Why hello there. I'm Boland this is my third hunger games blog. THe other two can be read on this account ( I lost the password for that account and i cant change my password for some reason. So I would like to start doing these again! PLease submit tributes I don't think ill have mentors and stylists because I don't know if im going to do chariot rides and uselly i treat the person who submits the tribute as that tributes mentor (I filled in the remaining spots with random tributes because no one has commented one in like a month)

ARENA: A small arena that is about 20 miles in diameter and made of all crystal. The cornicopia is ontop of a large crystal mountain with any tunnels leading all around the arena. There are lizard mutts walking around the arena looking for tributes.

Cole Braxton Crystal Paige xxx 20th
Levi Stone xxx 6th Anna Marie de Caprio xxx 19th
Loyd Avery xxx 13th Aubrey Avery xxx21st
Jeramy Al xxx 3rd Fyran Bulu xxx 18th
Shock Mullen xxx 12th Lived Natas xxx 16th
Troy Ventura xxx 4th Tamora Summers xxx 11th
Birch Ellingson xxx 14th Elsa Brown xxx 15th
Gunner Time xxx 8th Violet Franklin xxx24th
Osement Pace Amber Pike xxx22nd
Billy Sherton xxx 7th Julia Creek xxx23rd
Zeke xxx 10th Delinda xxx 5th
Cole Tud xxx 17th Gilly Burton xxx 9th

Sponcering-You can send a gift to your tribute any time after day 1. It costs money to send gifts though. You get money by the following. Each tribute automatically starts with 100 dollars. Every day they get 50 dollars. If they kill a tribute they get 50 plus whatever money that tribute had. There are no prices. Let me explain if you want to send your tribute food and you only have 100 dollars id only send a loaf of bread. If you ask for food and you have 500 dollars I'd send a basket full of fruit and meat. So you can ask for anything at any point but this system incourages saving up money.

Also. Say in the comments if you want me to write training scores, chariot rides, or reapings

Thank you!

Blood Bath


The tributes rise up from their own respective launch rooms. The ride up takes much longer than it uselly does. Most tributes notice the almost minute long ride up. When they get to the top it becomes instantly clear. They are ontop of a large crystal mountain. A shiny light blue color with many pilars coming out of the ground. With many tunnels spreading through out the arena. In the center is the golden cornicopia filled with useful supplies. The tributes spaced evenly apart on large metal platforms look around getting their barring on the situation of the arena. Each tribute is dressed in white loose fitting clothing. Looking almost like robes with a blue patch on the front with their district number on it. Each robe has a hood as well.

Ladies and Gentleman, let the 53rd annuel hunger games begin!

Troy Ventura district 6, watches the counter click down. 59...58....57...56.... He eyes a few close packs that look stuffed with goodies. An axe lays only 20 feet away. If he can grab it and a pack he should be fine. The only problem would be if the girl from 8 gets there first. The counter is down to 5...4....3....2....1....Go! Troy practically dives off his platform. He runs as fast as he can to grab the axe. The girl from 8 is heading for it as well. But Troy is faster he scoops up the axe adn swings for the girl. The axe catches her in the side of her head. Troy runs for a mesh black bag and grabs it heading for the enarest tunnel.

Amber Pike district 9, slips after she jumps off her platform. The shoes they gave the tributes didnt give much traction on the slippery crystal surface. gets up and watches the boy from district one charge at her. Having a long sword in hand. Amber jumps up and falls down again. The boy from 1 takes advantages and stabs Amber through the chest.

Crystal Paige district 1, has already gotten 10 throwing knives. They are hanging off of a metal ring She eaisly pulls one of and take aim at a tribute trying to collect a bag from the mouth of the cornicopia. Crystal notices the 10 on her chest. Crystal uses it as her target. She thorws and the knife lands right in the center of the 0. The tribute falls. Crystal sees out of the corner of her eye another tribute running she turns and throws another knife. It hits the girl from 3 in the back. This is going to be much eaiser than Crystal thought.

Osement district 9, has already jumped off his platform and collected items near his platform. He watched the girl from 1 take out 2 tributes like it was no big deal. Osement has already collected 2 spears, a mesh bag filled with fruit and a jug of water. Osement takes a moment and decides the ebst move currently. He throws his spear it flies and hits the girl from 1 in the neck. Osement is suprised it actuelly worked but he doesn't want to push his luck. He scoops up a small blue bag on his way to a tunnel near by.

Elsa Brown district 7, picks up a large club. She has some how made it into the cornicopia and has grabbed her choice of weapons. The girl from 2 and the girl from 4 enter the cornicopia with no weapons or supplies. Elsa charges at them and slams her club into the girl from 2's head. She ehars a sickening crack and knows that it is one kill for her. She turns to the girl from 4. The girl picks up a long knife. Elsa swings her club and the girl from 4 dodges it swiftly. The girl tackles and knocks Elsa to the ground. In the process stabbing Elsa in the stomach. Elsa slams the club against the girls head. The girl falls but is still moving. She gets another jab at Elsa before Elsa can land a killing blow on the girl from 4's head.

