Britney in the stomach.  Britney is somehow able to with stand the pain and stab her knife into the boy from 4's neck.  Britney pulls the spear from her stomach and makes her way out of the cornucopia.

Mary Terrafino district 12, hates all the death and violence going on around her.  Mary grabs a small red bag and sprints away.  On her way out she watches the girl from 4 attempting to battle 3 people at once.  Mary wants to help the people but she knows it will only end in her death.

Nerezzah district 4, was battling the pair from 7 and the boy from 8.  Nerezzah gets the upper hand with her sword.  The others only have knives.  The boy from 7 and 8 get scared and try to run away.  The girl from 7 is left alone and Nerezzah takes her out easily.

Howard Bassem district 11, was hiding in the horn and was watching all the action unfold.  The boys form 7 and 8 were trying to escape but the careers were tracking them down.  Howard watches the boy from 1 tackle the boy from 7 to the ground.  The boy from 1 repeatedly stab the boy from 7 in the back.  Howard gets nervous and decides to split.  He grabs a black bag and runs off in to the arena.  

Penny Close district 1, tackles the boy from 8.  He had tried to abandoned his allys and to Penny that was unforgivable.  Penny pulls out a knife and the boy from 8 struggles against her and is surprisingly strong.  Penny stabs the boy in the chest as he is screams and begs for his life.  Penny doesn't care and gets an intense adrenaline rush as the boy dies,

Hunter Lion district 9, sprints away from the cornucopia.  The girl from 11 in front of him.  Hunter didn't have a weapon so he didn't want to fight her.  Hunter didn't even have a pack.  He had tried to grab one but he was scared by the careers so he just ran off.  The girl from 11 had a bag.  Hunter envied her.

Edilio Escabar district 10, was fighting the girl from 2.  She had one knife left.  Edilio had a metal club.  Edilio had a heavy hiking bag over his shoulder and wanted to escape quickly.  The girl from 2 wasn't letting up in her attack.  She attempts to stab Edilio but he is too quick.  He is able to knock the knife out of her hand and hit her with his club.  The sound of club on skull is sickening and the girl falls to the ground in a way that Edilio knows means she wont be getting back up.

Freddie Benzo district 1, looked around at the dead bodies.  Penny and Nerezzah standing in front of him.  Caine, Diana and Quinn had all died in the bloodbath.  Which meant this was their career pack.  A few minutes later 10 cannons fire.  Freddie shakes his head at the other careers, "We have a lot of catching up to do."  

Day 1

Dekka Talent district 11, had her bag and she wasn't letting go of it.  Dekka was hidden in a house a few blocks from the cornucopia.  She tried to keep her breath steady as she heard people run by the house.  Dekka could hear voices.  Three separate voices.  Two girls and 1 boy's.  Then she heard the most terror indusing words 'Let's check this house!'  Dekka then heard them open the door.  Dekka didn't have a weapon and she herd them get closer to the room she was hidden in.  The door flies open and three people stand in front of her.  They all smile.  Dekka decides to go out with a fight.  Dekka runs at the group and tackles the boy to the ground and punches him in the face.  She gets a couple of hits in before the girl from 1 hits Dekka in the head with an ax.

Freddie Benzo district 1, pushes the dead girls body off his body.  Penny had just killed her and the cannon fire still ringed in Freddie's ears.  Freddie gingerly touched his nose and recoils.  His nose is defently broken.  Penny and Nerezzah giggle and make girl talk, :"Look at her cornrows!"  "I know!  ISn't she just tough!"  They start laughing.  Freddie smiles along anf gets a bandage from his bag to set his nose.

Edilio Escabar district 10, was silently praying for forgivness.  He had killed the girl from 2 a few hours ago.  Edilio knew he couldn't worry about it.  This was the hunger games.  The only way to live was to kill.  Edilio opens the hiking bag he got during the bloodbath.  Inside he found a loaf of bread, a medium sized water bottle, a thing of rope, and a fire starting kit.  Edilio didn't see the use in the rope or fire starter, yet.

Hunter Lion district 9, kept moving.  He was almost out of town already.  He was running on a street that seemed to be heading out onto a highway.  Hunter wanted to go out into the wilderness he thought he had a much better chance hunting there.

Penny Close district 1, enjoyed Nerrezah's company.  But Penny would have preffered Freddie's attention.  Penny tried to help Freddie with his nose but every time she attempted to help set the bandage Freddie cried out in pain.  Nerrezah laughs sadisticly at all of Freddie's pain.

Howard Bassem district 11, knew what his strategy would be.  He was going to follow the careers and mooch of their stuff.  Howard had gotten a pack with a water bottle, knife, and a bag oranges.  Howard was going to follow the careers and take supplies off their victims.  He had already taken some dried beef off the body from the girl from 11.

Mary Terrafino district 12, was hiding in the basement of one of the houses in the arena.  IT had a workbench and a mini-fridge in it.  THe fridge was filled with little water bottles.  Her bag from the cornucopia had nothing really usefull.  Inside wrtr a few bananas and a sleeping bag.  MAry unrolled her sleeping bag and ate a banana.  IT was getting close to midnight.

Britney Donegal district 10, was doing suprisingly well with her spear wound.  IT was bleeding but not very badly.  Her bag had a few cracker sleeves and a large water bottle.  She also had her knife.  Britney was suprised how little her wound hurt.  Britney didn't mind it much.

