Hola, so i've done 6 hunger games already and there is one thing that always makes me sad, when a good tribute ends up dying and you wish they still had a chance.  so here is their chance!  All-Stars!    24 of my favorite past tributes who either proved themselves or I just liked writing for.  So this one is really more of a read if you feel like it.  I will have sponcering for these tributes.  but that will be farther down

Male Female
District 1 Garnet Stone Victoria Scope 20xxx
District 2 Emmett Woods 15xxx Tarelia Anderson 16xxx
District 3 Ethan Shocking 23xxx Caputha Sighn 10xxx
District 4 Julian Hemm 5xxx Abbey Mae Finn 7xxx
District 5 Rick Jones 13xxx Cathy James 22xxx
District 6 Hinder Black 6xxx Bessy Tower 4xxx
District 7 Xaiver Wood 12xxx Elsa Brown 18xxx
District 8 Robin Vigo Eve Cotton 11xxx
District 9 Pamline Falcone 24xxx Holly Honey 9xxx
District 10 Flicks Marvel 21xxx Jadynette Olive
District 11 Court Morgan 19xxx Cherish Wilkson 17xxx
District 12 Cale Silverado 14xxx Mariah Abernathey 8xxx

Sponcering:You can sponcer any tribute you want.  You could even sponcer multiple tributes.  Just comment the thing you want to send and I will subract the appropriate amount.  I do sponcering in sort of a weird way.  The amount of money you spend on the gift improves the gifts over all quality.  Example: 50 knife is a letter knife, 500 dollar knife a large sword with sheath.  (Just as an example you can ask for food, medicine, protectin, comfort, weapons, anything special)

Arena: A very small tropical arena.  The inner most part is a salt water ocean with the cornucopia resting on a sandy island with strips of sand leadin to a larger beach.  The beach is connected to a jungle filled with many hidden traps  Each hour a new horror is released in a diffrent sector of the arena (Sound familiar?)


The tributes rise from their launch rooms and look into the bright sun.  It takes a minute for their eyes to adjust and soon many of them become scared as they realize they are surrounded by water.  There are twelve sand spokes and in between each one is two tribute plates.  All tributes are wearing jumpsuits each district has it's own color.  They all had a purple belt filled with a weird liquid.  "Ladies and Gentleman, let the 57th Annual Hunger Games begin!"  Claudis Templesmith booms.   

Garnet Stone district 1, was trying to figure out how far his plate was from the nearest sand spoke.  Garnet could barely see any other tributes, to his right was the guy from 5 whose suit was a bright red.  Garnet could see from his far left the girl from 11 with a brown jump-suit.  Garnet knows that a lot of tributes are going to escape into the jungle.  Garnet knew there was only 10 seconds left before they were allowed to go.  5...4....3...2....1!  Garnet dives into the water and swims to the sand spoke.  When Garnet reaches it he climbs on and runs to the cornucopia.  Running on the sand was very difficult and Garnet got very tired, very fast.  On the stretch of sand there are a few random small packs but Garnet jumps over them he wants the bigger game of the cornucopia.  Garnet is the first to get to the cornucopia.  He goes into the golden horn and takes out the largest sword he can find.  He exits the cornucopia and the boy from 9 runs at him.  Garnet takes the opportunity to stab the boy with his sword.  The boy's white jump suit gains a red splotch that spreads quickly. 

Julian Hemm district 4, was annoyed that Garnet somehow made it to the cornucopia first but that feeling disappears quickly when Julian grabs a spear lying on the sand.  Julian hears someone behind him.  He turns around quickly and throws his spear.  It goes into the boy from 3's chest, his blood clashes with his green jumpsuit.  The boy's face shows complete shock as he falls down, "Oh shit, he was our ally wasn't he?"  He forgot the boy form 3 had made a deal with the careers.  Too late now. 

Robin Vigo district 8, awkwardly pulls himself onto the sand bed.  He didn't know how to swim but he figured out that the belt acted like a flotation device.  Robin can see a small purple backpack to his left with a knife lying on top of the pack.  The girl from 5 is slowly making her way to the same stretch of sand Robin is on.  Robin knows he has little time.  He runs for the pack and picks up the knives.  He then turns and runs for the jungle.  The girl from 5 stands in his way.  She is coughing up water.  Robin takes the opportunity to throw one of his knives at the girl.  The knife goes into the girls side.  She screams and Robin charges at her and stabs the knife into her neck.  He pulls both of his knives out of her and sprints to the jungle.    

Jadynette Olive district 10, makes her way to the golden horn.  She made an alliance with the careers.  Jadynette watches Garnet and Julian try to search through the supplies before they were interrupted by the other tributes.  Garnet has a pair of large swords while Julian has two nice spears.  Jadynette can see a boy with a pink jumpsuit coming out from behind the cornucopia.  Julian gets his spear into the boy before he knows what happened.  The boy falls and Jadynette looks down at her own pink jumpsuit.

Bessy Towers district 6, had learned to swim from her father.  They had access to a private swimming pool that only the mayor knew about.  Bessy was one of the first to reach a strip of sand.  Her orange jumpsuit stood out more than she wanted.  She runs down the strip and can see a very small black pouch resting on a small pile of sand.  Bessy scoops it up and glances to her left.  She sees a boy from 5 dive into the jungle.  His crimson jumpsuit was much more conspicuous than Bessy's orange one.  She suddenly didn't hate orange so much. 

Hinder Black district 6, ran up the sand strip.  He was approaching the horn from behind and he could see out of his periferial vision other tributes running to the cornucopia.  Hinder gets there quickly and is able to grab a cross bow resting under the cornucopia's curved tail, Hinder grabs that as well as a large black hiking pack.  Hinder turns and runs down the strip.  Hinder can't tell if anyone is pursuing him.  Hinder can see the boy from 12 running to the jungle his jumpsuit midnight black.  Hinder though about loading an arrow into his crossbow and attempt to get the boy from 12 but he decides against it, he wants to get cover quickly. 

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, was wrestling with the girl from 1 in the water.  Abbey had the obvious advantage, with her years of experience in the water.  She quickly wraps her arms around the girl from 1's throat and submerges her head under the water.  The girl quickly suffocates and Abbey swims to a strip of land.  She gets there and is able to get a blue mesh bag the same color as her jumpsuit.  She heads to the jungle as she watches the careers assemble getting ready for some serious killing.  Abbey had declined their offer and now had to run from them.  She sprints away. 