Gunner Time district 8, has grabbed a large red hiking bag and barely doges an arrow shot at him from the bloodbath. no one is going to pursue Gunner but he still checks over his shoulder, he sees the boy from 12 get a throwing ax into the back. Gunner also see the boy from 1 throw another ax at Billy Sherton, the boy from 10. Gunner doesn't know why he remembers the boys name. Billy gets graized by the ax but no serious damage. Billy pcisk up the thoiwing ax with his blood on it as well as a small plastic back pack. Gunner slides into a small tunnel and goes down a long crystal slide.

Loyd Avery district 3, has tried to get items from the cornicopia but the careers are guarding all the good items. He tries to pick up scattered items on his way to a tunnel. He has his arms ful when the boy from 11 tackles him to the ground. He tackled Loyd with such force that Loyd dropped all the items and slides on the crystal surfaces all th way into a tunnel that is practically straight down.

Delinda district 11, is able to grab a small plastic box with medicine in it and a silver watch. Delinda keeps running watching a few other tributes running with into tunnels. She watches the girl Gilly from dsitrcit 12 pick up a bow and 4 arrows along with a small dark green bag, She sees the girl from 6 run off without anything. She also sees the boy from 5 dragging a giant bag that is a bright pink color. Delinda watches an ax fly by and knows that the cornicopia is the last place she wants to be.

Levi Stone district 2, is ready to prove himself. He picks up a beatiful wooden bow and a holstier of arrows. He takes one and fires it at a tribute going into a tunnel. He watches it bounce off the top of the tunel. He takes another arrow and fires at a boy dragging a large pink bag. The arrow lodges itself inthe bag but then the girl pulls it into a diffrent tunnel. There are only 6 people alive left in the cornicopia. He locates the girl from 5. He takes a deep breath and fires his arrow. It hit the girl squarely in the chest. Levi fires another arrow hitting her in the neck. The girl from 7 is bleeding out in the cornicopia. Jeremy Al a career from 4 stabs her with his spear and kills her. The boy from 7 screams and charges at him. Cole Braxton throws his last ax and it hits the boy from 7 with such forces that he gets knocked backwards. Levi pulls back his 5th arrow and watches it fly into the boys head,

Careers, Jeremy Levi and Cole all start collecting usefull supplies. As they start picking up bags they ehar the cannon fire. 11 total. 10 tributes are still running around the arena that the Careers can hunt down. "Hey lets get all the food out of these packs," Cole says picking up a small mesh bag, "I doubt there is any food out in the arena for us. Water is a must too." Jeremy mumbles something about not remembering electing Cole to be the king.

Day 1

Gunner Time district 8, kept sliding down the crystal tunnel. Its sharp turns were making him nauseous. He clutches his hiking bag to his chest. Losing it would be awful. Gunner can see light at the end of the tunnel. he is sliding so fast he can't stop and he shoots out of the tunnel onto a crystal plain. Large crystal shards poke from the ground. Gunner has to grab onto one he slids past just to stop moving. Gunner looks towards the direction of the tunnel and his mouth falls open. The tunnel is at the base of a large mountain entirely made of crystal. Well over a 1000 feet tall. No wonder he seemed to slide forever. Gunner opens his bag to inspect it. In it he finds 4 protein bars, a sleeve of crackers, a yogurt cup, wire, a small knife, 2 full water bottles and a small sleeping bag, Rationing it could make it last a while. Gunner repacks his bag and starts walking any tribute that followed him into the tunnel would be coming out very soon.

Cole Braxton district 1, pulls a jug of oranje juice from a hiking pack. This was his 10th bag. It was his idea to search each bag and to separate the supplies into four piles; food, survival, comfort and weapons. Knives, axes, swords, maces, and clubs sat next to him. Cole was disappointed with the results from the blood bath. Mainly that half of his alliance was killed. Jeremy was a solid ally, but Levi was only 15 and seemed sick. Cole was nervous he would drag the team down.

Loyd Avery district 3, was holding on to the ledge for dear life. He had been tackled by the boy from 11 with such force that Loyd had slid into a tunnel. The tunnel was extremely short and practically straight down. the ride took 20 seconds and ended with him shooting out of the tunnel and onto a ledge. He had just barely grabbed on to the edge. His body was already feeling sore from being tackled and sliding down a hard tunnel. Now he had to add on holding up his body weight. There was nothing below him for another 20 feet. He kept trying to pull himself up but he would start to slip. This wasn't going to be fun.

Shock Mullen district 5, was worried his large bag would crush him. the tunnel he went to was such a sudden drop that Shock had twisted his ankle falling. Shock slides out from the tunnel. His bag following quickly. Shock slams into a large crystal shard. His bag luckily slows down and stopped a few feet short of Shock. He opens his bag and finds large amounts of food; cheese, soup, Marconi, water. He also finds a blow torch, a pan, a pair of gloves, and a chest plate. Shock immediately puts on the chest plate. He grabs his bag and starts to drag it away.

