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  • 4 tributes per user
  • stay active!
  • dont get mad if your tribute dies
  • reservations last for 2 days!
  • You can submit a bloodbath stategy but I will mostly come up with it.
  • Please excuse my bad grammer skills
  • No cussing
  • Have fun!!!!!!










The arena will be a large jungle. There are manny tall trees that are easy to climb but can turn on you at any time. There are several mutts witch include pumas, large wolf mutts, deer with razer sharp fangs, snakes,  candy-floss colored pink birds with skewer-like beaks, giant acid spraying lizards, fluffy golden squirrels, and piranahs. The arena also has many tist like quick and and tornadoes. Also at night large monkeys and other beast come out.


Name D G Age Weapon Strengths Weaknesses
Shiny Stones 1 F Axe,Bow Hunting,Traps,Clever Dosent trust other careers
Gold Shapes 1 M 17 Spear Strong,Knows about medicane Cant climb and dosent trust other careers.
Luna Tick 2 F 18 Sickle, fists, and kunaii Killing Cannot Swim, Claustrophobi
Bruce Hammer 2 M 17 Spear Fast,Strong,Climbing Spiders
Emilia Oswald 3 F 15 Trident,Bow, Blowgun Good aim, Amazing swimmer, Good reflexes ADHD,Cant climb trees
Blake Rywell 3 M 14 Battleaxe, katana, pocket knife. Intelligent,Eyesight, Weaponry, Spectacular, Even Slow, Not a good swimmer or climber, Is loud
Samantha Fisher 4 F 17 Knife,Spear Swimming
Colton Hook 4 M 15 Sword Swimming Climbing
Nina Komomura 5 F 16 Katana, Shuriken Light-footed, Strong, Fast No allies 
James Dant 5 M 15 Knives and Blades Making Friends, Strong, Smart Isn't skilled with weapons/survival skills, Clumsy
Clara Willows 6 F 15 Hatchet,Bow,Throwing Knives Climbing,Decent Aim,Agility Can't swim,Untrustworthy, Highly Underestimated
Blade Spectrus 6 M 14 Spear, Knives, Swords Speed, Strength, Agility Climbing
Leona Small 7 F 18 Claws,Sword Strong, Agile, Works well in a team Co- dependent, Not very intimidating
Caliban Rweed  7 M 17 Sword,Dagger Drugs
Paige Weft  8 F 14 Sword Fast and quick Swimming
Bobbin Netterror 8 M 12 Dagger, Cleaver StrengthEdible plants knowledge, Knows how to kill Slow, Poor climber
Hazel Mazie 9 F 14 Bow and arrow, Sickle,Knife Fast,Good fighter Climbing,Cold weather and spiders
Harvey Katt 9 M 13  Longsword, Battleaxe  Physically strong, Can survive on little food and water, Trained eyesight and hearing Not intelligent, Slow
Irene Watson 10 F 17 Curved Sword, Butcher's Knife, Throwing Knives Tree-climbing,Nature skills, Strong Swimming,Too kind
Jonathan 10 M 18 Sword, throwing knives Tall, strong Not clever
Sarah Nickless 11 F 12  Her intelligence (but also uses a knife) Fast,Climbing Isnt good with weapons, Killing
George Grain 11 M 18 Sword, Scythe Strong,Tough, Withstand lots of damage. Climbing, Hiding, Not the fastest.
Amber Burnet 12 F 17 Bow and Arrow,Axe Making friends, Swimming, Hunting, Berries Getting picked on
Andrian Lexus 12 M 15 Bow, Daggers, Knives Tree-climbing, Aim Swimming, Hand-to-hand combat

Private Training

Shiny Stones- District 1

Shiny walked into the training center and nodded to the gamemakers. Not saying a word. She picked up a large black axe and walked over to the survival station that looked like a grassy landscape. Five targets(dummy's) sprang up from the grass in a circle around her. She swung her axe left and right like like a crazy person. Limbs, stomachs, and heads flew everywhere. After 12 seconds she had each of the dummy's cut into five pieces.She set up traps and snares for the rest of her session and still had five minutes left when she walked out. The game makers were way passed impressed and gave her a round of applause.