Mariah Abernathy district 12, had aligned with the careers.  They had a very colorful team (literally), they had an alliance of 9 and all of them were at the cornucopia except for Victoria and Ethan.  Mariah could see a yellow body floating in the water, and after confirming with Garnet that yellow was district 1's color that the body was Victoria.  Mariah picks up a pair of deadly looking knives and turns hoping for a fight.  She can see the girl from 8 do a weird little dance down the sand strip.  She was heading away from the cornucopia and she had a purple jumpsuit.  Mariah had no target and now she was itching for a fight.  

Tarelia Anderson district 2, had obtained a bow and a nice quiver of arrows from the horn.  Emmet had also grabbed a sword.  They both had grey jumpsuits and were the last of the careers to make it to the horn. Tarelia looks for an approaching threats.  She can see the boy from 11 running to get supplies.  Tarelia pulls back her bow and fires an arrow into the boys skull.  He falls backwards and Tarelia has a weird feeling of Deja vu.

Emmett Woods district 2, was about to congratulate Tarelia on her kill when he notices a person with an indigo jumpsuit grab a pack inside of the horn.  Emmett turns and sees the girl from 7 trying to run off with supplies.  Emmett stabs the girl through the chest with his sword.  The girl cries out and Emmett starts to laugh.

Holly Honey district 9, had some serious problems trying to get to the sand.  She was the last person to make it to a sand strip.  Holly was so surprised that a small green bag was still on her strip of land.  She grabs it and can see a few bodies floating in the water.  then she sees a body with an indigo jumpsuit take a breath and then start swimming.  It scares Holly.  what she thought was a dead body was actually the boy from 7.  Holly doesn't know how good he is at fighting and decides to run away before he can do anything to her.  

Caputa Sighn district 3, was trying to be as sneaky as possible.  The careers were searching for targets and she needed to time this right.  She can see the girl from 11 running to get a bag.  The careers start screaming at her and sprint to her.  The girl screams and tries to run but the careers catch up and the girl from 12 sinks her knives into the girls chest.  Caputa knows this is her chance.  She runs for a near by brown bag and a very nice spear.  She scoops them up and runs for the jungle.  Lucky for her the careers don't notice. 

Careers, all the careers were happy but their original group of 9 had dwindled down to 7.  Victoria seems to have drowned and Ethan was accidently killed by Julian.  No one was really upset about Ethan dying, no one really liked him, he was too arrogant.  The careers start searching for more targets when they hear the cannon fire, 8 cannons fire and the careers all seem disappointed.  they were hoping for a much bigger number but what could they do? 


-Pamline Falcone district 9, stabbed by Garnet 24th 

-Ethan Shockign district 3, speared by Julian 23rd 

-Cathy James district 5, kileld by Robin's knife 22nd

-Flicks Marvel district 10, speared by Julian 21st 

-Victoria Scope district 1, suffacted by Abbey 20th 

-Court Morgan district 11, shot by Tarelia 19th 

-Elsa Brown district 7, stabbed by Emmett 18th

-Cherish Wilkson district 11, stabbed by Mariah 17th

Day 1

Garnet Stone district 1, was already butting heads with Emmett.  They both wanted to use a large sword that was on a rack in the cornucopia and neither of them was going to give it up.  Both thought the leader should have the sword, both also thought they were the leader.  Julian was trying to be the mediator but eventually gave up and went to sort through the spears, "Let's have a vote!" Emmett challenges. "All who think I'm leader raise their hand!"  He barks.  Tarelia and Mariah raise their hands.  "Who votes for me!" Garnet says shooting glares at Tarelia, Jadynette is the only one to raise her hand.  Julian was maintaining neutrality.  

Robin Vigo district 8, had only made it half a mile before he needed to rest.  The arena was so humid that he was drenched with sweat just from walking.  Robin checks to make sure no one is near him and then he checks his bag.  Inside he finds a small wood bowl, a silver cylinder shaped object, some prepackaged meat, and an apple. robin wished he had gotten a bigger bag but this wasn't too bad.  The silver object looked vaguely familiar.  He knew what it was but he just couldn't place it yet.  Robin repacks his stuff and starts walking with his knives in hand.  

Julian Hemm district 4, knew Garnet was annoyed at him for not voting for leader but Julian didn't want to pick a side.  Garnet decides to have a better attitude about it but still doesn't look happy.  They do the usual, careers sort thing.  They were having trouble finding large enough packs to hold their supplies.  A majority of the bags were very small and it became very obvious that the cornucopia was 90% weapons.  The careers sorted what little food and water they had and then stocked up on weapons.  Knives, clubs, swords, bows, arrows, shields, maces,  drills, hammers, needles, throwing knives, a bag of trowing stars, some razor sharp rope, axes, and many more dangerous and sharp objects.  They end up filling three bags with just weapons.  After officially being armed to the teeth they head out for tribute hunting.  

Bessy Tower district 6, was hidden in some very soggy, very large foliage.  There had been a tribute nearby and Bessy wanted to hide herself before checking her supplies.  All she had gotten was a small pouch.  Inside was a cup with a large plastic lid covered in filters and a very small flashlight.  Bessy wished there was food but she had seen some fruit and nuts hanging on trees around her.  Bessy puts the cup and flashlight into her puch and puts the patch around her neck. 

Jadynette Olive district 10, was in the middle of the career pack.  they were walking down a sand strip and it was only wide enough for one person at a time.  Emmett, Tarelia, and Mariah were in front of her, Julian and Garnet were behind her.  They didn't have any real plan other than to kill whoever they found.  Jadynette was fine with that but she didn't think there were enough tributes to go around.  She might have to slip up and kill one of her allies.  Julian already did it and no one seemed to care.  She thought about who she would kill first.  Probably Mariah.  She had an attitude problem that Jadynette didn't like.  She plotted her plan as the careers walk in silence. 

Rick Jones district 5, was soaked with sweat.  His red jumpsuit was sticking to him making it even more difficult to move.  Rick didn't have any supplies his original plan was to get items but that was before he saw the arena.  Rick didn't want to go to the cornucopia with that huge career pack.  He had seen a large amount of fruit on trees but he hadn't picked any yet.  He keeps pumping his arms as he jogs through the arena.  Passing a wide variety of life.  some possums with giant teeth, a few orange monkeys, and a large flock of butterflies.  He had avoided all of them because he knows how dangerous mutts can be. 

Hinder Black district 6, strips off his orange jumpsuit.  He had some white undergarments beneath his jumpsuit.  The orange of the suit wasn't really perfect for the arena.   The only orange he had seen was a small patch of flowers.  Other than that orange didn't blend in any where.  Hinder stuffs his jumpsuit into his bag.  Inside his bag is a large filled water bottle, a few bananas, a package of protein bars, some rope, and a very simple filter that Hinder had already tested and turned the salt water into drinking water.  Hinder also had his cross bow and 18 arrows.  He attaches his quiver to his thigh and puts his bag on.  He puts his crossbow in his hands and heads off to face the other tributes in his underwear.  