Troy Ventura district 6, keeps moving. his ax in one hand and his black mesh bag in the other. He already checked the contents. A few jars of preserved fruit, a bottle of milk, a large water bottle, and a compass. The compass, Troy discovered, points towards the cornicopia. Troy was already getting tired. Most of the crystal plain was smooth but the down hill was bumpy and he kept stumbling. Troy was determined to keep going in till he was close to the edge of the arena.

Tamora Summers district 6, wasn't able to grab anything from the cornicopia. She planned on grabbing at least a bag but So many weapons were being thrown around. The only thing she was able to get was a throwing knife that one of the careers had thrown at her. Tamora held the knife tight as she tried to find shelter. The crystal shards would provide cover for only one side. She eventually finds four shards very close to each other. She crawls between all of them and is very well hidden from others.

Levi Stone district 2, had finally gotten through the last bag at the cornicopia. He, Jeremy, and Cole had taken their choice of weapons Levi grabs a loaf of bread from the food pile and takes a bite from it. Cole had an apple and cheese and a bottle of grape juice. Jeremy was standing guard with a large spear. Even though they had the upper hand what with their weapons, food, and higher ground the careers still felt the need to have someone keep watch. A sneak attack would finish them off. "You okay, Jeremy?" Levi asked after swallowing. Jeremy nods and keeps his head forward. 'What a kill joy,' Levi thinks to himself.

Osement Pace district 9, wakes suddenly from his dream. He dreamt of being back home with his friend Ruben. Osement has Rubens necklace as his token. Osement looks around the cavern he found to sleep in. Huge stalactites hang from the ceiling. Osement takes a banana from the bag he grabbed and thinks about how scared Ruben must feel right now.

Billy Sherton dsitrict 10, applies pressure to the cut on his leg. He had cut the hood off of his robe and was using it as a bandage. The bleeding had slowed but it still hurt. Billy was going to use the rain jacket he found in his bag as a bandage but then he remembered last years games. Raining for 12 hours at a time. If that happened again Billy would feel pretty stupid throwing away a perfectly good coat.

Zeke district 11, had wrapped all the items he had gotten from the boy from 3 in a blanket and tied it with some rope. In his newly made bag he had bread, a flask of water, some throwing stars, some meat, some fruit, matches, and a curved knife. Zeke had a terrible time attempting to carry all of the items before he had the idea to tie it all up. e had tackled the boy from 3 to get all of these items. He was well over a foot and 50 pounds more than the boy from 3. Zeke would worry about hurting the boy but this was the hunger games. A hurt tribute is a good tribute in Zeke's opinion.

Jeremy Al district 4, wanted to go hunt down some tributes. It was already dark and Levi and Cole had spent the entire day sorting and eating that now the rest of the tribute are probably miles away. Cole lets out a huge yawn. Levi has already crawled into a sleeping bag. Jeremy shook his head and though, 'Of course. I get the lazy careers.'

Delinda district 11, had looked through the box of medicine she got at the cornicopia 8 time already. Pills, syrups, balms, ointments it was all in there, as well as bandages, a bottle of water, and dehydrated food pellets. The only problem was the lack of water. Delinda looked at the watch she also got at the cornicopia. It was already 11:50 at night. The first day was almost over.

Gilly Burton district 12, put her bow and 4 arrows next to her. The pack she grabbed from the cornicopia was filled with only rice. Gilly had limited herself to only two handfuls. She was starving but she ended this food to last a long time. She hears Panems Anthem and looks into the sky. The country's symbol floats in the sky. Then the faces of the fallen appear. First the girl from 1, then the girl from 2, then the girl, from 3, then the girl from 4, then the girl from 5, then both from 7, then the girl from 8, then the girl from 9, then the girl from 10, then the boy from 12. The anthem plays again and the symbol disappears. "Wow," Gilly whispers, "only three girls left."


-Violet Franklin district 8, killed by Troy's ax 24th

-Julia Creek district 10, killed by Crystal's throwing knife 23rd

-Amber Pike district 9, stabbed thorugh the chest by Cole Braxton 22nd

-Aubrey Avery district 3, killed by Crystal's throwing knife 21st

-Crystal Paige district 1, hit by Osements spear 20th

-Anna Marie de Caprio disitrct 2, head cracked open by Elsa's club 19th

-Fyran Bulu district 4, killed by Elsa's club 18th

-Cole Tud district 12, killed by Cole Braxtons ax 17th

-Livid Natas district 5, killed by Levi's arrow 16th

-Elsa Brown district 7, bled out and stabbed by Jeremy Al 15th

-Birch Ellingson district 7, arrow to the chest 14th

Day 2

Day 2

Gunner Time district 8, ate his second protein bar. He was still hungry. It was about 5 in the morning. Or at least that's what it felt like to Gunner. He drinks a little of his water. He still hasn't found any source of water. Gunner sees a small figure moving about 20 feet ahead of him. Gunner pulls his knife from his bag. Gunner moves forward slowly. The figure stops and moves it's head slowly. Gunner lunges for it. Stabbing his knife into it's side. It's not a tribute but a giant white lizard. It flicks it's tongue at Gunner and bites his hand. Gunner crys out and stabs the lizard again. The lizard dies and Gunner gets off of it. Gunner doesn't want to look at his hand. He knows its bad. He rips some of the cloth from his clothing and uses it as a bandage.

