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    I LOVED:

    Katniss: Extremly brave for her to take her sister's place. Brave and pure

    Peeta: Kind and cares for everyone. Selfless and brave

    Rue: So young, and so innocent. She died in a terrible way.... I mean seriously, a spear in the stomach?

    I Liked:

    Haymich: SO funny... very caring, and will tell you as it is.

    Thresh: Truly cared for Rue, saved Katniss from Clove,

    Foxface: Really smart, cunning, didn't kill anyone, died while stealing....


    Boy from district 3: Cato was STUPID to kill him.... seriously, he reactivated land mines... if Cato doesn't want him, can I have him?


    Glimmer: Seriously, that girl was ANNOYINGLY STUPID

    Cato: He lasted long, but he was just... to... dang... cruel!!!

    Girl from district 8: who is so stupid to buil…

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