Cale Silverado district 12, lied on his back on the beach part of the arena.  The careers had practically walked within 10 feet of him, but his jumpsuit had hidden him.  Cale didn't want to spend his entire time in the arena afraid so he decide just to sit and wait and hope someone would take him out quick.  

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, curses that she didn't have a bow.  She had seen a ton of wildlife and with a bow and arrows she could have days worth of meat already.  All she had grabbed was a blue mesh bag.  Inside was a plastic water bottle, a tube of jell-o, a knife with a large blade and a very thin sleeping bag.  Abbey was very pissed that all she had for food was some jell-o but the more important item was the knife.  Any weapon was an amazing advantage in the arena.  Abbey made sure to have her knife in her hands at all times

. Mariah Abernathey district 12, rolled her eyes as Emmett and Garnet bickered over which direction to go.  To Mariah it didn't really make a difference but those two fight jsut for the fun of it, "Emmett, I saw that crazy girl from 8 come over here.  She then went in through those trees!" Garnet says pointing to the west.  "Ya, Garnet?  You should get your eyes check because I know she went over there!"  Emmett snarls pointing to the east.  Mariah wanted to say she saw the girl from 8 head north but both of the guys had large weapons in their hands and Mariah didn't want to tempt it.  She had attitude but not enough to challenge Garent and Emmett.  "Garent, I'm leader so we are going that way!"  Emmett storms off and Tarelia and Jadynette follow.  Julian puts his hand on Garnet's shoulder and Garnet starts to pout.  big Baby.

Eve Cotton district 8, sings loudly as she dances through the jungle.  She was a little loopy from her years in district 8's factories.  Too many fumes not enough brain.  Eve does an odd little twirl and plucks some nuts from a tree.  She threw them in her mouth and kept dancing away.  She hadn't obtained anything from the cornucopia. 

Tarelia Anderosn district 2, wanted Garent to just suck it up already.  He needed to get over himself before he got them killed.  Tarelia wanted to unload an arrow into his head but that may divide the careers.  As far as Tarelia was concerned there was an unspoken division.  She, Emmett and Mariah were one side and Julian, Jadynette and Garnet,  Tarelia would be fine with getting rid of the three of them but numbers were always a good thing.   

Holly Honey district 9, climbed a tree and sat on one of it's branches.  The branch was about 10 feet off the ground.  Holly didn't want to go up too high and then fall off.  she only came up so she could check her bag.  Inside was a very large water bottle, three sleeves of crackers, two throwing knives, and a watch.  Holly was perplexed by the watch.  She didn't understand why she needed a watch.  The only time of day that mattered in the arena was midnight when they showed the fallen faces.  Holly shrugs her shoulders and puts the watch in her bag.  

Xaiver Woods district 7, had a large black duffal bag and was happy about it.  He pushes his glass farther up his nose. He hadn't stopped moving since the games started.  It was starting to get dark and Xaiver was getting nervous about being snuck up on.  Xaiver pulls out his flashlight.  In his attempt to get the flashlight all the contents of his bag fell out.  A club, a huge water bottle, a big bag filled with dried fruit, a basic med kit and some wire.  Xaiver repacks his stuff and turns on his flashlight.

Emmett Wood district 2, tries to keep his temper but Garnet constantly tells them they should move their current camp.  Emmett keeps telling him to shut up and that his input isn't valued or asked for.  Garnet is bugging Emmett about everything and Emmett has had it.  Emmett knew what he was doing and knew that this location was perfectly fine.  "Garnet and Jadynette will take first watch!"  Emmett declares and takes some soup from their food pack.  Jadynette and Garnet glare but Emmett doesn't care. 

Caputha Sighn district 3, was surprised she hadn't heard anymore cannon fire yet.  Caputha opens up her container of salad and chows down on the leaves.  She had grabbed a nice brown bag from the cornucopia and it had choice supplies in it.  A watch, some salad, a large bag of apples, a galleon jug of water, some orange juice, and some strips of dried beef.  She had also grabbed a spear.  Caputha glances at her watch and realizes its midnight in a few minutes.  The anthem plays and Caputha looks up.  The capitol symbol appears and the face of the fallen are shown.  First the girl from 1, then Ethan, then the girl from 5, then the girl from 7 the boy from 9, the boy from 10, then finally both from 11.  Caputha doesn't like all the tributes wandering around.  15 other people were near and they all wanted her dead.  Suddenly lighting strikes a large tree and Caputha glances at her watch, "Weird, it happened right at midnight." 

Day 2

Holly Honey district 9, was snoozing peacefully when all of a sudden a big blob of goo hit her in the face.  Her eyes snapped open.  The goo was slick and warm.  Another blob fell on her arm.  Another hit her calf.  Soon it began to be pelted with goo.  She examines her arm and the good is crimson red and looks like........."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Holly screams  Blood was raining down on her.  Her screams only let blood get in her mouth, it tasted like metal.  She crawls under a tree and rolls herself into a ball, and tries to wait out the blood rain. 

Garnet Stone district 1, was awoken about an hour ago by some girl's shriek. It had been close but none of the careers knew which direction the scream came from so it seemed stupid to try and follow it.   Emmett and Tarelia were keeping watch and Garnet was resting on his back.  After a few minutes of thinking he hears Tarelai start to move, "Guys check this out!" She says over her shoulder.    Garnet looks over and sees a white fog creeping  closer.  Emmett approached the fog trying to examine it, "Stay back this fog looks weird." He says getting even closer.  Soon the fog stretches out and forms a tendril.  The tendril wraps it's self around Emmetts leg and Emmett screams.  His calf muscle twitches wildly and his leg gives out.  He falls onto his back and the fog creeps over his body.  Tarelia screams and tries to pull Emmett out of the fog but it's too late.  The fog has wrapped around his torso and he is twitching and jerking around.  Tarelia grabs his arm to pull but all it does is cause the fog to wrap around her.  Her body begins to suffer spasms and she falls face first into the fog.  Both their bodies converge and two cannons fire.  "RUN!" Garnet screams.  The careers grab their bags and sprint away from the fog.  The fog approaches quickly.  Occasionally the fog would touch one of them and they would feel their nerves give out but soon they make it out of the jungle and to the beach.  All the careers dive into the water and feel the poison leave their bodies.  The fog stops at the waters edge.  As the other careers are gasping for breath, Garnet smirks, "Guess I'm in charge then."