Cole Braxton district 1, picks up his bag. He, Levi and Jeremy had prepared hunting bags filled with items to kill tributes with, plus food and water. Cole picks up a sword and swings it feeling it's weight. Jeremy has a spear and Levi has a bow and arrow. "Let's go get some tributes."

Loyd Avery district 3, was still out of breath. He had pulled himself onto the ledge hours ago but he was still sore and a nice bruise on his side from the boy from 11. Loyd hears noise coming from the cave behind him. He turns his head to see the careers sliding straight for him. Loyd dives to the left barley dodging them. Loyd smiles to himself 'And off the ledge they go!" he thinks. The boy from one comes to a surprising fast halt. The boy from 2 stops a few inches from the ledge. The boy from 4 keeps sliding and falls of the ledge like Loyd had. Unfortunately the boy from 4 also caught onto the edge of the ledge. He drops his spear in the process. The boy from 2 pulls back an arrow and shoots directly at Loyd's head.

Shock Mullen district 5, woke at the cannon fire. He had a very uncomfortable sleep. The hard surface of the crystal and the chest plat he wore were both uncomfortable. He hadn't gotten any comfort items in his large bag. A lot of food and supplies but no sleeping bag. Shock stretches his sore muscles. He takes his thermos of soup and drinks from it. It's still warm. The arena is fairly cold and there isn't really any sun. The sky always looks black but during the day it seems to get brighter, "Must be the crystals," Shock thinks to himself taking another sip of his soup, "They must be the light source of the arena." He repacks his bag and starts pulling it for another day of travel.

Troy Ventura district 6, watches the boy from 5 carefully. He had found the boy while he was sleeping. Troy had his ax at the ready. He was going to kill the boy from 5 in his sleep but something made him think it wasn't the best decision. Some sense of danger made him want to observe and not take action. BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM The explosion has so much force that it lifts Troy off his feet and makes him fly backwards. Troy looks in the direction of the explosion. A large crater is where the boy from 5 was standing moments ago. Troy takes a tentative step forward and looks into the crater. 30 feet deep with shreds of human flesh and pink fabric are all along the walls. Troy looks to his right and sees red blinking lights on the ground each one directly between two pillars of a crystal. "Wow," Try whispers, "They aren't screwing around if this is the edge of the arena"

Tamora Summers district 6, was starving. Two cannons had fired today. Tamora only had a knife in hand. No water, no food, nor shelter. Her current shelter was sleeping between 4 crystal shards. It was hard and and the shards were at such a weird angle that she couldn't really sit comfortably. Tamora climbs from her hiding spot and comes face to face with a white lizard mutt. Tamora screams and stabs the lizard in the head. She repeatedly plunges her knife into the lizards head. Tamora looks at the head animal. It's eyes seem to have glazed over and it was emitting a weird smell. Almost like meat cooking. Tamora's stomach growls. The smell of the lizard was torture to her. She takes her knife and cuts the skin off the lizard. The meat looks surprisingly well cooked and smells delicious. Tamora pokes it with her finger. Feels like cooked meat. Tamora decides to risk it and she cuts some meat from the lizard and puts it in her mouth. It tastes delicious. She pulls off more meat and eats it. She pulls strip, after strip of meat. Her insides feel warm and she gets warmer every bite she takes. She stops eating and that was when she notices somethings wrong. Her insides are getting warmer and warmer. It was getting unbearable. She feels likes she is on fire. She screams and screams but it doesn't help. She falls to the ground her stomach filled with fire.

Levi Stone district 2, was glad when the third cannon fired. The tunnel Levi, Jeremy, and Cole had gone down led to a ledge and barely held all three of them. They all wore climbing boots and had nice gloves with good grip. Jeremy was already half way up the side of the mountain. The had originally tried climbing up the tunnel but it was so smooth and too sharp of an angle. Cole had already tried climb but he had fallen at about 15 feet. The attempt had shaken him. Levi knew this would take a while.

Osement Pace district 9, throws his spear and kills his 5th lizard. The lizards didn't appear hostile but Osement didn't want to take chances. Osement considered eating the lizards then he found the girl from 6. He watched her eat the lizard meat and scream in agony. Osement took her knife and left. Osement makes his way back to the cavern her found on the first day. It was a hole in the ground 5 feet in diameter and it was hidden behind a crystal shard. Osement slides down the tunnel.

Billy Sherton district 10, limped into a cave. His leg was turning a weird color. It was still bleeding badly. He was feeling dizzy. He felt himself drift into a deep sleep.

