Why hello there!  I took a month long break from writing Hunger Games and now Im back and want to start a brand new one.  So this is my thirteenth one total so I want it to be good!  You can submit up to 4 tributes and All i need is age,gender,district,apperance,weapon of choice, skills, and backround.  I will go on profiles as well!

Arena:  The arena is a thick snowy forest filled with diverse wild life.  Filled with pine trees and small ponds all across the arena.  Mountain line the edges of the arena and very few areas aren't covered in a few inches of snow.  Even the cornucopia is covered.  A few bear muttation roam the arena freely

Male Female
District 1 Lion Scrapes Ruby Bloodstone
District 2 Owen Milligan Fiona Coyne
District 3 Zig Novak Becky Baker
District 4 Thomas Quince Jenna Middleton
District 5 Drew Torres Claire Edwards
District 6 Brann Clatch Imogen Moreno
District 7 Jake Martin Krystal Calcite
District 8 Eli Gold Tori Santamaria
District 9 Kevin Quince Marisol Lewis
District 10 Mike Dallas Amaryllis BlackBerry
District 11 Zane Park

Bianca DeSousa

District 12 Cam Saunders Maya Matlin

Add in the comments if you want me to do chariot rides, reapings or training scores/sessions



Sunny Nealson glanced nervously at Carietum Downstreet.  Her jaw locked into a scowl.  The other district 1 victors were also nervous.  District 1 hasn't been doing too well these last few years.  Really it's all been downhill since Carietum won.  After she won there were a few district 1 tributes who got to final 2 but they were always defeated.  Sunny starts the reapings with a long speech about the honor of the games and the betrayal during the Dark Days.  "Boy's first!"  Sunny says reaching into the bowl.  She can barely read the name before a handful of people voulenteer.  Afer the process of choosing the voulenteer Lion Scrapes becames the male tribute.  Sunny nods approvingly and goes to the bowl of the girls names she pulls out a name and Ruby Bloodstone jumps up and yells, "I'm voulenteering and if anyone takes that from me I will cut you."  No one else voulenteers and Sunny has the tributes shake hands. 


Will Korby watches the voulenteer process take place.  Will doesn't care though.  Will is confident enough in his abilities to coach anyone into being a victor.  He got Susane to final 2 last year and Will believed it was all his skill.  After the entire reaping process the District 2 triubtes are Owen Milligan and Fiona Coyne.  Both strong looking tributes with dark hair and fierce attitudes.   


Zap Troll was already back to taking anxiety pills.  Sam temple won a few years ago but last years tributes had died so quickly it sucked all the hope from him.  Sam was shaking in his chair.  Suffering from some serious PTSD.  Sam felt like he was the reason the tributes had died last year.  It only caused him to fall deeper into his depression cycle.  Sam half watched the two children being chosen for slaughter.  A sly looking boy named Zig Novak and a goody-toe shoes looking blond girl named Becky Baker.  Sam closes his eyes and has a flash to the two in the arena.


Christa Storm was bossing the district escort, Clarson, around.  Clarson sucked it up since Christa was still the big talk of the capitol.  She won a career battle-royal her year and was ruthless.  Clarson wasn't going to piss her off.  Clarson pulls out the girls name first and reads off, "Jenna Middleton!"  A blond girl with a strong body gets on the stage.  No one volenteers to take her place.  Then Clarson takes out the boys name, "Thomas Quince!' A boy wwith short dark hair takes the spot and, oddly, no one voulenteers for him either.


Hara Monara kept her useal cool demeanor as the reapings went on.  Hara almost smiled when a boy named Drew Torres got reaped.  He was tall, dark, and handsome.  Sponcers would be tripping over one another to give him presents.  Hara quickly goes back to her scowl and watches a small girl named Claire Edwards get reaped.  Hara prepares mentally for her plan in the capitol. 


District 6's only living victor died last year and no one is left to mentor the tributes which means the escort, Vivi Bibi would act as mentor.  The district 6 children were defenitly afraid of this capitol woman trying to help them win but what could they do?  Those two unlucky tributes were Brann Clatch and Imogen Moreno.


