Hello everyone!  My 69th hunger games will be closing soon so I decidced to start getting tributes for my next games.  So you can submit 2-4 tributes and I will go on profiles!  I would like age, gender, name, district, weapon of choice, skills, weaknesses, backstory, and strategy.  Nothing much more to say.  Any questions you have just comment it!

Arena-The entier arena is a large mountain.  The cornucopia is at the very peak and from the cornucopia there are many hiking pathes leading to the base of the moutain.  At the base of the mountain is a very small forest and a small river.  It takes two days to walk down the mountain if you go straight down it (It's a big mountain)

Extra spot! Male Female
District 1 Draven Smith 16xxx Sequin Briar 18xxx
district 2 Suzuki Ryo Hickey Yuki Hickey 20xxx
District 3 Houston Temple 9xxx Samantha Shocking-Dana
District 4 Ryan Barbell 14xxx Megan Bass 11xxx
District 5 Josh Wirrer 4xxx Claire Clove 15xxx
District 6 Drew Macon Denny Humble 7xxx
District 7 Leif Wilde 24xxx Dani Granite 17xxx
District 8 Jason Grace 21xxx Kyrie Twist 6xxx
District 9 Bryan Quatreo 22xxx Marissa Jones 5xxx
District 10 To Rafinco 13xxx Minnie Forest 12xxx
District 11 Stuart Grande 23xxx Rose Tulip 19xxx
District 12 Jimmy Turner 10xxx Delalie Quemad 8xxx

Sponcering: Just comment what you want to send your tributes.  Every tribute starts with 100 dollars and gets 50 dollars a day and 100 dollars per kill.  I have no set prices but the more money you spend the better the item, Example; 50 for medicine I will send some bandages but 500 for medicine I will send a medical pack with bandages, pills, dissinfectint, and a small water bottle inside of the pack.  That is just a vague example so ya!


The 24 tributes rise into the arena.  The ride took more time than the tributes expected.  After finally emerging from the ground it becomes obvious why the ride took longer.  They were on top of a large mountain.  All the items were stacked against the golden horn of the cornucopia.  The farthest any of the items were from the cornucopia was 5 feet.  All tributes were wearing tough brown pants, heavy green jackets with black undershirts, and all had nice sturdy boots.  Tributes braced themselves and some wanted to cry.  The only way to get supplies was to run into the deadliest part of the arena.  All of them knew the reward was well worth the risk.  A loud booming voice yells out to them,

"Ladies and Gentleman let the 69th annual Hunger Games begin!"

Ryan Barbell district 4, was shaking from excitement.  The cornucopia was set up to guarantee a huge bloodbath.  Ryan was looking forward to it.  His clothing felt heavy.  The pants and jacket felt unnecessarily thick.  Ryan shakes his head and focuses on the task at hand, mass killing.  The boy from 7 is to Ryan's left.  He seems nervous and jumpy.  Ryan sneers at the easiest target.  The clock clicks down 3......2......1!  Ryan sprints for the golden horn.  The boy from 7 is faster than him but Ryan is determined.  The boy from 7 snags a pack and turns to run away from the bloodbath.  Ryan picks up a spear and throws it as hard as he can.  The spear goes into the boy from 7 with such force it practically goes through him.  Ryan smiles as the boy falls dead.  

Suzuki Ryo Hickey district 2, was already impressed with Ryan for taking out the boy from 7.  Suzuki is the third to get to the horn and about 7 tributes are close behind him.  Suzuki grabs a machete lying on top of a camping bag.  Suzuki turns to get his kill.  The boy from 11 is the closest target.  Suzuki slashes the boy in the chest.  The boy screams and falls to the ground.  Suzuki stabs the boy in the chest and looks for a new target.

Samantha Shocking-Dana district 3, had a surge of euphoria.  Suzuki had killed the boy from 11 already.  Samantha's dad had died in a previous hunger games by the boy from 11.  Samantha grabs some axes from the horn.  Samantha watches as the careers form around the horn picking up weapons.  Samantha throws one of her axes at a nearby target.  She realizes it's the boy from 9 after the ax goes into the guys head.  The boy has weird orange hair with white highlights.  Samantha picks up another pair of axes and gets ready.

Josh Wirrer district 5, was in and out of the cornucopia before anyone had noticed.  Minnie Forest was waiting for him at her pedestal.  They had made an alliance between them selves and the girl from Josh's district Claire.  Claire was no where to be seen.  Josh checks over his shoulder.  He notices that the careers are significantly smaller than they usually are.  Literally smaller.  The average career age was 15.  They are still deadly though.  The boy from 2 practically beheads the boy from 8.  "Minnie, we should go!"  The other careers were arming themselves and they were easy pickings for someone with a bow.   They run down the side of the mountain without Claire.