Zeke district 11, had watched the boy from 5 blow up. He had then watched the boy from 6 check the crater that had been created after the explosion. Zeke decided that he liked the boy from 6. He seemed to know what he was doing, Zeke had considered aligning with the boy from 6 but all it meant for Zeke was someone he would have to back stab. Zeke ripped a chunk off of his loaf of bread and ate it and hoped his decision wouldn't haunt him.

Jeremy Al district 4, finally made it to the top of the mountain. Levi was close behind Jeremy and Cole was barley 2 feet off the ground. Cole fell every 5 minutes. The guy just couldn't climb. Levi had a good grip but was moving slowly. Jeremy sits down and puts his head in his hands, "Another whole day wasted just to get 1 tribute."

Delinda district 11, looked at her watch, 10:19. Some how knowing the time made it seem less scary. Knowing that in one hour and 41 minutes that another day would be done and she was a step closer to......well she didn't know to what but it made her confident. Delinda still hadn't found water and felt dizzy from dehydration. Her stomach was empty and the dehydrated food pellets she had didn't work without water. Delinda didn't know how they were suppose to work, period. Did they grow when they get wet, does it break the capsule and the food just springs out, or are they not food pellets. The container said so but it could easily be a lie. The dizziness was getting bad enough where Delinda had to put her head down.

Gilly Burton district 12, was fast asleep when she heard the nations anthem. She looks into the sky and sees the symbol. The anthem stops and the faces of the fallen appear. First the boy from 3, then the boy from 5 and finally the girl from 6. Gilly falls almost instantly back asleep. Then she hears it. The sound of water droplets falling. A drop of water falls on her face. She looks up. The top of the crystal shard she was leaning against was sending a stream of water high into the air. The water was coming down in a light rain. Gilly opens her mouth and water falls into it. Not a lot but it is still satisfying to have a little water in her mouth.


-Loyd Avery district 3, shot by Levi's arrow 13th

-Shock Mullen district 5, exploded by arena's edge 12th

-Tamora Summers district 6, poisoned by lizard meat 11th.

Day 3

Gunner Time district 8, was feeling dizzy from his injury. He was bleeding pretty badly. Gunner stands up slowly. He was soaked from the light rain. All the crystal shards were spurting water. It made the crystal slick and almost impossible to walk on. Gunner takes a tenative step forward and start to fall. Gunner catches himself and decides staying put is the best plan.

Cole Braxton district 1, takes out his umbrella. He, Jeremy, and Levi had spent the night in the cornucopia horn. The crystal shards around them had starting shooting streams of water high into the sky. Jeremy and Levi had put on ponchos. They made their way to another tunnel. The got to the opening of the tunnel and saw a stream of water going down the tunnel. It was almost like a water slide. Jeremy jumps down the tunnel and as he goes lets out a "WOOOOOOOOOO!"

Troy Ventura district 6, had found shelter in a small cave. It was the only thing protecting him from the rain. It was high enouhg ground that it wasn't filling with water. Troy started to slowly eat his food. This was going to be a boring day.

Levi Stone district 2, had gone down the tunnel with Cole and Jeremy. He had his bow and arrow ready. The careers had all found boots at the cornucopia and they had amazing traction. Levi kept glancing around. They had been walking for a few hours and couldn't really see anyone. The water was getting progressivly heavier. Levi started coughing. Jeremy kept glaring at him. Levi couldn't help it. Levi kept coughing and had to stop moving. Jeremy rolled his eyes and started to head off without Levi. "Jeremy," Cole calls to him, "we can't leave Levi. We need as many people as possible." Levi was incredibly moved by Cole's concern for his well being.

Osement Pace district 9, climbed out of his cavern. IT was almost half filled with water. Osement would have drowned if he stayed there. Osement saw movement out of his periferal vision. He turned and saw the boy from 11. He was covering his head with his bag trying to get cover from the rain. Osement took this oppurtunity. Osement sneaks up on the boy slowly. Osement throws his spear. It hits the boy in the small of his back. The boy screams and falls to the ground. Osement rushes over and pulls his spear out of the boy. The boys countiunes to scream. OSement plunges the spear back into the boy. His cannon fires. Osement takes the boys bag and quickly moves away. A pool of red was already forming around the dead boy.

Billy Sherton district 10, was feeling very dizzy. His leg was very discolored. It was starting to swell up. Billy touched his leg gingerly. A searing pain shot up his leg. Billy cries out form the pain. This wasn't going to get better anytime soon.

Jeremy Al district 4, was pissed that he had to wait for Levi. Cole had insisted on it. Levi was feeling better and was ready to move again. They start to move and after what feels like an entirnety to Jeremy they finally see a tribute. It looked like the girl from 12. She was drinking water from the top of a crystal shard. Perfect. Jeremy pulls out a throwing knife. He throws it. It graizes the girls cheek. The girl screams and tries to run off, but she slips. Levi fires an arrow and it bounces off a shard. The careers take chase. Cole catches up to the girl and tackles her to the ground. He pulls a knife out of his belt. He stabs the girl in the neck and hears her cannon fire. Jeremy is glad they finally got another kill,

Delinda district 11, ate some dehydrated food. She had heard the second cannon fire. Her watches said the anthem should be playing in 3, 2, 1.....the song plays. She looks to the sky and the faces of the fallen appear. First the boy from 11 then the girl from 12. Delinda was the only girl left. She wasn't very excited about that.