Red Wormwood laughs at Plank Oak's lame jokes.  Red actuelly liked Plank and they have been the district 7 team for 10 years now and Plank actuelly thought of Red as his only true friend.  Red starts the reapings with a movie about the hunger games.  Soon Red is drawing names for the tributes, "Jake Martin!" A skinny tall boy takes the stage.  red takes the girls name, "Krystal Calcite!"  A pretty girl with light brown hair takes the stage.  When Red asks for voulenteers the mayors daughter actuelly starts to step forward to voulenteer but Krystal shoots her a look to make her stop.  Red waits to see if the girl ends up voulenteering.  The mayors daughter backs off and Red has the tributes shake hands. 


Wynona Foliage is the newest victor and is enjoying all the fame.  She also enjoys how healthy all the district 8 kids look.  Wynona won food for everyone in district 8.  The kids looked very well fed and strong.  The two new kids were Eli Gold and Tori Santamaria.  Wynona actuelly knows both of them but she isn't friends with them so she doesn't feel too awful about them being reaped. 


Osement Pace rubbed Emma Wilkerson's back as she had a wave of nausea go through her.  Osement had finally gotten through his boughts of sickness during the games and was now severly under weight from it.  Emma seems to have inherited his problem.  When the tributes Marisol Lewis and Kevin Quince Emma loses her lunch over the rail. 


A few drunk people in the very back of the square cried out in joy when Mike Dallas and Amaryllis Blackberry were reaped.  Mainly because that is who they put their money on.  Betting on reapings was the biggest economic point of district 10.  A few people cried out in saddness, but most in joy. 


Berke Deflint had four camras on him at all times.  Everyone loved his rugged good looks and deadly nature.  Berke rolled his eyes though when Zane Park was reaped.  Zane always tried to negotiate and work things out with words.  A trait that doesn't gain you sponcer.  When Bianca DeSousa was reaped Berke was a little happier.  Bianca had a firey personality and would definitly make district 11 look like a fighting district. 


]Effie ignored Haymitch's drunk antics and quickly pulled out the names for reapings.  She ended up with two dark haired children from the seam.  Both small and weak.  District 12 was not very happy with the results and the two children bogth bawled their eyes out on stage. 

Blood Bath

The 24 tributes rise into the arena all filled with nervous energy.  The tributes take in the arena and all they can see is a dence forest filled with snow.  There is six inches of snow around the cornicopia.  The actual cornucopia is snow free and shines brightly in the sun.  All of the tributes are wearing thick black clothes designed for keeping in body heat and protecting from snow.  All the tributes also have a pair of snow goggles.  Most of the tributes have already put the goggles around their foreheads to stop them from blocking their vision.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!  Let the 61st annul Hunger Games begin!" Claudis Templesmith booms fromt he sky.

Thomas Quince district 4, defintly wasn't expecting snow. Thomas has never seen snow in his life, except on television when going from district to district.  Thomas has the girl from 6 to his right and the girl from 3 to his left.  Neither looked deadly so THomas figured he was safe.  5...4...3...2...1!  Thomas jumps into the snow and sprints to the cornucopia.  He is suprised how much the snow slows him down.  All the tributes seem to be moving slower than useal.  Suprisingly the boy from 12 is the first to get to the cornucopia and he is able to take a large hiking bag and able to sprint off before Thomas can do anything.  The boy from 3 gets to the cornucopia second, THomas gets there third.  The boy from 3 tries to take a large hiking bag but THomas is able to get a spear and stab the boy from 3 in the neck before he can run off.  His blood squirts out of his neck and stains the snow.   

Krystal Calcite district 7, is fourth to get to the cornucopia.  Krystal guessed only a handful of the tributes have ever had to work in outside in the snow and being form district 7 this arena gave her a huge advantage.  Krystal is able to grab a machete and a average sized bag before she rusn off into the arena.  As she is sprinting away the girl from 9 tries to tackle her.  Krystal jumps out of the way and the girl from 9 hits the ground.  Krystal slams her machete into the girls back and realizes that the jackets they wear are so thick it barely did anything.  Krystal has to hit the girl in the back 5 times before doing fatal damage.    

Fiona Coyne district 2, hated that districsts 7 and 12 seemed to thrive in the snow.  Fiona runs with all her might up to the girl from 12.  Fiona wraps her arms around the girl and slams her on the ground.  The girl screams and tries is able to punch Fiona in the face.  Fiona responds by grabbing the nearest item, a portable lanturn, and repeatdly hits the girl in the head with it.  After a few good whacks the girl is dead.