Gold Shapes-District 1

Gold walked into the training center with a smirk on his face. "You know who I am," he said firmly. He walked over to the weapons rack and grabbed a spear. He then walked pack to the center of the room and got in a battle position. He strarted swirling and swinging the spear a blinding speed like a kun-fu master. When he was done he walked over to the target range and threw his spear 25 yards,it lodged itself into the targets chest. He left wondering how Shiny did.

Luna Tick- District 2

Luna walked into the training center with determination in her eyes. "Luna Tick, District 2." she said bowing to the gamemakers. She walked over to the weapons rack and looked around. A sword.....No. A bow...No. A axe....No. Luna was just about to pick up a sickle when she saw them.Throwing Knives. Her mentor,Enobaria, had told her to use them. She picked up a set of three of the kunai knives and walked towards survival area. She stood in a 3 inch grass landscape that the gamemakers made. She took a deep breath and started. All of the sudden, three targets rose from the grass. She hit the left one in the chest, same as the right one. Then she spun around in a 360 and planted the last knife in the middle targets head. All the gamemakers mouths dropped and Luna walked out of the room with a smile.

Bruce Hammer-District 2

Bruce walked into the middle of the training room with a proud smile on his face "Bruce Hammer,District 2." he said in a strong voice. He quickly grabs a spear and walks over to the target range. Hologramic tributes start running back and forth across the room. When three of the holograms line up he sends one spear through all three of them. He leaves the room with a smile.

Emilia Osward-District 3

Emilia Osward walked into the training center with a smile on her face. "Emilia Osward, District 3." She quickly walked over the the weapons rack and grabbed a bow and 1 arrow. She walked over to the tatget range and pulled back the string. She aimed, took a deep breath, and fired. The arrow stuck into the the target in the chest. A kill shot. Emilia walked back to the weapons rack and grabbed 2 tridents and a blowgun and went back to the range. She threw one of the tridents into a targets leg then one in its head. She then shot three darts into a dummies head,chest, and arm. She put back the weapons and left the room with a smile.

Blake Rywell- District 3

Blake walked into the training room with a blank face. "Blake Rywell, District 3." She walks over to the fire-making area and grabbed two skinny sticks. He rubbes the sticks together and within seconds a fire starts. He walks to the weapons rack and grabes a battle axe. He goes to the target range and places the axe in a targets head. He bows and walks out of the room.

Samantha Fisher-District 4

Samantha  walked into the training room and bowed to the gamemakers and grabbed a spear off the weapons rack. She walked to the target range and threw the spear into a targets chest. She walked over to the survival area and set up a human snare. She picked up a dummy and threw it onto the middle of the grass. There was a loud Whoosh! and three giant fish hooks connected to a rope swung from the ceiling and hit  the dummie where its eyes should be. She walked out of the room quickly. Nina Komomura-District 5 Nina walked into the training room and slightly bowed to the gamemakers.. She walked over and grabbed a Katana sword. When she got it she purposely dropped it like it weighted to much. She walked over to the survival center where 3 dummies sprang from the grass. She swung at them 5 times missing 3 times in the process. She dropped the sword and hurried out of the room smiling. She must have looked so weak. That was her plan all along.

James Dant-District 5

James walked into the room nervousley. "James Dant, District 5."  James walked over to the weapons rack and grabbed two knives. He picked up a dummy and placed it in front of a tree in the survival area. He then hit behinde the tree and crouched down. After a few second he lunged out from behinde the tree and shoved the knives into the dummies neck. He left the room with a slight smile.

Clara Willows-District 6

Clara walked into the training center and bowed to the gamemakers."Clara Willows, District 6."  She bowed again and grabbed a bow and 3 arrows. She walked over to the target rang and aimed at the targets chest. The arrow hit its shoulder. She brushed it off. She aimed again and this time hit the target right in the chest. Her third arrow hit the target in the stomach. Clara walked over to the rope climbing area and started climbing the rope at amazing speed. She reached the top in under 30 seconds. Almost a record.