Sequin Briar district 1, was armed with a knife.  The careers had tried to form a better pack but this years tributes were very small.  Most were under the age of 16.  Sequin checks around and sees the boy from 6 charging at her.  That boy was huge.  He was practically all muscle and was over 6 feet tall.  Sequin almost shrieks but maintains her composure.  The boy is so fast and strong.  He picks up Yuki Hickey and the girl from 11 as they were fighting.  With one in each hand is slams them together.  Their heads hit together and with a sickening crunch Sequin knows they are both dead.  The boy from 6 picks up a huge hiking bag and a lethal looking club.  The boy sees Sequin watching him and runs at her.  She tries to defend herself with her knife but the boy is took strong and is able to get a deadly hit on her with his club.  

Kyrie Twist district 8, has been delayed slightly by the fact that the boy from 6 just killed 3 people in 15 seconds, she had practically stopped moving and her jaw had dropped.  Kyrie recomposes herself quickly and grabs a large bag against the cornucopia and is able to sprint off.  In front of her the girl from 9 is speeding off with a large blue bag.  Kyrie doesn't have a weapon and doesn't want to challenge the girl so Kyrie starts to veer left in order to avoid the girl while they head down the mountain.

Megan Bass district 4, had just watched two of her allies get killed and she was preparing for the worst.  She picks up a spear and looks for her new target.  The girl from 7 was trying to take a small pack inside of the horn but Megan wasn't going to let that happen.  Megan thrusts her spear at the girl and it goes into her back.  The girl screams and Megan repeatedly stabs her in till the girl stops screaming.

Denny Humble district 6, was hiding behind a crate in the golden horn.  She had found a bow and a few arrows.  She had trained with them a little a knew she could get a kill with them if she could get a clear enough shot.  Denny looks out behind the crate and sees the little dark haired boy from 1 standing in the mouth of the horn.  Now is her chance.  She puts an arrow in her bow and fires at the boy the arrow goes into the boys neck and Denny decides to run for it.  She is able to grab more arrows and a medium sized bag.  She runs out of the horn and none of the careers see her.

Delalie Quemad district 12, had obtained a bag from the cornucopia.  She was sneaking around trying to find some more fashionable clothes in the cornucopia but her search was being forced to a close.  She watches the boy from 10 run off with a bag.  Then she watches the girl from 5 attempt to steal a bag but get caught by the girl from 4.  She had weird green hair that Delalie thought was very unfashionable.  The girl use to have blue tinted skin too but the capitol had fixed her up.  In the arena blue skin was a little too obvious.  The girl from 4 stabs the girl from 5 with her spear and Delalie decided to get out of here.  She runs to a path heading down the mountain.

Houston Temple district 3, had fled the cornucopia as soon as the counter had hit zero.  Houstan had actually gotten pretty far in the few minutes the games had been going on.  His climbing ability really helped.  Their were a few actual paths people could walk on but Houstan knew that those would be full of tributes.  So he took the more off-road path which almost guaranteed no surprise guests.  Houstan was getting ready to descend a large drop when the cannons started.  Houstan stops to count.  10 shots.  Houstan had hoped for something bigger like 17 or 20 but he could deal with 10.  


-Leif Wilde district 7, killed by Ryan's spear 24th

-Stuart Grande district 11, killed by Suzuki's machete 23rd

-Bryan Querto district 9, killed by Samantha's ax 22nd

-Jason Grace district 8, beheaded by Suzuki 21st

-Yuki Hickey district 2, head smashed together by Drew 20th

-Rose Tulip district 11, head smashed together by Drew 19th

-Sequin Briar district 1, head cracked open by Drew 18th

-Dani Grante district 7, stabbed by Megan's spear 17th

-Draven Smith district 1, shot by Denny 16th

-Claire Clove district 5, stabbed by Megan's spear 15th

Day 1

Ryan Barbell district 4, dives out of the way.  Suzuki was throwing things around the cornucopia.  His sister's body was just picked up by the hovercraft.  No one knew who had killed Yuki but Suzuki was pissed.  Ryan was also pissed.  Sequin and Draven had also died in the bloodbath.  Now the career pack was Ryan, Suzuki, Megan, and Samantha.  Suzuki throws a large crate over the side of the mountain and the contents explode  sending knives, water bottles, and food all over the mountain's side.  "Suzuki!  Stop you are destroying everything!  We need to not waste supplies!" Samantha yells at him.  Ryan cringes and waits for Suzuki to kill her.  Suzuki turns slowly and sighs, "Sorry guys.  I just need to work that out.  Let's get to sorting our stuff."  Suzuki reaches into a nearby crate and Ryan is surprised that Samantha doesn't have a machete through her brain.

Josh Wirrer district 5, helps Minnie down a large rock and then they sprint down the mountain.  They wanted to get as far down as possible so it would be easier to hide.  Josh slips and slides down the mountain and Minnie shrieks.  "Minnie!" Josh hisses at her, "You need to be quiet!"  Minnie nods and mouths, 'sorry'.  Josh nods and decides to check the packs he got.  He had grabbed one for himself and one for Minnie and Claire.  Inside of the first pack he found a canteen, some crackers, a container of matches, and some rope.  Josh sorts through the second bag.  A container of soup, a metal water bottle, some medicine, and three throwing knives.  Josh sighs neither he nor Minnie were good with throwing knives.