Cale silverado district 12, had woken up an hour ago when the careers had jumped into the water.  They had splashed around so much that Cale hadn't been able to sleep it off.  There was a weird fog that seemed to be waiting on the edge of the water.  It didn't seem to be spreading to where Cale was so he didn't care.  Cale watches for a few more minutes and then suddenly the fog seems to disappear.  The careers get on the beach and Cale wonders if they will approach him.  Cale glances up and sees a creature with orange fur.  It looks like a monkey.  It has very large teeth and seems to be more muscular than a normal monkey.  Cale glances around and sees a large group of monkeys.  Cale can feel some serious tension when suddenly he has to sneeze.  He sneezes and all hell breaks loose.  The monkeys drop on him and start biting into his flesh.  Cale screams and his instincts kick in.  He attempts to fight off the monkeys but they have already given him several fatal wounds.  The careers watch on, dumbstruck. 

Hinder Black district 6, was just waking up.  He eats a banana and looks around.  The only change from last night was that there were some birds perched on near by trees.  Hinder recognized them as Jabberjays.  Creatures who could perfectly mimic human speech.  One of the birds opens it's mouth and a very familiar scream escapes from it's beak.  It was the scream of Hinder's aunt.  Hinder shoots an arrow into the small bird.  A chorus of screams from behind Hinder causes him extreme distress.  His friend Mark and his teacher Ms.Justice.  Hinder retrieves his arrow and shoots two more into the jabberjays behind him.  He continues this process in till about 15 dead birds lie at his feet but new birds keep taking his place with screams.  Some from others loved ones and some from his.  Hinder was going to be driven mad. 

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, blinked in the bright light.  It was sunrise and she had some very restless sleep.  She wished she could have a nice bed with pillows and blankets but it just wasn't to be.  Abbey had awoken to three cannon fires already.  Down to 13.  Abbey packs up her sleeping bag.  She was about to take a drink of water when the wind picks up.  There had been very little wind in the arena in till now.  The wind went from a breeze, to a gust, to a brisk wind, and now felt like Abbey was in a wind tunnel.A possum like creature blows by Abbey being thrown through the air by the wind.  Abbey Feels herself get lifted up by the wind.  She tumbles and twists in the air.  She holds onto her bag for dear life and hits the ground hard and then bounce back up and gets blown another 20 feet.  Soon Abbey is thrown out of the jungle and onto the beach.  The sand whipping up a small dust storm.  When the wind stops and Abbey just lies there covered in sand and thoroughly disoriented.  Abbey looks over and sees a yellow suit, a blue suit, a pink suit and a black suit.  Abbey realizes it's the careers and knows she has to run now.  She lifts herself from the sand just as she hears, "Hey guys! Let's get her!" 

Rick Jones district 5, had hidden in the jungle as he watched the careers chase the girl from 4.  Rick thought it was weird that the girl from 4 wasn't in their pack.  He also noticed that district 2 was mysteriously missing.  They must have been two of the cannon fires he heard earlier.  Could the careers already be turning on each other?  That would be the best news to Rick.  Rick had a plan and if it worked he would be guaranteed victory.  Rick waited 45 minutes and then went out on to he beach.  He figured the careers would be long gone and that everyone else was still hidden in the jungle.  Rick goes out to the water and tastes it.  Salt water.  Rick can see oysters in the water.  He takes out the oysters and goes back in to the jungle.  As deep as he is willing to go. He eats the oysters insides.  After a few minutes of eating he hears a growl behind him.  He turns to see the face of some wild monster.  A mix between a panther and a wild dog.  It lets out a snarl and then lunges at Rick.  He is dead before it can even finish biting down on his neck.  

Robin Vigo district 8, was very thirsty.  He had been searching for water for hours.  The fourth cannon fire of the day made him very nervous.  Either someone was on a killing spree or this arena was more dangerous than it appeared.  That cannon had fired about an hour ago.  Robin had no exact way to keep track of time but that was his best guess.  About 15 minutes ago the girl from 4 had ran through the jungle and Robin had been caught off guard so he didn't throw his knife but now he kept his knife in hand at all times.  Robin hears a deep voice, "Come on.  We have to redeem our selves if we want to look good." Robin recognizes it as the voice of the boy from 1.  He then sees blond hair and a yellow jump suit appear thirty feet away.  Robin hides behind a tree.  A blue suit appears and Robin knows he is from 4.  Then two girls wearing black and pink appear.  He only has two knives.  He is confident enough in his shot that he knows two will be dead but he doesn't know if he wants to risk it.  Then he feels a tingling in his stomach and knows they can feel his presence.  He needs to take this opportunity.  He throws one of his knives at the pack.  It gets caught in one of the backpacks the girls was wearing, shit, he thought that was the back of her head.  The girl cries out of surprises.  Robin was about to throw his second knife when all of a sudden some weird coconut like fruit falls to the ground from nearby trees.  They crack open and purple clouds of smoke get released into the air.  Robin instantly feels dizzy and falls to the ground. 

Jadynette Olive district 10, woke up and felt really dizzy.  The last thing she remembers is a knife going into Mariah's backpack and then Jadynette blacked out.  She is lying on her stomach and directly in front of her face is a split open coconut with the inside covered in purple plastic then slowly Jadynette pieces it together.  The "coconuts" were fakes and filled with knock out gas.  That was the trap in this sector.  Mariah still had the knife in her bag.  Jadynette looks around and can't see the attacker.  He most have woken up already.  Garnet slowly gets up and Julian wakes up too.  "What happened?" Julian asks.  Mariah gets up and pulls the knife from her bag. Soon the careers converse together and soon figure out the story.  The boy from 8 attacked and then right after they all got knocked out. Judging from the person shaped hole int he foliage showed where the boy escaped.  He must have wakened earlier and decided to run before the career aroused.  He didn't take anything Mariah checks her watch and discovers that it is almost 8 at night.  they got knocked out by almost 11 hours.  They get up and decide to move before another round of knock out gases came.

Eve Cotton district 8, was stumbling around and soon entered the new danger zone.  Eve had noticed that there had been lightning and a giant tidal wave earlier in the day.  Even a small sand storm kicked up.  Eve had been circling the arena and hadn't encountered any tributes or dangers.  Eve leans against a tree she was tired.  Then she feels something wrap around her stomach.  She looks down at her waist and sees a vine wrapped around it.  Then she gets hoisted into the air.  she just hangs there and more vines move around.  Eve starts laughing and clapping, "Again! Again! do it again!" She chants.  Eve hangs there for an hour before the vine releases her.  she plants to the ground and is upset the ride is over. 