Blade Spectrus-District 6

Blade walked into the training room and bowed to the gamemakers."Blade Spectrus, District 6." He walks to the weapons rack and grabbes two knives, one in each hand. He walked over to the survival area and 3 dummies spingg up 10 yards in from of him.  He throws the first knife and hits the  left target in the chest. He leaps threw the air and lands on the middle targets shoulders and stabs its neck. He the leans over and slices off the right dummies head. He gets off the middle target and puts the knife back.

Leona Small-District 7

Leona walked into the training center and bowed to the gamemakers."Leona Small, District 7." She walked over to the weapons rack and grabbed a sword. The she walked over to the disc shooting area. A large machine sat 10 feet in front of her a made a loud hum. Leona didn't know much about the machine except that it was a new instalment to the training center. All of the sudden the machine started shooting plastic disc at Leona. She jumped from side to side dodging them a quick speed. After a minute, Leona started slashing the disc with her sword instead of dodging them. Pieces of disc flew all over the room as Leona continued to viciously slash at them. When she was done she returned the sword to the rack, bowed and left the room.

Caliban Rweed-District 7

Caliban angrily stomps into the training room and goes crazy. He starts flipping things over and throwing things at the gamemakers. "GIVE ME MY DRUGS!!!"  he screams as the trows a rock at a gamemaker. Five peacekeepers run into the room and grab Caliban by the arms. He continues to yell as he is dragged out of the room.

Paige Weft- District 8

Paige walks into the training room and quickly grabs a sword off the wall. She walks over to the survival area and five dummies sping up around her and she begins hacking off body parts until there is nothing left but tiny peices. She puts the sword back and leaves the room saying nothing.

Bobbin Netterror- District 8

Bobbin nervously stumbled into the training center and slowly made his way to the middle of the room. "Bobbin Netterror, District 8." he said quickly. The head game maker covered his mouth to hide a laugh. Bobbin slowly walked over to the weapons rack and grabbed a dagger. He could hear the game makers smirk and make hushed comments. But he didn't care. He strode to the center of the room, this time with strength in his stride. He held out the dagger and started swinging it threw the air doing a series of moves. Left, Right, Stab....Punch, Kick, Slash, ....Slash, Slash, Step, Stab....Block, Hit, Stab, Slash. He looked up at the game makers who were no longer smiling and laughing. He nodded and quickly left the room, trying to hide his feelings of accomplishment. For once,he thought he had a chance of winning.

Hazel Mazie-District 9

Hazel walked into the training center with fear. "Hazel Mazie, District 9." she bowed and walked to the dagger rack. She walked grabbed two daggers,one for each hand, and walked to the survival area. Five  dummies sprang up around her in a circle. She spread out her arms like she was flying and started spinning in a circle. As ahe spung the knives hit the targets and sliced them to peices. She looked up to see body parts strewn around the room. She walked over to the target range and spit the knives at the targets like a machine. Both knives hit the targets head. She struted out of the room with no emotion but happiness.

Harvey Katt- District 9

Harvey walked into the training center and grabbed a sword without any introduction. He walked over to the survival area and two dummies sprung up. One in front of him and one behind him. He slashed the font ones arm off and stabbed him in the chest. Then he turned around and slashed of the other ones arm and also cut off its head. Next he walked over to the weight training area and grabbed a 30 pound metal ball. He threw the ball as far as he could, it didn't go as far as he wanted it to as he wanted it to go but still went a good distance.

Irene Watson- District 10

Irene walks into the training center with a smile on her face. She waves to the gamemakers and grabbs a curved sword. She walked back to the center of the room and gets in a stance. She starts swinging the sword threw the air left and right, sideways, above her head, at the ground, if there was a way to sword fight she new it. One time when Irene was in mid swing she spun out and spranged her ankle. She reaches down and grabbs it, crying."Send her to the hospital." The gamemakers sigh and dismiss her. 