Suzuki Ryo Hickey district 2, decided to ignore the fact that his sister was dead.  He would rather focus on killing every living thing in this arena.  Even though the careers were small and weaker than normal Suzuki knew they were better than nothing. Suzuki takes a deep drink from a water bottle and watches as the others try to take the lid off of a crate.

Drew Macon district 6, ran full speed down the mountain he had three bags over his shoulder and was prepared for the rest of the games.  He had already gotten 3 kills his only problem was the three were girls.  Drew would have prefered three of the bigger guys just so he could take out any competition already.  Drew was by far the largest tribute left.  He out weighed them by at least 50 pounds and was a few inches taller.  Drew stops moving to check his bags.  In total he finds 3 water bottles, two medical kits, a sleeping bag, a fire starting kit, some wire, a knife, some gloves, a loaf of bread, a bowl, some pasta, a blade, a small shovel, and a large thermos of soup.  Drew smiled and repacks his bags so now he only has to carry two bags.  

Samantha Shocking-Dana district 3, was surprised how long it took to sort the supplies.  On television it always seemed to take an hour or two but they have been sorting for nearly 4 hours.  It was starting to get dark already.  Samantha flicks on a flashlight to help search the inside of the cornucopia for supplies.  Megan and Ryan were stuffing some hiking bags with food for their eventual treck down the mountain.  At this rate it would happen tomorrow morning.  Which Samantha wasn't happy about.  She wanted to start hunting now.  In her dad's hunger games they had started hunting on the first day.  Her dad had even gotten the first non-blood bath kill.  Samantha sighs and starts choosing her axes.

Kyrie Twist district 8, had stopped moving to set up a camp.  Her camp was a giant rock.  She planned on sleeping under it.  There was a very small space for Kyrie to squeeze into that would conceal her perfectly.  Kyrie takes out her sleeping bag and puts it into the hole.  She then goes in after it.  She knows she will be able to see the fallen from here.  Kyrie had checked her bag earlier and found the sleeping bag, a water bottle, a spear head, and some meat.  Kyrie planned on using the spear head as a knife of sorts.  Kyrie snuggles into the sleeping bag and waits for midnight.

Marissa Jones district 9, holds the bag to her chest as she scoots down the side of the mountain.  She had gotten to an incredible steep drop and she was slowly trying to go down it.  She had sat down and was making her way slowly.  Marissa stops to pull some food out of her bag.  Inside her bag were three apples, a pack of protein bars, a curved knife, and bottle of water.  She ate one of the protein bars and started scooting down the mountain again.

Megan Bass district 4, was close to smacking Samantha and Suzuki.  Samantha was pouting about not getting any more kills today and Suzuki has just been weird.  He went from freaking out and throwing things to being creepily calm.  Megan was annoyed and wanted them to act normal.  They had packed their bags and now were only waiting for it to be morning.  It was getting close to midnight and they would be seeing the fallen soon.  Megan rolled her eyes as Samantha started going hhhhmmmmppphhh.  To try and get people to ask her whats wrong.

Denny Humble district 6, had dug a small hole for herself.  It had only taken her a few minutes since she had a shovel in her bag.  It had a collapsible rod so it didn't take up much space.  The bag was actually amazing.  A huge water bottle, a huge package of dried fruit, some corn, a pair of binoculars and a dagger.  Denny liked her bow and arrows but the dagger was definitely a help.

Delalie Quemad district 12, had practically collapsed form exhaustion.  She has been moving all day and was desperately hungry and thirsty.  Her bag had a loaf of bread, a small water bottle, and a package of edible plants.  Delalie drank her water and starts to relax on the rocky mountain surface.

Houstan Temple district 3, looks to the sky as the anthem plays.  The faces of the fallen appear.  First is both from 1, then the girl from 2, then the girl from 5, both from 7, the boy from 8, the boy from 9, and finally both from 11.  The sky goes blank and Houstan considers his next move.  His stomach growls and he decides food is his next plan.

Day 2

Ryan Barbell district 4, rose bright and early for the first day of tribute hunting.  He and Samantha practice with throwing knives while the others sleep.  Samantha takes a bite of a fiber bar.  Ryan smirks, "You're not going to want to eat that, it won't feel god in your stomach."  Samantha shrugs and picks up a new ring of throwing knives.  "Ryan, are you as excited as I am today?"  Ryan nods.  Samantha babbles on about how she plans on killing tributes she will find and Ryan tunes her out as he practices.  

To Rafinco district 10, had stolen some items from the careers when they were sleeping.  He had hidden on the mountain side and now as reward he has a large black bag.  To was so excite he almost forgot about his dead cow.  He had volunteered because his cow had died but this bag made things better.  To was still resting on the side of the mountain because he hoped to get more supplies.  He watched the girl from 3 and boy from 4 practice throwing knives.  To watches carefully and shifts to get a better view of supplies when suddenly the rocks under his feet slide out.  He screams but keeps his balance.  The problem is the careers hear him.