Brianna Knope district 8, was so fast she was already well out of town by midnight. Her amazing bag was filled with a variety of meats, breads, and dried fruits.  As well as a gallon jug attached to the side of it.  Brianna was just sorting her bag when she heard the capitol anthem.  She looks to the sky to check the fallen.  First is the pair of 2, then the boy form 4, the girl from 5, the girl from 6, both from 7, the boy from 8, the girl from 9, and the boy from 12.  Brianna shrugs and keeps sorting.


-Lana Lazer district 6, stabbed by Caine 24th

-Caine Soren district 2, killed by Brianna 23rd

-Duck Zhang district 12, speared by Quinn 22nd

-Orsay Pettijohn district 9, hit with Diana's throwing knife 21st

-Sinder Herb district 5, smacked by Charles 20th

-Quinn Gaither district 4, stabbed by Britney 19th

-Taylor Chin district 7, slashed by Nerezzah 18th

-Zil Sperry district 7, stabbed by Freddie 17th

-Jack Gazman district 8, stabbed by Penny 16th

-Diana Ladris district 2, smacked by Edilio 15th

-Dekka Talent district 11, stabbed by Penny 14th

Day 2

Sam Temple district 3, didnt like the feeling in the air.  Something made him know that a lot of people were going to die today.  Astrid was on guard duty with a knife in her hand.  Sam rubs the sleep from his eyes, "Astrid, do you want some breakfast?"  Astrid glances over her shoulder.  "Sam, do you see that movement over there?"  She points with her knife to a nearby building.  Sam and Astrid were sleeping ontop of a large hardware store and had blocked the entrance.  they had enough food and water to spend most of the games on this building.  Sam looks were Astrid is pointing and he is shocked when he sees a streak of yellow fur.  "Astrid, stay away from the sides of the building."  

Mary Terrafino district 12, cringes.  Her stomach was full of water but she was still hungry.  Mary considers the ramifactions of drinking another bottle.  When she hears something.  Mary walks over to the stair case.  At the top of the stairs is a baracade made from multiple crates and tools.  She hears something slamming against the door and letting out an occasional bark.   Mary prays that the blockade holds.

Britney Donaguel district 10, was still going strong.  She had a spear wound in her chest but as long as she didn't bend too quickly it barely bothered her.  Britney was hiding in a a burned down house and was just sort of sitting in a bedroom.  Britney could hear the sound of coyotes from the window in the room.  Britney wasn't ver afraid.  All the coyotes just pass by the house Britney was hiding in.  

Edilio Escobar district 10, was running with all his might.  The careers were after him!  They were hot on his heels and were laughing as they ran, swinging their clubs and knives.  Edilio was sweating profusly and was runnign down city block after city block.  Edilio turns into a small alley way and spins around.  Edilio holds out his club.  He will take out the careers one by one.  He waits for a few seconds then the boy from 1 turns into the alley.  Edilio swings his club and gets a nice hit on the boy's shoulder.  The boy drops his knife from shock and Edilio uses this time to hit him over the top of the head with his club.  The boy crumples to the ground and Edilio keeps hitting the boy in the head  in till Edilio hears a cannon fire. 

Hunter Lion district 9, watched as the boy from 10 killed the boy from 1.  Hunter was standing at the oppisite end of the alley.  He didn't want to attack the boy from 10, he just wanted to watch.  Well, intill Hunter hears, "GGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRH!"  Hunter turns around slowly and sees a pack of coyotes.  About 12 large dogs with yellow fur.  Hunter starts to back up slowly but these aren't normal animals, they're mutts.  They jump with extremly power.  One of the dogs gets high enough for it to chomp down on Hunter's head.Hunter screasm as the dogs swarm and rip his clothes.    

Howard Bassem district 11, was spriting after the careers.  They were chasing the boy from 10 and Howard had just heard a cannon fire.  Howards strategy was to take things off of the careers victims.  Howard could see the girls turn into an alley.  Howard is close behind them when he hears three diffrent voices scream.  Howard then hears a cannon fire.  He can't conain his excitment.  He peeks into the alley.  Two bodies are lying on the ground and three people are still standing.  There is also a pack of coyotes swarming onto the people.  Two coyotes jump onto the boy from 10.  The boy tries to fight them off but their powerful jaws clamp on his arms.  The girls scream as the coyotes go for them too.  They stab at the dogs but it barely phases them.  After two get the girl from 4.  The pack turns it's attention to the girl from 1.  Then a rogue dog notices Howard watching the entire event.  It lets out a loud howl and jumps at him.  It's powerful paws push Howard over and pin him to the ground.  It's teeth bite down. 

Brianna Knope district 8, would be nervous about the 6 cannon fires but she is Brianna.  She looks at it like an oppertunity for victory.  6 less threats.  Either way It was down to the final 7.  Brianna was well out of town and was living in a very grassy area.  She could see a farm house off in the distance and she runs to it.  She decides to make it her base.  

Sanjit Chace district 5, bite his nails as midnight approached.  6 people died today adn soon their faces would be in the sky.  Sanjit expected it to be all the kids from the outlier districts.  THe anthem plays and he looks up, First is both from 1, then the girl from 4, the boy from 9, the boy from 10, and the boy from 11.  Sanjit can't help but smile.  All the careers are dead.  It's anyones game. 


-Freddie Benzo district 1, head cracked open by Edilio 13th 

-Hunter Lion district 9, eaten by coyotes 12th 

-Edilio Escobar district 10, eaten by coyotes 11th 

-Penny Close district 1, eaten by Coyotes 10th 

-Howard Bassem district 11, eaten by coyotes 9th

-Nerezzah district 4, eaten by coyotes 8th

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