-Zeke district 11, kiled by Osements spear 10th xxx

-Gilly Burton district 12, killed by Cole's knife 9th xxx

Day 4

Cole Braxton district 1, was soaked. The rain hasn't let up. Cole's clothes were heavy. The water was falling so heavily that Cole could barely see two feet ahead of him. Levi was getting very sick. Well he was always sick, but it was only getting exasperated by the rain. Jeremy was getting annoyed. Jeremy was being kind of a prick recently. Levi stops because he starts having a coughing fit. Even with the heavy rain Cole knew Jeremy was rolling his eyes. Levi slips and falls into a large pool on the ground. All the dramatic dips and hills in the arena made many small pools appear in the crystal surface. Some were nearly 5 feet deep. Cole helps Levi out of the water.

Troy Ventura district 6,'s shelter wasn't as water proof as he had originally thought. A huge pool was at the mouth of his cave. Troy was almost convinced it was an ocean. All he could see was water. The fact that it was the final 8 it didn't make sense to Troy why the game makers were trying to drown the tributes.

Gunner Time district 8, was breathing heavily. His hand was now severely infected. All the water was not helping it heal. Gunner had also concluded that the lizard that bit him had some sort of poison in it's teeth. Gunner was in complete agony. Gunner sees something splash into the water in front of his shelter. He hopes it is some sort of medicine. He crawls out of his cave to reach for the silver parachute, but he loses his balance and falls into the water. He was unprepared for the fall into cold water. He loses all the air he had in his lungs. He tries to take a breath but only gets water. He tries to cough up water but only gets more water. He slowly starts to drown.

Levi Stone district 2, was feeling incredibly weak. All the water was not helping his condition. He coughs up more blood. He was able to hide the blood from Cole and Jeremy. Levi knew he didn't have much time left. If the capitol was going to cure him these games needed to end soon. Levi hears a cannon fire. Jeremy smiles for a brief moment. Levi coughs again and the smile Jeremy had disappeared. Cole pats Levi's back sympathetically. Levi nods and is glad Cole is here.

Osement Pace district 9, started a small fire in his new cave. The boy he had killed yesterday had a bag with matches in it. The bag also had a knife, some throwing stars, a little bit of bread and meat, as well as a flask of water. Osement had lit his old bag on fire for warmth. He had moved the contents to the new bag. Osement had stripped naked and was was drying his clothes by the fire. Osement examined himself in the reflective crystal wall of his cave. He had almost no body hair. The capitol had shaved off all his chest hair and he had no stubble on his lip of chin. He had been injected with a weird chemical while he was being prepped for the chariot ride. His stylist said it was to stop hair growth. Osement was really happy with it. Reuben liked When Osement had some facial hair.

Billy Sherton district 10, was delirious. He was bleeding as worse as ever. his leg has been a weird color for a few days now and he was super sick. Billy feels himself fall into a new kind of sleep. He knows that he won't wake up and that his suffering would be over.

Jeremy Al district 4, heard the second cannon fire of the day. Jeremy checked over his shoulder to see if Levi was still standing. He wasn't. Jeremy turns and runs to Levi. "Was that his cannon?" Jeremy asks Cole. "I don't know." Cole says, he was obviously flustered. Jeremy puts his head to Levi's chest. He can feel faint movement. Jeremy starts giving Levi CPR. Jeremy is about to put his mouth to Levi's when Levi coughs. A warm thick liquid hits Jeremy in the face. Jeremy wipes his face off and sees blood. Levi keeps coughing, and coughing. More and more blood comes up before he finally stops. Jeremy knows that it is the end for Levi. Levi's cannon fires.

Delinda district 11, was running out of food. She was almost scared of drowning in her sleep. She looks out and notices the rain has stopped. Some of the pools of water have gone down dramatically. Whatever the gamemakers were trying to accomplish with the flood has happened and they were pulling the plug, pun somewhat intended. The anthem plays and Delinda looks to the sky. First face is the boy from 2, then the boy from 8, and finally the boy from 10. Final 5. Delidna was up against the boys from 1, 4, 6 and 9. She was defiantly scared.


-Gunner Time district 8, drowned 8th xxx

-Billy Sherton district 10, died from infection 7th xxx

-Levi Stone district 2, died from disease 6th xxx

Day 5

Cole Braxton district 1, was pissed. The rain had stopped last night so Jeremy had set up a tent. Cole and Jeremy had gotten a few hours of sleep. Cole had considered killing Jeremy in his sleep but Cole didn't know what he was up against. There were 3 other tributes and any of them could be dangerous. Cole nudges Jeremy awake, "Come on, man. Let's go hunt down some tributes."