Samantha Shocking-Dana district 3, hears the scream come from 30 feet behind her.  She and Ryan whip around and watch the boy from 10 try and regain his footing.  Before Samantha can do anything Ryan is sprinting at the boy.  Knives in hand.  "Ryan!  Throw them!" She yells.  Ryan doesn't listen.  The boy from 10 turns to run down the mountain Ryan tackles the boy from behind.  Samantha screams as Ryan and the boy go tumbling down the mountain.  Samantha hears two cannon fires and she runs to the edge of the mountain.  Ryan's body is still tumbling down the mountain but the boy form 10's rests on a rock.  His arms broken and legs twisted at a weird angle.  Megan and Suzuki come up behind Samantha, "Samantha what happened?"

Denny Humble district 6, was moving down the mountain when she heard the double cannon fire.  She wanted to make it to the base of the mountain as soon as possible.  She had seen a few animals and she knew there had to be food and water somewhere.  She had a good amount of food because she had a bag full of choice supplies.  But it wasn't going to last forever.  She takes out her water bottle and takes a deep drink.

Drew Macon district 6, descends a large drop and after a few minutes finally makes contact with the ground.  He could see the faint outline of green far off in the distance.  Drew smiles.  He is about to get the plant portion of the arena.  Drew drinks one of his water bottles and starts running for the green.  His muscles hard at work he gets to the forest in 10 minutes.  There is a small stream running through the forest section.  The trees are few and far between and a weird distortion about 100 feet ahead of Drew makes him believe that he is almost at the arenas edge.  It had taken Drew less than two days to get to th edge of the arena.  Drew smirks, "Just means it will be quicker"

Minnie Forest district 10, backs away slowly.  A large snake was resting on the rock in front of her.  Josh backs away and tries to pull Minnie back, "Come on Minnie.  We have to leave before it strikes."  Minnie nods and starts to back up when her foot gets caught on a rock and she stumbles.  The snake takes it's opportunity to strike.  It lunges at her with such strength she knows it's a muttation.  The snakes fangs almost triple in size and the snake bites into Minnie's neck.  She would scream but some fangs are in her vocal cords.  Josh stabs the snake with a knife but it doesn't release.  Josh repeatedly stabs it in till the snake's jaw loosens and Minnie's cannon fires.  

Houstan Temple district 3, was moving slower than yesterday.  He was getting really hungry and thirsty.  He hadn't gotten a bag and hadn't found a food source yet.  Houstan grabs his stomach as he gets a wave of hunger cramps.  He heard three cannon fires today and he was getting nervous about it.  The two options are one person is on a killing streak or there are a few individual killers.  Houstan doesn't know which is worse.

Delalie Quemad district 12, was still sulking about the tribute outfits.  A whole lot of thick clothing that looked unflattering on Delalie.  She takes off the large jacket and rips the sleeves off of her undershirt.  She thinks it's a more flattering look and she puts her hair up.  Delalie smiles and keeps moving,

Megan Bass district 4, was in complete shock.  Ryan dying by a stupid mistake was just......... "This is f#@%#%@ B$%$#@!  He doesn't make those kind of F$#^^%$ mistakes!" Megan rages.  She points at Samantha accusingly, "You must have tricked him!"  Samantha tries to explain the situation again.  They were going down the mountain side taking a premade path.  It was getting dark and Samantha has spent the entire day explaining that Ryan made a fatal mistake but Megan doesn't believe her.  The fact that they didn't see Ryan's body made them suspicious of foul play.  The hovercraft had retrieved Ryan's body before they could see it.  Suzuki was getting tired of Megan's constant accusations though.  

Josh Wirer district 5, was crying.  Minnie died form a snake bite earlier.  Josh liked the company and since Claire had died yesterday Minnie was the closest person Josh had in the arena.  Josh tries to compose himself.  He picks up the bags and starts moving down the mountain having to stop occasionally to wipe his eyes or nose.

Marissa Jones district 9, yawns and tries to find some cover to sleep under.  She finds a space between two giant rocks to sleep in.  Marissa squeezes between the rocks and checks to see if she is visible.  From her tests she believes not so she gets ready for the night.

Kyrie Twist district 8, had spent the alst two hours digging a hole for herself she had piled the dirt in a strategic matter.  She puts her sleeping bag in the hole and then gets in her sleeping bag.  She then sweeps the dirt onto the sleeping bag.  It does a good job camouflaging her.  She smiles at her brilliance and pulls her head into the sleeping bag.

Suzuki Ryo Hickey district 2, had enough.  After the 13th straight hour of Megan complaining and accusing Samantha Suzuki pulls out his machete.  "Suzuki what are you doing?" Megan asks.  Suzuki answers by slashing her chest open.  Megan screams and Suzuki stabs her.  Megan's cannon fires and Suzuki turns to Samantha, "We are breaking up this 'alliance'.  No point in just two careers.  You go that way, I'll go this way.  If i see you again I will kill you.  This is the only exception got it?" He tells her.  Samantha nods and starts heading to the east with her ax and bag.  Suzuki heads west with his machete and bag.  A couple hours later the anthem plays and Suzuki looks to the sky.  Both from 4 and both from 10.  The sky goes blank and Suzuki heads off on his solo career.