Jonathan- District 10

Jonathan walked into the middle of the training center. "Jonathan, District 10." He walked to the weapons rack and grabbs a baton. He walks back to the middle of the center and looks at the gamemakers . "Can I have some people to fight." After a second, two of the trainers walk out of a hidden room. They both carry batons similar to Jonathans. Jonathan ducks and dodges the trainers batons and swings back. Baton hits Baton. Batons hit chest. Batons hit stomachs,legs,shoulders,arms. By the time they are done all three people are brused and exausted.

Sarah Nickless-District 11

Sarah walked into the training center and says in a soft voice."Sarah Nickles, District 11" She walks to the plant identification area and the simulation turns on.  Several pictures of different plants appear on the screen. For the next few minuites she clicks on all the poisonous ones and they vanish from the screen until they are all gone. She leaves quickly.

George Grain-District 11

George walked into the training center with his arms crossed. "George Grain, District 11." He walked over to the weapons rack a grabs a long sword. He walked over to the survival area a positions himself for combat. 4 dummies srang up around him and he begins. He slices of the first dummies arm and stabs it threw to head. He slices the second dummy in half and the thirds head off. He turns around and finishes the fourth dummy with a stab to the chest. He whipes the sweat off of his forehead and leaves the room.

Amber Burnet-District 12

Amber walked into the training center and quickly grabs a bow and three arrows. She walks over to the target area and aims her bow at the target in front of her. She fires and misses its head by almost a whole foot. She fires again and hits the target in the thigh and then hits it in the stomach. She puts the bow back on the rack and leaves the room.

Andrian Lexus- District 12

Andirian walked into the room and went straight to the knives. Before he grabbed a knife he whiped his sweaty palms on his pants. He quickly grabbed 3 knives and walked over to the target range. He threw the first knife at the targets leg but missed. He threw the second knife at its chest but hit its stomach. His third try he hit its chest and left the room.