Xaiver Woods district 7, paces circles around a tree.  He can't stay put and he just has to keep moving.  Soon he notices that the temperature is getting progressively colder.  After a few minutes Xaiver starts shaking.  Soon he gets so cold he has to stop moving.  He curls up on the ground he can see his breath.  Xaiver can't believe this is this sectors trap is being freezing cold.  Xaiver toughens it out and after an hour the cold passes and Xaiver gets up and starts pacing to try and regain body heat. 

Caputha sighn district 3, has already figured out the arena.  It was a clock. Every hour a different piece of the arena was launched into a trap.  Some of the areas only activated once and then the rest of the hour was calm.  Caputha notices about half the sectors seem to involve instantly killing and the other half for just driving out tributes.  Caputha had missed what had happened at 11 in the morning.  So she didn't know what this sector held.  It was hard to even judge which sector she was in.  Caputha was by the beach.  When she notices the water stirring.  She instantly knows what she has to do.  She sprints to her right and dives for the sand.  She barely missed by the giant wave slamming into the beach. "That was a really close call." Caputha sighs counting her blessings.  Caputha decides that this sector should be safe for 12 hours and decides to set up camp.

Bessy Towers district 6, had almost been killed by these bugs for the last half an hour.  She was being chased by large silver bugs with huge razor sharp teeth.  The swarm was huge and Bessy felt her adrenaline pumping and knew the second she slowed down she would die.  Soon she left the jungle and ran on the beach.  Bessy somehow knew the water was the only safe place.  She plunges into the water and swims down so the bugs can't bite her head.  After 30 seconds she comes up for air.  The bugs are resting on branches at the very edge of the jungle.  Bessy relies this trap is designed to draw tributes out she turns in the water waiting to see if anyone else runs at her.  She figures out she is safe and wades in the water in till the bugs go away. 

Julian Hemm district 4, had a vague idea that the arena was a clock but he wasn't sure enough yet.  He wanted more proof before he voiced his opinion to the others.  The anthem plays and Julian and the other careers look into the sky.  The faces of the fallen appear.  First is Emmett and Tarelia, then the boy from 5 and finally the boy from 12.  Which meant no one died when they were all knocked out.  Julian didn't care, "You guys can sleep I'll take first watch." He tells the group they thank him and take out their sleeping bags.  Julian looks over at a large tree across the water and when it gets hit with lightning his suspicions were confirmed.


-Emmett woods district 2, killed by fog 16th

-Tarelia Anderson district 2, killed by fog 15th 

-Cale Silverado district 12, killed by monkeys 14th 

-Rick Jones district 5, killed by beast 13th

Day 3

Holly Honey district 9, was still shaken from the blood rain she experienced yesterday.  She had been covered in blood and waited it out.  After the rain stop she washed herself off but 12 hours later the rain started again.  Holly decided to no longer stay in this area of the arena.  She packs up her belongings and heads out to find a hopefully less disgusting portion of the arena.  

Garent Stone district 1, listened patiently to Julian's idea about the arena.  The other careers nod but Garnet is still skeptical, "Okay how about this, we go to the cornucopia with a watch and then we just look around and see if these traps are timed?  Then we can make some sort of map so we understand what we're dealing with." The others nod and pack their things.  A map of the arena would defiantly be a help. 

Hinder Black district 6, had figured out the arena's traps and knew he was in the orange monkey part of the arena.  He knew he had about 10 hours in til the monkeys would attack him.  Hinder can see the careers moving towards the golden cornucopia.  the arena was extremely small, much to Hinder's dismay.  his plan was to hide in hard to reach places and then take people out with his crossbow.  The constant trees in the jungle made it almost impossible to shoot something running.  Hinder was still trying to figure out his plan when a giant sand storm whips up 100 feet from his left.  "Oh, it's 5 o'clock." 

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, tried to sneak up on a weird tree rat.  She had her knife ready and took delicate steps to close in on the creature.  The creature jumps off the branch and scurries off into some thick foliage.  Abbey curses loudly.  She starts to have remorse about not aligning with the careers.  If she had she would be using a bow right now, plus she would have a lot more food and water.  Abbey looks at her dwindling supply of gellitan.  Abbey sighs and looks for some nuts to eat. 

Robin Vigo district 8, was still disoriented from the knock out gas yesterday.  He had no idea where the beach was.  He had woken up earlier than the careers and decided to run instead of risk a fight.  He was also parched.  He opens his bag and takes out the weird silver cylinder.  It had to have some use otherwise they would include it, well maybe they would.  Robin examines the cylinder from all angles before finally realizing what it is.  Robin grabs his throwing knifes and starts going to work on the nearest tree.  He spends almost an hour carving out a small hole in the tree and it is finally big enough to fit the spile.  Robin was about to put it into the tree when he feels a sharp pain in the back of his head.  Robin turns to see the boy from 7 standing behind him with a club.  Robin's instincts kick in.  Robin punches the boy in the stomach, then uppercuts him.  The boy falls to the ground and Robin pulls his knives from the tree.  The boy from 7 starts to blubber and plead with Robin but he isn't forgiving.  Robin throws his knives into the boys head.

Jadynette Olive district 10, heard the cannon.  "Guys!  Someone died!" Mariah says to the group.  Jadynette rolls her eyes, "No shit, sherlock.  We heard the cannon fire."  Mariah glares at Jadynette.  "What trap is suppose to happen now, Julian?"  Julian consults the amp they started to make.  He then checks his watch.  "It's 4 in the afternoon, we don't have a trap for that time slot yet.  But my guess is the trap isn't deadly."  Jadynette's eyebrows shoot up, "Your guess?  What do you mean your guess?  Do you know or not?"  Her tone was sharp but Julian didn't flinch.  "Jadynette, haven't you noticed a pattern?  Half the traps are designed to instantly kill and the other half are to weaken or draw out tributes.  Most of the instant kill ones we can see from the beach."  Garnet nods and goes into a more detailed explanation but Jadynette holds up her hand, "Stop!  I honestly don't care anymore.  Someone should start on dinner, I'm getting hungry." 

Eve Cotton district 8, had stayed in the vine trap sector of the arena.  she found the trap fun.  Twice a day it would lift her in the air and she would scream, "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"  She enjoyed it immensely. Eve clapped her hands as the vines reach down to wrap around her.  It wraps around her waist.  Then two vines wrap around her wrists stopping her clapping.  Then a fourth vine comes down and wraps it's self around her neck.  "This is neeeew!" She says as the vine gets tighter around her neck.  Then in one quick motion the vine lifts her into the air and she is hung. 