-Ryan Barbell district 4, neck snapped by fall 14th

-To Rafinco district 10, multiple breaks caused by fall 13th

-Minnie Forest district 10, killed by snake bite 12th

-Megan Bass district 4, stabbed by Suzuki  11th

Day 3

Jimmy Turner district 12, felt almost unnoticeable.  He hadn't done anything in the past three days.  He bet the cameras had been on him for a total of 5 minutes.  Jimmy was still wandering around the mountain side looking for food.  He had gotten very little supplies from the cornucopia and he was getting hungry again.  Jimmy had nothing to defend himself with.  He finds a large rock and decided that ti would be his best bet.   

Houstan Temple district 3, had made it to the forest sector of the arena.  He almost started to cry.  He gulped fresh water from the stream and chewed of tree bark.  It was paradise for him.  Well, in till he noticed the force field.  He was about 2 feet from it.  Even another step and houstan would be dead.  He could see the obvious chinks.  The gamemakers put it there so only stupid tributes would run into it.  It made Houstan curious that they would make the forest so small;.  The trees were very sparce too.  They must want all the action on the mountain, Houstan thinks.  He shrugs his shoulders and looks around for some edible plants.   

Delalie Quemad district 12, was getting despaertly hungry.  No supplies or weapons Delalie was getting very dizzy.  She has to sit and rest every few minutes.  She desperately wished a sponcer with good fashion sense would take pity on her.  Delalie wasn't having very much luck so she decided to start her nap. 

Samantha Shocking-Dana district 3, was okay with a career break up.  Suzuki had seemed crazy anyways.  Samantha had a weeks worth of food and some basic supplies so she knew she was fine.  She also had her trusty ax.  Samantha knew it was more vaulble than any supplies.  Samantha was moving diagonally down the mountain.  Moving her closer to the base but also allowed her to look for tributes.  After a few minutes she found her first target.  A small boy from district 12.  Who was carrying a rock for defense.  Samantha smiled.  She put her bag down so she would have more mobility and starts to charge at the boy.  The boy turns around and screams.  He swings his rock at Samantha.  She didn't expect it so the rock slams into her side and knocks the wind out of her.  Samantha falls to her knee.  The boy raises the rock above his head.  Samantha takes this chance to plunge her ax into his stomach.  The boy cries out and drops his rock on his head.  The boy starts to fall back and Samantha quickly slits his throat so she will get credit for his kill. The boys cannon fires and Samantha almost kisses her ax. 

Denny Humble district 6, was barely phased by the cannon fire.  The four shots yesterday took most of the fear out of her.  She tries to look nonchalant in case cameras are on her.  Denny ate some of her food and kept moving down th mountain.  She makes it to the forest sector after an hour.  She is overjoyed and drinks from the stream that runs parallel to the mountain base.  Denny keeps her bow ready in case a potential attacker appears. 

Drew Macon district 6, was moving skillfully around the forest sector.  Even with his massive frame he could be quick and graceful.  He was trying to build suspense.  He had been following the boy from 3 for a few hours and Drew was waiting.  It was getting difficult but Drew wanted to see if the boy figured anything out.  He looked like he was in deep thought.  Drew was careful.  He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed so letting this egg head figure out what ever he was trying to figure out would only end well for Drew.  After a while the boy from 3 sighs and sits down against a tree.  Drew decides to make his move.  He comes around the tree and grabs the boy by the throat.  He then lifts the boy off the ground, "Find anything interesting out?" Drew asks him.  The boy squirms frantically and tries to break free of Drew's grasp.  Drew decides to just end it.  Drew smacks the boy from 3 with his club.  Then Drew drops the boy form 3 to the ground and whacks him again.  The boys head has a large and disturbing dent in it.  The boys cannon fires and Drew walks away and avoids the force field barely. 

Josh Wirer district 5, was thinking carefully about the cannon fires and trying to logically figure out who the shots were.  When suddenly a silver parachute falls in front of him.  Josh jumps to the package and rips it open.  A nice machete is his gift.  Josh gets incredibly excited.  It's a decent machete.  The throwing knives he had before were practically useless.  Now he had a big weapon and a chance to fight.  Josh swings it getting use to the weight.  He is incredibly pleased.

Suzuki Ryo Hicky district 2, was getting closer to the forest.  He wants to make sure o tributes are around before he sets up his camp.  After a few minutes of looking he sees a girl off in the distance.  Suzuki takes this moment to sprint for the girl.  He wants this kill more than anything.  He recognizes her as the girl from 12 with her long blond hair.  She has modified her outfit to be more "Fashion forward"  Suzuki gets closer and she turns and lets out an earsplitting shriek.  Suzuki silences her with an ax to the head.  Her cannon fires and Suzuki curses at her lack of supplies.

Kyrie Twist district 8, was now officially in the forest.  She was saddened by the lack of trees.  She would have liked the cover.  But the fact that she was in the top 7 made her happier.  She was closer to getting home.  Kyrie looks around at what little cover the forest provides and decides to camp on the  mountain again. 

Marissa Jones district 9, was sleeping on the mountain.  She didn't see the point in the forest.  She was very tired but wanted to stay up to see the fallen.  The anthem plays and she looks into the sky, first is the boy from 3 then both from 12.  The sky goes blank and Marissa goes to sleep thinking about how amazing it is that both from 12 went so far.  