Imogen Moreno district 6, scoops up items laying around.  She actuelly gets a good haul when she watches the boy from 4 spear the girl from 3.  THe shock causes her to drop her belongings but Imogen is able to recover and reclaims her stuff before sprinting into the woods.  

Eli Gold district 8, is trying to dodge the boy from 1's attacks.  Eli has a large black abg in his hand and the boy from 1 has a sword.  Eli is able to block a few of the boy form 1's hits with the bag when he gets unlucky.  The boy from 1's sword hits Eli in the shoulder and cuts through his jacket.  Eli is hurt but not badly.  The boy from 1 raises his sword to deliver the final blow, when out of no where he gets tackled to the ground by the girl from 10.  Eli watches as the girl from 10 attempts to stab the boy from 1 with her knife.  The boy from 1 responds quickly by skewering the girl through the stomach with such force the blade of the sword comes out of her back.  Eli wants to throw up but he knows he has to turn and run.  

Drew Torres district 5, is trying to play smart.  The blood bath seems to be going in slow motion since no one can really move fast in the layer of snow.  The boy from 4 is looking for a target and Drew knows he needs to act fast.  Drew grabs a hatchet and a small bag and goes very slowly to the boy from 4.  After a few seconds Drew gets close enough to hit the boy with his hatchet.  Drew swings and the hatchet collides with the boys neck.  Drew doesn't check to see if he's dead he just grabs another small pack and runs out of the cornucopia. 

Lion Scrapes district 1, rolls the girl from 10's body of of him and pulls his sword form the corpse.  Lion can see the small boy from 9 trying to make off with a large pack and some knives.  Lion makes a snow ball and chucks it at the boy's head.  A direct hit to the ears causes the boy to cry out.  Lion makes another snow ball and is able to hit the boy from 9 in the nose this time.  Lion is enjoying picking on the little kid but knows its time to get serious.  Lion runs at the boy and slashes his sword at him.  THe sword cuts the boys face and the boy cries out.  Lion stabs at him again and the sword goes through the boys jacket into his chest.  Lion pulls out the blade and the boy from 9 falls over.  

Jenna Middleton district 4, has claimed a pair of deadly clubs and is looking for her target.  Her eyes catch movement deep inside the golden horn.  Jenna runs inside to see the boy from 7 trying to steal a giant battle ax and a crate of food.  Jenna rolls her eyes and smacks the boy in the back of the head with her club.  The boy drops the battle ax, that was far too large for him, and Jenna gives him another hard whack on the head.  The boy falls and Jenna decides to really let him have it.  She slams her clubs into his head it the snow becomes stained with blood.  

Mike Dallas district 10, was big, fast, and atheltic.  He had a knife and was ready to use it.  He could see the girl from 11 trying to run away with a dark green bag.  Mike is able to easily chase her down and stab her in the arm.  The girl cries out and turns and slaps Mike across the face.  Mike practically snarls as he slashes the girls throat open.  Mike takes her bag and runs off.  

Owen Milligan district 2, had the girl from 5 in a head lock.  The girl struggled with all her might and tried to break free but Owen just laughed and eaisly snapped the girls neck.  Owen was big, ruthless, and mean.  He enjoyed the girls death and laughed at her limp body.  

Ruby Bloodstone district 1, ahs her spear ready and plans on taking out whoever is left in the cornucopia.  Currently it's just her career alliance and the boy from 6.  The boy from 6 tries to run away but Ruby is able to throw her spear with such force that it flies across the cornicopia and hits the boy in the small of his back.  The boy screams in paina nd falls face first into the snow.  Ruby quickly runs to him and pulls the spear from his back.  She then directs her spear into his neck and enjoys how the blood seeps out.    

Zane Park district 11, was able to grab a few items form around his pedestal but now he was trying to run of in the arena.  Zane was actually the first one gone and has already moved an impressive distance into the cold forest.  Zane stops when he hears the cannons fire.  11 total.  Zane sighs.  He would have liked to made some sorta deal with the tributes.  A giant alliance and a form of unity to the capitol.  

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