Mariah Abernathy district 12, almost drops her bowl of soup at the cannon fire.  She turns to Julian, "What time is it!" She barks. Julian wipes of his mouth and grabs the map, "It's 8 pm. So we don't know what the trap is.  Let me finish eating."  Mariah's eyes narrow and she has a vivid fantasy about stabbing Julian.  Jadynette smugly sips her soup enjoying Maiah's anger. 

Caputha Sighn district 3, had encountered the boy of the girl from 8.  Caputha had been on the edge of the vine sector when the trap activated.  She had watched the vines shift and then she watched that poor girl from 8 getting hung.  Caputha remembers her being a little unstable and even in death her eyes were wide and bright.  Caputha shivers and takes what little the girl had, a few handfuls of nuts wrapped in leaves.  Caputha puts them in her bag and leaves the purple body dangling.

Bessy Tower district 6, watches a giant tidal wave crash into the beach.  She was being careful and knew most of the traps by now.  Bessy had also figured out that the cup she had gotten at the cornucopia had a filter in it.  She filled it up and then removed the filter.  She drank a cup of now purified water.  She did this in till her stomach was full and she could barely move.  She started laughing from happiness but stopped when she remembered the careers were sleeping across the water. 

Julian Hemm district 4, gets shaken awake by Garnet.  "Julian, it's time to see the fallen!"  Julian rubs the sleep from his eyes and looks into the sky.  First is the boy from 7 then the girl from 8.  The sky goes back to normal and lightning hits the tree behind the careers.  Mariah curses, "I wish we had killed them!"  Julian was getting tired of her complaining.  He had a very nice dream about stabbing her. 


-Xaiver Woods district 7, killed by Robin's throwing knives 12th 

-Eve Cotton district 8, strangled by tree 11th

Day 4

Garnet Stone district 1, felt the island start to turn.  He grabs onto the golden horn just in time.  The sand island the cornucopia was sitting on starts to spin at a rapidly.  Mariah and Jadynette scream as they try to hold onto the ground.  Julian stays low and stays fairly sedentary.  Garnet's body gets lifted into the air but his grip on the horn keeps him from flying away.  After a few seconds the spinning stops and Garnet falls to the ground.  "Is everyone okay?" He asks.  The careers grumble but no one is hurt.  Garnet notices their supplies floating in the water.  "Guys!  Get the bags!"  Garnet dives into the water to rescue their belongings.  He collects the bags and dumps their contents on the sand.  A good portion of their food was ruined but their weapons and sleeping bags remained usable.  Garnet sighs and rubs his temples.  He glances up and sees a fog approach the waters edge.   

Caputha Sighn district 3, guesses its about 6 in the morning.  A huge sand storm had just blown up which marked the 5 am trap.  Caputha has spent most of her time in the arena at the beach.  She had seen a few other tributes across the water portion of the arena.  Tributes were easy to spot with their colorful outfits.  Caputha's green outfit practically glowed in the dark.  caputha went to the waters edge and plucked a few oysters.  She ate their insides and tried to remember what the trap was in her current sector.  Caputha shrugs and fishes for more clams then she sees a colorful group approach.  

Julian Hemm district 4, was patrolling the beach with the careers.  Their strategy was to never go into the jungle.  That was where all the traps were and most of the traps forced tributes to the beach anyway.  Garnet and Julian were cracking jokes when Mariah elbows Julian, "Guys look!   District 3!"  Mariah points.  Julian follows her finger and sees the girl from district 3 eating oysters at the waters edge.  Mariah and Jadynette take out their knives.  Julian and Garnet already had their spear and sword ready.  "Charge!" Garnet yells and the careers sprint at the girl.  The girl hears them and she snatches up her spear.  She holds it out to defend herself but Julian can tell she has very little experience.  The careers stop just short of her reach.  The girl jabs at them but they all dodge her attacks easily.  Julian starts to get bored so he jabs at her with his own spear.  The spear goes into her stomach and she gasps.  Jadynette takes this opportunity to lunge at the girl.  Jadynette  brings the girl to the ground and slashes open her throat.  The girls cannon fires. 

Abbey Mae Finn district 4, is scared by the cannon fire.  Abbey hopes it is  a career death and that it was caused by the arena.  Abbey would be fine if all the deaths were caused by the arena.  She felt powerless without a bow.  Abbey's stomach growls.  She ran out of food and water yesterday.  Abbey had found a coconut earlier but no matter what she did the coconut wouldn't come off the tree.  Abbey had decided to look for nearby nuts instead of worrying about the tree fruit.  As Abbey is collecting nuts the coconuts start to fall, releasing purple gas.  "What the fu...." Abbey starts to pass out. 

Hinder Black district 6, turns and shoots an arrow into a tree.He was trying to work on his quick shooting.  The best method to survive was to kill.  Hinder has 18 arrows and can't believe he was that lucky.  He retrieves is arrow and starts trying to shoot fruit off of trees. 

Mariah Abernathy district 12, was angry at Jadynette for stealing her kill.  "Why did you have to kill her?" Mariah shrieks.  Jadynette's eyes narrow and Julian rolls his eyes.  Mariah was having a total career tantrum.  "I should have gotten that kill!" She yells.  The careers are all sick of her but there isn't anything they can do.  they needed numbers it made them more intimidating.  So they all suck it up and apologize to Mariah Garnet tries to comfort her, "Mariah, I promise that the next time it's possible you can kill."  Mariah nods and Jadynette fumes. 

Bessy Tower district 6, still didn't have food but she had a lot of water.  Her filter was amazing and Bessy couldn't believe her luck.  She drank her 8th cup of water and then went back into the jungle.  She gets deep enough and then crawls under some leafy plants.  She decided to set camp in this bush because it was close to the beach and the trap was strange little birds that could mimic human speech.  Bessy believed they are called jabberjays. 

Robin Vigo district 8, drank from the stream of water coming from his spile.  He had figured the contraption out yesterday before he was rudely interrupted by the boy from 7.  The boy had hit Robin in the head and Robin has had a splitting headache since.  He had taken the boys bag and found some food, a flashlight, and a empty water bottle.  Robin was filling up his water bottle when he hears someone crying behind him.  Robin grabs his knives.  He follows the sound and finds a girl with a white jumpsuit crying under a bush.  Robin decided to end this quickly.  He throws both his knives into the girls back.  The girl screams and turns to Robin.  robin recognizes her as the girl from 9.  Robin pulls his knives from the girls back and stabs her in the neck.  Her cannon fires and Robin takes her bag.   