-Jimmy Turner district 12, killed by Samantha's ax 10th 

-Houstan Temple district 3, killed by Drew's club 9th

-Delalie Quemad district 12, killed by suzuki's  machete 8th 

Day 4

Samantha Shocking-Dana district 3, was angry that she didn't have any new supplies.  She killed the boy from 12 yesterday but he had no supplies so she really didn't advance herself.  She was now in the top 7 and part of her wished for a feast.  But she didn't want to scale the mountain in order to get the new supplies.  Samantha eats some trail mix and thinks of her next plan of attack. 

Denny Humble district 6, walked carefully around the forest.  From what she gathered this forest area was incredibly small.  She had seen the monstrous boy from 6 walking around and she made sure to stay clear of him.  Her bow pulled back and ready to fire.  That's when she sees it.  A boy with very dark hair making his way down the mountain.  He has a large machete in hand.  Denny thinks she might be able to take him.  She fires her arrow.  The arrow misses him by a couple feet.  His head snaps up and his eyes widen.  Denny curses and fires another arrow.  The boy jumps to the side barley dodging.  

Josh Wirer district 5, jumps back and forth dodging arrows.  5 arrows have been shot already.  Josh kept hold of his machete as he avoided the arrows.  Josh was smart he was also slowly moving towards his attacker.  The closer he got the more accurate she got, but it also meant soon he would be close enough to attack.  Two more arrows fly by Josh and now he is only 10 feet from the girl.  Josh takes his chance.  He jumps over the small stream and slashes at the girl.  An arrow goes into his shoulder.  He grits his teeth and keeps going.  He swings his machete and cuts the girls arm open.  She is able to fire an arrow into his thigh.  Josh retaliates by slashing her chest open with his machete.  The girl falls to the ground and Josh stabs her through the chest to finish her off.   

Drew Macon district 6, couldn't find any food.  He had a lot of food but it was just something he noticed.  No fruit from the trees, no edible plants, no real wild life.  Drew had food and water but only for so long.  Drew guessed he had 5 days of food maybe more if he rationed.  Only 6 people left so a kill a day would keep Drew in stock for food.  There was already one cannon fire today maybe Drew could get a second one. 

Suzuki Ryo Hicky district 2, drinks from the stream.  He had circled the mountain already and couldn't find any tributes.  He was kinda glad he didn't find Samantha.  He didn't really want to kill her but he would if he had to.  Suzuki walks into the forest to try and find a target.  But after a few hours gives up. 

Kyrie Twist district 8,  ran out of food and water yesterday.  She had access to the stream but no visible food supply.  Kyrie had searched a small portion of the forest and found nothing to eat.  Kyrie crawled into her sleeping bag and kept her spear head in hand.  It was the only thing she had as a weapon.

Marissa Jones district 9, was done to her last protein bar.  She decided to save it for the morning.  The anthem was about to play and she would see who has fallen.  Marissa ran through her head all the tributes that were left.  The boys from 2 and 6 were probably the big killers, the girl from 3 was probably tough, the girls from 8 and 6 and the boy from 5 were all pretty useless.  The anthem plays and the only face to appear is the girl from 6.  "So, no big deaths."  Marissa crawls into her sleeping bag 


-Denny Humble district 6, slashed by Josh 7th 

Day 5

Samantha Shocking-Dana district 3, chowed down on some delicious fruit.  It was starting to turn bad and she decided to eat it quickly.  Samantha figured out there was no fresh food only water and rocks.  The only food was at the cornucopia.  Samantha still hasn't decided if she wants to trek back up the mountain to get more food.  Samantha has compromised by slowly moving up the mountain.   

Josh Wirer district 5, had major mixed emotions.  He wavered between excruciating pain and complete giddiness.  The girl he killed yesterday had a bag full of amazing supplies; lots of food, binoculars, and a shovel.  She had also given him two parting gifts, in the form of arrows.  He had removed the arrows and tried to block the mounds but wasn't doing amazing.  Josh wished for some medicine and almost by magic a silver parachute falls from the sky.  Attached to the parachute is a small medical kit.  Inside is basic disinfected and some gauze.  He quickly puts on the medicine and applies his bandages. 

Drew Macon district 6, started heading up the mountain again.  He hadn't seen any tributes and he decided a change of scenery might provide more results.  As he started up the mountain a silver parachute falls in front of him.  Curiously he opens up the package and finds a package of delicious looking cakes.  He whistles and opens up the box.  He puts one of the bite sized cakes in his mouth and enjoys the sweet flavor.  This was a great sponcer gift.  It was nice to know people liked him.  He ate another cake and put the package in his bag.

Suzuki Ryo Hicky district 2, made another round of tribute hunting.  He was about to give up when he sees a blond girl with curly hair drinking from a stream.  Suzuki smiles. He puts down his bag and pulls out his machete.  The girl keeps her head down as he approaches.  Suzuki gets within five feet of her before clearing his throat.  The girl's head whips up.  She is from district 8. Her eyes get wide as she shrieks.  Suzuki slashes her throat open.  Her cannon fires and her body falls into the stream.  Suzuki watches her body float down the stream a cloud of red coming from her.  Suzuki waves her off and starts to giggle.  "Bye, Bye, say Hi to Yuki for me.....bbwahahhasb"  He bursts into uncontrollable laughter.  