Training Scores

1-Shiny Stones- 11

1-Gold Shapes- 10

2- Luna Tick- 10

2-Bruce Hammer- 9

3-Emilia Oswald- 10

3-Blake Rywell- 8

4-Samantha Fisher- 10

4-Colton Hook-9

5-Nina Komomura- 4

5-James Dant- 9

6-Clara Willows- 10

6- Blade Spectrus- 9

7- Leona Small- 9

7-Cailban Rweed- 2

8-Paige Weft- 8

8- Bobbin Netterror-9

9-Hazel Mazie- 9

9-Harvey Katt- 8

10-Irene Watson-7

10-Jonathan- 8

11-Sarah Nickless-7

11-George Grain-10

12-Amber Burnet- 7

12- Andrian Lexus- 7

Cornucopia Bloodbath

Cornucopia_Supplies.jpg The tributes rose up the tubes into the arena. The sun pores down on the tributes blinding some of them for a few seconds. They looked around to see a large tropical jungle. The is a 200 meter field separating the cornucopia and the tributes with supplies(backpacks, weapons, crates ect.) scattered all over it. There are several piles of crates and piles of supplies in the field and in the Cornucopia. Amber(12) looks to the left and sees Gold(1) on the plate next to her. She quickly turns away and looks at a pile of crates only 15 feet away from her. Nina(5) looks at the cornucopia. She looks at all the backpacks surrounding it, looking for the best one. 47,46,45,44,43,42............. The wind blows weakly from the south, lightly blowing the female tributes hair. 10,9,8,7......the tributes glance at each other. 5,4....the tributes get ready to run. 3,2,1, GONG! All the tributes jump off there plates and run into the field. The Amber(12) runs to the pile of crates and tries to grab a dagger lying on the crate. She looks right and sees Gold(1) running at her. She tries to stand up but he tackles her to the ground. She tries to crawl away but Gold(1) grabs her foot and pulls her back. "Please! Please! Please! No! No! No!." He silences her with a stab to the stomach.BOOM! Gold(1) pulls his dagger out of Amber(12) and looks at Shiny(1). "Try to kill the kids from the higher districts." he tells her. Shiny(1) nods and runs after Irene(10). Jonathan(10) pushes Harvey(9) to the ground. Hazel(9) ran for a small backpack outside the cornucopia. When she reached it Leona(7) sneaks up behind her and grabs her hair. She drags her on the ground for several feet until the  Hazel(9) kicks her in the leg and stands up . Hazel(9)  starts kicking Leona(7)  over and over again. Luna(2) opens a back of throwing knives in the field and looks around for victums. She sees Clara(6) fighting Emilia(3) over a backpack. Luna(2) throws a knife at Clara(6) and hits her in the side, injuring her. She throws one at Emilia(3) but she blocks it with the backpack and quickly runs in the other direction.  Blade(6) was picking up a sleeping bag when he heard Clara(6) scream. He has a pack of knives, a large black backpack, and two sleeping bags. He runs over to Clara(6) and puts her arm around his shoulder. He stands up and starts dragging her into the jungle. George(11) found Irene(10) trying to find an axe and grabs her. He picks her up and throws her to the ground. He raises a Scythe over his head ready to kill. All of the sudden, a sword goes through his chest.  BOOM!  Colton(4) pulls his sword out of George(11) and looks at Irene(10). "Just this once 10. Just this once." Irene(10) quickly grabs an axe and a backpack and runs into the jungle. Paige(8) runs up to the side of the cornucopia and grabs a yellow backpack and a watter bottle. She turns around and starts running towards the jungle. Bruce(2) tries to throw a spear at her head but she ducks just in time. Nina(5) runs into the cornucopia and grabs a Katana sword. She turns around and sees Andiran(12) running at her with a dagger in hand. Nina(5) swings her sword and slashes his throat with one clean swing. BOOM! Leona(7) has Hazel(9) pinned against the cornucopia wall. She starts hitting Hazel(9) in the pack of the head over and over again. Hazel(9) comes up and slaps Leona(7) across the face. She elbows her in the neck and starts kneeing her in the face. James(5) watches the girls take turns hitting each other over and over again from a nearby crate. Bobbin(8) tackles Blake(3) to the ground and kicks him hard in the stomach. Blake(3) tries to hit back but is pinned down and punched 3 times. Just when Blake(3) is almost done trying he hears Bobbin(8) gasp. He looks up to see an knife in Bobbins back. BOOM! Samantha(4) stands over him and pulls her knife out of her most recent victum. "Hey Kid, You got a lot of fight in you... welcome to the careers."  She says to Blake with a wide smile.  Harvey(9) runs for a battle axe at the back of the cornucopia but Shiny(1) gets there first. She rises the axe over her head and throws it into Harvey(9) chest.  BOOM!  Sarah(11) runs  on the ouskirts of the field getting anything she can. A small knife, a bundle of rope and a very small orange and purple pack. Luna(2) pushed down Emilia(3) and looked at Gold(1). "Get Caliban from 7,"  he says to her. She turns around and sees Caliban(7) running towards the jungle with a backpack. She sprints after him at full speed and in a matter of seconds she lundges at him like an animal. She shoves the backpack onto his face and pushes down. After about 30 seconds of struugling his body stops moving.  BOOM! James(5) esapes the bloodbath with a large duffle bag. Hazel(9) and Leona(7) both esape with weapons and bruises. Hazel(9) got a backpack and a set of knives and Leona(7) got a sword. 

Deaths and Times of deaths

Amber Burnet(12)          0:17

George Grain(11)           1:55

Andrian Lexus(12)          3:15

Bobbin Netterror(8)         5:00

Harvey Katt(9)                5:42

Caliban Rweed(7)           7:02

Day 1

Blade(6) drags Clara(6) threw the jungle and sets her on a nearby log. She screams in pain as he lifts up her shirt to look at her wound. The skin around the wound had turned black and looked infected. Sweat beats down on Clara(6) head. Blade(6) her a twig snap behind him and spun around,knife ready. "Show yourself," he yells. Hazel(9) walked out from behind a tree with her hands up. "I have medican and can help her." Hazel(9) took off her backpack. She pulled out a small silver container and walked towards them. She used the green slime in the container on Claras(6) wound. She smiled as the pain slowly went away.

The careers sat in front of the cornucopia. Blake(3) sat on top of a pile of crates with Samantha(4) at his feet. The two tributes laughed and giggled. Bruce(2) looked at them with anger.(To be continued.)

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