Delinda district 11, looks into her bag. Less than a handful of rice left. Delinda decides to just eat it. The games weren't going to last much longer and she was starving. As she chewed she thought about who was the biggest threat. The careers were the obvious choice but there was only 2 of them left and they had lost someone last night. Delinda didn't know how they lost their third member but she was sure they were now a lot weaker.

Osement Pace district 9, puts on his now dry clothes. They felt much better now that they weren't soaked. Osement takes the remains of his old bag and puts it in the corner of the cave. He didn't want a trail. Osement puts his new bag over his shoulder and keeps his spear in hand as he leaves the cave.

Troy Ventura district 6, holds his ax and jumps nervously from foot to foot. He was watching the girl from 11. She was walking slowly across the crystal. Troy wanted to kill her. He was nervous about it though. He has only had one kill and it was during the bloodbath. Troy decides to stop wasting time. He sprints for the girl. The girl hears him coming she turns and screams. Troy is able to tackle her to the ground. He holds her down with his arm. The girl bites his wrist. Troy slams the ax into the girls chest. Her jaw weakens and she lets go of Troy's arm. Her cannon fires. Troy gets up and heads off with blood over his clothing.

Jeremy Al district 4, set up the tent again. He and Cole had searched the arena all day and weren't able to find anyone. A cannon had fired earlier in the day but it wasn't caused by Jeremy or Cole. Jeremy's fear was that it was one person that has been killing everyone. Levi wasn't very useful but he was still a body and now they were down to only 2 careers with 4 people left in the arena. The anthem plays. Jeremy looks up and sees the girl from 11's face. The symbol disappears and now only boys are left.


-Delinda district 11, killed by Troy's ax 5th

Day 6

Cole Braxton district 1, had a sword in his hand. It was taking forever to find someone. Jeremy had his spear too. Cole wanted to get to the final 3 today. He was starting to get nervous. Getting to the end wasn't as relieving as Cole originally thought. He and Jeremy weren't really talking. It was very nerve racking to now in only a matter of days that they would have to kill each other.

Troy Ventura district 6, kept his ax tight in his hand. He was watching the careers walk around looking for tributes. Troy knew he had to go attack one of them. His plan was to wait in till one broke off to go use the bathroom before striking. He follows them for a few more hours before the boy from 1 puts his bag down and heads off to go pee on a shard. Troy takes this opportunity and heads to the careers.

Osement Pace district 9, starts shaking. He was hunting. It scared him. He was hunting to kill another person. Osement hoped that the three remaining people would all just kill each other and Osement would automatically win. It has happened before. Osement crawls into a cave with his spear and bag and hopes to wait this out.

Jeremy Al district 4, was annoyed that Cole needed to pee. Jeremy starts tapping his foot. "Can you hurry up?" Cole calls over his shoulder but Jeremy doesn't catch what he is saying. Jeremy hears breathing behind him. Jeremy whips around and sees the boy from 6 swinging an ax at him. Jeremy gets hit in the arm. Jeremy jabs at the boy with his spear. It enters the boys stomach. Jeremy jumps back as the boy swings his ax again. Jeremy jabs again hitting the boy in the bicep. Jeremy needed to back up to get a good shot at the boy. Cole starts screaming and encouraging Jeremy. The boy throws his ax as a last ditch effort. It hits Jeremy in the chest but it doesn't go in very deep. Jeremy is able to get a third and final stab into the boy from 6. This stab hits the boy squarely in the chest and is lethal. The boy falls and his cannon fires.

That night the anthem plays and the only face to appear is Troy's.


-Troy Ventura district 6, stabbed by Jeremy's spear 4th

Day 7

Jeremy Al district 4, was very injured. His chest wsa bleeding pretty badly and his arm had a deep cut in it. Cole was tending to Jeremy's wounds but it was still hurting a lot. The boy from 6 had really hurt Jeremy. Each breath sent a wave of pain through Jeremy. Cole looked sympathetic.

Osement Pace district 9, was at his wits end. It was him versus the careers. Osement was hoping that the careers and the district 6 guy would kill eachother but now Osement needed to get the final kill. Osement decided to wait the games out intill the careers killed eachother. He knew it would take long.

Cole Braxton district 1, kept trying to heal Jeremy but it wasn't working very well. JEremy kept cringing every time Cole tried to help him. Cole took some medicine from their bag and gave it to Jeremy. It was a very strong pain medication. Jeremy gets knocked out instantly. The anthem plays and Cole doesn't look to the sky. He knows no face will appear.



Day 8

Cole Braxton district 1, was nervous that Jeremy was still asleep. He thought he might have given him too much Pain medication. Cole was nervous that Jeremy wasn't going to wake up and even if he did he wouldn't be useful. Cole finally decides to bite the bullet. Cole takes his sword. "I'm sorry Jeremy." Cole plunges his sword into Jeremy. His cannon fires.