Marissa Jones district 9, was crying.  She was getting scared.  At first ever cannon fire brought joy and hope but now it meant she came closer and closer to being attacked.  Soon the gamemakers might force her to interact with the others.  Marissa cries as the anthem plays.  She glances up quickly to see the girl from 8 in the sky.  Marissa cries harder.  Everyone else seemed deadly.  


-Kyrie Twist district 8, throat slit by Suzuki 6th  

Day 6

Josh Wirer district 5, was pleased with the medicine he got yesterday.  It was relieving his pain and made infection less likely.  Josh picked up his machete and takes a practice swing.  His arm hurts a little but it still fine over all.  Josh repacks his stuff and starts moving.  He doesn't have any where to go but movement was better than sitting around.

Drew Macon district 6, was taking his time walking around and eating cakes.  They were delicious and he enjoyed his gift.  He was more than satisfied when another parachute falls in front of him.  Drew rips open the package and picks up it's contents.  A large sword.  He starts to laugh as he swings it around.  He takes is club out of his bag and snaps it in two.  No need for that anymore.  Drew laughs some more and eats another cake.

Samantha Shocking-Dana district 3, whistled quietly to herself as she climbed up the mountain.  As she scales a large rock she notices a silver package land a few feet in front of her.  She climbs the rock quickly and tears open the package.  Inside is a new axe made of tough metal and beautiful wood.  She puts both of her axes in her pants using her belt to holding them in place.  Samantha was excited with more weapons to protect herself.  She happily continues up the mountain with her new beautiful axe.  

Suzuki Ryo Hicky district 2, was carefully approaching the girl from 9.  She was crying in the forest part of the arena.  Suzuki had his machete in hand.  The girl glances up and jumps up to run away.  Suzuki laughs and sprints after her.  The girl runs with all her might but Suzuki is much faster.  He grabs the girls hand and pulls her closer to him.  She whips around and slaps Suzuki and tries to break free.  Suzuki bares his teeth and slashes her across the face with his machete.  She screams as her face turns red from blood.  Suzuki slashes her across the chest.  Then he stabs her through the chest.  She falls to the ground her chest heaving but after a few minutes her breathing stops and she bleeds out.  A cannon fires and as reward a silver parachute falls into Suzuki's hands.  He opens the package to find a nice set of throwing knives.  Suzuki smiles and laughs as he is covered in the girl from 9's blood.

At night all tributes look into the sky and they see the girl from 9.  No one feels particularly sad.  They think of their future plans and how they plan on winning the games.


-Marissa Jones district 9, bled out by Suzuki's attack, 5th 

Day 7

Samantha Shocking-Dana district 3, was experiencing extreme terror.  As she climbed to get to the cornucopia the rocks she was standing on started sliding out from under her.  The rocks around her start sliding down too.  "Avalanche!" She screams.  The rocks around her start sliding down the mountain at an impressive rate.  Samantha jumps off the rock she was on and starts running down the mountain.  Rocks fly down the mountain and Samantha tries to dodge them.  A few rocks hit her but nothing she can't handle.  The rocks were slowing down and Samantha realized that whatever the game makers were pushing her to, was nearby.  

Josh Wirer district 5, watched the gigantic boulders fall down the mountain.  He had started heading up the mountain yesterday.  The rocks were slowing down but not enough to make Josh comfortable.  He started backing up.  The rocks got closer Josh turns to run when a rock hits him in the back.  It knocks him onto his stomach.  The rock pins him down.  Crushing his bag and ribcage.  His lungs collapse quickly after that.  Josh starts to suffocate to death.

Drew Macon district 6, hears a cannon fire and shrugs his shoulders.  Out of everyone left he thinks he can take any of them.  Drew pops another cake into his mouth.  He doesn't rally care.  When he finds another tribute he will kill them and either go down to final two or win.

Suzuki Ryo Hicky district 2, practiced throwing knives into a nearby tree.  He didn't care about the cannon fire.  No one really mattered to him in the arena.  Suzuki had a fleeting hope that the boy from 6 had been killed so that Suzuki's biggest threat would be wiped out.  

Many hours later the anthem plays and all tributes look into the sky and see the boy from 5.  No one had taken credit for the kill.  


-Josh Wirer district 5, crushed by rock 4th

Day 8

Drew Macon district 6, guessed it was 5 in the afternoon.  Drew was walking in the forest and eats the last of his cakes.  That's when he sees him.  The boy from 2 walking toward him.  Drew smiles viciously.  He pulls out his sword.  The boy from 2 glances up.  This was going to be fun.

Suzuki Ryo Hicky district 2, could see the giant boy from 6.  He looked bigger than he remembered.  Suzuki didn't care.  He drops his bags tot he ground and pulls out his machete and throwing knives.  The boy from 6 also drops his bags.  He has a sword.  Suzuki gets ready for the battle.