Jadynette Olive district 10, was pissed at Mariah and pissed at the second cannon fire of the day.  She had gotten the first kill and was proud of it.  They spent the last few hours circling the beach trying to find new tributes but it was futile.  The capitol anthem starts to play Jadynette looks to the sky and sees the girl from 3 then the girl from 9.  Jadynette sighs and offers to take first watch for the careers. 


-Caputha Sighn district 3, stabbed by Jadynette 10th 

-Holly Honey district 9, stabbed by Robin 9th  

Day 5

Garnet Stone district 1, was ready to get this done.  Only 8 tributes left and half of them were on his team.  Garnet was on watch and the others were sleeping peacefully.  Garnet can't contain his excitement anymore.  He kicks Julian awake, "Come on guys get up!  We can get rid of some of these tributes in the early hours.  The others grumble but get up Mariah looks a little angrier than usual, "Garnet, you promised I could get next kill right?" Garnet nods.  Mariah smiles a little as she pack up her sleeping bag.  The careers start to patrol for the next few hours.  

Abbey Mae Finn district 4,  was searching for some nuts when she hears movement coming from behind her.  Abbey moves quietly towards the noise.  She gets to the beach and looks around.  She can see the careers heading in her direction.  They notice her and Abbey decides the best strategy is to run for her life.  

Julian Hemm district 4, whoops with the careers as they run after Abbey.  They were chasing her through the jungle and dodging trees and small animals as they went.  Julian had a quick thought about what trap this sector was.  It was either jabberjays or the wind tunnel.  Neither was deadly but it could make chasing Abbey harder.  A few minutes into the chase a breeze starts up.   Abbey is only 25 feet ahead of them.  Garnet starts sprinting and the wind gets harder.  Abbey's eyes widen and she wraps her arms around the nearest tree.  Garnet was about to grab her by the neck when the wind picks up even more.  The wind is so powerful Julian can't even move.  All his muscles are trying to hold him in place.  Garnet is only a few feet from Abbey but he can't move his arms to grab her.  The wind gets even stronger and Julian is knocked onto his back.   He skids across the ground a few feet and tries to stand up.  He wraps his arms around a tree and the wind knocks his feet out from under him.  His body is in the air and the only reason he isn't flying away is because he is holding onto the tree.  The lip of Julain's bag comes undone.  Unfortunately for Julian his bag is full of items.  A variety of knives and clubs fly from his bag.  The wind catches them and they fly through the air at incredibly deadly speeds.  Julian looks over his shoulder and can see Mariah behind him.  The knives barely missing her head.  Julian was about to yell out an apology when the mace in Julian's bag gets free.  The mace flies in the strong wind and hits Mariah in the face.  Mariah's arms relax and her body flies through the air.  Even through the roaring winds Julian can hear a cannon fire.

Hinder Black district 6, jumped at the cannon fire.  He had watched the careers earlier patrolling and they had just chased the girl from 4 into the jungle.  It was about 6 in the afternoon.  Hinder didn't know what to do so he circled around the arena again.  Getting down to the final players was putting Hinder on edge. 

Jadynette Olive district 10, is grateful when the wind dies down.  She is even more grateful to see Mariah's limp body lying behind her.  A spiked mace embedded in her head.  Jadynette contains her excitement and turns to Garnet.  Abbey was in a headlock administered by Garnet.  Abbey claws at his hands but Garnet's much stronger than she is.  Garnet snaps her neck and the second cannon fire goes off.  Garnet drops the girls limp body and gets high fives from Julian and a hug from Jadynette.  Then Garnet sees Mariah's body lying on the ground, "Thank god!  Which one of you did that?" 

Bessy Tower district 6, was more intrigued by the two cannon fires rather than scared.  Bessy's stomach growled and she had to rest.  She had an unlimited supply of water which helped take the edge off of her hunger.  She drinks a cup of water but she ends up just feeling bloated and starving.  Bessy rolls onto her side and tries to sleep it off. 

Robin Vigo district 8, was over joyed The girl he killed yesterday had a very impressive bag.  It had a water bottle, some crackers a watch and two throwing knives.  Robin and moved all his belongings to the large black duffel bag he had gotten from the boy from 7.  He kept all three throwing knives in hand he was ready for whatever the arena had to throw at him.  The anthem plays and Robin looks into the sky.  First is the girl from 4 then the girl from 12.  Robin smiles.  Two more careers gone. 


-Mariah Abernathy district 12, killed by mace to the head 8th

-Abbey Mae Finn district 4, neck snapped 7th

Day 6

Garnet Stone district 1, felt a little bad that Mariah was killed but now he knew it was for the best.  They still were half the tributes and probably the most deadly.  The pair from 6 and the boy from 8 were the only noncareers left.   Garnet brushes the sand off of his yellow jump suit and picks up his sword.  Jadynette and Julian pick up their weapons and get ready for a trip into the jungle.    

Hinder Black district 6, guessed it was two in the afternoon.  He was resting on the beach.  the careers had disappeared into the jungle hours ago and hadn't come out.  Since there were no cannon fires Hinder had to assume they were alive.  Hinder glances over his shoulder and sees a fog approaching.  Hinder watches in approach and guesses that the trap wasn't as simple as normal fog.  Hinder puts an arrow in his bow.  He fires into the fog and watches his arrow dissintegrated in the fog.  Hinder backs away quickly.  The fog gets closer and Hinder backs away and almost ends up in the water.  Hinder watches the poisonous fog get even closer.  It was about to touch his ankle when Hinder takes his chance and jumps into the water.  The fog stops onto the water's edge.  Hinder let's out a breath and hears, "Oh, lucky you!"  Hinder turns to see the careers smiling at him.   

Julian Hemm district 4, dives into the water spear in hand.  The boy from 6 looks calmly at Julian approaching in the water.  He puts an arrow into his crossbow and points at Julian.  He quickly plunges his head under water.  He swims under the water.  He gets close to the boy and comes up from the water.  Julian is surprised that the boy didn't fire an arrow.  Julian quickly stabs the boys stomach with his spear.  Hinder fires his arrow into Julian's throat.  Julian pulls the spear out and stabs the boy again.  A red cloud appears from the boys stomach.  Julian's vision becomes blurry and before he dies he can hear the boy from 6's cannon fire. 

Bessy Tower district 6, grabbed her stomach as her hunger pains intense.  The cannon fire snapped her out of it for a moment.  The second cannon fire made her practically jump up.  Bessy guessed it was an arena trap.  No way it was anything else.  Bessy was about to go check the beach when she collapses from hunger again.  She decides to just take a nap instead. 