Osement Pace district 9, throws up when he hears the cannon fire. Final 2. Osement knows he has to kill the final person. Osement thinks back to the boys from 1 and 4. Neither of them were really someone Osement wanted to fight. Osement tries to eat some meat but his body rejects it. Osement drinks a little water and waits in his cave. He knows he can't stay in the cave for long. The gamemakers would force him into battle soon. People start getting really into the games about final 4. That is when the serious betting and competition happens. Osement sorts through his bag and waits for the anthem to play. When it does play the face to appear is the boy from 4. Osement prepares mentally for his battle with the boy from 1.


-Jeremy Al district 4, stabbed by Cole 3rd

Day 9

Cole Braxton district 1, prepares himself for battle. He has put on a heavier set of clothing to protect from scratches, he has sharpened his sword and he has water and food. He is ready to hunt down this boy from 9.

Osement Pace district 9, has what is considered a feast in the hunger games. Meats, cheese, fruits and a swig of milk. Osement was hoping this food would be able to last him another week but the way the games were going he knew saving the food wouldn't help. Osement hears a hissing and takes his spear.

Cole Braxton district 1, watches white lizards circle him. He is prepared to fight them but the lizards don't attack. They start to lead him. They snap at his ankles trying to get him to move. Cole follows grudgingly. These lizards are leading him to the boy from district 9 and he knows it.

Osement Pace district 9, lets the lizards lead him. All the lizards hiss. Osement can see a figure approaching. Osement prepares his spear.

Cole Braton district 1, takes his sword and holds it in front of him. Staring at the boy from 9. The boy nods and grabs his spear with both hands. Cole doesn't return the nod he wanted this to be over.

Osement Pace district 9, jabs at the boy. He wanted to take this opening. The boy from 1 blocks it. Osement goes for another jab and it gets blocked again. This guy was defiantly trained.

Cole Braxton district 1, decides to go for the kill. He swings his sword at the boy from 9. The boy blocks it and Cole's sword gets embedded into the shaft of the spear. The boy pushes against Cole and the sword starts heading towards Cole's face.

Osement Pace district 9, pushes the boy's own sword towards his face. The boy moves his head and the sword goes into the boys shoulder. The boy cries out and kicks Osements shin. Osement pushes harder. The sword goes deeper int the boys shoulder.

Cole Braxton district 1, can't handle the pain much longer. Cole kicks the back of the boys leg. The boy falls and he lets go of the spear. Cole kicks it and subsequently his sword and it slides far away. Cole is ready for hand to hand combat.

Osement Pace district 9, is disarmed. The boy from 1 jumps on top of Osement and tries to choke him. Osement elbows the boy in the face. Then he grabs the boys head and smashes it into the ground.

Cole Braxton district 1, instantly feels blood rush from his nose. He is almost instantly sure it is broken. Cole punches the boy from 9 in the stomach. He then grabs the boy by the hair and slams his head into the ground.

Osement Pace district 9, feels like his head has split open. He has to keep going though, He is so close. Osement pulls a throwing star out of his shoe. He tries to stab the boy with it. It barely scrapes the boy before he jumps back.

Cole Braxton district 1, jumps back but falls to the ground. The boy from 9 jumps on top of him and slices his neck with the star. It hurts but it isn't lethal. Cole tries to push the boy off but he is too heavy.

Osement Pace district 9, has to end this now. He starts to stab the boy from 1 in the neck repeatedly. It is a slow and painful death. Osement tries to do it as fast as possible. Every stab the boy from 1 gets weaker and weaker in till....

Ladies and Gentleman the victor of the 54th annul hunger games, Osement Pace of district 9!

Osement starts to cry. He gets off the dead body of the boy from 1. A ladder comes down and Osement grabs a hold of it. He is instantly paralyzed to it. He gets lifted into a hover craft and doctors treat his small wounds.

A week later after Osement has been properly fed and healed Osement sits on the stage with Caeser Flickerman. They chat for a few minutes before Osement watches the recap of the hunger games. He sees the girl from 8 get killed with an ax, then the girl from 10 get hit by a throwing knife, Amber getting stabbed in the chest, the girl from 3 getting hit with a throwing knife, then Osement sees himself killing the girl from 1, then he watches the girls from 2 and 4 getting killed by the girl from 7, then the boy from 12 being killed, then the girl from 5 dying from an arrow, the girl from 7 bleeding out, the boy from 7 dying from an arrow, he watches the boy from 3 being killed with an arrow, then the boy from 5 blowing up, the girl from 6 being poisoned, he sees himself killing the boy from 11, then the girl from 12 dying, he watched the boys from 8, 10, and 2 all dying from natural causes, the girl from 11 getting stabbed, the boy from 6 dying by the careers hands, then he sees the boy from 4 be betrayed, and finally he watches the entire fight between himself and the by from 1.

Osement is impressed with himself. He fought and won against a guy who has trained his entire life for these games. The crowd cheers for Osement as he takes a bow to the capitol


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