Samantha Dana-Shocking district 3, walked down the mountain.  She sighs as she considers how boring her day is going to be.

Drew Macon district 6, walks carefully to the boy from 2.  Drew has his sword held out in best protective position.  The boy takes careful aim and throws his knife.  Drew reacts quickly and is able to block the knife with his sword.  The boy from 2's eye brows shoot up.  Obviously very surprised.  He throws two more knives and Drew is able to block both of them.  The boy moves in for a closer attack.

Suzuki Ryo Hicky district 2, was down to three knives.  the boy from 6 wasn't just big but he was also fast.  Suzuki throws all three in rapid succession.  Two of the knives get blocked.  The third knife goes into the boy's thigh.  The boy falls onto one of his knees.  Suzuki takes this chance.  He swings his machete at the boy from 6.  The boy from 6 blocks it with his sword.  Suzuki is getting nervous.  The boy from 6 tackles Suzuki to the ground.  Suzuki is surprised by the sudden attack and recovers quickly.  He wraps his arm around the boys neck and tries to squeeze.  The boy's neck is strong and resists.  The boy slam his elbow into Suzuki's stomach and he relaxes his grip.

Drew Macon district 6, turns around and pins the boy from 2 to the ground with one hand.  Drew reaches for his sword lying only a few feet away.  But the boy from 2 is flexible enough to kick Drew in the back of the head.  Drew holds the boy down with more force.  The boys eyes get wide as he tries to fight but Drew has a firm grip and a sword in hand.  The boy from 2 keeps struggling as Drew puts the blade to his neck, "Bye!"  Drew slashes the boy's neck open and a cannon fires.

Samantha Shocking-Dana district 3, shivered in terror at the cannon fire.  She was down to the final 2.  It was either Suzuki or the boy from 6.  Neither were appealing options for battle.  She was almost to the forest sector and was sure the gamemakers would end these games soon.  Samantha has an amazing realization.  She is just like her dad.  Second place, has an axe, and is facing a serious threat.  She smiles.

That night when the anthem plays the boy from 2 appears in the sky.  Samantha and Drew prepare for battle.


Suzuki Ryo Hicky district 2, throat slit by Drew 3rd 

Day 9

Samantha Shocking-Dana district 3, eats the last of her food.  She was going to be forced to the final battle today.  She took out both of her axes and left the rest of her supplies behind.  If she could get a few good hits with an axe she can definitely win.

Drew Macon district 6, used his medical kit to treat his knife wound.  It was good enough medicine to take the edge off his pain and he could still run.  Drew drank some soup and water and cleaned his sword off in the stream.  It was glistening and ready for final battle.

Samantha Shocking-Dana district 3, found the boy form 6 in only a few hours.  He was shirtless and washing himself off in a stream.  His muscles were huge and intimidating.  Samantha swallows and starts going towards him.  He looked over at her and he laughed.  He gave a friendly wave and picked up his giant sword.  Samantha holds both axes at the ready and makes a split decision.

Drew Macon district 6, watches the little girl from 3 run at him with incredible force.  She has two axes and a determined look in her eye.  She throws one of her axes and it hits Drew in his chest.  It had happened so fast Drew didn't notice t first.  Then the pain hit and he knew what he was going to do.  He swings his sword and the tip of the sword scratches the girl.  Drew's chest is bleeding badly.  He swings his sword again and hits the girl in the arm.  The girl uses her second ax and it hits Drew in the side.

Samantha Shocking-Dana district 3, had now put both of her axes in the boy from 6.  The boy screeched and was bleeding horribly.  Samantha tried to back away quickly but the boy had murder in his eyes.  She screams and tries to run but The boy swings his sword and cuts Samantha's head clear off.

Ladies and Gentlemen I'd like to present the winner of the 69th annual Hunger Games, Drew Macon!  

Trumpets play and a hovercraft appears.  Drew pulls the axes out of his body and he is losing massive amounts of blood.  Drew gets on the ladder and is frozen to it.  He is lifted into the hovercraft.  Doctor's tend to his wounds quickly and barley save him.

Two weeks later Drew is sitting with Caesar Flickerman being interviewed.  Casar's hair and eyes are a dark orange and he is sitting as far away from Drew as possible.  Caesar is intimidated and for good reason.  Most of the crowd is scared but still cheering for their newest victor.  After a few more questions they all watch a recap of the games.

First they watch the boy form 7 get stabbed, then the boy from 11, the boy from 9, the boy from 8, Drew watches himself slam the girls from 2 and 11 together, then he watches himself kill the girl from 1, then the girl from 7 being speared, the boy from 1 being shot, the girl from 5 being speared, he watches the boys from 4 and 10 tumble down the mountain, the girl from 10 being bitten by a snake, then the girl from 4 being killed, then the boy from 12 being killed, then Drew watches himself kill the boy from 3, then the girl from 12 dies, the girl from 6 gets stabbed, the girl from 8 floats down the river, the girl from 9 bleeds out, the boy from 5 being crushed to death, the Drew watches himself kill the boy from 2, and finally Drew sees himself beheading the girl from 3.  Drew stands up and takes a bow to the fearful crowd

May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!

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