Jadynette Olive district 10, is in shock.  Julian and The boy from 6's bodies float close together in the water.  The boy from 6 faked Julian out and got a fatal blow on him.  Jadynette can feel Garnet's tension.   Now it was just him and her.  In some of the earlier games Jadynette saw this is when some career teams broke up.  She kept a tight grip on her knife.  Garnet turns and walks back into the jungle.  After a few steps he stops, "Are you coming?" He asks over his shoulder.  Jadynette nods and follows. 

Robin Vigo district 8, was hopeful about the two cannon fires.  The careers were down in numbers and logically at least one of them just died.  Robin only had to wait a few hours to find out.  After a wait the anthem plays and Robin looks into the sky.  The first face is the boy from 4 then the boy from 6.  Robin smiles. 


-Hinder Black district 6, stabbed in stomach by Julian 6th 

-Julian Hemm district 4, arrow to the neck 5th  

Day 7

Garnet Stone district 1, was prepared to search high and low for the last two tributes.  He and Jadynette could probably take on anyone.  The boy from 8 had shown some experience with knives but Garnet hasn't seen the girl from 6 since the games started.  Garnet slashed some plants away using his sword.  Jadynette stayed a little ways back.  Last night had been really tense.  Garnet was ready to get these games over with.  Jadynette was a way back. She was nervous Garnet was going to kill her.  Jadynette kept a careful eye as he searches for the tributes.

Bessy Tower district 6, was keeping as quiet as possible.  The boy from 1 was three feet ahead of her.  She was hiding under some plants and he was cutting down what ever he could.  Bessy held her breath and prayed her stomach wouldn't rumble.  

Jadynette Olive district 10, was staring at a plant with mysterious orange dirt.  She could see orange between the plant's leaves.  Jadynette goes back in her mind and tries to remember the color of district 6's jumpsuit.  She pokes Garnet and points at the brush with Orange under it.  Garnet nods and stabs into the plant.  The plant shrieks and squirms.  Jadynette's suspension was correct the girl from 6 was hiding under the plant.  A cannon fires and Jadynette has a weird feeling in her stomach.  Now only two people kept her from going home.  Garnet was one of them, and the other was hiding in an extremely deadly jungle. 

That night the face of the girl from 6 appears in the sky.   


-Bessy Tower district 6, stabbed by Garnet 4th

Day 8

Garnet Stone district 1, waits on the beach with Jadynette the most amazing thing was happening in the jungle.  All the arena traps were activating at once.  Every two minutes a lightning bolt hit a tree, blood rained down, fog appeared, monkeys came out, jabberjays sang, sand storms whipped up, a loud growl comes from the jungle, purple gas rises to the sky, plants move, a wave appears, and bugs fly out of the jungle.  This was designed to force the boy from 8 to the careers.  Garnet waited patiently with Jadynette. 

Robin Vigo district 8, ran from a variety of monsters; bugs, monkeys, and birds.  Robin had abanded his supplies long ago.  All he had was his three throwing knives and it was now his life line.  After a few minutes off running he can see two figures resting on the beach.  A girl with a pink jumpsuit and a boy with a yellow jumpsuit.  Robin keeps his knives ready and the pair stand up to battle him.    

Jadynette Olive district 10, stands behind Garnet with a knife in hand.  The boy from 8 approaches with confidence.  He has the long ranged weapon.  The careers have swords and knives.  The boy gets 50 feet away.  He smiles at them a nd shrugs his shoulders.  Garnet knits his brow and Jadynette gets ready for the fight by providing the only defense she knows.  She plunges her knife into Garnet's back.  Garnet cries out and Jadynette stabs him again.  Garnet cries out and Jadynette can see his shock.  She stabs him repeatedly in till his cannon fires.  The boy from 8 looks just as shocked. 

Robin Vigo district 8, jaw drops.  The girl from 10 is stabbing her ally.  She holds the boy's corpse to her chest and calls over the boys shoulder, "Meat shield!"  Robin understands.  She is using her dead ally's body as a shield to protect from Robin's attack.  He is disgusted and impressed at the same time.  She found a good defense.  Robin was impressed but he was ready.  He threw one of his knives.  It went into the boy from 1's shoulder.  The girl from 10 had moved his body just in time to block the knife.  Robin moved closer and the girl adjusted the body.  Robin decides to run for it.  He sprints to the left to try and move faster than the girl.  He throws his knife.  The girl swings the boy's body around with impressive strength.  The knife goes into the boy from 1's chest.  

Jadynette Olive district 10, swung the body again.  The boy had one knife left.  If she could just survive one more throw she could take the boy down.  The boy is very careful with his movement.  Orange monkey's behind him almost seem to be cheering him on.  Jadynette gets ready for his attack.  The boy sprints directly at Jadynette and tackles Garnet's body.  Knocking Jadynette to the ground too.  Robin tries to stab her but Garnet's body is in the way.  His eyes rolling around.  Jadynette takes her knife out and swings them around Ganet's body to get the boy.  The weight of both boys is crushing her chest.  The knife goes into the boys side.  He screams and takes his own knife and tries to stab Jadynette in the face.  He plunges the knife into the sand and skims her cheek.  Jadynette takes her knife out of the boy and pushes both bodies off of her.   

Robin Vigo district 8,  Has been stabbed in the side and was in terrible pain.  He throws his last knife. It goes into the girls back and she cries out.  Robin gets ready.  He reaches for a knife that is in the boy from 1's body.  Robin pry's the knife from the boys chest and looks up, just in time to watch Jadynette slit his throat open   

"Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce the winner of the 70th annul Hunger Games, Jadynette Olive!" trumpets play and A hover craft appears and drops a ladder into the arena.  Jadynette moves slowly to it.  The knife in her back slowing her down.  When she touches the ladder she is frozen to it and she is lifted into the hovercraft.  

A week later Jadynette is sitting on stage with Caesar Flickerman whose hair is dyed a pale blue.  They talk back and forth and watch a recap of the hunger games.  First the boy from 9 dies, then the boy from 3, the girl from 5, the boy from 10, Victoria, then the boy from 11, the girl from 7, the girl from 11, then Emmett and Tarelia dying in the fog, the boy from 12 getting eaten by monkeys, the boy form 5 being ripped apart, the boy from 7 getting killed by robin, the girl from 8 being strangled, Jadynette watches herself kill the girl from 3, then the girl from 9 dies, then she watches Mariah get hit with a mace, then Abbey getting her neck snapped, then the boy from 6 and Julian duel killing each other, then Garnet stabbing the girl from 6, and then the entire end battle starting with Jadynette back stabbing Garnet.  Caeser calls her, "The Back Stabber!" and it gets a loud laugh.  Jadynette takes a bow as the audience cheers for her.    


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